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Factus est Dominus in via

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"It is said that true beauty comes from pain.

That true understanding comes from all of life’s lessons…”


He had been hanging, loud screams filling his ears, bright lights and dark shadows disorienting. How long had he been hanging? How long had he lost himself? He didn’t remember why he was here. He felt like the pain and suffering had always been a part of him. He had no idea where the pain was coming from, just that it came from deep inside of him, from the soul. It felt like it was ripping and tearing, popping and cracking. Making everything feel tight and stretched.


“You have come so far…experienced so much…

But now it is time for you to come home...

You still have much to do…”


A sense of calm filled him, then he felt a hand. The higher they went, the more grounded he felt. Memories started to appear. Voices whispering of the return, a phrase popped into his head, “Dean are saved. You are free now. There is more work for you to do yet.”


He turned towards the voice, hoping to see who it came from. Only to just see a bright blue light and hear the wind around large wings. His last thought, as he crashed into something, was: ‘Thank you, I understand…”


A large gasp escaped him as he violently awoke in his cold body. Not registering the sudden urge to escape, to claw his way out of his wooden box. The first word that escaped him at the sight of the field before him was, “Sammy…”


“Oh oh, oh...Oh oh, oh

Down the road tonight, And take you there”


Pounding against the top of his prison, he was suddenly too warm. The air felt a little too tight, the panic beginning to set in. He had to get out, had to get to his baby brother. The last hit finally made a crack, softening the wood to allow his fists through. Fingers feeling the dirt, a light dusting fell on his face. Quickly he moved to start digging out of his earthly resting place, he could taste the fresh air on the tip of his tongue...he had to get out of here.


“Oh oh, oh... Oh oh, oh

Walk on the wild life, And take no fare”


Soon enough, he finally breached the surface. Taking in gulps of air, he could feel the sun on his face. It was warm and welcoming as he curled up in the soft grass. He started to listen to the surroundings around him: the birds were chirping, the wind had a light whistle, the wildlife was wandering around in the distance. But it wasn’t until he opened his eyes to see that all of the trees had fallen in a complete circle around him. Who had done this? Who had gotten him out? What did this mean for him?


“Oh oh, oh...Oh oh, oh

Fallen down there, Will follow here”


The sun was setting when he finally stood, he had to find a phone and some water. He knew he couldn’t just stay here waiting for something to haul him back in. Walking away from the setting sun, he started heading North. As his feet began to grow tired, he finally reached town and there was a phone booth. Trying to call Sam, there was no answer. He tried Bobby, still no answer. His eyes grew sad, and just decided to go into the deserted gas station. There was some money in the register and plenty of water. Somehow there was a backpack behind the register, must have been from a student who had worked there. He made sure to grab some more water, some of the trail mix, some energy bars, finding a map he put that in there as well. Knowing that he had a long walk ahead of him, he steeled himself and starting walking.


“Oh oh, oh…Oh oh, oh

Down the road tonight, And take you there”