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Deku Enchanted

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Izuku never doubted that Katsuki would best Shinsou. He was smart and he was fierce. Without any teammates to back him up, Shinsou didn't really stand a chance, especially since Katsuki knew not to respond. But he put up an impressive fight—refusing to back down until Katsuki had him completely pinned.


"Fuckin' capture weapon is a goddamn nuisance," Katsuki grumbled, helping Shinsou up.


"I made some improvements. Less malleable when introduced to heat. I was kinda hoping to test it against Todoroki."


"What, I'm not hot enough for you?" Katsuki huffed, shoving his shoulder lightly as they walked to the "time out" center where their fallen teammates were waiting to head back to observation.


"Temperature-wise, sure, but the heat from combustion hits different. Todoroki's fire is more steady. If you're talking about something else, don't even go there. If I even thought about it I'd be Detroit Smashed into the stratosphere," Shinsou replied, sly and slow. His eyes slid to Katsuki in his periphery.


Katsuki sighed. "What gave us away?"


"Were you trying to be subtle? The soft, adoring look you gave him after he said you wouldn't let him eat garbage? Dead giveaway. You are neither soft nor adoring. You're lucky Neito was two seconds from a bitch fit, otherwise, it would have been broadcast for the entire campus."


"Well, fuck you too," Katsuki grumbled. "What about the quirk?"


"Sometime between when you told him to drop Neito and when you told him to get in position. He looked like he wanted to tear him a new one, it surprised me that he dropped him without driving the point home. He's pretty feral when people insult you."


Katsuki went pink. "Shut up."


" that one of the things you like about him?" Shinsou asked incredulously. Well, it was hard to tell if he was incredulous. His voice stayed deadpan no matter how he felt on the inside. "When he looks like a straight-up demon?"


"If it means the fight's gonna be good, yeah," Katsuki shrugged. "Once he said I make him stronger. S'hot."


"You two are certifiable," he insisted.


Katsuki scoffed. "Most of the idiots who have the fuckin' nerve to breathe the same air as me think of their partners as weaknesses. What I've got is way fuckin' better."


"That was romantic," Shinsou replied, probably in shock. "What the fuck, dude. You're supposed to be aloof and disdainful, that's why I'm your friend. To balance out Midoriya's endless parade of sunshine and rainbows. You can't do this."


"Bitch please," Katsuki barked. "The only time I see you awake and alert is when Denki's ass is in the vicinity. Keeping your eyes open for more than five minutes is basically your version of a fuckin' sonnet. Don't try that shit with me."


Shinsou actually stopped in his tracks. "What the f—"


"Were you trying to be subtle?" Katsuki mocked. Shinsou gaped at him. "Snap out of it, Walking Dead, we gotta move."


Shinsou followed behind him quietly for about a minute before the next questions came rolling in. "Why haven't you told anyone that you're dating?"


"Because we don't want anyone up our asses about it for a while," Katsuki replied after a thoughtful pause. "We've known each other our entire lives but only in two very specific contexts that are really fuckin' different than what we're doing now. We wanna figure that shit out before we put it all on display like we're fuckin' zoo animals."


Shinsou seemed to accept that. He knew what the hero course could be like when there was something new and not life-threatening to freak out over. "Why haven't you told anyone about the quirk?" he pressed.


"Deku has some shit in his life that he doesn't wanna broadcast, and some of our classmates are the nosiest shits on the fuckin' planet. He's pretty private, and Pinky and Invisalign would be on him like white on rice if they realized they could get him to open up. Especially after that fuckin' date with Kirby," Katsuki explained. "They already commanded him to basically let them read his fuckin' diary."


"That's...a good point," he muttered. "Well, good luck with that. And congrats, or whatever."




Katsuki's demeanor completely shifted when he laid eyes on Izuku. "Told you to fuckin' pay attention nerd!" Katsuki bellowed over the remaining distance. Izuku jumped and spun around, immediately abandoning his conversation with Kaminari.


