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Peachy Keen

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"Yoongi hyung, darling, I love our weekly lunch dates so much, like, favorite part of the week. But please, can we talk about anything else?"

Yoongi pouts, glaring at Jimin across the table. "Jimin, this is serious."

Jimin just gazes back impassively, picking up a piece of sushi and popping it between his lips. He doesn't respond, just chews slowly, blinking at Yoongi.

"Look," Yoongi says, pointing his chopsticks across the table, "it's not my fault your best friend is oblivious." And he is, he must be, or he is extremely uninterested. Yoongi and Taehyung have been roommates for almost a year now, and Yoongi has been trying to get Taehyung's attention the entire time, and maybe even before they started living together. Jimin had suggested it when Seokjin moved out to go live with Hoseok, sending Yoongi a sly grin that meant there was more than just practicality behind the suggestion.

So Yoongi has spent the last year trying, and failing, to get Taehyung to take an interest. He's frozen for the better part of six months, parading around the apartment in tiny shorts instead of the sweatpants he would normally wear. His sweatshirts have been replaced with oversized t-shirts that slide off one shoulder and he maybe purposefully shrunk his towels in the wash so they barely cover his ass after he showers. He's taken to snacking on berries and cut fruit in the living room, lounging on the couch watching dramas and sucking juice off his fingers. Taehyung hasn't noticed at all. Half the time he'll take one look at Yoongi and go back into his room, probably disgusted. Yoongi's getting sick of throwing himself at someone who clearly isn't interested. It's getting ridiculous, maybe pathetic, maybe bordering on exhibitionism at this point.

"He obviously likes you, too, hyung," Jimin says evenly, propping his elbow on the table and leaning his chin on his palm.

Yoongi groans, setting his chopsticks down and leaning back in his chair. "He obviously does not like me, he barely looks at me."

"I think I know my best friend a little better than you," Jimin says snippily, taking a sip of his honeyed tea.

Huffing out a frustrated breath, Yoongi's fingers move to play with his straw wrapper. "I just don't know how else to show him I'm interested in him. I've tried everything!"

Jimin cocks a brow. "Have you tried telling him how you feel?"

"No," Yoongi snaps defensively. "That sounds stupid."

"Right," Jimin says, drawing out the word. "Talking about our feelings like mature adults is stupid. How could I forget."

Yoongi frowns and goes back to picking at his straw wrapper, tearing the thin paper apart and pointedly not looking at Jimin. There's quiet for a few minutes, the only sound is Jimin's nails tapping against the glass of his bottle of tea.


Yoongi snaps his eyes up at Jimin's exclamation, fingers tearing the wrapper in half in surprise. "What?"

"I've got it," Jimin says smugly.

"Got what?"

Jimin grins. "The solution. You know that spa basket I got you for your birthday?"

Yoongi thinks for a moment and then nods slowly. "Yeah, I love the bath bombs. The bergamot one is really -"

"Great, cool, cool," Jimin interrupts, waving a hand between them. Yoongi blinks at him, snapping his mouth closed in surprise. "Have you used any of the sheet masks?"

Yoongi nods again. "Yeah, I used one the other night, it was silver. It was pretty cool, it made me look like a robot or something, I think I sent a selfie to the -"

"Right, great, very nice," Jimin cuts him off again and leans forward. "How about some of the others?"

Yoongi shrugs, unsure where this conversation is going. "Yeah, some of them. They're nice."

"Did you notice the special ones?"

Yoongi eyes him warily. "Um. No?"

Jimin grins widely. "One of them is for your butt."

"My butt?" Yoongi echoes, uncomprehending.

Nodding sagely, Jimin continues. "Yeah, it's a sheet mask for your ass cheeks instead of your cheek cheeks." He gestures to his face as he finishes.

"Why did you give me an ass mask?" Yoongi deadpans.

Jimin just smiles wider. "Self-care is making sure your ass is soft," he chirps.

"Okay...weird." He pauses, considers. "But also intriguing, I guess. What does this have to do with Taehyung?"

Jimin sighs wearily, as if Yoongi is being purposefully obtuse. "Ask him to help you put it on."

