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Trixie couldn’t contain her joy upon seeing the golden retriever puppies lounging about in their apartment. As far as she knows, pets aren’t allowed, but maybe the rules have changed? 

The urchin and her mother don't know that Lucifer bought the entire complex when he couldn't convince the owner (that's a first!) and paid him a hefty sum instead. He then assigned a liaison — personally screened by him — to look after the place with the Devil’s own set of rules.  The club owner also instructed Mr. Tucker (the one posing as the new proprietor) to divert the Detective's rental payment to Beatrice's college funds discreetly.

“Mommy, can we keep them, please? Please, please, please!”

Chloe crosses her arms and arches her brows at her boyfriend, who plays it cool.

“Oh, don’t worry, Detective. I’m leaving just the one. The other pup is for Charlie.”

“Charlie’s barely three years old.”


“Ugh. And what about the landlord?”

“I heard Mr. Thomas is moving to Detroit, and the new head honcho doesn’t have qualms with pets.” Lucifer stifles a laugh because, technically, he's the new head honcho. 

“And how do you know this?”

“I talked to the owner, of course! Wouldn’t want to get you in trouble, Detective.”

“Uh-huh. Anyhow, monkey, just make sure you’ll take care of this puppy, okay?”

“You got it, Mom!”

“That’s fixed then! I’ll just drop this other furball to Amenadiel and be back before dinner.”


Chloe is suspicious, but she doesn’t question anymore as she gets distracted and then overwhelmed by the puppy’s eyes and, well...overall fluffiness.  

Amenadiel and the other puppy are having a staring contest while Lucifer explains to Linda what the creature really is and how it’s going to watch over Charlie.

“I don’t know, Luci. He looks cute, but he’s from Hell,”

“Right, and you think you can get a unicorn from Heaven to protect your child when you’re away? Please. ” Lucifer shrugs, and Linda doesn’t say anything. 

Amenadiel looks away, and the puppy immediately relaxes, lifts its hind legs, and begins to scratch behind its ears. 

“We all know unicorns aren't a thing. Look at it!” The dark angel points to the oblivious pooch who’s still scratching.

“I am looking at it. Maybe it’s allergic to something because it wasn’t doing that when we were in the Detective’s apartment.”


“The urchin has one as well, err, they're twin hounds. I mean, what’s the issue?”

“Its kin tried to eat me,”

“Oh, please! That was eons ago. Get over it! Besides, you were trespassing. You can’t expect them to just stand there and watch. They’re guard dogs for a reason, brother.”

Amenadiel sighs.

“Look, I understand your reservations, but these hounds, once they’ve imprinted on their charges, will be loyal to them. Forever. That, and they would never defy me. So you see, brother, you don’t have to worry needlessly.” Lucifer explains.


“Uhh, I have a question,” Linda finally speaks while giving the puppy a belly rub, “does it eat like a normal dog?”

“Yes, Doctor. They should be growing at a normal pace, so just treat it like any other pet. They’re brilliant, too. So! I better get going. Have fun.”

Lucifer leaves, and once again, the eldest angel stares at the hound. He notices the faint glow of red eyes, an indication of its feral nature, and breathes a sigh. It’s probably going to take him a while to get accustomed to its presence, but for Charlie, the risk is worth it.

“So, what should we name him?”

“Duke sounds nice.”

“Duke, it is.”

“So, what did you name him, urchin?”


Maze, who’s drinking vodka on the counter, snickers at the namesake.

“Why, for the love of everything unholy, would you name him that?”

“Because it suits him! He’s a little devil after all.”

This elicits a mirthless laugh from Lucifer that he almost regrets gifting the coveted hound to the spawn.

“You don’t like it?”

“Well, he’s yours, so you can name him whatever you want.”


Trixie’s walking her new puppy when some guy approaches her, asking her inappropriate things. But she ignores him completely because she’s not supposed to talk to strangers. However, the creeper wouldn’t let up and kept on bothering her with useless inquiries. 

“Leave me alone, please.”

Trixie finally tells the guy off, but he wouldn’t budge. Beelze growls and barks at the man, but his small voice won't be enough to scare the imbecile shitless, let alone scare him at all. If they were in Hell, he would have bitten his head off, but here on the mortal plane, his power is limited yet enough to make sure his master is safe.

The guy laughs at the Beelze’s barks, mocking it until he notices several dogs of all sizes — from rottweilers to pit bulls, even chihuahuas — approaching their direction. In a matter of minutes, he’s surrounded, and the intense growling and barking petrified him that he gives up and runs. 

After that, the dogs disperse on their own, and Trixie is in awe of what her puppy did to protect her. 

Beelze — after making sure Trixie is asleep  — makes his way to the King of Hell. 


Lucifer says nonchalantly while taking a sip of his top-shelf whiskey. 

“Some reprobate tried to take my charge,” 

The hound starts off—telepathically, of course—that it made Lucifer scowl at the audacity of some human stains in the presence of a hellhound. Of course, on the mortal plane, Beelze looks harmless, and maybe, "Ugh," Lucifer groans.  That’s the issue.

“I handled it, Sire, but perhaps, you’d allow my twin and I to grow a lot faster?” The hound tilts its head to the side, waiting patiently for a favorable response.

“I think you might be right. In that case, you should be full-grown — at least a little above the average size of earth breeds, well this particular breed for that matter — in three weeks.”

“But Sire,”

“Three weeks should be enough. We don’t want to draw any attention, Beelze.”

“Yes, Sire.  So the instructions stand? No total annihilation of dimwits unless absolutely necessary?”

“Yes. Show Mazikeen what this lowlife looks like so she can hunt him down.”

“As you command.” The hound turns to leave but stops midway and says, "Another question, Sire." 

"Out with it." 

"Why are we Golden Retrievers, my brother and I? A Cane Corso or a Rottweiler or maybe even a Doberman would have been preferable. Humans tend to steer clear from those on the get-go." 

"You're correct on your assessment. However, if everyone is intimidated by you and your brother's presence, then you may not be allowed to stay by your charge's side at all times. A retriever is perceived to be very friendly and, therefore, would allow you to blend in effortlessly. "

"I understand now."

"Good. Anything else?"

"No, Sire. I'll return to the child now."

"Yes, you do that."

Lucifer retakes a sip. The second reason why he chose the specific guise is that Chloe had a Golden Retriever before (apart from that mischievous chihuahua who bit her behind when she was little), and the devil thought she'd be easier to convince if he plays his cards right. 

Three weeks later.

“Whoa! How are you this big already?” Trixie said when she came back from a week-long camping trip. 

“Like what I’ve told you, urchin, he’s above average. He’d be able to protect you fully, now.”

Trixie shrugs, all this while believing that Lucifer doesn’t know what occurred a few days ago or what Beelze did for her. She didn’t even tell her mother or Maze. She knows she should have, but all turned out okay anyway.

Let's see what idiot tries to mess up with this time around.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel looks on helplessly as Charlie rides Duke like a pony. Duke, who respects the angel a little bit because of Lucifer, shows his teeth in protest when Amenadiel tries to take Charlie off of him.