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Playful Punishments

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     Your nails scratch down Isaac’s back desperately, mouth hung open until you find your wits just long enough to breathlessly chant praises. Each breath is a heated puff against your neck as Isaac chuckles, teases you by purposely slowing the pace of his thrusts, replacing speed for depth as he pushes into you and stills.

     “I-Isaac!” He’s trying to draw this out for as long as possible, you know this. But you feel yourself clench, the peak of your climax coming dangerously close with each movement of his. 

     Isaac, instead, pulls away from your neck long enough to shoot a look towards the other man in the room, prompting whimpers from you; over the loss of heat to your torso, over the chill grazing your overly-teased nipples.

     “Arthur, don’t touch yourself,” Another harsh thrust, the sounds of skin smacking against skin beginning to start up again, “that’s- hah, that’s not part of the punishment.”

     There’s a frustrated groan, but you’re too focused on the way Isaac hooks your legs over his shoulders and leans over you again, his nose nuzzling your neck before his fangs press against your heated skin. Your mind blanks as they delve deep, feeling Isaac’s muffled groans, feeling a new wave of pleasure wash over you so suddenly and fiercely. Poorly, you attempt to stifle your moans from embarrassment. Isaac’s been able to maintain most of his composure during all of this, while you’ve quickly been reduced to a mess just knowing what was in store for tonight.

     However, as Isaac begins to slow his thrusts, pushing in deep as you clench around him, the groan he lets out as you feel the shudder of his orgasm tips you over, cheeks flushed and a shameful cry ringing out at the heat of his cum pushing inside of you.

     He stills, catching his breath before pumping once, twice, and then a harsh third time, making sure you take every last drop. His panting sends a shiver through you, especially as he sits back, spreading your lower lips to watch as he pulls his cock out of you. When his cum begins to dribble out, he dips the tips of his fingers inside of you, dragging the cum along your cunt. You want to squirm when his gaze settles on yours, the ghost of a satisfied smile playing at his lips, but before you have much of a chance to react, Isaac’s attention turns towards Arthur.

     “Alright, you can come.”

     Eagerly, Arthur gets up from his seat, hastily catching Isaac’s lips in his and hungrily making up for the wait Isaac forced onto him. For a moment, Isaac indulges him; allowing Arthur to slip in some tongue, allowing him to teasingly trail his fingers over Isaac’s stomach.

     Until he breaks away, pressing his cum-slicked fingers against Arthur’s lips instead. There isn’t a spoken command that goes out, and you’re not sure one is needed with the way Arthur smirks and holds Isaac’s hand in place. Slowly, he drags his tongue over the digits, only putting the fingers inside when Isaac’s eyes narrow in annoyance.

     But oh, Arthur tries to make a show of it; taking them in deep and hollowing his cheeks, just to pull another scold from the man. Isaac only yanks his hand back, trying to ignore the blush on his cheeks.

     “You’re having too much fun with this.”

     Arthur smirks, chuckling between the kisses he plants on Isaac’s collar and chest. “Can’t resist a chance to rile you up,” his fingers trail down, Isaac sighing in muted pleasure as Arthur teases his cock.

     Amidst watching, you move to close your legs, but Isaac quickly places his hand on your knee, spreading you open again. He doesn’t say anything, given how Arthur takes that distraction to quickly get on his knees, grasping Isaac’s cock and planting a firm kiss on the tip.

     “ Arthur-

     “Come on, Newt, don’t you want to be cleaned up?” He presses his lips against Isaac’s shaft before his tongue darts out, tasting the mix of your cum and his. Arthur looks up at him when Isaac’s fingers thread through his hair, a soft groan escaping. “Is that permission?”

     “Only to clean up, nothing more.”