"Couldn't I just, like, contort myself a bit and put it on my own ass?" Yoongi asks.

"Absolutely not." Jimin pauses. "Actually, probably yes. You are strangely and surprisingly flexible. But no."

Yoongi stares at him. "I'm not following here."

Jimin sighs again, slumping over the table. "This is the perfect opportunity to get your man."

"You're telling me," Yoongi begins, voice flat, "that the perfect opportunity to show Taehyung I'm interested in him is to ask him to put a sheet mask on my bare ass?"

Jimin nods eagerly. "Absolutely, no doubt about it."

Yoongi shrugs. "Alright, I'm in."


Yoongi should have known the mask was different. He pulls it out of the basket in his closet and sees the packaging is shaped like a peach, an image of a cartoon butt on the front. Is he really going to do this? He scans the directions, they even suggest having someone help you. Well, can't argue with the manufacturer's instructions, right?

The shower he takes is very thorough. He spends extra time scrubbing himself and exfoliating his skin. He doesn't need to be patchy or dry anywhere, especially not his ass. If he does a quick, careful shave and makes sure he's extra clean, that's nobody's business. Except maybe Taehyung's. Hopefully.

If Yoongi shoves any clothes and shoes on his floor unceremoniously into his closet, straightens his bedding, and maybe sprays a little cologne around his room after his shower, well, that's also nobody's business. He tugs on a pair of baby blue briefs and an oversized t-shirt that hangs dangerously low over his collarbone. Standing in front of the mirror, he fluffs his still slightly damp blonde hair until it falls perfectly across his forehead. He probably doesn't need lip gloss but his lips might be chapped and it's just practicality.

Taking a deep breath, Yoongi opens his bedroom door and steps into the living room. Taehyung is sprawled on the couch in basketball shorts and a hoodie, a bag of chips next to him as he plays Breath of the Wild on their flat screen TV. Yoongi watches for a moment and then clears his throat. Taehyung glances over and away, then back again, eyes widening as he takes in Yoongi's appearance. He tears his eyes away again, returning his attention to the television.

"Hey, hyung," Taehyung says quickly. "What's up?"

Yoongi takes a step closer, Taehyung still doesn't look back at him. "Do you think you could do me a favor, Taehyungie?"

Taehyung immediately pauses his game but stays staring at the television. "Of course, Yoongi hyung."

"Jiminie got me this new sheet mask," Yoongi begins, taking another step closer. He holds the mask in one hand, willing his fingers not to shake. "But I need help putting it on. Can you help me?"

Taehyung licks his lips, brows furrowed in confusion as he stares at his game menu. "Um, sure, whatever you need."

Yoongi smiles, pushing down the butterflies swirling in his belly. "Great, come on, we can do it in my room."

"Your room?" Taehyung croaks. "Can't we just use the bathroom mirror?"

"Oh." Yoongi forgot he'd have to mention this part. "Um. It's not for my face?"

Taehyung glances at him, then away again. Yoongi thinks his ears look a little pink. "Is it one of those ones for your feet?"

Yoongi tosses the mask at Taehyung. "No, it's for my -"

"Your ass?" Taehyung nearly shouts, staring down at the peach-shaped package in his hands.

Yoongi feels himself blushing and licks his lips, trying to keep his voice neutral. "Yeah, um, if that's not okay then -"

"Nope!" Taehyung interrupts. Yoongi is starting to think this is a Taehyung and Jimin thing, constantly interrupting him. "This is totally fine, I am happy to help!"

Yoongi squints at him, Taehyung still isn't looking at him, he's staring down at the little peach package. "Are you sure?"

"Yep," Taehyung nods and stands. He finally looks at Yoongi, his cheeks are flushed pink. "I can totally do this."

"Okay..." Yoongi draws out the word and takes a step back toward his room. "I'll just go and uh, get ready? If you want to come in after a couple minutes then..." the trails off.

Taehyung nods jerkily. "Yep, sure, okay. This says the area should be..." he pauses and clears his throat, "wet." He clears his throat again, licking his lips. "I'll just go get a washcloth and then meet you..." he trails off, shooting Yoongi finger guns and scampers away.

