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un secreto perdido al calor de tenerte

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[august, 20th. 7:59 am]

Welcome to Austin High, all new freshmen! This will be your home for the next four years, and we hope you enjoy your time here and add up to the ongoing streak of gossip and news on this very same blog!

Like every other year, here at Austin High Secrets, we will be making a background check on the hottest new people! Keep an eye out for updates!

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[august, 31st. 2:46 pm]

Here we are, one more day, with a new background check on the hottest people among the freshmen! Today we’ll be talking about TK Strand.

No one knows his real name, and we all fancy a mysterious guy. Green eyes to die for, a witty sense of humor, and he plays basketball! We bet he has perfect abs and a V-cut to worship. Beware, seniors! This hottie has come to stay in our court and in our hearts!

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[september, 1st. 10:29 am]

Here at Austin High we’re all for inclusivity and representation, but one thing is to be aware of the diversity of students roaming our halls, and another completely different is to allow one of them to dictate how we do things around our school.

Why would we let the lonely Muslim girl mandate on school hours and breaks? Because she says she needs to pray? Maybe she should try and do it in the intimacy of her house, just like every other student does. Or have you seen anyone else complaining that the school doesn’t allow them to pray? No, and you won’t, because we normal students know our boundaries and how and when to worship our God.

But not happy with trying to disturb our religious peace, Marjan Marwani (guess what? I’m going to call names! She deserves it!) wants the cafeteria to stop serving pork. Just bring your own lunch from home if you’re so exquisite! You know, Marwani, when you go live to a country that’s not your native one, you should adapt to the culture, not the other way around!

Who agrees with me?

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[september, 2nd. 5:09 pm]

Has anyone noticed how hot Carlos Reyes has become? I swear he wasn’t this attractive last year! One could say that high school has done wonders on him. Any girl would be lucky to walk around holding hands with him, and I bet he has tons of cheerleaders rooting for him when he scores for our soccer team.

Any volunteers to tell us how good his kisses are?

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[september, 5th. 3:58 pm]

How cool is that our librarian is also our Sex Ed teacher? We stan one Zoe Kinsey! Make sure you have all your questions ready for tomorrow’s session on safe sex at the theatre hall right after lunch. All students are welcome!

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[september, 7th. 11:23 am]

After the backlash from our latest post on a student, we have received several emails and submissions asking us to apologize, but we won’t. Since when is it a crime in this country to speak your mind? Everyone accusing us of racism and misogyny should know that we are nothing like that! You’re all a bunch of haters, that’s what you are.

For those of you who have shown support and love, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will keep up with our duty of informing everyone — haters or lovers — about the latest juicy gossip in Austin High!

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[february, 22nd. 10:19 am]

We’re on a roll this year! You all know by now our green-eyed TK Strand, but what you probably don’t know is that his father is the Fire Captain who will be coming tomorrow to talk about safety in schools and do some drills with us!

Captain Strand has been decorated for saving thousands during 9/11, so we will be welcoming a true hero to our school. We have been told that TK has inherited his father’s looks, so it doesn’t hurt that our personal hero is also a hot one! Get ready for a treat tomorrow!

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[april, 14th. 9:26 am]

Rumor has it that our very own Judd Ryder might not be single anymore! We’re still investigating who might be the lucky girl, but he’s been seen leaving a yellow rose in one of the freshmans’ lockers. Will keep reporting!

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[april, 15th. 6:58 am]

You will not believe it! We already know the identity of Judd Ryder’s secret girlfriend! It’s none other than ebony goddess Grace Haley. She’s the little sister of Hope Haley, our beloved senior cheerleader that will leave school at the end of this year to attend UT. Congratulations on the new couple!

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[august, 21st. 7:47 am]

Welcome to a new year at Austin High! Some things are changing, but others remain the same. Judd and Grace are still an item, and there’s a new guy in town! Let’s all welcome newcomer Mateo Chaves, coming right in from Amarillo!

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[september, 10th. 4:12 pm]

Power twins Josie and Alex Macon have made it their purpose to make everyone feel welcome in our school. Please make sure to drop by the late summer fair this afternoon and pick up one of the paper flowers they will be handing out at a booth the whole time. If you wear it tomorrow at school, we will know you’re one of us, out and proud!

