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The Mastery of Fate

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You are our last hope.


Kaeya is sick and tired of hearing that pronouncement, but it is carved into the marrow of his bones the same way his birthright is. The phrase follows him around, wakes him from sleep and flavours all the wine he drinks. Now, right before the final stage of the tournament that is going to finally earn him his freedom, it whispers quietly in his ears, a threat of what waits for him if he should fail and return to Khaenri’ah empty-handed.


You are too important to lose in fighting. As an Omega, you must—




When his father was finally fed up with the many excuses his silver tongue could come up with for not finding a suitable Alpha-consort to wed, the king had begun making arrangements left and right with any family that even had a rumored drop of royal blood in their lineage. Kaeya knew his life, and the freedoms he loved so much, would end sooner rather than later if he did not take matters into his own hands. Secretly, he sent spies loyal only to him across the border, hoping to find something outside of Khaenri’ah that would decisively thwart his father’s plans. Endless reports and numerous false leads later, he had finally found something so astoundingly perfect for his goals, and from that flighty new backwater kingdom of Mondstadt no less.


A marriage tournament, of which the prize would be the hand of Mondstadt’s very own god himself.


Kaeya’s brain, always fascinated by the prospect of any scheme, began racing at the possibilities this presented. If he wins—if he winsany other suitor his father might find could never possibly compare. After all, how could any mortal prince ever hope to compete with the glory of a god, and if Barbatos is as Omega as all the rumors seem to say he is, then Kaeya would never have to worry about a claiming mark for the rest of his life. He would be free, tied only by the laws of man instead of nature, and his future would be completely his to shape as he saw fit. Khaenri'ah's political stability would be ensured, and as for the matter of heirs, well, he’s sure he can think of something when the need arises.


It was the perfect heist to pull, one whose elegance, subtlety, and sheer audacity would solve all his problems in one fell swoop if he managed to pull it off, and he made plans to execute it as soon as he was able. It took months of planning, of slowly gathering some of the royal treasury’s most powerful artifacts and most potent scent-blocking amulets, but finally he was as prepared as he was ever going to get and was off flying towards Mondstadt on the fastest glider he could find.


The tournament itself is an eye-opening foray into life outside the Abyss, which surprises him to say the least. If he loses, there is still enough time to see what opportunities he can exploit in the self-proclaimed Kingdom of the Wind. Of the numerous challengers he has already defeated, two catch his eye: one of them a boy named Aether, and another, a girl who called herself the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, two beings who claimed their origins from another world entirely. Kaeya is fascinated, and he can only imagine the potential futures he can lay claim to if he can manage to figure out how they did what they said they did.


“—berich? Sir Alberich?”


His fake name startles him out of his scheming, and the guard in charge of releasing him into the arena asks the question again.


“Are you ready to fight, Sir Alberich?”


He makes sure the scent-blocking amulet on his collar and the mask on his face are secure one last time before nodding for the guard to proceed with his task.


The sun is setting fast on the Wolvendom arena as he enters, but the heat of high noon still emanates from the stone floor as he walks to the center of it all. High up, Barbatos, a small waif-like thing seated on a simple throne, strums a harp as he watches from above. The spectators, of which there were already many at the beginning of the tournament, have tripled at the announcement of the final fight, and the rafters are packed to overflowing with men and women waiting to see if this was the day their god would finally marry. His mask, one intended for a common Abyss mage, has as usual caused a ripple of outrage to flow like a wave through the audience. He will never admit it, but he enjoys the tiny scandal he causes by boldly wearing the regalia of this kingdom’s declared enemy. The tiny thrill of danger excites him the same way all risk excites a gambler. And if his opponents are too blinded by rage or wrong-footed by the surprise he causes, well. He can only benefit from their clouded judgment.


Barbatos controls the crowd with another strum of his harp, and he begins his speech without further ado.


“Welcome, citizens of Mondstadt! Before you today is the final contender for the Spring Tournament, he who has defeated the best fighters the kingdom has to offer. Sir Alberich, from lands unknown, has proven his worth as a fighter many times over, and Mondstadt welcomes such prowess on her lands whatever the outcome of this battle may be. I would be glad to have him as my intended if the fates continue to favor him so.”


