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Deku Enchanted

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By 8 am, and Izuku already knew that today was gonna be complete and utter bullshit. He had decided to visit his mother for the weekend, so that meant he would need to wake up by 6 am in order to make it back to campus on time for class.


He woke up at 7:30. Then missed his train at 8. Then he crashed into someone so hard that his bag split and his books went flying.


By 10 am, he knew the entire week was gonna suck.


On the bright side, Yaomomo was kind enough to make him a new backpack when he stumbled into class an hour late clutching his stacks of loose-leaf nonsense and the ripped bag.


On the downside, he hadn't realized that the asshole who had slammed into him on the train had also hit him with his quirk without warning him about the effects. He packed up his new bag quickly—he wanted to use the lunch hour to run back to the dorms for a change of clothes. His uniform had gotten dirty during the fall, and he had landed in something that smelled kinda weird. He just wanted clean clothes. He practically sprinted from the room in his attempt to make it to the dorms and back in time for his afternoon classes.


"Deku, wait!" He heard Uraraka yell after him, and he jolted to a stop so suddenly that he nearly fell over. "Woah, are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to run and grab a change of clothes. I when I fell and split my bag this morning I think I landed in something gross." He replied, wrinkling his nose. She paused, then her nose scrunched up.


"I think you're right. You'll miss lunch though."


"I'll grab a protein bar on my way back." He shrugged. "But if I wanna have time I gotta go now."


"Yeah, okay. Go get changed." She smiled at him. His body sprang into action almost too fast, and he raced away from her.


"Later!" He yelled over his shoulder. 


Honestly, it was a testament to how poorly his day was going that he hadn't realized what was happening yet.


It hit him like a freight train in his first class of the afternoon. Fundamental Hero Studies was his favorite class (obviously), and as such he tended to...well, you know. Mutter the entire time. It's not like he meant to do it, but his "nerd brain" couldn't contain the "sheer fucking volume of thoughts without shutting down his verbal filter in the process". Katsuki's words, not his.


So, just like every other day, Izuku mumbled up a storm and about fifteen minutes later (a drastic increase from the measly three minutes he would have gotten in their first year), Katsuki turned to him and snapped. "Shut the fuck up nerd! I can barely hear myself think!"


And Izuku's jaw practically sealed itself shut. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't open his mouth to speak. Thankfully, he wasn't called on during the lesson, but that didn't mean he hadn't tried to participate. He just couldn't.


'What the hell?' He pondered as he tried to open his mouth to produce words—or even just a sound. But he couldn't. He had been hit with some kind of quirk. As he ran through his day, he realized just what type of quirk he was dealing with.


If his slightly panicked analysis was accurate, he was currently under the influence of an obedience quirk.




He packed slowly after classes let out for the day, waving his friends ahead when they paused to wait for him. He gestured to Aizawa and they nodded, disappearing out the door. When the last of the stragglers left he practically threw himself on Aizawa's desk, much to the alarm of the sleeping bag clad teacher.


"What do you need Midoriya?" Aizawa asked, eyeing him warily.


Izuku gestured at his throat frantically. Aizawa lifted an impatient eyebrow. "Spit it out, problem child. I have places to be."


Izuku gasped in relief. "Oh thank god. I was in a quirk accident this morning and didn't realize until like two hours ago."


Aizawa was immediately on alert. "What kind of quirk accident? Are you hurt?"


"No, but I am a security risk at the moment. When I was coming back from my mom's I crashed into someone on the train and I think they hit me with an obedience quirk. Kacchan told me to shut up and I couldn't even open my mouth."


Aizawa stiffened, then let his forehead drop to his desk. "It's always you. Why is it always you? Or Bakugo I guess, but honestly, this is getting ridiculous Midoriya."


"Your guess is as good as mine, sir." He replied. He supposed it could have something to do with being All Might's successor, but that typically didn't factor into the lesser bullshit like Gentle Criminal or the fartknocker who quirked him on the train.


Aizawa paused to collect himself. "First you should see Recovery Girl. While you're there, I'll look for people who used their train pass on your line this morning who have mental quirks so that we can figure out the conditions of the quirk. I would...avoid telling the class unless absolutely necessary. Ashido would have a field day wringing gossip out of you," he sighed. Izuku paled dramatically. He hadn't even considered that.


"Excellent point. No one can know."


"Unless?" Aizawa prodded. Izuku stared at him blankly and he sighed tiredly. "Unless it is a direct threat to your health or mental wellbeing. And this goes without saying, but you are forbidden from leaving campus until the quirk is released. The amount of information about heroes you hold in that thick skull is your most easily weaponized asset, followed closely by your freakishly overpowered quirk. You could obliterate cities with your fists and society itself with your knowledge, so you will not take a single step outside of school grounds until you can't be weaponized by a villain with a simple verbal command."


And that in itself was a verbal command, so Izuku would undoubtedly obey. "Yes, sir."


"Good. Now go see Recovery Girl. I'll contact you when I have more information."


Izuku sincerely hoped that he'd have more information soon.

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So far, nothing had gone drastically wrong. He wasn't super fond of suddenly having his free will yanked away but luckily, his classmates didn't tend to order him around.


They were just a little careless with their phrasing sometimes.


Right now he was helping Sato cook—given the simple task of chopping vegetables. "Hey, grab that for me Midoriya?" Sato pointed at the rice cooker.


Izuku had immediately dropped the knife and sliced his finger, but grabbed the rice cooker. "Here you go," he replied tightly.


"Oh my god," Sato cried, tossing the rice cooker on the counter to grab Izuku's hand. "What happened?"


"It's fine!" Izuku laughed. "I nicked myself on the knife. I was just gonna tell you that I'm gonna run and bandage it up."


"You do that," he replied seriously, and Izuku had to obey—springing into action.


"I'll be back in a minute!" he called over his shoulder, trying to make his hasty retreat seem less strange. Unfortunately, he was intercepted on his way to his room.


"What the hell did you do, you damn Deku!" Katsuki snapped, grabbing the back of his hoodie as he tried to get to the elevator. Suddenly, he was unable to complete Sato's order, and discomfort—something almost painful—punched through him as he struggled in Katsuki's grip. "Why are you being so fuckin' weird, just let me look at it, nerd!" he snapped. "You're dripping blood everywhere."


And it seemed that Katsuki's command overrode Sato's because the discomfort abated and he went limp in Katsuki's grip. Katsuki gave him a weird look, but took Izuku's hand and studied the cut. "What happened?"


"Nicked my finger with the knife while I was cutting veggies," he replied dutifully.


"Clumsy ass nerd," he grumbled. "C'mere. Why didn't you just use the first aid kit in the common room?"


He followed behind Katsuki as ordered and allowed himself to be pushed on the couch while the explosive blonde calmly unearthed a first aid kit from the cupboard. He'd be more upset about the whole thing but lately, he'd been unearthing these rare moments where Katsuki was so soft, and he really couldn't resist them.


Like now, where Katsuki gingerly held up his hand to swab Izuku's finger with antisceptic—grip a little firm to keep him from squirming at the sting, but still so gentle that Izuku wanted to hold his breath, just in case a stray inhale broke the spell.


So yeah, he was ass-over-mouth in love with Katsuki. What the fuck about it? It's not like he felt the same way. He was just finally accepting that they were friends and maybe taking muscle relaxants with his protein shakes. No big deal.


"Gonna use liquid bandage and a cloth wrap," Katsuki muttered. "Especially since you're gonna go back to fucking cook, aren't you? Last thing you need is fuckin' food to get stuck under a shitty band-aid."


"Of course, Kacchan," Izuku nodded, docile.


"There," he grumbled a few moments later. "Now you're not flinging blood everywhere. Don't fuckin' cut yourself, Deku. Pay attention to what you're doing."


Izuku felt the commands wash over him. Oh, that was interesting. Could Katsuki command him to not injure himself? What would happen if he broke the command? There was a certain degree of inevitability when it came to injury in heroics—would it affect his training?


"Oi!" Katsuki snapped, flicking him on the forehead. "You start mumbling and I'll blast your face off. I was asking if you'd studied for Calc yet."


Izuku shook his head, a little dazed. "No, not yet." Katsuki glared at him.


"The quiz is tomorrow, dumbfuck," he growled. "When the fuck were you planning on studying?"


"Right after dinner!" Izuku replied, affronted. "And I'm good at Calc! I'm more worried about the essay for Mic-sensei's class."


"You're better at English than Calc," Katsuki insisted. "How are you supposed to keep up with me if you don't study—" he put the tip of his finger on the very top of Izuku's cheekbone, right under his eye, and dragged it downward. "Or sleep?" Ah. So he was emphasizing Izuku's eyebags.




"I'm an insomniac, Kacchan, it's not like I don't try to sleep," Izuku grumbled.


"It would be easier if you got in bed earlier."


"What are you, my mother?" Izuku cried. "Let me live!"




Izuku gently pushed Katsuki back and stood. "I'm gonna finish helping with dinner. If you're so worried about my Calc scores, quiz me after."


"Who said I was worried!" Katsuki barked. Izuku raised an unimpressed eyebrow and Katsuki flipped him off in response. "Go fuck yourself."


Oh no. Oh nooooooo.


Izuku began moving towards the bathroom at a speed that neither boy had anticipated. "Where the fuck are you going?"


"I need to use the bathroom," Izuku barked over his shoulder, frustration forcing more sass into his tone than was strictly necessary. "Do you need to come verify?"


"I'm gonna kill you, nerd!"


"Not if I kill myself first out of sheer embarrassment," Izuku muttered as he sped away to address his brand new inappropriate boner.


It hadn't even been a day, and he was already 100% ready to be done with this quirk.

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He realized pretty quickly that keeping this a secret was going to be a problem. Izuku had never really noticed how many times a day Katsuki said the words "go fuck yourself".


"Hey, Deku!" Uraraka slid up to his desk, smiling sweetly. Izuku smiled back fondly. "How did you feel about the essay?" It was Wednesday now, and the two days had passed at a glacial pace.


"Fine," he replied. "But now there's the Lit test tomorrow and it's gonna suck." He was packing his bag.


"Oh, I'm really comfortable with the Lit material!" she said, bouncing excitedly on the balls of her feet. "Study with me!"


He jolted with the command, but he was already getting used to the effects enough that he could hold out on obeying until he got specifics. "Sure! When?" he replied, slightly strained. He wasn't sure, but he thought he saw Katsuki tense in front of him.


"I'm meeting Tsu in the library right after class. Meet us by the locker rooms after training! We can walk over together."


Another order.


"Sounds good," he smiled at her. She flounced away and he sagged in his seat, tempted to slam his head on the desk hard enough to knock himself out for the rest of the week. It had only been two days since he'd been hit with the quirk and he was mentally, physically, and sexually exhausted. He was pretty sure he was gonna get a blister on his dick if Katsuki told him to go fuck himself one more time, and he was not looking forward to the experience.


Maybe he should start carrying lube. Just for the chafing obviously.


This quirk was bullshit.


At least Katsuki had stopped yelling "die" whenever he was angry. That would have presented a real problem.


Speaking of Katsuki, as soon as Uraraka had left, the blonde had spun around in his seat to glare at him. "Kacchan?"


"Did you fuckin' forget about training, dipshit? We're scheduled for practice drills with Black Whip on Ground Gamma for three fuckin' hours after school."


He hadn't forgotten, obviously, but it wasn't like he had an option here. "Uh, y-yeah, I must have forgotten. It's been a weird week."


Katsuki squinted at him, and Izuku felt like he was under an x-ray. "Well tell Kirby that you have fuckin' plans because I'm not rescheduling a three-hour training for you to go flirt with your floaty girlfriend."


Izuku was grateful for the counter-order until he registered what Katsuki said. Then he spluttered, bringing out his phone to obey Katsuki's command via text while he simultaneously tried to object to Katsuki's statement. "I don't flirt with Uraraka, and she's not my girlfriend—" That was literally the last thing he wanted Katsuki to think.


But Katsuki was already packing up his bag. "Yeah, definitely seems like she knows that," he drawled, a nasty edge to his tone.


"We're just friends!" he insisted, but Katsuki was already on his way out the door. His phone buzzed, and he looked down.


'Meet up with us after!'


Izuku's spine tingled. Great. So he could be ordered around via text, too. Spectacular. At least if it were an auditory stimulus he could avoid it by avoiding proximity. Was he supposed to ditch his phone? He sighed and texted Aizawa with the update. He got a response almost immediately.


'Of course u couldnt get the simple qrk. Need nap, will txt l8er'


Honestly, he could relate to Aizawa's fatigue on a molecular level. He was tired of his own bullshit, so he could only imagine how handling it as a third party who just wanted to have a normal Thursday would feel. Would being hounded by Ashido for gossip really be the worst-case scenario here?


Well, for one thing, she could demand to know who his crush was. And there was no way on God's green earth he was going to put himself in a position to reveal that. So yeah, unless he wanted to die by a fiery explosion, he had to keep his fat mouth shut.


Izuku heaved a sigh and went about putting away his notes. Maybe he could eat lunch on the roof away from people. No people sounded like a pretty good deal right now. People were fucking pushy.


By the end of the day, he was pretty much ready to go to bed. But noooooo. No, he had three more hours of OFA training and then he was meeting Uraraka for a study group because he couldn't say no.


To say that he took his frustration out in training was an understatement. After he demolished his third building, Katsuki snapped. "Jesus Christ nerd, you're supposed to be training Black Whip not Full Cowling. What the fuck is wrong with you? Chill the fuck out!"


And like magic, all the tension in Izuku's body drained. Fuck Katsuki for being so demanding. But also bless Katsuki for always knowing what he needed. He felt like a noodle. A ragdoll on puppet strings.


"Sorry, Kacchan. Rough day," he replied, boneless. Katsuki gave him a weird look.


"You good, nerd?" he asked reluctantly.


"I'm having a weird week," he said, looking down at his feet. "More tired than usual."


"Need to stop?" Katsuki asked, giving him another once over.


"Nah, I want to try it without breaking a building. But after this I have that study session and I just wanna go to bed."


"What about the Lit test?"


"I'd rather wake up early and study. I don't think I'll actually learn anything tonight. Brain's too fuzzy."


"So tell Round Face you're too tired, idiot. Why would you agree to a study plan that doesn't work for you?" he snapped.


Izuku sighed with relief when Katsuki made his demand. "I dunno. Don't want to disappoint anyone?"


"That's stupid, nerd. Sometimes you gotta look out for yourself," he grumbled. "You can't just go around trying to please everyone at the expense of your own fuckin' needs."


"What's the hold up, boys!" All Might's voice jolted them out of their little bubble.


"I was asking Deku why he was blowing up the buildings instead of saving the hostages, and he was explaining why he's being an idiot," Katsuki drawled. Izuku smacked his shoulder.


"Sorry, All Might," Izuku flushed. "I'm not at the top of my game. Can we reset the hostage run? I wanna do it again properly."


"Of course, kid. You okay?"


"Just tired and a little frustrated."


"Then we'll wrap up a little early today. We'll do two more runs, and then you can have your evening back. Sound good?" All Might's smile was warm and fond. Izuku smiled back, grateful.


"You sure that's okay? I don't want to skimp out on training," he replied.


"We'll do a little extra over the weekend," he suggested. Izuku nodded. "You take a water break, I'll go reset the hostage dummies in a building that's still standing."


He didn't mind the order this time. He needed a water break—he'd been inhaling the dust of decimated buildings for an hour and a half.


Once All Might had set up the training dummies, Katsuki and Izuku got ready to rumble. Katsuki had been playing villain today while Izuku tried to rescue hostages. "Alright, nerd. Get ready to get your ass kicked."




Izuku turned his back to Katsuki, bent over approximately 45 degrees, and presented his ass to him. Katsuki spluttered. "The fuck are you doing?" he demanded, voice cracking.


Izuku flushed in pure humiliation. He could play this off as sass, right? "Y-you said 'get ready to get m-my ass kicked'," he stuttered. "I'm ready, Kacchan."


"What the fuck nerd?" Was Katsuki's voice raspy? No, that had to be his imagination. Or wishful thinking, but whatever.


"Oh are you not ready? My bad, Kacchan. Maybe next time!" he replied, straightening, activating Full Cowling, and running the fuck away. Katsuki's voice bellowed after him, only delayed by a few moments of utter shock.




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Katsuki did indeed kick Izuku's ass, but Izuku still managed to save the hostage dummies. It was satisfying to know that within the parameters of the exercise, he'd technically won.


He was willing to ignore the black eye in favor of the victory. Even if it had throbbed during his Lit test today. That had been a little distracting. Katsuki had told him to shut up five minutes into the class period though, so it wasn't like he could ask to go to Recovery Girl about it.


Unfortunately, the test was long past. Now they were in hero training, and it had fully hit him that Aizawa had neglected to tell the teachers that there was something wrong with him.


"Show them no mercy, Midoriya!" Midnight yelled over the training field. They were doing three-on-one fights, and Izuku was currently the "one" in that equation.


He was up against Tsuyu, Jirou, and Kirishima. Showing them no mercy was probably a bad idea.


"Uh...are you sure about that?" he yelled, even as One For All flared up over his skin.


"Give them the punishment they deserve! Beat them down until they cry for mercy!" she cackled. Those were two very conflicting orders. Unfortunately, the more concerning order was the last one to come out of her mouth. Beating them down until they cried for mercy was not gonna be a good look for him.


It took a minute for anyone to realize that something was off—the energy that he gave off was almost rabid. Things got a little out of control when he picked up Kirishima and started using him as a bat to literally beat Jirou down. He could hear Katsuki cackling from the sidelines, undoubtedly overshadowing cries of concern from their classmates.


"Midoriya, drop him!" he heard Midnight yell after almost a minute of using Kirishima as a stone club. It was a poor choice of words, because at the moment he was floating a good 25 feet in the air. Luckily, once he'd followed the command he could do whatever he wanted, and he snatched Kirishima out of the air with Black Whip and lowered him gently to the ground. His bloodlust was gone, so he only needed to follow one command at a time. That was also good to know.


"What the hell was that nerd?" Katsuki barked, a little wide-eyed as they limped back to the stands. He reached for Kirishima to support him, and Izuku pointedly ignored the sinking feeling in his gut.


"She told me to go all out," Izuku shrugged.


"I didn't know you had it in you, kiddo!" Midnight cried, slapping him on the back. "You have a sadistic side, don't you? Go ahead, tell us what you like!" she teased.


"I like Katsudon and spending time with my friends. I like to watch Kacchan because he inspires me and the way he exists is beautiful. I like proving that I'm strong so that people feel fear for underestimating me. I think I like getting choked and having my hair pulled, but I'm pretty sure that I'm a switch," Izuku replied immediately before flushing a shade of red that could rival a tomato. "I am so sorry, my brain to m-mouth filter is really b-bad and you c-caught me off guard—" he stuttered, trying to avoid the eyes of everyone around him, especially Katsuki's.


Midnight cackled, and Izuku finally looked up only to find the classmates who were within earshot staring at him with their jaws hanging open. Katsuki looked like he'd been hit by a truck, but he was recovering quickly.


"Jesus, Mido, tell us how you really feel," Sero uttered, a little horrified.


"I feel like this is an inappropriate discussion for battle practicum, and like I just revealed my kinks to my class and I'd like to go delete myself by slamming my head in a locker door," he replied, before slamming his face into his hands. "Okay, I need to go to bed earlier, my brain is not doing its job today."


"Alright, enough picking on Midoriya for today," Midnight sighed. "Even if it is very fun to see him all flustered and uncomfortable."


"Isn't it your turn, Kacchan?" Izuku grumbled from behind his palms.


Katsuki spent another moment looking like he'd been clubbed over the head with Kirishima before snapping out of it with a grin that was just a little less manic than usual. "You bet your ass it is, nerd. Keep your eyes on me, Deku. I'm gonna show you how it's done," he grinned—flashing that heart-stopping manic smile and Izuku had no trouble following that command. He couldn't have looked away even without the quirk.


Katsuki was magnificent, as usual. He was set up against Iida, Tokoyami, and Kaminari and the whole battle was over within ten minutes. He was more brilliant than a firework—blasting too bright for Tokoyami to function and moving too fast for Iida to catch. He had some trouble with Kaminari, but not enough to hold him back for long. He didn't go absolutely nuts as Izuku had, but he only let up when he'd crafted custom craters for each one of his opponents.


Izuku didn't take his eyes off of Katsuki for a single second but honestly, he was pretty chill with it. It would have happened anyway. "That was awesome, Kacchan!" he trilled excitedly when Katsuki returned. Katsuki smirked down at him, taking in his excitement.


"Course it was, nerd. It was me," he replied before sauntering off to scold Kaminari for letting his guard down. Izuku grimaced, still watching. Katsuki hadn't made a new demand, so he was stuck watching him. He didn't want to be too obvious about it, so he moved—positioning himself at the back of the room so that he could watch more inconspicuously.


Honestly, fuck Katsuki for being so goddamn beautiful.


Izuku started to get irritated when no one else made an offhanded command. They'd been accidentally pushing him around all day, and now that he had a command that made him act like a creep he was stuck with it? Unfair as fuck.


It continued past the class period, right into the locker room. Izuku very strongly considered taking his own desires seriously—slamming his head in a locker would be preferable to staring at Katsuki while he stripped down to his boxers.


"Take a picture, nerd. It'll last longer," Katsuki barked. He clearly didn't expect Izuku to fish his phone out of his pocket at lightning speed and actually take a picture of him in his boxers.


Fuck. At least he could look at those abs in his future hospital bed.


"G-good idea, Kacchan," he stuttered into the shocked silence. Every male member of Class A was staring at him in abject shock. "Thanks!" he flashed a peace sign and fled.


He heard the locker room explode with sound as the door swung shut behind him. He was pretty sure there was an actual explosion in there, too.


He was so dead.

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He wasn't entirely sure how he kept surviving his Katsuki-related bisexual disaster moments but here he was, two days later and somehow still breathing.


Granted, he was exhausted and everything about this week was stressing him out, but he was still alive and he had to count his blessings. Another blessing was that the weird tension he'd created by spilling his goddamn kinks in front of the class meant that the classmates who had heard him were avoiding him, and the others seemed to be following suit out of sheer survival instinct.


Katsuki was apparently determined not to be put off by Izuku's sudden dramatic weirdness and had been dragging him to study sessions in the evening. "Get the fuck downstairs, nerd. You need help with Calc, and I'm not doing this shit twice," he'd snarled. "Either you study with the rest of the idiots and get my help, or you don't get my help at all."


"Fine," Izuku had grumbled, shuffling along behind him. That had been an hour ago. Izuku was done studying and was now going over one of his notebooks, analyzing the earlier entries with the new knowledge he'd gained in their Quirk Theory class. He was also trying hard not to stare at the scene across the table from him.


When they'd gotten to the common room, Katsuki had dropped into the seat next to Kirishima. Kirishima, who was clearly already sporting a headache, had dropped his forehead into Katsuki's shoulder and whined about not needing math for heroics. Katsuki had scoffed but had allowed Kirishima to continue resting his head there.


Kirishima was Katsuki's first real friend. And by that, he meant the first person that Katsuki considered a friend, not the first person who thought they were Katsuki's friend. Because the latter was Izuku by a ten-year landslide.


And Izuku had eyes, okay? Kirishima was objectively hot. Izuku had thought about it more than once—how beautiful and openly communicative Katsuki and Kirishima would be as a couple. It was hard not to think about it when they were always all over each other. So yeah, Izuku had a mountain-sized crush on Katsuki, but he had a strong feeling that the blonde had eyes for someone a little more crimson. And that was fine, because Izuku could finally call himself Katsuki's friend without being blown up, and that was totally good enough for him.


Of course, this week had kinda messed with his ability to maintain his objectivity, because guess who he was thinking about whenever Katsuki told him to go fuck himself? That's right—he'd been jacking off thinking about Katsuki multiple times a day for a week, so his eyes were a little greener than normal. Jealousy sucked.


"Hey Mido! What's that?" Mina asked, pointing at the notebook he was scribbling in. He'd been so focused on his analysis and not looking at Katsuki that he hadn't noticed the Bakusquad abandoning their homework to goof off.


Izuku flushed, hating the way all the attention in the room suddenly turned to him. "It's, uh—" he swallowed anxiously. "It's one of my old analysis notebooks. I was going over it again with what we learned in Quirk Theory," he explained.


Katsuki's eyes flicked down to the notebook, taking in its burnt edges. Izuku grimaced, but Mina looked intrigued. "Is it one of those notebooks you were always carrying around last year? I thought those were your journals!"


"Uh, they have some personal thoughts and stuff," he replied hesitantly. "But mostly they're analysis. It was a hobby for me, growing up." In fact, this particular notebook happened to have some really shitty poetry about Katsuki's beautiful eyes with the amount of angst and longing one could typically ascribe to a lovesick middle-schooler, but it really was mostly analysis.


"Well, let us see!"


Izuku panicked, but each moment he didn't hand the notebook over made his muscles feel like they were being stretched over a bed of nails.  "I don't think you want to see this one," he grimaced.


"Awww, come on, show us!"


"Yeah, dude, let us read it!" Kaminari piped up enthusiastically. Izuku dropped his eyes to the tabletop, trying very hard to resist, but reluctantly pushed the notebook forward.


This felt reminiscent of the days where he'd be minding his own business and his notebooks would be yanked out of his hands. Maybe he should tell them what was going on. Maybe they'd respect his privacy a little more if they knew he had no choice.


He didn't see Katsuki eyeing him warily. He was busy trying very hard not to panic.


Because yes it was an analysis notebook.


But it was an analysis notebook devoted entirely to Katsuki.


"Oh look, Blasty! It's about you!" Mina cried a moment later, leaning into his space and dragging the notebook with her. She kept flipping through it, and Izuku's shoulders tightened as she got closer and closer to the poem.


Then she saw it, and Katsuki was still reading with her. Her eyes widened, eyes dancing over the page. "Oh my god, Mido, this is so good! It's so sad, was it about a crush?"


Katsuki's eyes snapped to his, and he dropped his gaze back to the table. "You have a crush? Tell us about them, dude!"


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck—


"They're really admirable," he admitted through clenched teeth. At least Kaminari hadn't specified how much to tell them. "They work so hard for everything they have. They're really optimistic and really beautiful. They take such good care of the people around them, and they're really encouraging and inspiring. I love spending time with them, even if we're only friends." He'd managed to paraphrase his feelings enough to calm down a little. Katsuki was optimistic in his own way—sure that he'd win every moment of every day. He was encouraging in the way that rivals were inspiring—always pushing him to be better. And he took excellent care of his friends, even if he was...belligerent and aggressive about it.


"Aww, Mido, that's so romantic," Mina gushed. "Listen to this guys—"


And then she started reading the fucking poem.


"When you look at me, I feel so small

but your eyes are worth the fall.


And when you look at the world they'll see

why you mean so much to me—"


"Bro, that's beautiful!" Kirishima sniffed, hiding manly tears in Katsuki's shoulder. Katsuki himself looked either irritated or sickened, and Izuku didn't want to dwell on that because honestly, it would just hurt his feelings.


"Yeah, dude, who is it about?" Kaminari asked, rocking forward to lean closer.


"That's enough, fuckers," Katsuki snapped. "Don't push him to talk about shit he doesn't want to talk about, and don't make him share shit if he's not comfortable. Does that seem like the type of shit he'd be comfortable telling you about, dumbass?" he growled, yanking the notebook away from Mina and hurling it back at Izuku.


"Thanks, Kacchan," he muttered, shoving the notebook back in his bag.


Katsuki scoffed, glaring at him. "What happened to having a spine, Deku? Go fuck yourself."


Izuku slowly climbed to his feet, moving to comply with Katsuki's demand. "Sorry, Kacchan. I think I'm gonna head to bed, guys. Have a good night."


For the record, jacking off while he cried was weird.

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Izuku had always gone through life with a "tomorrow is a new day" mentality, and the following morning was no different. He greeted everyone cheerily as he came through the doors of the classroom, giving extra attention to Ashido and Kaminari who looked spectacularly guilty when they saw him. They looked relieved to see him back to normal.


He went to go chat with Uraraka and Iida before class started, and they were joined by Todoroki. He felt someone's eyes on him, but he didn't turn. He figured it was one of the Bakusquad being nosy now that he knew he had a crush on someone.


When Aizawa walked into the classroom, he made eye contact with his tired teacher, and the older man raised an eyebrow, clearly asking if he was still under the influence of the quirk. He shrugged since he hadn't been ordered to do anything yet that morning. "Sit down, Midoriya," Aizawa said, voice fatigued like he'd been awake for three years.




"Sorry, sir," he grimaced and moved toward his desk stiffly, still fully under the effects of the quirk.


He zoned out during Aizawa's lecture on media, rhetoric, and how it related to heroics—trying not to fixate too hard on the events of the previous night. Instead, he stared at the back of Katsuki's head.


By the time hero training rolled around, he'd already accepted that he wasn't at the top of his game and that he'd need to borrow someone's notes in order to keep up. It would probably be Katsuki's, but he didn't want to think about his crush scolding him for being scatterbrained. There was only so much he could take.


"Today we'll be two on two battle simulations," Aizawa instructed. "Change into your hero costumes and meet up on Ground Gamma."


Izuku had taken to changing in the stalls ever since the photo incident, but it didn't really matter. Katsuki seemed to be taking longer and longer to get ready every day, so no matter how long he sequestered himself in the bathroom stall, he still came out to get an eyeful of a hot, shirtless human bomb chatting with a hot, sometimes shirtless human rock.


"Hurry the fuck up, nerd!" Katsuki yelled while Izuku changed. Apparently, Katsuki was waiting for him. He let his head smack against the door to the stall before hurrying up as instructed.


"Why didn't you just use the other stall, Kacchan?" he mumbled, shuffling out into the locker room with his eyes fixed on the ground. He stuffed his clothes in his locker before looking up. Katsuki was, thankfully, fully suited up and looking somewhere between unimpressed and concerned.


"You've been taking fuckin' forever to change. You sick or something?" he demanded.


"No," he replied honestly. "Just feeling a little self-conscious this week."


Katsuki eyed him thoughtfully but eventually accepted that answer. "Well get a fucking move on. You're holding up training by taking for-fucking-ever," he snapped.


Izuku offered him a small, awkward smile. "Sorry, Kacchan. Let's go."


Unsurprisingly, his partner for the 2x2 battle sim was Katsuki. It had been happening more and more often—their teachers were clearly trying to push them into a partnership. He wasn't opposed, but he also didn't think Katsuki would want to be a registered duo. His whole life goal was to become the number one hero on his own merit.


That said, they did work seamlessly together. Working with Katsuki was always exhilarating. They barely even had to talk.


Of course, Izuku wasn't actually capable of staying silent, so they were currently crouched behind a wall trying to figure out a plan of attack against Todoroki and Tsuyu. Katsuki was crouched as low as possible and peering out a window while Izuku talked a hundred miles per minute.


Apparently, Katsuki caught sight of one of their opponents, because he barked, "shut up and get down", right before the wall they were hiding behind was smashed to smithereens by a giant icy battering ram.


He would have gotten up and assured Katsuki that he was fine but he'd been instructed to shut up and stay down, so now he was lying limp and mute in the rubble.


It took a second for Katsuki to realize that he was down, but he was pissed when he noticed. "FUCK! I'm gonna kick your ass if he has another broken bone, IcyHot!" he bellowed, launching himself at Todoroki.


They were heroes. Even if another hero was down on the field, they had to complete the mission.


Apparently, Izuku going down was all the motivation that Katsuki needed to go wild and completely dominate the field. Sure, he sounded a little unhinged while he did it, but that was just classic Kacchan. It took him like ten minutes and Izuku was, once again, in awe. Katsuki was amazing.


"Nerd, are you still down?" Katsuki ran over to him as soon as he wrapped capture tape around Todoroki's neck (a little too tightly). "Deku!"


But Izuku had been instructed to shut up, so there he lay—completely mute, completely limp, and eyes wide open. He made eye contact with Katsuki, and...was that a sigh of relief?


"What, are you injured? Get the wind knocked out of you or some shit?" Izuku stayed silent. "Jesus fuckin' Christ," he grumbled, unfastening his gauntlets and letting them drop to the ground. Izuku frowned, following the motion with his eyes. What the hell was he doing?




Katsuki picked up one of Izuku's arms and threw it over his shoulder, then slid one arm under Izuku's back and the other under his knees and lifted him like he was a goddamn feather. He was carrying him back to the observation room where Recovery Girl was waiting. Carrying him. Izuku could feel those unbelievable biceps against his side and his perfect pecs against his cheek and kind of wanted to die.


"C'mon nerd, it's not like you to be so goddamn quiet. Tell me what you're thinking," Katsuki muttered, clearly freaking out by the silent, limp nerd in his arms.


"Your pecs were carved by God himself, and it's weirdly hot that you can lift me like this. I might like being manhandled," Izuku replied dutifully, turning bright red as he spoke. Katsuki dropped him in shock and Izuku groaned.


"What the fuck, nerd?"


"Sorry, I was winded back there," Izuku replied despite the fact that that was not what Katsuki had been asking.


"You jackass, I thought there was something seriously fucking wrong with you!"


"I just said sorry!"


"And then you just—you keep—ugh, you can't say shit like that, all right?"


"Sorry, Kacchan," Izuku said again. Of course, Katsuki wouldn't want him to say stuff like that. It was super pervy and there was no way Katsuki wanted to hear that shit from him.


"Just...fuck, what the fuck ever," Katsuki snarled. "C'mon, you need granny to make sure you didn't crack your thick fuckin' skull."


"I'm not hurt, Kacchan," Izuku rolled his eyes.


He was hurt.


"Four of your toes are fractured, and you sprained your wrist," Recovery Girl scolded him. "I need to find a way to decrease your pain tolerance so that you actually understand how injured you are."


"Sorry," he replied sheepishly.


"They'll stitch themselves up just fine now, but wait here for half an hour and have a gummy. Don't need you passing out on the way back to your dorm," she instructed sternly. The order washed over him and he sighed heavily.


"Yes ma'am," he replied wearily. Recovery Girl shuffled into her office, and Katsuki's glare zeroed in on him.


"Told you you were fuckin' injured. Suck it, nerd."


Fuck no.


Izuku stood from the cot and slammed to his knees in front of Katsuki, hand already grasping for his belt. No no no no no no no—


Katsuki slapped his hand out of the way. "What the FUCK, Deku! Get the hell away from me!" he snapped. "What the hell is wrong with you?"


Izuku stood, letting out an exhausted sigh before looking up at Katsuki. "You said to suck it," he replied dryly. "Just following orders, Kacchan."


"I don't know what the fuck you think you're doing, but it's not funny. Don't fuck around with me like that. You like someone, right? Go bother them with this shit instead of making shit awkward with me," he snapped before turning on his heel and storming out of the med center.


Izuku pulled himself back up onto the bed and lay down, curling into himself slightly so that he could hug the scratchy pillow to his face and scream into it as he flushed with sheer humiliation.


At least Katsuki hadn't told him to go fuck himself this time.

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It was official—Katsuki was avoiding him. Not that Izuku blamed him. He was probably feeling very awkward and sexualized now that his childhood friend had not only presented his ass like he was asking to be fucked from behind, but had also moved in for a blowjob after giving lewd compliments about his anatomy.


That didn't mean Izuku wasn't hurt when Katsuki started putting as much distance between them as physically possible.


Quirk accidents didn't last that long. Izuku would go back to normal eventually and he could find a way to make it up to Katsuki. It would be fine.


It would be fine.


"Broccoli kid!" An enthusiastic voice sent a chill up his spine. He'd been walking to the cafeteria, but something told him he wouldn't be able to get lunch today.


"Hey, Hatsume," he greeted, apprehension coursing through him.


"You're durable. I need you to try out some of my babies," she said, and Izuku's stomach dropped. Ohhhhhh he did not like the sound of that. "Come with me!" she demanded before he could protest. Goddammit.


Oh well. Hatsume hadn't killed him yet, right? He should be fine.


He really needed to stop tempting fate like this.


"Okay, stand still," she instructed. She'd dragged him to her workshop like a spider that had caught a very unfortunate fly and pushed him onto a low pedestal. She got to work buckling him into some strange armor-like corset. "This is a compression harness that's supposed to minimize reverberation from impact."


That...actually sounded pretty useful. He'd love something like that for his arms. But this thing was for his torso. "Okay," he replied, still a little apprehensive.


"We're gonna test it out," she continued. "I've already done some tests on dummies so you should be fine, but tell me if you get injured from the impact."


Okay, at least she was taking his physical condition into account this time. He braced himself for whatever was coming, but immediately noticed something—when he tensed, the fabric of the armor seemed to stiffen and seize up. "Hatsume—"


"Hush," she commanded. "I haven't even hit you yet."


Shit. Oh, this was not good. Her command for silence had overridden her command to tell her when he was in pain, and she was getting ready to hit him with a baseball bat while the armor was tightening and squeezing around his ribs. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck—


And here's the thing—Hatsume spent her days lugging giant pieces of machinery around like they were teddy bears. The girl was fucking jacked, so when the bat made impact with his stomach, he knew he was fucked.


He huffed out a little wheeze and grimaced when the corset (because that's what it was, goddammit—a fucking corset that put the Victorian era to shame) tightened to stop his bones from rattling. On the one hand, it definitely prevented reverberation but on the other hand, it felt like he was being squeezed by a python while being hit with a fucking baseball bat.


When she landed a hit against his back, he thought he felt something crack. The stupid thing was getting tighter, and whatever ribs Hatsume had put dents in were slowly cracking under the pressure now that they were structurally weakened.


Hatsume landed one more blow, Izuku heard a snap, and then his vision went blurry right before he passed out.


When he woke up, he was in Recovery Girl's office again, and Aizawa was with him. "You let Hatsume test her inventions on you without telling her about the quirk you were under?"


"She didn't give me the chance. And I think she was joking, but she said 'hush' and it had the same effect as someone telling me to shut up," he groaned. "Any luck on finding the guy? Because I was done with this quirk three days ago and I'm ready for it to be done with me too."


Aizawa grimaced. "Not yet," he replied. "I'm still working on it. But in the meantime, I've informed the rest of the staff. I'm sorry I neglected to do that earlier—I was preoccupied at first and then incorrectly assumed that you'd inform them yourself as you did with me," he said, contrite. "If Power Loader had known, he could have stopped Hatsume's testing earlier. You took a serious beating there, kid. How are you feeling?"


Izuku paused to take stock of his body, shifting his appendages and torso to scope the pain. Ultimately, he was uncomfortable but fine. "Not terrible," he allowed. "How long was I out?"


"The duration of the school day," Aizawa informed him. "I told your classmates that you were ill. Yaoyorozu offered to give you her notes. Your friends have been texting you enough that your phone vibrated off the table a few times," he said, gesturing at the phone itself where it lay face down. "Recovery Girl wants to keep you overnight. You still have some ribs healing."


Izuku sighed and slumped back into his pillow. "Fine,' he grumbled.


"Goodnight, problem child," Aizawa sighed, standing. "You have my number. Text me if you need me."


"Goodnight, sir."


The next morning, he was cleared to go back to class. As soon as he stepped in the door, his friends swarmed him.


"Are you okay, Deku? You never skip class—remember last year when you got sick? You just put a mask on and showed up anyway—" Uraraka fretted, leaning insanely far into his personal space.


"If you were feeling unwell, it was very irresponsible of you to come to class! You could have been contagious—" Iida bellowed over her.


"You can't leave me alone with them, Midoriya. I don't understand half of what Uraraka says, and Iida keeps scolding me for being too blunt—" Todoroki pleaded with a completely straight face.


"I'm glad you're feeling better, Izuku. Let me know if you need me to help you study what you missed yesterday." Honestly, Tsuyu was a level-headed godsend.


"I'm fine you guys. I'm not when it happened, but I felt sick during lunch and I went to Recovery Girl, and she said I had food poisoning," he explained. "I'm feeling much better now."


They all looked relieved and continued to talk over each other, so Izuku let his eyes wander. His eyes ultimately landed on Katsuki—who was staring at him inscrutably—and Kirishima, who was sitting on Katsuki's desk and leaning into him as he spoke to him in low tones.


Unlike when Izuku spoke to him, Katsuki—despite looking in Izuku's direction—was offering Kirishima his ear, listening to what he had to say and nodding to show that he was paying attention. He always tried to block Izuku out. He turned his attention back to Uraraka as she chattered at him.


Katsuki didn't say a word to Izuku as he passed to take up his usual seat behind him. He didn't even look at him. Kirishima did, though. He eyed him appraisingly, with a note of—was that distaste? He and Kirishima weren't that close, but they were definitely friends. The look on his face now was almost hostile. Izuku took stock of his actions for the past few days. Was he mad about being used as a battering ram? It was hero training—they never held the things that happened in hero training against each other.


Then he realized what must have happened. Katsuki must have confided in Kirishima about his weird, forced flirting. If he was right, and Katsuki and Kirishima liked each other, it would definitely explain the look he was getting now.


His suspicion was pretty much confirmed that evening when Kirishima knocked on his door. "I don't know what's going on with you lately, but you're crossing a line," Kirishima stated, shoulders firm and mouth stiff. "What you're doing is completely unfair."


"What are you talking about?" he asked, pretty much dreading the answer.


"Bakugou. You're making him seriously uncomfortable. Back off."


The command burned under his skin. He had known this was coming. "Sure," he replied, trying to sound anything other than empty. "Let him know I'm sorry for making him uncomfortable, yeah? I'll leave him alone," he promised. Kirishima was eyeing him like he knew that something was off, but Izuku was already closing the door on him.


Just because he saw it coming didn't mean that it didn't suck.

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It had been three days since Kirishima had demanded that he stay away from Katsuki, and despite having been ordered around multiple times since then, he was still following that particular command like it was an act of divine intervention.


In his determination to leave Katsuki alone, he'd doubled down on his time with the Dekusquad—something they were positively enthused by. It had come with its own set of ridiculous moments.


"Hey, tell me something—" Uraraka began, but she paused long enough that it registered as a command.


"Mineta has watched at least 1400 hours of pornography since we've met him," he informed her dutifully. Her face crumpled in disgust.


"Ew! Why did you tell me that? No, why do you know that?"


So yeah, it was still awkward. But at least he wasn't making even more of an ass of himself with Katsuki. Because he'd passed Katsuki's "Deku-Acceptance-Threshold" already, and he probably couldn't go any lower.


But he'd let himself get too comfortable. His friends were so accommodating and even their demands were typically light and easy—nothing concerning came from them. Maybe a few moments of embarrassment, but it was usually just fine.


"Hey, Deku?" Uraraka asked, sliding up to his desk when the bell rang. "I know you're doing some extra training tonight, but do you think I could talk to you after?" she asked. Izuku smiled at her.


"Sure!" he replied, warm and bright. He was glad she was here, distracting him from the blonde in front of him now that there wasn't a lesson to focus on. Not that he'd focused on the lesson either—he'd been too busy trying not to stare at the back of Katsuki's head like a creep.


"Great! I'll uh—do you mind if I meet you outside of the locker rooms? I don't really want to talk in the dorm," she flushed. He was a little concerned now.


"Sure," he agreed again. "Is everything alright?"


"Yeah, of course! It's just...private," she replied. His brow furrowed, but he nodded.


"Okay, then. We should be done by 5," he told her. "I'll shower up in the locker room and we can talk at 5:30?"


"Perfect!" she grinned, face still red. "I'm gonna have lunch with the girls today, but I'll see you later Deku!"


Izuku smiled after her as she flounced away, a little confused but pleased that she felt that she could confide in him about whatever it was.


Katsuki chose that moment to scrape his chair back and stomp out of the classroom—shoulders tense and fists clenched—and Izuku couldn't help but watch him leave.


Training without Katsuki was nowhere near as rewarding as training with him. It was actually kinda depressing, but he met the day's requirements head-on. "You don't seem like you have your head in the game today, Young Midoriya," All Might said during his midway break. "Does it have something to do with the quirk that you didn't tell me about?"


His mentor was a little salty about that. Understandable, really. "Yeah. I uh...I made some people really uncomfortable because of some of the commands I was given. It's throwing me off."


"Does that have something to do with why Bakugou isn't here?" All Might asked knowingly. Izuku sighed.




"Why haven't you told him about the quirk? Surely that would clear things up."


"I thought about it," Izuku agreed. "After the first couple incidents. But by then I'd been put in some really uncomfortable situations just because Kacchan speaks almost exclusively in inappropriate commands. If I told him that I was acting weird because I had to obey the things he said, he'd feel guilty for putting me through it or not realizing what was happening. You know how he beats himself up when he blames himself for something."


All Might looked conflicted—like he agreed but thought that it was doing more harm than good to keep this from Katsuki. "Make sure you also take yourself into account, kid."


And in a way, he was. Katsuki didn't want him, and Izuku had to get over him. Maybe putting some space between them for once would help it along.


He met Uraraka outside the locker room at 5:30 pm on the dot. "Hey," he greeted her with a smile, putting his conversation with All Might out of his head. He'd deal with that later. "What did you wanna talk about?"


She looked nervous, shifting on her feet. "Walk with me?" he nodded, and she led him out of the main school building and guided him in the direction of the main courtyard. "I, uh," she brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, looking down at her feet. "I'm just gonna come out and say it," she said, looking up at him. She was nervous but determined, and Izuku motioned for her to continue. "I like you. I've liked you for a really long time, and I'm tired of not doing anything about it. Go out with me."


For fuck's sake.


Izuku stared at her, wide-eyed for a long moment as he considered his options. He couldn't say no, but he could tell her about the quirk. He could go and then let her down easy later.


Or he could give it a real shot. He could see himself dating her. Really, he could. And it might be what he needed to get over Katsuki. Dating someone like Ochako would be good for him. Would that be so bad? Getting over someone and trying to fall for someone else?


"I'm being honest here," he said. "I've never really thought about dating you. You were kind of my first friend aside from Kacchan and it never really occurred to me," he took a deep breath. "But I'm willing to give it a shot," he smiled, still a little shell-shocked. Uraraka grinned at him, and he felt warm about it. "When?"


"Tomorrow after classes? There's a new bistro not that far from here that would be really nice," she replied, exhilarated. Tomorrow was Friday. He nodded.


"Tomorrow sounds good," he agreed. "After classes, we can go get changed and then meet in the common room."




The next evening, when Izuku stood in the common room in jeans and a green hoodie under a black bomber jacket—looking like he actually put thought into one of his outfits—he stirred a frenzy. "Looking good, Mido!" Ashido cried, bounding up to him. He gave her a shy smile.


"You think? I thought the hoodie might be too casual," he replied.


"Nah, it's're hot but you're snuggly about it," she giggled. "Like 'yeah, I'll pay for dinner and I'll give you first-class cuddles after', you know?"


He chuckled, a little overwhelmed by her giddy energy. "I'll take your word for it," he replied. His eyes swept the room to see if Ochako had arrived yet, but they caught on Katsuki. It was Friday night—he should have known that if Ashido was here, the rest of the Bakusquad was too. Katsuki was glaring at him, jaw clenched so tight that Izuku thought he might hear his teeth cracking.


He tore his eyes away quickly, not wanting to incite further rage than the pure fury he'd just witnessed. If that's how Katsuki felt when he was just in the same room, he could only imagine that prolonged eye contact would land him in a handmade crater.


Ashido interrogated him about their fast-approaching date with no mercy and slipped a few tips and ideas in as she went. She seemed very invested in the whole thing. It occurred to him suddenly that during their "girls lunch" yesterday, they must have been hyping Ochako up to ask him out.


Izuku couldn't help but wonder if Ashido was so keen on him dating Ochako because Katsuki had told her how uncomfortable he was. Was she just...redirecting his attention?


No, she wasn't even paying attention to Katsuki. She hadn't even glanced back at him—wholely focused on Izuku until Ochako flounced into the room clad in a flouncy pink dress, a denim jacket and white slip-ons looking so excited.


Anxiety twisted in Izuku's stomach, but Ochako didn't notice because Ashido was gushing over her. Once she'd successfully escaped the alien queen's clutches, she approached Izuku shyly. "Hey," he smiled at her. "Ready to go?"


She nodded, smiling brightly. "Ready!" Izuku's eyes snagged on Katsuki again when he stood and stalked from the room, Kirishima hurrying after him. His stomach twisted, but he ignored it and refocused on Ochako.


"Let's head out, then. Later, Ashido!" he waved as they headed out the door.


Two hours later, they had made it to the bistro, worked their way through dinner, and were now nibbling on desserts, and Izuku realized that he...was having a really nice time.


The bistro was perfect. The food was amazing, and it was quiet without being stuffy. Quiet enough to have a conversation but noisy enough to keep it from being awkward.


The company was great, too. Ochako was his best friend for a reason. She was funny, bright, and so strong and determined. He could talk to her so easily—now a proven fact because the conversation hadn't lulled the entire time they'd been here. He was genuinely enjoying himself.


But it didn't feel like a date, and Izuku felt pretty damn guilty about it. He wanted it to feel like a date, but it felt like two friends taking time away from the chaos of UA at a nice bistro. The perfect way to de-stress after almost two weeks of utter bullshit.


He'd told her she looked great because it was an objective fact. She looked really pretty and she put him at ease in such a wonderful way, but he just couldn't flip the switch from platonic to romantic. Maybe he was too comfortable. Maybe the ease with which he spoke to her made him forget that he was supposed to be considering her as an actual potential love interest. Either way, it made him feel like crap, because what the fuck was wrong with him?


"Deku? You don't look like you're all here," Uraraka said, quiet and concerned. "Tell me what you're thinking."


Deku grimaced at the command, but Uraraka was his best friend, and he had to be at least somewhat honest with her. "This is the perfect date," he admitted, bracing himself. "I'm just on it with the wrong person," he finished quietly. Uraraka went very still. "I'm so sorry, Ochako. I should have told you earlier, but I didn't want to admit it. I uh," he swallowed thickly. "I'm in love with someone else. I just know that it's not gonna work out with them, so I didn't want to say it out loud, you know?"


Uraraka was quiet, examining him carefully. "Who?" she asked, face carefully blank.


He looked down at his plate. "Kacchan," he admitted quietly.


"Oh, Deku," she sighed. "I wish you would have told me. But I'm glad you trusted me enough to tell me now," she smiled sadly. "Don't get me wrong, I like you a lot and I wish you liked me back, but you can't really control that kind of thing."


"I'm so sorry," he whispered, tearing up. "I really didn't mean to hurt you or lead you on."


