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Neither one of them really has anything that they need, but Mark had dragged Wayu out to the store with him anyway. He had thought that it would do Wayu good to get out of the dorm. They’re wandering the aisles together, looking at this item and that, picking up a few things that they decide would be good to buy while they’re there and placing it into the basket that Mark carries around for the both of them. Mark can’t help but glance over at Yu. He’s been worried about his friend this term. Since Pha ran off without an explanation, Yu hasn’t really been himself. It’s slowly started to get better, but Mark still worries. He just wants his friend to be okay. He knows that if the roles were reversed, Wayu would do the same for him. 


He’s been glad to see Wayu show interest in someone else, but he also can’t help but worry that maybe it’s too soon. Even if he had been trying to push Yu, himself. He forgot that Wayu is different from him. It has always been all-or-nothing with Wayu. When he falls for someone it’s hard and fast. He’s not one for flings or short lived relationships. He can’t help but worry if he might’ve pushed his friend too far too soon and to the arms of someone who can’t give him what he needs. He doesn’t want to jump to those conclusions, but between Kit’s secrets and a few other things he’s noticed - and Mark is far more observant than people give him credit for simply because he doesn’t always comment on the things he sees - Mark is no longer sure.


However, right at that moment, there’s no reason to worry about any of it. There’s no boys around. Well, no one besides the two of them; but, they’ve been constants in each other’s lives for so long they have become almost like an extension of one another. Which is something that Mark has made sure that Kit knows. While, yes, he would like their relationship to just be them and the two of them focusing on one another, sometimes his friendship with Wayu will come first. It is just the way things are. However, knowing how much it sucks to get kept out of the loop, Mark has promised himself that he’ll always tell Kit exactly what’s going on so that he’s never left to wonder.


“What are we looking at?” asks Mark as he doubles back, realizing that he lost Wayu at a display on a counter several feet back. He rests his arm on Wayu’s shoulder, using his other one to hold the basket.


“Nothing,” Wayu replies with a shake of his head before he starts walking again.


Mark hesitates, glancing at the display again before hurrying after Wayu. He uses his free hand to grab a hold of Wayu’s hand and swings it back and forth as they walk. “After we’re done here, should we do food and movies at your place or mine?” he asks. It seems like an option, but he’s also not giving Wayu the option to choose something like going home alone. He doesn’t like how often Wayu is alone - but at the same time he would like to think of it as a good thing, Wayu taking time to remember who he is and not just as Pha’s boyfriend.


“We can go to mine.”


Mark hums in acknowledgement as they make their way toward the register. “Do I still have clothes there or do I need to stop and grab some?” Wayu tells him that he’s still got clothes in his wardrobe and Mark nods while placing the basket of their things on the counter next to the register. “Should we grab drinks while we’re here or when we get food? Tell me you have more than those vitamin packs in your room.”


“Uh…” Wayu smiles sheepishly and goes over to the cooler nearby to grab a couple of drinks for them to have later in the evening. “Both.” He nods as he places hands them to the cashier, ignoring Mark’s narrowed eyes at the lack of response to the last statement.


After that the two of them make their way outside, but then Mark hands Wayu the bag of their stuff. “Here, take this and go grab food for us. I’ll meet you at your place.”


Wayu’s brow furrows as he stands there, waiting for some sort of explanation. Mark never gives him one, though, and just waves Wayu off. With a shake of his head, Wayu walks to the nearby restaurant that the two of them frequent enough that he doesn’t have to ask Mark’s order for. It makes getting the food alone easy and once it’s ready he carries it all back to the dorm. Mark isn’t there yet, but Wayu uses the time to put their bottled drinks into the fridge before placing their food on the small table in the corner of the room with the drinks he’d got from the restaurant.


He grabs his cup of pink milk and sits down on his bed as he takes a sip, flipping through his textbook to where he needs to read. He barely gets settled in place before there’s a knock on the door. Wayu gets up and lets Mark in without really checking to see it’s him. Who else would it be, after all? “Where did you go?” Wayu questions Mark as he wanders away from the door while Mark steps out of his shoes and uses the slippers waiting there by the door.


“I had to grab some more things,” answers Mark as he places the bag in his hand on Wayu’s bedside table. “I’ll show you later. Food first. I’m surprised you haven’t dug in already, as it is.”


“I was trying to be nice. I won't do it again.” Yu sniffs as he walks over to the table to grab his food. 


Their conversations turn idle, neither one saying anything of importance as they eat and find comfortable places to sit around the room. Wayu makes himself comfortable there on his bed with his legs folded up underneath him. He holds his drink there so that it doesn’t spill when he’s eating his food out of the container. Mark sits at the table with his long legs stretched out in front of him, looking like he might slip out of the chair and onto the floor with the slightest push. It’s easy and familiar and Wayu is glad that he’s got Mark there with him.


After they eat, they take turns in the shower and change out of the clothes they had been wearing to something more comfortable. Mark showers first and waits, sitting on Yu’s bed while Yu showers. When Yu comes out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel, he finds Mark still sitting on the bed - but he’s moved the bag he brought with him earlier from the bedside table to the bed next to him. “What’s this?” asks Yu as he dries his hair, pausing only for a second before he goes to sit down on the bed as well.