Removing his clothes, Yoongi sets them on his desk chair and lays down on his bed on his stomach. He should feel ridiculous, lying on his bed completely naked waiting for his roommate to come in and put a moisturizing mask on his ass. His roommate who he has a huge crush on. But he can't feel embarrassed, all he can feel is anticipation, bubbling in his belly and shooting to his groin in tingling waves. He crosses his arms and props his chin on them, sliding his legs together on top of the blankets while he waits.

He turns his head when he hears Taehyung push the door open. Taehyung is standing in the doorway wide eyed, seemingly frozen with a washcloth and the package in his hands. Yoongi sees him swallow, the bob of his Adam's apple prominent and nearly audible. Taehyung drops the towel and scrambles to pick it up before coming over and standing awkwardly next to the bed.

"You can sit," Yoongi says simply, nodding toward the side of the bed.

"Okay," Taehyung croaks. "Okay, yeah." He climbs onto the bed and kneels at Yoongi's side, his knees nearly brushing Yoongi's bare thigh. He can feel the heat of Taehyung's skin, millimeters away from his own.

Yoongi takes a deep breath, forcing back his nerves. He feels a little shaky and tries to will down any trembling he can feel in his limbs, relaxing into the mattress. He sees Taehyung's eyes travel over his body, roaming down his spine and over the curve of his ass. He looks away, laying his cheek on his arms.

A sigh leaves his lips, unbidden, as he feels the first touch of the washcloth on his skin. It feels nice, warm and soft as Taehyung swipes it gently over his cheeks. Taehyung moves slowly and Yoongi thinks his hands might be shaking. Yoongi wonders if he's nervous. But why would Taehyung be nervous?

"Okay, hyung," Taehyung says, and the towel disappears. "I'm gonna just...yeah."

Yoongi snorts, endeared. "Okay, Tae."

Yoongi hears the crinkle of the packet and then Taehyung clears his throat. "Hyung, maybe it would be easier if I was between your legs? I could probably get a better angle..."

Yoongi isn't really sure why Taehyung needs a better angle but he's not going to argue. He can feel his cock plumping up underneath him, pinned against the mattress. He swallows hard and tries to make his voice normal. "Yeah, okay."

Spreading his legs, Yoongi closes his eyes as he feels the bed shift and feels Taehyung settle between his spread thighs. He's sure Taehyung can see his balls from this angle, see more than Yoongi expected. Nerves return, swirling in his stomach. Taehyung's bare knees brush against his inner thighs and he fights back a shiver.

The sound of the package being torn open sounds loud as a gunshot in the quiet room. Yoongi barely prevents himself from jumping. The scent of artificial peach fills the room, sweet and sugary. "It smells good," Taehyung murmurs, more to himself than Yoongi.

There's a moment of nothing and then Yoongi does jerk a little, flinching away as he feels cold moisture against his left ass cheek. "Ah," he gasps, trying to stay still, "it's cold."

"Sorry," Taehyung whispers, though Yoongi isn't sure why he's apologizing, it's not his fault. These masks are always cold. He bites back a moan as he feels Taehyung's fingers smoothing the sheet mask over his skin, flattening the material and then rubbing over it, as if he's trying to warm it. Taehyung does the same to his other cheek and Yoongi can feel himself getting harder against the bed, he bites his lip.

"Hyung," Taehyung says suddenly, voice a little breathless. "It says squeeze me."

Yoongi laughs awkwardly, he didn't expect it to say anything. He wants Taehyung to squeeze him, he'd love Taehyung's big warm hands on his ass. Taehyung's elegant fingers spreading his cheeks and sliding between them, dipping inside of him and - Yoongi cuts off his train of thought before he starts rutting into the mattress.

It's quiet between them for a few moments, Yoongi closes his eyes and tries to relax. The mask feels nice, cool and soothing against his skin, a little tingly. He jumps a little when Taehyung suddenly speaks again, sounding unsure. "Yoongi hyung, it says we have to leave it for fifteen minutes. Maybe I could..." he trails off, Yoongi hears him swallow. "Do you want a massage while we wait?"

