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Mother Of A Man

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The peaceful morning was rudely destroyed by the slamming of the front door, it crashing against the side wall with a loud bang. Katsuki could hear Izuku reprimand their son, telling him to be careful with their home, but it was truly a lost cause. The wall already wore a permanent scar of where the doorhandle had hit the white paint over and over again, scraping at the surface until the grey underground was revealed.

Angrily Zuko stomped into the living room, chasing out the silence Katsuki had surrounded himself with, ignoring his mother completely.

The boy instantly aimed for his father, his dark eyebrows furrowed deep over his round eyes, the green shimmering with a rage Katsuki knew all too well. It didn’t help that Zuko still looked noticeably young and sweet for his age, and his gender for that matter.

The recently presented pup was not too fond of the mentions of cute and adorable, his Alpha hormones instantly having the hairs on the back of his neck rise, words of venom spit out to make sure everyone knew he was not some sweet little Omega.

His mother was the epitome of that though. The love Katsuki felt for Izuku was copied by Zuko, the bond they had so tight knit that Zuko had a hard time seeing his dam in the wild. Better known as the world outside of their home. Katsuki was a protective Alpha, but nothing could compare to Zuko watching over his dam.

Zuko sat down on the couch right beside Katsuki, crossing his arms as he glared at the carpeted floor. His lip was jotted out, the pout not helping his anger look at all. The freckles that were spread over his cheeks and nose gave him a softer look as well. As did his soft curls. Zuko liked to believe that because his hair was blond, he had a bit more of an Alpha look, but really it just made him look even softer.

But perhaps it was all because he was still only ten years old and had a lot of growing to do. Zuko had presented quite early on, like Katsuki had done as well.

“Thanks for helping me carry the groceries,” Izuku said with a huff as he walked into the living room as well, arms full of several bags.

The way he walked reminded Katsuki of when he was pregnant. A fond memory knocked away by Zuko’s growl.

“Thanks for not ignoring all those Alphas at the store!”

Izuku had reached the living room area, halting right behind the couch. His gaze flickered towards their son for a moment, stern look on his face, and then he just let out a tired sigh.

It helped that Katsuki was releasing an extra load of his scent, trying to calm down his mate before a war would rage on inside their house.

When those green eyes landed on him, Katsuki still taken aback by the way they always seemed to shine no matter what Izuku felt, he noticed how absolutely defeated Izuku looked. He placed the grocery bags on the floor and then moved closer to Katsuki, leaning down to place his forehead against his Alpha’s.

“Can you please talk to him?” Izuku said softly. “I really don’t know what to do anymore. He won’t let me go out alone, but when he tags along, he won’t let me do anything. I can barely get the stuff we need from the store before he has a complete meltdown. I can’t even talk to someone without him trying to kick their shins.”

Katsuki had to admit that it was funny to think of. Zuko trying to kick the shins of another Alpha while he was trying to chat up his mom. But that was not what Izuku wanted to hear right now.

“He just doesn’t want to lose his mother to some extra,” Katsuki muttered. His voice remained soft, tone light enough to hopefully take some weight off Izuku.

Sadly Izuku looked into Katsuki’s eyes. With his right hand he cupped his Alpha’s cheek, holding his gaze for as long as he could. “I’ve never looked at anyone else, but you.”

“I know,” Katsuki said, reassuring Izuku that he was not worried about Izuku ever leaving them.

After being mated for over ten years Katsuki was fairly certain Izuku would not go anywhere. It didn’t mean he liked other Alphas giving his beautiful Omega attention, but when he had his mate shower him with attention in front of others, it did lift his ego a lot.

“Please just talk to him,” Izuku pleaded one last time. He gave Katsuki three quick kisses on the lips in the way they always greeted each other, and then left with the groceries, disappearing into the kitchen.

This was when Katsuki could finally turn to his son. What he found was a pair of dark green eyes already glaring up at him, ready to have this conversation.

“So what are you gonna do about it?” Zuko spat at him.

Respecting his father was not something Zuko was very familiar with, which Katsuki could relate to as well. Though his ill feelings were always directed at his mother. Not too strange since she was the Alpha of their household.

“You should give your mother a break,” Katsuki told his son. “He ain’t done shit to deserve this. Keep yourself in check and go apologize to him.”

Green eyes widened for a second, staring at Katsuki rather astonished.

“You’re okay with all those filthy animals getting all over your… your…”

Zuko pulled a disgusted face, showing off how exactly he felt towards the Alphas that tried to slide into Izuku’s world and conquer him.

“Izuku’s not my property,” Katsuki replied, paraphrasing a line Izuku had to use on Katsuki himself rather often in the very beginning. “He’s my mate, but he is still his own person, and can make his own decisions.”

Narrowing his eyes Zuko stared up at his father as if he had gone mental.

“So what are you gonna do about it?” he asked again.