She laughed, a little pained. "You didn't," she replied. "I mean, you probably shouldn't have agreed to the date, but you didn't lead me on. I wasn't gonna tell you that I liked you either. But then Mina was telling me about how you'd written this poem that she was sure was about me, and I guess I decided to shoot my shot?" she shrugged helplessly.


"Huh," he squinted. "I guess I can see how she might have taken that out of context, especially with how I described him. I kinda...fluffed it up. I made my feelings generic enough that it wouldn't be obvious, but specific enough that Ashido would stop asking me questions about it right in front of him," he explained. "But I wrote that in middle school before I'd met you," he admitted. "Besides, one of the lines was 'when you look at me, I feel so small,' and you've never made me feel small. You make me feel comfortable in my own skin, and really good about myself," he glared down at the table. "Which is why I really wanted this to work out. What could be better than dating my best friend? I'd be the luckiest guy. But instead, I'm apparently a masochist."


"You know I'm not your only best friend, right? You've actually got a few of those. Bakugou included," she replied dryly.


He scoffed. "Pretty sure that's not true anymore."


"What do you mean? Does it have something to do with why you've been avoiding him?" she asked, concerned.


"I was...I was flirting with him. I guess I was getting ready to shoot my shot too," he said, bending the truth. "But I made him uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure he's dating Kirishima and I didn't realize it until now."


"I mean, they're close, but do you really think they're dating?" she asked, dubious. She thought it over, brow furrowing. "Oh, I guess they are pretty touchy. And they're always together unless Bakugou is with you," she admitted, looking truly sympathetic. She was such a good friend—pivoting so quickly from first-date to pining commiseration.


"And Kirishima came to my room a few days ago and told me that I'd crossed a line. Told me to stay away from him," he muttered, stabbing at his chocolate cake. "Kacchan told him that I was hitting on him and that it was making him uncomfortable. Even if they're not dating, that kinda implies that they're headed in that direction."


"Yeah, it does sound like that," Ochako replied apologetically. "What are you gonna do?"


He shrugged. "Back off for a while and then apologize when he feels comfortable around me again. Work on getting over him."


"Shouldn't you find out if they're dating? If they're not you could still—"


"He made it pretty clear that my distinctly non-platonic advances made him uncomfortable. I don't want that. I'd rather be his friend than make him so uncomfortable that he cuts me out for good, you know? He's my oldest friend. Not having him in my life isn't an option," he explained. "I'd rather see him happy with someone else and have it suck for a while."


She gave him another understanding smile, and Izuku felt guilty all over again. "Yeah," she said. "I know the feeling."


When they got back to the dorm, the Bakusquad was still in the common room, and they were watching a movie. Kirishima's head was in Katsuki's lap, and his legs were thrown over Kaminari's. All eyes turned to them as they entered, and like clockwork, Katsuki's eyes went from calm and sleepy (it was almost 9 pm—a whole hour after his bedtime) to a steely glower. Izuku tried not to let the distress show. "Wanna go watch a movie upstairs?" he asked Ochako.


"Sure," she smiled softly. "But in my room. I can't watch a movie when All Might is watching me from every direction," she joked. He nudged her playfully.


"It's not that bad!" he protested, laughing. "I still have to show you the rest of those pre-quirk superhero movies, he said as they waited for the elevator.


"Oh yeah! You said you were gonna show me Captain Marvel next," she exclaimed, bouncing on the balls of her feet as the door opened.


Katsuki's eyes didn't leave them until the elevator door closed.

Chapter Text

"I'm sorry it didn't work out between you two," Iida exclaimed over breakfast. "I thought you two would make a lovely couple!" It was early on a Saturday morning (they'd established Saturday Squad Breakfasts halfway through their first year, just so they could make sure they were making time for each other) so no one was awake except his friends, but Izuku still tensed at Iida's sheer volume.


Ochako shrugged. "It's a bummer, but you can't help who you like, right?" Tsuyu had inquired after their date as soon as she'd laid eyes on them, and they'd told their friends that Izuku had wanted to try, but he just didn't feel it—that he liked someone else and hadn't shaken it. He'd decided not to tell them that it was Katsuki—what good would it do? "Besides, we're fifteen. Our crushes not liking us back is hardly the end of the world," she smiled, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. But it was a huge fucking bummer, and Izuku could completely relate.


"That's a very mature outlook, Ochako!"


"Thank you, Iida. But could you lower your voice?"


"Aww, it didn't work out?" Ashido pouted, bounding into the kitchen. "What happened?"


Uraraka smiled up at her. "The poem wasn't for me," she explained. "But he still wanted to give it a go. But we're better off as friends. It's no big deal."


"The poem wasn't for you?" Ashido cried. "Then who was it for?"


Izuku's smile was distant. "Doesn't matter. They're out of my reach. It's okay though, I swear." Ashido's pout deepened. "Really, they have a good thing going, and I'm just happy that they're my friend. I admire them, I don't need to be dating them."


She let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine," she grumbled as though they'd told her that romance was dead forever. "But if you change your mind and want some help wooing your girl, you let me know," she said, jabbing a finger at him.


He and Ochako shared a look, but he smiled complacently. "Thanks, Ashido. I appreciate it."


The next two days were both easier and harder than the previous two weeks had been. In a spectacular show of support, Uraraka took it upon herself to distract Izuku whenever Katsuki was in the room. She didn't really need to though, because Kirishima had effectively turned himself into a human wall. So on the one hand, he had his friends to support him and his teachers counteracting the commands that they heard flying around. On the other hand, he hadn't spoken to Katsuki in six days.


Even in middle school, he'd at least spoken to Katsuki almost every day. But he'd agreed to give Katsuki space so he pulled tighter into the Dekusquad, and Ochako rose to the occasion—always ready with a ridiculous meme or adorable video whenever she could see his expression dropping.


One morning, as Izuku was putting on his shoes as he got ready to head to campus, Kirishima burst into the common room and made a beeline for Katsuki—eyes wild. "Ready to go, Deku?" Ochako asked, coming up behind him. He spared Kirishima and Katsuki one more glance, brows furrowing when he noted that their hushed conversation seemed tense. They both flicked their eyes over to Izuku, and Izuku looked back to Ochako with a tight smile.


"Yeah, I'm ready," he replied, leading the way out of the dorm and leaving whatever was happening between Kirishima and Katsuki behind him.


By noon, Katsuki seemed to be giving Kirishima the cold shoulder. Izuku's gut churned with concern but didn't speak up. Their relationship wasn't his business. As soon as the bell rang for lunch, he hopped out of his seat to join the Dekusquad, playfully hip-checking Ochako as they headed out the door.


They sat two tables away from the Bakusquad at lunch, but Izuku was watching a cat video compilation on Ochako's phone so he didn't notice until he heard a chair scrape backward as Katsuki snarled: "You're full of shit!", waving his arm in a sweeping arc as he glared down at Kirishima. "And you don't know what you're talking about—"


"Dude, just listen to me—"


"Don't. Just leave it the fuck alone," Katsuki snapped, grabbing his bag and hauling ass out of the cafeteria. Kirishima's eyes flicked over to Izuku, but unlike the outright hostility he'd been receiving for the past week, he looked anxious. Izuku's head tilted in curiosity, and Kirishima's expression changed again—now leaning more towards...regret? Before Izuku could properly catalog the expression, Kirishima had taken off after Katsuki. Ashido and Kaminari just stared after them in confusion—a feeling which he could definitely relate to.


"What was that about?" Ochako asked quietly, staring after them even though they were long out of sight. Izuku shrugged.


"Don't gossip!" Iida barked, and Izuku's skin tingled. "It's unbecoming of hero students!"


"Oh no, don't listen to him," Ochako grinned. "Gossip with me, Deku!" His skin tingled again and he would have been irritated, but sometimes it was fun to rile Iida up.


"Did you hear that Kendo caught Monoma and Pony necking in Ibara's garden?" he murmured to them. Iida frowned, and Izuku was sure that he was going to scold them. But his friends were a constant surprise.


"That's not gossip. Even I've caught them necking," he said, looking a little disappointed at the old news. Ochako burst out laughing, and Izuku chuckled. Then Todoroki spoke up, shocking all of them.


"Are they supposed to be exclusive? I saw Monoma kissing Tokage on Monday," he said, voice as blank as ever but his brow delicately furrowed. And oh boy did that launch an inquisition—Ochako even summoned Ashido to tap her in-depth rumor knowledge.


To Izuku's relief, that distracted him for the rest of the lunch period. Unfortunately, he still had to sit behind Katsuki when lunch was over, and the blonde was tense. He was worried about him, and he couldn't help but ask, "Are you okay, Kacchan?"


"...'m fine. Shut up, nerd," he replied. Izuku complied, both because he had to and because he didn't want to overstep when he was already on thin ice.


But that small interaction—the first one they'd had in a week—seemed to shift something, and suddenly Katsuki was in his periphery everywhere he went. Still silent and glaring, but firmly back within his orbit. Which was great! Definitely progress. But then:


"Eat my dust, Midoriya!" Sero hollered as they raced across the Ground Gamma obstacle course. Izuku immediately dropped to the ground and licked it, before hopping back up and sprinting to catch up to Sero. He beat Sero by almost three minutes but when he got back to the observation room, he was met with Katsuki's calculating gaze. He met that gaze head on, but Katsuki looked away.


Later in the dorm, Izuku had been making his way to the restroom when Yaoyorozu had shoved a bucket of various supplies into his hands. "Hold this, I'll be right back," and ran away. She was not right back, and he needed to pee. He was practically dancing in place when he caught Katsuki's eyes—the blonde's brows were tightly furrowed in confusion.


"Thanks, Midoriya!" Yaomomo came running back five minutes later to take the bucket back. "Sorry about that," she said before rushing away. Izuku didn't have time to dwell on Katsuki's bemused stare, he had to get to the restroom.


Later, to all of their distress, they were subjected to one of Mineta's latest discoveries. "No, listen," he'd demanded them. Only Izuku was compelled to do so. "She took three dildos!"


"Mineta, that's enough," Izuku scolded. "You're making most of our classmates uncomfortable—"


"I'll listen to you when you're as accomplished as Candi Bell! You try taking three dildos Midoriya, then we'll talk," Mineta cut him off haughtily. Izuku went rigid. Sero pounced then, strapping tape across Mineta's mouth and handing him over to Ashido for punishment.


He didn't specify when, he didn't specify when, he didn't specify when, he didn't—he didn't even have three dildos! Fuck. How would that even work logistically?


He supposed he could try to bend the intent a little—two in his mouth and one in his ass? But he still only had one dildo, and he couldn't exactly leave campus unsupervised to get two more. He'd been allowed off campus with Ochako because at least then they'd have the buddy system to back them up, but he was not going to ask a friend to accompany him to buy sex toys.


He could ask Yaomomo.


He could not ask Yaomomo.


Discomfort was building under his skin to the point of pain. Apparently, since he hadn't asked for a specific time, the 'immediately' was implied. He looked up, trying to see if anyone was paying attention to him so that he could slip out to fuck himself.


Katsuki was paying attention, that same strange frown on his face as before. He raised a challenging eyebrow, and Izuku flushed under his gaze. He gave Katsuki a little awkward wave before turning on his heel to go satisfy the quirk, moving a little faster when he saw Katsuki move to follow.


"Mido, wait!"


Izuku froze, relieved that the previous command was wiped out but a little anxious that he was trapped under Katsuki's scrutiny. Kaminari bounded up to him. "What's up, Kaminari?"


"Can I borrow your study guide from last week's calc test? I'm retaking it tomorrow," he pleaded.


"Yeah, of course. Come with me to grab it from my room?"


"You're the best, dude."


Escape achieved.


The next day, Katsuki was back to mostly ignoring him. Part of him was disappointed—he'd hoped that Katsuki was going to let him apologize. Kirishima was talking to him again, sitting on the edge of this desk. Katsuki wasn't looking at him, but he was still lending his ear which meant that they weren't arguing anymore. Izuku breathed a small sigh of relief.


Aizawa let them use first period as a study hall, so as soon as he'd zipped up his sleeping bag, Ochako called him over. "Work with us on the English assignment, Deku!"


He'd finished the English assignment yesterday. He always finished English first—he was nearly fluent. Half of the news footage available on All Might was in English because of his time in the States, so he'd taught himself pretty early. Nevertheless, the command washed over him and he stood to go join them.


He didn't see Katsuki's eyes burning into his back.


By the time hero training rolled around, Izuku felt generally calm. Very few people had commanded him today, and when he'd been put into a group project with Kirishima and Tokoyami, Kirishima had seemed pretty chill with it. If Kirishima wasn't mad at him anymore, chances were that Katsuki wasn't either.


Even with that in mind, he grew unfathomably nervous when Aizawa and All Might announced the day's training plan. They were sparring today. And he was up against Katsuki.


Throughout this whole ordeal, he hadn't been against Katsuki. If he'd interacted with Katsuki during hero training, it was because they were on the same team. That's how the whole "suck it" incident had happened in the first place. Naturally, he was anxious.


It started out okay—there was always this undeniable thrill that came with sparring with Katsuki. He was so explosive (obviously) and brilliant that it made him want to push further and shine just as brightly. Katsuki looked satisfied too. Not many people could push him to his limit the way Izuku could; partly because he was intimately familiar with Katsuki's moves so he had to think outside the box to win.


Katsuki launched himself in the air faster than Izuku could follow. Izuku saw him go for the pin on his gauntlet and his eyes darted around the training ground for somewhere to take cover.


"Take this you fucking dweeb!"


Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck—


"Bakugou, wait!" he heard Aizawa bellow over the training ground. But it was kinda too late for that.


He was stuck in place for about five seconds before being encompassed by blistering heat and then blasted back—flying through the air before landing almost 20 feet from where he'd been hit. He blinked up at the sky blearily. "Ow."


"What the fuck was that, Deku?" Katsuki bellowed, blasting in his direction and skidding to a stop above him. "Since when do you just hand me wins? What the fuck?"


Izuku got gingerly to his feet. "Couldn't find cover fast enough. Just froze. Sorry, Kacchan," he winced tensing and flexing to see if he was injured. "I think I can keep going if you want."


"The fuck you can, dumbass. You just took a full blast from my gauntlets at full fucking capacity and got thrown like a fucking deku," he sneered. "I'm taking you to Recovery Girl."


Aizawa caught up to them then. "I thought I told you to wait, Bakugou," he snapped, checking Izuku over.


"Not his fault, sir," Izuku protested, still a little dazed. "He already had his finger under the pin when you yelled. I'm pretty sure that five-second delay was the ignition catching."


"Don't fucking defend me, I could have redirected."


He wanted to insist that there hadn't been time, but he'd been ordered not to defend him, so he settled for glaring mulishly. "You're going to Recovery Girl, Midoriya," Aizawa insisted.


"I'm taking him," Bakugou said. "He might try to downplay what happened again."


"I won't!"




"Just go. Both of you," Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Katsuki grabbed his arm but dropped him immediately when he winced.


"Come on," he grumbled. Izuku sighed as he felt the command tingle along his spine and followed obediently.


Katsuki insisted on staying as Izuku was checked over. "You don't have to," Izuku insisted.


"I fucking know that, dork," Katsuki had snapped.


When Recovery Girl released him, he tried to ditch Katsuki again. "Gotta go get my stuff from the locker room," he tried.


"Oh. Yeah, me too."


"Uh...actually, I can do it later. I gotta—"


"Stop. Just fucking stop. If you don't want to be around me, whatever, but stop fucking avoiding me."


Izuku's mouth dropped open, even as the new command washed over him. "Stop avoiding you? I'm just trying to give you space! I made you super uncomfortable, you wanted me to back off—"


"Yeah, you were being really fucking weird! And you're still being weird, but it's not about me, there's something wrong with you," Katsuki barked.


"I'm fine," Izuku snapped back. Katsuki grabbed his now healed arm and hauled him into an empty classroom. Apparently, they needed privacy.


"You're fine? Okay," Katsuki scoffed. "Touch your toes." Izuku immediately complied, and then groaned. "Do the splits." Again, Izuku acquiesced, wincing at the sudden strain. "Say 'I'm a big dumb dork, and I hate All Might."


"I'm a big dumb dork, and I hate All Might." Izuku parroted, glaring at Katsuki as he did. "You're on thin fucking ice, Kacchan."


"And you're a fucking liar," Katsuki barked back. "Tell me what the fuck is wrong with you, and don't leave anything out."


"I'm under the influence of an obedience quirk. It was that morning that I came in with my bag ripped. I only figured it out when you told me to shut up. Aizawa and the teachers are the only ones who know. I didn't tell you at first because I was hoping it would be resolved quickly, but then you made a bunch of really awkward orders that I had to follow and I didn't want you to feel weird about it. You say 'go fuck yourself' a lot. I only have to follow one order at a time, and one order can be wiped out if I'm given another one. I can be ordered by text. If the order is ambiguous, I can ask for clarification—like what time they want me to do the thing, or how long they want me to do the thing for. If I resist, I feel discomfort, and the longer I resist, the more painful it gets—" he broke off with a gasp. He hadn't even known he could talk that long without taking a breath but considering how much he mumbled, he shouldn't have been surprised.


Katsuki was staring at him in shock. "That was like...two fuckin' weeks ago. You're still affected?"


Izuku grimaced. "Three weeks tomorrow. Yeah. And look, I'm really sorry for all of the—" his grimace deepened. "The sexual advances. I wasn't really in control, but it still must have been really uncomfortable for you. Especially since you're dating Kirishima. I never meant to disrespect your relationship, and I definitely didn't mean to make unwanted advances. Especially since we were finally in a good place." Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes, so he looked down to hide them. Emotional displays made Katsuki uncomfortable, and he was actively trying not to do that.


"What?" he barked, eyes widening. "What the fuck makes you think I'm dating Sharkface? No wait, fuck, that doesn't matter right now. So the entire time you were—ugh, flirting? If you can even call it that—was because I was commanding you to do awkward shit?" Izuku nodded.  "Shit. Must've made shit really awkward for you and Kirby."


"Don't call her that," Izuku scolded him. "But that's not why we didn't work out."


"What do you mean you didn't work out?" Katsuki snapped.


"...we're not dating? I thought everyone knew that," he replied, confused. Ashido had kind of made it her mission to broadcast as much of Class A's personal life as she possibly could, so it was kind of unfathomable that Katsuki didn't already know this.


"Why the hell not? I thought you liked her. You wrote that poem—"


"For someone else!" Izuku cried. "Ashido just assumed—"


"Then why did you go on a date with her?" Katsuki sneered. "That's a kinda shitty thing to do if you didn't like her, nerd."


"She phrased her confession as a command," Izuku replied dryly. Katsuki paled as if the full weight of what could be done to Izuku under the quirk had just occurred to him. "At first I was upset about it. But then thought maybe if I could fall for her, I could get over the person I do like." Katsuki stilled, turning the past three weeks over in his head.


Izuku could tell you the exact moment that Katsuki understood what was going on. Realization and utter confusion clashed on his face, and Izuku almost wanted to laugh. But he didn't want to laugh at all, because FUCK.


"It's me. You like me," he breathed. "You like me?" Izuku wasn't sure he'd ever heard Katsuki so quiet or shell-shocked.


"It doesn't matter."


"It does!" So the quiet thing apparently didn't last long. Katsuki yelled so loud that Izuku's eyes darted to the door, wondering if anyone in the hall could hear them.


"I know it's uncomfortable, Kacchan, but I'll get over it," he insisted. "You don't—I'll get over it. I swear."


"Why the hell would you do that?" For the first time in his life, Izuku looked at Katsuki like he was dumb.


"Because you like Kirishima—"


"Why do you keep saying that? I'm not dating him, and I don't like him! I like you, you fucking idiot!" Izuku's lungs seized and there was no way his heart didn't actually stop in his chest. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as he stared at Katsuki in silence. Katsuki took that as his queue to elaborate. "That's why I was so pissed when you were fucking flirting with me even though you wrote a sappy-ass poem for Floaty—"


"Not for her—" Izuku croaked. Katsuki ignored him.


"I'd just figured out how I felt—with Shitty Hair's help, by the way," he said with a halfhearted glare. "And then immediately after you started complimenting me and doing all kinds of weird suggestive shit. I thought you knew how I felt. Fuck, you know everything else about me. At least I thought you did. I thought you were making fun of me."


Izuku was lost for words. The utter fucking idiocy of the man before him literally moved him to tears. "You thought I was making fun of you?" he hissed with angry tears spilling down his face. Katsuki took an alarmed step back. "When in my entire fucking life have I ever made fun of you, you big blonde sack of garbage?"


"Woah, can it with the insults, fucker—"


Okay, so insults were off the table. Fine, he could still make his point. "I spent two weeks humiliating myself before Kirishima ordered me to back off. I jacked off thinking about you forty-one times because you told me to. I presented my ass to you during quirk training with All Might. I told the entire class that I like watching you because you're beautiful. And then I took that fucking picture of you in the locker room and fucking used it to help when you ordered me to go fuck myself. Do you know how many abs you have, Kacchan? SO many abs! I told you to your face that your pecs were carved by God and that I liked being manhandled by you. For fucks sake, that fucking poem was in a notebook that was exclusively about you—how the fuck did you think I was making fun of you?" He had graduated from a low growl to an outright bellow, stalking closer to Katsuki until he was right up in his face.


"I thought you liked Kirby!"


"And I told you she was just a friend!"


"You went on a date with her!" Katsuki bellowed back.




"You were still hanging all over her, Deku! What was I supposed to think?"


"You were supposed to trust that what I said was the truth! I was hanging out with Ochako because I told her that I was in love with you, and I thought you were dating Kirishima. She was helping me give you space, not dating me!"


Katsuki looked like he'd been slapped again. "You—" he swallowed thickly, voice a little high. "Love?" he croaked, still a little more soprano than usual. Izuku rolled his eyes.


"I tell you that you're amazing every day. I have told you that you're amazing every day since we were four. I basically have my lips planted firmly against your ass on an ongoing basis—how the fuck did you miss this?"


Katsuki just gaped at him and Izuku sighed, deflating rapidly. He trudged over to one of the desks and slumped into one of the seats. Katsuki needed time to catch up.


"Why did you think I was dating Kiri?" he asked quietly when he got his brain back.


Izuku frowned. "Why wouldn't I? You're always all over each other. You told him I was flirting or whatever and that it made you uncomfortable, and he came to my dorm to tell me to back off. He spent a whole week glaring at me and acting territorial."


"He thought that you were flirting with me even though you were dating someone else. He was pissed," Katsuki explained. "I didn't tell him to tell you to back off. I actually had no idea until a couple days ago. Mina told him that you weren't with Floaty and he tried to convince me—"


"And apparently didn't believe him—"


"But I saw you all over her, so I thought he was full of shit. That's when he told me what he did. I was pissed," he continued as though Izuku hadn't spoken. "And I was pretty sure they were wrong because of that poem—"


"Which was for you—"


"And because you were always fucking touching and giggling and shit," Katsuki sounded incredibly frustrated. "I thought maybe you'd told Mina that you weren't together to get her off your back or something. I probably would," he admitted.


"And you let Kirishima hang all over you and you listen to him when he talks. You don't do that for any of your other friends," Izuku muttered. Katsuki frowned.


"I do that for you, shithead," Katsuki replied.


They stared at each other for a long, tense moment before Izuku let his forehead smack onto the desk. "We're fucking disasters."


"Jesus, be careful, Deku! You just got out of the clinic, don't give yourself a concussion—"


And that was just about the last straw.


Izuku jumped up from his seat and strode over to Katsuki, who backed up in alarm as Deku approached, only to be halted when the teacher's desk hit the backs of his thighs. "Deku—"


Izuku grabbed his shoulder yanked him down, slamming Katsuki's mouth onto his and kissing him hard. Katsuki was rigid for a split second longer than either of them anticipated, but just when Izuku moved to pull back, Katsuki gripped his waist with one broad hand and wove his fingers into Izuku's hair with the other and holy mother of—


Katsuki pulled Izuku's head back so that he could really lean into the kiss and devour him, swiping his tongue over his lower lip before biting down on it, then licking into his mouth as he dragged Izuku closer. Izuku let out a filthy moan when Katsuki slipped his leg between his thighs and pressed it against Izuku's rapidly growing erection. Was this moving too fast? Maybe. But did he fucking care?


The answer to that was definitely no. Noooo. No he didn't give a single fuck.


But it seemed like Katsuki did, and damn wasn't that disappointing. Katsuki pulled back, looking wrecked and predatory. "Fuck," he growled, pushing Izuku back a step. "We can't."


"Why the fuck not?" Izuku whined. Hadn't he gone through enough?


"Okay, I get that you're super horny right now, I am too, but first of all, we're in a fucking classroom and the school day isn't even over yet. Second of all, there has to be some sort of danger to fucking you while you're under an obedience quirk," Katsuki tried to reason.


"We aren't fucking, we're making out," Izuku growled. Katsuki raised an eyebrow. "I have been waiting for this for five goddamn years—"


"Stop being a brat." Izuku went silent and pouted, eyes dropping. "Fuck, you looked like I killed your mother, I'm just saying we should chill the fuck out for a sec. Look at me," he said, cupping the back of Izuku's neck more gently than Izuku had thought he was capable of. It sent a shiver down his spine, and he raised his eyes obediently. "Now we know, right? We have all the time in the fucking world to do this the right way."


Izuku groaned and dropped his forehead to Katsuki's godly pecs. Fuck him for being so reasonable. Katsuki wrapped his arms around Izuku's shoulders hesitantly, like he couldn't quite believe he was allowed to do this, and they stayed there basking in each other.


Then, Katsuki tensed. "Wait a fucking second," he barked, pushing Izuku back to look him in the eyes. "Last night—were you gonna try to put three dildos in your ass?"


Izuku hid his burning face behind his hands as Katsuki cackled.

Chapter Text


Izuku woke up the next morning wondering whether he'd imagined the whole thing. There was no way yesterday had actually happened right?


Izuku's phone vibrated, so he grabbed for it blearily, only for his stomach to fill with butterflies when he read the text.


'Eat your fucking breakfast, nerd.' There was a picture of an omelet included, with a middle finger just barely fit into the frame.


Was throwing up from excitement a thing? He was so giddy that it felt like he might be having a heart attack. Obviously, Katsuki knew when he woke up—they usually went on runs together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Katsuki went to the gym on the off days and usually found Izuku trudging out to drink a protein shake when he returned.


They were both early risers. Katsuki was just a little more put together about it because Izuku was also a night owl.


Izuku scrambled out of bed, jamming his feet into his slippers, and practically sprinted for the kitchen. Katsuki raised an eyebrow as he skidded into view, giving Izuku a lazy once over. "What's your fuckin' hurry?" he drawled, stabbing at his omelet with his fork.


"We're dating Kacchan," Izuku breathed, eyes a little crazed. Katsuki's eyes narrowed, clearly unimpressed.


"We established that yesterday, dumbass. What's your damage?"


Izuku made a strangled noise—somewhere between frustration and excitement—before marching up to him and grabbing his face to plant a long, enthusiastic kiss on his favorite gremlin.


Katsuki dropped his fork in surprise and Izuku pulled back, grinning widely. "That's my damage," he giggled manically, practically vibrating. "I can do that whenever I want! We did that for like an hour last night!" Katsuki's eyes were wide and dumbfounded, and his cheeks were still squished between Izuku's palms. He blinked up at him a few more times before batting his hands away, blushing furiously.


"Fuck you. I'm making you pancakes," he grumbled, standing to go back to the stove. Izuku's eyes dropped to the second omelet that was already prepared.


"But you—"


"Shitty Hair can eat the fucking omelet. We need to buy off his silence anyways," he snapped. They had decided to tell Ochako and Kirishima, but keep their relationship private from the rest of the class until the quirk was nullified. Katsuki had reminded him that the OFA secret was at risk, and Izuku had been mortified—he'd only been concerned about his feelings being revealed. So, they'd be telling Ochako and Kirishima that they wanted to keep it private so that they could get used to it and enjoy it for themselves for a while—it wasn't completely untrue, and it was more mushy and romantic, so it was more likely to be accepted by both parties. "You like pancakes. You're getting pancakes. If you shut up and sit down, I'll even throw in strawberries and powdered sugar for your disgusting fucking sweet tooth." Izuku shut up and sat down immediately. "Good boy."


Ah, what a lovely time to reveal his praise kink. Izuku squeaked, hiding his face in his hands, and Katsuki turned around, concerned. Then he understood. "Jesus Christ, you're literally the fucking definition of a bottom."


"Not for everyone," Izuku squeaked back. "Pretty sure it's a you thing."


"Fuckin' better be," Katsuki replied, turning back with his face glowing red. "Now talk about something else. I'll burn your breakfast if you keep distracting me."


"After breakfast can we make out in my room?"


Katsuki dropped the flour. "I said something else!"


"We were talking about me being a bottom. Now we're talking about making out. It's different."


"I can't believe I signed up for this. You're such a little shit," Katsuki groaned, smacking his forehead against the cabinets. "No, we can't make out in your room. We will never make out in your room. I refuse to let All Might watch me defile you."


"Defile me? What are you, a Victorian Englishwoman?" Izuku laughed. Katsuki flipped him off over his shoulder. "Fine, your room then."


"...Fine. But only for half an hour—we both need to shower and change."


"Honestly, I think we should skip," Izuku shrugged. "I think I deserve some kind of honeymoon after five years of hopeless pining—"


"Absolutely not. No. If you start slacking, I will break up with you for your own good," Katsuki warned. Izuku scoffed.


"Talk about ineffective punishment. I'd just start slacking from heartbreak instead—"


"You do that and I'll beat your ass."


"Promise?" Izuku teased with a reckless grin.


Katsuki turned to him again, mixing bowl in one hand and the other pointing the mixing spoon at him threateningly. "Don't fucking tempt me," he warned. Izuku pouted as the command washed over him. "Behave, you horny little dweeb."


As if Izuku couldn't see Katsuki's rising boner through his sweatpants. Unfortunately, a command had been given, so he had to settle for pouting petulantly as Katsuki went back to making pancake batter.


Izuku settled for chatting about a news piece he'd seen last night about newer heroes who were rising through the ranks, running his mouth as Katsuki worked and made the occasional comment. Once Izuku had a steaming stack of pancakes in front of him, Katsuki texted Kirishima a picture of the omelet. There was a second stack of pancakes, and Izuku sent a similar text to Ochako.


Kirishima showed up within a minute but stopped stock still in the doorway at the scene in front of him. Katsuki had taken up his seat next to Izuku again, lazily eating the remainder of his breakfast as Izuku talked with his mouth full. There was powdered sugar on his cheek and his eyes were alight with happiness that Kirishima hadn't seen in days. " guys are cool now?" he asked hopefully, eyes flicking between them.


Katsuki snorted. "Something like that. Eat your fucking breakfast."


Kirishima sat, pulling the omelet from the middle of the table. Izuku picked his chatter up again, and Katsuki listened diligently. "Okay, what do you want?" Ochako demanded as she dragged herself into the kitchen, eyes still mostly closed. "You only cook for us if you're trying to bribe us and it's the ass-crack of dawn—"


"I made them, Kirby—" he cut off with a sharp exhale as Izuku's elbow landed in his ribs.


"We're working on improving your nickname, Ochako," Izuku promised as Katsuki scowled. "But you're right. We wanted to talk to you two before anyone else woke up," he explained.


Ochako's eyes had snapped open when she'd heard Katsuki's voice. "Oh my god, you're together," she breathed. Kirishima flinched, eyes snapping to her and back to them. She let out an ungodly squeal, and Katsuki hissed for her to shut up.


"Do you want to wake up the entire dorm?" he demanded.


"Kinda!" she exclaimed. "What? WHEN? When did you—"


"Yesterday," Izuku replied, holding up a placating hand. "After he hit me with that Howitzer—"


"Hey, it's your fault for not moving—"


"I froze, Kacchan, shut up. That's not the point. After he took me to Recovery Girl, he confronted me and we...well, we figured it out," he explained, that same wild smile spreading across his face. "There were a lot of misunderstandings, but yeah. He figured out that I liked him and kinda confessed while he was yelling at me—"


"You were accusing me of dating Shitty Hair—"


Kirishima choked on air and Ochako squealed again, making them both cringe as she launched herself at them to wrap them in a hug. "I'm so happy for you two!" she cheered.


Kirishima managed to breathe just enough to say, "That's awesome, guys!" He sounded winded though, and slightly panicked—as though the thought of dating Katsuki had put the fear of God in him.


"Would you two shut up?" Katuski choked in Ochako's grip. The girl had a hell of a stranglehold. "We don't want everyone in the fucking class to know!"


Kirishima frowned. "Why not, bro?" It couldn't be because he was embarrassed, right?


"Because they're nosy shits and we have a lot to figure out," Katsuki snapped, squirming out of Ochako's hold. "I'd like to know what it's like to date my fucking boyfriend without every goddamn extra under the sun in my business."


"Oh come on, they'd be happy for you!" Ochako whined, squeezing Izuku tighter. Katsuki looked a little concerned, eyeing Izuku as he slowly turned purple.


"You're telling me that Mina wouldn't be directly up my ass the entire time? You honestly believe that?" Katsuki barked. "Hey, loosen your grip, Floaty—he's choking."


Izuku gasped as she complied. "We just want it to be private for a little while," he panted as his lungs returned to normal. "Just about us, you know? But we wanted to tell you two because—"


"We were a fucking mess and you two were moderately helpful while we got our shit together," Katsuki finished for him, dry and not nearly grateful enough for the amount of bullshit their friends were willing to put up with. Izuku kicked him in the shin.


"Very helpful. You were very helpful. Even if things got lost in translation," he said, glancing at Kirishima who flushed with shame.


"I'm so sorry, dude. When Mina said that you were into Uraraka and you were flirting with Bakubro and he was so upset about it—I kinda just took what she said at face value and jumped to conclusions—"


"I did too," Izuku shrugged. "I thought you told me to back off because you were dating."


"And he went out with me to try to get over him," Ochako explained. "It's actually kind of a miracle that you worked this out so fast," she said thoughtfully a moment later.


"He threw a match. That shit was weird," Katsuki shrugged.


"I didn't throw it!" Izuku insisted, kicking at Katsuki again. "I froze!"


"It's sweet that you know him so well, Bakugou," Uraraka smiled. "I wouldn't have caught that."


Katsuki flushed again. "What the fuck ever. Eat your fucking breakfast. You too, Deku. We have shit to do."


Izuku blushed and dug back into his pancakes with gusto. 'Things to do,' indeed.


Ochako and Kirishima interrogated them through breakfast before letting them retreat. Unfortunately, as soon as they made it back to Katsuki's room, Izuku's nerves seemed to rear their ugly heads. He stood rigidly by the door as Katsuki set an alarm before he made himself comfortable on the bed, backing up until his back hit the wall.


"What're you waiting for, nerd?" Katsuki asked when he made no move to follow.


"I've, um...I'm kinda new to this. Like yeah, there was yesterday, but that was more...spontaneous? I don't know—"


"We don't have to, you know," Katsuki shrugged, looking a little disappointed but generally supportive. Fuck Izuku loved him. "It's new for me, too."


"I want to," Izuku insisted. "I just—um..."


As usual, Katsuki knew what he needed. "Come here, nerd." Izuku went, but froze at the edge of the bed, unsure of how to proceed. "Give me your hand," he instructed, helping Izuku maneuver onto the bed, then gripped one of his legs to pull it over his own so that Izuku was straddling him. "You good?"


Izuku nodded, already blushing. "Yep," he squeaked. "Really good. Fantastic." Katsuki huffed a fond laugh. He brought Izuku's hands to his shoulders before taking Izuku's jaw in his hand and pulling him down to press a chaste kiss to the corner of his mouth.


"Then fuckin' relax, dumbass," he murmured.


"Will you tell me what to do?" Izuku requested quietly. "I think that'll make it easier—I might suck at this."


"Hasn't been a problem so far," Katsuki reminded him, grinning when Izuku blushed even harder. "But fine. Kiss me the way you want to kiss me."


Izuku was 100% sure that Katsuki hadn't thought that one through.


"Kacchan—" he warned, a little anxious but feeling the telltale discomfort of disobedience settling into his bones.


"If I don't like it, I'll tell you to stop," Katsuki promised. "If there's one thing we're good at, it's adjusting."


Okie dokie then. Izuku was officially absolved of responsibility for what happened next. Plus fucking ultra, then.


Izuku wound his hands into Katsuki's hair and dragged him up to meet him halfway, shuffling forward so that their bodies were pressed flush against each other. He pressed his lips to Katsuki's insistently, nibbling on his lower lip until he opened his mouth enough for Izuku to lick along the ridge of his teeth.


He knew it he was going from 0 to 100 without warning, but Katsuki had said to kiss him the way he wanted. He wanted to kiss him like they were about to fuck. He'd been thinking about it for three weeks without reprieve. Sue him.


Katsuki seemed content to passively devoured for a while, moaning appreciatively when Izuku did something he liked and cradling the back of Izuku's head like he was precious. The passive thing ended immediately at the first jolt of Izuku's hips—when Katsuki trapped Izuku's tongue with his teeth and sucked. He felt Katsuki's freakishly warm hands grip at his waist over his shirt and he moaned (louder than he probably should have), pulling Katsuki's head back to gain leverage, only for Katsuki to press forward in retaliation—nipping harshly at Izuku's tongue before soothing it with his own. Izuku bucked into him at the first flash of Katsuki's teeth, and Katsuki pulled him in tighter in response, pushing Izuku's now unfairly hard cock into his abs in retribution.


Of course they made out like it was a confrontation. How the fuck else would they do it?


He'd be embarrassed about how turned on he was, but he could feel Katsuki's own erection beneath him—and the way he was subtly grinding up into him. He broke away from Katsuki's mouth with a pathetic-sounding whine when Katsuki slid his hands from Izuku's waist to his ass, squeezing roughly as he bucked upward with a harsh groan. "Fuck, Deku," he groaned, burying his face in Izuku's neck and brushing searing hot, opened mouth kisses on his heated skin. Izuku whimpered and dropped moved his hands to the hem of Katsuki's shirt, pulling it up before—"Don't," Katsuki instructed through gritted teeth. Izuku whined, but dropped his shirt. "Clothes on. We have class soon, nerd—"


"Kacchan, please," Izuku pleaded, planting his face in the junction of Katsuki's shoulder, pressing himself as close as he could. "You set an alarm, we still have time—"


"We'll have more time later," Katsuki mumbled against his skin. Izuku shivered, hips jumping again. "Not now. And if you argue with me, I'll make you put your hands behind your back until the alarm goes off," he threatened.


Okay, he should have been disappointed, but fuck that was hot. "Sorry, Kacchan, please don't do that," Izuku replied, a little frantic. He wound his arms back around Katsuki's shoulders. "I'll be good, I promise."


"Fuck," Katuski bit out, grinding up into him again. "I should make you beg for me every time, Deku. 'S fuckin' hot." He sounded pissed about it, but Izuku didn't really have time to ponder that before Katsuki fisted his hair in his hands and dragged his mouth back to his forcefully, biting down on his lip and grinding his teeth together to drag a high pitched keen out of Izuku that had him rutting against Katsuki like a straight-up slut.


He wondered if they'd always be this intense. If this is how it felt when they were making out with their clothes on, how would it feel when they had sex?


Now that was a thought.


His arms still around Katsuki's shoulders, Izuku started to lean back, dragging Katsuki with him. Katusuki seemed to understand what he wanted immediately and followed him dutifully as Izuku moved to lay back—pressing into him as he hovered over him.


Then the alarm went off. "Fuck," Katsuki snapped, pulling back. He had to pry Izuku's hands away to keep him from dragging him back in. "A deal's a deal, nerd."


"Five more minutes," Izuku whined, pushing up onto his elbows to try to catch another kiss. Katsuki rolled off him.


"No," he barked. "Later. Go take a shower, you fucking deviant."


Izuku scowled, standing slowly. "Is that what you're gonna use the obedience quirk for? Seriously? I spend three weeks discovering that I get turned on by you bossing me around, and you use it to make me be responsible?" he asked, already moving toward the door.


"Someone's gotta keep their fucking head on straight, Deku," Katsuki replied, still looking wrecked. "When it's not possible for me to turn you into a straight-up sex toy, I'll boss you around all you want. I like it better when you choose to listen to me."


Izuku groaned, head smacking the door. "You're not playing fair, Kacchan," he whined.


"Payback, Deku. You have three weeks of surprise boners to catch up on," Katsuki replied, a malicious grin spreading across his face. Izuku paled, turning back even though the compulsion to take a shower was starting to cause him pain.


"Those were accidents!"


"Still your fault," Katsuki shrugged. "You could have told me earlier, but you chose to keep it quiet."


"You're the worst," Izuku breathed.


Katsuki's grin sharpened. "And you still love me. That's on you."


"The worst!"

Chapter Text

After Katsuki's warning, Izuku was on edge. Jumpy, even. It didn't help that Katsuki smirked every time he turned to talk to Izuku. When he didn't make a move, Izuku figured that he hadn't found a way to mess with him without exposing their relationship.


By their third class, he'd been lulled into a false sense of security.


Big mistake.


It was innocuous. Katsuki bumped into him on his way out of his seat. "Be aware of your surroundings, nerd." Katsuki scowled. It didn't reach his eyes—his eyes were dancing with what Izuku misinterpreted as affection.


An hour later, Izuku realized that it was not affection—it was mischief. The command still hadn't worn off—he was intimately aware of everyone in the area, from their position in the room to what they were doing. He could have recited Aizawa's lecture from memory.


His phone buzzed quietly against his thigh and he took it out discretely while Aizawa's back was turned, surprised to find a text notification from Katsuki. Katsuki never texted in class.


When he opened the text, he nearly crushed his phone. He took a deep, quiet breath to calm himself, placing his phone face down on the desk carefully. He had to be aware of his surroundings, so reacting to the picture that Katsuki had just sent him was out of the question.


It had clearly been taken that morning after Izuku had left for his shower. He was standing in front of his mirror with his shirt pulled up—hem tucked between his teeth. His abs were flexed, and the hand that wasn't holding his phone was gripping his still hard cock through his sweats.


Izuku had to restrain himself from grabbing his phone to drink in that sight. This was unfair.


As soon as the bell rang, Izuku sprang from his seat, but Katsuki was ready for it— grabbing his arm. "Don't do anything about it until the end of the day. Just like I did," he instructed, voice low and suggestive. Katsuki's grin was so sexy, but Izuku wanted to smack it off his face.


"Don't do this to me," Izuku pleaded quietly. "You want me to walk around like this all day? We have four hours of classes left."


"Well, you don't have to obey. I guess you could go find someone else to give you a counter-order. Or," he murmured, eyes flicking around the classroom to watch for eavesdroppers before leaning closer. "You could be a good boy for me."


Well, fuck him, then. Izuku swallowed thickly, nodding jerkily. "Combine squads at lunch?" he asked. The intensity of Katsuki's gaze softened, and Izuku suddenly felt like he could breathe again.


"Sure, nerd. Oi, Shitty Hair!" he barked. Izuku flinched at the sudden change in volume. "We're sitting with the dork squad at lunch. Deku and I have things to discuss."


"Sure thing, Bakubro!" Kirishima grinned knowingly. He slung his arm around Kaminari's shoulders, dragging him out of the classroom with Ashido and Sero trailing behind them. Ochako and Iida had already departed to beat the lunch rush for Lunch Rush, and Tororoki was in the corner with Tsuyu, quietly going over the classwork.


Katsuki packed up his stuff, before leading Izuku out of the classroom. "Hey, if any of this makes you uncomfortable or some shit, tell me," Katsuki demanded as they walked. Izuku looked up at him, suddenly hit with the freedom to get himself off in the bathroom.


"No, I'm good," he promised. "And at least you told me to expect this," he chuckled, walking a little stiffly for obvious reasons. "I dropped this kind of thing on you with no warning—"


"Not by choice, though. I'm choosing to do this, and consent is fucking key or whatever—"


"You asked me to be a good boy and I folded like a lawn chair," Izuku cut him off dryly. "Maybe it'll be uncomfortable to be hard during classes, but I'm definitely consenting. You could ask to spank me in the cafeteria and I'd probably say yes—"


"Where the fuck has this been hiding?" Katsuki demanded, flustered as fuck. It was adorable, but Izuku valued his life so he would probably never say this out loud.


"In my notebooks," he answered honestly. "Not the blue ones I carry around. There are green ones in my room under my bed," he explained. "Nothing this submissive, though. This is a recent discovery."


They reached the doors to the cafeteria, and Katsuki took a deep breath to beat his blush down. "Behave yourself in there, nerd."


It wasn't Izuku he needed to worry about though. When they arrived at the table, Iida was looking over Kaminari's Calc test and explaining his mistakes, and the blonde looked like he was going to short circuit from sheer distress.


"Fuck me with a fork," Kaminari groaned. Katsuki's eyes widened in alarm when Izuku reached for the fork. Izuku was pretty alarmed himself. This was a pretty public place, and fucking a classmate with cutlery wasn't exactly a socially acceptable practice.


"Pass me a napkin, nerd," he barked. Izuku's hand redirected for the napkins and they both sighed in relief. What if Katsuki hadn't known about the quirk? That could have been awkward and terrible. "Thanks. Now eat your fucking lunch."


"You shouldn't speak to your classmates that way, Bakugou," Iida scolded. Katsuki flipped him off.


"Yeah, Mido, stick up for yourself more," Sero chuckled.


"I'm not a baby. I can decide if Kacchan is too much to handle on my own," he snapped, before slapping a hand over his mouth. Katsuki heaved a longsuffering sigh as Izuku tried to shield his face from the table.


"Chill out nerd," Katsuki grumbled. "They're just looking out for you. Now eat."


"You're looking out for me too, Kacchan," Izuku grumbled, stabbing at his Katsudon. "You're just more of an asshole about it."


"But we like that about him, right Mido?" Kirishima teased. Katsuki flipped him off too.


"It's unethical to treat your fellow heroics students and future colleagues with such blatant disrespect!" Iida insisted. Izuku felt irritation crawl up his spine. He loved Iida, he did, but sometimes he was such a sanctimonious prick that it set his teeth on edge.


Ashido slammed her hands on the table. "That's bullshit! If disrespect is bad form, then tell me why Mineta is still in the hero department!" she'd demanded hotly.


"Because despite being a literal sack of pervy garbage with absolutely no regard for consent or human decency, he's a good strategist in a pinch and he makes an effective capture hero. It doesn't matter much if the victims he's supposed to be helping feel more victimized when he's done with them, though," Izuku had replied obediently.


"Bite me, Midoriya!" Mineta wailed, apparently eavesdropping. Izuku had stood immediately and made a beeline for the grape-faced asshole.


"Sit the fuck down, Deku!"


Izuku, who was a bit too irritated to think through that command logically, sat down on the floor without a second thought. Katsuki facepalmed.


"Sit at the table you fucking dweeb," he growled.


"Don't listen to him, Deku. You sit where you want," Kaminari crowed.


Izuku stood, still glaring at Mineta, before turning back to march over to the table. But instead of sitting in his seat, he shifted to the right and sat directly in Katsuki's lap. "Get off me, Deku," Katsuki barked, blushing violently.


"Sorry, Kacchan," he grinned mischievously, sliding back into his own seat. "You're just so much more comfortable than the chair."


"How did you do that without getting blown up?" Kaminari demanded. Ashido nodded vigorously in agreement.


"Twelve years of practice," Izuku shrugged, digging back into the remains of his lunch. Izuku felt his pocket vibrate, and he pulled his phone out to a text from Ochako.


'If you're going for subtlety, you really suck at it,' it read. He sent back a string of embarrassed emojis in reply.


"Do you have Baku-taming notes in those notebooks of yours?" Ashido teased. Izuku rolled his eyes.


"Those are quirk analysis notebooks, Ashido," he replied. "The only stuff in them that isn't about quirks or heroes are random thoughts."


"Liar," Katsuki mumbled. Izuku elbowed him, which was not subtle.


"Oh? Does Blasty know something we don't?" Ashido asked, leaning in for the tea. "Do tell!"


"They really are about quirks and heroes. Sometimes I go a little overboard, though," Izuku admitted. Katsuki shook his head.


"Don't you fucking dare elaborate," he commanded. Izuku sagged in relief. Ashido pouted.


"Why not?" Kaminari asked. "You have notes on us too, right? I'd love to see what you know about my quirk."


"No. Trust me, Spark Plug, you do not want to know."


"Why not?"


"I can fuckin' guarantee you that Deku knows more about you than you do. Trust me, leave it."


The bell rang for classes to start again, and Izuku flashed Katsuki a grateful smile. Katsuki, however, was still staring at Kaminari who, instead of looking like he was going to let it go, looked like he was just getting started.



Chapter Text

Izuku wasn't sure if he was in paradise or hell. On the one hand, Katsuki was turning him on to an almost painful degree at every turn, and it was pretty fucking torturous. On the other hand, he knew that he'd get some satisfaction by the end of the day.


He hadn't really thought that someone as blunt as Katsuki could be such a goddamn tease though. It was a lot.


They were doing conditioning exercises for hero training today, and the torture had started in the locker room. "You're with me today, Deku," Katsuki had barked. "Wait for me while I change."


Izuku sat and waited obediently and then nearly died. To the untrained eye, Katsuki was ignoring him completely—facing him but chatting with Kirishima and Sero as he changed. First, he pulled off his belt, slow and deliberate with a little snap at the end. Kirishima's eyes flicked to the motion, then to Izuku with a smirk. Izuku swallowed thickly, practically salivating when Katsuki started unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders with a sensual roll. He turned his back then, stuffing his shirt and belt in his locker before going for his undershirt, sliding it up slowly so that Izuku could watch each of his back muscles flex as they were exposed. He bit back a whimper, considering looking away but not really wanting to pass on the view.


Kirishima was clearly holding back laughter now, eyeing Izuku's red face in outright amusement. Izuku flipped him off as subtly as possible and pulled his baggy shirt down to cover his now prominent erection but froze when Katsuki looked over his shoulder to catch his eye.


Izuku's eyes darkened when Katsuki turned back around and went for the button on his pants, flicking it open and dragging the zipper down. He pushed his thumbs into the waistband, maintaining eye contact as he worked them off his hips.


Katsuki was fucking beautiful and it was so unfair. Izuku wanted to sink his teeth into that ass and dig his hands into those thighs. And fuck, he wanted it the other way around, too. Katsuki's hands should be illegal. So should that shit-eating grin on his stupid pretty face.