There are a few grumbles from the crowd, but they are not enough to disrupt Barbatos from the rhythm of his spiel.


 “All is not over, however. Here also, I present to you, the Spring Tournament’s longest-reigning champion, its undefeated winner for the last five years and beloved protector of the kingdom, Diluc Ragnvinder!”


Another door opens from the other side of the arena, and the crowd practically roars in approval as the champion steps through. As he approaches, Kaeya slowly begins to understand why Ragnvindr is such a favorite amongst the people. He’s dramatic to look at, like a hero straight out of a fairy tale ready to slay any dragon at the drop of a hat. Flaming red hair paired with an even darker set of scarlet eyes, framed in a face as fair as calla lily. Even if his beauty is foreign to what Kaeya is used to, he would have to be blind not to see the appeal.


More importantly however, the second thing Kaeya notices once he comes within striking distance is his scent.


A fucking compatible Alpha, of course.


The scent radiates off of him in sheer waves, deep and strong as the ocean tide. Mondstadt isn’t particularly fond of scent-blocking collars, and Kaeya has to grit his teeth to keep his knees from buckling in reaction. This man smells hot, like a raging fire or a particularly potent wine, and just inhaling it is causing sweat to trickle down Kaeya’s neck. His breathing is coming a little too fast, and if Kaeya didn’t have his whole future hanging in the balance, he would have listened to all these signs and walked away from this fight as soon as it hits him.


Scent is a strong indicator of compatibility. If Kaeya’s reaction to Ragnvindr is anything to go by, he’s the worst opponent Kaeya can possibly have because they are so physically well-suited. It's also a sign that his body is probably going to betray him, sooner rather than later.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, his self-preservation instincts whisper in panicked alarm. This man is too dangerous to tangle with for long. Then and there he decides to end this fight as quickly as he possibly can, without the mind games and the dramatic flourishes he's so often uses against others. Time is not on his side in this fight, and quickly, he catalogues all the tricks up his sleeve to plan the best way to end this match with as little contact as humanly possible.


Today is not a day for him to be tempting fate.


“Best of luck to both our fighters, and may the winds of fortune blow upon them today!”


Neither of them wait a second longer before both are swinging their swords up to strike. Kaeya is only a hair’s breadth faster than his opponent, and if he can only capitalize on that, duck past the range of that claymore and strike close, then he may have a chance of winning this thing.


The plan however, is easier said than done. Mondstadt’s hero is a beast of a fighter, far and away more skillful than any of the last opponents Kaeya has had to battle. As the fight rages on, Kaeya only barely evades being ripped apart by the edge of the man’s monstrous claymore. He puts everything he has towards getting past the defensive circle of that weapon, and his efforts are eventually rewarded when he sees an opening and manages to land a slashing cut against his opponent’s sword arm.


Still just a human, after all, he thinks smugly to himself. The victory is short-lived however, as the handle of claymore suddenly jerks up and slams straight across his face.


The force sends his head flying back sharply, and the mask he is wearing cracks on impact, the ceramic falling apart bit by bit. Shaking his head to clear it of its daze, Kaeya let's his destroyed mask fall to the ground, lest any debris get into his eye and blind him. The amulet, thankfully, missed the brunt of that hit, and is still intact around his throat. One secret still safe, then.


A murmur ripples through the crowd as his face is revealed to everyone. He is obviously not what they were expecting.


"—wearing a mask like that, I thought he'd look like a troll."


"—pretty in a strange way—"


"—how did we miss this before, how did we not know—"


Speculation flies hard and fast around the arena, and Kaeya takes it all in and forces himself to smile as he falls back into a fighting stance. Let them wonder. Kaeya will keep them figuring out until they drop dead from exhaustion.


Ragnvindr does not seem as shocked as his people, but his head is tilted in a considering way, like he's trying to figure something out.


"See something you like?" Kaeya taunts slyly through his lashes, looking for another opening to exploit.


"I'm seeing something alright," is the wry retort he gets, before they are both dashing forward once again, swords swinging back into action.


Ragnvindr seems to attack even faster than before, if that's even possible. Kaeya is losing ground, inch by inch, and any advantage is slowly slipping beyond his ability to grasp. He’s breathing is even more laboured than it was at the beginning, like he’s raced across the snow for hours with his heaviest boots. His coat, so immaculate when he'd started, is barely hanging on to his frame, slashed to bits and stained by his own bloody cuts.


