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Nanba prison.

One of the best possible places to remain if your a poor soul who lucked out on the gender wheel.

Being an omega in prison is an inmate's worst nightmare.

Jyugo has been forced to view the mistreatment of omega's in prisons almost his whole life. At first it was something he could just ignore and brush off, but this would change very soon.

When Jyugo reached the ripe age of fourteen, he was sent to a prison in California and met his cellmate, a sweet omega which was a few years older than him. Jyugo remembers how nice the boy was, always patching up his face and caring for the younger boy.

However, these sweet memories are drowned out by the incident that has been burned into Jyugo's memories.

He remembers the five dark looming figures entering their cell after a visit to the cafeteria. He remembers his cellmate asking them to leave only to receive a punch in the face. He remembers being too weak and scared to attempt to aid his friend. He remembers watching them pin the poor boy down. He remembers only being able to watch as his cellmate was raped to the point of fainting. He remembers the poor boy being sent to the infirmary to never return again.

From that point on Jyugo was more vigilant when it came to his cellmates secondary genders. A few prisons later he found out by some loudmouth guards that he was an accomplice in the raping of an omega and that he was to be kept away from any omega inmates and to be honest he was glad that he wouldn't have to witness a scene like that ever again.

Being sent to Nanba Jyugo got an entirely new view on the treatment of omegas. Even though he couldn't go anywhere near the omega inmates, he discovered that the omegas at Nanba prison where supplied with everything they needed to live a normal life. Scent maskers, heat suppressants and even secluded rooms for when an unmarked omega goes into heat.

Jyugo forgot his fear of omega mistreatment and started living a normal life, well as normal as you can get when your a human experiment whose being kept behind bars.

As the year passes his once isolated cell was packed with his loud friends, the two rowdy alphas and the equally loud beta.

But with all of this Jyugo was still in the neutral zone which led to him being picked on a lot by Rock and Uno. The two alphas would find any chance they could to poke at the subject but Jyugo didn't really care and would just ignore them like always, anyway he knows they're only joking around.

Jyugo wouldn't have to listen to these comments today in the unusually calm and quiet cell.

Nico and Rock had left the cell an hour before to train at building 4 along with Tsukumo and Yamato, removing three of the most loud people from building 13 altogether.

On top of this Hajime had been called to a meeting with the other supervisors, leaving the meek Seitarou in charge. Today would be a quiet day.

Uno sat playing with a stack of cards, smiling to himself as he came up with a new technique to beat Honey and Trois the next time they'd visit the recreation room.

Jyugo leant against a wall, finding himself admiring the cunning blonde in the corner. Watching as his long braid moved against his back, Jyugo liked his hair. He'd never really liked his own patchy, dull hair but ever since he met the blonde he found himself entranced by his flowing hair.

He's staring more than usual today but he doesn't know the reason, he snaps out of this trance and looks away. What's wrong with him, he feels weird.

His breathing is getting heavier as he tries to calm himself down but he just can't. A panic attack? He hadn't had one of these since the underground prison, but he didn't have anything to worry about so why?

Jyugo glanced over at his friend but didn't want to bother him. He seemed invested in his cards and Jyugo didn't want to interupt him over something that he viewed as unimportant.

Instead, the raven haired boy buried his head into his knees trying to calm himself down whilst not drawing attention to himself but his breathing was getting worse. It was almost choking him.

Despite his efforts he felt Uno tapping on his head a few minutes later along with a sweet voice.

"Jyugo, you bored or something. What're you doing"

He ignored this, keeping his head buried in the rest of his body.

"Hey c’mon don't ignore me, is something up?"

The blonde stroked his hair softly searching for an answer but still got nothing. Although it slightly annoyed him, he recognised that he shouldn't push further and instead sat beside the raven, choosing to wait.

Silence engulfs the room. The only sound to enter Uno's ears are the muffled conversations of the other inmates. He gazed at Jyugo stroking his hair as the boy lifted his head

"Uno, I-uh feel weird,"

he mumbled between heavy breaths.

Hearing that Uno felt concerned, Jyugo was normally well kept together but then he got a good look at his face, it was a deep shade of red.

