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Pathway to Your Heart

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Lena doesn’t hate Valentine’s Day, but she isn’t particularly fond of it either.

She could list a dozen reasons as to why this flamboyant holiday isn’t her favorite, but she simply doesn’t care to. News outlets would argue that she dislikes this holiday because she is a cold and frigid bitch, who lacks a heart. Others would argue that she dislikes human intimacy and has sworn off all romantic relationships entirely. Those closest to her might say that she is just simply too busy for such a trivial holiday.

Lena doesn’t dislike Valentine’s Day for any of those reasons actually. She dislikes February 14 because that day reminds her that she is alone. It reminds her that she is without the one person whom she loves the most and could be with if she was not so shy and insistent on packing all of her emotions away into tiny boxes. February 14 reminds her just how in love she is with her best friend, Kara Danvers.

On any other Valentine’s Day, Lena would lock herself away in her office well past closing hours. She would be finishing reports and drinking aged wine while attempting to not think about how miserable her life truly is. On this Valentine’s Day though, she has one sole objective. She plans to make her one dream come true. This Valentine’s Day, Lena Luthor wants to make Kara Danvers her girlfriend.

This goal leads to how Lena finds herself on January 28. Instead of looking over the very important documents and files she has to review by the end of today, she is pondering upon the first gift she should woo Kara with. She has numerous websites open, all with gaudy gift boxes and small trinkets to get for the one you love, but Lena is simply lost. She doesn’t even know where to start. What would an amazing girl like Kara Danvers want? Well, Lena knows one thing Kara would want. An endless amount of potstickers. Even if Lena were able to buy every restaurant in National City that sold potstickers, that still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the insatiable Kryptonian. Lena chuckles to herself thinking about how adorable Kara is whenever she gets the chance to eat potstickers.

“What seems to be so funny Ms. Luthor,” Jess says with a smile.

“Jess! I-I didn’t see you there. How long have you been there? I…,” Lena says both frightened out of her mind and confuzzled. Jess is truly a wonderful assistant, but her ability to walk without making any noise at all is something that Lena still isn't used to despite the many years Jess has been her employee.

“Sorry to scare you, Ms. Luthor, I just had a few more files to give you before I head off for my lunch break.”

“Ok, alright. Thank you, Jess. Enjoy your lunch.” With that remark, Jess sets the files on her desk and is about to exit Lena’s office when Lena suddenly gets an idea.

“Jess…hold on a second. I have…a question...,” Lena says with slight timidness. Jess walks back to Lena’s desk with confusion written all over her face about what else Lena could want.

Lena adores her assistant but is unsure of whether she should ask her for help on this seemingly delicate, but imperative mission. “Say I were to ‘woo’ someone for Valentine’s Day…how would I go about that and what exactly would I get them. I do not really understand how getting gifts for people on this holiday works and I-”

Instead of being annoyed that Lena is cutting into her break time, a small smile works its way onto Jess’s face. “Ms. Luthor…are you trying to ‘woo’ Ms. Danvers?”

Lena practically chokes on the air in her lungs and her eyes bulge out of her head. “WHAT?!? No-no I…What would ever give you that impression Jess? I am just simply trying to appease my top clients and board members and…” Jess looks at Lena with a knowing smile on her face. Jess is most definitely aware of how strongly Lena dislikes most of her board members and could care less about whether or not she is on their good side. “I-yes…how did you know?”

“Not to be intrusive Ms. Luthor, but it is not hard to see how much you care for the reporter. It was only a matter of time before you decided to finally try and ask her out.”

Lena just looks dumbfounded at her employee. Jess is more intuitive and observant than she thought. If Kara Danvers weren’t in her life and if perhaps Jess weren’t her assistant, she might have thought about asking her out. But no one, not even Jess herself could stand between the love Lena had for the reporter. Not even someone as intelligent and wonderful as her assistant.

“My suggestion would be to send her flowers first. I do not know how you exactly plan to carry this out, but you can never go wrong with flowers. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I suggest roses. Cheesy? Yes, but the whole holiday itself is quite silly and flashy already.” Jess says while pulling out her phone, preparing to have an arrangement sent to Ms. Danvers.

“Yes, that is an excellent idea,” Lena says with a glint in her eye. “Please have 50 dozen roses, the best that money can buy, sent to Ms. Danvers’ office at Catco as soon as possible. Also please have the florist include a letter that says, ‘From your secret admirer. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, so I bought you these flowers to showcase my affection. Hopefully, you can figure out who I am before February 14.’”

When Lena looks up from her desk to see if Jess got everything she said down, she is met with a completely slack-jawed assistant. “Is something the matter Jess?”

“No Ms. Luthor, I just did not expect you to go all out.” Jess regains herself and begins to start Lena’s flower order. “I just finished the order of roses for you. The 50 dozen roses and the note should be delivered to Ms. Danvers around 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Jess, that will be all. Please enjoy an extra hour on your lunch break as a thank you for being so helpful.” Jess walks out of the office and goes to her desk to grabs her belongings. Once she is inside the elevator, she can’t help but laugh.

“Wow, Ms. Luthor has it bad. Hopefully, Kara Danvers isn’t her oblivious self and realizes that no one else but Lena would do such an act for her.” As Jess heads to Noonan’s Lena is casually sitting at her desk thinking of the next gift she should use to woo Kara with.