'Unsexy thoughts, Izuku. Mineta in a speedo, Angry Aizawa, Shigaraki's crusty face— ' he tried to keep his cool as Katsuki got dressed, training his eyes onto the floor.


"C'mon, nerd," Katsuki barked. Izuku looked up and nearly groaned aloud. Katsuki had decided to forgo the UA uniform top, opting for a tight black tank instead, the over-shirt thrown carelessly over his shoulder. His pecs. Izuku wanted to bury his face in them.


Izuku followed shakily, eyes roaming over his boyfriend's (boyfriend!) build hungrily. "Coming, Kacchan," he croaked. Kirishima couldn't help the laugh that time.


It only got worse when they got into the gym. Apparently, Katsuki was doing upper-body training today and for a warm-up, he'd chosen to do a hundred pushups. Izuku would have paid money to just...roll beneath him.


Then, the real work started. Katsuki dragged Izuku to a bench, leaning in before he got started. "Bet I could bench press you, Deku," he murmured. Izuku's brain stuttered to a halt. He definitely could. Undoubtedly. "What's my goal, here, nerd?"


"I'm 75 kilos, Kacchan," he breathed back. "You could definitely bench me." He cursed his voice for shaking as Katsuki smirked down at him.


"My average is more than twice that," Katsuki said, clearly delighted. Izuku didn't really get why the idea of being bench-pressed by his boyfriend was so fucking hot, but it was and he was now in crisis.


"I don't think I'm sane enough to spot you right now, Kacchan," Izuku warned him. Katuski's smirk grew but he relented and beckoned Kirishima over. The redhead grinned at him as he fled to the squat rack.


Unfortunately, the squat rack afforded him a front-row seat to Katsuki's workout, so it didn't really help. "You okay, Deku?" Ochako asked knowingly as his grip slipped on the bar.


"Nope. Yep. Maybe. Probably not," he replied distractedly as Katsuki moved on to deadlifts, bending from the hips so that his ass was thrust in Izuku's direction. "Nah, I'm not. I'm dying. Look at him."


Ochako looked over at Katsuki in consideration. "Oh, he's mean," she laughed quietly. "And very sexy. Pretty rude to do this when you can't do something about it."


"It's payback for my week of poor communication and flirting," Izuku grimaced. "So I deserve this, but he's killing me. I've had like three heart attacks today alone."


She frowned. "What else has he done?" Izuku paused for a moment, wondering if it was mean to flaunt his new relationship in Ochako's face after their failed date. But she looked genuinely curious and she was his best friend, and he needed someone to understand why he died when they found his body.


Izuku fished his phone out of his pocket and showed her the picture from that morning. She dropped her water bottle. "Sent that to me during class this morning. Then he did this striptease in the locker room—"


"Holy crap," Ochako breathed, leaning in closer to examine the perfect specimen on the phone screen. "He's evil. In class?"


"Yeah," he replied, allowing her to take the phone from him to zoom in on his abs. He totally understood the fixation. "I think my greatest accomplishment in life was holding back my reaction."


"How does he even have abs like that without looking bulky?" she asked in awe. "Sato has an eight pack, but it's all body-builder-like and kinda intimidating."


"If I knew, I'd have them too," Izuku grumbled, taking the phone back. "Who the fuck knows what he sees in me when he could flash those abs and attract the entire population."


Ochako gave him a very dry look that made him feel both dumb and offended. "Besides your personality and the fact that you put up with his bullshit? Your ass, Deku. There isn't a person in this school who hasn't had to resist the temptation to smack that ass and watch it bounce. And you could crush boulders with those thighs."


Izuku flushed under the praise. "Thanks?" he mumbled. She punched his shoulder.


"Believe me, Deku," she warned. "Or else you're accusing me and Bakugou of having bad taste, and I have a feeling that won't fly."


The command sent a strange surge of self-confidence rushing through him, and he preened. "Thanks, Ochako."


"Better. Now fix your form or else your excessively hot boyfriend is gonna come over here and yell at you," she grinned. He was hit with another wave of gratitude for Ochako. He didn't deserve a friend like her.


Hero training was always the last class of the day. Since the goal was to exhaust yourself in pursuit of improvement, and that didn't lend well to adequate attention spans during normal classes. Izuku had never been more grateful for that.


"Gonna do my homework in my room," Katsuki barked. "Do not disturb me, or fuckin' else. I'll be down for dinner and I'll help you shits with your work after," he barked to his friends.


"Thanks, Bakubro!" Kirishima grinned.


As soon as the elevator doors closed behind him, Izuku got a text. 'Follow me in fifteen minutes.'


Kirishima sent him another knowing smirk as soon as his phone went off. "You seemed a little off in training today, Mido," he teased.


Izuku glared at him. "Y-yeah, just a little tired," he fibbed. Ochako scoffed quietly behind him, and he regretted all of his life decisions up till this point.


"Are you not getting enough sleep, Midoriya?" Tsuyu asked, genuinely concerned.


"More than usual," he replied. "But apparently my body doesn't like that either," he joked, trying to distract the class from the dickhead-best-friend squad.


"I'm glad to hear you're taking better care of your health!" Iida's voice boomed through the common room, smile wide. Izuku gave him an affectionate smile. "Make sure to give your body time to adjust!" A fairly innocuous order that was vague enough to not require immediate action. Those were his favorites.


"Yeah, dude, definitely work on your sleep schedule," Kaminari laughed. That one was a little more specific. If it wasn't overridden, he'd be in bed by 8 pm. "Running into you at night during one of your insomnia runs is like meeting a zombie in a locked room."


"I'm not that bad," Izuku pouted. He flushed at the sounds of disbelief that rang out around him.


"Even Tokoyami is scared of running into you at night. You're like the girl from The Grudge," Sero cackled.


Izuku kept checking his phone, counting the seconds until he could follow Katsuki. "You got somewhere to be, Mido?" Ashido asked. "You keep checking the time."


"I'm supposed to call my mom," he replied quickly. Technically not a lie. But he was supposed to call her tomorrow between her shifts. "She doesn't have a lot of time, so I try to be punctual when she does."


"That's so sweet!" Mina cooed. "Say hi to her for us!"


They'd met his mom over the summer after their first year after a class bonding event that Yaomomo had set up. All the parents had been invited, but his mom had been one of the few who attended in order to bond with the other involved parents. The class loved his mom.


"I will," he promised as the order washed over him. Tomorrow, he would. He checked the time again before turning to Ochako and Tsuyu. "I'm gonna go get changed into something more comfortable. I'll be back down later. I might take a nap or something. But after dinner, let me know if you want me to look at your English assignments."


He changed out of his clothes in record time, wanting to make it to Katuski's room before any more classmates decided to come upstairs. He took the stairs up to Katsuki's floor at record speed, stopping just shy of pounding on the door just in case it alerted his classmates.


Izuku only knocked once before the door opened and he was yanked inside. "You're five minutes early, nerd," Katsuki scolded, pushing him up against the door.


"Your order got wiped out," Izuku breathed, arms going around Katsuki's shoulders. "Didn't want to be late."


"You mean you didn't want to wait," Katsuki grinned, reaching down to cup him through his shorts. Izuku barely beat the urge to go limp in Katsuki's hold, dropping his head to the blonde's shoulder in a needy moan. "I should make you sit on the bed and wait for me to finish my homework."


Izuku whined. "Nooooo," he pleaded, dropping a wet kiss on Katsuki's collarbone as he pressed his hips into Katsuki's burning hand. "I've been so good all day, Kacchan, and I was only a couple minutes early, please—"


"Good? I saw you slacking in training, nerd," Katsuki scolded him, pressing closer and tightening his grip. "And I saw you show Kirby the picture I sent you," he murmured against Izuku's ear. Izuku thrust against his hand as Katsuki's breath seemed to sweep heat down his spine.


"She asked me why I was so flustered, it was the easiest way to explain—" he groaned, trying to pull Katsuki even closer.


"Yeah? And what did she say?" he asked, pushing his hand into Izuku's hair to tilt his head to the side. Izuku's brain short-circuited when Katsuki ran his teeth along his neck—shutting down his entire body with the slightest pressure possible. "Tell me, nerd."


"Said that you're excessively hot and evil," Izuku replied dutifully with barely any air in his lungs. He tried to maneuver so that he could catch Katsuki's lips with his own, but the grip on his hair tightened to keep him in place and his knees went weak. "Kacchan, please," he begged.


"So polite, nerd,"he teased, releasing Izuku's hair and allowing him to latch onto his mouth with a throaty moan. Katsuki snagged Izuku's bottom lip between his teeth and bent down just enough to snake his arms around Izuku's thighs and pick him up—groaning when Izuku locked his legs around his waist like a fucking koala. He walked them over to the bed carefully—Izuku clinging to the back of his shirt with one hand and running his hand through the hair on the back of his head with the other—and did his utmost not to collapse on top of his freaky nerd when he rutted into his stomach as he crawled them up the bed. "Fuck," Katsuki gasped, pulling back with a very loud protest from Izuku. "Quiet," he snapped half-heartedly. "Octo-dweeb will hear you."


If he was as turned on by Izuku's noises as Izuku was by Katsuki's, then there was no way he actually wanted him to shut up. But an order was an order, and Izuku's volume dropped dramatically. "Sorry, Kacchan," he breathed, eyes still fixed on Katsuki's mouth. Katsuki could feel Izuku's dick throbbing through his shorts and he pressed his own hips into it on instinct, wringing a pathetic whimper from Izuku's mouth.


"Tell me how far you want to go, Deku," Katsuki panted, nipping at Izuku's jaw. "Actually think about it and tell me because I don't wanna push too fuckin' far—"


"I wanna suck you off," Izuku replied immediately, feeling gratified when Katsuki's breath stuttered against the corner of his mouth. "Please, Kacchan, I've been thinking about it all day—"


"Fuck," Katsuki kissed him harshly. "We'll work up to it, alright?" Izuku whined, but Katsuki cut him off. "Trust me, I've been thinking about stuffing your mouth with my dick for months," Izuku's hips jumped at the mental image, cock twitching in anticipation as he was compelled to have faith in Katsuki's plan. "So we'll get to it, but I want it to fuckin' last when it happens," he snarled, looking a little unhinged. He leaned in close to Izuku's ear. "We've been wound up all fucking day, so first we're gonna get each other off, and then you're going to get on your knees for me and put that pretty fucking mouth of yours on my dick."


If Izuku had known that Katsuki was capable of spilling such pornographic filth so seriously, he would have written his will the day before because he was pretty sure that he was dying. That feeling only intensified when Katsuki's burning hot hand pressed under the waistband of his shorts, pushing the fabric down and under his balls so that he could freely wrap that same hand around his weeping dick, sliding his other arm under Izuku's head to center his balance above him. Izuku gave let out a pathetic cry and thrust into Katsuki's grip, arms tightening in Katsuki's hair. "Kacchan!"


"Feel good, nerd?" he asked, relishing the sting in his scalp and flexing his hand around Izuku's dick to test his grip—groaning when Izuku thrust up again. Izuku nodded hurriedly. "Good. Do the same for me," he instructed. Izuku moved faster than he had in his entire life; the hand that was wrapped around his shoulders dropped to snake under Katsuki's sweats. Katsuki moaned when Izuku's hand met the head of his cock, thrusting into his hand unabashedly. "Good boy, Deku," he uttered reverently when Izuku's grip tightened around him. "A little tighter—fuck, that's good, you're so good for me—"


Oh, fuck. Katsuki was a talker. He'd never be able to listen to Katsuki speak without thinking about this ever again. He would either die horny or happy, and there would be absolutely no in-between.


Katsuki set a deliberate pace, and Izuku did his best to match it—dragging Katsuki's lips back to his as he tried to keep up with his rhythm. The problem was that the feeling of Katsuki dextrously running his hand over his cock—rolling his thumb over the head with each pass—was so fucking distracting that Izuku could barely breathe, let alone think. Katsuki didn't seem to mind though—taking control by thrusting into Izuku's hand on his own and chasing both of their orgasms for them. The entire time, Katsuki ran his filthy mouth against Izuku's lips—tearing Izuku's sanity to shreds as he went. "Can't fucking believe you're letting me touch you like this," he gasped. "So fucking desperate for me, slutty fucking Deku." Izuku keened loudly, back arching as Katsuki's words punched through him. "You like being called a slut?" Katsuki chuckled hoarsely, contorting slightly to bite Izuku's nipple through the fabric of his shirt. Izuku yelped, and Katsuki barked out a breathy laugh. "Answer me, 'Zuku," he ordered.


"Your slut," Izuku whimpered back, putting more effort into focusing on getting Katsuki off by picking up his pace. That was apparently the right thing to say, because Katsuki made a noise that was startlingly close to a whine and bore his weight down on him a little harder.


"Fucking right, you're my slut," Katsuki gasped, voice getting breathier as his hips stuttered into Izuku's hand. "Such a good little slut for me—" he cut off with another harsh groan when Izuku's grip tightened. Izuku felt like he was on fire and his thighs began to shudder around Katsuki's hips.


"Kacchan, I'm gonna come," Izuku cried, eyes squeezing shut as his thrusts grew frantic. He nearly teared up—or actually teared up, he couldn't tell—when his perfect boyfriend gave him what he needed and moved his hand faster, kissing him almost violently in response.


He came all over his shirt and Katsuki's hand with a shaky cry into Katsuki's biting mouth—his hand tightening in Katsuki's hair as his hips bowed rocketed off the bed. Katsuki came moments later with a satisfied groan, emptying onto Izuku's hand as his thrusts slowed. Izuku withdrew his hand so that Katsuki could comfortably collapse to the side to catch his breath, kisses growing gentler as they calmed down.


"Stay," Katsuki demanded when he'd caught his breath, pulling Izuku's shorts back up and pressing another quick kiss to Izuku's mouth before crawling off the bed to wash his hand. He grabbed a hand towel and ran it under water, tossing it to Izuku. Unfortunately, Izuku's reflexes were turned off, so it smacked him in the face. Katsuki snickered when Izuku sluggishly took the towel and turned his face to glare over at him.


"When I have my brain cells back, I'll get you for that," Izuku grumbled.


"When you have your brain cells back, you'll be on your knees," Katsuki reminded him. Izuku flushed, throwing an arm over his face as his entire body twitched at the reminder, and Katsuki softened. "Only if you want to," he promised.


Izuku lowered his arm to make eye contact again before bringing his other hand up to slowly drag his tongue through Katsuki's cum. His eyes fluttered at the taste—not pleasant per se, but erotic as fuck—but he kept them open just enough to watch Katsuki falter on his way back to the bed, eyes darkening.


"Seriously, when did you get like this?" he uttered, voice rough. Izuku grinned at him, bringing up the washcloth to wipe away the rest. He glanced down at his shirt and grimaced. "Take it off, I'll give you one of mine later," Katsuki said, stalking forward. Izuku complied quickly while Katsuki slid in next to him and before the shirt even hit the ground, Katsuki had pulled him back in, kissing him roughly.


He wondered if Katsuki could taste himself on his tongue.


He also wondered if they would always feel this explosive—so that half a touch would make them boil over.


Katsuki's hands were just like the rest of him—adept, attention-grabbing, and heated. "Are you using your quirk?" Izuku asked as he pulled away; reveling in his burning hands as they smoothed down his sides and gripped at his waist and squeezed his ass, pulling him in tighter. "I know you heat them up when it's cold or if you're doing those sports therapy massages—"


"Are you analyzing my fucking quirk when I'm trying to make out with you?" Katsuki asked incredulously, popping up on his elbow to stare down at him.


Izuku faltered. "Uh...not intentionally?" he replied sheepishly. "Your hands are hot, it distracted me—"


"Too hot?" Katsuki interrupted, concerned. Izuku smiled softly, leaning up to kiss him gently. "Tell me, nerd," Katsuki insisted. Izuku's heart clenched at the depth of Katsuki's care.


"It's perfect," he assured him. "It feels amazing. It's just distracting too," he admitted. "Like the only thing I can feel is your hands. It's intense."


Katsuki looked satisfied. "This temperature is what I use when I'm trying to...I dunno, fuckin' relax or something? Like hot stones," he explained, deciding to satisfy Izuku's curiosity so they could get back to business. "Probably heated them up on instinct when you started tensing up," he smirked. "I guess I like you pliant," he teased.


Izuku snorted. "You can literally tell me to do anything you want, but go off, I guess."


"I can tell you, but that doesn't mean you won't overthink it and get all tense and shit on me," Katsuki disagreed, thumb rubbing soothing circles into his waist. "Even if you're into it, like this morning. It still took a minute for you to relax enough to get into it."


Izuku frowned. "Why aren't you tense about this?" he asked, curious. "This is probably the only thing that we're on even footing on, but I still feel like I'm running to catch up with you."


Katsuki shrugged, hand leaving Izuku's waist to tangle their fingers together instead. "You shouldn't. I know I've been too fucking turned on to worry about being awkward. Besides, I know this shit is new to me, so I know there's a learning curve," he said. "It's new for both of us, so I'd rather enjoy figuring it out than stress out about whether I'm good or not. Same with quirk training."


"I stress out about quirk training, too."


"Because you're playing catch up," Katsuki replied, dropping an affectionate kiss on his mouth. "And One For All comes with a legacy and you're a martyr with an inferiority complex—"


"The psychoanalysis is completely unnecessary—"


"But that's mostly in front of our classmates. I was talking about quirk training when it's just you and me," he continued as though Izuku hadn't interrupted. Izuku went silent, hanging on his every word. "When we're testing our limits and going plus-fucking-ultra—that feeling where you have no idea what the fuck is gonna happen next, so it's just action and reaction until we get it right and pull off something fuckin' amazing mpphh—"


Izuku had sealed their mouths back together, tearing up again—this time because of the utter adoration in his chest instead of overwhelming sensation. "I can't," kiss, "believe," kiss, "you made training," kiss, "romantic," kiss, "I won't be able to," longer kiss, "fight you without," kiss, "getting emotional," he complained.


Katsuki snorted. "You get emotional about everything," he replied, pulling back.


"I'm gonna spend the rest of the year in training looking at you like you're about to kiss me in the moonlight," Izuku insisted, pulling back. "Or thinking about you fucking me, depending on what you're wearing I guess—" he cut off with a yelp when Katsuki brought his hand down on Izuku's ass with a loud smack.


"Don't care how you look at me as long as you keep giving me your all," Katsuki said. "You start slacking on me—"


"And you'll break up with me for my own good," Izuku parrotted dryly. "Yeah, you said that this morning. I thought we already vetoed that idea."


"Is that sass?" Katsuki glared. "Are you sassing me?"


"Depends," he replied cheekily. "You gonna do something about it?"


Katsuki considered him carefully, eyes narrowed as his hand came back to rest on Izuku's waist. "Maybe," he murmured, watching with interest as Izuku melted under his hot hand where it lay against his bare skin. "Or maybe I'll order you to go do your homework," he continued. "As much as I want to feel you choke on my dick, you're kind of being  a brat, so maybe I should make you earn it."


"If you stop touching me, I'm gonna rip your hands off," Izuku warned him seriously. Katsuki raised a single, unimpressed eyebrow before pushing more heat into his hand—just before the point where it would truly burn. Izuku moaned loud and lewd, throwing his leg over Katsuki's waist again and clutching at the front of his shirt.


A pain kink. Fascinating."Your brain cells back, nerd?" Katsuki asked, feeling Izuku harden against him and hardening himself in response. Weren't refractory periods typically longer?


"They were, but they're leaving again," Izuku replied, a little breathless. Katsuki's searing hand was spilling heat into his veins again, and his grip was tightening. Katsuki leaned down to kiss him again, gaining momentum and intensity as their hands began to clutch and grope.


"You still want to blow me?" Katsuki mumbled against his mouth. Izuku nodded frantically. "Then get on your knees, Deku," Katsuki ordered, pleased when Izuku pushed back and climbed off the bed to kneel obediently. Katsuki stood just long enough to drop his sweats to the floor, before sitting on the edge of the bed—perched with his legs spread wide so that Izuku could settle between them.


Izuku had seen Katsuki's dick before—they'd known each other for years and they'd shared multiple locker rooms. There was a certain degree of inevitability. But this was the first time he'd allowed himself to observe it.


Katsuki was half-hard—the tip of his cock flushed red. He was wider than Izuku anticipated, and he could already tell that he wouldn't be able to fit all of it into his mouth without attempting to deep-throat him. But fuck he wanted to feel the weight of him on his tongue. He looked up at Katsuki when the blonde wrapped his hand around himself and tapped the tip against his bottom lip. "Tap out if it's too much," Katsuki instructed.


"You worry too much," Izuku replied, delighting when Katsuki's dick twitched against his lip as his breath washed over it. He kissed the head gently, reveling in Katsuki's breathy sigh and looking up at him through his lashes. "But I promise," he agreed. Katsuki's shoulders relaxed. "Tell me what you want me to do?" he requested.


"Open your mouth," he instructed. Izuku complied. "Keep it open," he continued before tracing his lips with the tip of his dick, then rubbing it along his tongue. Izuku's gut clenched in arousal when he felt the weight on his tongue go rigid. "Fuck," Katsuki groaned, already sounding winded. "Get your dick out, Zuku, I want you to feel good too," he said, letting his own dick rest atop Izuku's tongue as he held his mouth open. He reached down to cup Izuku's jaw with one hand and the back of his head with the other—fingers winding into his verdant hair. It hadn't really registered before, but the new nickname twisted in his stomach now, intimate and reverent in a way that squeezed his lungs and made his head feel fuzzy.


Izuku hastened to comply, pushing his shorts down over his ass and stroking himself gently. "Good boy," Katsuki breathed. Izuku whimpered, hot breath washing over Katsuki's dick again. "Close your mouth," he continued, grip tightening as Izuku's lips sealed around his head. "Jesus fuck your mouth is like fire," he swore, hips twitching forward. Izuku watched as Katsuki's jaw clenched—trying to maintain control.


Izuku brought the hand that wasn't on his dick up to clutch at Katuski's thigh, eyes fluttering shut as Katsuki slit further along his tongue. "Suck gently," Katsuki instructed, moaning gutturally when Izuku hollowed his cheeks around him. Izuku's eyes snapped up at the sound, moaning at the look on Katsuki's face—eyes squeezed shut and mouth agape with his head tilted back as he panted. Izuku's moan reverberated through Katsuki's dick and up his spine, and Katsuki jerked him forward by his jaw, thrusting into his mouth. "Fuck!" he barked, fist tightening in Izuku's hair before he eased up hurriedly. "You okay, Deku?"


Izuku waited for him to make eye contact—knowing he'd look down if he didn't respond—before hollowing his cheeks again and sinking down another inch, tongue laving insistently along the underside as he went. Katsuki made a sound like he'd been gut-punched, head falling back as Izuku pressed forward and took as much of him as he could in one go. Katsuki moaned, rough and filthy as Izuku marveled at the stretch in his jaw, whimpering and rutting into his hand. 


Katsuki cut a striking figure above him—sharp jaw clenched in pleasure as his chest heaved as he panted; strong arms tensed against his own desire to fuck up into Izuku's mouth. Izuku wanted to worship him. He wanted to see more.


Izuku lifted his hand from Katsuki's thigh again, snaking it under Katsuki's arm to fist it in the hem of his shirt and tug at the material in protest as he whined. Katsuki looked down at him, brow furrowed in confusion until Izuku released the shirt to slide his hand beneath it, still running his tongue along Katsuki's length. Katsuki stared down at him reverently for a long moment before releasing his head to strip his shirt off, gasping as Izuku moaned around him again and sucked even harder.


"You feel so fucking good," he slurred, one hand twisting in the blanket as the other went back to the base of Izuku's skull. "Look so fucking pretty with your face filled, Deku," he pulled Izuku's head back by his hair until his head met the tip of his tongue, watching in awe as his reddened mouth dragged along his length and suckled at the tip. He jerked when Izuku's tongue dipped into his slit. "Suck harder for me, slut," he crooned, hissing when the pressure increased and Izuku's whine rattled through him. "Should have known your mouth would feel this good when you're always fucking running it," he gasped, pushing Izuku's head back down, then pulling it back up. "Follow the rhythm, Zuku," he instructed, setting a pace for Izuku to bob up and down his length, swearing colorfully as Izuku took the reigns and fucked his own mouth with Katsuki's length. He gripped Katsuki's thigh again for leverage as he moved, still running the other hand over his own dick insistently. "Fuck that's my perfect little nerd. Just like that, Deku, god you little slut, you're so good for me," he praised. "You fucking your hand for me too, Deku? You feel good with your mouth full of my dick?"


Izuku moaned in agreement, pitch rising into a whine when Katsuki moved his hand from the bed reached down to run a calloused thumb over Izuku's nipple before pinching and tugging it. Izuku lurched forward, stifling an aborted shriek of pleasure by choking on Katsuki's dick, fingers digging into his thigh in surprise. His eyes snapped upward, wide and desperate. "Like that, Deku?" he panted. He groaned when Izuku nodded, lips sliding across his dick with the motion. "Fuck, which part? Nipple play? Choking on my dick?"


Izuku whined, pulling his mouth off Katsuki to reply, "Both," his voice a little hoarse and his lips wet—a sloppy string of saliva still connecting them. "Both, Kacchan."


"Fucking gag on it then," he growled, pulling Izuku back and whining when the heat enveloped him again. Izuku jerked into his hand, dick pulsing almost violently at the command. "Felt so good—I fucking felt your throat close around my dick like a fucking vice, Jesus Christ your mouth was made for this—" he cut off with a groan when his dick hit the back of Izuku's throat again and it convulsed around him.


Tears sprang up in his eyes as he gagged, mouth spread wide with drool spilling from the corners of his mouth as Katsuki pulled his head down as far as he could, grinding up into his mouth. He felt filthy, debauched and so wanted under Katsuki's heated gaze—jaw sore to the point of cramping but so utterly aroused by the unfettered need on Katsuki's face that it barely registered.


He dropped his dick for a second, bringing his hand to his chin to collect the expelled saliva, then bringing it back to his dick and trembling at the slick glide it provided. Katsuki swore again, fucking up into his mouth, losing his rhythm as his thigh started to tremble beneath Izuku's palm. "Fuck that was so hot, what the fuck—" His voice cracked, and the taste in Izuku's mouth changed—the dark, sweet, musky flavor getting saltier as precum dragged along his tongue. "So fucking close, Deku," he said, voice shaky as the tip of his cock pushed into Izuku's tonsils over and over. "Stop if you don't wa—fuck!" he cried, coming hard when Izuku lifted his hand from Katsuki's thigh and cupped his balls, rolling them as he pulled back to the tip and sucked hard.


Izuku moaned throatily as he swallowed, eyes riveted on Katsuki's full-body convulsion and working himself faster in response. He released Katsuki's dick from his mouth but didn't move far—kissing and nipping at the junction of his pelvis and thigh as he jerked himself off and spilling onto Katsuki's sweatpants not long after.


He pulled his knees out from under him—sitting heavily to the side as he continued to press lazy, open-mouthed kisses to Katsuki's inner thigh. Katsuki had collapsed backward, hand still clenching and unclenching absently in Izuku's hair. "You okay up there?" Izuku rasped after a long silent stretch where they both caught their breath. His eyes widened when he heard his voice—scratchy and wrecked as it scraped out of his throat.


"Hnngh," Katsuki replied intelligently, still pitchy from exertion. He huffed a throaty laugh before unsteadily climbing to his feet, knees smarting. Katsuki peered up at him, in blank-faced awe.


"Quick nap?" Izuku asked. Katsuki squinted at him, clearly considering arguing—they still had homework to do. Izuku chuckled weakly at the resignation that stole over him a moment later as he registered his heavy limbs and bleary eyes. "Just a quick one," he promised. Katsuki nodded blearily, pushing himself up the bed sluggishly and ripping back the covers so that they could both slide in.


Izuku snuggled into Katsuki's side, resting his head on Katsuki's bare shoulder and kissing the skin he could reach gently. "You good?" Katsuki asked once his faculties returned. Izuku smiled at him, nodding. "We should do that every fucking day," he said seriously, shifting his body so that he could place a soft kiss on Izuku's swollen lips. Izuku huffed a laugh against his mouth.


"Might be impractical, Kacchan," he croaked. "Unless you don't mind me being mute." Katsuki stilled, face thoughtful as though he were considering it, and Izuku smacked his shoulder, a silly grin spreading on his face. "Asshole," he laughed.


"You say that now, but you don't know how fucking good that felt," Katsuki replied tiredly, pushing his face into Izuku's neck.


"You gonna show me sometime?"


"Fuck yes."

Chapter Text

Katsuki only let them snooze for an hour. Izuku hadn't really slept, too busy reveling in the fact that Katsuki fucking Bakugou had willingly cuddled him. That was almost more jarring than the fact that his dick had just hammered the voice right out of his throat.


"You coming, Deku?" Katsuki was already up and in a fresh change of clothes. Izuku was still lounging and Katsuki was definitely losing his patience—not wanting to lose any more study time. Izuku grumbled but pushed himself out of bed, slipping on the shirt that Katsuki had thrown in his face.


"Fine," he croaked, smoothing out his hair haphazardly. "I'll meet you downstairs? I'm pretty sure Ashido knows every article of clothing in the building by sight—gotta change before I come down."


Katsuki nodded. "Maybe find a fuckin' cough drop, too, " he commented idly, smirking. Izuku scowled.


"Your fault," he replied as Katsuki snickered. 


Izuku thought he might have lucked out at dinner—by the time they got downstairs, most of their classmates were already in their own little conversation bubbles, so they got through most of the meal without incident—despite the fact that Katsuki's fucking hand was on his thigh the whole goddamn time.


Turnabout was fair play, though, and he made sure to throw in a few appreciative moans as he ate just to watch Katsuki go rigid in his periphery. Ochako and Kirishima looked like they were having tremendous difficulty with restraining their laughter.


And then Iida happened, and Izuku's plan to remain mute for the rest of the evening went out the window.


"Did you get some rest, Midoriya?" he called from across the room. Izuku smiled at him sheepishly.


"Not really," he rasped. "I ended up watching the debut report again to see if I glossed over any of the finer details—" he broke off when he saw the expressions on his friends' faces. "What?"


"Are you okay? You sound sick," Tsuyu croaked. He flushed, and thanked the universe that he was an awkward blushing mess on a normal day.


"I'm fine! Allergy season is creeping up on me," he assured her. A couple of people frowned, not remembering Izuku's allergies from previous years, but figuring he must have medicated before they could affect him. Ochako and Kirishima, however, had a very clear picture of what had actually happened and they had both turned bright red and averted their gazes. Iida seemed to have a bone to pick though, and completely disregarded the "allergy" issue in favor of a scolding.


"If you weren't sleeping, you should have been studying. I gave you a study schedule for a reason, follow it!"


Izuku tensed, as did the hand on his thigh. Izuku resisted the urge to turn to Katsuki to see what expression was on his face to correspond to the tighter grip. "Follow whatever study plan works best for you, nerd. Don't forget that you're currently third in the class and Glasses is fifth."


The class rankings had gotten a thorough shaking over the past year. Katsuki and Izuku's hyper-competitiveness had landed them in second and third place behind Yaomomo. Todoroki, by virtue of spending so much time with Izuku, had accidentally landed in fourth. Iida was fifth, and Kaminari—after Izuku had encouraged him to get tested for ADHD and dyslexia—had made it to sixth.


Izuku smacked his arm anyway. There was no need to goad him. "Thanks for your concern Iida," Izuku smiled. "I'm on top of my work—I only have a few questions for the history assignment and a couple of calc problems left."


Iida somehow looked irritated and pacified simultaneously, and Izuku decided not to dwell on whether the irritation was because of Katsuki's rude reminder or Izuku's ability to remain ahead despite his shoddy schedule. He really didn't have the mental energy to wonder if his friends were being bitchy at the moment.


"Did you shits need any help with your work?" Katsuki asked, jabbing his fork in the Bakusquad's directions.


"If you have time, could you look at my English assignment to make sure I got it right?" Ashido asked. Sero nodded fervently beside her. He rolled his eyes but grunted his agreement.


"I'm fine on homework," Kaminari drawled. Katsuki shot him a wary look. What I want is to know how to improve in our battle sims." His eyes slid to Izuku, who tensed under his gaze. "C'mon, Midoriya, give me some pointers! I got slammed yesterday."


Izuku shot Katsuki a glance. "Well you were going up against quirks that had you at a disadvantage," he rasped cautiously. "Really the key is to find ways to make your quirk work despite that or anticipate weak spots—"


"I could do that," Kaminari agreed. "But you already have ideas, man. You gotta share!"


"I told you to leave it alone, dumbass," Katsuki warned.


"Come on, dude!" Kaminari whined. "I wanna hear it!"


Katsuki looked at Izuku, then back at Kaminari. "I'm telling you it's a bad idea. You think it'll be just cutesy analysis that'll give you an edge, but it's fuckin' not."


Kaminari scoffed. "Oh, like he's scary? Please. We're friends with you, Blasty. C'mon Midoriya, tell us!"


Izuku looked at Katsuki for help, but he was met with an expression that was equal parts resignation and amusement. "I warned him," Katsuki shrugged. "Go ahead, nerd. Terrify him."


Ah, fuck.


"Uh...well, my personal strategies used to be focused on improving my control over my quirk, but I've pretty much gotten that covered I started going back into quirk analysis so that I could increase my efficiency without injuring myself," he began hesitantly. Besides the fact that he was about to terrify the shit out of one of his favorite classmates, his throat was still sore goddammit. "Really, all you need to do is evaluate your opponents' most likely weaknesses in relation to your quirk, and make sure that your own weaknesses can't be exploited."


"Okay, so what about yesterday? I was put up against Todoroki and he kicked my ass so hard that I saw Jesus," Kaminari complained. Izuku saw Todoroki turn to them in interest, and he grimaced again.


But Katsuki had instructed him to terrify him. He cleared his throat, trying to force some clarity back into his fucked out voice. He eyed Katsuki when he stood and walked into the kitchen.


"Your quirk works by converting energy in your body into electricity, kinda like a mill or a generator. That's especially useful against someone like Todoroki. The heat that he creates is basically an unlimited energy source for you, so as long as you can find a way to insulate your brain, you can use him to power yourself. You'd have to be careful not to go overboard on voltage though, because you haven't trained anything above 2.5 million volts. Any higher than that and you could permanently damage your brain. But the point is to build a store of energy. As for the cold, it works in the opposite direction." Katsuki returned and pressed a water bottle into his hand. Izuku shot him a small, grateful smile before continuing.


"It takes tons of energy to keep your body warm when you're encased in a block of ice, which is why it's a good idea to always keep some sort of support item on you that can keep you warm. I actually have like...ten ideas for support items that would be ideal for you, especially since you can power them yourself. Keeping something that can generate sonic pulsation would be useful, for example. Like how Jirou can break apart rock formations and yes, Todoroki's ice, you could power something that would functionally do the same thing. It would keep you from being pinned down, and allow you to conserve the energy that you would usually expend breaking out manually. But that's all on how to strengthen what you already have. Your weaknesses are the really interesting part."


" weaknesses?" Kaminari asked, flinching when Izuku pinned him with a disbelieving stare. Of course Kaminari had weaknesses. Big, fat, exploitable weaknesses. Just because they were hard to figure out due to his sheer power magnitude didn't mean that they didn't exist. It really just took some basic knowledge of physics and engineering. Luckily, most of the villains they'd encountered so far didn't really care to learn that, they just wanted to make their point loudly and publicly. Not intelligently. He took a sip from the water bottle that Katsuki had procured from the ktichen.


"More than I think you've realized," Izuku replied slowly, eyes narrowing. "I don't think anyone in the class really considers how deep their weak points run. I was gonna find a way to tell you this without straight up telling you. I want you to trust me and hang onto the self confidence you've built, but...okay look—"


"Told you," Katsuki grinned maliciously as Kaminari paled.


"When it comes to disabling you, it doesn't really take much. Your opponent could find a way to insulate or ground you and it would limit, if not completely decimate your effectiveness. You're not the best at hand-to-hand combat; you rely pretty heavily on enforcing distance with your quirk, so if someone found a way to implant you with some sort of inhibitor, you'd be effectively useless, especially since all of your support gear is focused on enhancing your quirk instead of fortifying you against your opponent. Well placed rubber banding or implants would make you quirkless on the battlefield, and you'd have nothing to back you up since you've gone light on your quirkless combat training. Shindo Yo from Ketsubutsu could bury you in seconds and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it because you'd be grounded and none of your support items are geared toward preventing that."


Kaminari was ghostly pale—not having considered how many ways he could be rendered useless in a fight since he was so often relied on as a catch-all. Not to mention the terrifying notion that he could be buried alive and unable to do a damn thing about it. He opened his mouth but Katsuki held up a hand.


"He's not done yet," Katsuki's smile was grim and satisfied. Someone—either Ashido or Ochako—whimpered. This was just the information he had on Kaminari—did he have information like this on the entire class? On other pro-heroes? On the League?


"On the more life-threatening side, it would be pretty easy to find a way to get you to overload you. You're not just a generator, you're a circuit. If someone could get your current to double back through your body instead of expending it the way you usually do, they could overload your brain in record time—even push it past the point of repair if you were at a high enough voltage. I'm pretty sure Jirou could do it if she hit you with a vibration that was a high enough frequency to excite your energy conversion. Todoroki could, too, with high enough ambient heat. Monoma could do it just by copying your quirk, but he's such an egotistic asshole that he never thinks beyond a quirk's base use. You've gotten lucky on that front."


"Uh, Deku? Maybe you should stop," Uraraka squeaked, eyeing Kaminari in concern. But that was a polite request rather than an order, so Katsuki's order to terrify Kaminari hadn't been wiped out. He glanced at Katsuki, who only gestured for him to continue.


"I warned them, Deku. Besides, it's not like the information isn't useful. Go ahead, keep going."


Izuku nodded, feeling a little more confident with Katsuki's assurance and—dare he say it—praise. He remembered the first time he'd given Katsuki analysis after their fallout. It had gone very poorly. But as soon as they'd gotten close again, it was the first thing that Katsuki had asked him for and it had been so validating that Izuku had cried like a goddamn baby.


"That's just what could happen if someone overloaded you and amped your power to its absolute max—past where your body can handle it. They could also do the exact opposite with properly executed energy absorption. The right quirk or device could draw enough energy out of you to render your cells completely inert. You'd be brain-dead within a minute, and permanent brain-cell necrosis would follow pretty quickly after that. Todoroki could do that too, by cooling you to the point where you're incapable of absorbing or generating energy. Momo could produce a tank of liquid nitrogen. Jirou could essentially plug into you and use your energy to power her own blasts while completely draining your own reserves. Personally though, if I were trying to disable you, I would put you in the ground. Like in the ground. I can't do anything that'll force you to overload or render you inert, but there are lots of quirks that don't do that so aside from one of those, burying you is not only effective—it's probably one of the best strategic moves on the board. You almost always work with team members—it's where you perform best. By burying you I could ground you, and your teammates would have to waste time and energy to dig you back out. It would distract them enough to give me a leg up in whatever I was trying to achieve, and it would also take your quirk off the board. If I were a villain, it would also have the added benefit of potentially killing you before you could be saved. Not to mention your hero costume is lightweight and more aesthetically driven than functional, so in the process of burying you I could probably significantly injure you on the way down—enough that you'd be out of commission if you did make it back to the surface."


Kaminari looked completely horrified, and Izuku figured he could ease up a bit now. "Dude, what the fuck?"


"I fucking told you, Pikachu," Katsuki scolded him, even though he looked way too amused. "Nerd has a strategy for nearly every situation. He's one insult away from being the world's strongest supervillain."


"Mean, Kacchan," Izuku pouted. "I would never."


"Yeah, because then All Might would be disappointed in you," Katsuki replied, rolling his eyes. "Don't think I forgot that Auntie caught you collecting spiders to put in my room through my bedroom window, and you only stopped when she asked you what All Might would do."


"...that was supposed to be between us, you dick," Izuku snapped. "And I was six—"


"And I would have died of fright. You would have been a murderer at six, dweeb."


"Anyway," Izuku said, still glaring at Katsuki. "All of that can be overcome or planned for with the support team's help. Something that can keep you warm or introduce kinetic energy to your system, a sonic device that can help you blast through rock and ice, body armor that can go under your costume or even incorporate into your costume, some way to reserve excess energy so that you don't overload and you can store it for emergencies? There are ways around your limitations. I'd be happy to help you work with Hatsume to make it happen. She and I have been working together a lot on her support gear ideas to make them more...realistic and custom fit to the heroes she works with."


"Yeah, dude," Kaminari whimpered. "Whenever you're free, I clearly need it. Jesus fucking Christ."


"Don't think about it too hard, Kaminari. Most villains don't think that deeply about it because they have no idea who's gonna show up on the scene. They usually go for maximum damage without really considering how to KO their opponent. It's only when we go up against villains that we've battled more than once that you really run a risk of being taken out—"


"I don't think that was as comforting as you wanted it to be, nerd," Katsuki drawled. "We're fuckin' magnets for vendetta villains, remember? It's only a matter of time. He should think about it, and he should be grateful that you brought it up before it came up in combat. Besides, he asked for this."


"I still scared him," Izuku muttered, risking a glance at the rest of the class, heart sinking when he saw them looking at him in awe and fear. "And them."


"Don't overthink it," Katsuki demanded. "They'll be fine, and maybe now they'll be more mindful about how they can get themselves fuckin' deleted if they're not more careful."


Izuku's tension drained immediately, and he smiled. "Okay, Kacchan."


"Yeah, dude. I hadn't even considered how to use my quirk aside from stealth and the occassional blast," Jirou murmured, thinking up a storm.


"Okay, no more," Ashido protested. "I've already heard enough to give me nightmares. Homework and then sleep. Bother Midoriya for strategies on your own time because I can't even right now—"


"Yeah, I'm definitely done hearing about ways we could be killed for the day," Kirishima muttered, standing to put his dish away. "I still gotta finish my calc assignment without the looming dread of certain death, thank you very much."


"I can help you with Calc while Kacchan looks at Ashido and Sero's English assignments," Izuku offered.


"Flip it, nerd. You're better at English," Katsuki grunted, taking both of their plates and following Kirishima into the kitchen.


"You two okay with that?" he asked, turning to Ashido and Sero who still looked a little pale, but nodded hesitantly.


"Mind if I join?" Ochako asked. She looked a little wary but apparently, the power of best-friendship aided in recovery time. "I think I've got it, but I just wanna be sure."


"Yeah, sure. Anyone else?"


"Don't forget that you still have work to do, Midoriya!" Iida barked. Izuku sighed irately when the command washed over him.


"Can it, Glasses," Katsuki barked as he returned. "Take your fuckin' time, Deku. If you need help finishing your own shit later, I still gotta do mine, too." Izuku shot him a grateful smile which only widened when Katsuki flipped him off. Only those who knew what to look for saw the tips of the blonde's ears go pink as he got flustered.


"Thanks, Kacchan!"


"Shut the fuck—ugh, just help them goddammit," he growled as he faltered on the command. Ochako snickered next to Deku, and Kirishima grinned widely behind Katsuki.


Tutoring his classmates usually went pretty well. He was a softer touch than Katsuki was so usually, people were receptive and grateful for feedback. Sero had struggled with this one though, so when Izuku handed his paper back to him, his forehead fell onto the table with a loud crack. "Man, fuck this assignment."


Izuku went rigid, the familiar mortification of a super inappropriate order washing over him as he reached for Sero's paper again. Sero handed it back to him in confusion as Izuku fought the order. He didn't say when, he didn't say when, he didn't say when—"Kacchan!" Crossing a panicked squeak with a fucked-out rasp was a weird vocal combination.


"Hmm?" he looked up from the Calculus assignments. "What?"


Of course, he wasn't listening. "You're more familiar with Sero's English work, what can I do to help?" he squeaked, eyes boring into him desperately. Katsuki was a gift because he always caught on quick.


"Just fuckin' leave it and if he has questions later, I'll take care of it," he barked, barely managing to stay chill. Kaminari looked up from the problem that Katsuki had been explaining to squint between the two of them, eyes flicking back and forth. He caught Izuku's eye, furrowing his brow. Izuku wasn't exactly the most chill person in the world, but the panic he felt under Kaminari's stare was impressive.


"G-got it," he stuttered, turning back to Sero and passing his assignment back. "I'm not as good at explaining how to do stuff," he said apologetically. "I'm better at corrections and edits. If you have any more assignments you need me to look at though—"


"It's all good, dude," Sero assured him fondly. "I'm pretty sure I'll be fine with what you gave me already. Thanks, though."


"No problem," he smiled. He could still feel Kaminari's stare on the back of his neck, but he did his utmost to ignore it. "How are you doing, Ashido?"


"I think I get it," she replied slowly, leafing through the papers. "English grammar is fuckin' weird though. I might have to tap you again later."


"We do practice conversations sometime," Izuku offered. "Once you're more comfortable with speaking, the rules start to make more sense. You start to hear it in your head when your sentences aren't right."


"That would be awesome! We have oral exams to worry about too, so it would probably help to practice speaking," Ashido smiled. "Thanks, Mido!"


"Alright, that's enough losers. Deku needs to do his own homework now. C'mon, nerd."


Izuku stood, following the order even as he protested. "You don't have to—"


"If I don't, you'll get distracted with hero debuts again and you'll be up until the ass crack of dawn," he snapped.


"Will not!" he whined. Katsuki pinned him with the most unimpressed stare he'd ever seen. "Well shit, I might, but it's not that big a deal—"


"You let me blast you with a Howitzer the day before yesterday. Your reaction times are even fuckin' worse than normal, dweeb."


"I didn't let you!"


"Oh, so standing in the middle of my blast was your plan? Fuck you."


"BOYS!" Ochako barked. They both turned to her, surprised that someone had interrupted. "Shut the hell up. Deku, do your homework and go to bed. Bakugou, feel free to knock him out if he's not down by eleven." She giggled when Izuku's face dropped in utter betrayal and Katsuki grinned at her.


"Hell yeah, Floaty," he held out a fist and she bumped it enthusiastically. Izuku pouted. Since when did ganging up on Izuku warrant a fist bump?


Well, probably since always but still. The betrayal.


"My friends have forsaken me. I am alone in my fight for justice," he drawled as he packed his bag. "Never speak to me or my three children again, betrayer," he called over his shoulder as he dragged his feet on the way to the elevator.


"They're not your children, Deku!" she called back.


"You take that back, Ochako!" he barked as the elevator closed behind them. They were absolutely his children, and they would never treat him like this.


"You're so fuckin' dramatic, Deku," Katsuki chuckled.


"I've earned it," he grumbled. "I've put my life on the line for those children and she has the audacity to tell me they aren't mine?"


"Does that make me their fuckin' step-father? I've been told I'm a bad role model."


"We'd have to be married, Kacchan."


"Give me a couple years," he replied. Izuku dropped his bag, barely noting that Ochako's order had been wiped out. "What?"


"You can't just say stuff like that!" Izuku replied hotly.


"I can say whatever the fuck I want," Katsuki scoffed. "I'm not the one who's under a fucking obedience quirk." He paused then, brow furrowing. "Speaking of that, are those extras always so fucking demanding?"


"What do you mean?"


"Your fucking friends! My fucking friends! Dropping orders like a fuckin' raver dropping ecstasy," he snapped. "I've had to keep my eye out all fuckin' day—what did Tapeface even say to you?"


Izuku snorted. "He said 'fuck this assignment'. Thanks for intervening—I didn't want papercuts on my dick."


"You're fuckin' welcome," he grumbled, leaning against the wall of the elevator tiredly. "It's fuckin' exhausting though."


"You're not the one who almost fucked Kaminari with a fork," Izuku reminded him.


"You also almost bit the purple ballsack," Katsuki reminded him. "If you dare, I will refuse to make out with you until you've brushed your teeth for twenty fucking minutes."


"It wasn't like I wanted to," Izuku argued. "He said 'bite me'! Besides, you stopped me. It was fine."


"You sat on my lap," Katsuki reminded him. "In the middle of the cafeteria." Izuku shrugged.


"I wanted to sit there."


"You're such a little shit."


"A little shit whose dick you've touched."


"A little shit whose throat I fucked," Katsuki grinned menacingly. Izuku did a quick mental health check because looking menacing shouldn't be hot. It shouldn't. It should be threatening, but he really just wanted to lick at every one of the perfect teeth that were shining viciously under the crappy fluorescent elevator lights.


He should probably check in with his therapist.


"See? Not all bad," Izuku replied, flushing. Actually, he'd really liked that part. Katsuki flushed too, and Izuku was suddenly reminded that even though Katsuki had a mouth like a seasoned prostitute, they were both such virgins.


"Not all bad," he agreed gruffly. Izuku chuckled and stood on his toes to press an affectionate kiss to Katsuki's cheek. "You're fuckin' embarrassing."


"You're the one who's dating me," Izuku grinned. "If it's too embarrassing—"


"Didn't fuckin' say that nerd. Shut up."


Izuku's jaw locked shut, but there was a smug sort of victory on his face.


The victory disappeared immediately when the door opened to Jirou's shocked face.

Chapter Text

They stared at each other long enough that the elevator doors began to close. Katsuki looked at the floor number in confusion. "The hell are you doing here, Ears?"


"Uh...I uh..." she gaped at them. "Shoji...we were comparing notes on the underground tactics—"


"Whatever, fuck, we get it," Katsuki snapped, pulling Izuku out of the elevator while crowding Jirou back. Eventually, he caught Jirou around the wrist and dragged her into his room, Izuku trailing behind them awkwardly. "How much did you hear?"


"Um...I started listening when you hit the third floor," she said. "I could hear you without plugging in or anything, I swear I wasn't eavesdropping—"


"What did you hear, Kyoka," Katsuku snarled. The first name seemed to do the trick because her spine straightened and her eyes went wide.


"I uh," she blushed furiously. "I started listening after 'a little shit whose dick you've touched," she admitted. "So I definitely know you two are dating. Holy crap, you two are dating?"


"Would you keep your fucking voice down? We're trying to keep it quiet, dumbass!"


"Why?" she demanded, eyes bright and smile wide. "This is great!"


"Because," he began before Izuku shoved a hand shoved over his mouth.


"Because we want it to be just about us for a while. Just for ourselves," Izuku explained. "We want to get a feel for the difference before everyone else sticks their nose in it."


"Uggghhh that's such a good reason," she whined. "I just never would have guessed! You two are always bickering, I guess it must have been sexual tension. I didn't even know you liked dudes, Midoriya!"