He reached out his hand to feel the ravens face expecting to feel a fever but he felt unexpectedly cool. Taking away his hand he noticed a residue a sweat collected on his hand. He slowly lifted the hand towards his nose. It was sweet.

Then it all clicked, Jyugo wasn't ill. He was an omega, and this was his first heat. The blonde glanced at the unaware younger boy as his breathing got heavier and his head started to sway.

"I-it hursts Uno, you have to f-fix it,"

he stuttered. His lips trembled as the pain increased not knowing what was going on. He felt a touch as Uno cupped his cheeks looking deep into his heterochronic eyes.

"Jyugo we need to get you to Okina right away, you-your in heat"

The small boy froze in place. Heat? No, anything but that! Why? Why did he have to be an omega?

All his suppressed memories from that night came to surface. How his friend suffered because of what he was. No, he didn't want this. Why couldn't he go back to being normal?

He felt himself being pulled to his feet by the blonde but he pulled away. Uno looked confused but then he saw the view in front of him. He saw the fear in his friends eyes, a type of fear he'd never seen before.

Uno sighed,

"We can wait. You don't have to go straight away."

Even with those reassuring words, Jyugo just couldn't calm down. The mix of fear and lust confused the small boy as he sat trembling. But it wouldn't stop, the pain was getting worse and it wouldn't slow down.

He tightly shut his eyes, just wishing everything would disappear, and this would be an elaborate dream.

He felt something push against his lips. Something wet. He looked through squinted eyes to see what was going on.

Uno pulled away, though kissing his friend might not have been the best idea he needed a way to calm him down and this seemed to do the trick. At least he thought so.

He looked into Jyugo's eyes only to immediately regretting his decision. The once clear eyes were clouding over leaving a breathless shell in Jyugo's place.

The raven leant into his friend inhaling deeply, he smelt nice. Burying his head into this tank top he felt himself wanting to feel his lips again.

He locked eyes with the confused Uno who attempted to push him away,

"hey stop this, your only going to regret it later so calm down"

But the words spoken didn't effect him in any way, he continued to snuggle into him much to Uno's displeasure.

"I promise... I won't regret it."

the raven spoke through muffled breaths, gazing at the elders face. He'd never noticed before, but his skin was smooth and nice, he wanted to touch it.

This shocked Uno. Seeing the introverted escape artist suddenly make a move on him was something he'd never expected to see but deep down he knew that this was only the heat taking control of his body.

Jyugo needed someone to pleasure him but not long before he'd looked so terrified. Uno was in dismay, if he did anything he might ruin their friendship but if he took the boy to the infirmary the other inmates would notice and the last thing he needed was to cause a fight in the halls.

"If I help you, I won't let you blame me ok?"

The raven lifted his head, lightly smiling,

"If I blame you, I'll buy you something. Does that sound alright,"

he breathed deeply, grinning at the older boy.

Uno sighed, it looked like he had to do this but it's not like he wouldn't get in trouble. If Jyugo didn't remember agreeing to this, he could get into serious trouble with Hajime and even be removed from cell 13 altogether. But there's not much he can do at this point, he stroked his companions hair and ultimately gave in.

He lifted the boys leaning in towards his face, feeling the sharp breaths against his face he pressed his lips against the others. The younger slightly opened his mouth giving Uno the room to slip his tounge into the others mouth.

It was warm.

He pulled away giving Jyugo a chance to catch his breath. It's pretty obvious that he'd never been in a relationship before so Uno decided to take it slow, not wanting to push him.

The raven caught his breath, wrapping his arms around the blonde's neck smashing his lips back against the others.

The blonde starts to feel uneasy as he notices his friend slip further and further into his heat.

He wants to pull away. He wants to stop. He just wants to call out for help for someone to aid his friend. He can only wish for the light footsteps of Seitarou to come down the hall, but they never came.

Clenching his eyes shut the kissing stopped.

"Do you not want to?"

came the meek voice.

This sounded different, this sounded just like the regular old Jyugo. He slowly opened his eyes, a pair of clear ones meeting his.

Jyugo's breathing was still unsteady but it seems that he's been able to pull himself out of his lustful trance. Uno looked away not wanting to meet his eyes.

"Sorry, I just don't want to do something you don't want."