"You can still surrender, you know." Ragnvindr says between parries. "I need not kill you over this."


The sincerity of the sentiment takes what little breath Kaeya has away. The sheer arrogance is what grates the most, and has Kaeya blasting an icicle right into that man's face in retaliation.


"Sir Ragnvindr might want to take his own counsel on the matter, yes?"


Kaeya jumps backward quickly out of range, trying to put as much distance between them so he can think, but Ragnvindr is having none of it. He fucking flings his claymore like a spear right at him, and Kaeya only barely manages to summon a wall of ice just in time to block it. The ice wall is not thick enough, however. It shatters on impact and explodes with a burst of fire and ice, and Kaeya goes flying into the arena walls in the blast. His vision flickers, his head throbs in pain, and it all hurts so much that he does not immediately notice that the amulet powering his collar has finally shattered to dust. 


It’s only when he hears the sharp inhale, too close for comfort, that he realizes something has gone terribly wrong.


When he looks up, the first thing he sees are the quickly dilating pupils of an Alpha suddenly realizing what exactly is before him. The ruby of the irises have all been engulfed by a spreading darkness that’s trained unerringly on him, and the low growl that follows confirms his fears. He has a predator’s attention on him, and he’s been stripped of all his defences and camouflage.


An Omega catching scent of an Alpha is one thing. An Alpha catching scent of a compatible Omega however, has rarely led to a peaceful parting of ways.


In a moment of extreme clarity, Kaeya knows that only three things can possibly happen at this point.


One, he surrenders and Ragnvindr claims him. Two, he fights and Ragnvindr kills him in cold blood. Three, Kaeya wins and forces Barbatos to leash his champion.


And because Kaeya has always been a gambling man, he uses the last trick he knows up his sleeve and tries to turn this clusterfuck around in his favor.


Arching his back as far as he can, he slumps down and bares the expanse of his throat to the man in front of him. The crowd gasps in scandalized enjoyment. It feels obscene to be doing such a private gesture in front of hundreds, but surprise, and the ability to drop it at the right time, has always been Kaeya’s most effective weapon.


He knows how enticing a display like this is for Alphas. He’s seen so many of them turn into drooling idiots at the prospect of a bite, and he uses that knowledge to lure Ragnvindr closer to him. It works like a charm, drawing the other man in like a starving dog to meat. There’s a dagger in his boot, and all he needs is a second of distraction, and he is going to turn this whole thing around and win. He lengthens his neck even more, mewls softly like a two-Mora whore, and Ragnvindr falls for it hook, line, and—


The dagger flies straight and true, and buries itself deep into other’s shoulder. A resounding roar, so loud that his knees actually buckle this time, brings him down like a sack of potatoes. Fucking instincts. He breaks his fall by rolling in the direction where he knows his sword has fallen. Just a little more, and he’ll be back on his feet and—


Steel arms suddenly trap him as he tries to make a run for it, caging him down locking him on his knees. Too fast, what kind of man is Ragnvindr even, how is he recovering this fast


Before he even knows what’s happening, his arms are being twisted back, and he’s ass up and face down on the ground. A heavy weight on his back pins him in place, and no matter how hard he struggles, his captor barely moves an inch. The crowd roars deafeningly around him, and amidst all the shouting and cheering, Ragnvindr leans down to growl lowly in his ear.


"Checkmate, Sir Alberich."


Kaeya snarls and tries once more to buck him off, but teeth are suddenly closing around his neck, and his panic peaks before he feels his flesh give, and then he’s just gone.


“Well, then” says Barbatos over the cheering crowd, while the hormones flood Kaeya’s system and drag him into the darkness of a sensory overload. Diluc does not unclench his jaws from his neck even as he begins to slump down and lose consciousness. “A marriage at a marriage tournament is one of the luckiest signs of the world.”




When Kaeya opens his eyes next, the first thing he notices is that he’s not where he was last. The next is that he’s been washed and placed naked over silken sheets, and there is a numbness across the general expanse of his body that he can already feel will be difficult to shake off. When he tries to move, he is hindered by a steely arm curled around his midriff, and a gasp leaves his mouth as he finally registers fingers teasing the peaks of his nipples. They’re tender and puffy, like they’ve been played with for hours on end, and he can feel his heat-milk threatening to leak at any moment.


