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Pathway to Your Heart

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I definitely stayed too long. Damn it.

Kara was standing less than 5 feet away from Lena. A confused and concerned expression on her face. Given Lena’s family history, this particular situation would look very compromising to anyone but Kara. Kara knows that Lena isn’t her family and that she wouldn’t do anything to try and hurt her. Still…she can’t help but feel that Kara is definitely a little on edge. I mean, anyone would if they watched someone carefully sneak out of their dwelling place.

“Lena…” Kara hasn’t moved since she’s made herself known. She’s just standing there looking at Lena.

“Yes?” Lena would be lying if she said she wasn’t a little scared. She has nothing to worry about…well except for the fact that she snuck in Kara’s house to drop off her last present and Kara caught her sneaking out… Wait? She shouldn’t be worried about anything. This is what she has wanted. Right? For Kara to figure out that she is in fact her secret admirer and they can live happily-ever-after. La dee da dee da. With a nervous chuckle, Lena says, “This is most definitely not what it looks like. At all.”

Kara carefully shifts her stance. At this point, she looks kind of annoyed. “Lena, I just watched you sneak out of my loft and then attempt to use the spare key I gave you to lock my door. From my viewpoint, this is most definitely what it looks like.”

Well, Kara does have her moments. She most definitely is on to me now. Lena slowly puts her spare key into her purse. “…and what does this look like?” Lena has nothing else to do but wait for Kara’s answer. Her heartbeat is going a mile a minute right now and the blonde can probably hear it.

Instead of giving a straight answer, Kara just stands there looking at her. She doesn’t move, it practically looks like she’s stopped breathing altogether. Her eyes, Lena’s favorite feature of the blonde, are vibrant and piercing straight into her soul. It’s as though they are looking for something, some secret that Lena has deep within. “Kara…?”

In the blink of an eye, Kara has Lena backed up against her loft door. Lena’s head is trapped between the blonde’s hands that are pressed against the door. Never in her life has Lena ever felt so merciless in the hands of someone else, but there’s always a first for everything because right now, she feels trapped. She is trapped and at the mercy of the Kryptonian right in front of her.

“Lena…” Kara is staring her down as though she can see inside Lena’s mind.

“Mhm…” God damnit. Why am I so scared right now? It’s just Kara. Kara...who can literally move mountains and shoot lasers out of her eyes. Shit, I really- 

“Breathe.” At first, Lena doesn’t hear her. The Kryptonian barely whispered the word. It does help somewhat though because the CEO finds herself doing as she’s told.

God, I’m definitely a bottom. The things I would do just to- “Ok, I’m breathing.”

At this, the reporter chuckles to herself and a smile slowly creeps its way onto her face. “I can see that. So, are you going to tell me why I just watched you sneak out of my house, or…am I going to have to gently force the answer out of you?”

The blonde’s words cause the CEO to short circuit. Force it out of me? What does she mean by “force the answer out of you?” Is this going where I think it's going? Already? Thinks are definitely moving faster than I anticipated…

Apparently, Lena had taken too long because Kara has come to a resolution. “Fine, if you won’t tell me, I’ll just see for myself. If I find out that you’ve eaten my cookies though, there will be hell to pay.”

Without any further notice Kara quickly takes a step back, reaches to the side of Lena, and turns the knob to her door. Even though she knew it was coming, Lena was not prepared. As soon as Kara whips open her door, the CEO and the floor make acquaintances. “Oww…”

Lena is on the floor, most likely with a concussion no thanks to Kara. Slowly, the blonde’s face comes into her line of vision, an annoying smirk present. “Sorry…I did warn you.” Kara extends her hand down to Lena to help her up, which Lena grateful accepts. Once Lena is standing in an upright position, she looks up to see Kara staring at her again. “Right, so…what did you do?”

Lena opts to not saying anything and just gives Kara a shrug, partially because she’s still reeling from her less than graceful fall.

“Alright…I guess I’ll just have to look for whatever it is that I’m looking for with no help at all. How Luthor of you.” At that remark, Lena can’t help but let out a gentle laugh. Kara always knows how to defuse tense situations.

To Lena’s surprise, Kara doesn’t start in the room she's currently standing in. Instead, she heads straight for her bedroom. The blonde spends the next few minutes carefully examining her room, and to her dismay, finds nothing. Then Kara heads to the living room, once again carefully looking for something out of place. While Lena was watching the heroine, she couldn’t help but be conflicted. She was presented with an opportunity, an opportunity to do the one thing she has always wanted to do. Sure, she could let Kara find her last present all on her own, but now, for some reason, Lena wants to give Kara the present, so she knows without fail, that her secret admirer is actually her.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, and I’m going to take it. If she rejects me…fine. I’ll take it with stride and work to become friends with her again. We’ve been through so much worse. We can come back from this if everything doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. Carefully Lena made the short journey from her spot at the front door where she had been watching the blonde, to the dining table. There, next to a beautiful vase of flowers, was her tiny present. Even with her superpowers, she doesn’t blame Kara for not noticing it right away. It is indeed small, no bigger than a ping pong ball and with the box, it's no bigger than a grapefruit.

Normally Lena would be apprehensive about being so vulnerable, but now, she can’t afford to be. She has already made up her mind. Slowly she picks it up and turns to see Kara on the floor looking underneath her couch for god knows what. She really is adorable. “Kara.”

At the sound of the CEO’s voice, Kara immediately perks up and goes to look up at her friend. When Kara looks up, she sees a small box in Lena’s hand. She looks further up, and she sees her dearest friend Lena’s face. She looks so small and vulnerable at this moment. Kara can tell that Lena has something important she wants to say, but she can’t seem to tear herself away from Lena’s eyes. The prettiest eyes she’s ever seen.

