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      Eri listened to Izu-nii's story happily, his stories always filled Eri with a soft warmth that nothing else could compare to. She loved Izuku and she know that he loved her too. He even gave her the nickname of 'Little Snow'! No one else was allowed to call Eri that, only her Izu-nii could. She never hid anything from Izuku and felt she could him anything! She even asked questions and he never got angry at her when she didn't want to speak to anyone, he never yelled at her when the words wouldn't come out properly and she messed up her sentences or questions because he understood her. He told her a story of a sad bunny who had nothing and yet did his best for a small bird he found and helped save! It was just like her and Izuku! She fell asleep that night, not plauged by nightmares but surrounded by warmth and comfort. 


     The next morning when she woke up, she saw her dad in the kitchen. She rushed to him, full of energy as she hugs his leg. She hears a quiet chuckle and feels a big hand ruffle her hair. She lets out a quiet giggle and looks up at her dad, her papa was probably still asleep. Suddenly the white haired girl hears her dads rough yet quiet voice, "Morning Kit. Did you have fun with Midoriya last night?" He looks at her and gives her a small smile as he cooks breakfast. Eri nods quickly, "Yes! Izu-nii even told me a story!" She gives Aizawa a smile as she speaks, "Oh? What was is about?" Aizawa asks Eri, turning the fire to low and giving Eri his full attention. Eri begins to tell Aizawa about the story of the sad bunny who was hated by everyone, but finds a little bird who was abused just like them. How the bunny didn't talk to anyone except bird, how the bunny would do anything for the bird.


     She smiled as she babbled about the story, failing to notice how Aizawa struggled to keep the smile on his face as he hears the story. He notices that she mentions that it was just like her and Izuku. He connects quite a few dots between the story and what he knows of Izuku, which isn't much honestly. He carefully listens to the story before deciding to wait until the green haired problem child wakes up, so Aizawa can ask about the story. He knows that if anything in the story is true, Eri and Hizashi would have his head if he didn't adopt the greenette right away. He gives Eri's hair a gentle ruffle before going back to making breakfast. He listens to her talk, adding his own responses every now and then as they wait for everyone to wake up. 

     Thankfully they don't wait long before Izuku is up. Eri is the first one to notice, she quickly goes to his side and asks how he slept. He mumbles softly to her, giving her a hug when she asks. She starts talking to Izuku about her dream. He gives her a soft smile, listening to her talk, giving her questions quiet answers. She rushes off suddenly and comes back with a brush, shyly asking Izuku to braid her hair. He agrees and brushes out her hair, talking softly to her. He notices Aizawa come in the living room but doesn't say anything to the man. 


     Aizawa clears his throat, startling both children. He looks at Izuku, "We need to talk. I heard that you told Eri a story last night, but I made some very concerning connections between you and the story. Problem Child, if anything in that story is even remotely true, I need to know. Please." Aizawa looks at Izuku, pleading with him to tell him the truth. He sees Izuku look at Eri then back at Aizawa before sighing softly and nodding, "Okay... Yeah, alright, tragic backstory time." He says softly as Eri makes her way into Izuku's lap. He wraps his arms around her, as if she were a stuffed animal. 


     Izuku doesn't look at either of them. After a minute of silence Izuku starts talking, telling Aizawa everything. He tells him about his mom, the homes he was put in, the way everyone treated him, what All Might told him. He spoke of the abuse and torment he faced for years until he got to UA, the scars he has on his body, the mental scars he was left with. He told Aizawa of the nightmares he faces every night, the anxiety he gets over everything, the fear he feels when he speaks to his peers. Aizawa slowly gets more and more livid with every word Izuku speaks. He is in no way angry with Izuku, no, he is furious with everyone who ever dared to mess with his kit. 


     Aizawa waits for Izuku to finish, listening to everything the child is saying. Izuku trails off at the end, holding Eri close as he cries softly, barely making a sound as he does. Aizawa gets up and sits next to Izuku, gently pulling him close, giving him room to pull away. He doesn't pull away, he turns and latches on to Aizawa, still holding Eri close as well. They sit like that before Aizawa speaks up, "Izu- no, Kit, everyone was wrong to treat you like that. You are so much more than just your quirk status. You are amazing, smart, kind, and an exceptional human. You understand Eri in ways no one should understand, not even Eri should know. No one deserves to be treated like that. You deserve so much more. Kit, if you'll allow us, Mic, Eri and I would love to have you here, officially. You spend a lot of time here, Eri and my husband love you, you're nice company to have honestly, I care about you too. So if you'll allow us, we'd like to adopt you." 


     Aizawa sees Eri look at Izuku with hopeful eyes, "Please Izu-nii? You could live with us and Dad and Papa could help you like they did me!" Eri pleads softly. Izuku looks at Eri and nods slowly, "Okay. You promise they can help me?" He asks softly. Eri nods happily, "Mhm! Promise!" She giggles softly. Aizawa smiles slightly at the scene. Izuku turns his head to look at Aizawa and nods, "I would love to be adopted by you and Mic-sensei." He says softly with a smile. Aizawa chuckles softly, "Welcome to the family Kit." 

     Izuku smiles, a real, genuine, full force smile, "Thank you... Dad." He says as tears stream down his face. He buries his face is Aizawa's shirt as he sobs happy tears. Eri gently pats his back while Aizawa plays with his hair. Izuku finally felt at home, he has a family and he wouldn't trade them for the world. Later when Mic walks in on them all smiling with a crying Izuku, he would only take a few pictures, not wanting to interrupt before one of them spots him and he gets pulled into the mess of smiles and tears and limbs, but none of them would have it any other way.