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The Monster and The Rose

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Chapter 30


“Sooo what did you mean to do?”


Liz was currently stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching the chaos unfold. Her sister was stood in the centre of the room, looking dishevelled and defeated. Coated head to toe in flour and batter. In front of her, the counter was covered in white foam that had been doused out of the fire extinguisher. This had been required when Mary had accidentally flambéd the pancakes she was attempting to cook. Seriously, what was it with her and fire!? The fire alarm had been what alerted Liz to the anarchy in the kitchen and boy was she glad to be there to witness it in all its glory.


“I was attempting to cook some heart shaped pancakes, it’s mine and Kat’s first anniversary.” Mary explained through grit teeth, “However, I appear to have severely overestimated my cooking abilities.”


Liz bit back a laugh, “Yeah…I would say so.”


Mary sighed and looked around the kitchen, “Be honest with me…”




“Do you think Jane will be mad?”


Liz wiped some batter off the wall with her finger, bringing it to her mouth to taste and immediately wincing at how salty it was.


“I think this might be the thing that makes her snap.” Liz answered, “Congratulations! Maman has been trying to do that for MONTHS.”


Mary groaned, this was not how today was supposed to start. It was meant to be all cuddles, kisses and I love yous, not Mary haphazardly waving a tea towel under the fire alarm to try and make it SHUT UP! She had deliberately woken up early this morning to run downstairs and make her girlfriend the best damn pancakes of her life. Jane had even given her a recipe and she still managed to mess it up. Now she had no time to go and get a back up gift because she had to clean this mess up. Mary very much suspected Lizzie was here to laugh at her inadequacy rather than help her. This couldn’t possibly get any worse!


“Is that the fire---WOOAHHHHH!”


Famous last words.


Neither Mary nor Liz had time to warn Anna before she came barrelling in and slipped on some floor batter. Due to the floor being smothered by various goos and glops, there was no friction causing poor Anna to slide feet first into the back door with a thud. Liz covered a laugh with her hand while Mary sped up her tea towel flapping and thankfully managed to shut the alarm off. In the blessed quiet that followed all that could be heard was mild tinnitus and muttered German swear words from the floor.


“That’s it!” Anna declared, trying to stand up without slipping again, “You are banned from being in the kitchen alone.”


“That’s…” Mary made to argue but she didn’t really have any moral high ground here, “…valid. That’s valid.”


“Next time just…buy her jewellery or some shit.”


“We both just buy the stuff we want when we want it,” Mary explained, “We agreed to make presents because then it’d be special.”


Anna looked at her knowingly, “Kat’s idea?”


“Kat’s idea.” She confirmed,


Footsteps alerted the trio to the doorway, a groggy looking Cathy walking in. She froze at the sight of the carnage, from Mary’s still smoking chef’s hat to the batter coating Anna’s running shorts. With a sigh she turned and walked back the way she came, opting to get coffee later - it was far to early for this bullshit. As Cathy walked away, she nearly collided with Kat whom was walking in the direction of the kitchen.


“Morning, Cath---”


“Your girlfriend blew up the kitchen.”


Kat blinked, running into the room in question to check the scene. She slipped a bit as she stopped beside Liz and sure enough it looked like a pancake bomb had gone off. Her eyes widened, trying to take in everything. How did Mary manage to get half an egg shell buried in the ceiling?


“Uhh….surprise?” It sounded more like a question but the jazz hands helped,


That was all it took for Kat to begin hysterically laughing, Liz following immediately and Anna chuckled lightly as she found the humour in the situation. Mary looked a little sheepish, pink cheeks shining through the flour on her face. Deciding to show some mercy, Kat carefully crossed the room and wiped off enough crud on Mary’s cheek to place a kiss there.


“Awww, I assume this was breakfast for me?” Kat asked, not caring about getting messy and hugging her girlfriend,


“It was supposed to be pancakes but Jane’s stupid recipe failed me.” Mary grumbled,


“It’s the thought that counts.”


“Yeah, yeah…” Mary sighed, “I’m sorry, I thought this would go better.”


Kat giggled and pecked her lips, ignoring the gagging sounds Liz was making, “Let’s clean this up and then you can take me out for breakfast instead, fair?”


“Fair.” Mary smiled,


“By the time you finish it’ll probably be lunch.” Liz quipped,


Mary glared at her, the teenager merely laughing and walked off back upstairs. Probably clearing the area before Jane came down and had an actual stroke. Anna just rolled her eyes with a fond smile and went upstairs to shower the batter off of her legs. This left the couple alone to try and clean up the mess before anyone else came down. Unfortunately, fate had never been on their side and so they should have expected to be caught. Luckily they’d gotten almost all of it off the ceiling and the counter top. Mary had been focused on a particularly stubborn spot of gloop on the wall before a strangled choking sound startled her.