"Sorry, Kacchan!" Izuku replied sheepishly when they approached. "Got distracted. Tsuburaba said some...interesting things."


Katsuki frowned and opened his mouth to ask exactly what he'd said, but Izuku shot him an anxious glance that clearly said 'please god, no'. "So you just fuckin' drop your defense? You gonna do that if a villain tells you that he likes to have tea parties or some shit?"


Izuku looked affronted. "Of course not!" he snapped. "Don't be a dick, Kacchan. I haven't gotten distracted in a battle sim since last year, give me a break!"


"We went over this, I don't give breaks. I give you a break now and in a year I'll have to fuckin' bury you. Stay sharp, asshole."


"I already apologized, so you can stop barking at me like a constipated pomeranian now," Izuku seethed. "It was an honest mistake. Besides, Tsu and I rescued all of the hostages without getting a scratch on us, then I took out Monoma and Shiozaki on my own, so I pretty much carried you this time around."


"What the fuck did you just say to me?"


"Oh are your explosions finally damaging your ears? Like I warned you they might years ago? Because I was speaking pretty clearly—"


"Listen, bitch, last week I had to carry you off the field when you went down. Then you fuckin' stood there when I blasted you at full force and I thought you'd fuckin' died."


"Those weren't my fault!" he yelled. "Neither of those was because I let my guard down, Kacchan, and you know that—"


"HEY!" Kaminari yelled. "What the fuck? Take it down, Jesus Christ!"


"What the fuck ever," Katsuki snapped, turning to stalk away toward the observation center. Shinsou stared after him, blinking in shock. What the fuck? How did he go from romantic and soft to a full-on nuclear shouting match?


"Uh..." Tsuburaba faltered. "I can carry Monoma back," he said awkwardly. "Someone wanna grab Asui and Yaomomo? Shiozaki already headed back."


"I've got Momo if someone can grab Tsu," Izuku replied absently, still staring after Katsuki with a troubled frown.


"I'll get Asui, I needed to talk to you anyway," Shinso offered. The rest of the group started walking, leaving Shinsou and Izuku alone. He moved toward the tiny frog lady and picking her up delicately. "For someone so badass, she's fuckin' tiny," he muttered.


"Hmm," Izuku acknowledged, clearly not paying attention. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, tapping rapidly. He stared at the screen, waiting for a response.


"We need to go, Midoriya, they need to reset the field," Shinsou prodded. Izuku looked up at him, studying him thoughtfully.


"You figured it out, right?" he murmured. "Not the quirk, that's obvious. But that Kacchan and I—"


"Yeah," he confirmed. "Yeah, we talked about it on the way over. He was so chill before we got here that it freaked me out. It surprised me when you both blew up like that," he admitted.


"Me too," Izuku replied, glancing at his phone. "But I didn't really do anything wrong. I'd be beating myself up about it if I had. I don't think it was a real argument." His phone buzzed, and his eyes snapped back down. "Ah, yeah. Kaminari's been getting suspicious. He saw an opportunity to throw him off and took it. Still sucked, though," he said, showing Shinsou his phone.


'yea sry, trying to throw chargedolt off. you suck @ lying so i went 4 it. tlk abt it l8r.'


"Damn. You might need to apologize. You went in on him," Shinsou said, hefting Asui up a bit higher.


"Hell no," Izuku frowned. "He didn't warn me. He just went for the throat with no warning. I responded in kind. It took a long time to grow this spine, I'm not gonna bend over just because we're dating. Besides, I think he'd like me less that way."


Shinsou shook his head. "The weird thing is that you're right," he muttered. "He literally said that when we were walking over."


Izuku gave him a hesitant look. "What did he say?"


"Really?" he replied immediately. "You're gonna make me talk about emotions and romance? Why? Why are you both doing this to me?"