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[august, 23rd. 8:01 am]

One more year, and who would have thought our soccer star Carlos Reyes would become captain of the team during his sophomore year? No one! But we’ve always rooted for him, and we’re happy to see him leading our team to the highest ranks in the championship!

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[february, 14th. 8:12 am]

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve heard there might be an a capella group wandering the halls to sing to unsuspecting students as a gift from their Valentines. Will you be one of the lucky ones? I hope as all hell my crush likes me back and chooses to show it with an a capella song.

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[august, 25th. 8:16 am]

We are happy to announce that Alex Macon will be one of our Mods from this year on. Given that today marks the start of his junior year at high school, he will be signing some of the juiciest goss around the school. As you all know, he’s one of the hottest guys around, and one of the best students. He’s rumored to be valedictorian next year!

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[november, 29th. 3:57 pm]

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! It seems that we have a new face in town! Coming right in from Chicago, we have Paul Strickland rushing into junior year. He seems nice and he’s hot enough to warm up the whole school with a smile.

Bets on who’ll be the girl to snatch him?

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[january, 3rd. 9:13 pm]

Who would have thought Grace Haley would be such a disappointment? After Marjan Marwani has tried, once again, to shake up the already working system at school, Grace has taken her side.

Good thing it’s your junior year at school, Grace. I don’t think anyone would want to see your face for longer than strictly necessary.

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[march, 17th. 6:27 pm]

Have you ever kept a secret so big that it eats at you from the inside? I have, and the feeling isn’t as good as movies tell us it is. It’s corrosive, and it takes away every single moment of happiness that I could have had, because I was too scared to speak up.

I have a secret. But I don’t want it to be a secret any longer. I can’t keep it inside anymore.

I am bisexual. And luckily, I have friends and family who are supportive enough to help me take this big step and shout it out into the world. I am bisexual.

And I’m proud.

Posted by Alex Macon.

[april, 22nd. 7:14 am]

Rumor has it that heartthrob Alex Macon is already ready for the dating pool again. Beware, ladies and gents of Austin High, because our very own heartbreaker is back in the game and willing to try new things after coming out as bisexual last month!

Who will be the lucky one?

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[april, 29th. 1:03 pm]

Austin High Secrets is smoking! Newcomer Paul Strickland and hottie Josie Macon are rumored to go on a date this evening at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village. Watch out, you popcorn eaters, because it seems that Shutter Island is the movie of their choice! Does this mean that Josie will allow Paul to hold her hand throughout the scariest parts of the movie? But, more important — will there be a kiss by the end of the night?

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[april, 30th. 2:38 am]

At Austin High we value telling the truth at all costs. That’s why we have this blog, so everyone can know the truth about others. Even if sometimes it’s a bit of unflattering goss and the people get mad, I feel like we need to tell the truth.

We have a liar among us. And not just someone who’s cheated on an Algebra test (because, honestly, who hasn’t?) but someone who’s been lying about who he is and why he came to Austin in the first place. How can someone be so much of a fraud at sixteen? How can someone break hearts in millions of pieces and not give a single damn about it? You know who I’m talking about. You know him. He’s already broken our very own Queenie Josie’s heart.

Paul Strickland isn’t who he says he is. In fact, he isn’t even a he. It’s so disgusting, I have no words. How does it feel to lead someone on for fun? How does it feel to make someone fall for you only to laugh at her?

You’re a big fat liar who lies, Paul Strickland. Or should I say Paula Strickland?

Yeah, you all read that right. As much as Paul claims to be a guy, she was born a girl, and she’s been lying to all of us the whole year.

So, if you support her, you’re basically saying that she’s got a right to lie. And if you knew and said nothing, then you’re not better than she is.

Beware of Strickland and her gang. They’re only a bunch of baddies who want to mock all of us.

Posted by Anonymous Mod.

[august, 24th. 7:54 am]

Welcome to a new year at Austin High! This will be my last year here, and I can’t be more excited. Changes are looming on the horizon, but together we will face them! Mr. Maroo will cheer some of us for the last time, but it’s a moment to celebrate and not to be sad. Let’s start this senior year with the hope that we will be entering a whole new world once it ends, but enjoying every second of our last moments here!

Posted by Alex Macon.