"Uh...I'm bi," he uttered. "But I've only ever had feelings for Kacchan. And I didn't really think that was on the table until a few days ago, so I didn't think there was much point in broadcasting my sexuality. If the only person I liked didn't like me back, I mean."


"What the hell, that's so sad and romantic!" she cried. "As soon as you start telling people, the girls are gonna lose their shit. Wait—" she squinted at them. "You've only been dating for a couple of days and you're already sucking his dick? Didn't think you'd be such a ho, Mido."


Izuku blushed violently. "Uh...sexual frustration was sort of the catalyst to us figuring our stuff out. We were both kinda pent up."


She smirked at him, and he blushed even harder. "Should I be telling Shoji to keep his ears to himself?"


"Fuckin' yes," Katsuki snarled, ripping Izuku's hand off his mouth. "I'm not kissing this little shit in his All Might shrine or anywhere near the Grapist's room, so the only option is here. Both of you mind your fuckin' business!"


"I'll let him know. What should I tell him if he asks me why?"


Izuku and Katsuki glanced at each other. Everyone in the class had seen them have wordless conversations before, but now that it was romantic, Jirou wanted to hug them both. It was totally ruining her brand.


"You can tell him the truth, but that's four goddamn people who know. We really don't want it to go further," Katsuki growled.


"It's bad enough that Kaminari is catching on," Izuku grumbled. "He stared at the back of my head for like ten minutes."


"Fuckin' phone charger always in my goddamn business," Katsuki agreed with an irate grumble.


"Oof. If Kaminari thinks he knows something, the first person he'll tell is Mina. You might have to throw them off their rhythm," she suggested. "May I recommend one of your standard extra-as-fuck smackdowns in training?"


"We're doing joint training tomorrow," Izuku whined. "Won't work. We'll probably end up on the same team again."


"Hm. Maybe you can just...fight. You two always fight."


"If I fuckin' fight with him, my chances of getting laid go down astronomically," Katsuki grimaced.


"Not really," Izuku admitted. Katsuki's head snapped in his direction so fast that Izuku was surprised he didn't get whiplash. Jirou cackled. "What? You're hot when you're angry! Don't fucking judge me!"


"Holy potty mouth, Mido! Don't let Iida catch you talking like that. You'll never hear the end of it."


Izuku rolled his eyes, annoyed at being given a new order so late in the day. "I'm seventeen, I do what I want."


"Sure, Jan."


"Alright, get the fuck outta here. We need to finish our homework," Katsuki snapped. Jirou smirked and gave a little wave before disappearing out the door. "Fuck."


"Not ideal," Izuku agreed. "But she handled it pretty well?"


"She stared at us like we were fuckin' zoo animals for a whole goddamn minute," Katsuki sneered.


"She was surprised! Give her a break." Izuku sat on Katsuki's bed as the blonde himself took the desk.


"I don't give breaks, shitty Deku," Katsuki replied sourly. Izuku pouted. "Don't look at me like that, dweeb. Do your homework."


Izuku glanced at the time, obediently pulling his homework out of his bag. "Awww, are you grumpy because it's past your bedtime?" he teased. He grinned when Katsuki pinned him with a nasty glare. "Cute, Kacchan."


"Shut the—goddammit." Katsuki groaned, pressing his palms to his eyes in frustration. Izuku was so fond of him for trying so hard not to order him around without consent. He loved this guy. This guy was his. In real life! "M'not cute, dickhead." Yes, he fucking was, but Izuku recognized a comfort threshold when he saw one.


"If you say so," Izuku replied amiably, smiling softly when some of the tension released from Katsuki's shoulders.


They both got a text a few minutes later. 'lmao shoji already knew, ya nasties'.


Izuku blushed violently. "Oh god. I should apologize to him."


"His fuckin' fault for eavesdropping. Fuckin' focus, nerd." Katsuki barked, blushing just as hard but keeping his eyes trained on his work. Izuku pulled out his earphones, hoping to tune out his mortification with the lo-fi hip hop study playlist that Jirou had shared with him almost a year ago. He knew it wouldn't work, but it was nice to dream, right?


By the time Izuku was done with his work, Katsuki had crawled into the bed behind him and was listening to Izuku's other earbud and snoozing while he waited for Izuku to finish. "I'll get out of your hair now," Izuku smiled, pushing his books back into his bag. Katsuki sat up, wrapping an arm around Izuku's waist from behind and dropping his head into the space between his shoulders.


"Y'don gotta go," he mumbled sleepily. Izuku's heart clenched. Who the fuck gave him the right to be so adorable when he was sleepy?


Probably Satan.


"We both need to sleep," Izuku replied quietly, grasping Katsuki's hand where it rested on his stomach. "But I can come back in the morning." Katsuki only responded by pressing his face harder into Izuku's back, holding him a little tighter. He was so warm. He reached over his shoulder to run his fingers through Katsuki's hair and he slumped into him even further, body going completely lax against him. "C'mon, Kacchan," he coaxed, slowly unraveling the hand that was around his waist. "Bedtime."


When he finally managed to wriggle away from his sleepy boyfriend, the boy in question was pouting (glaring) and rumpled and Izuku fought every instinct in his body that told him to crawl back into bed and smother him with affection. "You suck," Katsuki grumbled as Izuku pushed him down into his pillows and swaddled him with a blanket.


"Oh yeah, I'm the worst," Izuku chuckled. "Wanting you to get a good night's sleep is criminal."


"Fuck you," he pouted, eyes barely open. "Kiss me, loser."


Izuku grinned, leaning down to press a soft kiss into Katsuki's pout. "Goodnight, Kacchan."


"...night Deku."


The following morning they were scheduled for a morning run, so Izuku woke up hellishly early to sneak back into Katsuki's room. He pushed at Katsuki's shoulder until he was met with a ferocious but sleepy glare. "Cuddle before our run?"


"Coulda just fuckin' done it instead of waking me up at the ass crack of dawn, shithead," Katsuki growled.


"I could have, but I needed you to move over," Izuku laughed. Katsuki was, as usual, starfished across the bed as ridiculously as possible. Katsuki grumbled and shuffled to the side, flipping the covers back and opening his arms lazily so that Izuku could crawl into them.


"S'why I told you to stay," he mumbled, burying his face into green hair as Izuku nuzzled into his chest. "So you wouldn't fuckin' wake me up."


"Could have told me not to come," Izuku replied, muffled by blankets and pectorals.


"Shut up," he huffed, and Izuku complied easily, already falling back asleep in Katsuki's warmth.


He complained when Katsuki's alarm went off and he was dragged out of the bed by the back of his shirt without even getting to make out with him but other than that, the start of their day went smoothly.


Except for mortified blush that Izuku adopted when Shoji met his eyes over breakfast.


They got their tests handed back to them in class, and Izuku scowled when Katsuki scored three points higher than him. Katsuki turned back to him with a feral grin. "Who's the best, nerd?"


Izuku rolled his eyes. "You are, Kacchan," he replied dryly.


"Tell me why I'm the best," he teased. Izuku raised an eyebrow.


"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No, a summer's day is not a bitch," he began, completely deadpan. Just because he'd been ordered to tell him, didn't mean he had to do it nicely. He heard startled laughter run through the room, but he just smirked at Katsuki's dumbfounded face. "But my dear bitchy favorite, you are an inspiration. A bastion of victory. You're so impressive to me that I can't take my eyes off of you. No matter how loud and obnoxious you can be, you back up your dickheadedness with results. You give everything your all, even if it's stupid. Like that time we were walking home and you decided to race a seven-year-old—completely ridiculous, but you won! Your determination is amazing. You're so smart, Kacchan. You pass every class with flying colors, and you outthink all of your opponents. No one stands a chance against the Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight."


"The sarcasm is fucking unnecessary—" Katsuki muttered as Kirishima howled with laughter.


"And you're hot too. Like damn, there's a shortage of perfect asses in the world; how dare you be a hero and put yours in danger every day? Selfish, Kacchan. And your pecs could be a national monument—"


"Fuckin' stop, nerd!" Katsuki yelled, blushing violently as the class cackled around them. "You're a fucking menace."


"You asked," Izuku shrugged. "That's what you get for being smug about one test score—"


"You just don't like that I beat you, shitty Deku! You think you'd be used to it by now—"


"I kicked your ass in English so—"


"Yeah, because you're fluent—"


"BOYS!" Ectoplasm barked, stopping their argument in its tracks. "Face the front and let me teach."


"Sorry, sir," Izuku replied sheepishly. Katsuki grumbled but settled back in his seat.


"I have no idea how Aizawa deals with you two," he muttered.


"He lets them beat each other up in combat training," Asui piped up helpfully.


"Or pairs them up so that he can fail them if they don't get along," Ashido grinned. Izuku made an offended noise in the back of his throat as Katsuki whipped around to glare at her.


"He pairs us up because we kick ass, Pinky."


"Yeah, maybe now," she replied. "But in the beginning? He was totally using training as a get-along shirt."


"That's ridiculous—" Izuku began, but Ectoplasm cut him off.



Chapter Text

Ochako covered for them when they disappeared at lunch, delighted when she realized she had another comrade in Jirou. "We've got you covered," she insisted, flashing them a thumbs up as she hooked her arms through Kirishima's and Jirou's respectively.


"Enjoy your lunch date," Jirou smirked, only growing smugger when Katsuki flipped her off. Izuku dug an elbow into his side, letting out a strangled noise when Katsuki threw his arm around his shoulders to try to draw him into a headlock.


"Thanks, guys," he wheezed as he tried to pull out of Katsuki's grip. "We'll see you later!" Katsuki was already pulling him away. Izuku stiffened when he heard Kaminari question where they were going.


"That's gonna be a fuckin' problem," Katsuki muttered, flinching when Izuku's fingers dug into his sides and dropping the freckled menace immediately. "No fucking tickling, nerd, that's cheating!"


"Says you," Izuku shot back. "If it gives me a tactical advantage though—"


"It's a cheap trick—"


"If a villain is ticklish, I'm using it, so why wouldn't I use it to get out of a headlock?" he demanded, grinning impishly. Katsuki scowled. "Awww, don't be like that," he crooned, bumping his shoulder with his own. "Just because I'm not ticklish doesn't mean that I don't have other weaknesses you can't exploit."


Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him, considering. His eyes looked...heated? "None that are appropriate in public."


Okay, when Katsuki had asked him to eat lunch together on the roof, and Izuku had melted. But that had been a soft, warm feeling, and it had nothing on the sudden heat and weakened knees he was afflicted with now.


Katsuki caught his elbow when he tripped over his feet. The perfect roulette wheel combination of deviant and gentleman. "Horny nerd," he grinned. "Be more careful."


Izuku grabbed his arm, glaring, and pulled Katsuki forward at a nearly unmatchable pace. "You're the worst."


"We've been over this. You chose this, so it's your own damn fault, dweeb."


"Pardon me for not realizing you were so goddamn provocative, that wasn't really a part of our relationship before," he growled. Katsuki scoffed incredulously.


"Excuse you, shithead. I've always been provocative, it's just never been sexy."


"It was plenty sexy, it just wasn't sexual," Izuku corrected him. "So sure, you've always been incendiary, and it's always been hot, but I've never been able to do anything about it before and now I can and you keep on pushing the 'on' button that you were always pushing by accident before but now you're doing it on purpose and I honestly don't understand how you think I'm gonna keep a lid on this if you keep giving me unshakeable boners in the middle of the—"


"Deku." The 'shut up' was implied, and it was effective. Izuku's gaze snapped to Katsuki's and was pleased to find him flustered. Serves him right. "Talkin' loud enough for anyone in a thirty-foot radius to hear, wait until we get to the roof to start perving on me, dork," he muttered, blushing. Ah, so he liked the perving. Perfect, because that wasn't going away any time soon.


As soon as the door to the roof closed behind them, Izuku crowded Katsuki up against the door and kissed him hungrily, fisting the taller boy's jacket in order to pull him down to his level even as he stood on tip-toe to meet him halfway. Katsuki never disappointed, matching him in intensity and threading his hands in Izuku's hair—tilting his head so that he could kiss harder and deeper until Izuku could feel his presence in every molecule of his body.


Unfortunately, Katsuki was also responsible, and he pulled away. "We gotta eat, nerd."


"Do we, though?" Izuku mumbled, nuzzling Katsuki's jawline. It was such a good jawline. You could cut glass with it. What the hell.


"Yes. But you have a choice—we can set a timer, make out now, and eat later; or we can eat now and make out until the bell."


Izuku bit his lip, turning the options over in his head. He kinda wanted to scratch his itch now, and the instant gratification was insanely tempting—especially since Katsuki was now kissing his neck, holy fuck—but if they ate now, they might eat quickly enough to squeeze more making-out time out of their lunch hour than they would if Katsuki set an alarm to ruin his fun. He released Katsuki's jacket, and Katsuki immediately released his head in response, looking so unfairly unruffled that Izuku kinda wanted to hit him. How did he go back to normal that fast? How was that any kind of fair?


"Good choice nerd. Eat fast," he smirked. Izuku pouted but pulled out his lunch as he walked over to the little cement bench that let them look out over campus and beyond the gates to the sprawling city. There was a similar view from Heights Alliance, but from here you could see UA's gates and it filled him with pride and appreciation for how far he'd come. A welcome distraction considering the fact that his explosive boyfriend had kissed him like he was a meal and then cut him off cold.


"Ready for joint training?" Izuku asked through a mouthful. Katsuki wrinkled his nose, and Izuku remembered that one of Katsuki's weirdly prim pet peeves was people talking with their mouths full. He swallowed. "I need to ask Aizawa to put us on the same team."


"You don't think he was gonna pull that shit anyways? It's our get along shirt," he sneered, clearly resenting the implication that he couldn't get along with Izuku for an hour (despite all the evidence to that point from their first year).


Izuku shrugged. "Maybe," he replied. "Still, better safe than sorry. If we're teamed up against Class B, I want someone with me who can counteract orders when they come up."


"Should you be participating?" Katsuki asked, picking at his own food. Izuku shot him a sharp glare. "What? Any other day we both know you'd kick their collective shit into the sun, but I nearly fucking barbecued you, Zuku," he said seriously. "Who the fuck knows what would happen around people who give less than two shits about you? Just look at what's been happening around our class by accident! What if we get paired against Five-Finger Bitch-Count?"


Izuku paused at that, turning the nickname over in his head. "Five-finger—Is that a wordplay on five-finger discount? Like a shoplifter? Are you talking about Monoma?"


Katsuki gave him a disgusted look. "Do I look like I know any of their names?" he asked, affronted.


"Well, I know you know Shinso, Kendo, and Testutetsu, but I guess you wouldn't know Monoma unless you found him impressive. The copycat quirk guy," Izuku explained.


"Yeah, him."


"That's...not your best work, Kacchan," Izuku chuckled. Katsuki pouted. "It's not!"


"Five Minute Disappointment."


"So much better!" Izuku cheered. "Okay, what about him?"


"What if we're matched against him?" Katsuki asked again. "He's a real bitch, and if he throws out the wrong command—"


"You'll be there to back me up and save my ass like always," Izuku replied casually. A weird look flashed across Katsuki's face before he hid it from view by dropping his gaze back down to his food. "What was that?"


"What was fuckin' what?" Katsuki mumbled, stabbing a vegetable.


"You made a face. It wasn't a bad face, just a weird face."


"Now my face is weird? Damn, nerd, that hurts," Katsuki drawled, still not looking at him.


"Kacchan." He bent, trying to catch his eyes. "Katsuki." That caught his attention. "Talk to me."


"Feels good," he shrugged. "Good and really weird."


Izuku frowned. "What does?"


Katsuki grimaced like he was in pain, which only really happened if he was mortally injured or emotionally exposed. "That you trust me like that. Like you're sure that I'll have your back."


Why were they eating instead of kissing? That seemed stupid. "I am sure that you'll have my back. You always do," he replied fondly. Katsuki trembled, face turning red as his shoulders tightened.


"Finish your fucking food, nerd. Hurry the fuck up."


Good to know that Katsuki wanted to make out with him just as badly. Really, every time he remembered that Katsuki wanted to kiss him too, he felt like he was going to vibrate out of his skin.


As soon as he had swallowed his last bite, Katsuki had captured him around the waist and dragged him onto his lap. "Do something useful with that mouth, Deku," Katsuki growled, and Izuku was only too happy to oblige. He swung his leg over Katsuki's clumsily, straddling him under the afternoon sun. In this position, he was the taller one and he relished the control it afforded him.


He wrapped his arms around Katsuki's shoulders, practically purring when Katsuki's hands anchored him down by his waist. It was fascinating to feel the tension drain out of Katsuki's body as he brushed kisses against his mouth—each kiss deeper than the last until Katsuki lost his patience and trapped Izuku's bottom lip between his teeth.


"Kacchan," he whined, grinding down into Katsuki's lap; moaning when Katsuki's hips jerked beneath him.


"Fuckin' tease," he muttered back. Izuku huffed a laugh before pushing in for a deeper kiss, squirming when Katsuki's hands stroked up his sides and down his back. For one insanely nerdy second, he was reminded of the convection diagram they'd been given in physics—heat moving through him in that same pattern; up to his obliques to his traps, then down to his lats and back again.


He ran his tongue across Katsuki's lower lip, before flicking it deeper to meet his tongue—sighing at the lazy pressure that Katsuki applied in return. It was unhurried and slow but so sexy. Izuku melted into it, savoring each swipe of Katsuki's tongue and insistent press of his lips.


Katsuki tasted like chili peppers (probably because of his lunch) and the beeswax lip balm that his entire family swore by, and he could probably die happy now that he knew that. If it weren't for the sounds that Katsuki made, he'd probably be content just kissing him like this for hours.


But Katsuki wasn't just a talker, he was...aurally expressive, and each noise he made shook Izuku to the core. It was gratifying because he knew exactly what Katsuki liked as soon as he did it, but he was getting drunk on the groans that rumbled through him like thunder and the moans that sounded like growls. They were animalistic, shameless, and flattering in a way that made him want to push farther and farther until the entire world knew what Izuku could do to him; while simultaneously making him possessively greedy—never wanting anyone to hear him like this except him.


Katsuki took the next step, hastily untucking Izuku's shirt from his pants so that he could get even closer. The breath punched out of Izuku's body at the first touch of Katsuki's flaming hands to his heated skin—whining loudly and clutching Katsuki tighter, hands fisting in his shirt and hips stuttering pathetically against him.


"If you two goddamn menaces screw during school hours, I will end your careers and your lives in that order," a tired voice growled from the door to the roof.


Izuku jumped away from Katsuki with a startled scream and landed on his ass, right as Katsuki let off panicked explosions exactly where Izuku's waist had been mere seconds before. "Sensei!" he yelped.


"What the fuck," Katsuki wheezed, clutching his stomach. Izuku must have kneed him in the gut in his rush to put distance between them. Oops.


"I'm so sorry—"


"I don't care," Aizawa drawled, cutting him off. "Just keep your clothes on and don't hump each other like animals in public. I'm not condoning sexual activity but I'm not an idiot, so keep it behind closed doors. This school and its students have a reputation, and any missteps you make here will follow you into your careers," he sighed heavily. "As you should know, there's protection available to you in the dorms, and my door is open to you if you need to talk, no matter how uncomfortable the topic. Be safe, be smart, and don't have sex on the school roof."


"We weren't going to fuck! Jesus Christ!" Katsuki barked, beet red and fuming. "We have class in like ten minutes!"


Aizawa raised an eyebrow. "You're teenagers. Endurance isn't exactly an expectation."


Izuku was now curled into a ball, hiding his face in his knees. "Please stop," he whined. "We were just kissing."


"That may be true, but I don't really care. Hands above the clothes when you're on campus, problem children."


"Yes, sir," Izuku squeaked.


"Fuckin' whatever," Katsuki scowled.


"Good. And congratulations. Mic and Midnight both owe me a week of supervisor duty," he grinned maliciously. Izuku dropped his hands from his face to gawk at his teacher. Katsuki's face went blank—clearly shocked.


"You bet on us?" Izuku asked, dumbfounded.


"I started a betting pool after your fight on Ground Beta," he confirmed, malicious grin growing wider. "After weeks of trying to get Bakugou to see a counselor because he was kidnapped and the whole country thought he had villain potential, he decided to forgo a therapist and drag you to an empty training ground in the dead of night instead because you were the only one who he felt comfortable being vulnerable with, despite your clear interpersonal problems. Then he unloaded his feelings on you in the most violent way he knew and you let him while simultaneously comforting him, encouraging him, and admiring him. It wasn't a question of if you would get together, it was a question of when. Mic and Midnight didn't believe me, even when you two disasters started to get closer. So really, I should be thanking you for proving that I'm always right and that no one should ever argue with me."


They gaped at him. "Is that why you pair us together? Because Ashido thinks it's so we don't fight. Like a get-along shirt," Izuku uttered, mortified.


"It can be both."


"What the fuck," Katsuki breathed. "We're not fucking dolls. You can't squish our faces together and make us kiss—"


"I don't have to make you do anything," Aizawa smirked. "I just had to put you two in each other's vicinity often enough that you stopped trying to kill each other. Besides, I have to entertain myself somehow. It distracts from the destruction and chaos that being your teacher has forced on me," he hid his face in his capture weapon. "Now, I came up here for a reason. Midoriya, we haven't found the person who bumped into you. It's been three weeks, and we don't think we'll be able to find him. He was probably using someone else's commuter pass, or he was using a single-use ticket. Either way, tracking him has been difficult. Police are still looking, but since it's a mental quirk that can apparently last indefinitely, it's safe to assume that there's some sort of off switch to undo whatever is making you obedient. As the school's second-best quirk analyst, would you like to take it on as an assignment? You'll be given extra credit if you do. Nezu's orders."


Izuku's new kinship with Nezu was one of the strangest things to come out of their time at UA. Their principal had picked up on Izuku's knack for analysis during finals in their second year, as he'd been seated next to Izuku during the other students' testing periods. Nezu had offered to mentor him during his third year, and Izuku had accepted. Unfortunately, between the course load and Nezu's own schedule, they hadn't been able to meet as often as they'd hoped, but Nezu would give him assignments and objectives every few weeks so that he could hone his skill.


Hence the previous evening with Kaminari. His analysis had been detailed in his pre-Nezu days, but now there was a terrifying edge to it that only Katsuki had seen (and been unfathomably disturbed by).


"I can try!" Izuku agreed, standing.


"Good. I'm going to leave now. Be in class on time, or I'll tell Iida that you were defiling school property. And before you tell me that's a weak punishment, imagine how much time it will take you to shake him," he grinned, already walking away.


They both blanched. "Yes, sir."


"Didn't have to fuckin' threaten us, I haven't been late a day in my life and I won't start now!" Katsuki called after him, volume increasing as he got farther away. "Jesus fuckin' Christ," he uttered, burying his face in his hands once the door shut behind their teacher.


"Aizawa just told us not to fuck on the school roof. Aizawa just told us to use protection. Bleach my brain—"


"I'm gonna boil my brain," Katsuki groaned. "Gonna scrub it with acid. I'm never kissing you in public again—"


"What?" Izuku's eyes snapped to him, alarmed.


"How am I ever going to be able to enjoy it if I'm worried that a fucking teacher will roll in out of fucking nowhere to make it awkward as shit again?" Katsuki demanded.


"I just started kissing you, you're not taking this away from me—"


"We can kiss in private where no one will barge in—"


"We don't have to make out, but you're really gonna flirt with me and change in front of me and look all perfect and then not let me kiss you? That's cruel and unusual punishment, and not even for my behavior! Where's the justice?"


"You're gonna kiss me and not go further? Like fuck we'll be able to pull that off, Deku," Katsuki snapped. "You look at me wrong and I'm ready to jump you." Well shit, that was flattering. And powerful. "It's a fucking hair trigger. And I just need to suggest that I'm thinking something dirty and you're ready to go."


"Because it's new right now! It'll get better with exposure."


Katsuki's glare turned dubious. "Self-serving sales pitch, Deku. Sounds like bullshit."


"It's not! They call it a honeymoon phase for a reason, Kacchan," Izuku insisted, pouting. Katsuki studied him and Izuku deepened his pout accordingly, eyes widening and bottom lip sticking out. He knew he'd won when Katsuki groaned and scrubbed his hand over his face.


"We get fuckin' cockblocked like that again, I'm shutting down any and all PDA until I can look whoever did it in the eyes again," he said finally, jabbing his finger at Izuku for emphasis. Izuku nodded rapidly, completely fine with whatever terms would let him kiss his boyfriend as often as possible.


"Completely reasonable. Absolutely acceptable," he agreed, climbing to his feet so that he could drop another kiss on Katsuki's mouth.


"Better be acceptable, shitty Deku," he grumbled as Izuku pecked at his face. The bell rang, signaling that their interrupted lunch date was over. "Now get off me, it's time for class."


Izuku pouted again, but obediently packed his lunchbox and followed Katsuki back to class.

Chapter Text

As they'd predicted, Katsuki and Izuku were on the same team for their joint training session. They were joined by Asui, Kaminari, and Yaomomo—all good teammates that would be valuable for a variety of strategies.


They were up against Shiozaki, Shinso, Monoma, Rin, and Tsuburaba; a difficult set of quirks to plan for. Each one was so different, and both Shinso and Monoma were top-tier strategists themselves. 


"Break a leg, Deku!" Ochako cheered as they made their way out of the observation center.


"Why would you say that, Kirby?" Katsuki barked. "He might actually do it! His fuckin' cracker bones need a break—"


"First of all, leave my bones out of this," Izuku interrupted, pointing at Katsuki, expression dryer than a desert. Ochako spluttered a laugh, but Izuku wasn't sure if she was laughing at Katsuki's irritated scowl, or at the 'cracker bones' comment. "Second of all, thanks Ochako."


"Do not break a leg, Deku. I can't stress that enough. No broken bones," Katsuki demanded, visibly stressed. Izuku struggled to keep the fond smile off his face, rolling his eyes instead.


"I know, Kacchan," he grumbled, moving to walk out of the room.


"Oh look, it's the 1-A disaster duo," Monoma sneered as they walked up, completely ignoring the rest of the team. Not that their teammates minded being ignored where Monoma was concerned. In fact, they were so determined to avoid him that all three of their teammates split off to walk through their plan again, settling almost thirty feet away before deciding that was a safe distance. Katsuki and Izuku, on the other hand, ignored him completely and focused on the person they'd somehow adopted into each of their respective friend groups.


"Hey, Shinsou," Izuku greeted his tired friend brightly. Shinso squinted as though Izuku was literally too bright.


"Midoriya," he replied, sounding like a reanimated corpse.


"You sound like you fuckin' died, eyebags," Katsuki chastised him gruffly. "You're worse than Deku. Why don't you ever fuckin' sleep?"


"Sleep will take me only minutes before my death," Shinsou replied, tone dull. "And coffee will fuel me until then."


"Fuckin' dramatic. Just take a fuckin' Ambien, MindFuck."


"As soon as you pop a Xanax, Boomer," Shinso shot back. Katsuki shot Izuku a glare when he laughed.


"Traitor," he snapped.


"Oh, come on! It's funny, Kacchan!" Izuku replied, laughing harder. "Boomer? Like boom—"


"It won't be as funny when I blast your face off," he snarled.


"It's easy to laugh at people when they're jokes, Bakugou," Monoma chimed in, smiling placidly. His smile only stretched when Izuku fell silent, straightening sharply.


"Who's the joke here?" Katsuki barked back, shooting Izuku a warning look. "You can't do shit with on your own; you have to borrow power. I've seen your quirkless combat training stats, copycat. That's the fuckin' joke," Katsuki sneered.


"And I've seen you in action despite your scores—predictable and destructive," Monoma shot back. "It's funny that you think you're so much better when all you do is attract trouble and blow things up. There's more to being a hero than a flashy quirk and fighting, you know. People have to feel safe when you're around, and I don't think—"


"Deku, stay put," Katsuki commanded. Izuku stilled, and both Monoma and Shinso's eyes snapped to him. They hadn't even realized that he had been preparing to lunge, but here he was—knees bent and ready to tackle Monoma to the ground. "Chill the fuck out. You can beat the crap out of him when the exercise starts," he reminded him.


"Oh, I will," Izuku promised, eyes dark. "I'll fold him like a fucking pretzel. You think you're gonna make a good hero, Phantom Thief? Kacchan might be intimidating, but you make people feel small. You're arrogant and condescending, and the idea of talking to you gives 80% of the people who've met you straight-up nausea."


"And you think they prefer to talk to you? Nobody believes your bullshit optimism, Midoriya. "Deku is the name of a hero?" Don't be ridiculous. No, Deku is the name of an idiot with a pipe dream. I might make people feel small but you make them feel sorry for you, so suck my dick, Midoriya," Monoma sneered.


Izuku was in front of him faster than Katsuki could move, grabbing Monoma's crotch in a steel grip. "Maybe after I've ripped it off your body," he hissed. "But I've heard the reviews, and I'm pretty sure Kacchan won't let me eat garbage."


"Drop him," Katsuki said, but there was something strained in his voice. Was he mad? Izuku complied immediately, backing up into Katsuki's space for good measure. Shinso was staring at him, lips pursed in a thin line. Was he mad, too? But then he stopped staring at Izuku and flicked his eyes up to meet Katsuki's, and they both broke—doubling over with laughter.


"Fuckin' Christ," Katsuki wheezed.


"Garbage—" Shinsou choked around a laugh.


"It's not funny, Shinsou, my dick is great," Monoma snapped, and they both cackled harder, Shinsou actually falling to his knees. He went red with embarrassment, clearly realizing that that wasn't the best snap back, but since he'd chosen that path, he kinda had to stick with it. "You would be lucky—"


"Monoma, is your ego so fragile that you're trying to market your dick to someone you hate? Get a fucking grip, they're choking!" Izuku cried, placing his hands on Katsuki's shoulders and shaking him lightly to try to get him to breathe.


Shinsou calmed down before Katsuki, and caught his breath while he watched Izuku try to shake the laughter out of him. The look Katsuki gave Izuku when he calmed down was soft and fond—affectionate, even. Izuku blushed but stiffened a moment later, shooting a glance over his shoulder and meeting Shinsou's eyes. His eyebrows shot up and Izuku panicked, eyes flicking to Monoma who was still glowering at them. "C'mon, Neito, let's get in position," Shinso said, distracting the fuming blonde. Izuku shot him a grateful look.


"You know your place, Deku," Katsuki agreed. "Get in position, nerd."


"Bye guys!" Izuku waved, already running in the opposite direction. Shinsou frowned after him. It was the shortest goodbye he'd ever received from Izuku since they'd met.


"Knock 'em dead, Midoriya!" Kaminari bellowed after him. Katsuki's eyes widened, body stiffening in panic.


"Deku, wait!" Katuski barked. Izuku stopped in his tracks, swiveling his head over his shoulder. Shinsou's eyes narrowed. "The thing we talked about earlier, remember it?"


Luckily, they actually had talked about something earlier—after the initial barrage, Izuku was supposed to stick to Katsuki like glue—so he nodded.  "Got it, Kacchan!"


"Get going then," he replied. "What the hell are you gawking at, Troll Doll?"


"Nothing," he replied, breaking out his Aizawa grin. Katsuki stiffened. Shinsou had an ace in the hole. "Good luck, Short Fuse," he drawled, curling his fingers in the collar of Monoma's costume to drag him away.


"I don't need luck!" Katsuki bellowed after him.


He was half right.


The exercise was a two-part battle sim. They flipped a coin for who would play the heroes and who would play the villains. Izuku's team ended up on heroics by chance (a disappointment, honestly. Sometimes it mad the training more zesty when they got to play the villains), and it was their objective to rescue twelve hostage dummies while simultaneously subduing the villain team.


The first barrage went pretty darn well. Their strategy was to launch offensive strikes against the villain team that would serve as a distraction for their team members who were essentially acting as underground heroes—allowing them time to seek out the hostages while the flashiest quirks drew the opposing team's attention. It helped that the flashiest quirks also meant the quirks that worked well at long range—meaning that they could stay out of the villains' line of fire while eating their stamina.


They lost Kaminari to Rin pretty early. His scales had been used effectively—sniping Kaminari's support gear from afar and startling him enough to make him fry his brain. Yaomomo took Rin out with a cannon a few minutes later. It was a good first move—Rin was a powerhouse defense and a strong long-range player. Pulling him out early was a blow that the other team hadn't been expecting, and it forced them to pull Tsuburaba off of Hostage Defense and back to the front line, since Monoma had (as expected) favored taking on offensive quirks, with only Tetsutetsu's quirk as personal defense.


In the meantime, Asui and Izuku had taken the time to sneak away from the main battle to rescue the hostages that were being held in three of the buildings. They ran into Shiozaki, who was acting as the guard by creating walls of violent foliage. Luckily, he had been training to use his Air Force techniques in more applications than just blunt impact. He sliced his arm through the air to create a wind blade (that he had geeked out over for months when he'd figured out how to do it) in order to create openings in the vines just long enough for Asui to capture hostage mannequins with her tongue. Izuku noticed them growing more rapidly when they were sliced, so he switched back to blunt force—punching holes that simply pushed the vines apart instead of damaging them. Shiozaki apparently couldn't tell that anything was wrong if he didn't damage the plants, so their job got easier as she let her guard down.


"Let's get back to the front line," Asui croaked as they placed the final hostage in the safe zone.


"Wanna hitch a ride?" Izuku offered. She smiled at him, and he bent just far enough for her to climb onto his back, fingers sticking to his back. "Hold on tight!"


"Always do," she replied.


Sometimes he remembered how slow life was without One For All. Sure, he wasn't really supposed to use his quirk as a civilian, but even with the continuous 3% he used on a regular basis, he could get places so quickly. He'd long since abandoned the notion that he would have been useless without a quirk, but he had to admit that it was nice to have. Walking at his quirkless pace was a drag.


He made it to the front line in less than thirty seconds—Asui hopping off his back to defend for Momo's offense while he immediately fell into step with Katsuki. "Watch yourself, Deku," Katsuki barked. "The solid air extra is backing up Eyebags, and Garbage Dick has the razor sharp dude's quirk," he winced, and Izuku noticed that his upper was bleeding—the heavy duty sleeve slashed open like paper. "And he's using Tetsutetsu's quirk as defense. If you're gonna try to land a punch, be careful."


Asui went flying past them, and Izuku flicked his eyes over to Yaomomo to see why. Shinso had his capture weapon wrapped around nothing—Tsuburaba's solid air, he realized—and was using it to swing out of the way of Yaomomo's attacks. He must have used the increased momentum to land a hit on Asui. So cool!


"Focus, nerd!" Katsuki barked, pushing him to the side as a wall of fire rushed in their direction. "Shit, I guess he must have touched IcyHot. You think he's got ice too? Does that count as two quirks or one?"


"Either way, he's gotta be reaching his limit for anyone he touched before the match started," Izuku groaned, picking himself up. "I'm not sure how much he's increased his time limit, but the more he has, the less he can hold them—" he dove out of the way of an ice spear. "Well that answers the ice question." Katsuki fired off a Stun Grenade, giving them smoke cover. "We gotta hit him at the same time. He's gonna want to use Razor Sharp against me, but if he's using Real Steel to defend against you, he won't be able to," he explained. Katsuki frowned.


"That'll put you in the line of my blasts," he argued.


"Not for long. I'll be moving too fast. You let off a barrage, and I'll hit him as hard and as fast as I can. I can even move over or under your firing line if that makes you feel better. I'll barely get singed," he replied.


"Alright, dweeb, go for it," he grimaced. "But be careful."


Izuku zipped away and up the side of a building, and Katsuki started an Autocannon barrage—firing through the remnants of his smoke in Monoma's general direction. "Up 2, Left 4!" Izuku shouted, and Katsuki adjusted his aim, immediately hearing a pained shout. "Nice shot, Dynamight!"


He wanted to tell him to get a move on, but that would give away their plan. Instead, he increased the intensity of his attack, forcing Monoma to keep his attention on him.


Izuku was already on the move, launching himself off the side of the building (cracking some of the windows—they were still working on keeping property damage to a minimum) and rocketing towards Monoma like a missile.


"Midoriya, stop!" Shinsou's voice bellowed from behind them, and Izuku froze. He had launched himself with enough force that he couldn't alter his trajectory, but he flew toward Monoma as limp as a rag doll.


"Deku, hit him!" Katsuki snarled, raising his other hand to launch one of his newer attacks at Shinsou, hoping to drown him out with the sheer volume of his Flash Bangs while he continued his Autocannon assault on Monoma.


Deku regained some of his force and landed his attack on Monoma, but with far less power than if he'd been able to maintain his momentum throughout the entire move. Monoma fell—not as hard as they wanted, but hard enough to stun him—so Izuku picked him up by the legs and swung him; releasing at peak momentum and letting him fly.


He crashed into the third story of a building the next block over, and Izuku gave chase to make sure he was knocked out. Sure enough, he was lying limp on the sidewalk where he'd landed. That was two down out of five. Once Shiozaki realized that her hostages were all captured, she'd undoubtedly join the fray. Luckily, they had a plan for that when it happened.


In the meantime, he had something new to worry about. Shinsou had clearly figured out the obedience quirk. And probably that he and Katsuki were dating, but that was not the most prevalent issue here. He made his way back to Katsuki's side. "I need to plug my ears," he said as soon as he'd made eye contact.


"Yeah, but we're in a fuckin' battle sim, that's not exactly safe," Katsuki replied, making moves toward Shinsou, Tsuburaba, Asui, and Yaomomo.


"Sign cues to me," Izuku suggested.


"Only works if you're looking at me, dweeb," he negated, lining up an AP Shot. "New plan—you grab some of froggy's poison darts and take out vine head. Then you can get back here and if we haven't killed them already, we can figure out how to take out Eyebags and the extra." He'd forgotten about Asui's 'poison' darts (even though they'd been his suggestion). They were little darts that she could shoot from launchers on her wrists that were filled with her concentrated paralytic toxin.


"Tsuburaba isn't an extra, Dynamight," Izuku scolded. "But yeah, I can do that. But getting close to Tsu might be an issue since Shinsou is right there."


"Go long," Katsuki replied and Izuku nodded, turning and running toward where he'd last seen Shiozaki. A few moments (and city blocks) later, he heard a sharp blast, and saw Asui's dart launcher sailing overhead. Just like the baseball from their quirk assessment test in first year.


"Jesus, I didn't think you meant that long," he muttered to himself, picking up the speed so that he could catch the falling gauntlet.


The best part of being a quirk analyst at heart, was that he picked up a lot of knowledge on how a lot of random shit worked. Like the circulatory system of plants. He was pretty sure that as long as the vine was still attached to Shiozaki, he could introduce the toxin to her system. Sure, the closer the injection site was to her body, the quicker it would take effect, but if he could introduce the toxin and then fight her in close quarters, he could get her blood pumping and any extraneous nutrients that she was absorbing through her vines would get metabolized faster.


He didn't like to be smug, but it felt so goddamn good to be right. After emptying Froppy Toxin into thirty-six of Shiozaki's vines, he met her head-on—meeting her with a chaotic barrage that forced her to move and use as much energy as he could draw out of her. Then she stilled, eyes widening. "What did you do?" she gasped, as her muscles locked up.


"I'll tell you later," he smiled. "Sorry, Shiozaki. Thanks for a good fight though!"


"Your ability to make people like you even when you've beaten them is detestable, Midoriya," she managed to slur against the effects of the paralytic.


He flushed and shrugged apologetically before dashing away. He saw the smoke before he arrived at the main battle—wincing when another huge bang echoed across the training ground and a plume of smoke mushroomed into the sky. If he had to guess, he'd say that Katsuki was trying to break through Solid Air to get to Shinsou. He heard a cannon as he got closer, followed closely by an enthusiastic "FUCK!" Izuku frowned. The cannon was Yaomomo's, so why would—oh. Shinsou must have gotten control of her. And now she was attacking his boyfriend with a cannon. Spectacular.


He rushed forward through the alleys, stopping short so he could observe the scene. Shinsou and Tsuburaba were the only members of their team left but they were a powerhouse together, and with Yaomomo at their side it was a pretty deadly combo. He glanced around to spot Asui, and found her slumped in the street thirty feet away. So it was just him, Katsuki, and Yaomomo once they snapped her out of it.


"Take out Bakugou, Midoriya!" Shinsou shouted. Izuku's eyes widened. He hadn't realized that he'd been spotted in the dark, but the command rushed him and he dug his heels in. He gritted his teeth against the discomfort and tensed his every muscle against the urge to follow through. Apparently, Shinsou hadn't realized that he could disobey at the cost of a little pain. He broke his bones on a regular basis, he could stand a little discomfort if it meant getting a win in training. Or not attacking Katsuki.


"Snap Ponytail out of it, Deku!" Katsuki barked. He raised his hand without question, sending a 1% Air Force blast at her and watching as it made an impact and she stumbled.


"Thanks, Midoriya!" she called.


"No problem!" he yelled back, darting forward.


"The fuck took you so long nerd?" Katsuki barked.


"Shiozaki is strong, Dy—"


Oooooh, rookie mistake. Always check to see who's speaking when Shinsou's on the field. Goddammit.


"Snap out of it nerd!" the real Katsuki bellowed. "And don't fall for that shit again!"


Apparently, obedience overrode mind control. Fascinating. "Sorry Kacchan!"


"God-fucking-dammit!" Shinsou growled.


"How the fuck?" Izuku heard Tsuburaba mutter. "Does Bakugou's voice work as a shock to his system? That's so homosexual—"


Izuku faltered, head whipping around to stare at Tsuburaba in disbelief. "What?" he barked, running at him.


"In a cute way!" Tsuburaba insisted, right before blowing solid air in Izuku's path. "I'm not a homophobe!"


"Oh okay," Izuku grunted, smashing his fist into an air wall and shattering it. "It's still none of your business," he smashed a fist into his stomach. "And I still have to beat you."


Tsuburaba wheezed, doubling over before putting up another, thicker wall. "Might not be my business, but some of us—fuck—" he swerved out of the way of another fist. "Kinda watch your, shit not the face!" he ducked and rolled, trying to put distance between them. "Your relationship like a K-Drama."


Izuku froze. "What?"


"We ship it," he shrugged, pausing when he noticed that Izuku was no longer in pursuit. Katsuki was trying to apprehend Shinsou with Momo's help, and he couldn't tell if he was glad that he didn't have to hear this or sad that he had to hear it alone. "Like we weren't sure, but dude. You ran after him like the most valuable thing in your life was being stolen that day at the training camp. Even if it doesn't work out, even if you're straight, it's epic, you know?"


"Uh..." Izuku swallowed. "How many people think that?"


"Oh, only like six, dude. And it's not like...creepy. Y'all are just cute."


"Um...I'm gonna knock you out now, and we're never talking about this again."


Tsuburaba blanched. "Can...can you not? I can tap out. I was running on fumes there, I'll surrender."


"Yeah, just don't look me in the eye for like a week."


"Yeah, no sweat," he agreed easily. "Shinsou, I'm out!" he yelled.


"Dude, I just knocked out Creati!" Shinsou hollered back. "I can't take them on my own!"


"It's either that or get knocked out by the murder broccoli!"


Izuku spluttered. "Murder broccoli?"


"Surrender Midoriya!" Shinsou bellowed while he was distracted.


"I surrender," he replied obediently. Fuck. "Goddammit, Shinsou!"


"I'd say sorry, but I gotta take an opening where I get one!"


"Stop fuckin' talking and fight me, Eyebags!" Katsuki bellowed. "Deku, I'm gonna kick your ass for going down that easy!"


"Understandable! Beat his ass, Dynamight!" Izuku cheered.


"See? That's what I mean!" Tsuburaba cried. Izuku jumped. He'd already forgotten he was there. But he looked...unperturbed. Maybe he thought it was Shinsou's quirk that had forced him to respond? It was a unique quirk, so maybe it had the potential for alternative applications. It wasn't a huge reach. Or maybe he was just focused on his relationship with Katsuki.


"You agreed we'd never talk about this. I'm gonna have to knock you out now," Izuku insisted. Tsuburaba held up his hands.


"Sorry, dude."

Chapter Text

Izuku never doubted that Katsuki would best Shinsou. He was smart and he was fierce. Without any teammates to back him up, Shinsou didn't really stand a chance, especially since Katsuki knew not to respond. But he put up an impressive fight—refusing to back down until Katsuki had him completely pinned.


"Fuckin' capture weapon is a goddamn nuisance," Katsuki grumbled, helping Shinsou up.


"I made some improvements. Less malleable when introduced to heat. I was kinda hoping to test it against Todoroki."


"What, I'm not hot enough for you?" Katsuki huffed, shoving his shoulder lightly as they walked to the "time out" center where their fallen teammates were waiting to head back to observation.


"Temperature-wise, sure, but the heat from combustion hits different. Todoroki's fire is more steady. If you're talking about something else, don't even go there. If I even thought about it I'd be Detroit Smashed into the stratosphere," Shinsou replied, sly and slow. His eyes slid to Katsuki in his periphery.


Katsuki sighed. "What gave us away?"


"Were you trying to be subtle? The soft, adoring look you gave him after he said you wouldn't let him eat garbage? Dead giveaway. You are neither soft nor adoring. You're lucky Neito was two seconds from a bitch fit, otherwise, it would have been broadcast for the entire campus."


"Well, fuck you too," Katsuki grumbled. "What about the quirk?"


"Sometime between when you told him to drop Neito and when you told him to get in position. He looked like he wanted to tear him a new one, it surprised me that he dropped him without driving the point home. He's pretty feral when people insult you."


Katsuki went pink. "Shut up."


" that one of the things you like about him?" Shinsou asked incredulously. Well, it was hard to tell if he was incredulous. His voice stayed deadpan no matter how he felt on the inside. "When he looks like a straight-up demon?"


"If it means the fight's gonna be good, yeah," Katsuki shrugged. "Once he said I make him stronger. S'hot."


"You two are certifiable," he insisted.


Katsuki scoffed. "Most of the idiots who have the fuckin' nerve to breathe the same air as me think of their partners as weaknesses. What I've got is way fuckin' better."


"That was romantic," Shinsou replied, probably in shock. "What the fuck, dude. You're supposed to be aloof and disdainful, that's why I'm your friend. To balance out Midoriya's endless parade of sunshine and rainbows. You can't do this."


"Bitch please," Katsuki barked. "The only time I see you awake and alert is when Denki's ass is in the vicinity. Keeping your eyes open for more than five minutes is basically your version of a fuckin' sonnet. Don't try that shit with me."


Shinsou actually stopped in his tracks. "What the f—"


"Were you trying to be subtle?" Katsuki mocked. Shinsou gaped at him. "Snap out of it, Walking Dead, we gotta move."


Shinsou followed behind him quietly for about a minute before the next questions came rolling in. "Why haven't you told anyone that you're dating?"


"Because we don't want anyone up our asses about it for a while," Katsuki replied after a thoughtful pause. "We've known each other our entire lives but only in two very specific contexts that are really fuckin' different than what we're doing now. We wanna figure that shit out before we put it all on display like we're fuckin' zoo animals."


Shinsou seemed to accept that. He knew what the hero course could be like when there was something new and not life-threatening to freak out over. "Why haven't you told anyone about the quirk?" he pressed.


"Deku has some shit in his life that he doesn't wanna broadcast, and some of our classmates are the nosiest shits on the fuckin' planet. He's pretty private, and Pinky and Invisalign would be on him like white on rice if they realized they could get him to open up. Especially after that fuckin' date with Kirby," Katsuki explained. "They already commanded him to basically let them read his fuckin' diary."


"That's...a good point," he muttered. "Well, good luck with that. And congrats, or whatever."




Katsuki's demeanor completely shifted when he laid eyes on Izuku. "Told you to fuckin' pay attention nerd!" Katsuki bellowed over the remaining distance. Izuku jumped and spun around, immediately abandoning his conversation with Kaminari.


"Sorry, Kacchan!" Izuku replied sheepishly when they approached. "Got distracted. Tsuburaba said some...interesting things."


Katsuki frowned and opened his mouth to ask exactly what he'd said, but Izuku shot him an anxious glance that clearly said 'please god, no'. "So you just fuckin' drop your defense? You gonna do that if a villain tells you that he likes to have tea parties or some shit?"


Izuku looked affronted. "Of course not!" he snapped. "Don't be a dick, Kacchan. I haven't gotten distracted in a battle sim since last year, give me a break!"


"We went over this, I don't give breaks. I give you a break now and in a year I'll have to fuckin' bury you. Stay sharp, asshole."


"I already apologized, so you can stop barking at me like a constipated pomeranian now," Izuku seethed. "It was an honest mistake. Besides, Tsu and I rescued all of the hostages without getting a scratch on us, then I took out Monoma and Shiozaki on my own, so I pretty much carried you this time around."


"What the fuck did you just say to me?"


"Oh are your explosions finally damaging your ears? Like I warned you they might years ago? Because I was speaking pretty clearly—"


"Listen, bitch, last week I had to carry you off the field when you went down. Then you fuckin' stood there when I blasted you at full force and I thought you'd fuckin' died."


"Those weren't my fault!" he yelled. "Neither of those was because I let my guard down, Kacchan, and you know that—"


"HEY!" Kaminari yelled. "What the fuck? Take it down, Jesus Christ!"


"What the fuck ever," Katsuki snapped, turning to stalk away toward the observation center. Shinsou stared after him, blinking in shock. What the fuck? How did he go from romantic and soft to a full-on nuclear shouting match?


"Uh..." Tsuburaba faltered. "I can carry Monoma back," he said awkwardly. "Someone wanna grab Asui and Yaomomo? Shiozaki already headed back."


"I've got Momo if someone can grab Tsu," Izuku replied absently, still staring after Katsuki with a troubled frown.


"I'll get Asui, I needed to talk to you anyway," Shinso offered. The rest of the group started walking, leaving Shinsou and Izuku alone. He moved toward the tiny frog lady and picking her up delicately. "For someone so badass, she's fuckin' tiny," he muttered.


"Hmm," Izuku acknowledged, clearly not paying attention. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, tapping rapidly. He stared at the screen, waiting for a response.


"We need to go, Midoriya, they need to reset the field," Shinsou prodded. Izuku looked up at him, studying him thoughtfully.


"You figured it out, right?" he murmured. "Not the quirk, that's obvious. But that Kacchan and I—"


"Yeah," he confirmed. "Yeah, we talked about it on the way over. He was so chill before we got here that it freaked me out. It surprised me when you both blew up like that," he admitted.