Katsuki sighed, knowing he was not getting out of this one. Again Katsuki was not too fond of all those Alphas hanging around Izuku. It was rather annoying that even if they were mated, Izuku still received this much attention. All of it was rather absurd, but there was nothing Katsuki had been able to do about it.

Scenting him heavier had not done the trick. Reforming their bond by biting Izuku’s scent gland another time had not helped whatsoever. Even with Katsuki tagging along he still found Izuku hit on constantly.

Izuku was just breath-taking. All of the soft features in his face had him look a little younger than he was. Since Zuko was born Izuku started joining Katsuki at the gym to get rid of the extra weight, and then build a little muscle tone as well. It gave him this perfect body, accentuating his rounder assets while the rest had just a little bit of muscle build.

And then of course his soft-spoken nature. He was incredibly kind and open to anyone. Katsuki learned that while they were forced to be apart during their pregnancy, Izuku had felt the need to talk to any Alpha on the street to get some form of contact in. It nurtured him through his pregnancy, but it was something he never quite got rid of.

That indeed stung a little Katsuki had to admit.

So he knew where his son was coming from. Knew where the fear of losing his dam to another Alpha had originated from. No matter how often Izuku assured them he would not leave, ever, something dark had festered and it was up to Katsuki to solve it for the both of them.

“I have a plan,” Katsuki said matter-of-factly.

Stunned Zuko looked at him before his lips broke out in a gleeful smile. This was the first time Katsuki confirmed that he had fears too to his son, but also that he would solve it.

“What are you gonna do?” Zuko asked, quickly inching closer to his father, excitement sparkling in his green eyes.

Fondly Katsuki smiled over at him, rubbing his thumb over a round cheek. “I have a way that will have your mom connected to me forever,” he announced, puffing out his chest proudly. “But I do need a little help with that.”

“Can I help?”

“You have to help,” Katsuki explained. “Otherwise it will never work.”

Pulling his son close, so he could whisper in his ear, Katsuki started to relay everything he had already planned out. It was pretty much set in stone for a while now what he was going to do, all hidden away from his perfect mate. He was going to make Izuku his forever with the help of their sweet son.

Katsuki really hoped it would turn out well.



“Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special day! We are happy to announce the new rankings if this year for our favourite pro heroes!”

The numbers had been long out there, spread around like a wildfire all over social media, hyped up by fans and spit out by the opposite party. Everyone knew what was about to happen here tonight, and yet Katsuki’s heartbeat was racing, hammering roughly against his ribcage, ready to burst right out.

Not that he was nervous over the fact that he was finally the number one hero. After years of hard work and going the extra mile every day, Katsuki felt like the had earned it. At twenty-eight years old he had achieved his lifelong goal. There was a point in his life where he thought he’d never get here. Where he thought he didn’t even to be here anymore. But Izuku had shown him that this was where he belonged, and Katsuki had only worked harder because of it, supported by the one he cherished most.

Izuku was also the reason why Katsuki was so nervous.

From his position on the podium, seated in a flimsy plastic chair, Katsuki looked down at the audience. Most of the people present were press, ready to fire away their questions, and write a gnarly report on the happenings here. Katsuki had never been fond of the media. Mostly because they had dumped on Izuku’s and his relationship from the very start, calling it not real just because he had gotten Izuku pregnant at such a young age.

To some it still didn’t matter that they had been together for over ten years now. All they saw was two parents staying together for the sake of their son.

Ridiculous really.

How could anyone think that if they saw the way Katsuki looked at Izuku. Adoration was clear on his face, he knew, as he stared down at the crowd and easily found his favourite freckled face.

Izuku had dolled up for tonight.

He was dressed in an all-black jumpsuit, sleeveless to show off his toned arms with a deep V to give a look on the freckles that were scattered all over his chest. The fabric fitted tight around his behind, showing off that one asset that had Alphas drawn to him as if he were a delicious meal. And the wide pantlegs finished it all off, giving the illusion of being a skirt rather than a pant.

When Izuku found it in the store, he and Zuko had a good laugh over it until he put it on. Zuko was quick in convincing his mother to get it, knowing Katsuki would love to see his mate in this.

The orange corsage pinned to his chest was a nice addition to his outfit. Katsuki had only wished Izuku would’ve left his stupid red sneakers at home, but how could he fault his lover for anything?

Through the years Izuku had started to experiment a little bit with make-up. He still preferred a more natural look, but for tonight he had added a lick of mascara to make his lashes even more pronounced, batting enticingly up at Katsuki. A soft rose-coloured blush had his freckles stand out more. The silvery glow of his highlighter had his face become a bit more angled, giving him a more mature face. Something Izuku preferred when he was standing beside his muscular Alpha to not fall behind and appear much too young for Katsuki.

The look was finished off with the sparkle of a lip gloss on his lips, begging to be kissed off and smeared all over Katsuki’s mouth.

How could someone be this beautiful?

A quick wave from his son had Katsuki look at him, seeing a wide smile spread over his lips.