"C'mon, please?" he pouted. His greatest weapon. Shinsou sighed.


"Fine. He said that he likes that you don't think he's your weakness. He likes it when you get all scary and combative, even if it's against him."


Izuku flushed. "That's...really sweet."


"You two are so weird and gross," Shinsou complained. "Grab Yaomomo, dude, we gotta get going."


Izuku complied, barely noticing the order washing over him as he smiled softly. Katsuki gave him a weird look when he got back to the observation center. He'd made his face as blank as possible, but Katsuki could usually read him pretty damn well—the first two weeks of this quirk incident excluded. Apparently, he was expecting him to still be pissy. He wasn't wrong—that petty fight had slapped him out of nowhere—but the affection was definitely stronger than the irritation and to Katsuki, it showed.


Kaminari seemed spooked though, so it seemed like Katsuki's ruse had worked. His eyes were darting between the two of them as he whispered to Ashido, who was frowning deeply. "Hey Midoriya!" she called. "Come over here!"


He sighed, but obliged. "What's up?"


"You and Blasty okay? Denks said things got a little heated. I thought whatever weird argument went on between you two last week was over."


He smiled thinly. "Just a disagreement. We'll work it out, don't worry."


Mina's frown deepened, clearly thrown by his cool response and fake smile. "If you're sure, I guess."


"No way, dude, you went off at him. He was out of line, too, but damn dude I've never heard you talk to him like that—"


"Just because you've never heard it, doesn't mean it hasn't happened," he interrupted. "I appreciate your concern, but it's none of your business. We'll resolve it eventually, so please stay out of it."


They both flinched back at his tone and he felt kinda bad, but Ashido's interference had already done some damage this month, and Kaminari's prodding was starting to get to him. After a long, silent moment, he gave them an awkward wave and moved to the observation screens to watch the rest of the battles.


His phone buzzed again, and he fished it out of his pocket. 'U good nerd?'


'yea i'm fine."


'mad @ me?'


'...a little. but not rly.'


'meet me after class?' Katsuki asked. Izuku spared him a glance, giving him a quick nod. Katsuki typed something else out, and his phone vibrated again a second later. 'think of me till then.'


That motherfucker. He looked up again, narrowing his eyes. Behind Katsuki's resting bitch face, there was a tiny flash of mischief. He glared a little harder before turning back to the monitors, focusing his mind on the gut-punch Katsuki would be receiving after class. His phone vibrated again.


His phone vibrated again. 'not what i meant, deku. think about what we were doing before aizawa caught us.'


Well shit. He took a deep breath through his nose and pushed it back out through his mouth as he remembered the feeling of Katsuki's hands sliding up and under his shirt, stroking heat into his skin as their tongued tangled. He could not believe he was about to pop another boner right here in the observation room.


When was the last time he went through a full school day without getting unforgivably horny? Too long. And he wished he could be mad at Katsuki for it, but he was dating Katsuki and way too excited about it.


He could practically feel the way Katsuki's lips had fit against his own—the memory so vivid that it made his spine tingle.


By the time they were done with training, he was chomping at the bit. He finished showering and changing in record time before racing back to the dorm, throwing a hasty apology to his classmates since he wasn't waiting for them to finish changing.


He shut himself in his room as soon as he got back, grabbing his phone out of his pocket to tell Katsuki exactly what he thought of that particular order, but was met with another one.


'wait for me & don't touch urself'


FUCK. He tossed his phone on his desk before collapsing back on his bed, throwing his arm over his eyes as he tried to ignore his dick, which was fighting the zipper of his pants for dominance.


The moment he heard a knock at his door, he was yanking it open. He wasn't sure, but he'd moved so fast that he might have activated his quirk in his haste. Katsuki was on the other side, smirking at him and Izuku lunged.


"Not in your room. I meant it, Deku, never in your room," Katsuki protested, stepping back. "C'mon."


