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Baby Mine

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Clutching the sheets sitting on top of him Izuku wringed the fabric between his fingers.

The hospital bed was soft, the pillows were not quite full enough, the bars on the side gave Izuku the feeling he was being imprisoned. His heart was thumping roughly against his ribcage, nerves making his whole body heat up.

A calming scent surrounded him, an arm wrapped around his shoulders to keep him steady. Assure him it was all alright. Something Izuku couldn’t quite believe. Not after everything that had happened so far.

How many times had they come to this very hospital already? For years now it became this regular visit, in and out of different rooms where different doctors told them different things. Nothing they could actually hold onto or tell them what was wrong.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Katsuki said from beside him, his voice still holding that familiar gruff tone that always felt so soothing to Izuku. “You probably ate something bad and your stomach is upset.”

His words had Izuku tug at the sheets harder, trying to pull it up to his chin and cover him completely. As if it would help him disappear from the world and pretend Katsuki wasn’t lying to him.

The bed dipped a little lower on Izuku’s right, Katsuki sitting down next to him. His red eyes peered at him with this unreadable expression, staring at the permanent frown that had settled between Izuku’s eyebrows.

A sudden wave of nausea overtook Izuku again, like it had done the whole morning already. He felt his stomach churn, burning with the sensation of acid meeting the food he had for dinner last night. His oesophagus opened up to let a fresh load of bile rise up to his mouth, which Izuku quickly swallowed down. The burning taste of acid had him pull his lip up in disgust, wishing he could all just have it go away.

“Need me to get you something?” Katsuki asked, ready to jump off the bed and get that whatever Izuku wanted.

So much had changed between them through all these years. Izuku saw it all happen. Hated that it happened.

His wish for a child of their own was something that was tearing at their relationship and Izuku feared what it could mean in the long run. Could Katsuki bare carrying his Omega through these hardships forever? It wasn’t really fair to him, was it? It wasn’t Katsuki’s fault that Izuku couldn’t get pregnant. He was just not a good enough of an Omega. His body could not even create life like it was supposed to.

“No, it’s okay,” Izuku quickly said, hand going up to Katsuki’s shirt. He grabbed the fabric tightly, knuckles turning white as he forced Katsuki to stay seated right next to him. “Just stay here with me.”

Katsuki’s weight returned to the soft mattress, shifting a little closer to Izuku until his body was pressed against Izuku’s side. The arm wrapped around his frame tugged him a little closer, his head placed in the crook of Katsuki’s neck.

There so close to his scent gland Izuku could breathe in only his pheromones. Ignore the sharp smell of the hospital itself and his own bad breath. Closing his eyes he relished in the warmth only Katsuki could give him, comforted by the fact that at least his Alpha was still here.

This was not how they thought their life would turn out.

High school sweethearts they were. Where their younger years had been tough on their friendship, UA had mended it in a way Izuku still didn’t quite understand. It was clear they were meant to be together even before Izuku presented as an Omega. Not that it would’ve mattered if he had been a Beta or an Alpha, Katsuki assured him he would’ve loved him regardless.

Izuku was mostly just happy that he was the one that could bare Katsuki children.

For years they were the power couple out on the street, saving citizens left and right from the evil in the world. Partners out in the field and back home. This perfect little family that the tabloids envied.

But the older they got, the bigger Izuku’s wish became to have a pup of their own. Make their family a little bigger. They were mated for so long by then, that it was this natural way to continue on, and Izuku wanted nothing more than that. And even if Katsuki grumbled a lot about dirty diapers and crying babies in the middle of the night, Izuku saw that sparkle in his ruby eyes whenever they looked at baby clothing.

Katsuki was made to be a dad.

“Hey,” Katsuki hummed softly, pulling Izuku out of his thoughts. “I’m gonna check where the doctor is. Ain’t staying here for nothing.”

The warmth was pulled away from Izuku’s side, Katsuki standing up and trailing over towards the door. His impatience showed that he was worried too, needing to know what it was that was wrong with Izuku now. If they finally found the proof, why Izuku couldn’t get pregnant.

At this point they weren’t even trying to get pregnant anymore.

The shutting of the door left Izuku all alone in the hospital room. The second bed inside was empty, no other patient in here for treatment. Echoes of the sound from outside the room surrounded him, hearing the bustling life of the hospital while inside this room it was as if time stood still. Nothing moved, nothing made sound. It was just Izuku sitting there, waiting on the answer to his biggest question.

Izuku had been on birth control for quite a while to make things easier on him and Katsuki. No need for extra protection. They had only ever slept together, so the dangers of STDs were not present. The only thing they didn’t want was to get pregnant during the first years of their relationship.

It could take a while before the hormones of the pill had completely left his system, making it hard for him to get pregnant. They were aware of that and hadn’t worried as much during that first year they were trying to have a baby.