In truth Uno treasured his friend more than anything. The friend who gave him a chance to live again. If he were to ruin their relationship, he wouldn't know what to do...

"Gee you really can be stupider than me huh."

The blonde looked up to the grinning raven but he saw past it. He saw the pain he was feeling. He wanted to help but could he. No, that wasn't the question. He was just fine with it, and he needed the help. A good friend wouldn't leave him hanging like this so he'd just have to push through with it.

He leant into Jyugo's neck and started to nibble and bite at the rough skin. Small gasps escaped the unexpected boys lips, but that didn't stop him from grinning.

"Please carry on, I really trust you even if I aren't myself. Just look after me ok?"

The deep blue eyes gazed up silently agreeing as he continued to suck at the young boys collarbone, leaving marks all across his neck.

He leans back admiring his work, finally feeling comfortable. He continued sucking and nipping at the ravens neck whilst he wriggled beneath him. The blonde gently tugs at the ravens overalls motioning for him to remove them.

He complied with the blondes wish. Breathing heavily beneath him wearing only tight briefs, outlining his small hard cock.

He reaches his hand out stroking the young boys member through his briefs. His breathing hitches as he feels the friction of the soft material against his hard dick.

Uno smirks slightly as he removes Jyugo's underwear, watching the hard cock spring out begging to be fussed over. It's slick with precum as Uno rubs his long fingers against the tip of his penis, rubbing lightly as Jyugo moaned softly beneath him.

"shh Jyugo if you want to finish you have to keep quiet"

Uno cooed at the moaning mess as he continued to caress the erect cock beneath him, wrapping his hand around the entirety of the boys member as he slowly started to rub getting faster and faster.

The ravens breaths became heavier and heavier before a deep gasp, the blonde quickly uses his other hand to clamp his friends mouth shut as a muffled moan emerges from his body. He arches his back as his cock erupted covering his abdomen with his sweet, thin cum.

He felt his body crashing to the ground as he tried to catch his breath, the oldest released his body and stroked the youngers hair trying to calm him.

Uno was about to move away, to find a washcloth to clean up the mess he'd created but he felt something. Looking down he saw Jyugo rubbing his groin with his foot.

The raven may be deep in heat, but he wasn't oblivious, he'd noticed the alpha's hard cock and thought that he needed some attention too.

"U-uno, were you gonna take care of this alone?"

He grinned at the older as breaths escaped him,

"Jyugo please, I won't be able to hold back,"

he pleaded with the omega, but that was getting nowhere as the boy continued to rub at the bulge causing the alpha to groan in pleasure.

"you want it though, and you've already come this far."

The younger boy smirked, trying to seduce the older. Wanting more.

"please Uno, don't leave yet. I want-"

"hmm what do you want Jyugo, tell me clearly?"

a pale hand is pushed onto the tanned face, squeezing his cheeks together. It seems Jyugo's plan has worked a little too well, he forgot.

Uno was holding back, because he was a naturally aggressive alpha. Although his personality showed him to have only a mild temper when annoyed by Honey, things can totally flip on themselves when influenced by the sweet smell of an omega's pheromones.

"I want you to fuck me Uno,"

the younger whispered into his cellmates ear. That was enough for Uno.

He pushed the boy down to the ground remaining above him. Jyugo shivered at the sight of a big strong figure nothing like the monstrous shadows that haunt his memories.

The raven tugs at the blonde's tank top, he removed it letting the raven trace him hands over his defined muscles. Flicking at his nipples shocks the blonde as he looks down at the smirking raven.

Uno grabs his legs pulling Jyugo's ass towards his face. Jyugo freezes as he feels his underwear leave his body, leaving him completely naked.

The next thing to shock the young boy is the tongue of the older tracing his thighs. Jyugo had never noticed before, but there was a thick liquid seeping out of his ass, and he watched as Uno sucked and licked it all up.

"damn you taste great,"

he huffed as he continued to consume the liquids. A gasp escapes Jyugo's lips as he feels something press against his opening.

He looks up to a lustful sight. One hand wrapped around the omega's thin waist, his tounge trailing all over the thighs leaving big sloppy marks behind and the other hand pushing lightly into his virgin hole.