Yoongi can't respond, his mouth immediately going dry, he can only nod his head vigorously. He stays still as Taehyung scoots back and gently closes his legs, moving back over Yoongi's body so he can sit astride his thighs. He can feel the firm plushness of Taehyung's ass on the backs of his legs, the heat of his body through his shorts. Yoongi gulps and buries his face in his hands.

It's involuntary, truly, the noise he makes. But when Taehyung leans over him and those long, elegant fingers dig into Yoongi's shoulder blades it just feels so good. Taehyung freezes and Yoongi thinks he hears him draw in a sharp breath before he starts moving. His hands move in broad sweeps along Yoongi's back, smooth lines from his shoulders down to his lower back and back up, fingers pausing to knead into muscle. It's bliss, Yoongi floats in a comfortable haze as Taehyung's hands work him over, draining any tension from his body.

He wonders if Taehyung does this often, maybe for Jimin. Being a dancer, Jimin must deal with muscle pain more than the average person. As his best friend maybe Taehyung gives him massages sometimes, though he thinks that's probably more of a task for Jimin's boyfriend. But that's beside the point, the point is that Taehyung seems to know what he's doing. His fingers are nimble, as if Yoongi's back is the keys of a piano, the strings of a violin. Breathy sighs and tiny moans leave his lips as Taehyung massages his neck and then moves down to his lower back, kneading the skin. He's so close to Yoongi's ass, exposed, uncovered but for the sheet mask on him. It would be so easy for Taehyung's hands to move just a little lower.

Yoongi opens his eyes when he feels Taehyung shift and makes a soft questioning sound, he doesn't think it's been fifteen minutes yet. "I thought I could do your legs?"

Yoongi's brain short circuits for a moment, the thought of Taehyung's hands on his thighs is...distracting. Yoongi knows his thighs are slim, maybe a little feminine. He wonders if Taehyung's hands could fit all the way around them, Taehyung's palms wrapping around his skin and making him feel small, delicate. He suppresses another shiver as Taehyung spreads his legs again, settling between them, near Yoongi's knees.

Gentle fingers dig into his calves first, running over the skin and pressing into the muscle. He lets out a tiny gasp when Taehyung's fingers brush, featherlight, over the backs of his knees. "Tickles," he murmurs when Taehyung pauses.

A chuckle, and then hands on his thighs. Taehyung's palms are so warm as they rest on his thighs, slowly sliding up, up, up. His thumbs slide along Yoongi's inner thighs, digging in just slightly, coming so dangerously close to the curve of his ass, the ticklish skin just underneath, thumbs nearly brushing more intimate areas. Yoongi has to force himself not to rut into the mattress like an animal as Taehyung's fingers squeeze and tickle the skin of his thighs. He's almost fully hard now, even though he keeps trying to think of unsexy things, he keeps thinking of Taehyung.

Taehyung's hands on him, rubbing and stroking his skin. Squeezing and kneading his ass, slapping the skin until it's flushed and red and Yoongi is begging for more.

Taehyung's hands on his arms, the small of his back, cupping his cheeks as he pulls him into a kiss.

Taehyung's hands on his cock, those tan fingers wrapped around his length and squeezing, stroking.

Fuck. Yoongi is fully hard now and he's pretty sure he's started to leak precum all over his duvet. That's going to be hard to explain.

Just as Yoongi thinks he might explode, thinks he has to start rolling his hips, Taehyung's hands disappear and he feels the bed shift. "I think it's been fifteen minutes, hyung," Taehyung whispers. His voice is breathy, hoarse, like he's just run a marathon. "I'll just, um, take it off?"

"Okay, Tae-yah." Yoongi doesn't want this to end. He's not sure what he expected to happen, really. A dramatic love confession? Taehyung immediately shoving his tongue in Yoongi's ass to eat him out? He would have accepted either or both. The massage was nice, definitely, but Yoongi throbs for more. Literally.

