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Deku Enchanted

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By 8 am, and Izuku already knew that today was gonna be complete and utter bullshit. He had decided to visit his mother for the weekend, so that meant he would need to wake up by 6 am in order to make it back to campus on time for class.


He woke up at 7:30. Then missed his train at 8. Then he crashed into someone so hard that his bag split and his books went flying.


By 10 am, he knew the entire week was gonna suck.


On the bright side, Yaomomo was kind enough to make him a new backpack when he stumbled into class an hour late clutching his stacks of loose-leaf nonsense and the ripped bag.


On the downside, he hadn't realized that the asshole who had slammed into him on the train had also hit him with his quirk without warning him about the effects. He packed up his new bag quickly—he wanted to use the lunch hour to run back to the dorms for a change of clothes. His uniform had gotten dirty during the fall, and he had landed in something that smelled kinda weird. He just wanted clean clothes. He practically sprinted from the room in his attempt to make it to the dorms and back in time for his afternoon classes.


"Deku, wait!" He heard Uraraka yell after him, and he jolted to a stop so suddenly that he nearly fell over. "Woah, are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to run and grab a change of clothes. I when I fell and split my bag this morning I think I landed in something gross." He replied, wrinkling his nose. She paused, then her nose scrunched up.


"I think you're right. You'll miss lunch though."


"I'll grab a protein bar on my way back." He shrugged. "But if I wanna have time I gotta go now."


"Yeah, okay. Go get changed." She smiled at him. His body sprang into action almost too fast, and he raced away from her.


"Later!" He yelled over his shoulder. 


Honestly, it was a testament to how poorly his day was going that he hadn't realized what was happening yet.


It hit him like a freight train in his first class of the afternoon. Fundamental Hero Studies was his favorite class (obviously), and as such he tended to...well, you know. Mutter the entire time. It's not like he meant to do it, but his "nerd brain" couldn't contain the "sheer fucking volume of thoughts without shutting down his verbal filter in the process". Katsuki's words, not his.


So, just like every other day, Izuku mumbled up a storm and about fifteen minutes later (a drastic increase from the measly three minutes he would have gotten in their first year), Katsuki turned to him and snapped. "Shut the fuck up nerd! I can barely hear myself think!"


And Izuku's jaw practically sealed itself shut. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't open his mouth to speak. Thankfully, he wasn't called on during the lesson, but that didn't mean he hadn't tried to participate. He just couldn't.


'What the hell?' He pondered as he tried to open his mouth to produce words—or even just a sound. But he couldn't. He had been hit with some kind of quirk. As he ran through his day, he realized just what type of quirk he was dealing with.


If his slightly panicked analysis was accurate, he was currently under the influence of an obedience quirk.




He packed slowly after classes let out for the day, waving his friends ahead when they paused to wait for him. He gestured to Aizawa and they nodded, disappearing out the door. When the last of the stragglers left he practically threw himself on Aizawa's desk, much to the alarm of the sleeping bag clad teacher.


"What do you need Midoriya?" Aizawa asked, eyeing him warily.


Izuku gestured at his throat frantically. Aizawa lifted an impatient eyebrow. "Spit it out, problem child. I have places to be."


Izuku gasped in relief. "Oh thank god. I was in a quirk accident this morning and didn't realize until like two hours ago."


Aizawa was immediately on alert. "What kind of quirk accident? Are you hurt?"


"No, but I am a security risk at the moment. When I was coming back from my mom's I crashed into someone on the train and I think they hit me with an obedience quirk. Kacchan told me to shut up and I couldn't even open my mouth."


Aizawa stiffened, then let his forehead drop to his desk. "It's always you. Why is it always you? Or Bakugo I guess, but honestly, this is getting ridiculous Midoriya."


"Your guess is as good as mine, sir." He replied. He supposed it could have something to do with being All Might's successor, but that typically didn't factor into the lesser bullshit like Gentle Criminal or the fartknocker who quirked him on the train.


Aizawa paused to collect himself. "First you should see Recovery Girl. While you're there, I'll look for people who used their train pass on your line this morning who have mental quirks so that we can figure out the conditions of the quirk. I would...avoid telling the class unless absolutely necessary. Ashido would have a field day wringing gossip out of you," he sighed. Izuku paled dramatically. He hadn't even considered that.


"Excellent point. No one can know."


"Unless?" Aizawa prodded. Izuku stared at him blankly and he sighed tiredly. "Unless it is a direct threat to your health or mental wellbeing. And this goes without saying, but you are forbidden from leaving campus until the quirk is released. The amount of information about heroes you hold in that thick skull is your most easily weaponized asset, followed closely by your freakishly overpowered quirk. You could obliterate cities with your fists and society itself with your knowledge, so you will not take a single step outside of school grounds until you can't be weaponized by a villain with a simple verbal command."


And that in itself was a verbal command, so Izuku would undoubtedly obey. "Yes, sir."


"Good. Now go see Recovery Girl. I'll contact you when I have more information."


Izuku sincerely hoped that he'd have more information soon.