Uno glances at the younger as he slowly pushes one finger into his small body watching the boy flinch and gasp.

"W-wait it f-feels weird,"

he stammered his breath hitching.

Uno looked down at him smiling.

"it's fine, it'll feel normal soon enough. Your just not used to it yet,"

he cooed at the younger, waiting for a nod before continuing to move his finger.

The raven continued gasping and moaning as another finger was added. The sweet sounds rung in Uno's ears as he stretched his fingers widening his hole until another finger could be added.

At this point Jyugo was a hot mess moaning loudly with both hands over his mouth trying to muffle his moans although it wasn't so successful.

Uno removes his fingers from the boy and sets him down lapping the sweet residue that remained on his hands. Jyugo whimpered wanting attention, Uno knew this but he wanted to make sure,

"Are you sure you want this Jyugo? It might hurt."

"Stop asking questions already and fuck me you damn idiot"

Uno grinned removing his trousers and boxers, revealing a cock than made Jyugo shiver.

He made a mistake, how the hell was he supposed to take that in this ass? It's impossible!

He felt shivers run through his body as he felt the hard member press against his hole. He gasps as it slowly presses into it.

No. Stop. It's too much. Tears start to roll down the youngers cheeks as the older caresses him.

"It'll be alright, your strong, you can get through it. Take deep breaths ok?"

a gentle kiss is placed on Jyugo's forehead as Uno continues to press into him. Jyugo tightens around him, loud moans escaping his lips as he swallows Uno's member.

Uno groans, he knew Jyugo would be tight but this was too much to handle. He strokes the tears away on the young boys face as they remain in place for a few minutes until the boy nodded gently.

The blonde pulls his cock out halfway before pumping it back into the ravens fragile body, moans and groans fill the air as the same motion brings the pair more pleasure than they could imagine.

The younger boy covers his mouth but it still can't silence his moans as Uno rams into him.

But then it happened.

A sharp yelp and loud moan revealed to the blonde that he'd found the young raven's prostate, he grinned devilishly leaving the raven scared.

The blonde pulls his cock almost all the way out before ramming it back into the same spot, the raven can't cover his mouth in time as his loud moans filled cell 13.

The blonde keeps on going. Over and over. Jyugo grabs onto him sinking his nails into his back, scraping away at the blonde's smooth back.

This snapped him back into reality.

Uno covers Jyugo's mouth quickly,

"shit, I'm sorry Jyugo, I couldn't help myself."

The boy nodded, knowing that he had provoked the alpha and this was the outcome.

Uno wraps his hand around Jyugo's dick, pumping up and down making the poor boy cum for the second time with it spilling over his body. Leaving him a breathless mess on the floor.

The blonde smiled and slowly pulled out of the raven, not wanting to cum inside of the young omega. Instead, his thick cum mixed with that of the omega's on the raven's stomach.

Uno groaned collapsing on Jyugo, grinning and admiring the boy.

"sorry if I went too far, you should rest now,"

the blonde whispered gently into the ravens ear as he planted a kiss on his forehead, gently sitting up to give the raven space.

The poor insomniac looked exhausted and Uno knew it was best to let him rest.

He ran to get a washcloth from the corner of the cell, wiping away all of the remains of their experience. He dressed the boy in a new set of clothes and set up a futon letting him rest.

Uno got dressed himself and know it was time for the plan he wanted to commit to in the beginning. He started banging on the cell door just hoping Seitarou would pass.

Deep down he knew that Seitarou tended to avoid cell 13 due to the bullying the meek guard would receive from the four rowdy cellmates.

But he doesn't stop banging.

Over and over.

And suddenly.


A yell that Uno could only describe as the aggressive gorilla, Hajime.

"Hajime, hey what's up"

Uno steadied himself smiling at the supervisor.

Hajime looked as if he wanted to punch Number 11 right there and then but then he smelt it. The mix of alpha and omega pheromones. The smell of sex.

"Where's the omega"

He spoke sharply, he didn't fully trust Number 11 especially because of Number 15's past experiences with omegas. He believed that 15 was behind this, and although he wasn't wrong he was shocked to find out that the omega was Jyugo.

He sighed, opening the cell door and escorting the pair to the infirmary.