Yoongi feels Taehyung peel the mask off his cheeks, it feels a little funny, sticky and slippery as Taehyung peels the two sheets away and - he freezes. Taehyung's hands come back to his ass cheeks and begin rubbing and caressing his skin, fingers swirling in circles and pushing into the meat of his ass. "Wh-what are you doing, Taehyung?"

Taehyung pulls his hands away like he's been burned. "Oh my God, hyung, I am so sorry. I didn't mean - I just, fuck, you know you usually need to rub the serum into your face after so I - fuck - I am so, so -"

"I didn't say stop," Yoongi huffs, taking his chance.

There's silence between them, both of them frozen, unmoving. Yoongi worries that he's made a mess, really put his foot in it now. He's about to speak again, to apologize and tell Taehyung he can go and that Yoongi will move out and flee to another country and live as a hermit in a cottage in the woods but - the hands return. Yoongi's eyes flutter closed again as Taehyung's fingers squeeze into his ass cheeks, the smooth skin on the pads of his fingers sliding over his slippery skin.

Yoongi melts into the mattress again, his dick hard and leaking underneath him. He suppresses a whine, suppresses the urge to rut into the mattress, to press back against Taehyung's hands, to beg. Taehyung continues his ministrations, groping and fondling Yoongi's ass, sometimes light pressure, sometimes harder, firm handfuls that he jiggles a little. Yoongi wants to scream, to plead for more. He's about to open his mouth when he feels the mattress shift and then the brush of lips against his spine, warm, soft.

Yoongi's breath hitches as the lips travel downwards, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. "Hyung," Taehyung whispers, breath ghosting over Yoongi's skin. "Hyung, can I touch you?"

"You want to -" Yoongi cuts off, squeezing his fingernails into his arms. "Yeah, fuck, please."

Taehyung's lips press a few more kisses into the skin of his back before the mattress shifts again, Taehyung returning to his previous position. The hands move again, but this time Taehyung's fingers spread his cheeks. He feels the chilly air of the bedroom hit his hole and he whimpers, clenching involuntarily. Soft, tentative fingers trail between his cheeks, sliding over his rim. Subtly, just barely, Yoongi presses back against them, chasing the fleeting touch. Taehyung grows bolder, circling Yoongi's entrance and prodding gently, not enough to press inside, just enough to tease.

Yoongi can't help his moans, the way he pushes back against Taehyung's warm fingers. He swallows hard, lifting his face from where he's buried it in his arms. "Lube is in the top drawer." He pauses. "If you want." Another pause, he feels Taehyung shift again, feels him reaching across his back. Yoongi licks his lips and continues. "And condoms."

Taehyung freezes for a moment, but then he's moving quickly, scrambling and nearly falling over Yoongi as he grabs for the handle of the drawer and pulls it open. He rummages around and then settles back between Yoongi's legs. Taehyung's breathing is audible, harsh, affected. Yoongi hears the click of a bottle.

A drawn-out moan leaves his lips, his hips bucking against the mattress and then pushing back as Taehyung's now wet fingers circle his rim. The tip of a finger dips inside and Yoongi can't suppress his shiver this time, the gasp that escapes him before he bites down on his lip. Yoongi begins to pant, trying to hold in his moans, as Taehyung's finger slides into him in one smooth motion.

Yoongi's head spins as Taehyung begins moving his finger in and out, his other hand squeezing and groping one of Yoongi's ass cheeks as he holds him open. Taehyung's fingers are warm and soft, thin and elegant and feel so amazing. Yoongi wants more, craves more of Taehyung inside him. He whimpers, rocking backwards into Taehyung's fingers and forward into the mattress, seeking friction.

"Fuck," Yoongi mumbles, sinking his teeth into his forearm as Taehyung slides in a second finger. He hears a chuckle, the fingers of Taehyung's other hand contract on his ass, fingertips digging into his flesh. Yoongi hopes he'll bruise, that Taehyung's fingerprints will leave rosy plum patches in his pale skin. Something to remember, to remind him that this happened, that Taehyung sat between his legs and fucked him with his fingers.