Those first months were mostly just a joy, a new wave of excitement brought into their sex life now that they had a different purpose.

About half a year in Izuku started keeping better track of his heats and when he should be the most fertile. Their moments together were planned now, which still didn’t hurt their love live at all. It was a moment in the day they got to look forward to, knowing they would need to be together at a certain point. The toilets at the hero agency had been used to their convenience a few times just because they could.

After a year and a half the worry started to set in and they went to see a doctor.

The blood tests didn’t show anything strange. Katsuki’s semen was also perfectly healthy, his little swimmers doing their best to keep up the speed.

Izuku’s tests were a little less fun and harder to check, but they didn’t find anything in his womb or in his ovaries that could prevent him from actually getting there. Nothing should be wrong with his body and yet it was not accepting a baby.

That’s when the doctor mentioned different kinds of treatments they could go through, ending it all with IVF and adoption. Something tough to consider, but the doctor did advice them to keep trying to traditional way, because it could still happen.

Their first IVF treatment amounted to nothing.

At that point Izuku admitted defeat. This was just not meant to happen for them. All their saved money had gone into this treatment, hoping that this would be their chance of finally getting Izuku’s belly full of pups.

With a broken heart Izuku watched all his friends have children of their own, not having just one, but two or three. He was happy for them, he really was, but he couldn’t bear seeing them so happy with their arms full of babies.

It had been a year now where Katsuki and Izuku had stopped trying completely. No more planning, no more tests. Getting back to just them had been extremely hard. Everything they had gone through had put quite the strain on their relationship and for months they hardly were intimate at all. The stigma they had given it had destroyed the romance behind it.

But they were getting back to where they were before this all started. Izuku found moments to smile again, and Katsuki could bark his insults without flinching at Izuku’s expression.

The last month they were finally able to have sex for the enjoyment again. Seeking each other out in the kitchen for a quick run, or lazily getting tangled together on the couch in the living room when they got bored of the show they had been watching. They were getting back to the basics and it was good.

Until Izuku started to feel terribly ill for the last few days.

The click of the door had Izuku look up, seeing his Alpha walk in with the doctor right behind him, chart in hand. There was a strange sort of smile on the doctor’s lips that had Izuku’s stomach twist and turn again.

“Welcome back, mister Bakugo, mister Midoriya,” the doctor said, addressing them both with a nod. “I haven’t seen you two in a while. I hope my nurse took good care of you?”

“They took some blood and said they would give the tests priority, so we’d get the results soon,” Katsuki spoke for them.

Izuku’s throat went tight, waiting on that releasing answer where the doctor would explain to them what was actually wrong with him. Did he carry an illness brought on by One For All? It was something he never considered asking All Might.

“Yes, and I have the results right here,” the doctor replied, flashing a look at his clipboard. “You didn’t actually have to come in for this test though. There are enough tests you can get at the drugstore and can simply do at home.”

The joke was completely lost on Izuku, staring at the doctor with a deep frown as he tried to figure out what kind of disease he could test at home.

“Mister Bakugo, mister Midoriya, it finally happened,” the doctor announced. “You’re pregnant.”

It was as if the carpet was pulled right from under his feet. A slap in the face. A freight train hitting him straight in the back.

“Pregnant?” Izuku whispered, voice shaking with emotion.

Tears were welling up in his eyes as the news finally settled in. Through all the heart ache, all those painful moments where his body had said no, here Izuku sat with a pup growing in his womb.

Morning sickness.

Katsuki grabbed the bed to keep himself steady, knees almost giving out. His ruby eyes flashed towards Izuku and then they just stared at each other for a little while.

Slowly but surely a wobbly smile formed on Izuku’s lips, a happiness clinging to his skin as he finally got the news he had longed for ever since he and Katsuki started dating.

“We did it,” Katsuki said, his eyes shimmering as well, a single tear sliding down his cheek when he blinked. “We really did it.”

Izuku practically jumped forward, throwing his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pulling him as close to him as he could. His hold went so tight it was hard to breathe and yet he could not release him. He took in every scent Katsuki let loose, smelling that sheer elation on him.

And Katsuki clung to him in the very same way.

“This is only the first trimester, so you are still on shaky turf,” the doctor said softly, not completely cutting away at their happiness. “So make sure you take good care of yourself and if you feel like anything is wrong, you can always come in and see me.”

A quick thank you had the doctor leave the couple alone, letting them share this moment with only them.

They didn’t need to see the doctor again after that except for the regular check-ups, Izuku’s belly growing steadily as the months passed, becoming rounder and rounder. Their pup was doing well, happily kicking away by the time they could.

At nine months and about two weeks Izuku gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

And in the years after… They had another boy and a girl.