Teeth nibble at the fresh claim on his neck, and his cunt seems to wake up and throb in realization.


He knows, theoretically, that this is his body reacting to the hormones and preparing for the success of an impending mating.


He tries to fight it, of course, struggles against the arm trapping him down, but it’s weak and kittenish, sapped of all his usual strength. Red fills his vision, and he’s quickly manhandled so that his arms are caged above his head, and his captor is nestled tightly between his thighs.


“You’re finally awake.” Kisses are dropped on his neck and down his chest, and even more bites are branded on his skin. Kaeya clenches his teeth to stifle his gasps. “I’ve been waiting to ask my mate for his name.”


“Then you shall have to be sorely disappointed, Master Diluc.” The first name is added spitefully, a taunt regarding the unevenness between him and this Alpha. A frown marrs the other’s face, small and thoughtful, but Kaeya can sense plans moving behind the man’s red eyes.


“Will you give it to me if I please you, Alberich?”


A hand snakes down his body, and toys with his cocklet and clit at the same time. The sensation is astounding in its intensity, and Kaeya’s body bows up in a perfect curve at the sensation. A small ‘ah’ escapes his lips, and Ragnvindr drinks it up like fine wine.


"So stubborn, even when you are so obviously beaten. But gentlemanly behaviour dictates I try my best to convince you, and I think actions will please you more than words might tonight."


Ragnvindr teases him relentlessly after that, maps out all his sweet spots with studious efficiency, testing his limits with lips, tongue, cock, and fingers, never allowing Kaeya a moment of rest until he’s a sobbing, overstimulated mess on the sheets. It feels like he's been played with for hours, Ragnvindr taking him apart inch by slow inch. 


“Will you tell me your name now, Omega?” Ragnvindr asks, seemingly for the nth time. His fingers are stroking the trembling lips of his pussy, which is overheated and spongy from the constant arousal he feels. Slick has been drooling out of him in waves since they started, and it would be disgusting if Kaeya were still in his right mind. But his chest is heaving, he's come more times than he can count, and he's still unknotted. His body is on fire


"Your cock," he begs pathetically. His hands have been freed a long time ago, and not once has he tried to escape from the bed. He lifts his thighs up, displaying himself without shame for his Alpha. His cunt lips are fluttering shyly, quivering with beckoning little ripples that spread the sticky wetness coating them further.


"Tell me your name first, my darling." A tongue dips into his mouth, like it is searching for the answer there. A cockhead, molten and throbbing, mimics the gesture with his pussy, and Kaeya opens up, both above and below, delirious and desperate for anything other than this endless torture.


"Kaeya," he sobs. “For the love of the gods please—!”


The moment the answer leaves his lips, his cunt is breached by the cock he's been teased with all night. It slides long and deep into him, hot and hard as molten steel, but the drive is smooth as silk and he cries out at the feeling. Instinct makes him thrust up to pull the member deeper into his body.


Diluc’s patience, as endless as it seemed during all their foreplay, suddenly evaporates and disappears into thin air. Again and again his passage is desecrated, hard flesh pounding into Kaeya and reshaping him from the inside out. He can hear the obscene squelching of his cunt as slick is squeezed out of him by the girth invading his body, removing all space between them with every thrust. His cocklet gurgles in tired approval, valiantly trying to stiffen but unable to at this point.


"So perfect, so perfect, taking everything just like that. You smell amazing Kaeya, knew you would fit me so well, knew you were worth it even with all your devious scheming."


His knees are gathered and hiked higher up his chest. Bent in half, Ragnvindr drills into him like a beast driven mad, thrusting deeper and deeper like he wants to pierce right through him. One angled thrust skewers him so thoroughly that it hits the most intimate part of Kaeya, that part he's kept secret from the world and which even he barely knows.


Even in the throes of pleasure, something shocks him into a moment of clarity.


Diluc has found the thin cartilage blocking the mouth of his cervix.