There was Jane stood beside a cry-laughing Anne Boleyn.


“My…My kitchen….” She stammered, “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY KITCHEN!?”

Mary met Kat’s eyes from across the room and they knew what needed to be done.

“It was all Liz.”

“Elizabeth did it!”


They didn’t finish cleaning until well after lunch.

Anne had been forced to lead Jane away to prevent her from having a full on meltdown. They grabbed the others and went out for breakfast, leaving the couple to clean. It had actually been kind of fun, Kat had put on the radio and danced along as they cleaned. They spent the morning finding the fun in the work and enjoying each others company. Once they finished, they went to lunch at their favourite café. To make up for the breakfast disaster, Mary called ahead and told the manager (whom they knew on a first name basis at this point) to prepare her. With the manager being a legend she had their usual orders ready and waiting. When they arrived their usual booth was reserved. The staff had even covered the table with heart shaped sequins they had left over from the last valentines day.


Then when they got home they went to their corner and watched a couple movies. But that evening was when the real romance started. Kat got a picnic blanket and set it up towards the back of the gardens. It was far from the house with a huge willow tree for her to set up a picnic under. Total privacy where they could sit out under the stars and watch the meteor shower. They knew the others would be watching the event themselves from the back porch but given how vast the grounds were there was no risk of anyone interrupting them.


The food was long gone and now they were both laid back on the blanket, looking up at the stars. Hands tightly clasped together between them, just below the present Kat had given Mary. She had phrased it as ‘nothing special’ but Mary had seen it very differently. It was a drawing of the two of them in some cutesy chibi style that the older girl usually found too sickly to enjoy. It showed them embracing with the pink haired character smiling and sparkling and the brunette looking straight faced with a blush on her cheeks. Mary refused to admit she ever blushed but deep down she knew it was probably accurate. Her pretending to be aloof whilst melting. “Whipped” as Lizzie called it.


She loved the picture though. Kat had even put it in a little frame and Mary fully intended to hang it up on their bedroom wall. That’s right - after alternating bedrooms for a few months they decided to just move Mary into Kat’s room. They kept her old room as a spare bedroom and sometimes Mary would read in there when she wanted some quiet time (they loved each other but being around people 24/7 for an introvert like Mary was still a little taxing). Kat understood that sometimes Mary liked her own company and so usually she would hunt down Anne to cause some chaos during this time.


But that didn’t mean they didn’t love moments like this. Just them in their own little bubble, watching the world go by.


“There’s a theory,” Kat said, breaking the silence, “That if aliens were to look at our planet from theirs with like a huuuuge telescope, they wouldn’t see us laying here. In fact they’d be more likely to see us in our first life.”




“Mmhm, it’s due to like time and distance or something.” Kat told her, “But in the same way, most of the stars we see now are long gone.”


“We could be looking at the stars that shone over us back then.” Mary stated,


“Not just us, imagine everything they’ve seen.” Kat’s voice sounded so whimsical that it made Mary smile, “I wish I could be a star, just watch the earth turn from far away and see history unfold.”


Mary squeezed her hand, “You can’t be a star, you’re staying right here with me.”


Kat giggled, “Let me dream.”


“It is weird to think about how things have changed though, isn’t it?” Mary observed, “How we’ve changed…”


“You don’t hate me any more for one.”


“And you don’t bottle up your emotions to the point of explosion.”


“Touché.” Kat sighed, turning her head to look at her, “I like things as they are now. It’s better this way.”


Mary smiled and turned to look back, “Me too.”


“I love you, Mary.”


“I love you too - Happy anniversary Kitty.”


They closed the gap and enjoyed a chaste kiss under the aged stars, forgoing the sight of the meteors as they zoomed across. They were too wrapped up in enjoying this moment to really care. Eventually they did look up and the older queen would happily listen to Kat’s cooing over how pretty the “shooting stars” were and demanding they made wishes.


But what could they really wish for that they didn’t already have?


Mary would never know for sure if she could atone for the sins of her past. Just like how Kat wasn’t sure she would ever truly be able to move on from the pain in her own. But as they lay there, hands clasped tightly and staring up at the stars, one thing was clear…


They would move forward together.


Mary and Kat - together forever.


And it would be perfect.