Izuku followed him obediently. "For someone who gets on me about my grades all the time, you sure like making it impossible for me to retain information in class," he muttered out of the corner of his mouth. The corners of Katsuki's lips twitched. "Mean, Kacchan."


"You keep saying that, but you keep trying to suck my tongue straight out of my mouth," Katsuki replied, quiet and smug. "A couple of hours ago you were fuckin' humping me on school property—"


"Don't say that like you weren't an active participant," Izuku scolded, blushing furiously. They reached Katsuki's room, and Izuku was pulled inside hastily.


"Didn't say I didn't like it, Deku," he replied, pushing Izuku towards the bed. "S'fuckin' hot. Almost as hot as you yelling at me," he breathed, reaching for the buckle on Izuku's belt as he buried his face in Izuku's neck brushing his mouth over the skin at the ridge of his shirt collar.


"Yeah, well you were being a jerk," he muttered shakily, hands going up to grip at Katsuki's shoulders, whining when he pulled back to look at him seriously.


"We should have talked about it first," Katsuki admitted. "And this is what I meant about consent. You were pissed earlier, and I fucked with it by ordering you to think about us necking on the roof. Are you actually down to screw around right now? Answer honestly."


Izuku glared. "Yes. I was mad at the moment because it surprised me, but I got over it. But I will break your arms if you stop right now."


"Fuck, I'd say you didn't need to threaten me, but you're hot when you're mad," Katsuki replied, sounding almost breathy with excitement.


"See? It's not just me," Izuku joked, gasping when Katsuki yanked his belt off.


"Yeah, well it's been pointed out that we're fuckin' weird," Katsuki mumbled, flicking open the button on Izuku's pants and pulling his shirt out of the waistband. "Get your shirt off," he ordered, already tugging his zipper down.


He might have actually torn his shirt in his rush to obey. Katsuki's mouth was on his nipple less than a second later, biting down harder than he expected and wringing a needy cry out of him. His hips shuttled further forward, pressing into Katsuki's hands and Katsuki took that opportunity to slide his fingers slid under his waistband to push his pants over and off his hips. Izuku moaned a little too loudly when his hot hand gripped him through his boxers. "Lower the volume nerd. We don't want to traumatize Octo-Eavesdropper even more," he grinned against Izuku's chest. Izuku flushed in embarrassment.


His embarrassment was completely forgotten when Katsuki sunk to his knees. "Kacchan?"


"You wanna be sitting or standing?" Katsuki asked, looking up at him from where he knelt. His knees were already weak, just from the sight of Katsuki kneeling in front of him, so the answer was pretty clear—especially if this was going where he thought it was going.


"Sitting," he breathed, and Katsuki shoved him back a few inches so that the backs of his knees hit the bed, and he dropped into a seated position, completely malleable to Katsuki's whims. "Kacchan—"


"I want to suck you fuckin' dry," Katsuki growled, mouthing at his erection through his boxers. Izuku short-circuited. "Fuck, I love it when you bitch back at me, I almost fucked you right there on the training ground. You want me to blow you, Zuku?"


Of course, all of this was said with Katsuki's face literally in Izuku's crotch—hot breath washing over him as his deep voice physically rumbled through him—so all Izuku could really do was whine desperately and clutch at Katsuki's hair as he trembled in anticipation.


"That's not an answer," he said, turning his head to nip at Izuku's thigh, grinning as his muscles spasmed in response. 


"Yes, please Kacchan, please please please please," he begged, lifting his hips when Katsuki started tugging his boxers down. The relief he felt when his cock bobbed free was short-lived—he barely caught his breath before Katsuki's mouth wrapped around him and sank down, sucking insistently as he went.


He knew he was making noise—maybe even words—but he couldn't find the mind to pay attention. The heat and the pressure and his tongue had stolen the lungs out of his chest and between the struggle to breathe properly and resisting the urge to thrust into Katsuki's mouth, he had no idea what to do to himself except moan like a whore and writhe.