"Is that what you wanted?" Taehyung murmurs, his voice is lower, deeper. Yoongi shudders at the sound, the rough timbre. Taehyung scissors his fingers, fucking them faster into Yoongi's body, rubbing against his walls and stretching him open with precision. "Wanted me to fuck you with my fingers so you asked me to help you with this mask?" Taehyung's voice is nearly a growl, his fingers speeding up inside him.

Yoongi can't answer, a sound like a broken sob leaves his lips as Taehyung crooks his fingers and brushes over his prostate. Arching off the bed, Yoongi whimpers, body trembling as Taehyung's fingers squeeze him again, hard, verging on painful. Pleasure surges through Yoongi's body like lightning with each brush of Taehyung's fingers, each drag of them through his body.

"I'm right aren't I?" Taehyung rasps. "You wanted to tease me, didn't you, naughty hyung?" Yoongi can only whimper in response. "Answer me," Taehyung demands.

"Yes," Yoongi gasps, voice catching on a moan as Taehyung slides in a third finger. "Wanted you, want you."

Another low chuckle, Taehyung's fingers spread inside of him, drag against his rim. "Fuck, hyung. I've been wanting to do this forever. Wanted to get my hands on you, on this fucking ass."

Yoongi can't respond, he's just moaning and nodding, feeling like he's having an out of body experience as Taehyung fucks three fingers into him. He feels like he's falling apart, as he grinds his hips into the mattress, seeking friction for his weeping cock. He can feel a wet patch beneath him every time he shifts and pushes back against Taehyung's hands. The whine that leaves his lips is something he can't help when Taehyung pulls his fingers out, causing Yoongi to whimper and clench around the emptiness. He wants to be full, needs it, doesn't want Taehyung to stop, he just -

"I'm gonna fuck you now, hyung." Taehyung's voice cuts through his spiral and Yoongi freezes. "You want that, yeah baby?"

Yoongi whimpers and nods furiously into his arms.

"Words, hyung, I need you to tell me."

Yoongi licks his lips and raises his head. "Yes," he rasps, "please. Please fuck me."

Taehyung curses and Yoongi hears him moving around, the rustle of clothing as he must be removing his shorts, maybe his hoodie. There's the sound of the condom wrapper tearing open, a hiss from Taehyung and the pop of the cap on the lube bottle. Yoongi's stomach swirls with anticipation, his cock leaking under him as he waits, body nearly vibrating with need.

The sound he makes when Taehyung pulls one of his cheeks to the side and he feels his cock prodding at his hole doesn't sound human. It's strangled, half animalistic as the blunt cockhead presses against his hole. Yoongi closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as Taehyung pushes forward. The cockhead slips in and Yoongi buries his face back in his arms as Taehyung slowly works himself inside.

Yoongi feels like it takes ages, Taehyung thrusting shallowly and pulling back, only to push back in a millimeter farther. The stretch isn't painful but it's more than he expected, Taehyung is big, thick. Yoongi squeezes his own elbows as Taehyung finally slides all the way into him, his hips flush with Yoongi's ass.

"Fuck, hyung," Taehyung groans. "You're so fucking tight, you feel amazing, holy shit."

Taehyung's hand on his ass moves to grip his ass while the other moves to his lower back, rubbing soothing circles into his skin as Yoongi adjusts. "I'm ready," Yoongi croaks after a few minutes of adjustment.

"Gonna take good care of you," Taehyung rasps, and then he's sliding out of Yoongi and pushing back in.

Taehyung's fingers dig into his hips as he grips both sides of Yoongi's waist and sheaths himself to the hilt again. He starts slow, with deep thrusts that drag along Yoongi's walls and his prostate with each languid roll of Taehyung's hips. Yoongi swallows hard, trying to stop the flood of drool leaking onto his arms. "I won't break," he mumbles, pushing back against Taehyung's thrusts.

Taehyung's fingers contract on his hips, nails digging into his skin. "Fuck, you want it hard, hyung? You want me to fuck you?"

Yoongi nods, feeling his dick twitch beneath him at Taehyung's words. "Please," he whimpers, sounding broken and fucked out already.

