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Words Yet To Be Spoken

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Stolen breath between parted lips, panting into each others’ open mouths. The air feels thick and humid, sweat clinging to bared skin as hands wander to grasp and grab at any available skin. Short nails dig and claw, drawing pink and red lines into pale skin.


Silvery white hair mixing with golden blonde in a swirl that would make the richest kings look upon them in jealousy. Pale blue eyes fluttering shut as a high whine spills from soft pink lips, now reddened from desperate kisses. Gold eyes scan over her body, craving the taste of the curve of thighs and sharp hip bones.

They kiss again and pour love between their lips, savoring it as though it could slip away at any moment.


Words lose meaning, losing shape in their mouths as they climb higher together, bodies slick with sweat as hands continue to wander, press, and pull, dragging more and more pleasure with every touch.


More. Faster. Harder. Again…


Until the sheets are tangled around them, marks of red and purple blooming beneath skin. Marks of adoration. 


A final lazy kiss lets them share the words they have yet to speak to each other.


I love you.