Mark grabs the bag and turns it upside down to empty its contents. Wayu lowers the towel to his side when he sees Mark grab a small bottle of nail polish. “So I saw you looking at these earlier,” Mark says. Wayu starts to try to stammer over some response, but Mark keeps talking before he can get a word in. “I’ve never tried to put any on. I figured we could find out how to do this together.” Wayu closes his mouth and just watches Mark as he shifts through the different colors sitting on the bed. “I wasn’t sure what color you might like so I got all of them. I kind of like the black. It’s edgy, right?” Mark looks up at Yu and smiles brightly at him.


Yu doesn’t seem to know what to say. He looks between Mark and the nail polishes several times. It was something he thought about a lot, but never brought himself to try. He has always been concerned about what other people might think. He knew people didn’t always have the kindest things to say about him, and something like that might bring more comments. And he never was able to bring himself to ask P’Pha what he might think about something like that - Pha’s opinion has meant a lot to him since they met. He looks at Mark again, who is still smiling as he grabs a couple of colors to hold up and show Yu.


Yu almost feels like crying and he’s not sure why. Mark just somehow knew that it’s something he has thought about, something he was scared to explore alone. So there he is, sitting across from him on the bed and ready to be there with him. Yu blinks rapidly a few times and smiles with a soft laugh. “Pink might be your color,” he offers as he points to it.


“Me? No. But you could do pink. Maybe I should do red. Or do you think that might be too flashy? I don’t really need more attention on me.” Mark hums a little in thought as he hands the pink bottle to Yu and resumes shifting through the different colors he had grabbed. “Oh! The white could be cool, don’t you think? Or this one with the sparkles. I like the sparkles.” Mark sets aside the bottles in his hand to grab the clear one with sparkly flakes in it and nods his head once as if he had finally decided. “The lady also said I should get this stuff.” Mark points to the container of nail polish remover pads. “That kind is supposed to be better for nails.”


Wayu hums in understanding and he nods his head a few times before looking at the bottle of light pink nail polish in his hands. “I think I like this one.”


“Great!” Mark sets aside the sparkly one before taking the bottle from Yu. “I’ll do it for you, then you can do mine. Don’t move too much. I don’t want to get it anywhere.”


Which is how the two of them end up sitting there on the bed, talking about anything that comes to mind as Mark uses the nail polish to paint Yu’s nails. He’s very careful with it, but still messes up and starts over several times. They are both all smiles and giggled laughter as they figure out the best ways to make it work. Then they switch so that Yu is the one painting Mark’s nails. Mark struggles to sit still and eventually decides to just stop starting over whenever some of the glitter gets onto his finger instead of the nails or they’ll be there all night. “It’s supposed to dry quickly,” Mark tells Yu before blowing on his fingers like he’s seen people do before. “Does this actually work?”


“You’re the engineer. You tell me,” answers Yu as he tentatively touches one of his nails. His own pink polish has dried completely already. Comfortable silence falls between them for several moments as Mark gathers up the nail polishes and the removal pads before looking around the room, probably trying to decide where he should put them. “Thank you.”


Mark looks to Yu and smiles with a nod of his head before reaching out with one hand to squish Yu’s face annoyingly. “Of course. Now, where should I put these? We have more colors to try out later.” Yu takes the bag from Mark and gets up to put the bag in one of his cabinets and put his towel in his dirty clothes hamper. “Come cuddle with me. I want a hug.” Mark pouts as Yu tidies up some, and Yu ignores him which only makes Mark whine. “Why are you denying me attention? I’m going to tell P’Kit you were mean to me.”


“I don’t think he’ll believe you,” replies Yu, raising his brows some. It makes Mark sigh dramatically and throw himself back on Yu’s bed with his arms splayed wide.


“I know. He loves to tease me, too.” Mark can’t keep the smile off his face as he thinks about Kit. He’ll have to go meet Kit on campus tomorrow. “Stop cleaning now and come cuddle with me.”


“You’re so needy.” Even as he complains, Wayu walks over to the bed but he climbs into the side opposite of Mark so that Mark cannot cling to him right away. It lasts only a moment before Mark’s long arms are wrapping around him and he’s pulling Yu in close to him. Mark just smiles as Yu complains and tries to wriggle free. “Ai’Mark.”


“Ai’Yu. Just five minutes, please.” He whines again and pouts dramatically, even though he knows Yu can’t see. His face is pressed against Mark’s shoulder and his arms are pinned between the two of them. Yu groans but nods his agreement, which makes Mark smile again. Five minutes ends up stretching on until they’ve both fallen asleep laying there, something that has happened many times over the course of their friendship - Mark knows that Yu doesn’t mind nearly as much as he pretends to. While he knows their night spent hanging out doesn’t fix anything, doesn’t make things suddenly perfect and right in his friend’s life, he at least feels a bit better knowing that he was able to make Yu have some happiness if only for a few minutes.