Zuko had been ready for this moment for two weeks now. Every day he had complained to Katsuki that it would still take so long before they would finally be able to set their plan into motion. Many times Katsuki had to shush him right before Izuku entered a room, just so he wouldn’t accidentally reveal their plan.

Even now Izuku didn’t really understand why their son was bouncing happily in his chair, seemingly far too excited for Katsuki to be announced the number one hero.

“We’ll be going through the rankings now, and every hero can say a few words before we move on to the next.”

All of them were already seated in the right order, Katsuki on the far right for the first time in his life. He had been on this stage before. Had done the little roll call and had said a few words. It never felt good. Not when that number one position was so close by, mocking him for not being the best, yet.

But he was here now and all he could do was look at Izuku.

Katsuki watched the Alpha seated right beside Zuko lean over their son, pretending the little Alpha pup was not even there. He whispered a few words to Izuku, this confident smirk on his lips as if he had already won the battle.

Green eyes flickered to the side for a moment as Izuku listened, expression not saying much. His attention was quickly pulled elsewhere though. Katsuki could see the way Zuko had his lip pulled up, teeth bared as he must be growling at the Alpha. It practically vibrated right through Katsuki’s chest.

Chase the other Alpha away and protect what is mine.

That fear of losing the one that meant the most was ever so present, but all of it faded away when Katsuki watched Izuku grasp Zuko’s hands and held them up to his chest, head turned away from the Alpha without every responding to the flirt. He clutched his son’s hands as his gaze went back to that very podium Katsuki was sitting on.

He only had eyes for Katsuki.

As their eyes met, he saw Izuku smile softly at him, eyes shimmering with emotion, ready to spill over.

Any doubt Katsuki ever had about going through with this, vanished.

A microphone was reached out to Katsuki as he was announced as the number one hero. Proudly he stood up as the crowd cheered, hearing a buzz of excitement as they all seemed glad to have a new face up on that stage. Katsuki thought of All Might in that moment, remembering all those times he had watched his favourite hero stand right here and share his love for the people and tell them he’d keep them safe.

And now it was Katsuki’s turn to do the same.

“I want to thank you all for getting me up here and have a dream of mine come true,” he started, voice still a bit gruff. He swallowed around the knot in his throat, trying to remember all the words he had written down at home. “I’ve been wishing for this spot ever since I was a young boy and watched All Might save the world. It’s been a tough road getting here, but I did get here with your help.”

As he fell silent Katsuki let his gaze slide through the audience. He ended at Izuku again, staring deep in those green eyes. That short nod encouraged Katsuki enough, telling him to continue. Almost as if he knew what was about to happen.

“I want to thank someone in particular for always being there for me. If it weren’t for him, I don’t know if I would be here right now,” he said. “It was him who decided to love a foolish eighteen your old boy who knocked him up and tied him to me forever.

“I don’t know if you remember this,” Katsuki continued, addressing Izuku personally. “But when times were tough and I didn’t know if I could keep up with my hero duties while also raising Zuko, you were the one to convince me to continue working on my dream. I made you a promise that day.”

Confused Izuku looked at him, frowning deeply when he watched Katsuki get on one knee on the stage.

“I promised you that when I become the number one hero, I would make you mine forever.”

Zuko jumped out of his seat, purposely kicking the other Alpha against the knee before turning to his mother. He mimicked Katsuki by also sinking through a knee. Out of his suit jacket he pulled a small black velvet jewellery box, clicking it open right in front of Izuku. He held it out as if to offer his dam the ring sitting inside.

“So today I will ask you,” Katsuki said. “As the number one hero. Will you marry me?”

Astonished Izuku looked from Katsuki, to his son, to the ring sitting inside the box. The gem Katsuki had chosen was a sunstone, the orange glittering all across his soft face.

A sob echoed through the microphone that was brought up to Izuku’s lips. Gazing back up at Katsuki he saw the question in his eyes.

Is this real?

Katsuki granted him the same nod Izuku had given him before this.

“Yes,” blasted through the speakers as Izuku finally gave his answer. “Yes, yes, yes.”

He cradled Zuko’s cheek in his hand, whispering a quick thank you to him before letting the boy slide the ring over the right finger, sealing the deal. Izuku pulled Zuko in a hug, holding onto him longer than he had in a while.

And then he was out of his cheer, rushing towards the stage to get to Katsuki. The waddle of a very pregnant Izuku crossed Katsuki’s brain as he saw it, seeing that same desperation on Izuku’s face as that day.

“You know you’ll never get rid of me now,” Katsuki told him right before Izuku got up on the podium.

“As if I ever wanted to,” Izuku shot back as he threw himself into his Alphas arms.

After that day Izuku was no longer bothered by flirts from other Alphas. He could leave their home without the protection of Zuko because no one dared to get close to him now.

A nice benefit to announcing their engagement on national television. No one dared to steal away the Omega of the number one hero.