"Me too," Izuku replied, glancing at his phone. "But I didn't really do anything wrong. I'd be beating myself up about it if I had. I don't think it was a real argument." His phone buzzed, and his eyes snapped back down. "Ah, yeah. Kaminari's been getting suspicious. He saw an opportunity to throw him off and took it. Still sucked, though," he said, showing Shinsou his phone.


'yea sry, trying to throw chargedolt off. you suck @ lying so i went 4 it. tlk abt it l8r.'


"Damn. You might need to apologize. You went in on him," Shinsou said, hefting Asui up a bit higher.


"Hell no," Izuku frowned. "He didn't warn me. He just went for the throat with no warning. I responded in kind. It took a long time to grow this spine, I'm not gonna bend over just because we're dating. Besides, I think he'd like me less that way."


Shinsou shook his head. "The weird thing is that you're right," he muttered. "He literally said that when we were walking over."


Izuku gave him a hesitant look. "What did he say?"


"Really?" he replied immediately. "You're gonna make me talk about emotions and romance? Why? Why are you both doing this to me?"


"C'mon, please?" he pouted. His greatest weapon. Shinsou sighed.


"Fine. He said that he likes that you don't think he's your weakness. He likes it when you get all scary and combative, even if it's against him."


Izuku flushed. "That's...really sweet."


"You two are so weird and gross," Shinsou complained. "Grab Yaomomo, dude, we gotta get going."


Izuku complied, barely noticing the order washing over him as he smiled softly. Katsuki gave him a weird look when he got back to the observation center. He'd made his face as blank as possible, but Katsuki could usually read him pretty damn well—the first two weeks of this quirk incident excluded. Apparently, he was expecting him to still be pissy. He wasn't wrong—that petty fight had slapped him out of nowhere—but the affection was definitely stronger than the irritation and to Katsuki, it showed.


Kaminari seemed spooked though, so it seemed like Katsuki's ruse had worked. His eyes were darting between the two of them as he whispered to Ashido, who was frowning deeply. "Hey Midoriya!" she called. "Come over here!"


He sighed, but obliged. "What's up?"


"You and Blasty okay? Denks said things got a little heated. I thought whatever weird argument went on between you two last week was over."


He smiled thinly. "Just a disagreement. We'll work it out, don't worry."


Mina's frown deepened, clearly thrown by his cool response and fake smile. "If you're sure, I guess."


"No way, dude, you went off at him. He was out of line, too, but damn dude I've never heard you talk to him like that—"


"Just because you've never heard it, doesn't mean it hasn't happened," he interrupted. "I appreciate your concern, but it's none of your business. We'll resolve it eventually, so please stay out of it."


They both flinched back at his tone and he felt kinda bad, but Ashido's interference had already done some damage this month, and Kaminari's prodding was starting to get to him. After a long, silent moment, he gave them an awkward wave and moved to the observation screens to watch the rest of the battles.


His phone buzzed again, and he fished it out of his pocket. 'U good nerd?'


'yea i'm fine."


'mad @ me?'


'...a little. but not rly.'


'meet me after class?' Katsuki asked. Izuku spared him a glance, giving him a quick nod. Katsuki typed something else out, and his phone vibrated again a second later. 'think of me till then.'


That motherfucker. He looked up again, narrowing his eyes. Behind Katsuki's resting bitch face, there was a tiny flash of mischief. He glared a little harder before turning back to the monitors, focusing his mind on the gut-punch Katsuki would be receiving after class. His phone vibrated again.


His phone vibrated again. 'not what i meant, deku. think about what we were doing before aizawa caught us.'


Well shit. He took a deep breath through his nose and pushed it back out through his mouth as he remembered the feeling of Katsuki's hands sliding up and under his shirt, stroking heat into his skin as their tongued tangled. He could not believe he was about to pop another boner right here in the observation room.


When was the last time he went through a full school day without getting unforgivably horny? Too long. And he wished he could be mad at Katsuki for it, but he was dating Katsuki and way too excited about it.


He could practically feel the way Katsuki's lips had fit against his own—the memory so vivid that it made his spine tingle.


By the time they were done with training, he was chomping at the bit. He finished showering and changing in record time before racing back to the dorm, throwing a hasty apology to his classmates since he wasn't waiting for them to finish changing.


He shut himself in his room as soon as he got back, grabbing his phone out of his pocket to tell Katsuki exactly what he thought of that particular order, but was met with another one.


'wait for me & don't touch urself'


FUCK. He tossed his phone on his desk before collapsing back on his bed, throwing his arm over his eyes as he tried to ignore his dick, which was fighting the zipper of his pants for dominance.


The moment he heard a knock at his door, he was yanking it open. He wasn't sure, but he'd moved so fast that he might have activated his quirk in his haste. Katsuki was on the other side, smirking at him and Izuku lunged.


"Not in your room. I meant it, Deku, never in your room," Katsuki protested, stepping back. "C'mon."


Izuku followed him obediently. "For someone who gets on me about my grades all the time, you sure like making it impossible for me to retain information in class," he muttered out of the corner of his mouth. The corners of Katsuki's lips twitched. "Mean, Kacchan."


"You keep saying that, but you keep trying to suck my tongue straight out of my mouth," Katsuki replied, quiet and smug. "A couple of hours ago you were fuckin' humping me on school property—"


"Don't say that like you weren't an active participant," Izuku scolded, blushing furiously. They reached Katsuki's room, and Izuku was pulled inside hastily.


"Didn't say I didn't like it, Deku," he replied, pushing Izuku towards the bed. "S'fuckin' hot. Almost as hot as you yelling at me," he breathed, reaching for the buckle on Izuku's belt as he buried his face in Izuku's neck brushing his mouth over the skin at the ridge of his shirt collar.


"Yeah, well you were being a jerk," he muttered shakily, hands going up to grip at Katsuki's shoulders, whining when he pulled back to look at him seriously.


"We should have talked about it first," Katsuki admitted. "And this is what I meant about consent. You were pissed earlier, and I fucked with it by ordering you to think about us necking on the roof. Are you actually down to screw around right now? Answer honestly."


Izuku glared. "Yes. I was mad at the moment because it surprised me, but I got over it. But I will break your arms if you stop right now."


"Fuck, I'd say you didn't need to threaten me, but you're hot when you're mad," Katsuki replied, sounding almost breathy with excitement.


"See? It's not just me," Izuku joked, gasping when Katsuki yanked his belt off.


"Yeah, well it's been pointed out that we're fuckin' weird," Katsuki mumbled, flicking open the button on Izuku's pants and pulling his shirt out of the waistband. "Get your shirt off," he ordered, already tugging his zipper down.


He might have actually torn his shirt in his rush to obey. Katsuki's mouth was on his nipple less than a second later, biting down harder than he expected and wringing a needy cry out of him. His hips shuttled further forward, pressing into Katsuki's hands and Katsuki took that opportunity to slide his fingers slid under his waistband to push his pants over and off his hips. Izuku moaned a little too loudly when his hot hand gripped him through his boxers. "Lower the volume nerd. We don't want to traumatize Octo-Eavesdropper even more," he grinned against Izuku's chest. Izuku flushed in embarrassment.


His embarrassment was completely forgotten when Katsuki sunk to his knees. "Kacchan?"


"You wanna be sitting or standing?" Katsuki asked, looking up at him from where he knelt. His knees were already weak, just from the sight of Katsuki kneeling in front of him, so the answer was pretty clear—especially if this was going where he thought it was going.


"Sitting," he breathed, and Katsuki shoved him back a few inches so that the backs of his knees hit the bed, and he dropped into a seated position, completely malleable to Katsuki's whims. "Kacchan—"


"I want to suck you fuckin' dry," Katsuki growled, mouthing at his erection through his boxers. Izuku short-circuited. "Fuck, I love it when you bitch back at me, I almost fucked you right there on the training ground. You want me to blow you, Zuku?"


Of course, all of this was said with Katsuki's face literally in Izuku's crotch—hot breath washing over him as his deep voice physically rumbled through him—so all Izuku could really do was whine desperately and clutch at Katsuki's hair as he trembled in anticipation.


"That's not an answer," he said, turning his head to nip at Izuku's thigh, grinning as his muscles spasmed in response. 


"Yes, please Kacchan, please please please please," he begged, lifting his hips when Katsuki started tugging his boxers down. The relief he felt when his cock bobbed free was short-lived—he barely caught his breath before Katsuki's mouth wrapped around him and sank down, sucking insistently as he went.


He knew he was making noise—maybe even words—but he couldn't find the mind to pay attention. The heat and the pressure and his tongue had stolen the lungs out of his chest and between the struggle to breathe properly and resisting the urge to thrust into Katsuki's mouth, he had no idea what to do to himself except moan like a whore and writhe.


Katsuki wrapped a hand around his balls, running a thumb over them and Izuku's control slipped—hand tightening and hips thrusting. He hit the back of his throat and expected Katsuki to gag or pull away. Neither of those things happened. Instead, he moaned. The sound was dark and rough and it felt like thunder rolling through him. "Fuck!" he cried when Katuski pressed closer, fucking his own mouth open on Izuku's dick. "Feels so good, Kacchan, oh fuck—" he fell back, using the improved leverage to arch off the bed.


Katsuki's hands found his hips, keeping him still. For a second Izuku thought he might have pushed too far and he pushed up on his elbows to look down at him, but Katsuki looked him in the eye before taking him all the way down, pretty lips resting against the base of his dick while his hips were caught in a vice grip. Control. Katsuki wanted control.


Or he wanted to be fought for control.


Izuku's grip tightened again, yanking Katsuki's head up and off. "You intentionally pissed me off today, Kacchan, you think I'm just gonna be your good little slut like yesterday?" he demanded. Katsuki grinned at him, licking a broad stripe along his dick which he'd foolishly left within tongue's reach.


"You gonna do something about it?" he asked and oh his voice was unfair—rougher and raspier but still deep and harsh and Izuku wanted to find out just how gravelly he could make it.


"Open your mouth," he panted.


"Make me," Katsuki goaded back. Izuku ignored the brief crackle of green that flared out at the challenge. He cupped Katsuki's jaw and pressed down at it's hinge—pressure increasing each second he kept his jaw shut.


"Open your mouth, bitch," he snapped, pleased when Katsuki's breathing stuttered and his eyes darkened. Katsuki's mouth fell open, tongue flicking out to lave at the pre-come on his tip. He gave his hair a sharp yank of rebuke and Katsuki whined. How the fuck was this his life now? "Put your hands on my calves," he instructed, groaning as he took his cock in hand and placed the tip on Katsuki's lower lip. "And don't touch yourself. I'll finish you off later when you've earned it—"


Katsuki's fingers curled around his calves, burning almost too hot and gripping hard. "What're you punishing me?" he asked brushing his lips over the head of Izuku's cock. "Thought you weren't mad, nerd—"


"Not mad anymore," he corrected, pulling Katsuki's head forward and sliding his cock inside. "Still didn't like being yelled at in front of our future colleagues," he reprimanded shakily, stuttering out a moan as he pulled Katsuki's head further down. "So good, Kacchan," he whined. "God, you were right, this feels amazing. Look at me," he groaned when Katsuki looked up through his ridiculously long eyelashes to meet his gaze.


Fuck, he was so pretty. That's something he should say out loud. "So pretty, Kacchan," he purred breathlessly. "Suck for me, yeah—oh fuck," he fought the urge to throw his head back, intent on watching Katsuki's cheeks hollow around his length. "Feels so good—you're so beautiful, Kacchan." He started guiding Katsuki's head, watching delightedly as his cock disappeared into Katuki's mouth over and over again. The sight would be seared into his memory—his boyfriend Katsuki Bakugou on his knees with his mouth full of his dick. What the fuck had even happened in the last 48 hours for him to be blessed with this specific scenario?


He got lost in the slick glide of Katsuki's mouth and the insistent stroke of his tongue of his now glistening cock, eventually falling back again to regain the leverage he needed to get himself off. He was straight up fucking his face now, pushing his head down and thrusting up in equal measure; body quaking each time he felt Katsuki's throat close over the tip of his dick.


When one of Katsuki's hands left his calves, he propped himself up. "Did I say you could—" he broke off with a stuttering gasp when Katsuki ran a finger through the saliva that wet his chin before pushed his hand beneath Izuku's legs so that he could press the now wet digit against Izuku's asshole. "Kacchan—oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" he cried, hips arching off the bed as he came when Katsuki's finger pushed inside him and the suction on his dick doubled down.


Katsuki moaned around him, drinking down every last drop and then waiting—mouth still full of Izuku's dick as he wheezed on the bed above him. He ran his tongue along it almost soothingly, but it made Izuku shake and tremble. Izuku pulled him off, reaching down to grab the front of his shirt and drag him on top of him, whining when Katsuki's finger slipped out of him as he went. "Enjoy yourself, nerd?" he asked, absently wiping his chin with his sleeve.


Izuku barely registered the question—eyes fixed on Katuski's swollen mouth. He grabbed Katsuki's tie and dragged him in, kissing him hungrily. "So good," he murmured. "C'mere," he instructed, repositioning them so that Izuku could slump against the pillows. "Pants, Kacchan," he frowned, fumbling with the belt. Katsuki rolled his eyes and climbed back off of him, shrugging out of his shirt and tugging his pants off as fast as he could before climbing back over him.


He grunted in surprise when Izuku tugged him down next to him, slipping an arm under his shoulder and sliding that hand into his hair to kiss him languidly. He moaned low and rough when Izuku's hand curled around his length and began to stroke him. "So good for me, Kacchan," he breathed, against his mouth. "Your turn."


Katsuki pressed their lips back together, rutting into Izuku's hand desperately as he chased his orgasm. Each thrust into Izuku's fist pushed the head of his dick into Izuku's stomach, leaving pre-come behind with each move. That thought curled into his brain and took root—something needy and possessive that made him want to mark him up and stake his claim. Maybe a remnant of watching Izuku get so distracted by the Solid Air extra that he'd let Shinsou get the drop on him.


Izuku whined when Katsuki pulled their mouths apart, but it quickly turned into a delighted moan when Katsuki dug his teeth into his shoulder. He came hard all over Izuku's stomach when he returned the favor—the surprise of Izuku's teeth grinding into his skin snapping the frantic tension in his body faster than he'd thought possible.


Izuku found Katsuki's lips again and kissed him lazily, removing his hand from his spent cock and wrapping it around his waist to drag him closer instead. Katsuki's satisfied moan felt like a purr—trembling through both of them lazily as their brains slowly rebooted.


"Sorry for yelling at you or whatever," Katsuki mumbled eventually, nibbling on Izuku's lip.


"Sorry for surrendering," he replied absently, preoccupied with how soft Katsuki's skin was as he stroked circles into his back with his thumb. "Tsuburaba caught me off guard."


"Don't fuckin' talk about other people right after I suck your dick," Katsuki scolded, pulling back. Izuku didn't let him get far, holding firm.


"What's the matter?" he frowned. "What did I say?"


"Getting distracted by some fuckin' extra isn't really your style, fucker," he grumbled.


Izuku did the mental math—it took some time because there was a missing variable—and finally got there. "He wasn't hitting on me. He distracted me by telling me that there are people in Class B who watch our relationship like a K-Drama. They ship us."


"The ship us?" he squinted, confused. Izuku smiled fondly. Fandom wasn't Katsuki's preferred form of media consumption so naturally, he didn't know shit about it. "The fuck does that mean?"


"It means they don't know if we're gay, but they think we'd make a cute couple," he explained patiently. "It took me by surprise. He caught me off guard by telling me that your ability to break me out of brainwash was "so homosexual". Apparently, the development of our relationship has been a compelling and eye-catching narrative that they've become invested in."


"That's creepy as fuck," Katsuki insisted, eyes narrowing. "What the hell?"


"It doesn't usually happen with real people," Izuku agreed. "It's meant for franchises and anime and books. That's why it caught me off guard."


Katsuki's brow furrowed before he groaned and pushed his face into Izuku's neck. "Now I just feel like an asshole. And like I should probably start blowing up the spare class one by one."


"You are an asshole," Izuku agreed mildly. "A possessive one, apparently. Not gonna lie, that's kinda hot too."




"No, you."

Chapter Text


Eventually, Katsuki got up. He still had work to do, and so did Izuku. Izuku, however, was content to laze around a while longer.


He threw on some sweats and a tank top before he picked up his phone—swiping it open when he saw a text from Kirishima.


'dude, u 2 r loud af. from now on if ur gonna get freaky w mido after class, WARN US. shoji and i r downstairs, lmk when its safe to come back.'


He barked out a laugh, startling Izuku. He tossed him the phone and watched with poorly contained malicious glee as Izuku went tomato red and dropped the phone, burying his face in his hands.


"Oh nooooooooooo," he whined.


Katsuki cackled, tickled pink at his mortification. "I warned you to be quiet!"


"And then you put your mouth on my dick! Out of the blue, too! That is not how I expected it to go at all!" Izuku exclaimed. "We just discovered that you don't have a gag reflex, Kacchan. You put your finger in my ass. How was I supposed to be quiet through that?"


Katsuki tried not to preen. "Good point," he replied, smirking. Izuku shot him a sour glance, indicating that his smugness was not appreciated. Then Izuku started tapping out a reply on his phone. "What're you doing?"


"Telling him it's safe to come back. Then I'm gonna go do my homework," he replied, sending the text and then gingerly climbing out of bed.


Katsuki frowned. "Will you come back here?" he asked. "To work, I mean."


Izuku considered him as he pulled his pants up. "Why don't you come downstairs to work?"


Katsuki pulled a face. "Too loud," he muttered while Izuku pulled his shirt back on. "But I can come down for a bit."


"You don't have to if you don't want to," Izuku assured him. "I can just come back later. Ochako wanted to hang out and study Lit, and I promised her I'd be there. But when we're done I can definitely come back and finish studying here."


"We could just come back up together after dinner," Katsuki replied, not looking at him. Izuku smiled at him, not even bothering to digest the butterflies in his stomach. When he didn't reply, Katsuki looked up and blanched a little at the soft look on his face. "What's the fuckin' look for?"


"I want to spend time with you too, you know," he chuckled. "You can tell me what you want. No matter what, I'll be the clingier one in the relationship."


"Fine," Katsuki grumbled, going pink. "Please come back and study with me after dinner. You can bring Kirby if you want. I'll drag Sharkface with me so it isn't awkward."


Izuku finished smoothing out the wrinkles in his clothes before walking over to wrap his arms around Katsuki's waist, resting his chin on his (perfect, idyllic, godly,...big) pecs to stare up at him. "I'll ask her if she wants to join us. It'll be good to get a feel for what it's like to be a couple around other people, right?"


Katsuki pulled another face. "Is it—" he cleared his throat. "I know she's your best friend and she's happy for us and everything. She's been...really fuckin' great, actually. I don't want to rub it in her face if she still likes you or whatever," he muttered, wrapping his arms to rest around Izuku's shoulders.


"So thoughtful, Kacchan," he murmured, pressing a kiss to his jaw. "But I think she's okay. I never really told you what happened on the date, did I?"


"No," he grumbled. "You just came out looking like a full fuckin' meal and then took her to your room when you got back."


"I think that before Ashido started messing with things, she knew I didn't feel the same," he explained. "She asked me what I thought of the date, and I told her it was great, but I was on it with the wrong person. Then I told her about you, and she told me that she wished I liked her back, but you can't control who you like. And she was glad that I trusted her enough to tell her. Then she encouraged me to go after you even though I was planning to give up because of Kirishima. She's promised that it was fine and that an unrequited crush wasn't the end of the world. I think we both like each other better as friends in the long run."


"Kirby's good people," Katsuki replied quietly, nuzzling Izuku's forehead. "If you think she'll be fine, then yeah, bring her. Our best friends should get to know us better n'shit, right?"


"I already know Kiri pretty well," Izuku chuckled. "I'm not an antisocial gremlin—" he broke off with a yelp when Katsuki bit his nose. "That's the second time you've bit me. Am I your boyfriend or your chew toy?"


"Oh, that fuckin' reminds me," he snapped, pushing himself out of Izuku's grip. "Constipated Pomeranian? Fuckin' really?"


Izuku raised a single, unimpressed eyebrow. "You were being a bitch. Like for real, you were just bitching at me out of the blue. Not to be rude, but you literally looked like a barking dog."


"Fuck you," Katsuki snapped half-heartedly.


"I'm so glad you've stopped randomly telling me to go fuck myself," Izuku sighed, pulling Katsuki back in. "It was really disruptive."


"Yeah, I'm a fuckin' saint. Changed like half of my personality for you."


"Just because you don't yell orders at me at random doesn't mean you're not still an ass," Izuku replied sweetly.


"Thin fuckin' ice," Katsuki mumbled when Izuku pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Get the fuck outta here. Kirby's probably waiting for you."


"You've gotta stop calling her that," Izuku said, mild and amused as he moved toward the door. "See you at dinner, Kacchan."


"Later, nerd."


When the elevator opened to take Izuku back to his floor, he was met by both of the guys he'd accidentally sexiled from their rooms. Kirishima and Shoji refused to make eye contact, and Izuku could totally relate. "I am so sorry," he said frantically, turning red in record time. "I promise we'll warn you from now on—"


"I'll forgive you if you answer one thing," Kirishima said, holding his hand up. "Is Bakugou the bottom? It sounded like it."


"No, last time he definitely topped," Shoji replied before Izuku could. Izuku, if possible, went even redder—looking like a whole-ass strawberry. "Jesus, sorry, I didn't—"


"No, it's fine," Izuku squeaked, squinting at them like it was painful to look at them directly. "We brought that on ourselves. I'm just gonna—" he took Kirishima by the shoulders and gently swapped places with him, ushering Shoji out of the elevator too. "Go. I'm gonna go. Bye!" he called, slamming his fist on the door close button until the elevator finally shut.


When he'd changed into casual clothes and finally met up with Ochako in her room, immediately updating her on all of the day's mishaps as he hid his face in a pillow and she laughed at him. "You guys suck at keeping this a secret," she crowed. "It's only been two days and six people already know. And it's mostly because you can't keep it in your pants—" she wheezed.


"Stooooop," he whined. "He's really hot, okay! And he actually wants me? I'm taking advantage of that as often as possible just in case he realizes that he could point at any living creature and have them if he wanted them."


She rolled her eyes. "I think he already knows that judging by the pic he sent you yesterday. I think he's more concerned with finding someone who wants to stay with him even after he's opened his big fat mouth. Besides, based on how petty he was being when he thought we were dating—and with Tsuburaba this afternoon—I'm gonna go ahead and assume that he feels the same way about you." She reached over and flicked him on the forehead. "The self-doubt thing is depressing and ridiculous. Stop that."


"It just feels too easy. Like it's great, don't get me wrong, but it's been two days and I feel completely comfortable."


She shrugged. "Maybe it's what you were meant to be doing, and all the other stuff was uncomfortable because you hadn't figured it out yet. There's nothing wrong with it feeling comfortable, you know."


"It's just weird. Considering we're building our lives around chaos and stuff, especially. Maybe I'm just not used to things being easy."


"...I wouldn't call your relationship easy. Just remember how much bullshit you had to climb through to get to where you are now. That should make you feel better."


As ordered, he remembered exactly how far they'd come and it totally made him feel better. She made a great point. His relationship with Katsuki was like showing up to a villain fight—messy and unstable, with danger around every corner. But both of them were heroes, and they'd cleared the obstacles and worked through the troubled waters and come out victorious. And there might be another obstacle in the future, but they'd just tackle it again with the same level of determination and vigor they always did when they worked together. And that...was a really romantic thought.


Something hit his arm, and he realized that he was crying. Fuck. "Deku?" Ochako reached out, concerned. "Are you okay?"


"I'm fine, I'm just being a sap. You're totally right," he blubbered. She hastily pressed tissues into his hand. "We've come really far."


"So far that Aizawa caught you undressing each other on the roof," she agreed, amused. Izuku blushed again, still blubbering.


"Why would you bring that back up! I'm never gonna be able to look him in the eyes again," he protested, burying his face again—this time in the tissues.


"I'm sure he's seen worse," Ochako replied.


"It was still embarrassing!"


"More embarrassing than when a five-year-old punched you in the dick on sight?" she asked. "Or when Hatsume got her hand stuck to your ass while you two disasters were trying to improve Sero's tape? Or when—"


"I GET IT! I'm an embarrassment, you can stop now!"


"I wouldn't say you're an embarrassment. You just...attract bullshit," she laughed.


"I'm well aware, thank you," he grumbled.


"So you've told me about everything that went wrong," she began slyly. He looked at her suspiciously. "You gonna tell me about what went right?"


"What do you mean?" he asked, nervous about the look on her face.


"Is he good in bed?"




After some haranguing, he ended up telling her just enough to satisfy her need for gossip and barely managed to get her to work on her homework. They took turns reading the book aloud to each other while the other took notes, and it was all calm and generally soothing after the wack ass clusterfuck that the rest of the day had been.


'Sato's done cooking! Dinner's on!' Mina's enthusiasm seemed to bleed through to everything she did, even announcing dinner. "Wanna come study with me and Kacchan after dinner? Kirishima should be joining us too," Izuku offered as he packed his bag.


She shrugged. "Sure. As long as you don't start necking in front of us," she teased. He threw an eraser at her, pleased when it smacked her in the forehead.


"We wouldn't!"


She scoffed. "Okay," she replied. "Kiri and I already have a bet on your PDA once you go public."


"What is it with people placing bets on us! First Aizawa then my own best friend? Did I tell you that Class B ships us?"


She laughed. "I knew about the Class B thing already. I just thought you were straight so I didn't bother telling you. Kendo told us during one of last year's girls' nights."


They made their way down to dinner together, Ochako still ribbing him quietly as they made their way to the kitchen.


"I promised Mina, Momo, and Tsu that I'd eat with them, but I'll catch up with you after," Ochako promised, hip-checking him as she left. He grabbed his plate and went to sit with Kaminari and Sero, who were (unfortunately) talking to Mineta.


Thankfully, they seemed to be talking about video games instead of whatever was usually infecting Mineta's tiny skull. "Mind if I join you guys? Ochako ditched me," he pouted.


"Of course dude," Kaminari replied, kicking out a chair for him. "I wanted to talk to you anyway. Did you hear how I got taken out today?"


"Rin got you with his scale launcher, right?"


"He got my earpiece and the signal feedback startled me into self-electrocuting," he replied, embarrassed.


"Well, like I said yesterday, we can workshop some support items with Hatsume. I think if you have some sort of device that can absorb power in excess of 1.5 million volts, you'd stop frying your brain because the excess power that you can't handle would have an outlet. There's no need to be embarrassed, it's only been 24 hours since we talked about it and Rin has damn good aim."


"Pick any time, I'll make it happen," Kaminari said. "I hate it when I'm taken out that fast. I'm basically useless against attacks like—"


"Do you guys talk about anything else?" Mineta demanded, standing on his chair. "We should be talking about how Midoriya rejected Uraraka! How are you still friends with her after embarrassing her like that?"


"I didn't embarrass her," he frowned. "If anything, I'm the idiot for not liking her. She's great."


"Well if you don't want her, this is the perfect time for me to make a move! She's vulnerable and she'll need a shoulder to cry on," he insisted. "Come on, hook me up, Midoriya!"


The order felt like molten lead; heavy and infuriating in a way he wasn't sure he'd ever experienced before. He smiled tightly. "Gladly. I'll be right back." Mineta looked genuinely surprised and excited.


"Dude—" Sero interrupted as Kaminari grabbed the back of his shirt in alarm.


"Let go," he snapped, and Kaminari let go immediately. "Sero, come with me."


Frowning, he stood and followed Izuku as he approached Momo and Ochako. "Hi Yaomomo," he greeted her, his thin smile still firmly in place. She blinked up at him, brows furrowing in confusion.




"You okay, Deku?" Ochako asked, concerned.


"I'm good. Can you make a hook for me, Yaomomo? Like a big meat hook?"


"Uh...why?" she asked uncertainly as Sero suddenly realized what was happening. He choked on a laugh, body trembling with the effort to not cackle and give Izuku's plan away.


"There's something I need to...hook up. It's not big, but I think I'd like to make a point, so the flasher and more exaggerated the better. Sero, before I turn around, please ensure that he can't run away," Izuku instructed, oddly calm despite his deep irritation. Sero pressed a fist to his mouth, tears of mirth gathering in the corners of his eyes, but he nodded.


"Sure dude," he wheezed.


"What's so funny?" Ochako inquired, now more suspicious than concerned.


"Don't worry about it," Izuku replied right when Sero said:


"You'll see!"


Izuku blocked Yaomomo from view as she lifted her shirt to produce a comically large double-pronged meat hook—almost a full foot long and made of steel. "Thanks. Where's the nearest flag pole?" he asked. Yaomomo's look of concern only deepened, but she answered anyway.


"Uh...the entrance to the Heights Alliance courtyard."


"Perfect. Sero, get him," he instructed.


He admired Sero a lot. At first glance, his quirk wasn't very heroic. But he'd made it heroic through incredibly hard work—increasing its adhesiveness and tensile strength through sheer perseverance. He'd also developed incredible aim—a point that was emphasized now as he launched tape at Mineta and making direct contact with both of his legs.


Izuku marched over to him, Sero following behind laughing his ass off. "Wrap his legs," he instructed, and Sero obeyed quickly.


"What the hell are you doing!" Mineta cried, trying to wriggle out of the tape.


"You are a predatory, perverted piece of shit, and I've had it," Izuku growled, activating his quirk just enough to have the strength to push the hook through the back of Mineta's sweatpants and boxers. "You think I'd help you make moves on my best friend when she's vulnerable you absolute flaming cock nugget?" Kaminari broke down then—'cock nugget' too ridiculous of an insult for him to let slide.


"Deku! What the fuck are you doing!" Katsuki barked, moving to intervene.


"He wanted me to help him get with Ochako while she was vulnerable from my 'rejection'," he growled, turning his fierce glare on his boyfriend. "He told me to hook him up. I'm obliging," he explained, holding Mineta up by said hook as he writhed like a caught fish.


Katsuki was dumbfounded for a moment before he snorted in amusement. "Got it," he replied, pulling out a chair to watch the spectacle.


"Kiss my ass, Midoriya!" Mineta wailed.


"Do not kiss his ass, Deku, you have no idea where it's been," Katsuki drawled, taking a bite of his food. "You should tape his fuckin' mouth shut, or else someone will take him down earlier than he deserves."


"Excellent idea," Izuku hissed, holding out his hand to Sero for more tape. He slapped it over Mineta's mouth with way more force than strictly necessary, and they all got the impression that he'd just wanted an excuse to hit him.


"Midoriya! Put him down!" Iida barked, storming toward them. Izuku held on tight, despite the pain that flared through him for the defiance.


"Nah, Deku, you keep doing what you're doing. It's about fuckin' time someone taught the little shit a real lesson," Katsuki negated. "That asshole's been making the girls feel like crap for two years, Glasses. Let Deku do this, and I fuckin' promise you he'll think twice about harassing our classmates."


Iida looked troubled, but it was pretty clear that Izuku wasn't going to back down. Izuku didn't want to risk him barking out another order that he may not be able to refuse when he was angry like this, so he took off running.


Three minutes later, he'd hoisted Mineta up in the most vindictive patriotic wedgie he'd ever seen—gagged and bound with tape as he swung from the top of the flagpole by his pants and boxers. "If I ever hear you say shit like that again, I'm gonna kick you into the fucking sun!" he bellowed up to the flailing grape.


"Midoriya?" he whipped around to face the newcomers—finding Kendo, Pony, and Shinsou staring at him in varying levels of shock.


"Hey guys," he replied cheerfully.


"What's going on, Mido," Shinsou asked, eyes flicking up to Mineta's flailing form.


"He pissed me off, and I'm sick of him victimizing our female classmates," he shrugged. "I'll let him down eventually if a teacher doesn't."


"Savage," Pony whispered, wide-eyed.


"What are you guys doing out here?" he asked mildly, as though he hadn't strung up another classmate like a patriotic fish on its twenty-foot line.


"We were heading to your dorm. Momo offered to help us with Chemistry," Kendo explained, still eyeing the flagpole.


"And after that, I'm helping Kaminari with English," Shinsou added, also eyeing the flagpole—his expression much more impressed than Kendo's. A quick frown flashed across Izuku's face. Kaminari was the top of their class in English. Then he understood what was happening, and he smiled brightly. 


"I'll walk back with you!" he replied, already turning to walk back.


"I guess Monoma was lucky he caught you right before training instead of after school," Shinsou drawled. "I'd honestly pay to see him up there someday."


"If I thought he'd learn his lesson, that's exactly where he'd be," Izuku muttered. "But his hate boner would just...grow."


"...hate boner?" Kendo whispered, horrified.


"That's what Kacchan calls it," he shrugged. "Seems to fit."


"This is the best day of my life," Shinsou chuckled. "Garbage Dick with a Hate Boner. We should make him a t-shirt."


"I'm sure Momo would oblige," Izuku laughed.

Chapter Text

The following week was pretty tame, mostly because Izuku had been burrowing away in his free time to try to crack the quirk. It was way more trouble than it was worth, and even though it lent itself to some...fascinating explorations with Katsuki, he had been ready to be done with it weeks ago.


Of course, there had been some near misses. And then there had been incidents that Katsuki and Aizawa hadn't been around to save him from.


One poorly placed "Go Deku!" during training had him racing off school grounds at a nearly unmatchable pace. He wasn't sure why the quirk had interpreted "go" as "run as far as you can," but it had happened, and he had hated it.


Tokoyami, in a fit of frustration, had uttered "Fuck me sideways with a ten-foot pole." Not only had the mild-mannered bird man's declaration been MASSIVELY out of character, but his command had been extremely hazardous to his health. Luckily, there hadn't been any ten-foot poles nearby, so he'd had to go hunt one down before Present Mic told him to stop measuring poles. That had been a pretty clear-cut command that had been unavoidable.


Then, during a study period, Kaminari had noticed that Aizawa was in a particularly foul mood. "Damn, he looks depressed. Give the man a hug," he'd declared. It hadn't been meant as an order, but his weird new lizard brain had interpreted it as one anyway. He'd gotten up from his seat and moved to the front of the classroom. Katsuki hadn't heard the order, so he didn't have any idea what was happening until Izuku had moved behind Aizawa (who looked startled and confused) and wrapped him in a hug from behind, resting his chin atop his head.


"What the hell are you doing, problem child?"


"You looked upset. Hugs are good for you," he'd squeaked in reply, making terrified eye contact with Katsuki who looked like he was going to bust out laughing.


"...Thank you. Now sit down."


"Yes, sir."


The most frustrating part was that the quirk seemed to vary in intensity between commands—some orders forced him to act, whereas some only caused discomfort or pain if he refused to comply. Or maybe it was that if the command caught him off guard or hit him when he was tired or distracted, he couldn't muster the willpower to refuse the command. There were too many factors, and if he couldn't figure out how it worked, he would never figure out how to break it.


"Bend over," Katsuki instructed. Izuku, who had been scanning his notes and muttering up a storm, immediately complied. "Nice ass, dweeb." Izuku rolled his eyes.


"Thanks, Kacchan," he replied, straightening and throwing him a dry look.


"Bend over," he repeated, grinning. Izuku rolled his eyes but resisted. Sure, Katsuki was trying to help, but he was doing it in the least helpful way possible. "I said, bend over." Oh. Okay, resisting hurt a little more now. So maybe the intensity of the command had a bearing on how painful the refusal was? Eventually, he caved and bent over. "Good boy."


"I am trying to focus, Kacchan," Izuku scolded, turning pink. "Please stop leveraging my kinks to distract me."


"Not my fault you have so many," Katsuki teased. "Come on, nerd, it's Saturday and you've been doing this for hours. You woke me up for this. At six. Come take a break."


Izuku eyed him suspiciously, holding out on the command. "No articles of clothing are allowed to leave my body. We didn't give your floormates warning, and I have work to do."


"Fuckin' fine," Katsuki agreed, already scooting back on the bed to make room for him. Izuku crawled after him, unable to keep from smiling when Katsuki pulled him close to bite at his lips.


He let his mind run blank as Katsuki kissed him lazily, almost lulled to sleep by the warmth of his hold and the soothing stroke of the hand in his hair. He cuddled in closer, body devoid of tension when Katsuki released his lips to brush his mouth along his cheeks and his nose. He was so comfortable and everything about this morning was so peaceful and gentle. The only other person on the planet who could make him feel so at ease was his mother. Oh. His mother.


He stiffened—just slightly—and Katsuki noticed immediately. "What're you thinking, nerd?"


"We need to tell our parents," Izuku murmured in reply as Katsuki bit and kissed along his jaw. "OW!" he yelped as Katsuki actually dug his teeth into his ear. "What the hell was that for? And why do you keep biting me?"


"Bringing up the hag while we're in bed is the fuckin' definition of a no-fly zone, Deku," Katsuki scolded him seriously. Izuku snorted. "I'm serious. Why were you even thinking about that?"


He shrugged, pulling Katsuki closer to burrow into his neck. "Dunno. I want my mom to know. And I think if your mom found out from my mom instead of us, it would be her villain origin story." Katsuki barked a laugh, and Izuku grinned triumphantly.


"You don't think it's too soon?" he grumbled. "We've only been dating for a fuckin' week."


"We can tell them it's new," he allowed. "But I think they'd be happy, don't you? Supportive."


"Haven't even told them that I'm gay," Katsuki replied, hiding his face in Izuku's hair. Izuku stiffened again.


"Really?" he asked quietly. "Why not? You don't they'd be supportive?"


"...I think they would be. But I've caused a shitload of trouble. What if this is the one thing they can't take?"


Irritation. Heartbreak. Irritation. Heartbreak. Irritation. "What do you mean you've caused a shitload of trouble?" he demanded, pulling back to look him in the eye. "You're a model student. You're at the top of the class. You only break rules in life threatening situations. What trouble have you caused?"


Katsuki frowned. "They know how I treated you. They know how I treated everyone. Had shit-tons of disciplinary meetings about how I treated classmates. Well, not how I treated you. But everyone else? They were dragged into parent-teacher meetings almost fuckin' monthly. Then the fuckin' league took me because they thought I'd make a good addition to their shitty emo boy band. We had to move into dorms because of me, Deku."


Izuku reached up to flick him between the eyes. "First of all, anyone who thought you would make a good villain wasn't paying attention to you at all. Second, you've grown. You treat people with your own weird brand of respect, and we've all noticed. Third, I'm dating you, so if I've gotten over how you treated me, they should too. Fourth—"


"What is this, a fuckin' essay?"


"Fourth," he pressed on irately. "Your parents are insanely proud of you and what you've become. And if you throwing your life in harms way for a living isn't going to stop them from caring about you, I highly doubt your sexuality will. But, if you're not comfortable with telling them, we don't have to tell them," he promised. "We can handle this at your pace."


"You don't like keeping things from your mom though," he muttered.


He shrugged. "Sure, but it's not just my relationship. It's not just about me. I want you to be comfortable too. I want you to feel good about how we approach it, from how we tell our parents to how we tell our friends," he smiled, pressing forward to kiss him softly. "I'll wait as long as you need."


"Go out with me," Katsuki said seriously. Izuku frowned, even as the command took hold.


"I am going out with you?"


"Like on a date, loser. Go out on a date with me. It's Saturday. Let's go out for the day."


Izuku blushed, a delighted smile lighting his face. "I have to clear it with Aizawa," he replied, a little giddy. "But it should be fine if we're together. He let me leave with Ochako."


"Stop bringing up other people when I'm being mushy n' shit," Katsuki barked, trying to push him away. "I'm serious."


"Sorry, sorry," Izuku laughed, latching onto Katsuki's torso so that he wouldn't fall off the bed. "I'll text him and ask. When do you wanna go?"


"There's that new movie out. We could go see that and have dinner. Or we could go to lunch before and watch after," he offered pulling Izuku back in close and speaking into his hair.


"If we're avoiding suspicion we should go earlier," Izuku replied with his face firmly pressed into Katsuki's neck. "We can go to that hole-in-the-wall spot you like downtown."


"You sure? What about the other place? The prissy little bistro by that hero merch store?"


"We'll go there next time," he replied, grinning. "Your place is closer to the theater anyway. And it's not prissy!"


"They serve their fuckin' cakes with gold leaf, Deku. Prissy as fuck."


Aizawa granted them permission to leave campus, as long as they checked in by text every hour. He had a feeling that the additional restriction was his very light rebuke for stringing a classmate up from a flagpole. He hadn't had to check in when he'd gone out with Ochako.


Speaking of Ochako, he needed her help.


'Hey, can I ask u a favor?' he texted her. The speed at which she texted back had always alarmed him. It was like her phone was permanently in her hand.


'yea whats up?'


'kacchan & i r going out. help distract the class while we escape?'


'say less. u need help getting dressed? 😉🥵'


'...yes pls 😰'


It's not that he didn't know how to dress. He'd proved that the last time he'd gone on a date. It's that Katsuki was the son of two titans of the fashion industry, and he'd probably look like sex on a stick while Izuku looked basic cute at best.


In record time, she'd stuffed him into skinny jeans, a viridian t-shirt (that apparently brought out his eyes), and a black button up that she insistently rolled to his elbows. She'd glared at his hair for longer than he'd liked. "What?"


"Fluffy. Cute. Not hot."




"Hey, the girls are planning to talk you into an undercut, and I can't say I disagree," she argued. "It's not like your hair is bad, it just makes you look young. We're going for impact here, Deku."


"Well it's not like I can just get a haircut right now. I'm meeting him outside in," he glanced at the clock. "Six minutes."


"I know," she sighed. "I'm just trying to figure you have a beanie? A plain black beanie?"


"Uh...actually, I think I have Kacchan's—"


"Perfect! Where is it." She pulled it over his head as soon as he'd unearthed it, fluffing the curls at his forehead just so until she was satisfied with how they fell. "Okay, what do you think?"


He glanced at himself in the mirror and was...pleasantly surprised. "I like it," he smiled.


"Good! Now wait here for three minutes while Kiri and I make sure the coast is clear in the common room. If there's an issue I'll text you."


He adored her. "Thanks, Ochako," he replied gratefully.


Three minutes later he snuck into the common room, peering around the corner to see if anyone was paying attention. Ochako was regaling the girls with what seemed like her entire gossip arsenal, while Kirishima had decided to set up an impromptu arm-wrestling tournament. He glanced out the window and saw that Katsuki had already made it outside.


His pocket vibrated, and he fished his phone out and found a text from Hagakure. 'the key to being sneaky is to act like you've got nothing to hide. walk out casually, don't make eye contact.'


His eyes snapped to the girls and found the floating pair of gloves that were giving him a subtle thumbs up.


Make that seven people who know something was up. But she'd given an order, and he followed them to the letter, escaping out of the front door without even a single raised eyebrow.




'no problem🙂 have fun!'


Now that was a command he was down to follow.


Katsuki was leaning against the entryway pillars, scrolling through his phone, looking positively edible in ripped jeans, a black hoodie and a leather jacket. It wasn't fucking fair. "Sorry I'm late," he said in lieu of a greeting, trying not to eye-fuck his boyfriend in public.


Katsuki looked up then smiled, slow and predatory. "Lookin' good, nerd. I was wondering where that went," he said, tugging on the edge of the beanie where there was a bright orange embroidered 'X'.


Izuku smiled. "Like I'd let anyone else have your prototype hero merch," he teased.


"Not even me, apparently," he smirked. Let's go, movie starts at 2," he said, slinging an arm around Izuku's shoulders to propel him forward. Once they were out of range of the dorm windows, Izuku pulled that arm off so that he could tangle their fingers together instead. "Sappy nerd," Katsuki muttered, blushing.


"Your sappy nerd," he replied cheerily, swinging their arms a little for emphasis.


They made their way past 1-B's dorm, then 1-C's and then they were through the gate.


They were too wrapped up in each other to notice the eyes following them as they strolled past the windows of the other dorms.

Chapter Text

If going on a date with the wrong person had been fun, going on a date with the right person was positively fucking blissful. Even holding Katsuki's hand made him feel like he was floating away.


Oh, well, he actually did that a couple of times. Float was a weird quirk to begin with and even though he mostly had control over it, sometimes it would activate when he was...emotional. Namely when he was embarrassed, flustered, or apparently when he so impeccably happy that he could barely form a sentence.


Fuck, he was so sappy. He had no idea how or why Katsuki endured it. But here he was, basically being carried like a balloon by his surly, stupidly-attractive boyfriend on their way to a seedy dive that had the best spicy curry west of Musutafu.


All Katsuki had said to incite his stint as an airborne flotation device was that he'd complimented his observation skills. They'd been talking about a hero battle in France, and when Katsuki had criticized the spotlight hero's recklessness, he'd pointed out that he'd specifically chosen a team that could not only back him up, but reinforce buildings and shelter citizens as the battle raged—especially the metal creation hero Armature who had shored up the Eiffel Tower before the villain had even made it to the center of Paris.


"Didn't even notice, the coverage was all focused on Bombardier," he'd replied. "Not many people would have pointed that out, nerd. Nice." Then he'd paused when the hand holding Izuku's began to raise. "The fuck?" he asked, looking up at him.


"It''re holding my hand and complimenting me. I'm...I'll be fine. Just keep walking. I'll come down eventually," he explained poorly, face red.


"Fuckin' embarrassing," Katsuki grumbled, gripping his hand a little tighter and continuing to walk. "I've complimented you before."


"Not while holding my hand. Definitely not dressed like that. I was already kinda giddy, I think the compliments pushed it over the edge," he squeaked.


"Dork," Katsuki huffed affectionately. "I can't believe I'm taking a fuckin' balloon on a date."


He'd settled down by the time they got to the restaurant, but Katsuki had thrown his arm back over Izuku's shoulder to make sure he stayed anchored to the ground and would not stop teasing him about it. He'd be annoyed, but he deserved it and he was on a date with Katsuki, and that had kinda cemented his good mood.


It felt so normal. The only thing that was different from any other time they hung out was that Izuku knew that he was allowed to kiss the guy across from him and Katsuki would welcome it. They still talked about the same things they always did—still bickered, still debated and fought for the best point (and therefore the last laugh)—but it was shaded by flirty grins, affectionate gazes, flushed cheeks, and...Katsuki running his foot up Izuku's calf.


"We're in public," Izuku scolded him, blushing violently. "Like actual, "civilians present" in-public."


"So control yourself, nerd," Katsuki replied, devilish smile included. "It's not like I'm doing anything that suggestive."


"That foot goes any higher, and that'll officially be bullshit," he warned. "And we still have the movie after this." He blanched when Katsuki's smile widened. "Oh, no."


"What do you mean?" he asked, feigning innocence very badly.


"You are not walking us into a PG-rated movie and traumatizing children by manhandling me in the back row," he replied, the seriousness of the statement overshadowed both by the tremor in his voice and the glint in Katsuki's eye.


"Well, it's a matinee, so it'll be less crowded," Katsuki replied, picking Izuku's hand up off the table to play with his fingers. "But if it really makes you uncomfortable, we can table it for later. Doesn't really matter. Don't ever really care what we do as long as you're there."


"I'm already in love with you, you don't need to get my heart in a chokehold," Izuku breathed, eyes riveted to Katsuki's thumb tracing patterns into his scarred fingertips. "Let's table it for later, though. We've already proved that I can't stay quiet for shit."


"Fair," Katsuki nodded. "You just look good. Really fuckin' good. First time I saw those jeans I wanted to blast Kirby's eyes out of her skull."


"S-sure glad you didn't since she picked out the rest of this outfit," Izuku stuttered.


"You'd look good in four-day-old sweats that had been through a villain fight," Katsuki replied dismissively. "It kinda pisses me off. Fuckin' roll out of bed looking cute n' shit every fuckin' day. You use two in one shampoo, your hair should not be that fuckin' soft. And you're fuckin' jacked. I nearly died when you choked out that fuckin' bomb bubble shithead with your thighs."


That had been...the most ridiculous fight he'd ever been in. There were two villains—one could make some sort of silly-string-like substance that hardened into cement, and the other could blow explosive bubbles. Izuku's arms had ended up cemented to his sides, and he'd had to do some literal legwork to knock out the Bubble Bomber. That's what he'd called himself.


But more importantly, Katsuki liked his thighs. And his hair. And maybe his face? His face could not possibly get any redder. "But this looks better?"


"Different," he disagreed. "Like you did something special for me. And it's good."




"Yeah, good," he smirked again, and Izuku's stomach felt kinda like the first drop on a roller coaster. He dropped his voice to a low murmur so that only he could hear. "Like you could have a nice, polite sit-down dinner with my parents, charm the shit out of them, and then take me home and rail the fuck out of me."


Oh, look! He could get redder. Just like that!


"If you don't behave yourself, I'm gonna do exactly that," Izuku threatened half-heartedly.


"Not if I rail you first, nerd," Katsuki grinned, sharp and challenging. Izuku squeaked and hid his face in his free hand.


"I hope you're not embarrassing this poor sweet boy, you little gremlin," a voice interrupted them, and Izuku jolted in his seat, banging his knee against the table.


Katsuki loved this little restaurant so much that he was on a casual roasting-basis with the owner and the wait staff. The few times Izuku had joined him, he'd been amused by their hearty bickering. Now he was known as the 'polite broccoli friend.' They called him that. To his face.


"He's enough of an embarrassment on his own, he doesn't need me to embarrass him," Katsuki sniped back. "Mind your business, Fish Face." Fish Face was, of course, in reference to the multicolored scales that adorned her face, and the fact that she had gills. She could breathe underwater for an hour at a time and thought she could communicate with marine life. Izuku had his doubts about the last part.


"Aww, he's not an embarrassment, how could you be so mean to him?" she pouted, setting their check down in front of them before reaching over to pinch Izuku's cheek.


"Oi! Hands off my boyfriend," Katsuki snapped, batting her hand away. She froze, eyes widening in shock.


"Boyfriend? Since when?" she exclaimed, eyes dropping to their entwined hands. "It's a miracle. How'd you get someone so sweet to date you? Be honest honey, are you being held hostage? Blink twice if you're in trouble."


"Since last week and fuck you, lady! I'm a goddamn catch!"


Izuku laughed. "I'm not being held hostage, I promise. Kacchan is amazing," he assured her, shooting Katsuki a fond smile. "This is our first real date, and he was complimenting me. He was being very—"


"Don't you dare," Katsuki warned, ears going pink. Izuku's mouth clicked shut, but the sweet smile endured.


"Oh look at him, he likes you!" she gushed, digging her phone out of her pocket. "You two are so cute! I need a picture to show the rest—"


"What the hell?"


"Smile!" she instructed, snapping a picture as soon as Izuku obediently plastered on a grin while Katsuki's scowl deepened. "Adorable. I can't believe it."