Lena breaks from the trance Kara has also seemed to put her in and clears her voice. Bravely, she continues to tell Kara exactly what is on her mind. “Kara, I should’ve said something before…I wanted to…no, I needed to say something, but I didn’t know what to say and how to say it. You’re just…you...ok? I know I should’ve said something before, but I wasn’t brave enough, but I am now. I-I played this whole thing out, hoping for you to realize that it was me, but no matter what I did, you never seemed to figure it out…” Lena has tears in her eyes now and one single tear begins to make a path down her face. “I-”

Before Lena can get her next words out, Kara has the CEO wrapped in a tight embrace, to which the CEO returns readily. “I know. I have always known.” After her confession, Lena can feel Kara take a shaky breath.

“What…?” What does she mean that she’s known…?

At Lena’s confusion, Kara carefully unravels her arms from around Lena’s waist. First, she takes the wrapped present and places it back on the table. Then, she gingerly cups Lena's face with both hands so that she can make eye contact. She gently uses her thumb to brush away any tears that Lena has shed. “I’ve known that you’re my secret admirer. From the very beginning, I always knew that it was you. Never Dave, never anyone else…only you.” Kara has unshed tears in her eyes now too. A small smile is working its way onto her face, being directed at Lena. Lena can tell she’s unsure of what to do because she seems cautious.

So, Kara knows...but Lena doesn’t know exactly what this means for them. There’s a lot not being said right now. “And you…?”

Kara laughs, a brilliant smile coming to sit on her beautiful face. “…and I may like you more than a best friend should.” She looks down to avoid eye contact with the brunette and drops her hands back to her sides. Out of embarrassment or nervousness who knows, but Lena doesn’t have time to overthink Kara’s actions because Kara apparently has more to say. “And I was hoping that your very generous presents were your way of telling me that you felt the same way too…”

Kara has not raised her head to make eye contact with Lena again, almost as though she, someone who is capable of beating even Superman’s ass, is afraid of what Lena might have to say. Lena lifts her hands and returns the action the blonde did before. With both hands cupping Kara’s face, she gradually lifts her face so that they are making eye contact.

Neither of them moves, scared of what might happen next. They stand there looking into each other’s eyes, hoping that one of them will make the first move so the other doesn’t have to. I am LENA. FUCKING. LUTHOR. I am in the exact situation I want to be in and instead of going for what I want, I am standing her paralyzed. KISS the girl already, damnit.

And without any further hesitation, Lena does just that. She pulls Kara’s face to hers and does the one thing that she has always wanted to do. At first, the kiss is timid because both are still unsure. Kara still seems to be in shock by how the events have unfolded and overall unresponsive. Lena is about to pull away when the blonde’s hands snake their way around Lena’s waist, pulling Lena tighter into her body.

They stay like that for a while, kissing and pushing forth the feelings they have been holding back for quite some time. After a couple of minutes, Lena pulls back and rests her forehead against Kara’s. “I like you too dummy…and I was hoping that'd like to be my Valentine?” Lena has joy written all over her face and her bottom lip is in between her teeth, in a playful smirk. At Lena’s words, Kara just laughs and nods her head. Her simple answer is enough for Lena because she hurriedly pulls Kara back in for another searing kiss.

While kissing Kara, Lena can't help but think about how happy she is. Sure, she finished her objective the day before Valentine's Day, but she still got it done. And Kara may not technically be her girlfriend yet, but Lena's sure things won't stay that way for long.

Either way, she did manage to get the girl in the end...

God, she is so so so late. Alex was off tonight and promised her sister that they could have a much-needed sister night. Sure, they had one not too long ago, but she knows her sister is probably confused from all the secret admirer bullshit she’s going through. Luckily for Kara, the best sister in the world bought some pizza and donuts to make things all better, because that’s what big sisters do.

She hurriedly makes her way into her sister's building, and steps into the elevator. As she’s heading up, she tries to call her sister, but there’s no answer. Maybe she’s in the shower?

Alex knows that her sister didn’t forget about sister night, because she never forgets. Once the elevator stops at Kara’s floor, Alex quickly makes her exit and grabs her spare key out of her pocket. She opens the door, and is met with the last thing on the face of the planet that she ever expected to see…

On the couch she sees Lena straddling Kara as they make out and swap saliva. Ewwwww…..I did not need to see that. Quietly she takes out her phone to sneakily take a picture as evidence. Once she's done Alex makes sure to make her presence known.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE???!?!!?!” At that, Lena and Kara freeze and slowly turn to face the front door. When Kara sees her sister, she practically throws Lena off of her and onto the couch, zooming herself across the room.

“It-it’s not what it looks like…a-at all…” Kara said quickly and airy. Both arms are up in the air like she’s about to be arrested, her head nodding back and forth so quickly that Alex can barely make out her face. For some reason, she seems to be out of breath. The CEO on the other hand is completely frozen. She is sitting on the couch, mouth agape, not a clue of what to do. She looks petrified.

“Kara, this is the DEFINITION of something looking like what it looks like,” Alex says in an exasperated tone. Geez, her sister can’t even take credit for the one good thing she’s somehow finally managed to do. “Listen, I know we were supposed to have a sister night, but it looks like you’re…busy…so I’m just gonna go.”

Neither Lena nor Kara can find the words to respond, so they just nod their heads. Satisfied with their responses, Alex swiftly turns around on her heels and makes a beeline straight for the door. Once she has the door pulled open, she pulls up the image she took of the two lovebirds. “Also, I will be sending this picture of you lovebirds sucking face to the group chat. Bye!” And at that, she slams the door behind her and runs out of Kara’s building as to not get caught.