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two voids don't make a light

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it was dark.


the room was cold and empty as if it was mimicking the way our bodies laid.


i let my hand wander, trying to catch something to hold onto.


i felt your fingers grazed mine, but yours seemed tired; as if they had already looking for something to hold onto years before mine did.


i held onto you, laced my fingers with yours, and hoped for the light to come.


i don't need to know who you were and what you looked like, i just knew we were the same; empty souls in this large space of nothingness, hoping to see the light once again.

"it's no use," you said, your voice echoing everywhere. 


"it's worth a try," i replied, the voice matching the sound of a pin dropping to the floor.


"i've tried a million times with a million different people, but as long as we're the same, it won't work." 




"because two voids don't make a light."


and with that, your hand immediately left mine.


you stayed silent, so did i.


so did the million different people who've tried.