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Between Two Points

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Kurt was letting his spoon drag through his oatmeal when the doorbell rang. He was out of his seat and opening the door within seconds. When he opened the door Puck was leaning against the door frame with his head tucked down into his chest. Kurt could see the dark rings around his eyes and the exhaustion lining his shoulders.

Instead of asking the question that was on the tip of his tongue Kurt moved to allow Puck into the house and guided him towards the nearest couch. Kurt kept quiet while he moved into the kitchen and fixed a cup of coffee with a little bit of sugar just like Puck liked it to be made before he made his own. He sat in the chair next to the couch Puck was laying out on. He nudged Puck's hand with his fingers as he handed over the mug of coffee.

"I could sleep for a week," Puck's voice cracked as he sunk further into the couch and let out a happy hum as he took a sip of the coffee.

Kurt wasn't sure what he was supposed to say or if he should say anything at all. He did what he would have done for any other friend who walked into his house in similar condition to Puck, "I've got a spare room and plenty of food."

Puck's deep chested laughter wasn't what he was expecting but it was pleasing never the less to have gotten such a response from his weary companion.

"Thanks Kurt, I appreciate the offer," Puck rubbed his hands over his eyes and set his mug of coffee down on the table. "I don't care that I got a lot of money from that last job but I am never going to accept another from that guy again. Not even for a million dollars"

Kurt rolled his lips together, "That bad?"

"I don't think I slept at all," Puck muttered. "And he smelled like he poured an entire bottle of cologne over himself every time he got out of the shower and then again in the morning."

Kurt watched the way Puck maneuvered himself deeper into the couch and tried to lay back as far as he could without putting his feet up on the couch. Instead of interrogating Puck the way he wanted to Kurt stood up and moved in front of the couch. He reached out and started to tug Puck up to his feet. "I was serious about the spare room. There's an awesome shower in the bathroom, you can steam if that's your thing. But you need to get some sleep. You look like you're about to fall asleep on my couch and as nice as they are for sitting on they aren't that comfortable to sleep on."

"I can go home Kurt. I just wanted to see you before I passed out and disappeared from the world for a day or two." Puck protested even though he allowed Kurt to lead him down the hallway and into the spare room that Kurt had enticed him with.

"Well," Kurt propped open the door and gestured to a door on the opposite end of the room, "That's the bathroom. The bed is comfortable according to what Santana says. You can stay as long as you need to. The kitchen is at your disposal if you get hungry and I'm not here."

Puck reached out to lay a hand on Kurt's arm, "You really don't have to do this. I can go home."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "I offered you a place to stay because I want you to be here. So take your shower and get to bed. If you need anything let me know. I'll be around here somewhere until about four. Then I'm heading over to Spellbound and Illuminations."

Puck tugged Kurt close and wrapped his arms around Kurt's shoulders in a tight hug. They stood there for a moment before Puck pulled back with a jaw popping yawn. He chuckled a little at the action, "Sorry about that."

Kurt smiled softly at the sleepy headed Puck, "It's not a problem, that's what I'm here for."

Kurt hadn't stayed any longer than absolutely necessary at the clubs. His mind was lingering on the man who he had left sleeping in his spare room at home. There were so many things he wanted to talk to Puck about. The main thing he wanted to know was if Puck was okay, that he hadn't been hurt at all. Every instinct in him said that Kurt needed to be at home, taking care of Puck but his mind said he knew better than to do something like that. Puck was the type of guy who needed his space. He was an independent guy and didn't need someone like Kurt hovering over every move he made. If anything Kurt would probably be an annoyance and he definitely did not want to be seen as an annoyance by Puck.

Parking his car in the driveway next to Puck's, Kurt shook all those thoughts from the forefront of his mind. The minute he'd step into the house and Puck saw him, Puck would know he was just bursting with unasked questions.

With a deep breath Kurt pushed open the door and was greeted with savory sweet scents floating through the living room all the way from the kitchen. His stomach rumbled and Kurt chuckled at himself. Of course he forgot to feed himself and his body made it known at the first thought about eating anything resembling food.

The sight that greeted Kurt in the kitchen had his mouth watering. It wasn't just the food that was being plated that had his mouth watering and his stomach growling. No. It was the way Puck was dressed. He was barefoot and wearing a pair of gray sweatpants. Nothing else. Oh god, as bad as it was to be checking out his best friend, Kurt couldn't help but to take in every tantalizing inch that was left unclothed.

Kurt felt an itch to let his hands brush along the curve of Puck's spine meeting his hips and ass. He wanted to be able to feel every dip of muscle underneath his finger tips, to taste the golden skin, to worship the body presented before him. He felt his knees tremble when Puck turned around and graced him with that shy smile that Kurt only saw when Puck wasn't sure if he had done the right thing.

"Hey, I didn't know when you were going to be home," Puck stepped back and started to fix another plate, "But stir-fry tastes good even if you refrigerate it."

