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Part 1: The Sanxiu sad one

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Yet another loss. He just couldn’t beat him. “Fine, it’s your win today.” Su Muqiu handed over the money.


“He, don’t I win everyday?” Ye Xiu pulled down his headset with a gentle smirk. He tapped his fingers on the plastic mouse, hovering over the rematch button.


“Again!” Su Muqiu accepted the request. 


Autumn Tree dashed behind one of the various trees scattered across the map. Listening for any russling coming from the opposite direction.


Footsteps approaching. Su Muqiu moved Autumn tree around, circling his target to get a better shot. He fired off a round and then another before retreating back into the coverage of the fauna.


“Afraid?” Ye Xiu taunted.


“Not really, you’re the one who’s going down!”


“Hehe, don’t make statements you can’t promise.” Ye Xiu moved One Autumn Leaf over to a bit of the clearing. Scanning the field for any potential hiding spots. Two shots had whizzed by him once more, followed by rustling in the leaves.


There he is.


He took a step and leapt forward, using Dragon Tooth to knock Autumn Tree out of the foliage. Then comboing into a Sky Strike followed by Falling Flower Palm.


Autumn Tree tried to counter with a Knee Strike but whiffed on the grab. He was down to 50% health.


Damn. It might be another rehash of the last match. Su Muqiu maneuvered Autumn Tree into the clearing. There was no hiding for now it seems.


He activated Rapid Firing before closing closer to use a Slide Kick.


One Autumn Tree side stepped, but got caught this time by Knee Strike. 


Firing 6 consecutive shots, he brought One Autumn Leaf’s health to 76%. He quickly reloaded to fire a few more rounds but One Autumn Leaf activated Circle Swing, pushing Autumn Tree back taking 10% of the sharpshooter’s health.


Autumn Tree leapt backwards, shooting a few more bullets before retreating back into the trees for coverage.


One Autumn Leaf at 66% hp. Autumn Tree at 40% hp.




“Come chase me.”




Autumn Tree fell to 0% hp. One Autumn Leaf was close at a 12%. Su Muqiu had forgotten about the chaser that was caught on Autumn Tree when he had been hit by Falling Flower Palm.


“Damn. Another loss.”


“Ah ha. Do you never learn?” 


“I learn plenty! I’ve mastered all the Gunner classes.” Su Muqiu boasted jokingly.


“And you still can’t beat me?”


“Shut up. You play dirty. What was with that grab?”


“You didn’t pay attention~” Ye Xiu leaned against his chair, arms folded behind his head.




“A win is a win.” 


“Fine. I guess I’m paying for dinner this week.”


“You always pay for dinner. He.”


“I’ll beat you in a match one day, mark my words Ye Xiu!” 


The two quickly logged out of their accounts, tucking their precious account cards into their pockets. Su Mucheng bumped into them. 


“Ah! Gege! Uncle Tao said you would be here.” She gave a sweet smile.


“Aw don’t worry. Gege here just finished a match.” He ruffled Su Mucheng’s hair before straightening it back out.


“Did you lose again?”


“W-What? What makes you say that? Of course I won.”


“Liar. I can tell. Gege always looks away when he lies.”


“We got a little detective on our hands now do we?” 


“Come on. Let’s go get food first.” Ye Xiu picks up Su Mucheng and the three exit the internet cafe.


Su Muqiu wishes it could stay like this. Their little three person family. Ye Xiu at first intrigued him. A runaway kid. A former rich runaway kid. But he didn’t act snobbish or what he typically thought of as “rich.”


Ye Xiu was down to earth, a bit unaware of his surroundings aside from Glory. He’s seen him spend all night stealing bosses (not that he wouldn’t have done the same.)


He challenges him. Ye Xiu was equal parts skilled as he was brilliant. The two drafting up faster and faster ways to clear the various dungeons in the first server.


Ye Xiu had headed to his room to play some more Glory after helping clean up dinner.


“Gege, do you like Xiu-ge?”


“What makes you say that?”


“The way you look at him. It’s like your eyes sparkle!”


“I do like him. He’s my best friend.” Su Muqiu smiles.


“No I mean. Like like!”


Su Muqiu turns away a little. “Oh uh, well. I don’t know if he’ll feel the same way. Wouldn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable you know?”


“I’m sure Xiu-ge wouldn’t mind!” Su Mucheng looks at him with these endearing and honest eyes.


“Ok fine, I’ll tell him one day. But not right now ok?” 


Su Mucheng nodded. 




He promised he would tell him. But he just couldn’t figure out when.


It wasn’t until he set himself on winning the Glory Championships that he knew. He’ll tell him then!


It never came to be.




Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu stood at the grey tombstone, marked with Su Muqiu’s name. It was hard. 


“We won. Mumu.” He placed the flowers at the base, he buried the championship ring. 


“Your dream. Our dream.”


Su Mucheng tried to choke back a tear. Ye Xiu pulled her into a hug, letting her sob into his shoulder.




Su Mucheng didn’t know what to do.


She got a phone call from the hospital about Ye Xiu. 


Car Accident.


No. She can’t lose another brother. Not after…


She rushed over. The front desk required her to sign the form before letting her in.


She faced his bed and nearly fell to the ground in relief. He was still here, he was alive.


“Thank you.” A tear rolled down his cheek.


Ye Xiu awoke with a puzzled look on his face.


“Hello miss. Who are you?”


Su Mucheng felt like a cold stone had dropped to her stomach. 


This was fine. Maybe it was better this way. Xiu-ge had suffered a lot after all since Gege left them. She’ll be the one to remember Gege. She won’t let Xiu-ge carry that burden.


“I’m Su Mucheng! A friend. Nice to meet you!” She put on her best smile.


“Su. Mucheng. Sounds familiar but… nothing sorry.”


“No worries!”