"Alpha—ah ! Please !” He’s sobbing but he doesn’t care. “Not my—nggh! "


But his panic only seems to spur Diluc on, and the thrusts become merciless in their accuracy. The briefest hint of his womb, the idea of impregnating his mate with his children, has Diluc aiming every strike unerringly at that spot. Kaeya tries to get him to stop, shoves hands against his shoulders in an effort to even shift his aim, but even as he pushes against him, his hips meet the other’s with every thrust. Together, they both destroy the last hurdle of Kaeya's virginity, until the entrance to Kaeya's womb is exposed and inviting, a suction that welcomes rather than prevents its own ravaging.


Victorious, Diluc grinds his cockhead against his newly made entrance, and Kaeya screams at the pleasure it causes. It’s so deep in him that there’s a biting pain, but even that is sending shocks of arousal through him, lighting him up like he’s been hit with Overload.


"This part inside of you is clinging so much, like it can't wait to carry my pups."


Diluc narrates filthily what Kaeya can feel deep inside of him. Involuntarily, his walls pulse at the threat, beginning to massage his Alpha’s member to coax his cum out in an orgasm.


“Can’t wait to fill you with me. Your body will have no choice but to grow large with my offspring. I’ll try over and over until you catch, swelling heavy with the fruit of my seed.”


Hands lift his hips up until only his shoulders are on the bed. Gravity will only hasten the process, making him a perfect receptacle. Diluc is making sure everything is going take as fast as possible. The Alpha's rhythm starts to stutter, and Kaeya can feel the impending climax as it begins to form in the other’s body.


“Mine, mine, mine!”


The knot at the base of the Alpha’s cock explodes, and Kaeya’s whole body clenches as pleasure rips through him once again. They tie almost instantly, and cum surges straight into his core, flooding him with a torrential warmth that makes his whole body shudder. There’s a small part of Kaeya that wants to sob in despair, but it cannot compete against the sheer ecstasy his biology is experiencing. His body pulls everything deep into it, greedily taking it all in so that even when Diluc's knot finally goes down, not a drop drips out of his hole.


Oh my god, Kaeya thinks, even as Diluc tests his capacity to hold his spend by searching for his cum with his mouth. Oh my fucking god.




Diluc barely allows Kaeya to leave the bed, no matter how many times they’ve knotted. He growls when Kaeya tries to crawl away, drags him back and pierces him heavily on his cock like he’s made for nothing else. He drags plates of food closer to the their nest so that Kaeya can eat while Diluc latches on to his nipples, drinking his milk and emptying his breasts with his hunger over and over. Every time he comes in Kaeya, it feels like he's conceiving another pup in his womb, and he'll be birthing an army before his first season is even over. 


“You can’t keep me here forever,” Kaeya tries to say, even as he’s bouncing himself on Diluc’s lap, clutching his swollen breasts tight in his hands to keep Diluc from attacking them again. 


“I want to know how long our wedding rut is going to last,” is all the answer he gets before his hands are being pulled away and Diluc is once again latched on to his leaking nipples. The buds have refused to grow smaller at the constant attention, always engorged and standing perkily upright, making them easy to find for his Alpha's questing mouth even when he's clothed. To lessen the pressure on his aching chest, Kaeya changes the tempo of his bounce, changing his jack-rabbit beat to a slow, undulating gyration. Soon, the tempo of the suckling and the fucking are one and the same, and Kaeya's climax drowns him with the same strength as an undertow.


They continue fucking in the baths, and Diluc makes him hold his pussy open as he pours warm water over it for 'cleaning.' It makes Kaeya cry, the meanness of Diluc’s affection, and he retaliates by clawing at the shoulder he’d stabbed Diluc through. Not one to be outdone, Diluc takes him against the bathroom mirror and makes him watch as he dirties the cunt he’s just cleaned out, filling it back again with a fresh flow of thick seed.


Suffice to say, Kaeya and Diluc’s honeymoon lasts a good month before anyone outside the Dawn Winery sees them in public again, and it's not long after that when Kaeya’s belly begins to round. When the king of Khaenri’ah hears of the news, all he can do is shake his head, but he orders his steward to prepare the royal nurseries. His grandchildren will need places to sleep, and if what he is hearing is correct, there will be many arriving in the next few years.


Heirs are heirs, after all, and destiny has grander designs than even Kaeya can ever hope to outrun.