"Don't—don't share that on social media," Katsuki requested quietly. "You can show the rest of the staff, but we're trying to stay low-key for a while," he explained. "Between the media nonsense and my mother—"


"Hey, I'm not here to make your life harder, I'm here to feed you and take your money," she barked, flicking him on the forehead. "I'll leave you two...lovebirds sounds ridiculous. One of you is a literal demon."


"Fuck you—"


"But I'll be taking this back," she said, sliding the check off the table to both of their protests. "Hey, we thought we'd have to find him a nice animal shelter. I'm very happy for him. A little concerned for you," she said, pointing at Izuku. "But congrats! It's on the house."


Katsuki squinted at her. "I'm leaving you an obnoxiously large tip next time."


"Oh no, whatever shall I do," she replied dryly, already walking away.


"Buy yourself a new set of extensions!" he barked, volume increasing as she strutted farther away. She threw her head back in a full-bodied laugh, throwing up a middle finger over her shoulder.


"You should let me tell people how sweet you are," Izuku grinned. "It's not like they'll believe me."


"Go fuck yourself," Katsuki pouted. Izuku groaned—that particular command washing over him for the first time in almost two weeks, and Katsuki remembered the quirk. "Ah, fuck."


"Just take it back," Izuku grumbled.


"Uh...unfuck yourself?"


Izuku snorted, and it quickly devolved into loud belly laughter. "Unfuck—"


"I panicked!" he barked, flushing. "Check the time, nerd."


Izuku checked his phone, still laughing. "It's—" he took a deep breath, regaining control of his voice. "It's 1:30, we should get going."


"Text Aizawa, shithead." Katsuki reminded him, still pink with embarrassment.


"Yes, Kacchan," he grinned, still ridiculously amused. He told Aizawa that they were fine and that they'd be going into the movie at 2. He got a thumbs-up emoji, and an instruction to turn on his location while he was in the theater so that he wouldn't have to check in. He sent a thumbs-up back.


"C'mon, we're gonna be late," Katsuki said as he stood, holding out his hand. Izuku took it as he stood, charmed to death by the fact that he was still blushing.


The movie was good—a remake of an old comic in modern quirk society context. Izuku loved the older hero movies (hence why he was making Ochako watch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe from the early 2000's), mostly because their motivations were so different from those of modern heroes. In this, the protagonist was opting to work as an underground hero despite having a flashy quirk that would make a mint in the spotlight.


Katsuki had put up the armrest between their seats without a second thought and threw an arm around Izuku's shoulder to pull him in close, not even batting an eyelash when Izuku spent the entire movie mumbling modern quirk theory into his ear. Izuku almost stopped when he realized he'd been chattering through half the movie, but allowed himself to keep going when Katsuki squeezed his shoulder after only a few moments of tense discomfort.


He figured Katsuki would have said something if there were lots of people in the theater, but it was almost completely empty except for a group of five in the front and a couple off to the right. Instead, when he chanced a glance at Katsuki's face, his ear was tilted down just slightly to receive the information as his eyes remained trained on the screen—a clear indicator that he was content to let Izuku ramble excitedly. His face, usually wild and tumultuous, was calm and the corner of his mouth was quirked up in the barest smile physically possible, but it made him feel like his heart was in a vice. In a good way.


It was stupid to think he could fall out of love with him. Last week Izuku was dumb as a bag of rocks.


He was still mumbling up a storm when they left the darkened theater, Katsuki offering a spare word or comment when he had something to include. His arm was still secure around Izuku's shoulder; a soft, warm weight that implied closeness and care that made him feel like he was treasured.


The soft, warm feeling he'd been nursing all day disappeared as soon as he took out his phone to turn it off silent.


Mostly because he was met by one hundred and thirty-six texts, ten of which were from Aizawa and forty of which were from Ochako. "What the hell?" he muttered, swiping his phone open to start reading them.


"Hm?" Katsuki looked over his shoulder at his phone screen. "Jesus, what the fuck?" he asked, pulling out his own phone. "A hundred and eighty-seven texts? Fuck, did someone die?"


" But...I'm so sorry, Kacchan, but your parents either know or will know that we're dating within the next two hours," he squeaked, showing Katsuki a link that Aizawa had sent.


Usually, hero students managed to stay out of the press unless something seriously scandalous happened or they did an exemplary job in the field during a major raid or villain fight. More than that—when Izuku wasn't in costume, he looked like almost any other member of the general populace. When Katsuki wasn't in costume, he usually looked too refined to be recognized as Dynamight, the ferally violent nutcase.


But apparently, someone had followed them on their date. Another student, it seemed, since the photos started from inside the school gates. There were pictures of them holding hands and with Katsuki's arm around his shoulders, and the quick kiss they'd shared as they waited for the train. A picture of them at lunch, fingers intertwined across the table as Izuku blushed and Katsuki smiled. Not the waitress—it was taken from farther away, across the restaurant.


And whoever had followed them had sent those photos to a hero gossip magazine, and that magazine had published an article titled 'STOCKHOLM SYNDROME AT WORK? A Dubious Love Story From Behind UA's Gates.'


"Oh fuck," Katsuki breathed, eyes flicking to his own phone. As he scrolled through his messages, Izuku read through Aizawa's texts. The instructions were clear. Do not come back to campus, the media was camped outside. Tell any reporter who saw them that they had no comment. Call as soon as he saw these messages.


Izuku dialed Aizawa immediately, taking Katsuki by the hand to pull him deeper into the theater—near the auditoriums that showed the movies that were going stale with age. "Problem child," Aizawa greeted him as soon as he picked up. "Calm down, it's not as bad as it seems."


He calmed down. "So how bad is it?" he asked. Then he remembered the article title and got riled right back up. "Stockholm Syndrome? Who the fuck do they think they are?"


"Calm down. Whoever sold those photos to the tabloids also gave them their view of your turbulent relationship. They clearly knew you in your first year based on some of the details they gave. It's also clearly someone who has a bone to pick with both you and Bakugou, based on your portrayals. We have a PR team for a reason, kid. This'll work out fine."


"It'll work out fine?" he barked, eyes filling with frustrated tears. "Kacchan wasn't out to his parents, sir. I'm not exactly open with my sexuality either. How is being outed to the entire country fine?" Katsuki tensed beside him, as though that thought had just occurred to him.


"'s not. You're right, it's not. You have every right to be angry, but trust me when I say that we'll handle this. We'll go over your options when you get back to campus, but you'll need to give us a few hours to clear out the media. You're both popular hero hopefuls with fairly private lives and limited social media activity. They're hungry for information, and we need time to shake them loose."


"Fine. Where should we go?" he noticed that Katsuki's grip had turned to iron in his hand.


"The theater is fairly close to your parents' neighborhood. If Bakugou is up for it, you should head there. We'll send a school car to pick you up when we're sure it won't be tailed."




"Text me when you've reached...wherever you decide to go," he instructed. "We're doing everything we can."


Izuku deflated a little. There was no point in taking out his anger on Aizawa. "I know you are, sir. Thank you. I'll get in touch soon." He turned to Katsuki when he hung up and found him still scrolling through his phone, eyes wide and face a little pale. "Kacchan?"


"Mina's pissed we didn't tell her we're dating," he said quietly. "Hanta and Denki helping Eijirou do damage control on Twitter. Ponytail says congrats and wants to know our PR plan so that she can get her parents to help. IcyHot said he'd be willing to give a statement detailing my growth and your strength—" he broke off with a choked laugh. "My mom called six times."


Izuku rubbed his hand down Katsuki's arm, soothing as much of the panic as he could. "What do you want to do? We can't stay here, so where do you want to go?"


Katsuki squeezed his eyes shut. "Wanna call your mom and ask her to meet us at my parents' place? We should probably talk to them."


"Sure," he agreed quickly, voice soft. "If you're up for it, we can do that. But if you want to hide, we can just go hide on a rooftop somewhere," he offered.


Katsuki shook his head. "If I don't appease the Hag now, she'll get ten times more psychotic for every minute we fend her off," he explained, rubbing a hand over his face. "The entire country thinks I psychologically tortured you into wanting me. Fuck."


"Well they're fucking wrong, and whoever said it is gonna get their neck snapped," Izuku snarled.


"Murder isn't for heroes, Deku," he replied dully.


"I'm smart enough to hide the evidence," he assured him darkly.


"Alright, mastermind," Katsuki grumbled. "Let's just go."


Izuku called his mom as they walked—taking side streets to avoid heavy foot traffic and any lingering media vultures. "I'm sorry it happened like this," Izuku murmured when they were a block away. They'd been walking in silence, Katsuki gripping his hand like a lifeline as they went. "And I'm sorry our date was ruined." He tried to will away the tears pricking at his eyes, but he'd always been a crier. If that was a dealbreaker, Katsuki would never have agreed to date him.


"Wasn't. It was great," Katsuki replied. "This had to happen eventually."


"Not like this," Izuku said. "Not r-right now."


"Hey," Katsuki stopped, turning to him. "Don't cry." Just like that, his impending emotional breakdown ceased. "We'll handle it. Always fuckin' do," Katsuki insisted. "It's shitty, and I'm freaked out about what kind of social media shitstorm requires damage control, but for now let's just have an awkward as fuck dinner with our parents. We can make a press statement later or some shit. But the date was great, Deku. Everything that we were in control of kicked ass."


Izuku offered him a shaky smile, letting him brush away the tears that had already escaped. "Hell yeah, it did." Katsuki smiled back—thin and unable to completely hide his anxiety, but so soft. Izuku leaned up to give him a quiet, lingering kiss.


Katsuki pulled away first to say, "but when we get inside, I'm using you as a human shield. The Hag loves you more than she loves me," before taking his hand again to move them forward.


Izuku shot Aizawa a text when they were on Katsuki's doorstep, then put it back on silent. "You ready?"


"Fuck no. She's nuts. But we're here, so—" he grabbed the handle to push the door open. "We're here!" he bellowed into the house, pushing Izuku in front of him as he trudged them into the foyer and slammed the door shut behind them. They barely had time to take their shoes off before Mitsuki came barrelling around the corner.


"Stop slamming the goddamn door, brat! And why the hell did I find out you two were dating from the shittiest tabloid in the country!" She bellowed right back.


Izuku sighed, ears already ringing. "Sorry, Auntie. Today was actually our first date."


And with that one sentence, the wind left her sails completely. "What?"


"We've only been together for a week," he explained. "Today was the first time we had enough time to go on an actual date. We only told a couple of people, and that's mostly so that they could cover for us with the class. We weren't ready to tell anyone—" he didn't really mean to use his tears to his advantage, but the reminder that their privacy had been violated and their first date would have been perfect if it hadn't happened made him sad and frustrated, and suddenly he was crying again.


"Oh, baby," she cooed, pulling him into a hug, completely ignoring how Katsuki tried to pry her off. "It was your first date? I'll fucking kill them! I've been waiting for this since you were five and they ruined it!"


Katsuki went still, arms dropping to his sides. "The fuck?"


"Watch your mouth, Katsuki. Just because I'm happy for you doesn't mean you can mouth off in front of guests," she snapped. "Come on, both of you. Inko is in the kitchen making your favorite, baby," she said, voice going low and soothing as she stroked Izuku's back.


"Told you she loves you more than me," he said loudly, even as the tension left his shoulders.


"Don't be ridiculous, brat," she barked, pushing Izuku into the couch and pointing imperiously at the spot next to him, clearly indicating that Katsuki was supposed to sit there. Masaru was watching quietly from the chair across from them. "You had your rough patches, but you've grown so much. And Izuku is a strong, kind, fair young man. If he's with you, then it's because he wants to be. I love him, sure—I helped raise him, after all. But you're my baby. When I get my hands on whoever gave them the bullshit ammo for that shitty article, I'm gonna rip their fucking heads off with my teeth."


Katsuki looked up at her, dumbstruck. Then his lower lip trembled and his eyes went narrow as they filled with tears and he tried to hold them back. "The fuck, hag?" he croaked. Izuku gripped his clenched fist, only slightly surprised when it opened to slot their fingers together.


"Language, Katsuki," Masaru sighed. "Of course, we're in your corner, son. We love you and we're very proud of the man you've become, and we couldn't be happier with your choice of partner. That tabloid is looking down the barrel of a very expensive defamation lawsuit, especially since you're still a minor."


"Oh, boys, are you alright?" Inko cried, busting out of the kitchen like the Kool-Aid Man.


"We're okay," Izuku replied. "We're supposed to wait here until UA can clear the media from the front gate."


"Why didn't you tell me you two were together?" she cried, eyes watery.


"It was their first date, Inko," Mitsuki replied for them, fuming. Inko burst into tears. Katsuki looked terrified, accustomed to wailing Midoriyas, but unsure of how to stem this particular flow.


"They ruined your first date?" she wailed, throwing her arms around them, Niagra Falls still channeling through her tear ducts. "Tell me what happened, I'll give them a piece of my mind!" she sobbed loudly directly into their eardrums.


"I was hit by an obedience quirk a month ago, and some of the orders I ended up having to follow made Kacchan really uncomfortable. It ended up leading to a bunch of misunderstandings and eventually, Kacchan confronted me about it and we sort of shouted our feelings at each other a week ago. We've been dating since then, but we've been keeping it quiet because we wanted our relationship to be private for a while. This morning we decided to go to lunch and a movie for our first date, and on our way off campus, someone must have spotted us and decided to follow us. It looks like they sent those pictures and their statement to the media while we were watching the movie. It had blown up by the time we got out," Izuku blurted, voice only slightly strangled under his mother's grip. Katsuki sighed in resignation as Inko very slowly released them, as though she was absorbing Izuku's word vomit.


Ah, obedience.


"Well shit," Katsuki grumbled, and Izuku couldn't help but agree. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

Izuku was exhausted.


To begin, Inko had not been happy about the obedience quirk. Nor was she happy that he'd kept it from her. She felt a little better after he'd told her that Aizawa knew and that both he and Katsuki had been looking out for him while they tried to figure it out. She completely chilled out when she learned that it had been a random quirk accident instead of some death-defying villain attack.


Then Mitsuki had started in. To be clear, he wasn't afraid of Mitsuki Bakugou. The woman loved him. But that didn't mean he wasn't completely distrustful of her motives when she sat down in front of them with a wide grin.


"Nope," Katsuki barked, standing to leave. Mitsuki grabbed her son by his shirt and yanked him back down. "You have an unfair advantage, Hag!"


"How else would I get you to tell me anything?" she grinned. "This is a rare opportunity for me, brat. Indulge me."


She had directed that order to Izuku and he let out a long, put-upon sigh. "Please have mercy," he requested. Her smile grew a little fonder and less predatory.


"Answer me honestly," she instructed. "What could you have possibly done to make my degenerate son uncomfortable?"


"Uhhh...are you sure you want to know that, Auntie? They're...k-kinda inappropriate," he stuttered. Her grin only widened. Dammit.


"I definitely want to know," she laughed, sounding a little evil.


"He, uh...well, he told me to get ready to get my ass kicked, and I ended up bending over," he replied, blushing. "And then during training, he told me to keep my eyes on him, and when I hadn't stopped by the time we were in the locker rooms, he told me to take a picture because it would last longer, and I did. He was in his boxers. It was super awkward. Mina ordered me to show them the notebook that I use exclusively for analyzing Kacchan. Once, he told me to tell him what I was thinking and I told him that his pecs were godly and that it was hot that he could carry me bridal style. Then he told me to 'suck it', and I got on my knees and tried to pull his pants down before he told me to get the fuck away from him."


Mitsuki was howling laughter. "Oh, my," Inko uttered, mortified. "I think I'm going to finish dinner while Mitsuki gets her blackmail, dears. But I hope you know that you just earned yourself an encore of the sex talk, Izuku."


"Mom, noooooo," he whined. "There's no need!"


"Oh really?" Mitsuki asked, still cackling. "How far have you two gone?" And fuck he was still obliged to answer honestly.


Inko fled the room before he could answer, and he was so grateful. "Not as far as I wanted," he admitted, face turning nearly purple with embarrassment. "We've given each other oral sex, but Kacchan won't go further while I'm under the influence of a quirk that could tamper with consent."


Mitsuki didn't laugh at that. She actually stopped, giving her son the softest look he'd ever seen her make. "That's very responsible of you, Katsuki. I'm very proud," she said, patting his knee.


"How did Katsuki figure out that you were under a quirk, Izuku? You mentioned some misunderstandings—I'm assuming you were attempting to keep the quirk a secret?" Masaru asked, still sitting back in his chair, mild as ever.


"Uh...a classmate of ours gave a really uncomfortable order, and Katsuki started to notice that I was trying to obey it."


"What was the order?" Mitsuki prodded, still pushing for blackmail.


Izuku grimaced. "He told me to try taking three dildos," he uttered, hiding his face in his hands. "Then later during training, he told me to "take this" when he was throwing out a super move, and I stood in his blast zone. That's when he figured out that something was wrong."


"Okay, that's enough, Hag. His head's gonna explode if you keep going," Katsuki insisted. "Look at him, he looks like a fuckin' strawberry."


"Fine," she sighed. "Ruin my fun. You boys feel free to hang out while we finish up dinner. But if you go upstairs, the door stays open, Katsuki."


"Yeah, whatever," he grumbled. "Wanna watch something with us, Dad?" he asked, reaching for the remote.


The rest of that part of the night was relatively peaceful, excluding Inko's speech about responsibility and safety over dinner that made both boys want to evaporate while Mitsuki died of laughter across from them.


When Aizawa came to pick them up, it was 8 pm. They were both surprised that it was so early—the day had felt unfathomably long. "I'm very disappointed that I wasn't informed about Izuku's quirk accident, Mr. Aizawa," Inko scolded him through the car window.


"My apologies, Mrs. Midoriya. Since Midoriya was staying on campus and under our supervision, I incorrectly assumed that we could save you some anxiety unless the situation took a turn for the worst."


"I appreciate the thought, but please see that it doesn't happen again," she replied, uncommonly stern.


"And please let us know what options the boys have in terms of PR," Mitsuki added, standing at Inko's shoulder. "We intend to levy a libel suit against the tabloid, and we're pursuing a retraction. We think that getting a more reputable news source to cover a more accurate version of their story would go a long way."


"We agree," Aizawa conceded. "We were planning on having the PR team meet with the boys tomorrow. If you'd like to be present for that meeting, we can send a school car for you."


"That would be perfect," Mitsuki agreed. It wasn't often that they got to see Katsuki's mom behave diplomatically. Even Aizawa's first impression of her had been wild and volatile. But now, their mothers were on a mission, and the stalwart calm on their faces—the easy collaboration—sent chills up both of the boys' spines.


It was like watching a spider as it waited for a fly to land in its web. Yikes. "Okay, we have to go now," Izuku said nervously, pushing Katsuki toward the car. "We have a lot of explaining to do back at the dorm and if Kacchan isn't in bed by 10 pm, he's liable to blow up a city block—"


"Jesus, make me sound fuckin' unhinged, why don't you—"


"Love you! See you tomorrow, bye!" he called, climbing into the car after Katsuki. "She's using the danger voice, drive!" he hissed to the back of Aizawa's head.


"I'll phone you when the school car is on its way," Aizawa told them before rolling up the window. "How are you two holding up?" he asked when he was finally pulling away from the curb.


"Better than I thought I'd be," Izuku admitted. "Just a little mortified. I won't be able to look my mom in the eye for a few years."


"It went better than I thought it would," Katuski grumbled, slouching in his seat. "I just wasn't expecting it to happen today. Shit sucked."


"Well, hopefully you won't get too much trouble from your classmates. Uraraka and Kirishima have been running interference with Jirou's help."


Katsuki groaned. "If Mina was pissed that I didn't tell her, she's gonna be fuckin' furious that I told Kyoka first," he muttered.


"We didn't tell her, she found out," Izuku protested. "And she can't be mad at you for how you want to handle your relationship. It's not like we were never gonna tell her. We just wanted it to ourselves for a while."


"Yeah, and now all of Japan knew before she did."


"It's not about her," Izuku snapped. "It's about us. Maybe she'll be annoyed, but she's a good friend, Kacchan. She'll get that."


"I don't say this often because he's usually a disaster, but Midoriya's right," Aizawa said, tone as flat as ever.




"Ashido is excitable, but she's very supportive. And, at the risk of giving you an unethical edge, she's very susceptible to guilt-tripping. If she's badgering you, remind her that you had your privacy violated on a national level. I can almost guarantee that it'll get her to back down, or completely redirect her anger toward whoever is responsible," Aizawa said.


They stared at the back of his head for a long moment before Izuku spoke up. "You don't usually give personal advice, sir."


"I usually don't have two of my best, most motivated, and incorruptible students ripped out of the closet and slandered by a crappy tabloid," he replied. "I make exceptions in extreme circumstances."


Both of them blushed, deeply touched. While they knew he always had their back, they also knew that Aizawa's compliments weren't just rare—they were like finding ten-carat diamonds on the sidewalk.


"Thanks for helping us through this," Izuku said. "For taking control of the situation and helping us stay calm."


"Literally my job," Aizawa replied, waving him off.


He doubted Vlad King would go as far for Class B as Aizawa did for them. Maybe that was unfair—he didn't really know the other homeroom teacher that well—but it felt true.


When they got back to campus, Aizawa dropped them off outside of the main entrance to Heights Alliance. "Are you coming in?" Izuku asked. Katsuki looked like he hoped Aizawa would be joining them, even if it was just to stave off the rest of the class.


"No. I'm going over security logs to try to find out who followed you two off-campus. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you who's responsible by morning. Good luck with them," he replied before leaving them to their doom.


"Damn. I was hoping we could use him as a shield," Katsuki sighed.


"Wanna just get it over with?" Izuku asked. Katsuki nodded, holding out his hand. Izuku took it, squeezing lightly as Katsuki pulled him forward. Katsuki squeezed back.


"We'll handle it, remember?" Katsuki mumbled. "We've got this, nerd."


"I know, Kacchan," Izuku replied, smiling up at him.


When they reached the door to the dorm, they both drew up short. "Hey," Katsuki broke the silence, turning to him. Izuku looked up at him and was met with a firm, thorough kiss—Katsuki's free hand reaching up to cup the back of his neck. The longer the kiss went on, the more tension Izuku could feel draining from his shoulders.


"What was that for?" Izuku breathed when they broke apart. Katsuki smirked down at him.


"What, I need a fuckin' reason now? I thought you were supposed to kiss your date at the door," he teased. Izuku flushed, but his smile widened anyway.


"Such a gentleman," Izuku chuckled, giving him another soft kiss. "Auntie wouldn't recognize you if she saw you now." He yelped when Katsuki smacked him upside the head. "Ah, there you are!"


"Little shit," he grumbled, kissing him again. "You're lucky I l-like you. Come on," he said, tugging Izuku toward the door. Izuku consciously chose to ignore his mid-sentence stumble—mentally unwilling to take on the additional emotional rollercoaster that could lie behind those words.


They were met with a significant amount of noise when the door opened. Saturday nights were typically boisterous, but there was a frantic edge to the volume that was usually absent. They took off their shoes at the door, slowly inching into the common room as their grip on each others' hands grew tighter in trepidation.


Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Aoyama were huddled at one of the tables, each on individual laptops as they talked to each other. Momo was sitting by them and she appeared to be taking notes.


Ashido, Hagakure and Ochako were debating something loudly (read: yelling) by the TV, wild hand gestures and all, while most of the rest of the class huddled around them.


"They're back," Shoji announced, making them both jump. Katsuki shot him a glare, but Shoji just sent them a shit eating grin from one of his tentacles.


Yeah, they probably deserved that.


"Finally!" Ochako cried, whipping around.


"Jesus Christ, are you two okay?" Ashido shrieked, vaulting over the couch to run at them. "I can't believe you two didn't tell me you were dating! I can't believe you didn't tell me you were gay!" she said, pointing at Katsuki firmly. "I can't believe someone did this to you!" Her hands came to their shoulders then, and she shook them both. "Why the fuck haven't you been answering your texts?! Answer me!" she wailed, shaking harder with each word until they were basically bobbleheads.


"Deku—" Katsuki tried to negate the command, but Izuku was already talking.


"We've been with our parents and they were interrogating us, we haven't really had time. Especially since we were technically coming out to them, too," Izuku explained immediately.


"We just wanted—fuck, stop shaking us goddammit," he barked, wriggling away from her. "We just wanted to have some time to ourselves. We were gonna tell you eventually. We're shit at keeping it a secret anyways. We've only been dating a week and five people that we hadn't told already found out."


"Did I ask you why you didn't tell me?" she demanded, hands going to her hips. "No! Ochako and Eijirou already explained and I get it but DAMN! I feel like such a dick for prying about your diary now, Mido!"


"It's not a diary!" he yelped.


"Right," she replied dryly. "It's your very detailed notebook about Kacchan complete with poetry. My bad."


The sarcasm was completely unnecessary.


Katsuki had gone quiet next to them, unusually tentative when he asked: "So...are you mad?"


Mina sighed. "I was hurt for like half an hour before I got the whole story," she admitted. "But nah, I'm not mad. Not mad at you, at least."


" who are you mad at?" Izuku uttered, kind of afraid that she was mad at him instead.


She looked at them like they were dumb. "Uh, whoever sent those pics to HeroStar? Whoever outed you to the whole country? Whoever RUINED YOUR FIRST DATE?" she shrieked, volume climbing as she spoke. "The first date, by the way, that you're going to tell me every detail of when this is all over so that I can gush appropriately. I can't believe I've been blind to this pairing. I can't believe it wasn't even on my radar! I mean Kendo mentioned it once like a year ago, but I was on the DekOchako train! And I thought for sure you would be getting together with Momo—your little Sunday tea parties were so cute!" she wailed again. Both boys took a hesitant step back, a little afraid of Ashido's apparently unhinged state.


"I freaked out when I overheard them," Jirou piped up from across the room. "I was so pissed that I couldn't tell you, I knew you'd freak out."


"Hey Mina? I think you're scaring them," Ochako said, appearing at her shoulder and pulling her back a few steps. "How are you two holding up?"


"We're fine for now," Izuku answered quickly, giving Katsuki's hand a quick squeeze. "Not over the moon about how this went down, but so far it's been going better than expected."


"Minus the entire country thinking that I've abused Deku into being dependent on me," Katsuki inserted, quiet and upset. Izuku squeezed his hand harder.


"THAT'S THE OTHER THING!" Mina burst out, making them both flinch back. "HOW DARE THEY? I'M GONNA MELT SOMEONE'S ASSHOLE OPEN!"


"Scary," Izuku whispered, wide eyed.


"That's what those guys are working on," Ochako said, pointing at the group huddled around laptops. "We got all the social media nuts together to crawl through all of the chatter. They're trying to gauge the public response—who's giving you guys more shit and who thinks the article is bullshit. A couple of pro heroes that you guys have worked with have given pre-emptive statements about your teamwork and your characters. The Pussycats actually posted a video of Kota ranting about how full of shit the article was. He had no idea that they were recording it, and they only started filming when he was halfway through his speech, but he was passionate about it. Although, he made it clear that nobody deserves you, Deku," she giggled. "He also said that you were way too cool and strong to be pushed around, so if you were dating the loud blonde guy, he must have done something really special to earn it."


Izuku's heart melted. He'd have to get Mandalay to bring Kota by sometime soon. He missed him.


"Something really special," Mina scoffed. "Yeah, he existed. He's Kacchan," she teased, her mood swinging from enraged to delighted in the blink of an eye. "I can't believe I didn't see this coming. I'm a fool."


"You got that right," Katsuki sniped, getting a little more comfortable now that Mina seemed to be stabilizing.






Katsuki turned to Izuku. "Do you remember the minefield from the first sports festival?" Izuku nodded. "That was easier to navigate than whatever the fuck is happening here."




"Oh my god you two are so fucking cute, I can't stand it," Mina breathed. Izuku was getting whiplash. "Look at you, you're holding hands! And that kiss at the train station was so soft? And the way you were smiling at him at dinner, Kat? Oh my god, I can't wait to hear about it—"


"Mina, babe, you gotta focus," Ochako said, chuckling as she placed a hand on her shoulder. "First we finish figuring out who followed them, then we get the PR stuff ready for their meeting tomorrow—I assume you're having one with Aizawa? That's what Tenya said would happen," she said, turning to them. They nodded. "Great! Then after we've done that—"


"We're going to bed," Katsuki insisted firmly. "You can ask us shit about our date or whatever after the PR meeting tomorrow. But we're tired as fuck. We just had a sex talk with all three of our fuckin' parents after having our brand new relationship broadcast to the country on our first date."


"I hate to seem rude, but I agree," Izuku chimed in. "We need to sleep off the nerves. It can wait for a bit, but we're—"


"We totally get it," Ochako assured them. "If you want, Kiri and I can even tell them what we know so that your interrogation tomorrow isn't as...extra."


Izuku shot her a grateful smile.


"You planning to apply for fuckin' sainthood or something?" Katsuki asked. "Because I got a tip for you. Don't dress people like this," he said, sweeping his arm down to show of Izuku's outfit. "If you are."


"What? Why?" she demanded. "He looks great!"


"Yeah, too great. Look at him! Look at his ass! Almost defiled him in the goddamn restaurant—"


"Again with the defiling!" Izuku cried. "Stop it with that word, it's so weird!"


"It's a fuckin' word, Deku! What's weird about it?"


"I don't know! But it makes me picture a high necked medieval ballgown, and I don't like it!" he insisted, stomping his foot.


"You're such a fuckin' weirdo, a ballgown? And don't stomp your foot, you're not a child—"


"Who uses the word defiled anymore? You're the weirdo here, Kacchan! Just say you wanted to fuck me like a normal person!"


"You're the one who said you were gonna rail me, Deku—"


"YOU said that! Not me!"


"I said you looked like you were gonna—"


"BOYS!" Ochako interrupted them for the second time in just over a week. "Lord, of all the things to fight about—" she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose and shaking her head despite the amused smile on her face.


"I am so in love with this ridiculous as fuck relationship already. Have they been bickering like this the entire time?" she asked Ochako, squealing when she nodded. "Immaculate. Totally them. It's so weird and cute—"


"They fight in bed too!" Shoji called from the couch, tentacle mouth still grinning widely. Izuku balked, mouth dropping open in abject horror.


"SHOJI!" he cried, mortified, burying his face in his hands a second later as his face went violently red.


"Fuckin' traitor!"


"Hey, you're out now and I need my revenge for that first day. I wasn't gonna say anything while it was still a secret, but all bets are off now and you two need Jesus!"


Izuku whined in embarrassment and turned his entire body into Katsuki's side, burying his face in his shoulder. "Nooooooo," he uttered softly as the class members present burst into raucous laughter.


"You should not be engaging in sexual activity on school property!" IIda bellowed over the din.


"If you'd rather I fuck him right outside the school gates, I'd be happy to oblige, Glasses!" Katsuki barked back. "Mind your goddamn business!"




"Iida, if Aizawa knows and hasn't implemented bed checks, I don't think scolding them is gonna do much," Hagakure giggled from...somewhere. "Besides, better on school property than somewhere where the stalkerazzi could get to them, right?"


"It would be better if they refrained from—"


"Iida, please," Izuku stopped him, turning around despite his persisting embarrassment and holding up a hand. "You'll only inspire him to greater acts of deviance."


"Me?" Katsuki demanded. "You're the deviant here!"


"Yeah, and that'll change if someone challenges you or tries to tell you what to do," Izuku said seriously. "Your pathological need to give authority the middle finger will seriously bite Iida in the ass if he keeps going—"


"My pathological need?" he demanded again, even as Kirishima howled with laughter and Mina cackled like a straight-up cartoon witch. "Tell me, dweeb; of the two of us, remind me who has the better disciplinary record?"


An order. Izuku gritted his teeth. "You do."


"Tell me why."


"Because I have a reckless need to prove myself and do what I think is right regardless of the rules." Izuku recited irately, remembering the notation on his report card vividly.


"That's fuckin' right."


"So you're telling me that if Tenya told you to keep your hands to yourself, you'd stop?" Izuku asked, giving him a saccharine smile. "Go ahead, imagine it."


Katsuki's eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched in irritation at the thought of Iida telling him what to do. His hand clenched tighter in Izuku's grip. "No."


"No?" Izuku asked, smile smug and teasing as it grew.




"Thought so."


"This is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Mina breathed. They turned to her again, gazes questioning. "I can't believe Eijirou and Ochako got to see this for a whole week longer than I did."


"As amusing as this is," Tsuyu croaked, calling their attention to the couches. "We should get back to work."


"We can bask in their adorable clusterfuck later," Jirou agreed, eyes bright and amused as she smirked over at them.


They followed Mina and Ochako over to the couches, and Izuku squeezed Katsuki's hand again. "That went okay, right?" he whispered.


Katsuki nodded, looking down at him. "Better than I thought," he admitted. They sat, Izuku tucking himself into Katsuki's side and pulling his arm over his shoulder. "How're you feeling about PDA?" Katsuki asked him quietly as the group prepared to show them what they'd learned so far.


Izuku's eyes lit up. "Fine if you are," he replied earnestly. Katsuki smirked down at him, relaxing into the couch a little more.


"Kiss me."


He did—soft, sweet and comfortable. He couldn't help but smile into it.


They broke apart when someone cleared their throat, and were met by a rapt audience.


"That was the cutest shit I've ever seen," Mina said seriously. "Never break up."


Logically, he knew that the order would be wiped out before it could carry any real significance, but he was down to follow it anyway.


"Wasn't planning on it," he grinned.

Chapter Text

Sensing that Katsuki's mood was only going to grow fouler with each minute he was required to stay awake, the class tried to rush through their part in the investigation. On weekends he would normally stick it out a little later, but they all agreed that these were extenuating circumstances so they would do their best not to aggravate him any further.


But first, they'd had questions, and Ashido, Ochako, and Jirou had taken up their roles as interrogators with gusto.


"When did you start holding hands?" Ashido asked. They had a feeling that she wasn't strictly asking for investigatory purposes.


"Once we knew we couldn't be seen from the Class A common room windows," Izuku dutifully answered anyway.


"Did you see anyone nearby when you were eating?" Jirou asked.


"Of fuckin' course we did, that restaurant is bomb as fuck. It's always packed. We weren't exactly watching for a fuckin' stalker though."


"Okay, but is it possible that the staff saw them?" Ochako prodded. "Maybe we could get in touch with someone who works there?"


"Fish Face might have seen someone," Katsuki granted.


"If she was working during your date, she probably wouldn't be working now," Ashido argued.


"You know who Fish Face is?" Ochako asked quietly, marveling at the fact that Katsuki gave everyone crappy nicknames, not just the class.


"Well, her actual name is Hana," Ashido replied, rolling her eyes. "But why would Blasty ever call someone by their name?"


"Aizawa is going through security logs," Izuku piped up. "Is this really necessary?"


Sero scoffed from the table where they were digging through Twitter. "Please. There are at least six ways to get off-campus without going through the main gate."


"But if they were following us—"


"They could have climbed the trellis wall without letting you out of sight for even a minute," Hagakure negated immediately. "And they could have followed the forested area and climbed a tree out. They would have lost you for a little while longer, but there were only five pictures and they were spaced pretty far apart."


Katsuki squinted at them. "How often do you fucks sneak off?"


Sero eyed Iida, who looked like he was blowing a gasket. "I'm...not gonna answer that."


"Well, who have you pissed off recently? Because did you see that part in the article about how—hold on, I have it here," Jirou muttered, pulling out her phone and pulling up the article. "Here, it says 'sources state that soft-spoken Midoriya seems to be losing sight of himself, acting out in ways that are reminiscent of Bakugou's own violent temperament.' That sounds like someone who's pissed and spouting bullshit, not someone who's looking for tabloid payout or infamy. Soft-spoken is the last thing I'd call Midoriya," she explained.


"And he's always acted out in ways that are reminiscent of Bakugou's outbursts, ribbit," Tsu added. "The first time we fought together, he literally yelled 'die' while he broke his bones and jumped off a sinking ship that was surrounded by villains. So it's not like he and Bakugou are actually that different. Just...different wrapping on the same brand of insanity."


"Hey!" they both cried.


"Okay, but someone clearly thinks that," Ashido insisted.


"Or they want the public to think that based on their very different public images," Momo piped up.


"So what have you two done lately that would back up that claim? Whoever did this clearly thought it would be the most impactful thing to say," Ashido asked, turning to them.


Izuku faltered, pushing himself a little further into Katsuki's side as the chaos of the past few weeks ran through his head. "Uh, well I told Monoma his dick was garbage," Izuku offered sheepishly.


"You WHAT?!" Kaminari yelled, doubling over with laughter a second later, clinging to Sero's shaking form for support.


"And Shiozaki said something about how it was annoying then I was chipper after kicking her ass, I think. But she seemed like she was being a good sport."


"I mean, she is...a little bible-thumper-y, right?" Ashido suggested slowly, face pinched as though she didn't really want to entertain the thought. "She might not approve of dudes banging dudes."


"But she wouldn't publicize it then, right?" Ochako insisted. "She'd nasty in person instead. Why would you publicize something you didn't like?"


"To shame them out of it?" Ashido shrugged. "But I gotta say, it doesn't really seem like her style. I'll put it on the list, but I seriously doubt it."


"You guys, there's a way more obvious option," Tsuyu piped up. "Mineta." There was a smattering of startled noises. "Hear me out—Midoriya hung him off the flagpole and he was up there for almost a whole day. He's great at sneaking around without being seen. He could have stuck himself to someone to catch a lift off campus or he could have climbed the wall."


They all stilled, turning the reasoning over in their heads. "He's not here," Hagakure murmured.


"Lots of people aren't here," Kaminari interjected. "Well, not lots, but like a fifth of the class."


"But I think we know where most of them are. Todoroki was in the common room all day until he saw the article and then he dipped to go get his dad's sidekicks to release statements on their partnership in the field, so it can't be him," Ochako argued. Izuku was touched, and judging by the surprised noise that Katsuki made, he was too.


"Tokoyami said he was going to his parents' for the weekend and left yesterday," Ojiro added.


"Koda felt uncomfortable in the common room, but he said he would ask any birds that are still awake if they saw anything," Tsuyu continued.


"And I bribed Sato to make a 'Congrats On Being Gay For Each Other" cake, so that's where he's at," Ashido finished, snickering.


"A what?" Izuku squeaked, going red again.


"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you, Pinky," Katsuki snarled.


"But first you're gonna eat that cake," Ashido replied, grinning wide. "It'll be my dying wish. It's even gonna be shaped like a dick, complete with buttercream jizz."


"I hate you so much, it's actually insane. I didn't think I could fit this much hatred in my body, and that's fuckin' saying something," Katsuki growled, grinding his palms into his eyes.


" I gonna have to cut a cake shaped like a dick? You're gonna make me take a knife to a phallus as a symbol of my admiration for someone's dick? Do you not see how that might send mixed messages?" Izuku demanded, voice high and face burning.


Ashido paused. "Huh. That actually never occurred to me."


"Because you don't have a dick, bubblegum bitch," Katsuki snapped, glaring up at her.


"Oh well!"


"Guys, we can get to the dick cake in the morning. Can we get back to our suspect list? He's looking a little explosive, and I really don't want to have breakfast in a blown-up common room," Ochako insisted.


"Fuckin', please. Talk about literally anything else."


"It sounds like Monoma and Mineta are our best bets," Tsuyu croaked.


"Come on guys, do you really think Mineta would do that? I know he goes overboard a lot, but he's not that bad, right?" Kaminari tried again. Izuku felt irritation itching under his skin, standing slowly.


"You were there when he asked me to hook him up with Uraraka while she was vulnerable. You've been there when he tries to look up Momo's skirt and talks about touching women's bodies like they're only there for his entertainment. He's consistently sexually harrassed our classmates, and he's regularly trying to bail in shitty situations unless someone offers to let him touch them. Don't you remember what happened on I-Island? We were about to fucking die and he only agreed to help when Melissa took one for the team and flirted with him. Even if he didn't do this, he's gone way past what's appropriate, let alone heroic, way too many times," Izuku ranted, getting more heated with every word. "Why are you defending him?"


"He was my first friend here! Sorry if I don't want the first person to make me feel welcome here to be a complete piece of garbage!" Kaminari yelled back and Izuku froze, guilty. "I barely talk to him now because Mina told me about the dissolving shirt shit that he tried to pull, but still!"


"Shit, sorry," Izuku uttered, gaze falling as his fists clenched and unclenched by his sides. "I didn't even think—"


"It's fine dude, but we gotta be sure," Kaminari waved him off, still a little frustrated. "He might be sus and I'm not denying that, but he's still a member of the class. We've been through it together, you know? I don't really wanna think that someone we live and work with someone who would nationally backstab two of our own by outing them to a tabloid, even if he doesn't really get how fucked up it is because he'll never have to deal with it personally."


"We'll put him on the list with the others," Ashido said, diplomatic in an effort to ease the tension. "We're not singling him out, but it's a real option."


"Yeah, I know," he muttered, slumping in his seat a little. Izuku settled back into his seat, grateful when Katsuki took his hand.


"We haven't even touched the people that Bakugou's pissed off," Hagakure sighed. Katsuki groaned, throwing his head back to smack against the back of the couch.


Izuku couldn't help but agree with the sentiment. That was a long-ass list. Izuku was head over heels for him, but Katsuki could be a nuclear-grade dick when he wanted to be. Izuku might find that weirdly attractive, but most of the population probably didn't.


"The article was objectively harder on him than Deku," Ochako agreed.


Ashido scoffed. "I'll say. They painted Midoriya like a defenseless bunny rabbit that got corrupted by a violent sex demon. Like yeah, they make Midoriya sound soft and emotional to the point of being ineffective which makes it kinda hard for the public to trust you when the going gets tough; but they made Blasty sound unhinged and abusive. That makes it hard for the public to trust you period."


"What about that girl, dude?" Kirishima asked, looking up from his laptop to stare at him thoughtfully.


"Hah? What girl?" Katsuki demanded, swiveling his head to frown at his best friend.


"The one you rejected like a month ago! The pretty redheaded second year who tried to give you that bento?"


Jealousy curled through Izuku's gut, and he glared at the side of Katsuki's head. Apparently, Katsuki felt it too, because he glanced down at Izuku. "The fuck is that look for? I literally have no fuckin' clue what he's talking about," he insisted. "And it's not like I would have said yes. I've swerved on like twelve she-extras this year. I'm literally repelled by crotch-caverns."


Izuku Midoriya's boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen. He chose this.


"You did not just refer to female genitalia as crotch-caverns," Ashido groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose in disappointment as she rested her other hand on her hip— exuding 'I cannot fucking believe this shithead is my friend' energy.


"Seriously, what was her name? Kimi? Kira?" Kirishima pondered.


"Kiyo!" Kaminari declared triumphantly. "She asked you to eat the lunch she made for you with her as a first date and you said you'd rather lick a urinal and told her to fuck off."


"Charming, Kacchan," Izuku said, lips pursed.


"What, did you want me to take her shitty food? I'm not breaking my nutrition plan and eating crap just because some rando makes it for me. Besides, just a second ago you were pissed that someone asked me out in the first place!"


"You could have been nicer, she liked you," he scolded.


"I'm not nice and if she actually liked me she would have fuckin' known that! I don't fuckin' compromise on my personality, and it's worked pretty fuckin' well so far."


"Yeah? How do you figure?" Izuku snapped. "If it wasn't one of the people I pissed off, it's one of the people you pissed off, and we both know that's a long list, Kacchan."


"Because if I don't water myself down to make other people comfortable, only the people who actually fuckin' like me hang around! Now I have these idiots," he snarled, sweeping his arm around the room emphatically. "And I'm dating you! I'd say that's a solid success rate, asshole."


Well shit. He had him there. And fuck that was really sweet, and it was clear that the rest of the class agreed, judging by the warm looks he was receiving as he tried to burrow back into the couch. Izuku just stared at him blankly. Then he stood and started walking away, pulling Katsuki with him since their hands were still clasped together. In fact, Izuku was gripping his hand harder than before.


"Uh...Deku?" Ochako called after them.


"We're done for the night. Kirishima, Shoji, you'd better stay down here," he called over his shoulder, not slowing as he beelined for the elevator. Katsuki picked up his speed at that, hand clasping his harder.


"Text us when you're done!" Kirishima called after them. Izuku flashed him a thumbs up before he tugged Katsuki around the corner toward the elevator.


He slammed his fist on the elevator button before turning to face Katsuki, who was watching him with a heated gaze. "I wouldn't change anything about you," Izuku told him seriously, quiet and low so they wouldn't be overheard. "I just get frustrated when other people can't see what I see. You don't deserve the shit in that article, and I'm pissed that someone took your most exaggerated attributes and tried to use them against you."


Katsuki shifted, uncharacteristically nervous under Izuku's gaze. "I get it," he grumbled, the tips of his ears going pink. "But you're right, I could have been less of a—"


"No. No, I wasn't," he insisted, tugging Katsuki into the elevator when it opened. He waited for it to close before he continued. "You are exactly who you are, and as long as you're not causing harm, you shouldn't have to compromise on that. That was shitty of me to say. The people who stuck with you and learned to see behind what you put forward are the people that you know will stick around even when things go wrong. I know that about you. I've always known that about you, and that's why I stuck with you even when our relationship was a dumpster fire. Even then, I didn't want you to change, I just wanted you to talk to me and tell me where I was going wrong. So fuck the people you've pissed off. Never change for them. They just never got the privilege of getting to know you."


"I fucking get it, fuck, stop fucking talking and kiss me, shithead," Katsuki snapped shakily, giving no resistance when Izuku dragged him forward by the collar of his jacket to devour his mouth.


They split apart to exit the elevator and Izuku practically dragged Katsuki down the hall in his haste to get to his room. When they finally got there, Katsuki fumbled with his room key as Izuku scraped his teeth across his adam's apple, and slipped his hands under his shirt. "Jesus Christ, nerd, give me a second to open the door," he hissed when he felt scarred fingers slip into his waistband.


Izuku pouted but halted his progress as Katsuki finally fished his key out of his pocket and pushed the door open hastily. He steered Izuku into the room, kicking the door shut blindly as he leaned down to recapture Izuku's lips—hands immediately moving to push the beanie off his head so that he could sink his fingers into his hair and pull at it, angling his head to kiss him deeper. Izuku, as always, strived to one-up him, pushing the jacket from his shoulders. Katsuki released Izuku's hair to shrug out of it, returning the favor by practically ripping Izuku's button-up as he forced it down his shoulders and peeling his shirt off in the same thirty seconds. As soon as the shirt had cleared Izuku's curls, their mouths were locked back together;


Izuku didn't even bother with the hoodie, sliding his hands up under it to commit Katsuki's abs to touch memory before moving up further, searching with hot hands until he found Katsuki's nipples and flicked them with his thumbnails. Izuku grinned against Katsuki's lips when he jerked at the sensation and moaned.


"Back up," Katsuki gasped, tearing his mouth away. "Come on, Zuku, bed," he instructed, pushing forward to back Izuku into the bed frame and crawling over him as soon as he was horizontal. "Tell me what you want, Deku," he insisted, burying his face in Izuku's neck to bite kisses into the freckled expanse as he rutted against his thigh.


"Fuck, I don't—" he broke off with a throaty moan when Katsuki sucked a bruise into the hollow of his throat. "I don't care Kacchan, just touch me!"


"Touch you where?" he asked, the teeth of his grin pressed into Izuku's clavicle.


"Where do you think?" He demanded, whining when Katsuki bit down hard, grinding his teeth into his collarbone. "Oh fuck, fuck, my dick, touch my dick, please Kacchan, I need to feel you, please please please—"


"Good boy," Katsuki rasped, humping Izuku's thigh a little harder as the pitchy begging washed over him. "So fucking good for me, Zuku, I've wanted this all day," he said, pulling away to fumble with Izuku's jeans before they both fought to get the tight denim down his legs. "Make your ass look amazing and then make it fuckin' impossible to access what the fuck," he growled as he finally got them all the way off.


"Yours too," Izuku insisted, sitting up to pull at his jeans. "And your shirt, hurry up!"


"Be patient," Katsuki scolded him, whipping his hoodie and shirt off impatiently with one fluid motion while Izuku unbuttoned his pants and started yanking them down his legs. When he'd finally banished the offending garment and crawled back up Izuku's body. "Fuck, look at you," he said, sitting back on his heels between Izuku's legs. He wrapped one hand around his dick and the other around Izuku's, eyes snapping to the way Izuku's hips jumped and trembled at the contact—his needy moan rocking through him.


"Kacchan, please," Izuku whined, thrusting his hips into Katsuki's hand, bending his knees up to bracket the blonde on either side, and reaching out to grip his waist in an effort to draw him closer despite the demand for patience. It hurt to disobey, but Izuku needed to feel him—wanted to feel Katsuki's weight bearing down on him while his lethal hands tore him apart.


Don't get him wrong, Izuku could stare at the image above him for the rest of his life and never want anything else ever again. He was sure of it. Katsuki was unfathomably beautiful, cutting a striking figure as he raked his heated gaze over his writhing body with blood-red eyes.


Katsuki set his pace, firm but slow—almost leisurely as he cataloged Izuku's reactions hungrily, occasionally testing his grip and his strokes in an attempt to break him down faster. He twisted his wrist on an upstroke, ripping a wrecked cry out of Izuku. "Listen to you, you little slut," he chuckled as Izuku moaned and attempted to close the distance.


Izuku felt the command change, taking a moment to listen to himself and shudder at how needy he sounded before shaking off the discomfort from the order for patience and changing the pace. He wrapped his legs around Katsuki's waist—feet coming to rest above his ass—and flipped them over before Katsuki could move to counterbalance. "Too slow," he snarled, leaning down to capture his lips even as he pulled Katsuki's hands away to pin them above his head.


"So fucking needy," Katsuki gasped, pushing back against Izuku once his mouth was free. Izuku held fast, refusing to be moved as he bit along Katsuki's jaw and dropped his hips to grind their erections together. "Oh fuck!" he hissed, hips meeting Izuku's frantically and eyes squeezing shut and jaw dropping open as Izuku's hot, wet mouth dragged burning open-mouthed kisses across his throat and jaw before fastening back over his mouth.


Izuku moaned gutturally as he humped Katsuki shamelessly and bit down on his bottom lip, not letting up his grip when Katsuki's hands clenched and unclenched as they tried to break free. "Lemme touch you, nerd, come on," he pleaded, and Izuku whined. Katsuki begging might be the hottest thing on the planet. Fuck magma, and forget about Endeavor—all they needed to light the world on fire was Katsuki pleading, wrecked, and whining.


