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( Please listen while you read!)


You close your eyes.

“Why does it hurt...?”

Your hand slides over your chest, your weakened heart beating against your fingertips. A cool breeze warms your tired body, the temperature within slowly dropping. The moon conceals herself behind the thickening clouds, reflecting the light of the city along their rims.

Nothing matters anymore...Why bother going on?

Your fist curls in your jacket. You gaze into the rippling, black abyss beneath you. The idle chatting, the rush of cars, the various electronic buzzes and beeps from devices grasping the attention of your fellow humans, absorbing them into the system.

They became animals, focused only on their survival.

No one seemed to care about anything anymore save for their lusts, their needs.

Survival of the fittest, an empty world with nothing to cling to...

Are you going to destroy the whole world...?

“Let me go with it...”

For a moment, you close your eyes and drown out the sounds of that meaningless, outside world.

You listen to the delicate rustle of trees, the movement of the grass, the lapping of the river below the bridge as it flows on...

”Þar sem gróir þar er von...”

How you wish you could be that river, to continue on through life with no pain, no suffering...

Every beat of your heart sends a jolt of pain throughout the branches in your body.

“Too much. It’s too much.”

Your shoulders quiver at the weight of this burden, this terrible, limb breaking burden life bestowed on you.

Had you done something so wrong to deserve this...?

What better way to depart than allowing these cool waters carry you away to the shores beyond, that soothing water healing your wounds, embracing you when no one else would...

”Allt sem græðir geymir von...”

A thin voice hovers on the wind. You wonder if this perhaps comes from the far corridors of your weakening psyche; a melancholy, soft voice, reaching deep inside your wounded soul.

A strange silence settles.

Then, once more the wind carries the sorrowful yet strangely uplifting voice.

”Allt er hljótt, kviknar von...”

And your heart trembles.

“Music from a cold land...”

Slowly, you peel open your tired eyes. At your side, you seem him, hair like the wings of a raven,  glassy eyes absorbing the silvery, muted light of the night. His head remains lowered as he listens to the earbuds carried by his ears

This is how you remember him, not as the cobalt fiend he guised himself as, going about his dark mission.

No, you see a boy, an ordinary boy, always lost in his mind, lost in his music...

Tears burn your eyes as you gaze into the phantasmal visage.

And his name rolls off your tongue.


”verður til, Þá er von...”

His eyes land on you, face expressionless, as always. An unearthly aura surrounds him, and in one smooth gesture, he removes the plugs from his ears, allowing you to perceive the heavenly music pouring from the tiny speakers.

”Hún lýsir allt sem hún er.”
”Allt sem er og var, hún verður.”

He steps towards you, the heels making no sound. Your skin prickles as he draws closer to you.

And your fingers stretch out for him, as if it required every bit of strength you have left.


please take me with you...”

”Hún slæst í djúpan dvala.”
”Í djúpum fjallasal.”

You listen. He listens.

Your heart threatens to stop from the piercing of his gaze.

Fingers lace together. The space between closes little by little. Touches exchange lighter than the caress of a feather.  

Oh, how you miss him...What you would give to go with him...

His fingers brush your lids.

Listen,” he tells you.

”Listen and remember.

Eyes closed, you sense the emptiness left behind as he departs from you, returning to his home within the skies.

You inhale slowly. The pain inside eases just a bit...then, a little more...then, a little more.

Despite his departure, you still perceive that desolate yet...uplifting melody, carried by the wings of the wind.

“Music from a cold land, huh?” you mutter with a tired smile.

You turn your back from the edge of the bridge and make your way to the beaten path that lead you to your home, holding close a broken yet still flickering light of hope and purpose.

“That’s just like you...”


”Hún slæst í djúpan dvala.”
”Í djúpum fjallasal...”