Katsuki wrapped a hand around his balls, running a thumb over them and Izuku's control slipped—hand tightening and hips thrusting. He hit the back of his throat and expected Katsuki to gag or pull away. Neither of those things happened. Instead, he moaned. The sound was dark and rough and it felt like thunder rolling through him. "Fuck!" he cried when Katuski pressed closer, fucking his own mouth open on Izuku's dick. "Feels so good, Kacchan, oh fuck—" he fell back, using the improved leverage to arch off the bed.


Katsuki's hands found his hips, keeping him still. For a second Izuku thought he might have pushed too far and he pushed up on his elbows to look down at him, but Katsuki looked him in the eye before taking him all the way down, pretty lips resting against the base of his dick while his hips were caught in a vice grip. Control. Katsuki wanted control.


Or he wanted to be fought for control.


Izuku's grip tightened again, yanking Katsuki's head up and off. "You intentionally pissed me off today, Kacchan, you think I'm just gonna be your good little slut like yesterday?" he demanded. Katsuki grinned at him, licking a broad stripe along his dick which he'd foolishly left within tongue's reach.


"You gonna do something about it?" he asked and oh his voice was unfair—rougher and raspier but still deep and harsh and Izuku wanted to find out just how gravelly he could make it.


"Open your mouth," he panted.


"Make me," Katsuki goaded back. Izuku ignored the brief crackle of green that flared out at the challenge. He cupped Katsuki's jaw and pressed down at it's hinge—pressure increasing each second he kept his jaw shut.


"Open your mouth, bitch," he snapped, pleased when Katsuki's breathing stuttered and his eyes darkened. Katsuki's mouth fell open, tongue flicking out to lave at the pre-come on his tip. He gave his hair a sharp yank of rebuke and Katsuki whined. How the fuck was this his life now? "Put your hands on my calves," he instructed, groaning as he took his cock in hand and placed the tip on Katsuki's lower lip. "And don't touch yourself. I'll finish you off later when you've earned it—"


Katsuki's fingers curled around his calves, burning almost too hot and gripping hard. "What're you punishing me?" he asked brushing his lips over the head of Izuku's cock. "Thought you weren't mad, nerd—"


"Not mad anymore," he corrected, pulling Katsuki's head forward and sliding his cock inside. "Still didn't like being yelled at in front of our future colleagues," he reprimanded shakily, stuttering out a moan as he pulled Katsuki's head further down. "So good, Kacchan," he whined. "God, you were right, this feels amazing. Look at me," he groaned when Katsuki looked up through his ridiculously long eyelashes to meet his gaze.


Fuck, he was so pretty. That's something he should say out loud. "So pretty, Kacchan," he purred breathlessly. "Suck for me, yeah—oh fuck," he fought the urge to throw his head back, intent on watching Katsuki's cheeks hollow around his length. "Feels so good—you're so beautiful, Kacchan." He started guiding Katsuki's head, watching delightedly as his cock disappeared into Katuki's mouth over and over again. The sight would be seared into his memory—his boyfriend Katsuki Bakugou on his knees with his mouth full of his dick. What the fuck had even happened in the last 48 hours for him to be blessed with this specific scenario?


He got lost in the slick glide of Katsuki's mouth and the insistent stroke of his tongue of his now glistening cock, eventually falling back again to regain the leverage he needed to get himself off. He was straight up fucking his face now, pushing his head down and thrusting up in equal measure; body quaking each time he felt Katsuki's throat close over the tip of his dick.


When one of Katsuki's hands left his calves, he propped himself up. "Did I say you could—" he broke off with a stuttering gasp when Katsuki ran a finger through the saliva that wet his chin before pushed his hand beneath Izuku's legs so that he could press the now wet digit against Izuku's asshole. "Kacchan—oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" he cried, hips arching off the bed as he came when Katsuki's finger pushed inside him and the suction on his dick doubled down.


