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can i call you tonight?

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saotome mary doesn't give in easily- oh, god, you'd have to be really persuasive to even get a "maybe"  from her. she was a tough nut to crack and she took pride in that.


but that whole side of her disappears whenever jabami yumeko is around.


the charmingly beautiful, annoyingly funny, obviously hard-headed, and irresistibly soft-hearted jabami yumeko.


mary would say yes in a matter of seconds when it comes to her. whether it be little favors or questions that didn't need much of a brain to use, she was at yumeko's beck and call at all times; it gets tiring, of course, but anything for the love of her life.


"mary," yumeko calls out from the exit of the school, and as always, mary stops in her tracks and looks back.


"hey!" she smiles brightly at the raven-haired girl.


as yumeko catches up to her, her smile never ceases. yumeko was a beautiful human being, mary always admired her.


"just wanted to know,"


mary was already preparing to say yes, unless it was that one question she always hesitates to answer- that one particular question that almost makes her say no.


"can i call you tonight?"


and there it is.


mary's smile falters just a little bit.


suddenly, scenes of her just listening to yumeko talk and talk pierce through her mind; the times she held the phone too close to her ear so she could hear yumeko's voice better, the times she almost fell asleep as yumeko kept going and on and on about her day, the times she laughed through the phone, the times she cried with yumeko so she wouldn't be alone, the times they talked about the things that weren't related to the main topic yumeko always had in her mouth-


the times she had to endure listening to yumeko talk about suzui ryota like he was the most beautiful spoken word poem she has ever read out loud.


you see, yumeko is mary's everything, but that doesn't mean that goes both ways.


"i'm trying to make up my mind," yumeko sheepishly explains, tucking a stray of her raven hair behind her ear.


that was another thing, you see, yumeko compares her time with mary to her time with ryota just to see if she really loves the latter. a dick move but that didn't stop mary from agreeing when yumeko ever-so-kindly asked for her permission.


"just how i feel, could you tell me what's real?"


mary could tell her. right here, right now.


but she couldn't, she wouldn't, and she would never.


because reality for yumeko is ryota, and mary isn't ryota. she never will be. 


so, with a smile, she replies with what she usually does.


"of course, you can. same time?"


"same time." yumeko's smile gets brighter as she pecks mary's cheek,


somehow, that made this whole thing worth it; a peck on the cheek that meant nothing but friendship.


mary sighs as yumeko leaves.


she should've just said no.