As ordered, Izuku let go of Katsuki's hands—dropping his elbows on either side of his head to kiss him deeper and press their bodies even closer and grind down even harder. His body felt like it was sparking—each pass of their dicks sliding against each other sending violent sparks of pleasure up his spine and down his legs; curling his toes and stealing his breath.


"Deku," he gasped, "Fuck, feels so good, but you gotta ease up," he pleaded, pitching into a whine. "Your quirk—"


Oh. Actual pretty close to actual electricity, then. "Fuck, sorry," he replied, panting and easing back.


He was fully expecting Katsuki to flip them back over and take over control now that he had a little more room to maneuver, even though it wasn't much. But Katsuki was, always a wild card. "Not that much," Katsuki chuckled, tone pitching deep and dark in a way that told Izuku that just because he was on top did not mean that he was in control. "Just don't Detroit Smash me through the bed with your dick, slutty little nerd." He grinned when Izuku whimpered, but it dropped immediately when he tried to hide his face and muffle his moans in Katsuki's neck. "If you're gonna moan like a whore, I'm damn well gonna hear it," he snarled, pulling Izuku's head back by his hair relishing the answering keening whine and the stuttering in the rhythm of his thrusts.


Katsuki's freed hand pulled him back in, curling around his back to press their chests together as far as he could with Izuku's head pulled back like this, before raking down the deep arch of his back to grab his ass and squeeze—pushing Izuku's hips back into his own. Izuku could feel Katsuki's legs shaking beneath him as he thrust up into him mindlessly, mercilessly pulling Izuku to meet his hips meet his even though Izuku would have gladly done the work on his own. "Can't get enough of you," Katsuki groaned, low and rough. Izuku moaned louder as the grip in his hair got tighter, hips starting to gyrate down with each thrust. His eyes were screwed shut, mouth dropped open, and hair a mess under Katsuki's fist. "You look so fucking wrecked—what do you think, slut, you gonna come all over my dick? Gonna make you lick it off for me if you do."


"Please, Kacchan," he panted. "I'm so close, please go faster."


"Such a good boy," Katsuki groaned, picking up the pace. "Take what you need, Zuku—oh yes," he uttered, head falling back in reverence as Izuku started fucking against his cock and stomach, letting Izuku's head drop so that he could get the leverage he needed to get the job done.


Izuku came first, body trembling in Katsuki's grip as he cried out and spilled across the head of Katsuki's dick and over his stomach. "Oh my god," he whimpered, rolling off to Katsuki's side. When Katsuki reached down to finish himself off, Izuku batted his hands away, scowling. "The fuck are you doing?"


"What?" Katsuki uttered, eyes slightly glazed but sharpening with the confusion.


Izuku huffed, shimmying down the bed and rearranging their limbs so that he could slip his arms under Katsuki's thighs and clutch at his hips. "I'm licking it off, remember?" he purred pressing another burning tongue-filled kiss to the junction of Katsuki's thigh, eyes drawn to the way Katsuki's dick twitched in response.


"You don't have to Jesus fucking Christ—" he wheezed when Izuku licked a stripe up the bottom of his dick from base to tip—laving his tongue over the head to lick up his own cum.


"Wanna," Izuku grinned up at him, moaning breathlessly when Katsuki's hands found their way back into his hair. He stuck his tongue out and ran it through the mess on Katsuki's lower abs, thrilled as they tensed and twitched with each lick.


"Filthy little nerd, I'm gonna cum down your fucking throat," he promised darkly, watching with a ferocious look on his face ask Izuku lapped up the cum on his abdomen before taking the head of his dick back into his mouth and enveloping him in hot, wet heat. "I could fuckin' live with my dick in your throat," he moaned, thrusting up and shuddering when Izuku gagged around him. "Tap out if it's too much, Zuku, don't wanna hurt you," he said even as he thrust up again and swore at the feeling of Izuku's throat convulsing around his tip.


Izuku only pressed forward further, completely disregarding the tears springing up in his eyes as he gagged in his mission to get his lips to the base of Katsuki's dick and press his nose into his perfectly cut pelvis. "Fuckin' perfect mouth, feels so fuckin' good," he growled, grinding his hips against Izuku's filled face, moaning frantically when Izuku pushed his tongue against the underside and snaked it from side to side. "Fuck, Zuku, I'm—" he broke off with a pitiful noise that sounded somewhere between a snarl and moan when Izuku moaned, throaty and resonant around his dick and he spilled down his throat as promised.


Izuku hummed as he drank it down, pulling back slowly and releasing Katsuki's dick when the tension left him all at once and he went limp. "You good?" he rasped, pressing a gentle kiss to the tip of Katsuki's spent cock, chuckling when his hips jerked in response.


"Fuckin' great," he grumbled, throwing one arm over his eyes as he recovered and raking his fingers through Izuku's hair with the other, petting him like he was a cat. "You planning to stay down there, or are you gonna come up here and fuckin' cuddle or whatever?"


Izuku's eyes widened before he gave Katsuki a sly grin. "You wanna cuddle, Kacchan?" Apparently, Katsuki could hear the mischief in his voice even if he couldn't see it on his face, because he gave Izuku's hair a sharp, reproachful yank.


"Fuckin' yes, asshole. Get the fuck over here," he snapped.


"I wonder how many times I would have to make you cum in order to get you to chill out for more than forty seconds," Izuku wondered aloud, untangling his arms from Katsuki's legs and crawling up to settle next to him.


"Fuck you. More than you could logically accomplish before passing the fuck out," he replied grouchily, turning on his side to wrap himself around Izuku possessively.


"Sounds like a challenge," Izuku commented idly, turning in Katsuki's arms so that they were back to front and grabbing one of the hands that had wound around his waist. He brought that hand up to press soft kisses into his knuckles—marveling quietly at the beautiful, unmarred skin clasped in gnarled, scarred fingers.


"Fuckin' wasn't," he mumbled, voice taking on a drowsy note as he pressed his lips across Izuku's shoulders lazily.


"Tired?" Izuku asked, voice lowering. Katsuki made a halfhearted noise of agreement. Izuku sighed. "I should get going then—" but he cut off when Katsuki's arms locked around him like iron.


"No," he snarled drowsily. "Stay." Izuku was vaguely reminded of an angry kitten.


"PR meeting is pretty early tomorrow," Izuku reasoned, craning his neck to frown at him. "Aizawa could catch me in here."


"Fuck 'im," Katsuki protested. "Stay."


Izuku tested Katsuki's grip, quickly finding that he wouldn't be making it out of the bed without using his quirk and damaging the room. "You sure?" he asked, relaxing into his hold when he felt Katsuki nod against his shoulder. "Okay," he agreed, nestling in. They had almost drifted off when another thought occurred to him. "Oh, and Kacchan?"




"If someone confesses to you in front of me, I'm gonna break their arm."

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up warm and weighed down. Katsuki's body was curled around him—shifted just far enough to pretty much smother him completely.


"Kacchan," he grumbled, nudging back into him. Oh, look, a boner. "Kacchan."


"Nnnnggh," Katsuki whined, burying his face into Izuku's neck. Katsuki was not a morning person. He wasn't a night person either. Sometimes he wasn't even a person. Like right now, he was acting like a sleepy kitten.


Pet name acquired.


"C'mon, Kitten," Izuku insisted. "Time to wake up." What time was it? What if they were already late for the PR meeting?


"No," Katsuki huffed shortly, arms tightening. Then he stiffened. "Did you just call me kitten?"


"You're acting like a sleepy kitten," Izuku replied, stretching in Katsuki's grasp and wriggling so that he could turn around to face him. "Cute and irritated."


"M'not cute," Katsuki snarled blearily, glaring ineffectively down at him.


"If you say so," he agreed amiably, brushing his nose against Katsuki's before kissing him softly. "We gotta get up, the meeting is at nine," he mumbled, still pressing kisses into his sleepy pout.


"What time is it?"


"Dunno," Izuku replied, getting a little more into the kissing thing the longer he was held captive by the biceps and pecs he'd been perving over for years. His lips were trailing over his cheeks and down to his jaw, then up to his ear and back over his cheek again. Katsuki smelled good, like caramel and sweat and sex.


"You don't know what time it is and you woke me up anyway? The fuck, nerd!" Katsuki growled pulling away so he could crane his neck to look at the clock. "It's six in the fucking morning—"


"I couldn't check, I was being held captive," Izuku replied absently, drawing him back in. "But if we have some extra time—"


"You are the horniest motherfucker on the planet," Katsuki snapped.


"First of all, you got hard first," he chided, reaching down between them to grip Katsuki's length. Katsuki's breath stuttered against his cheek, and he grinned. "And second, last night you said you couldn't get enough and I plan on taking advantage of that."


"Morning wood is not a symptom of horniness," Katsuki replied, still cross despite the turn the morning was taking.


Izuku raised an eyebrow. "You're right, kitten, I'll stop," he said, loosening his grip.


"Don't," Katsuki snapped, pushing his hips forward. Izuku's grip tightened again and he moaned. "Feels good," he breathed, eyes fluttering shut. After a moment of appreciating how Katsuki's eyelashes were so long that the brushed the tops of his cheeks, Izuku pushed their lips back together, slow and languid as he stroked. He maneuvered his legs so that Katsuki's thigh was pressed between them, tilting his pelvis against it for friction.


Where everything had been frantic and hot the night before—like trying and failing to outrun the heatwave of an explosion—this was gentle and slow, warming them both without boiling them over. Their tongues tangled and their hips shifted; their hands roamed but didn't chase. Izuku swallowed relaxed moans and answered with satisfied hums. "You're so soft in the morning, kitten," Izuku mumbled, noting the barest tremor pass through Katsuki as he spoke.


"Fuckin' tired, asshole," Katsuki replied, locking their lips back together. He hadn't officially protested the nickname yet, and Izuku couldn't deny how pleased he was.


Katsuki came first, spilling over Izuku's hand and the tiny strip of exposed bedsheet between them. If he'd been soft before, he was positively pliant now, moaning contentedly as Izuku's kisses got deeper and rutted against him a little harder.


Izuku came against Katsuki's thigh and he felt Katsuki's nose wrinkle when it happened. "Oh, now you're grossed out?" Izuku laughed.


"Not grossed out, don't wanna get up to clean up," Katsuki whined.


"We gotta get up, kitten."


"If you try to get me out of this bed before seven, I'm gonna blow you up, boyfriend or not," Katsuki warned him, eyes lidding again as post-orgasmic drowsiness hit him. He turned to grab some tissues out of the box on his bedside table, wiping away the cum on his thigh and on Izuku's hand. He squinted down at the soiled spot on his sheets before trying to dab some of that up, too. Then, he lobbed the tissue with shocking accuracy at the trash can by the bathroom door. "We're going back to bed."


He had to admit, that did sound nice. Katsuki was so warm. "Okay, but set an alarm. We gotta shower and eat before our parents get here or Aizawa comes looking for us."


"The next time you mention our parents when we're naked, I'm gonna gag you," Katsuki threatened, reaching up to set the alarm on the clock. Shitty threat. That sounded kinda hot.


"You're gonna try," Izuku teased, unable to resist giving him a challenge. Katsuki bit his shoulder in response, a sharp admonishment followed by a soothing tongue and gentle suction. "You're gonna leave marks," he warned, even as he tilted his head back to give him better access. Being marked up sounded hot too, okay?


"Well since the entire fuckin' country knows we're together, shouldn't be a problem," Katsuki mumbled, cocooning Izuku back in his arms. "Go to sleep, dweeb." He was already drowsy, so that command had him back to sleep in seconds.


When they woke up again, they actually started their day—breifly separating to take showers and get dressed. Izuku would have been surprised that Katsuki came to get him from his room instead of just waiting for him downstairs, but Katsuki had always shown he cared through actions.


When they got to the common room, they stopped in their tracks. Kirishima was asleep on one couch, and Shoji was asleep on another—the TV still playing a Crimson Riot movie marathon. "Oops," Izuku grimaced, looking up at Katsuki, who was snickering softly. "Mean, Kacchan, we said we'd text them!" he whispered, trying not to wake them up.


"We can make them breakfast to make up for it," he replied, still chuckling. He slung his arm around Izuku's shoulders and steered him forward.


Izuku shook the two sleeping boys awake once Katsuki was done cooking. "Morning, guys," he smiled sheepishly. "We uh—" Kirishima held up his hand.


"Nope. Don't tell us," he insisted. Izuku's mouth snapped shut. "I'd rather sleep down here than hear you two," he said, squinting blearily as he officially woke up. Shoji grunted his agreement.


"Well, we made breakfast for you to apologize," he said, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder at the kitchen.


"Hey, thanks man!" Kirishima grinned, getting to his feet and cracking his back. Izuku winced when he heard the pops rocketing up his spine. He should do something for him. He liked meat, right? Maybe he could get him a gift certificate to that new steakhouse that had opened a few blocks from campus. "Nice hickey, by the way." Izuku slapped his hand over his neck, blushing furiously. Nevermind. Kirishima didn't deserve nice things.


Over breakfast, Kirishima let them know that they'd sent a list of potential snitches to Aizawa, along with their reasoning. He had no idea if Aizawa had actually used it or not, but Kaminari and Ashido apparently had included an extended list of all the girls that had pursued Katsuki and been mercilessly rejected.


"Why the fuck do they remember that?" Katsuki had grumbled, stabbing at his food. "No wonder they don't have enough braincells to remember how to do quadratic functions."


"They went through the student rosters for the last three years," Shoji informed them. "They didn't remember all of their names, but apparently they remembered faces."


"They couldn't have gotten all of 'em. Some of them approached me alone," he frowned. "Fuck, I should take a look, too."


"We should stop talking about this," Izuku said mildly. Katsuki wasn't fooled, casting a wary glance in his direction and immediately noting the tighness in his jaw. He caught Kirishima's eyes, and was glad to see that he'd noticed it too.


"Uh, sure dude," Kirishima agreed nervously. "How was your date? You know, before the shit show."


Izuku's smile grew genuine. "Amazing," he replied. He described it to them, and neither Kirishima nor Shoji was surprised when it devolved into lighthearted bickering as their debate from lunch the previous day resurfaced.


"Problem children," Aizawa greeted them, entering the kitchen. Izuku waved good morning.


"Coffee and oatmeal on the stove for you, Hobo-Sensei," Katsuki drawled. "Might wanna stick it in the microwave."


"Thanks," he grunted. "Maybe don't call me Hobo-Sensei in front of the staff today. I'll never hear the end of it, and I'm too tired to deal with Mic laughing at me today. The man is loud."


Katsuki snorted. "Sure, you got a preference?"


"No creative nicknames."


"You lack joy, old man."


"And you lack chill, Lord Explosion Murder," Aizawa shot back. Katsuki grinned. Aizawa was one of the very few adults who understood him completely, and Izuku was so glad that he had someone to look up to who he was comfortable with being himself around.


"Any news?" Izuku asked. Aizawa faltered, and Izuku's stomach dropped. Katsuki's hand found his, and he knew they were both equally anxious.


"Yeah, but let's save it for the meeting," he replied slowly. Izuku's eyes narrowed. Aizawa wasn't the type to skirt a problem unless he thought there would be consequences. "Don't look at me like that," he drawled. Izuku immediately looked away. "I haven't had coffee yet. I don't have nearly enough energy to deal with your drama yet."


But the anxious bubble in his stomach was now thoroughly implanted, and there was no getting around it. Aizawa sat and listened to Kirishima and Katsuki as they awkwardly picked up a conversation, Katsuki's thumb sweeping calming circles into the back of Izuku's hand under the table.


Aizawa walked them to the main campus and into a conference room that was typically reserved for staff meetings. "Your parents are on their way," he said, pushing the door open. "The PR team is here, as well as Nezu and All Might. Mic and Midnight will be joining us, as well as—"


"DEKU!" A small body collided with his legs, and Izuku stumbled back.


"Eri!" he exclaimed, looking to Aizawa in alarm. "Hi!"


"What're you doing here, rugrat?" Katsuki asked, ruffling her hair fondly.


"Dad said someone made you upset and I asked if I could come make you feel better! Kota's here too!" she said, pointing further into the room where Kota was, indeed, sitting and glaring in an ongoing effort to look cool and aloof. Of course, he didn't know that he'd been caught on video defending Izuku's honor. Mandalay did though, and she was sitting beside him and smirking wide.


"Morning," she said, a sly smile growing. "I knew there was something about you two."


"Good morning, Mandalay," Izuku greeted her awkwardly. "Hey, Kota!"


"Why're you dating him! He's loud and crazy! He barks at people like an actual dog!" Kota exclaimed.


"Watch it, kid," Katsuki barked, proving his point immediately. Izuku laughed, delighted. He had no idea why they were here, but they were really making a positive impact on the day's mood. He was practically overflowing with affection.


"He might be loud and crazy, but he's also smart and brave. He's been my favorite person in the world since we were four. He always has my back, and he always gives 100% effort to everything he does. He's amazing," he explained, giving Katsuki a look that was too tender and warm for public consumption. "But he's kind of a butthead, too. It's part of why I like him."


He ignored Katsuki's pointed pinch to his side.


"Why would you like a butthead?" Eri asked, head tilted in confusion. She was so adorable that it should be illegal.


"You like puzzles right? Well, do you like the easy ones with the big pieces that are easy? Or do you like the ones that have lots of small pieces that make really pretty pictures?"


"Uh, the second one, duh," she replied, giggling when he leaned down to tickle her for her sass. The sass was new and so endearing—only appearing when she was truly comfortable.


"Kacchan is kinda like a really hard puzzle. It can be frustrating and sometimes you put the pieces in the wrong place, but once you finish it, it's really beautiful and it makes you feel good," he explained, giving Katsuki a fond smile that only widened when he blushed furiously and avoided eye contact.


"Kacchan is really pretty," Eri agreed seriously. Katsuki blushed even harder, and Izuku chuckled.


"He really is. The prettiest," he teased.


"Cut it out, nerd," Katsuki grumbled, whacking Izuku's arm.


"He calls you nerd?" Kota demanded. "I thought boyfriends were supposed to call each other nice things."


"Kacchan doesn't really do nice," Izuku laughed again. "But that's okay. It's not what he says, it's how he says it. You can tell when he means it in a nice way."


"Whatever. As long as you like him," Kota shrugged, looking away.


"Not that we're not glad to see you or whatever," Katsuki interrupted, battling Kota for the most-aloof-tsundere award. "But is this really the best time for them to hang out? Maybe they should wait for us back at the dorm."


"No. Obviously, they wanted to see you, but they're here for a reason. Namely to make sure that you two feral idiots don't fly off the rails," Aizawa stated firmly. "Remember that you have to at least try to set a good example for them."


Izuku's stomach dropped again. If Aizawa was using his own daughter as a buffer for their reaction, the news was probably bad. Really bad. 


When their parents arrived, both boys were enveloped in suffocating hugs and tortured with diabolical cheek pinches from both mothers, while Masaru stood back and chatted idly with Aizawa. Izuku introduced his mother to Eri and Kota, delighted that they were finally getting the opportunity to meet.


They were his kids after all. No matter what Ochako said.


The room filled with the various parties who would be helping them—the PR team, assorted teachers, a few pro-heroes who knew them personally, and then the Principal. "I believe we're waiting on three more," Nezu announced, settling in his seat while Hound Dog set up coffee and tea in the corner. "Thank you all for coming on such short notice."


"First thing's first," Midnight insisted, shooting Aizawa a dirty glare. "How long have you two been dating?"


Izuku flushed. "Just over a week," he answered. She groaned. "Why?"


"One of the bets I placed was that it would happen during a crisis situation," she replied sourly.


He glanced around the room. Except for the PR team, who were very unlikely to take advantage of his obedience quirk, everyone here knew. Except for the kids, but he trusted them. "I mean, isn't the quirk technically a crisis situation?" he asked. "I've definitely been in crisis about it."


Midnight perked up, looking at Aizawa triumphantly, but he shook his head. "No. We covered crisis situations in the betting guide. Crisis situations are explicitly limited to unplanned combat or rescue situations where a mortal injury is an imminent threat."


"You're telling me that what happened with Hatsume wasn't an imminent threat of mortal injury? Or standing in the path of one of Bakugou's gauntlets?" she demanded.


"They were both done in regulated environments where some form of injury was expected in the first place!"


Neither of them had seen Aizawa get so heated about a debate, usually opting out in order to take a nap instead or calling the whole discussion irrational. Apparently, the man took his bets seriously.


"You have a betting guide?" Katsuki snickered.


"We had to make it when everyone who tried to bet against me turned out to be a cheat," Aizawa replied, eyes still narrowed at Midnight. "Were either of you facing threat of injury when you finally got your acts together?"


"No," they replied in unison, both deeply amused. Then Katsuki paused.


"Well actually," he said, mulling over the moment in his head. "I was trying to prove that there was something wrong with him and I told him to say that he hated All Might. I saw my life flash before my eyes there for a second," he admitted. Izuku elbowed him sharply, casting an apologetic glance to All Might himself. The man was chuckling, clearly unbothered.


"You just said that because you want them to keep bickering," Izuku scolded.


"You're the one who tried to pass off the quirk as a crisis situation!" Katsuki scoffed.


Eri tugged on his sleeve. "What quirk, Deku?" she asked. She was sitting on his lap, coloring in a Cats-Wearing-Sweaters coloring book, but apparently the conversation had piqued her interest.


He smiled at her. "About a month ago, I was hit with a quirk that makes me have to do what other people tell me to do. It caused some problems in the beginning, but Kacchan's been taking good care of me," he assured her.


"Since I found out, at least," he grumbled. "Wouldn't have been an issue if you'd just told me in the first place."


Izuku rolled his eyes. "We're not having this discussion again—"


"I'm just saying, life would be a lot f-fudging easier if you would stop being a martyr and ask for help—"


"You are such a hypocrite, I can't even—"


"How am I a hypocrite?" Katsuki demanded.


"When's the last time you asked for help, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight?" Izuku mocked. "Oh yeah, when we were four and you needed to stand on my shoulders to steal the cookies off the counter—"


"Deku! I haven't told them about that you snitch—"


"Boys," Masaru sighed. "If you honestly think that we didn't know about your grand cookie larceny spree, you're seriously deluded. You were six. We've been over it for like ten years. Now please stop bickering, we have company."


They both flushed, embarrassed as they remembered that there were responsible adults in the room who were here to discuss a crisis. Inko was grinning at them and Mitsuki was doubled over laughing.


"To be clear," one of the PR reps spoke up. Izuku had seen her around campus—one of the homeroom teachers for the business course. "You weren't compelled to date Bakugou in any way, right?"


The humor left the room all at once. "Excuse me?" Izuku hissed. "Of course not. I can refuse demands at the cost of some discomfort, and even if I couldn't, Kacchan isn't the kind of person who would use a quirk like this to his advantage. He doesn't take anything he hasn't earned. Ever."


"S-sorry," she uttered, shrinking back.


"Chill, Deku. It was a valid question—one that we'd definitely be asked if the quirk was made public," Katsuki muttered, sinking into his seat a little. Izuku's scowl deepened.


"Information about the quirk doesn't leave this room. In the wrong hands, it could be devastating," Nezu instructed calmly, now sipping his tea. "And when certain parties join us, I must insist we refrain from mentioning it. We'd like to avoid putting Midoriya in any situation that could result in undue risk to him or his peers until the situation is resolved."


"Besides, we're not here to discuss a quirk accident. We're here to discuss two minors being publically outed to the country without their knowledge or consent, nor the explicit consent of their parents," Masaru piped up. Between Katsuki's parents, Mitsuki was more creative and wild, and Masaru—though he was also a designer—tended to lean heavily to the business side of their endeavors.


"One of the people we're expecting is a representative from HeroStar. We intend to make it clear that if they don't print a retraction, UA will be pursuing a lawsuit on the boys' behalf, and that you'll be pursuing a separate one seeking damages as their parents. We're hoping that the retraction will include an accurate account of the events that led up to this situation," Nezu explained.


"In a week's time, we'd like to offer a QA session with the boys to a more reputable news source, after we've reached out to all of the pros they've worked with to release their statements," Aizawa continued. "According to the comprehensive social report that Class A provided me at two in the morning," he said, rolling his eyes as he reached into his bag and pulling out a giant stack of paper. "Kota's video going viral did a lot to help—there are plenty of people who seriously doubt that the article has its facts straight."


"What video?" Kota asked, eyes wide. Mandalay snickered. "You didn't! You crazy cat lady!"


"I really like that kid," Katsuki chuckled as Kota yelled about being recorded by a 'sneaky old lady'.


When the door opened again, Present Mic was walking in. He held the door open. "Inside, listener. This isn't something you get to opt-out of," he instructed, sterner than either of them had ever heard. Izuku's gut clenched, and he reached his hand out to grab Katsuki's.


As soon as Mineta walked into the room, Izuku's eyes welled up—tears spilling mercilessly. He had really been hoping that it wasn't him, but he'd brought this upon both of them. Eri's little hands reached up to wipe at his eyes. "Please don't cry, Deku," she whispered.


"You're sure?" Katsuki asked the staff, teeth grinding.


Aizawa nodded, face stony. "We went through the list that Ashido and Uraraka sent over. We were able to confirm alibis for everyone except him."


"I don't see what the big deal is," Mineta protested loudly. "It's not like it wasn't going to happen anyway!"


"Midoriya, Bakugou, please remember that there are children in the room before speaking," Aizawa instructed them, but Katsuki was already going.


"The big deal? You stalked us on our first date and sold us out! Everyone knows how we feel about putting our private lives out to the public!" Katsuki snarled. "There was a whole f-forking class about it last year! And you made Deku sound like he was some incapable damsel in distress or some s-sugar—" he bit off with a frustrated growl.


"K-Kacchan wasn't even out to his parents yet, Mineta," Izuku sobbed, clutching Eri like a teddy bear. "You publicly outed both of us publically, and you made him sound like some unhinged monster—how could you do that to him after all we've been through?"


"You can't deny that you've been acting out of character!" he yelled back.


"Even if that were true, you bring that up with me!" Izuku shouted back. "Not the entire country!"


"You hung me off a flagpole by my underwear for a whole day!"


"Because I was sick of you treating our classmates like objects! Ochako checks her room for cameras every day, do you know how much psychological damage you've done to the girls over the past three years? Maybe I crossed the line this time, but you've been playing jump-rope with it for years," Izuku spat back angrily, tears still spilling down his face.


Crying was how he expressed all of his emotions, okay?


"Quite frankly, young man, this is the final straw in a long list of infractions," Nezu said mildly, teacup still in hand. "You were already on probation for your seventh attempt to sneak into the girl's locker room. As of right now, you're being dismissed from the hero course, and you'll be allowed to complete your education in general studies."


"What?" Mitsuki demanded, glare fierce. "It's bad enough that he's sexually harassed fellow students and was somehow allowed to remain in the hero course—but allowing him to stay at the school after potentially damaging two promising careers and all of his prior infractions is unacceptable!"


"Expulsion is a mild punishment," Inko agreed, unusually stern. "It sounds like he's lucky that no one has tried to turn him in for sexual assault. I don't want him anywhere near my son, and I certainly don't think he should be allowed around the girls at this school. I know this meeting is about the boys, but it's unconscionable that he's been allowed to stay here if he's been harassing his female classmates."


"We considered it but given that his justification for acting out was because Midoriya chose to assault him in kind, we determined that the safer option in terms of publicity would be to allow him to finish the year and graduate quietly. Of course, we will be taking disciplinary action for Midoriya's actions," Nezu continued.


"No way," Katsuki snarled, slamming his hands on the table as he stood. "He's been getting away with this shit for years. There's no way you can punish Deku for finally doing something about it!" he insisted, shaking off Izuku's hand when he tried to pull him back down.


"No matter how justified, we don't condone violence as a form of retribution—it's a very fine line for heroes to walk. In order to protect civilians from harm, there's a certain amount of bloodshed that must take place, or else villains would run roughshod over society. But pursuing it beyond that is deeply frowned upon, especially if the conflict can be resolved nonviolently."


"All due respect, sir; but in that case, you should have done something about Mineta's actions years ago," Izuku spoke up. "I understand that the optics on this are bad and that leaves us with limited options, so I'll take the punishment if it's necessary, but I'm not sorry."


"I'm not that bad!" Mineta cried. "They know I'm just playing around!"


"And what about female victims at a rescue site? Do they know you're just 'playing around'?" Izuku demanded, rounding on him. "They're terrified out of their mind, they think they're gonna die, and then you show up and grope them. I'm not talking hypotheticals, this is something you've already done!"


"It might be playing around to you, but Mina wears shorts under her school skirt so you won't try to look at her underwear. Ponytail changed her entire hero costume to something less efficient but more modest so that you'd stop creeping her out!" Katuski bellowed at the same time. "How the fuuuu-frick does that translate to hero-work grape stain? How is anyone gonna feel comfortable working with you if they feel victimized by being near you?"


"Hang on," Aizawa interrupted, halting Izuku immediately. Katsuki fell silent too, and neither boy seemed pleased to be interrupted. "He groped a civilian victim? When was this?"


"During the joint mission with our internship agencies," Izuku replied, practically spitting. "She filed a report with the hero commission and everything!"


"Why haven't I heard about this?" Aizawa demanded, turning to Nezu. "I would have expelled him already if I'd known." They all ignored Mineta's cry of dismay.


"I didn't know either, I'm afraid. I believe that may have been by design." Nezu no longer looked serene. In fact, he actually looked irritated. "Part of the reason Mineta has been permitted to stay at UA despite his infractions is at the Commission's insistence. In terms of skill, he's a strong hero and they believe society needs as many of those as possible. I made it clear that if he continued to rack up infractions or if any of my students decided to press charges, he would be expelled."


"Well, you know now, so expel him!" Mitsuki insisted.


"Unfortunately, we are rather bound by the parameters of this situation," he explained, calm but irate. The Rat God did not like being out-maneuvered. "Expelling him at this juncture would end up painting the situation as retribution over a PR scandal. It would also give him ample leeway to continue smearing the boys to anyone who will hear it."


"I'd be willing to take that hit," Katsuki snapped.


"Now hold on," Masaru piped up. "It sounds to me like the most desirable course of action is to remove Mr. Mineta from the campus. Could he be demoted to General Studies and complete his coursework remotely?" he asked. Nezu mulled it over.


"I suppose we could have the teachers in the General Studies department record their lectures," he replied amiably.


"That isn't fair!" Mineta insisted, fists clenched at his sides.


"I don't think you've grasped the gravity of the situation, young man," Inko scolded him. "If Izuku hadn't acted rashly—don't deny it, young man," she said, shaking her finger at Izuku as he opened his mouth to protest. "If he hadn't taken the situation into his own hands, you'd be expelled and we'd be pursuing a libel suit against you. As it stands, we're already planning to go after the tabloid, be glad you're not in the line of fire too."


"In the meantime, we can work on reworking the public image," Masaru said, once Inko was done and Mineta had gone quiet. He turned to the PR team. "The boys can do the interviews that you line up, explaining that the photos and narrative were released by a student who was holding a personal grudge."


The PR rep nodded. "We can get that retraction and work on getting an official statement to release on UA's in-house news site. We've already got Society Magazine and HeroLife to submit questions that they can use for counter-stories under the condition that any article published needs to be approved by both our team and the boys."


"I'm afraid we won't be printing a retraction, especially if you're planning to give exclusives to our direct competitors," a simpering voice said from the door. Izuku turned, eyeing the tiny, pink-haired representative from HeroStar. "I wish I'd known what kind of juicy details I'd be getting before signing that NDA," the woman sighed, sauntering into the room and taking a seat. "The public deserves to know about Midoriya's turn toward violent behavior—"


"I'm going to stop you right there," Mitsuki said, holding a hand up. "What's your name, lady?"


"Asuka Suoh," she smiled blandly, speaking in a tone meant for idiots.


"I'm glad you're here, Miss Suoh," she said, greeting the unpleasant newcomer. Her tone was unnaturally level, and a chill shot down both boys' spines. Izuku clutched Eri a little tighter. "You missed the first part of this conversation which not only tells me that you aren't taking this seriously, but also that you're grossly incompetent. There's no way that article went through any form of fact check before it was published because it took an hour at most for that article to be published from the time that the last photo was taken. If HeroStar refuses to print a retraction, my husband and I will be pursuing a libel suit that your crappy tabloid will never recover from. You have no bargaining power here. You either do this our way or you and your shhhh—erm," she paused, eyeing Kota and Eri. "Sucky employer will pay the price for smearing our sons and printing their photos without the express consult of their guardians. You are, of course, aware that they're both minors?"


"We simply worked with the material we were given," she shrugged, unbothered. "We're not responsible for the tips we're given—"


She was cut off by an unholy giggle. That giggle came from Inko Midoriya, laughing with crazed eyes. Katsuki and Izuku shrank back, Izuku's hand coming up to shield the back of Eri's head, casting a glance at Kota. Apparently, Mandalay had seen his protective gesture and had pulled Kota back from the table, angling herself in front of him just slightly.


"You're not responsible for the tips you're given? I'll think you'll find that you are," she said, voice nearly gleeful. Inko worked as a court transcriptionist, so while she wasn't a lawyer, she was well versed in the law. She did her very best to stay on top of legislation so that she could ensure that everything she did was accurate and viable, and it had never served her as well as it did at this moment. Mitsuki smirked, leaning back in her seat and placing her hand in Masaru's. Inko could take it from here. "After 2030's crusade against dishonest news reporting, media outlets were required to employ fact-checkers in order to stem the flow of misinformation being spread to the public. The fact that your article clearly didn't pass a checker's desk is Strike One. The fact that your article spread personal opinion as fact is Strike Two. Silly really, you could have avoided it by labeling it as an opinion piece. Strike Three was the blatant defamation of character without proof that turned out to be inaccurate, which falls directly into libel territory. But the real nail in your coffin? Whenever a minor's image is used in media, the publisher is required to reach out to the minor's guardians to obtain written consent to use them. There are only two exceptions to that rule. One is during active news incidents where minors are present, and that's only if the minor isn't the primary subject of the photo. The second is for minors with provisional hero licenses, but only if they're acting as on-duty heroes in costume," she recited, eyes taking on a concerning glint. "Our sons weren't covered by either of those exceptions."


At this point, Asuka Suoh seemed to realize that she wasn't dealing with your average shmucks. "Well, we—"


"I wasn't done, dear," Inko said, smile widening when the woman flinched back at her tone. "If you, HeroStar's official representative, weren't aware of that particular law and came to this meeting so sure that you could absolve yourselves of responsibility, I'm certain you've faced infractions like these before. The real question is, how many of those infractions were against parents and guardians who were less prepared than we were?" she asked, turning to the PR team. "How long would it take to pull any story that HeroStar has run involving minors? I'd like to check with all of their guardians to see if they were ever contacted for consent. It should serve as excellent ammunition for our lawsuit," she breathed, entirely too excited.


"Mom, do you think you could bring it down a notch?" Izuku squeaked. "If Kaminari were here he'd say that your energy alignment is leaning toward lawful evil, and it's kinda scary," he explained, gesturing to Eri who was trying to tuck herself behind Izuku in his chair. Izuku unclenched a little when she smiled gently at him, and Katsuki's grip on his hand lessened considerably.


"In a moment sweetheart, I'm trying to make a point. I'll take you all out for ice cream to make up for it," she promised before turning her gaze back to the PR rep.


"We have a guy," she confirmed, already texting someone. "He can have a complete list of the articles and everyone involved within the hour. Certainly sooner than HeroStar can try to cover their tracks by taking it down," she drawled, shooting an unimpressed look at Asuka Suoh as she whipped her own phone out.


"It seems like we won't be pursuing a retraction after all," Masaru chuckled.


"You should have taken the retraction while you had the chance," Mitsuki agreed, grinning wide.


"Well, that's taken care of," Inko said, pleased. "How about that ice cream, kids?"


The speed at which Midoriyas could switch from terrifying to adorable was probably a quirk in and of itself. A terrifying, unholy quirk that no one in the room felt very comfortable with.


"Uh, sure mom," Izuku replied awkwardly. "What do you two think, ice cream?" he asked Kota and Eri, who were both staring wide-eyed at Inko as though she was going to blow up. He glanced at Aizawa and Nezu, gave him a thumbs up and a quick nod respectively.


"Yes, please," Eri murmured, still tucked tightly into Izuku's side.


"I guess," Kota nodded, not taking his eyes off the three most threatening parents he'd ever seen.


They stood to leave—the parents leading the way, followed by Izuku holding Eri and Katsuki who had picked up a squirming Kota and placed him on his shoulders, purposely swaying from side to side as though he was going to drop him. "Stop it, you big dummy!" Kota cried as he tilted to the side, flailing even though Katsuki was holding his legs securely.


Mandalay followed them out, giggling. "I'll catch up with you later, Eraser. We can talk about any remaining details," she said, slipping out of the room once Aizawa gave her a nod.


They made it halfway to the front door of the school before they were stopped. "Wait up!" the PR rep bellowed down the hall, making Izuku stop in his tracks.


"Did we forget something?" Inko asked politely.


"Not for you three, no. But boys, I'd like to suggest a social media drive," the PR rep spoke up. Izuku should probably learn her name after all the legwork she was doing for them. "We can get your classmates to use their platforms to back you up. Respond to questions, maybe do a few live-streams. The written statements can get your approval as they go out, and we can choose some of the more popular, level-headed students to take on live QAs. What do you think? Would they be up for it?"


Izuku glanced at Katsuki who was already nodding. "Yeah, I think they'd be down," he said. "I know Mina and Kaminari would be up for something like that. IcyHot could probably do the live-streams, too. Floaty and Glasses are responsible enough to take that on with them—"


"Not Iida," Izuku negated. "He's responsible, but he's also stiff. Stick him in a live interview and he'll still sound scripted, and there's a pretty high risk that he'd paint us both as troublemakers in exactly the way we're trying to avoid. I'd go with Jirou. She's more relaxed and she's a crowd favorite," he suggested.


"You should get the Class B groupies on it, too," Katsuki muttered, face flaming with embarrassment. "Since the ship us or whatever you said."


"Not a bad idea," Izuku agreed, amused. "Do you want us to set that up and run it by you before we start?"


"I'd like to be there for the first few hours if you don't mind," she offered. "I can help set expectations and responses and then leave you to handle it once I think you've got the hang of it."


Izuku nodded. "Sure. We can meet you at the dorm in an hour?"


She smiled. "Perfect. Don't worry boys, I think you've got this."

Chapter Text

By the time they'd come back from their ice cream run, three things had happened.


First, UA had prepared a complete press statement that was ready for their review. The email from Ms. Kaneko (the PR Rep, Izuku assumed) came by 11 am, and the article was cold and clinical, simply debunking rumors with factual statements—exactly what a press release should be. It delivered cold hard facts about both Izuku and Katsuki's academic records and performance as provisional heroes, and the only sentiment it contained was from the injected quotes from their teachers. It was approved and posted on the UA website by noon.


Second, Izuku had texted the Class A group chat about the PR Rep's proposed social drive. Mina had whined about having to postpone the dick cake, but other than that, they were generally receptive. Momo had assured them that by the time they got back, the whole shebang would be ready to go. That statement had made them a little nervous. They didn't really know what a "whole shebang" would entail, and their classmates were extra as fuck on a good day. I mean...they'd made them a "Congrats on Being Gay For Each Other" penis cake with buttercream jizz.


Third, they'd been so distracted with Eri and Kota and the parent collection that they'd neglected to wear anything that would conceal their identities. No face masks, not hats, no sunglasses. So within an hour, #DynaDekuDate was trending because of a series of Instagram pics that had circulated at a shocking pace.


Katsuki and Izuku with Eri and Kota on their shoulders as ice cream dripped into their hair and their parents and Mandalay laughed. Katsuki letting Izuku try his ice cream while Eri and Kota watched, followed by a picture of Kota letting Eri try his ice cream. A shaky cell phone video of Mitsuki taking a spoonful of ice cream and smearing it across Katsuki's nose, cackling wildly. A picture of Izuku wiping it off for him, followed by a picture of him kissing Katsuki's nose while he blushed and pouted.


By the time Izuku had noticed his phone blowing up, they were already back on campus—Kota and Eri running ahead of them with the parental group right behind them. "Okay, I'm a little irritated at the lack of privacy, but look at these!" he cried, shoving his phone in front of Katsuki's nose, laughing when he jerked his head back and went a little cross-eyed to focus on the image in front of him.


"Nosy fucks," Katsuki grumbled, even as his eyes softened at the sight of Izuku leaning over to try his ice cream with a delighted smile and delicate blush. "Cute nerd," he teased.


"Me? Look at you, Kacchan," he teased right back. "You like me!"


Katsuki rolled his eyes. "We've established that, dork."


"Yeah, but you look like you like me! There's photo evidence! You look all soft and happy—"


"Call me soft again—"


"Ooooh, what're you gonna do," Izuku laughed. "Kiss me?"


Katsuki smirked and leaned in close, lips brushing Izuku's ear. "Spank you," he said, his harsh voice grating over Izuku's nerves.


Izuku blinked up at him when he pulled back, chest a little tight. Oh, that was because he was holding his breath. He exhaled shakily, eyes sharpening in consideration. "Promise?" he asked after a beat, mischievous grin growing.


Katsuki pulled him forward again, just to kiss him—slow and possessive. "Promise," he replied, his tone just a shade darker than before.


"Soft, Kacchan. You're soft as fuck. A big old softie," Izuku prattled off immediately, dodging Katsuki's arms as he lunged with a playful growl. He took off running, laughing wildly as Katsuki gave chase and they caught up to their parents. For some reason, he did not count on Katsuki full-body tackling him into the grass.


"Surrender nerd! You can't beat me!" he cackled, digging his fingers into Izuku's sides without mercy even as Izuku shrieked his surrender through pained laughter and squirmed violently in a desperate bid to escape.


"Well, at least we know it's still them," Inko chuckled.


"Do people beat each other up when they like each other?" Kota asked Mandalay, frowning.


She giggled. "They're roughhousing, not beating each other up, kiddo. It sounds like they've always been like this," she replied.


"Since they were in diapers," Mitsuki confirmed. "Wild animals, both of them."


When they finally got back to the dorm, they were both covered in dirt and grass stains—foliage stuck in Izuku's hair. "What happened to you two?" Ochako asked as they entered.


"The boys were trying to establish dominance, and just got muddy instead," Mitsuki replied for them, smiling wickedly. They flushed violently.






"Thank god no one's started streaming yet," Ochako laughed. "You joining us, guys?" she asked, leaning down to talk to the kids.


"I don't know," Eri admitted. "What are you doing?"


"Well, yesterday someone made a really mean article about me and Kacchan," Deku explained. "So the rest of the class agreed to help us with the rumors by using social media and taking videos."


"Kota already gave us a really good video," Katsuki agreed, grinning devilishly at the irate boy.


"I didn't know she was making a video!" Kota argued.


"That's even better!" Izuku declared. "That means that you really meant what you were saying!"


Kota pouted, turning away with an embarrassed blush. "Whatever," he muttered petulantly. Mandalay was giggling behind him, and Katsuki saw him eye her foot as though he were tempted to stomp on it.


"What if I say something wrong?" Eri asked, nervous.


"Hey," Izuku soothed, kneeling to get her face to eye level. "You don't have to say anything! If you want you can just hang out. We love having you guys around!"


"Are you sure? I don't wanna get in the way if it's important," she replied.


"If anything, it'll be helpful to have you two here. It'll help Bakugou with his potty mouth," Ochako giggled.


"Watch it, Cheeks," Katsuki barked.


"Or what, hot head?" she asked, grinning wide.


"Or I'll make you the world's first floating grenade," he insisted.


"Eh, been there, done that," she shrugged. "Come on, Ms. Kaneko wants you to go over some of the responses we've prepared before we get started."


"We're gonna head out, boys," Mitsuki said, grabbing their attention. "But call us if you need any additional help. We're going to contact our lawyers about HeroStar."


They bid the parents farewell hastily as Ochako pulled them away from the doorway, Mandalay, Kota, and Eri trailing after them.


Once they were actually inside the common room, they were greeted by way more than the seventeen classmates they'd been expecting.


Namely, a healthy collection of support and business students and all of Class B had congregated and were listening to Yaomomo and Todoroki as they gave a run-down of the plan, with Ms. Kaneko in the back, nodding sagely.


Hatsume waved at him, smile small and hesitant. Izuku's heart clenched. She probably still felt bad about the baseball bat thing. He'd neglected to check in with her after that—it must have been scary to see him collapse like that. He waved back, hoping his smile conveyed that he was okay and grateful for her help. It must have done the trick because some of the tension loosened from her shoulders.


By the time Izuku officially tuned in to the conversation, Ochako had herded them onto the couches to catch the tail end of the debrief. "I've drafted some sample responses that you can use for the more common questions," Ms. Kaneko said, plugging her laptop into the TV monitor. "For the more complicated responses, there's a spreadsheet that I'd like you to use—enter the link to the post, the poster's username, and code it green, yellow, or red depending on how inflammatory it is. Then make sure to comment or reply by saying that their concern or question is valid, and will be addressed during Bakugou and Midoriya's official QA session in a week—date and time TBA on UA's social pages."


"Won't that make it sound like they're covering something up?" Hagakure objected. "Obviously we know better, but it'll sound like we're trying to buy time, right?"


"If that concern comes up, we'll address it by saying that this entire situation has put them on the spot, and they're overwhelmed as it is. Some questions simply require more thought, and they'd probably prefer to answer those questions themselves than have a classmate do it."


Katsuki was reading the responses on the screen, and Izuku could tell he was uncomfortable with the whole situation from the way his jaw rhythmically clenched and unclenched.


"Some of these answers are gonna lead to more questions," Katsuki eventually spoke up, voice gruff. "The statements made in the article were given by a classmate with a personal grudge.' They're gonna wanna know who," he explained when most of them turned to him to elaborate.


"Mr. Mineta's parents agreed to the terms of his punishment under the condition that no official statement name him directly," Ms. Kaneko explained. "Our spin is that in an effort to take the high road, you're declining to name names."


"I probably would have done that anyway," Izuku agreed, leaning into Katsuki's shoulder.


"Good," Ms. Kaneko smiled. "Now, if these responses are okay, we'll get started. You should stay out here to answer any questions your classmates have for a while. Then, once the flow feels a little easier, Class B has claimed you for their live stream," she told them. Izuku stiffened, eyeing the rival class warily. Tsuburaba was giving them a predatory grin, as was Kendo.


"Uh, why?" he squeaked.


"It's a surprise," Kendo replied ominously. "But we got it approved beforehand, don't worry."


"The face you're making right now doesn't exactly make me wanna trust you, BitchSlap," Katsuki sneered. Her grin only widened.


"That's actually a pretty good one, Bakugou," she replied, thrilled.


"All of his nicknames are good," Kirishima piped up, as eager as ever to defend his best friend.


"Well—" Deku began, remembering five-finger bitch-count vividly.


"Shut it, nerd. I fixed that one," Katsuki protested. Izuku's mouth snapped shut.


"He literally calls you 'Shitty Hair', Ei," Mina drawled.


"He's been downgraded to RockBlock," Katsuki snarked. "Because he's a cock-block and he's a rock."


"When did I cockblock you?" Kirishima demanded hotly, jumping to his feet. "I have been nothing but supportive, bro!"


"You told Deku to back off—"


"That was a misunderstanding!" he protested. "I thought he was dating Ochako!"


The room froze, and both Izuku and Katsuki's eyes zeroed in on him smelling blood in the water. He furrowed his brow in confusion, then his eyes widened comically as the blood drained from his face. "Ochako?" Izuku asked quietly, eyes flicking from Kirishima to the lady in question.


"Spill, Shark Boy," Katsuki demanded, eyes narrowing as he grinned—or rather, as he bared his teeth threateningly.


"A new plot twist," Tsuburaba whispered reverently. "We've been blessed."


"It's not what you think—" Kirishima insisted.


"We spent the entire week attached at the hip trying to cover for you!" Ochako interrupted hastily. "And we've known each other for three years, it's not weird that we're on a first-name basis—"


"He still calls Kacchan Bakubro," Izuku refuted, his gaze entirely too analytical for their taste.


"But I call other people by their first names!" he shot back. "I call Mina by her first name! And Hanta and Denki!"


"They're in your actual friend group, doesn't count!" Tokage crowed helpfully, beaming when Izuku pointed at her to emphasize his point.


"As entertaining as this is," Ms. Kaneko interrupted them loudly. "I think you should table it for later. The sooner we get this first part over with, the sooner you can continue your dramatic interrogations."


Both Kirishima and Ochako looked relieved, but the way Mina was eyeing them kinda should have tipped them off that they were in no way off the hook.


"I thought he liked Mina," Katsuki mumbled out of the corner of his mouth as Ms. Kaneko recaptured the attention of the excitable teenagers. "And could Kirby really get over you that fast?"


"I thought he liked you, so I have no idea what's happening anymore," Izuku muttered back.


"Makes me spill my whole life story to him and thinks he can keep secrets from me? I'll show him," he growled under his breath. Izuku chuckled, turning his head to press a quick kiss to his shoulder.


First-Name-Gate unforgotten but reprioritized, they split off into groups. The social media dig they'd done the previous night had been categorized, and different classmates addressed different questions and concerns based on the sheer volume of each category. It was all very organized, and Izuku couldn't help but be impressed by how it had all been pulled together so fast.


"Actually, Ms. Yaoyorozu did most of that," Ms. Kaneko exclaimed when Izuku asked her how she'd done it. "After they evaluated the overall response last night, she sorted the chatter as much as she could before sending it my way."


"Jesus fuck, did she even sleep?" Katuski asked, eyeing the obnoxiously thick folder in Kaneko's hands with poorly veiled horror.


"She emailed this to Aizawa at 1 am. He forwarded it to me when he woke up this morning," she smiled. "You've got some excellent friends in your corner."


Izuku smiled fondly. "We really do," he agreed.


"Hey dudes? I think I found some people from your middle school who are giving their take on the whole thing," Kaminari spoke up. He looked a little worse for wear but steely-eyed and ready to help.


Both Katsuki and Izuku tensed, glancing at each other. "What're they saying?"


"Uh," Kaminari glanced at his screen. "Split camp. Half of them are wondering how you haven't killed each other yet. The other half are glad you worked out your issues? Some of them are saying that your issues were just long-game sexual tension."


"Ugh, you can tell the long-game sexual tension idiots that they were right," Katsuki grumbled.