Katsuki moaned around him, drinking down every last drop and then waiting—mouth still full of Izuku's dick as he wheezed on the bed above him. He ran his tongue along it almost soothingly, but it made Izuku shake and tremble. Izuku pulled him off, reaching down to grab the front of his shirt and drag him on top of him, whining when Katsuki's finger slipped out of him as he went. "Enjoy yourself, nerd?" he asked, absently wiping his chin with his sleeve.


Izuku barely registered the question—eyes fixed on Katuski's swollen mouth. He grabbed Katsuki's tie and dragged him in, kissing him hungrily. "So good," he murmured. "C'mere," he instructed, repositioning them so that Izuku could slump against the pillows. "Pants, Kacchan," he frowned, fumbling with the belt. Katsuki rolled his eyes and climbed back off of him, shrugging out of his shirt and tugging his pants off as fast as he could before climbing back over him.


He grunted in surprise when Izuku tugged him down next to him, slipping an arm under his shoulder and sliding that hand into his hair to kiss him languidly. He moaned low and rough when Izuku's hand curled around his length and began to stroke him. "So good for me, Kacchan," he breathed, against his mouth. "Your turn."


Katsuki pressed their lips back together, rutting into Izuku's hand desperately as he chased his orgasm. Each thrust into Izuku's fist pushed the head of his dick into Izuku's stomach, leaving pre-come behind with each move. That thought curled into his brain and took root—something needy and possessive that made him want to mark him up and stake his claim. Maybe a remnant of watching Izuku get so distracted by the Solid Air extra that he'd let Shinsou get the drop on him.


Izuku whined when Katsuki pulled their mouths apart, but it quickly turned into a delighted moan when Katsuki dug his teeth into his shoulder. He came hard all over Izuku's stomach when he returned the favor—the surprise of Izuku's teeth grinding into his skin snapping the frantic tension in his body faster than he'd thought possible.


Izuku found Katsuki's lips again and kissed him lazily, removing his hand from his spent cock and wrapping it around his waist to drag him closer instead. Katsuki's satisfied moan felt like a purr—trembling through both of them lazily as their brains slowly rebooted.


"Sorry for yelling at you or whatever," Katsuki mumbled eventually, nibbling on Izuku's lip.


"Sorry for surrendering," he replied absently, preoccupied with how soft Katsuki's skin was as he stroked circles into his back with his thumb. "Tsuburaba caught me off guard."


"Don't fuckin' talk about other people right after I suck your dick," Katsuki scolded, pulling back. Izuku didn't let him get far, holding firm.


"What's the matter?" he frowned. "What did I say?"


"Getting distracted by some fuckin' extra isn't really your style, fucker," he grumbled.


Izuku did the mental math—it took some time because there was a missing variable—and finally got there. "He wasn't hitting on me. He distracted me by telling me that there are people in Class B who watch our relationship like a K-Drama. They ship us."


"The ship us?" he squinted, confused. Izuku smiled fondly. Fandom wasn't Katsuki's preferred form of media consumption so naturally, he didn't know shit about it. "The fuck does that mean?"


"It means they don't know if we're gay, but they think we'd make a cute couple," he explained patiently. "It took me by surprise. He caught me off guard by telling me that your ability to break me out of brainwash was "so homosexual". Apparently, the development of our relationship has been a compelling and eye-catching narrative that they've become invested in."


"That's creepy as fuck," Katsuki insisted, eyes narrowing. "What the hell?"


"It doesn't usually happen with real people," Izuku agreed. "It's meant for franchises and anime and books. That's why it caught me off guard."


Katsuki's brow furrowed before he groaned and pushed his face into Izuku's neck. "Now I just feel like an asshole. And like I should probably start blowing up the spare class one by one."


"You are an asshole," Izuku agreed mildly. "A possessive one, apparently. Not gonna lie, that's kinda hot too."




"No, you."