Taehyung pulls out slowly until just his head is in Yoongi's hole and then snaps his hips forward, slamming into Yoongi with such force he's jolted up the mattress. "You're so fucking sexy, feel so fucking good around me, hyung." Taehyung rasps, snapping his hips at a brutal pace, rocking Yoongi against the bed. "Gonna fucking ruin you, you want that?"

Yoongi can't respond, too busy uncoiling his arms to grip at the sheets for purchase. His cock drags along the blanket with every one of Taehyung's thrusts, the friction feeling mind-numbingly good as a steady stream of precum pools beneath his belly. Yoongi presses his face into his pillow, biting down on the fabric as Taehyung slides an arm under his hips and lifts his ass into the air. Yoongi keens, hands fisting in the sheets as Taehyung slams into his prostate.

"I've wanted to do this forever, make you mine, fuck you like this." Taehyung can't seem to stop rambling as he pounds into him, the lewd squelch of lube and the sound of slapping skin drowned out by his deep voice. "Walking around in your tiny fucking shorts and your big shirts. Do you have any idea what you do to me? I don't think I've gone a fucking hour without a boner in months. You're a fucking tease, so fucking filthy. Aren't you, hyung?" One of Taehyung's hands slides up his back and grips the back of his neck, pressing him hard into the bed.

Yoongi can only mewl in response, tears and drool streaming down his face as Taehyung keeps up a litany of praise and dirty talk and his cock hammers into him. Yoongi hasn't been fucked in a while, and he hasn't been fucked this well in...shit he can't even remember. Maybe Taehyung is right, maybe he is going to ruin Yoongi. Ruin him for any other partner he could possibly have. All he'll think about, especially tomorrow when he knows he's going to struggle to walk, is how Taehyung made him feel. Taehyung's rough, forceful strokes are making Yoongi see stars, making his veins feel like they're full of lava. The ache in his back and ass tomorrow are going to be worth it, a badge of honor.

"God, you're so fucking beautiful, so fucking perfect."

Yoongi's eyes snap open at that, he wasn't expecting beautiful, wasn't expecting perfect. He realizes, quite suddenly, that Taehyung is balls deep inside him and they haven't even kissed. He squirms and lifts his head, Taehyung's hand immediately falling away from his neck and bracing next to him on the bed. Yoongi lifts onto his elbows and turns his tear-streaked face to look behind him. He almost can't believe what he's seeing.

Taehyung looks incredible behind him, rippling golden skin as he fucks hard into Yoongi, sweat making his skin glisten and glow in the amber light of Yoongi's bedside lamp. He pauses when he sees Yoongi turning. His eyes are a little wild, dark with lust, his jaw clenched and bangs sticking to his sweaty forehead. Yoongi lets his eyes roam down his chest and back up, meeting Taehyung's eyes. "Taehyung," he rasps, voice barely audible, "kiss me?"

"Fuck yes," Taehyung gasps. "Please, God." Taehyung moves immediately, draping himself over Yoongi's body and crashing their lips together.

It's messy, barely a kiss at such an awkward angle. But their lips move together, tongues tangling and teeth clacking once, twice. Taehyung growls and grabs Yoongi's hip tighter with one hand, grabbing his chin with the other to tilt his head and - Oh. Taehyung begins moving his hips again as his lips slot just right with Yoongi's, Yoongi thinks he hears a click. Or maybe it's in his head, or his heart. Taehyung's lips are plush and soft, his tongue licking over Yoongi's spit-slicked lips and into his mouth with eagerness. Taehyung kisses him like he's been craving it as much as Yoongi has, like it's all he's ever wanted to do.

Sinking back into the mattress, Taehyung follows him down, pressing his chest to Yoongi's back and breaking the kiss. Yoongi buries his face into his pillow again as Taehyung peppers his shoulders and the back of his neck with kisses. Teeth nip at his skin, tongue darting out to soothe the sting, lips close around a spot on his shoulder and suck, marking him.