     A smirk, and then he’s lapping along the sides of his cock, messily kissing and sucking at his shaft. There’s a few strangled groans from Isaac due to still being sensitive, but it doesn’t deter Arthur. In fact, it seems to embolden him. He slows his tongue just to take Isaac’s tip into his mouth, sucking and reaching to play with his balls- until Isaac pulls at Arthur’s hair, drawing out a groan once Arthur lets his cock fall from his mouth.

     “Still standing at attention, even after all of that. Sure you don't want to go another round? I'd love to have more of you, even if it meant my face shoved against the mattress."

     "That sounds rather like a reward than a punishment, does it not?"

     The pout Arthur gives draws a giggle out from you, and suddenly their attention is on you again. Isaac nudges Arthur towards you, finally getting off of the bed so Arthur can take his place, and Arthur eagerly does so; excited to have you to himself for a moment. You shift, sitting up a bit more with a pillow propped behind you, wanting a good view.

     He settles between your legs, resting on his forearms. “Sorry, luv. Can’t blame a bloke for trying though, can you?” Arthur’s fingers spread your folds apart, a hum of appreciation slipping out, "especially after how much he came inside you , gods that looked so blissful…"

     You can feel Arthur's breath against your cunt, providing a small puff of heat while you squirm; still recovering from how hard Isaac pushed you over the edge. Tentatively, Arthur presses a kiss against your clit, a husky murmur of something leaving him before his tongue slowly drags upwards. Starting from where Isaac's cum is oozing out, to endling the lick with a teasing brush of your clit.

     From this position, you can see Arthur’s hips rhythmically start to push against the mattress. Each grind steals your attention, making your pleasure increase, especially as you feel his breath hitch and his hips slow to push firmly against the bed. With a whimper you thread your fingers through his hair, still feeling sensitive from Isaac's bite, let alone the thought of what Arthur is doing.

     But he greedily continues, letting out soft moans as he laps up everything he can until he abruptly stops, a small apology leaving his lips before he peeks over your thigh to meet Isaac's gaze.

     "S-surely a pillow isn't out of the question, is it?"

     And Isaac, now wearing his robe and watching intently, hums for a moment.

     "Is it?"

     “I… I wouldn’t mind it,” you admit, carding your fingers through Arthur’s hair as he shoots a thankful smile your way. “I think he’s being good-”

     “With you, he is,” Isaac interrupts, but you watch as he gets up with a sigh, walking towards the other side of the bed to take the pillow resting there. “He’s been trying to tease me all night.”

     “I seem to recall you enjoying it last week, when- ah!” A slap sounds out, and Arthur shudders between your legs, biting back a grin, “mmh, I love when you’re like this.”

     Arthur’s breath hitches as Isaac digs his nails into his ass before grasping his hips, forcing Arthur on his knees. As he slips the pillow between his legs, he reaches for Arthur’s cock, giving it a few loose pumps with a tsk.

     “Look at how much you’re dripping... I think you were doing just fine with the mattress.”

     “Mm, but I like this view, Isaac,” Tipping Arthur’s chin up granted you a view of the blush across his cheeks, matched with a hazy, lust addled look in his eyes. Swiping his bottom lip with your thumb, you felt saliva with hints of cum, and his tongue darts out, following your thumb. After a moment, you let Arthur slip your thumb into his mouth, enjoying the wet heat of his tongue pressing against your skin as he sucks. “I like it when he’s desperate to cum.”

     Isaac hums, giving Arthur’s ass one last squeeze before moving to kiss your cheek. “Only because you wanted it.”

     As thanks, you manage to pull on Isaac’s robe before he goes to sit back down, making him linger as you crash your lips together. He grins against the kiss, spoiling you with a few more before breaking apart, finally letting Arthur steal your attention yet again. You want to laugh at the pout he’s giving you, until your thumb slips out of his mouth with a wet ‘plop’. 

     “It’s my turn, you know,” Arthur kisses your navel, and you can feel his smirk against your skin when the kiss draws out a moan, “pay attention to me for a moment.”

     “Maybe give me a reason to?”