"Stir-fry sounds amazing right now," Kurt moved further into the kitchen and noted his spice rack had been raided but if this tasted as good as it smelled he didn't care. Puck could raid his spice rack any day of the week. As they sat down at the table in the adjoining dining room Kurt, Kurt turned towards Puck, "You know you didn't have to make anything for dinner. At you didn't have to make anything for me."

"Seriously?" Puck rolled his eyes, "What kind of douche would that make me if I didn't return the kindness you showed me earlier? Plus I knew you wouldn't have eaten anything while you were at work, maybe a sandwich. Knowing you, its doubtful that you even stopped to eat if you got home this early. I know how you worry about the littlest of things."

Kurt ducked his head at what Puck said and he took another bite of his dinner. The room mellowed out to the soft sounds of their breath and the clink of the silverware against the bowls they were eating from.

As they were scraping the bowls clean Puck spoke with a soft voice, "You can ask you know. I wouldn't keep anything from you."

Kurt rolled his lips together in thought. He had the feeling that if he asked the wrong question everything that he had with Puck would change. That he would lose the friend he had come to depend on and care so deeply about. He wet his lips and braced himself for the possibilities of what could come. "Did you get hurt? Like are you okay?"

Puck hesitated for a moment before he answered, "I'm sore. More tired than anything."

"Oh," Kurt wasn't so sure what he should say to that so he did the only thing that he considered safe. He kept quiet and waited for Puck to handle where the conversation went.

"He needed someone who would make him look good, which I should have expected you know. I saw his pictures. The dude was fit and good looking. If you go on a business trip with executives these days there's more than just boardroom meetings and fancy dinners. I played lacrosse. What the fuck?"

Kurt spit out his drink and mopped it up off the table only slightly embarrassed because of the confusion on Puck's face.

"Who does that? Take time out a busy schedule to have a game of lacrosse? I've never played that in my life so of course I get the piss taken out of me. Then a few hours later, I'm bruised up and sitting in the most god awful chair trying to choke down goat livers or whatever the hell is on the menu and having him grope my leg like it was the first time he had touched another guy and he was getting off on it. Then he decides in front of everyone to just lay one on my and I wasn't expecting it so of course I'm pushing him off of me. Before I even left the hotel he called in and complained about my services."

"I'm sorry," Kurt offered in a soft voice. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying to push away the one question that was plaguing his mind. It wasn't any of his business if Puck had been intimate with a client. No matter how much his heart clenched tight and his stomach churned at the thought of Puck being with anyone else. Kurt took another deep breath and looked up at Puck and tuned back into what he was saying.

"Just a customer that wouldn't have been satisfied with anything I did, no matter what. Anyways, it doesn't really matter. The company won't let us cross paths again, so that's fine by me. If I would have known ahead of time he wanted more than a companion then that would have been a different story. I would have known to be expecting that. But I just wasn't, or I was off. I don't know."

"It'll be okay," Kurt stood up and grabbed their dishes, "And if you need something for the bruises I have this cream that works really well to help speed up the healing process."

"That would be awesome but I think I'm just sore more than anything." Puck stood up and stretched causing Kurt to take a deep swallow of his drink to hide the obviously perusal of muscles. "On second thought, I got kneed in the thigh. The cream would be awesome."

Kurt almost jumped out of his seat to run and get it. He hollered over his shoulder as he disappeared from the kitchen, "Be right back!"

It was a convenient excuse to get away from Puck and let him self think about what he was just told. What he was just trusted with. The one thing his mind couldn't seem to rid itself of was whether or not Puck had sex with his client. He shouldn't even be thinking about Puck and sex in the same sentence. A mixture of guilt and excitement swirled in his gut. He was just glad that Puck didn't tell him if he did have sex with the creeper. All these questions only led Kurt to thinking of Puck in a different light. It made him feel guilty about the way his mind was turning and the thoughts of Puck's hands on him and his mouth nipping and tasting along that collar bone that just wouldn't leave his thoughts.

Running his hands through his hair, Kurt snatched the jar of cream from the bathroom cabinet and headed back towards the kitchen and stopped short to see Puck sprawled out on his couch with his eyes closed and his chest moving with deep breaths. Kurt moved quietly to set the jar down next to Puck and started to back away from the couch when Puck's hand shot out.

"Thanks, I really appreciate everything you're doing for me. For letting hang out here and all. I just, sometimes I don't want to be home alone after the past few days that I've had."

Kurt smiled down at Puck, "It's no trouble. You know that. And if you're really tired you should be asleep in the bed. The couch isn't going to be good for someone who is sore."

Puck sat up and patted the cushion next to him until Kurt moved to sit next to him, "I know that but I wanted to sit out here and catch a little bit of television and hang out with you before I passed out for the night. Is that cool?"

Kurt toed his shoes off and pulled his feet up underneath him as he settled into the cushions, "So what are we watching?"

"I don't know," Puck rolled his head along the back of the couch to look at Kurt, "What's good? I never watch television anymore."

Kurt chuckled and went to the Netflix menu, "How about we pick a movie and see how that does us."

"Bless Netflix," Puck chuckled at himself.

"Agreed," Kurt nodded as he flipped through the selection.