"I've wanted this for so long," Taehyung murmurs between kisses. He keeps fucking into Yoongi, rhythm faltering as he gets closer. Yoongi feels himself getting close too, heat pooling in his gut, precum soaking his stomach and the blanket beneath him. "Wanna fuck you into this mattress until you can barely move," he grunts, hips slamming into Yoongi's ass with a harsh slap of skin on skin. "Then I wanna take you out for bubble tea and - fuck - hold your fucking hand."

Yoongi's orgasm slams into him with very little warning, pleasure roaring through him from fingers to toes, cock twitching as he paints the mattress and his stomach with his release. His vision whites out, sparks dancing behind his eyelids as he rides out his high. He hears a muffled curse behind him, feels Taehyung's fingers gripping his hips and his rhythm falter, stutter. "Holy fuck," Taehyung grits out and buries himself deep. Yoongi can feel Taehyung's cock twitching and pulsing as he fills the condom.

Taehyung lays draped over his back for a few moments as they both try to catch their breath. Yoongi feels soft lips against the skin of his back, his neck, lazy kisses and nuzzles as he lays prone, his limbs feeling like jelly. Taehyung huffs and sits up, slowly pulling out. He hushes Yoongi, rubbing his back, as Yoongi whines and squirms.

Laying boneless, cheek pressed to his wet pillow, Yoongi feels the mattress shift and the sound of Taehyung moving around his room. A few moments later, he feels the bed dip as Taehyung returns and Yoongi feels the soft material of the washcloth from earlier running over his skin, cleaning between his cheeks.

"Gonna turn you over," Taehyung whispers, voice soothing. Yoongi is pliant, nearly boneless, allowing Taehyung to roll him onto his back. Taehyung is careful, making sure he's not laying in the (rather large) wet spot on the bed. Yoongi looks up into Taehyung's face and their eyes meet. There's something in Taehyung's eyes he can't read, Yoongi isn't sure what his own face looks like. He cuts his eyes away, focusing on a spot on the ceiling as Taehyung cleans his front.

"You're so fucking hot, holy shit."

Yoongi looks back at Taehyung, startled, and finds his roommates eyes roaming up and down his body from where he kneels beside him. Taehyung's tongue darts out and licks his lips, his eyes look hungry again, but there's something else, a warmth and fondness that makes Yoongi want to take a chance. He can't help the bark of laughter that leaves his lips as Taehyung gives a low whistle.

"You're not so bad yourself," Yoongi says with a smile. He licks his lips and catches Taehyung's eyes. "So," he begins, nerves swirling in his belly, "did you mean what you said?"

"Yes." Taehyung blinks, pauses. "Wait....which part?"

Yoongi laughs again, unable not to. Taehyung is so endearing, even flushed and naked next to him, as he tilts his head like a confused puppy. "The uh, bubble tea and hand holding part?"

Taehyung nods eagerly. "Yeah," he says earnestly, "I know we're kind of doing things backwards but, fuck." His lips stretch into his familiar boxy grin. "I'd love to take you on a date. If you'd be into that?"

Yoongi can't help the surge of warmth through his veins. He reaches out, fingers closing around Taehyung's wrist where it rests on his knee. "Definitely," Yoongi whispers, "I'd definitely be into that. With you."

"Yeah?" Taehyung shifts on the bed until he can straddle Yoongi, hovering over him on his knees, hands braced on either side of Yoongi's shoulders. "You wanna go on a date with me, hyung? Maybe we can do some ass masks after?"

Yoongi laughs, lifting his arms to curl them around Taehyung's neck. His fingers tangle in Taehyung's soft wavy hair. "Date first," Yoongi confirms, "I want taro and jellies." He pauses and smiles. "And hand holding. Maybe a walk in the park?"

Taehyung grins wider and dips down, nudging their noses together. "Do you think you'll be able to walk?"

Yoongi laughs again at Taehyung's smug tone. "I can try."

Taehyung tilts his head and presses their lips together in a sweet kiss, full of warmth and affection. He pulls back and smiles fondly down at Yoongi, one hand coming up to cup his cheek. "That sounds perfect," Taehyung whispers. "But first..." Taehyung trails off and Yoongi sighs, melting back into the mattress as Taehyung presses their chests together and kisses him again.