     The kisses he trails down begin to turn into lite bites at your inner thighs, his hands holding your legs open before he slides one along the heated skin, his thumb resting over your clit. Slowly, he begins to rub the sensitive nub, a low chuckle spilling out when your body squirms a little at the touch.

     “Mm, have I not?” Finally, he moves his mouth back to your heat, lips replacing his thumb and encircling your clit and giving a light suck. When your reach to tug at his hair again, he pushes two fingers into you, quickly pumping them, drawing out your cries as he focuses on the places that drive your mind blank. 

     When your body betrays you by tensing, proving to Arthur just how close to cumming you are, he flattens his tongue against your clit, beginning to clumsily lap at it as his thrusts against the pillow between his legs starts to match the pace his fingers have. It isn’t much longer before the pleasure finally tips you over, his name breathlessly falling out as you fist his hair, unintentionally grinding your clit against his mouth.

     With hazy eyes, Arthur holds your winded gaze as he slowly licks his fingers clean, a tired chuckle slipping out. The smug attitude doesn’t last long though, and soon he’s pressing his face back against your thigh, hips rocking as he chases his own climax. He groans out a curse when you cup his chin, forcing him to keep his attention on you.

     “Are you close?”

     “Yes,” it’s breathless, and all the motivation you need.

     Sitting up, you guide him to his knees, bringing forth more frustration as he loses some friction in the position, but you do your best to replace the loss by wrapping your arms around his neck; pulling him into a firm kiss. Immediately, he attempts to deepen it, grasping the back of your neck and slipping his tongue between your lips. 

     “ Arthur .”

     The chide from Isaac causes Arthur to yank his hands back, breaking the kiss with disappointment. He even stops his hips, despite the pained look on his face- but you begin leaving trails of your lipstick upon his jaw, and his sighs sound so thankful for it. 

     “Good boy.”

     Arthur groans as your palms slide over his hips before grasping his ass, urging him back into grinding against the pillow again. Refusing to let go, you guide his pace, dipping your head to nip as his ear.

     “I want to feel you cum, Arthur,” Purring out his name brings another whimpered curse from his lips. You lazily drag your tongue up his neck, eliciting a shiver before-

     “Blast! Ohh-” He tenses at the harsh bite you give, and then his hands are on your arms, pulling you close as he jolts. His breath is heavy in your ear with each gasp and groan, and you feel droplets of heat splash onto your inner thighs. 

     A shudder runs through Arthur, and his forehead rests against your shoulder, grip slacking as his breaths slow with a groan.

     "That...was good…"


     "Mhm," his sigh tickles your neck as he nuzzles against you, "I love you.”

     You let him rest against you for a while. Gently rubbing his back, steadying your breathing along with him. It isn’t until Isaac nudges you with a damp wash cloth that the two of you move, with you gently pushing Arthur to lay down.

     “Oh, is it time for me to get the royal treatment?” Despite the hoarse voice and tired eyes, Arthur’s smile is bright, and he accepts the kisses you pepper along his face.



     The bed slightly bounces as Arthur tugs Isaac beside him, the three of you done cleaning up for the night. Isaac acts huffy, but lets Arthur peck his cheek.

     "Now then, I believe we all agreed that whoever gets punished can choose how to end the night?"

     "I thought that depended on how well they took the punishment," Isaac pulled up the covers once you settled onto the bed, letting out a tired sigh once his head hits the pillow, “I’m not sure if-”


     Unable to help it you laugh at their mock bickering, nuzzling and resting on Arthur’s chest. “ Yes , Arthur, you get to choose.”

     “Mm,” His thumb rubs against your shoulder; the two of you snuggled up with him warmly in the middle, “...I’m pretty happy with this, honestly.” 

     It’s quiet for a moment- You’re truly worn out, but there’s some shuffling as Isaac sighs into Arthur’s hair, getting comfortable, his voice a low mumble. “... I wasn’t too rough, was I? Hey- D-don’t laugh!”