"He can?" Izuku asked, surprised.


"Well, I didn't fuckin' know that at the time, but yeah, kinda," Katsuki grumbled. "You were always following me and complimenting me and I didn't know how to deal with it. I didn't even really believe you were serious. I took it out on you," he shrugged.


"It would probably be better to tell them that they worked out their issues and repaired their relationship," Ms. Kaneko chimed in. "Even if that's the truth, I don't think the public would feel comfortable if it sounded like Midoriya rolled over just because Bakugou realized his feelings," she explained. "It's my understanding that it took hard work and a lot of communication to get to get to where you are now."


"Understatement," Katsuki replied, face pinching in distaste as he remembered the long, drawn-out conversations about his feelings that he'd been subjected to. "Let them know that I'll be attempting to explain myself in next week's QA."


Izuku frowned up at him. "Really?"


"Yeah," Katsuki shrugged. "I worked out a lot of it in therapy, might as well share. I'm shit at this but it might help or something."


"You don't—"


"Stop. I want to," he insisted, eyes narrowed as though challenging him to refute him. Izuku held up his hands, his eyes and smile warm with affection. "That's what I thought, dork."


"Deku?" Eri piped up, tugging the back of his shirt. "What's sexual tension?"


Everyone in the room saw their life flash before their eyes.

Chapter Text

"Deku?" Eri piped up, tugging the back of his shirt. "What's sexual tension?"


Everyone in the room saw their life flash before their eyes.


Izuku gaped down at her, horrified. Of course, his classmates' chaos had completely overridden the presence of minors. Of course. They were just lucky that BitchSlap and CockBlock had somehow escaped their notice. Aizawa was going to kill him.


Katsuki recovered first, a slow smirk unfurling on his face. "Go on, Deku. Tell her."


If looks could kill, Katsuki would be...lightly charred. Hey, he loved that asshole, and he was too busy panicking to be actually furious. But he would pay for that particular command later.


"Well, Eri," he began through gritted teeth, eyes still flashing blunted daggers at Katsuki, who looked entirely too amused for the situation at hand. Between yelling at victims and laughing when it was socially inappropriate, the explosive dickhead never seemed to match the mood. "It's a pretty rude way to describe what happens when two people...want to date each other? But they don't because they're not sure. It makes you frustrated and angry, and sometimes it gets bad enough that they fight. But do me a favor, and don't go around saying that, okay? It's technically an adult thing."


She frowned. "Why?"


"Yeah, Deku, why?"


"Kacchan, I swear to god," he hissed. "Mandalay, a little help, please?"


"No way, kid. I'm not gonna risk getting on Eraser's bad side if I do a bad job," she laughed.


Izuku groaned, scrubbing a hand over his face. "You remember when your dad told you that you should ask him before you repeat anything that Kacchan says?" he asked after a long thoughtful moment. She nodded. "This is the same thing. Sometimes teenagers and adults say things that are mean, or rude, or gross, and they shouldn't be repeated until you're old enough to really understand them."


"Because it'll make people mad?" she asked, tilting her adorable head.


"Some people, yeah. If Aizawa finds out that you learned it from us, he might not let us hang out with you like this," he admitted, wincing when her eyes went wide in fear. "At least not without supervision," he amended quickly. "He wouldn't let us babysit anymore."


Katsuki seemed to finally decide to help Izuku out, crouching to look Eri in the eye. "You know I believe in saying whatever you want, right?" She nodded. "We're not saying you can never talk about it. But it's not something you'll really understand until you're older, so it's kinda silly to say it now. Make sense, runt?" She nodded again, this time more resolute.


When Katsuki straightened again, Izuku leaned in. "I'll get you for that," he whispered menacingly.


"Bring it, nerd."


Izuku's eyes narrowed, body already tensing to lunge at him when a hand came down on his shoulder. "As much as you two like to brawl, this isn't really the time," Momo chided, gently holding Izuku back. "Focus. Kaminari, was there anything else?"


"Yeah, there are like...three people who are asking why Blasty would date a—that can't be right," Kaminari muttered, leaning closer to his screen. "A quirkless loser? The hell are they talking about? Midoriya isn't quirkless."


Izuku sighed. "We've talked about this. I was a super late bloomer. The first time I ever used my quirk intentionally was during the entrance exam. I think it was triggered during the sludge villain attack. But yeah, before UA, everyone thought I was quirkless. Nobody was very nice about it."


"Do you want us to respond to them?" Kaminari asked. "I mean personally, I wanna go hunt them down and slap them across the face about it—"


"What are their names?" Katsuki interrupted.


"Two of them look like they're using gamer tags, but one of them is a dude named Ryoji? That's the only name listed," Kaminari replied. "I can probably dig in further and find out more, though."


"Nah, it's good. I know who he is. I'll take care of them personally," Katsuki muttered.


"I must insist that however you plan to 'take care of them' not include violence," Ms. Kaneko chimed in, already sounding tired of their antics. Izuku couldn't really blame her.


"Of course not, what the f—fork?" he snapped, eyeing Eri awkwardly. "I'm just gonna text them and tell them they're being aaaa—apples?" he grimaced at the aborted profanity.


Izuku laughed. "That almost rhymes with the word you were going for, I guess," he uttered, trying not to laugh too hard at his boyfriend's verbal handicap.


Boyfriend. Katsuki was his boyfriend. It had only been a week, and he still had trouble wrapping his head around it—even with the media blowup and the adorable date and the uncontrollably horny moments where they couldn't keep their hands off each other, he couldn't really believe that Katsuki was his. What the fuck?


"The hell are you laughing at, Freckles," Katsuki barked, pinching Izuku's cheek and pulling.


"Heeeey, don't be an apple, Kacchan," he whined, still laughing. Kirishima was laughing too, and Izuku was pretty sure he could hear Ashido's wild giggle. With the hand he wasn't using to stretch Izuku's cheek like mochi, he flipped them both off emphatically, rending laughs from the rest of the class.


"You guys are weird," Kota huffed.


"Hell yeah, we are," Katsuki grinned.


"Weird and gross," Izuku agreed, nodding as sagely as he could with his cheek still held captive. Katsuki looked down at him, brow furrowed in confusion.


"Who the hell are you calling gross, dweeb?"


"Well, most kids think kissing is gross," Izuku stated matter-of-factly before grabbing Katsuki by the back of the head and kissing him hard. As planned, Katsuki dropped his cheek in shock.


He pointedly ignored the whooping and catcalls (and...the obnoxious camera noises that were almost certainly from Ashido and Hagakure) so that he could focus on Katuski's hands sliding into his hair and tipping his head back so he could kiss a little deeper.


'PG please, boys,' Mandalay's voice echoed through their heads, and Izuku reluctantly pulled back from Katsuki to pout at her. Kota had turned all the way around so that he wouldn't have to witness the cootie exchange. "Hey, I'm just trying to keep you on track. The sooner you get done with the PR crap, the sooner you can get back to canoodling without people watching you. I shouldn't really be encouraging that," she muttered the last bit to herself.


"What was that for?" Katsuki asked, tugging Izuku's hair gently to recapture his attention. Izuku blinked up at him, then grinned—a wild excited thing that built slowly until it was blinding.


"We're dating," he breathed excitedly, practically vibrating as he ignored Katsuki's pointed eye-roll. "And everyone knows it, so I can do that whenever I want!"


"We've been dating for a week!"Katsuki protested weakly as Izuku leaned in to press more kisses across his face. "Quit it, nerd!"


Izuku frowned at the command, rocking back on his heels to put some distance between them. "You're an apple."


"And you're a little shhhhady. Shady," he sighed, closing his eyes in frustration.


"So shady," Izuku agreed solemnly. "The shadiest."


"Focus on the PR stuff, dork," Katsuki scowled. Izuku straightened, turning back to the class obediently. Katsuki leaned into his ear. "Good boy," he whispered too low for most of the class to hear. Jirou, however, slammed her hands over her hears and looked straight up at the ceiling as Shoji retracted all of his extra appendages and resolutely looked in the other direction.




"Brat," Katsuki replied, without missing a beat. "I'm gonna call Ryoji and ask him to meet up to talk things through. I'll be back," he said, excusing himself deftly.


"You're right, that was weird and gross," Kota barked, turning around once Katsuki was completely out of the room and folding his arms crossly like a parent scolding his children.


"I didn't think it was gross! It was like one of those kisses from the movies that Neijire and Tamaki like to watch with Mirio!" Eri exclaimed.


"Neijire and Tamaki have good taste," he chuckled.


"Well that answers that question," Ojiro muttered, typing. "Romance movies."


Izuku frowned over at him. "What?"


"I'm in charge of the random questions," he replied, shrugging. "The ones that aren't completely related to your relationship. One of them was 'what's Deku's favorite kind of movie?"


"The answer to that is actually Hero Biopics," he replied hesitantly. "But do we really need to answer those?"


"If we answer the fun trivia questions, it shows that you two are willing to share and be open as long as it isn't too invasive. Anything that feels like it's crossing the line will be answered with something simple like 'we asked if we could share, and they've asked us to keep that private. We appreciate your curiosity, and your respect for their boundaries," Ms. Kaneko explained. Izuku nodded, not completely comforted but grasping the logic. "These are all things you'll likely be asked in talk show interviews down the line."


"Okay," he replied. "Then yeah, Hero Biopics, Old-School hero movies, and the occasional rom-com."


Ojiro flashed him a thumbs up, and then they were off. For the next hour, Izuku answered questions and when Katsuki returned, he did the same. Izuku had shot him a questioning glance, but Katsuki just shook his head. "We'll talk about it later," he muttered. That didn't exactly inspire confidence but Katsuki didn't look like he was particularly troubled, so he let it go.


Izuku felt himself relaxing into the questions, less nervous and more confident as his classmates picked up on where the lines were. "How are you feeling, Deku?" Ochako asked, sliding up to him. He smiled at her.


"I think we've got it down," he replied. She nodded.


"I do, too. I think we're ready for you to take a step back. We can come get you if we need your input," she told him.


"Get us?" Katsuki asked, eyeing her warily, recognizing the glint in her eye before Izuku did.


"Class B, remember?" she asked, grinning wide. "They're ready to start their stream, and you're the centerpiece. Shoto, Jirou, Kaminari and I are gonna do a separate thing where we answer questions about your relationship from our perspective. You're stuck dealing with your shippers."


Izuku's head whipped around, eyes widening as he found Shiozaki and Tsuburaba stalking closer. They'd sent their best capture heroes? Wasn't that excessive? It wasn't like they were gonna run! "Hey guys," he greeted them, smiling despite the predatory gleam in their eyes.


"Ready, Midoriya?" Tsuburaba asked, grin sharp. He nodded, eyes widening when he grabbed his arm and began to drag him away.


"Oi! Drop the nerd," Katsuki barked. Tsuburaba's hands went up immediately at the possessive tone. Izuku rolled his eyes. Apparently, the misplaced jealousy hadn't worn off yet.


They were ushered to the other side of the common room, where they'd set up the couches in a semicircle around a single love seat and an armchair. Kendo was seated in the armchair, waiting for them to be shoved into the love seat with a notebook perched in her lap. "If you two don't like a question you're asking, just say 'pass," she assured them. "This is supposed to be fun and light. We won't be taking viewer questions this time—we're gonna tell people to submit their questions on UA's website so that we can address them during your press conference. This is just gonna be from Class B."


They both nodded, still wary but comforted by Kendo's constant level-headed composure. She was definitely the sanest member of Class B and if she was in charge, it probably wouldn't get too out of hand.




Kendo, Pony, and Tokage were all individually social media famous. It was actually kinda overwhelming, especially since Kendo's popularity had been a complete accident and now she couldn't go out in public without being swarmed. That said, she had taken up the mantle pretty quickly—folding completely when the rest of her class had asked her to prop up their new Class B channels. Even Izuku indulged in watching Class B's antics, from pranks to joke interviews to thirst tweet readings. Eventually, Kaminari and Jirou had done the same—mostly posting pictures of Class A falling on their faces, promoting Jirou's music, showing off merch ideas, or featuring videos of various classmates trying to make Iida combust.


"Uh, before we start," Pony piped up. "Maybe we should let them get the mud and leaves off of them?"


Kendo's eyes flicked across their mussed features. "Uh, yeah. That might be a good idea. Wanna go get changed and meet us back in five minutes?"


"Yes, please," Izuku blushed. He'd completely forgotten that he was covered in grass stains and dirt.


"Wear something hot, nerd," Katsuki instructed when they parted ways in the elevator. "Let's make them jealous."


"You're impossible," Izuku laughed. "But fine, I will if you will."


"I was already gonna," Katsuki huffed. "Ain't gonna wear sweats for a PR event. The Hag would skin me."


That was probably true.


They changed quickly, Katsuki picking him up from his room to give final approval. Izuku had brought out the beanie again, the little orange X drawing Katsuki's eyes like a beacon. "Gotta say, I like you in my merch, nerd."


"I expect the same from you when I finally design some," Izuku teased.


"Only if I get editing power on the designs. You're not hopeless—I know you know how to dress yourself—but sometimes you go out like an American frat boy going to the gym and if that aesthetic makes it into your merch, you won't catch me in it for all the blow jobs in the world."


"I mean, I am planning on doing a fitness line. It just makes sense," he shrugged. "But I have some other ideas too. But forget about that, how's the outfit?"


Katsuki gave him a slow once-over. "Good."


"Good? Not great?"


"Told you to wear something hot, and you did. That's good," Katsuki grumbled. "Stop fishing for compliments."


Izuku just smiled at him and let him pull him out of his room and back down to the common room. Shinsou let out a low whistle when they arrived.


"Are you trying to impress the entire world of extras, Boomer?" he jeered. Katsuki flipped him off, pulling Izuku onto the love seat next to him and tossing his arm over his shoulder.


"Ma would sell my first-born child if I did a live-stream and looked shitty," he explained, tone gruff. "Stop provoking me."


"But it's so fun," Shinsou protested, smiling a little wider. The resemblance to Aizawa was uncanny, and Izuku often wondered why Shoto hadn't fixated on the possibility that Shinsou was the secret love child in their friend group.


"We're starting," Kendo spoke up before Katsuki could retort. Pony was apparently on camera duty, flashing Kendo a thumbs up when they went live. "Hey everyone! As most of you know, I'm Battle Fist from UA's Class 2-B! Thanks for showing up so last minute, but we're all super excited and we just couldn't wait!" she smiled, exuding an easy charm that neither Katsuki nor Izuku could ever hope to achieve. Between Katsuki's temper and Izuku's utter awkwardness, it was just impossible. "Our class has been watching these two like a soap opera since our first year, and now that they've...gone public," she cleared her throat awkwardly, just to emphasize that the means were distasteful even though the ends were exciting. "We have some bets to settle!"


"Bets?" Katsuki snapped.


"Not you guys, too," Izuku whined.


"That's what you get for being so dramatic, Deku!" Tokage jeered from just off camera.


"Anywho," Kendo piped up, rolling her eyes. "This," she picked up the notebook and waved it around. "Is the official record of all bets made as they pertain to Deku and Dynamight. Since they kept their relationship a secret," she glared at them, and Katsuki glared right back. "We have to actually ask these questions in person to get them settled."


"I'd like to make it real ffffff-fracking clear that we did not agree to this," Katsuki barked, eyes diverted to the side when Fukidashi and Tsuburaba held Kota and Eri up like Simba. "You're on thin ice."


"Everyone's on thin ice with you," Pony replied cheerfully. "Patience isn't exactly your strong suit."


"Explosions are though!" Izuku exclaimed with a wide smile, gripping the arm over his shoulder as it threatened to leave. He couldn't exactly let Katsuki blow up a classmate during a live stream. "Who needs patience when you have skill and strength?"


"Heroes, probably," Shinsou drawled, chuckling when Izuku flipped him off.


"He might not be polite, but he gets the job done. I can be polite for him, anyways," Izuku stated calmly, middle finger still held aloft.


"User GreenBeanTheBunnyManStan says 'awwww look at him defending his man'," Pony snickered. "Trust us, no one has ever been able to insult Dynamight without Deku getting up in arms about it. It's one of his fundamental personality traits," she joked, met with the scattered laughter of her classmates.


"Am I supposed to be Green Bean the Bunny Man?" Izuku uttered, flushing.


"I told you your hood looked like bunny ears," Katsuki grinned, huffing when Izuku's elbow made contact with his ribs. "Hey, I said that a year ago! Not my fault you didn't listen."


"Yeah, I learned not to listen to you when you told me that bugs tasted like chicken," Izuku scoffed.


"We were five!"


"It was still a valuable lesson to take everything you say with a whole-ass tablespoon of salt," Izuku snarked back.


"That's a good starting point! How long have you two been friends?" Kendo interrupted, clearly amused by their bickering. She flipped the notebook open.


"Wait! They have to answer those questions separately! We wanted to see what each of them said!" Tsuburaba protested from the back, still holding a squirming Kota in a desperate attempt to extort good behavior.


"Right, Setsu, can you grab the whiteboards?"


When they'd scrawled their answers on the tiny whiteboards, they held up their answers. Izuku's said 14 years, while Katsuki's only said 8. "We met when we were two, Kacchan," Izuku frowned, glancing up at him.


"Yeah, well I was a real dick in the middle there, so it doesn't count," he grumbled, grunting when Izuku elbowed him again. "Quit elbowing me, Deku, I'm gonna break a rib!"


"You still came to family dinners, so it still counted," Izuku refuted hotly, even as he obediently retracted his elbow.


"Yeah, but we didn't hang out," he replied, air quotes and all.


"Okay, so 'Dynamight denies they were friends the whole time' goes to..." Kendo scanned the notebook. "Mines, Plamo, MindFreak, and Mudman! And 'Deku claims they were continuous friends with no breaks for drama' goes to MindFreak and Welder!"


"I think I had an unfair advantage," Awase admitted. Pony panned to him. "Y'all didn't hear Deku scream when Dynamight got taken by the League during the training camp, most of you guys just heard about it later."


"We're not gonna get into that," Izuku insisted, holding up a hand. "One of the worst nights of my entire life, we're gonna skip right on over it." Katsuki squeezed his shoulder.


"Okay," Kendo agreed, skipping forward quickly. "Deku, when did you realize your feelings for Dynamight?"


Izuku snorted. "First year of middle school. Before that, I knew I admired him and that he was gonna do amazing things, but uh, yeah. I looked up one morning and just...thought he was beautiful. Aaaaand that's when I started avoiding him. Our relationship was already super rocky and I didn't want to make it worse by throwing feelings at him, too, you know?"


"DynaDekuShipper657 says 'That's the sadest, cutest bullshit I've ever effing heard I hate them both so much'," Pony supplied, thrilled that the peanut gallery was reacting so well. "We feel the same, DynaDekuShipper!"


"Those winnings go to anyone who said 'Deku fell for Dynamight before High School' or 'Deku fell for Dynamight as soon as he hit puberty," Kendo clarified, scanning her notebook again. "So that's like, half the class. Me, Real Steel, Welder, Tsuburaba, Rocketti, Lizardy—"


"Jesus, was I that obvious?" Izuku muttered as she went on and each of them cheered when their name was called.


"Not to me," Katsuki replied, equally quiet.


"What about you, Dynamight? When did you realize that you liked Deku?" Kendo asked.


"I, uh," he scratched at the back of his neck. "I've been told I'm not—"


"Emotionally literate? Patient? Romantic?" Izuku supplied cheekily. "Take your pick."


"Watch it, dweeb," Katsuki huffed, flicking the side of his head. "But yeah, emotionally literate. Red Riot had to sit me down and explain my feelings to me. I just knew I was frustrated when he hurt himself and proud when he kicked aaaa-ahem, when he kicked butt, and happy that we were hanging out again and, uh...flustered? There was this time where we were working on acrobatic movement and he did the splits and I nearly detonated. My palms were sweating in overdrive, and I swear I nearly blew up the school gym. But yeah, Riot pulled me aside like two months ago to let me know that I'd 'caught massive, manly feelings' and I nearly threw him out my window for it."


"Ugh, I knew we should have done this by timeline instead of milestones," Tokage grumbled. "What was the major "aha" moment, though?"


Katsuki flushed violently, face pinching. "It's dumb."


"Nooooo, tell me," Izuku whined, grabbing his thigh to shake it petulantly.


"Ugh. It was that morning that I ran out of the tea that I like," he grumbled. "You noticed the night before and you got up early to go buy some more, and you brought it to class in a dorky All Might travel mug, brewed just the way I like it."


Izuku frowned at him. "You blew the mug up, though."


"Got nervous. Sweaty hands," he muttered, unwinding his arm from Izuku's shoulders to scrub his hands over his face. "That's why I apologized. Accident. Riot pulled me aside to ask why I was being a dick and I told him I lost control, and like a week later he told me I was emotionally constipated and stupid for not realizing that I wanted to kiss you in the moonlight," he moved his hands from his face, opting to throw his head back against the couch instead, still avoiding eye contact. "His words, not mine."


"We should buy him dinner. Or maybe that new high-tech punching bag," Izuku commented idly, gazing at Katsuki like a lovestruck wench in a harlequin romance.


"So that one goes to 'Dynamight fell for Deku during a simple moment where Deku was being his sunshine self'," Kendo declared. "Nice job, Tsuburaba, you're the only one who got that one!"


"Dammit, it couldn't have been a moment of realization during a life or death situation?" Rin cried.


"That would have been appropriate," Shinsou agreed, leaning back in his seat. "Thought you'd realize that you couldn't live without him or something equally dramatic."


"I can't believe you weirdos put this much thought into it," Katsuki snapped, still pink with embarrassment.


"DynamightsPerkyPecs says "I can't believe a literal human bomb got heart-eyes because a sunshine boy was nice to him!" Pony spoke up. Izuku snorted in amusement as Katsuki mouthed 'Dynamight's Perky Pecs' in horror. "And DeezNutz0673 said "Red Riot's the MVP, someone get that man a pet rock!"


"First of all, it wasn't because he was nice to me," Katsuki snapped. "It's because he knows me. No matter how awful I was, he made sure he knew everything about me, including how I like my super specific tea. I'm talkin' down to how long I like the bag to steep. Because he's the kind of person who looks at crappy people and takes the time to see their weird details and tiny fff-forking specks of good."


"If you don't stop complimenting me, I will make out with you on this live stream," Izuku warned him, still staring at him like he'd hung the moon.


"Don't threaten me with a good time, dork."


"Aaaaand there's PrettyPrinceA$$, saying 'this the cutest shit I ever seen, goddamn, I don't have dental insurance for the cavities,'" Pony giggled. "Oh! And like 80 people who definitely want you to make out on the live stream. But I think we're gonna veto that, sorry guys!"


"Yeah, that's not what we're here for," Kendo agreed. "Okay, next bet! And this one is with the whiteboards, boys—what do you like most about each other?"


They started scribbling, when Shinsou spoke up hurreidly. "Wait. Not specific enough. I don't want to hear the Symbol of Victory speech from Deku or the 'selfless, reckless piece of sshhhhhh-sugar' thing from Dynamight," he caught himself, eyes flicking to Eri. "That's not what this is for. What do you like most about each other as partners," he clarified.


They both blushed, making awkward eye contact before hastily erasing their boards and re-scribbling their actual answers. "Ready?" Kendo asked when they stopped writing, and smiling when they nodded. "Turn!"


Izuku's said 'care', and Katsuki's said 'comfort'. "Uh, we should definitely start with Dynamight. You like him because he gives you comfort? No offense, dude, but that doesn't seem like it'd be your thing," Tetsutetsu spoke up.


"Don't think I notice you apples dunking on me," he glared at them. "But fine. He doesn't give me comfort. Well he does, but he knows I hate being coddled," he explained, now permanently blushing. "He is a comfort. He's one of the only people who's never asked me to change myself to make them more comfortable. Likes me as I am, or whatever. And he doesn't let other people talk sugar either. I feel comfortable being myself around him, even though I don't let anyone tell me what to do or how to act. With everyone else, I know they'd prefer it if I were different. With him, I know he likes me even with the rough edges."


"Your edges aren't rough, they're just sharp," Izuku smiled placatingly, patting his knee. "It's not your fault that no one else learned how to work with knives."


"You used the puzzle analogy last time, and the black coffee one the time before that. If you keep making weird metaphors about me, I'm gonna take away your internet," Katsuki threatened.


"You can try," Izuku's smile grew sharp and vaguely threatening.


"Moving on," Kendo interrupted. "Deku, tell us about yours!"


He felt a mild buzz of anxiety at the thought of being commanded to spill more than just his feelings on the live-stream, but answered anyway. "Dynamight is super caring and attentive. It's just wrapped in explosive packaging," he shrugged. "He makes sure you eat regularly and helps with your homework. He spends at least seven extra hours a week training with me to make sure I stay on top of my power output so that my bones don't crumble. He cares a lot, he just does it super aggressively. I'm pretty sure he yelled 'hydrate or die-drate' at Chargebolt the other day," he snickered.


"He passed out in training because he'd abandoned water for Red Bull," Katsuki snarled. "He passed out and nearly gave himself a heart attack."


"See? Care," Izuku grinned at the camera.


"Okay, not sure if anyone won Dynamight's, but the three people who claimed that Deku would interpret Dynamight's aggression into admirable qualities, congrats! That's Vine, Emily and Mudman," she counted off.


"I think Dynamight's counted as Deku's ability to like others' flaws!" Shishida called.


"Of course you'd say that, that's what you put money on!" Pony protested.


"You callin' my personality a flaw, extra?" Katsuki barked at the same time, but he was lost under a wave of in-class bickering. Apparently, they were super serious about this.


"It's more that Deku accepts people as they are as long as they're not actively hurting anyone," Shinsou disagreed, ignoring Katsuki completely.


"You guys are blind," Togake cried. "It's that Deku accepts and matches his energy!"


"That one," Katsuki declared loudly over the din, pointing at Togake emphatically. "That's closest."


"Ha!" she cheered. "That's me and Dragon Shroud!"


"Alright! Congrats you two!" Kendo gave them a normal-sized thumbs up before scribbling down who won.


The questioning went on for an hour and a half—the bets more elaborate and ridiculous each time, from when they first got together, to their win-loss ratio against each other in training, to whether they knew each other's favorite foods. Finally, Kendo seemed to sense that they were at the end of their rope.


"Okay, guys, last one!" Kendo announced brightly. Izuku noted Katsuki's sigh of relief and couldn't help but agree. "Who made the first move?"


"I did," they answered at the same time. Then they both frowned and looked at each other.


"The hell are you talking about, nerd?"


"I took the picture in the locker room! I was definitely the one who started flirting. It was an accident, but I let Mina read you that poem—"


"Okay, no, that was all really bad flirting that didn't work at all," Katsuki insisted. "I'm the one who told you that I liked you because for some reason you thought I was dating Riot—"


"Yeah, after you finally figured out that I liked you! I made the first move, you just interpreted it wrong! And I was the one who kissed you!"


"Your first move was wiped out when you went on that date," Katsuki barked, face pinching in distaste at the mere thought of his date with Ochako. "That's starting from square one, dork."


"I only went on that date because I thought you were taken!" Izuku cried. "It would have been mean and underhanded to keep flirting with you when you were dating someone—"


"But I wasn't dating someone, and you were avoiding me. So I made the first move by forcing you to talk to me!"


"But you didn't do that to make a romantic move, you did that to get me to stop being weird! I still ended up telling you that I liked you first!"


"No, I figured it out when you told me you didn't like the person you went on a date with!"


"That's me," Shinsou announced, raising his hand in lazy triumph. "I bet that they'd get frustrated with each other and yell their feelings at each other."


"I put money on that too," Tetsutetsu agreed. "So did Battle Fist and Jack Mantis."


"I mean, how could I not," Kendo chuckled. "Considering that their first major relationship breakthrough in first year was when they broke curfew and screamed at each other while destroying a training ground. It just made sense," she explained, grinning at the camera.


"You're all stalkers," Katsuki groaned. "Seriously, this is super messed up."


"And you two are super adorable and fascinating!" Pony squealed.


"You really are," Kendo agreed apologetically. "Thanks for letting us be invasive for almost two hours! It's more than most of us expected," she admitted. "It was really cool of you guys to indulge us."


"Uh, I'd say anytime, but my spotlight anxiety is at an all time high, so let's not do this again for another thousand years," Izuku joked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.


Someone behind the camera scoffed, and trepidation stole over Izuku's features. Katsuki's arm tightened around his shoulders.


"Yeah," Kendo chuckled. "We'll see what happens the next time one of our bets gets fulfilled," she shrugged.


"There are more?"

Chapter Text

By the time Class B and the Support students left, it was 7 PM. Eri and Kota had been gone for hours, each of them saying goodbye in their own way—Eri with tight hugs and Kota without making any eye contact whatsoever while he thanked them for the ice cream and told them they were gross, but he was "glad that they were happy, or whatever."


Now, Katsuki was tired and hungry, and Izuku had been eyeing him nervously for over an hour, wondering when he was going to explode.


Apparently, Ashido and Ochako had been worried about the same thing, because not ten minutes after the common room was cleared of extraneous people, All Might and Present Mic showed up with fifteen extra-large pizzas, as if by magic.


"We recognized the spark of hunger-induced madness," Ochako whispered to Izuku when Katsuki stalked off to stake a claim on their slices before they were gone. "We placed the order half an hour ago."


"Good thinking," he admitted.


"We'll have cake after!" Ashido clapped, excited. Izuku rolled his eyes fondly. One-track mind, this one.


"We're very excited to eat our excessive dick cake," he assured her.


"It's not excessive! It's a completely appropriate celebration," she insisted.


"Yeah, of your love for dick," Ochako finished helpfully. Izuku shoved her.


"I don't just like dick, you know," he sighed. "I just happen to like this dick right now."


"Well, you're not allowed to break up, as I told you. So you're stuck with liking that particular dick forever," Ashido told him seriously.


"I mean yeah," he replied. "That's probably true, just based on my track record. But general, dicks aren't the only thing that appeal to me."


"But your sexuality isn't what we're celebrating. Your relationship is what we're celebrating. Two dicks in love with each other's dicks," she clarified.


"We...are attracted to each other. The dicks are just a part of that."


"The word 'dick' is starting to sound weird," Ochako commented idly.


It really was. Izuku felt bad for feeling grateful when Hagakure caught Ashido's attention and pulled her away. "So much energy," he muttered, watching her practically leap onto the invisible girl.


"You're just saying that because the last 48 hours have been an exhausting mess," Ochako told him, smiling at Katsuki as he returned with not two, but three plates. "Hey, thanks!"


"Veggie, right?" he grunted, handing her the plate with two slices of vegetarian pizza before handing Izuku a plate.  "Gotta learn about your food preferences if you're gonna start dating Shitty Hair." Izuku perked up, eyes snapping to Ochako. He was surprised to find her rolling her eyes.


"Seriously, we're not dating. We've just been hanging out more because of you two. Not to make it weird, but I'm still not really over Deku. I'm definitely not trying to date anyone," she explained.


Katsuki eyed her suspiciously. "You sure?"


"I also would not step on Mina's territory like that," she replied dryly. "That would just be rude."


"But stepping on mine is fine?" he snarked.


"Eat your food, cranky," Izuku scolded him, picking up a slice of pizza and shoving it into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed vindictively.


"To be fair, I had no idea that he was your territory because you're both the most emotionally oblivious morons I've ever had the misfortune to meet," she replied, unbothered. "And technically, I've liked him longer than you have, so you're the territory stepper here." Katsuki's eyes widened. "Yeah, I watched the Class B live stream, you apple. You've only officially liked him for like two months. I've liked him since I met him."


"Dibs," Katsuki growled, slinging his free arm over Izuku's shoulder and pulling him in.


"Obviously," she scoffed. "He called dibs for you because you were too chicken to do it yourself."


"Ochako, I'm all for roasting him, but he hasn't eaten yet so maybe it should wait?" Izuku piped up, taking a bite a moment later. "Provoke him after he's re-stabilized his blood sugar."


"Aye aye, captain," she replied with a mocking salute. "But yeah, Eijirou's just a really good friend, and it felt weird to keep being formal and stuff, especially since we'll probably be hanging out more" she shrugged.


"If you're sure," Izuku replied, mostly focused on his pizza by now. With everyone pulling at his attention all day, he hadn't really realized how hungry he was until he'd started eating.


"Want more?" Katsuki asked when Izuku had cleared his plate.


"I want a whole pizza," Izuku replied immediately. "But if we're eating dick cake, I should probably stop."


"Forgot about the fuckin' cake," Katsuki groaned.


Honestly, the cake should have been put in a museum or something. It was disturbing but so artistically masterful that they couldn't really be mad at it. Well, Izuku couldn't be mad at it. Katsuki could be mad at anything and everything. It wasn't super realistic—Sato had opted for a more impressionist take in his frosting work—buttercream jizz spurting out in almost Van Gogh-esque swirls.


Ashido took a picture.


"You guys are so weird," Izuku breathed, staring at the perverse confection. "I'm not cutting it."


"I'll do it," Katsuki said, picking up the knife without preamble. He made eye contact with Sato before stabbing down, severing the baked scrotum from its phallus. Sato flinched and Katsuki grinned in vindictive satisfaction, sawing through the rest to completely liberate a slice of cock cake as violently as possible.


"Completely unnecessary," Izuku scolded. "He worked hard on that, Kacchan."


"And now I'm gonna have to hear you compliment him on how pretty the dick he fed you was, Deku," Katsuki growled, eyes still fixed on Sato's shrinking form. "Just making it clear that there's a fixed limit on how long I'll tolerate that shit."


"Did you absolutely have to phrase it that way?" Izuku sighed.


And the cake was good, too. He'd gone for a solid middle ground between Izuku and Katsuki's palates—a vanilla chai sponge cake; sweet and rich but riddled with dark, warm spices.


"Don't you dare compliment him on how it tastes, Deku," Katsuki snapped, meeting Izuku's answering glare head-on. Sato smiled anyway because just knowing that Katsuki was proactively cutting off Izuku's appreciation meant that the cake was good enough to justify the concern.


"It's cake, Kacchan!"


"It's a dick cake, Deku!" Katsuki insisted. "I don't wanna hear about how good you think SugarShack's dick cake tastes!"


"You know, I'm starting to see the flaws in my logic," Ashido told Ochako quietly.


"I don't think your logic was flawed," Ochako replied. "I just think you underestimated Bakugou's possessive streak."


"Yeah, maybe."


"Eat your fucking cake or shut up!" Izuku snapped. It seemed like the long day had finally caught up to his temper, too.


"Make me!"


Izuku tossed his plate onto the coffee table with an obnoxious clatter and climbed on top of Katsuki with purpose.


"NO PDA IN THE COMMON ROOM!" Iida bellowed, but it wasn't an order, so Izuku attacked Katsuki's mouth anyways, scarred hands yanking his head into place forcefully.


"Yo, I am not down to watch you two bang on the couch," Sero protested loudly.


"This is so weird," Ojiro muttered. "Are they gonna settle all their fights like this now?"


It was a struggle to remember that their classmates had only known about them for about a day. But then again, it had only been a week so both of them were still working on wrapping their heads around the fact that they were dating.


"Guys, stop!" Kirishima insisted, sighing in relief when Izuku pulled back.


"Now eat the fucking cake and say thank you to Sato, Kacchan," he insisted, breathing a little ragged as his grip on Katsuki's hair tightened punitively.


"Fuck, fine," Katsuki rasped. "Thanks for the fucking cake, SugarTits, it was awesome," Katsuki sounded wrecked, and most of them had to look away at Izuku's grin that was filled with satisfying triumph.


"Uh...glad you liked it," Sato uttered uncomfortably.


"I can't believe we're watching Midoriya sexually dominate Bakugou in real-time," Kaminari muttered. "This is the wackest timeline."


"Separate or go upstairs, ya nasties," Sero declared. "It's Mario Kart hours."


"Uh, I think I'm gonna sit this one out, guys," Kaminari said, standing to excuse himself. Izuku eyed him in concern as he left, jolting when Katsuki gave him a little shove.


"You know you wanna go after him, so just do it, dork."


"Thanks, Kacchan. I'll be back," he smiled softly. "Kaminari, wait up!"


Kaminari paused, waiting for Izuku to catch up with his shoulders tense. "Kinda wanna be alone right now, dude."


"I get that," Izuku agreed quickly. "But I wanted to check-in, you know? About everything with Mineta, I mean."


"I'm fine. Just sucks. I just gotta wrap my head around it."


"I'm here to talk if you need it," Izuku offered. Kaminari gave him a tight, half-hearted smile.


"Nah, dude, I'm good. Go hang out," he accidentally commanded. Izuku ground his teeth against the order, determined to actually make sure that Kaminari was all right.


"Let me know if you change your mind," Izuku offered again.


"I will," Kaminari agreed. "Seriously, thanks. I just...don't wanna think about it right now." He turned back to the elevator, but Izuku wasn't done yet.


"Hey, you know you're a good friend, right?" Izuku asked quietly. Kaminari stiffened, head turning just slightly so he could warily watch Izuku in his periphery. "Even though the easiest thing to do would have been to agree with the crowd, you looked out for him when he wasn't there to look out for himself. Not many people would have done that, Denki." His muscles were starting to burn from the strain of not following Kaminari's order, but he felt like this had to be said. "But being a good friend doesn't mean that you're responsible for their actions. You did a lot to try to get him to treat his classmates with more respect, and he opted not to listen. You're not a worse friend because he's not a better person."


Kaminari stood silent, still eyeing him until the elevator jarred them both out of it. "Thanks, Mido." And then he stepped into the elevator, avoiding eye contact as he pressed the door close.


Izuku wasn't entirely comforted when he returned to Katsuki's side, but he supposed it would have to do for now. Besides that, his body was screaming in pain from holding back on an order for over a minute. "You good?" Katsuki asked, concerned at the way Izuku was wincing as he slotted himself between Katsuki's body and the arm of the couch.


"Probably," Izuku replied cryptically. "Kinda achy and sore. Might go to bed early."


"You should," Katsuki agreed. "You never fuckin' sleep. You and Eyebags are gonna be a matching set soon."


"You say the sweetest things," Izuku replied dryly. Katsuki smirked but pressed a soft kiss to his temple, slinging his arm over his shoulder to pull him in close. "You can't just be a butthead and be cute about it so that I forget. I haven't forgotten about Eri, either," Izuku scolded even as he nestled into his side.


"Hey, that shit was funny," Katsuki chuckled.


"If that hadn't worked out, Aizawa would have beheaded me. Your boyfriend would be dead, Kacchan."


"Dramatic. At most he would have made you go doubles on training," he scoffed in reply, stopping cold when Izuku winced and shifted. "Seriously, the fuck is wrong?"


Izuku glanced around to see if anyone was listening, but everyone seemed pretty enthralled with Koda trouncing Sero in Mario Kart. "Disobeyed for a little too long," he muttered. "Muscles are cramping, that's all. And my joints have been stiff since this morning."


"Jesus, you should have fuckin' said so, dumbass," Katsuki barked. "I fuckin' tackled you earlier, I could have hurt you—"


"If I had a problem I would have told you—"


"No, you fuckin' wouldn't!"


"Flirt somewhere else, gays!" Sero booed. "You're messing with the vibe!"


Izuku rolled his eyes, standing. Luckily, Sero didn't specify where he was permitted to flirt, just that it couldn't be in their current location. So he stalked forward, dragging Katsuki with him to stand directly in front of the TV. "Kacchan, there's only one thing better than your ass in those jeans—your ass out of those jeans," he recited, staring into Katsuki's face while keeping his tone completely deadpan. "Call me All Might, because I'm trying to Texas Smash."


"Oh my god," Sero groaned, burying his face in his hands as the rest of the classmates present giggled.


"You said somewhere else! This counts as somewhere else because it wasn't where we were before!" Deku huffed before turning back to Katuski, who was blushing and trying not to cackle in equal measure. "Baby, you make my heart go boom. I don't fall for just any one, so it's a good thing you're a perfect ten."


"This is so awful," Ochako wheezed.


"How long have you been saving these?" Ashido squealed. "These are way too rapid-fire to be on-the-fly!"


"Years," he answered curtly, not looking away from the fascinating way that Katsuki was squinting as though he couldn't look directly at him as his ears and neck went pink. "I can't wait to treat me like my homework by slamming you on my desk and doing you all night long—"


"MIDORIYA!" Iida's bellow terminated in a scandalized yelp. "That's entirely inappropriate—"


"Hey Kacchan, feel my shirt," he continued as though Iida hadn't spoken, grabbing Katsuki's hand and placing it right in the center of his torso so that it spanned the top of his abs and the center of his pecs. He flexed just slightly under the touch just to see Katsuki's face bloom in red. "It's made of boyfriend material."


"Damn right it is," Katsuki grumbled, covering his face with his free hand. "You're an embarrassment."


"Your embarrassment," he agreed amiably. "Are you a whale? Because we could humpback at my place later—"


"Okay, stop! Please stop," Sero pleaded. "I'm sorry for making fun of your gay fight-flirting, just have mercy!"


"Apology accepted," Izuku replied, as calm as ever even though Katsuki was still covering his eyes and blushing from the roots of his hair all the way down his neck and into his shirt. He definitely wanted to find out how far down that blush went.


"Humpback," Katsuki uttered. "Where the hell did you find a whale pickup line, I hate you—"


"Liar. And I found it on the internet."


"You are banned from the internet."


"I'm not, but nice try!" Izuku replied cheerily, leading him back to their seat since he was still hiding his eyes and navigating blind.


Once they'd settled back into the couch, Katsuki's blush had faded, and Mario Kart hours had resumed, Katsuki leaned in—clearly trying to get him off his guard—and brushed his lips across the shell of Izuku's ear. "Hey, nerd. Now that you've broken all of your bones, do you need one of mine?"


Izuku was ready for it though, leaning back to look him dead in the eye. "Yep."


Katsuki blushed again. "Goddammit."

Chapter Text

The next morning, Izuku was woken by his phone alarm way too early. Katsuki must have messed with his alarm the night before. Not ten seconds later, a text came through.


Get up, we slacked all weekend. We're doing an extra run this week.


Izuku groaned, dragging his ass out of bed as slowly as he could. He couldn't believe it was already Monday. He couldn't believe his traitorous boyfriend had commanded him to get out of bed a whole hour early on a Monday. His entire weekend had been lost to a media frenzy. And now, he'd have to deal with the rest of the school, live and in person.


The fucking injustice.


By the time he met Katsuki downstairs, the blonde was staring at his watch impatiently and leaning against the doorjamb. "What the hell took you so long?"


"Tired," he whined, eyes still heavily lidded with exhaustion.


"We cut training all weekend, Deku. I already told you I'd break up with you if you started slacking," Katsuki warned, already on his way out the door as Izuku struggled to yank his second shoe on, hopping after him like a one-legged bunny.


It was still dark out—it usually was during their morning runs. Before they'd started dating, it was difficult to watch Katsuki glow in the light of a waking sunrise. Now, he drank in the sight with relish. He loved that he was probably the only person who knew how Katsuki's eyes glowed in sunrise hues.


"If you're staring at me, that probably means we're not running fast enough," Katsuki huffed.


"How can I not stare at you when you look like that?" he complained, laughing when Katsuki stumbled.


"We're never gonna have a normal run again, are we?" Katsuki grumbled. "Maybe I should ditch you and drag Shitty Hair out in the—"


"Noooooo!" Izuku wailed. "You can't replace me! I'm your rival!"


"And a distracted horny dork!" Katsuki barked back, picking up his pace again.


"Hey, I just think you're pretty!" Izuku protested teasingly, chasing after him. "I just wanna gaze into your eyes, Kacchan!"


"Only if you can catch up, you lazy fuck!" he cackled, speeding to a near sprint. Izuku gave chase, unable to drop a challenge once it had been issued. Unfortunately, Katsuki's legs were long and he'd gotten a head start, so Izuku was stuck staring at the back of his head as he fought to catch up.


Well, not actually at the back of his head. His ass was right there, could you blame him?


By the time they got back to the dorm, Izuku was definitely awake. He was also a little pent up, and Katsuki knew it. "Didn't you just try to convince me that you weren't horny?" Katsuki teased. He'd made a beeline for the kitchen and now Izuku was draped across his back, kissing at the nape of his neck as he tried to make breakfast.


"Yeah, I lied," Izuku grinned.


"Go shower so I can make breakfast in peace," Katsuki ordered. Izuku sighed mournfully, unwinding his arms from his waist.


"You're no fun," he pouted, sauntering away like a kicked puppy.


"Oh? I thought we could mess around before class if you moved fast enough but I guess—"


"BE RIGHT BACK!" Izuku bellowed way too loud for this early in the morning as he sprinted for the stairs.


Two showers, one breakfast, and two hurried blow jobs later, the boys stumbled into class right before the bell rang. Katsuki tugged them to their seats, grateful that Aizawa hadn't made his appearance yet.


"You two were almost late! You must—"


"Keep your nose out of my fuckin' business, glasses!" Katsuki snapped, still flustered and hair just a little more wild-looking than normal. "We were on time, so keep the rule book stowed in your colon and leave me the fuck alone."


Izuku didn't say anything, giving Katsuki's hand a quick squeeze before taking his seat. He might not agree with Katsuki's tone, but he kinda agreed with his words.


"It's probably smart of them to show up a little late for the next few days, anyway," Jirou spoke up. "Did you see how many people were loitering outside waiting to catch a glance? They would have been mobbed if they were early."


"Yeah, the Dynamight fan club looked ready to spit fire," Ashido shuddered. "And I saw some of the Deku fan club hanging out too. One of them looked like she'd been crying—"


"Deku fan club?"


"You didn't notice your fan club at the Sports Festival?" Hagakure giggled at Izuku's bewildered face. He had a fan club? He knew he had a healthy collection of supporters after his internship with Endeavor—otherwise, there wouldn't be Twitter accounts with names like 'GreenBeanTheBunnyManStan', but he was pretty sure that he was too plain to have a high school fan club. That was usually reserved for the seriously attractive ones, like Todoroki, Katsuki, and Yaomomo.


"No, I was focused on trying to kick Kacchan's ass," he replied seriously. "I have a fan club? Like here at school? But why?"


"Your ass Deku. Your ass alone is enough for a fan club," Ochako drawled.


"I'm pretty sure the reason no one asked you out is that they thought you were dating Ochako," Asui informed him. "So most of them didn't really think they had a chance. But everyone thought Bakugou was single because he's usually so touch-averse and abrasive—"


"Tsu." Izuku's glare cut to her, and she held her hands up. Insulting Katsuki was not a tolerated art form, and she knew it.


"I'm not insulting him, I'm just stating facts. We're used to it and know he isn't an ass on purpose but to an outsider, it would probably look like he doesn't like many of his classmates—let alone enough to date them. It probably made the people who were attracted to him think they had a shot."


"Calm down, nerd," Katsuki muttered. Reluctantly, Izuku obeyed, letting the tension drain as he settled into his seat.


"And outside the fan club, there are just...shit tons of people who want to know about your relationship. You two have always been dramatic as hell, so it's eye-catching, you know?" Jirou piped up again. "I mean, the business course students were practically foaming at the mouth. Probably want to snag the Wonder Duo for their management portfolio as soon as possible—"


"We're a couple, not a registered duo, though!" Izuku protested.


"Like that's not where you're headed," Kaminari scoffed.


"Maybe, but we haven't talked about it and we certainly haven't made an official statement. There are tons of pros who date each other without having joint management, why would we be any different?" he asked seriously.


"Because we actually fight together on a regular basis, dork," Katsuki drawled, barely paying attention. He was skimming his notes now, not looking at any of them. "Even if we haven't decided whether to register as a duo, it's pretty much a sure thing that we'll be put in the field together as often as possible. The publicity coming off our relationship is attractive," he explained without looking up at all.


"So if we hadn't been publicly outed they wouldn't care? Because I don't want to use our relationship for publicity," he frowned.


"Fuckin' duh. If you're down to tell them to fuck off, I am, too. I don't need fuckin' vultures polluting my relationship. It's ours, not theirs."


Izuku's heart—nay, soul—clenched. "I love you."




"That is not how you respond to someone telling you they love you!" Ashido scolded him, horrified. "How will you keep him if you talk to him like that?"


"Blow jobs and hero merch," he responded blithely, turning the page and repressing a grin as Iida spluttered. "He knows how I feel about him. I don't need to declare it every five minutes."


And he did know. Well, he knew now—he knew what to look for now. Katsuki didn't show affection performatively. He was affectionate when he wanted to be, sure, but Katsuki showed how he felt through action, not through words. Like how he'd made him breakfast this morning or made sure he trained hard enough to achieve his goals. Pushing him, caring for him, being open with him—all symptoms of Katsuki's feelings. He smiled at the back of his head fondly.


"Stop staring at me, dork, I can literally feel it," Katsuki barked. Izuku blushed and looked away.




"Ugh," Katsuki groaned, snapping his notebook shut and pinching the bridge of his nose—guilty for snapping a command at him for something so innocuous. "Fuck, sorry. Do whatever you want."


Izuku immediately got out of his seat, rounding his desk to perch himself on Katsuki's. Then he grasped Katsuki's face in his hands and pulled him in for a heated kiss. They were met with immediate wolf-whistles and catcalls and Izuku felt Katsuki huff a quiet laugh into his mouth before kissing him back.


"Midoriya! Stop that this instant!" Iida bellowed. Izuku pulled back with a scowl. "That is not appropriate classroom behavior!" 


"Agreed. Explain why you're defiling my classroom, Midoriya," Aizawa sighed from the doorway, sounding like he'd aged a thousand years in the span of thirty seconds.


"Kacchan told me to do whatever I wanted. I wanted to kiss him, sir," Izuku replied cheerily. "Good morning!"


Aizawa stared at him tiredly. "Good morning," he replied after a few seconds of exhausted disbelief. "Now sit in your assigned seat, problem child." Izuku scrambled to comply.


His phone buzzed a few minutes into the lesson.


When we find out how to break that fuckin' quirk, we gotta talk to glasses about how fuckin demanding he is.


Izuku concurred. He'd been enjoying himself. Iida wasn't the dad of him.


Jirou was proved right when lunchtime rolled around. It was just like the first year sports festival again—the door to their classroom was mobbed. Kirishima took the lead in trying to clear a path for Katsuki and Izuku, but too many people were vying for their attention—pressing them for answers and asking them for favors.


And with it, came a lot of really awkward off-handed commands that Katsuki had to counteract as they went.




"Keep moving."


"Tell me—"


"Don't say a word. I'm fuckin' starving."


"Let me run your next interview!"


"Don't talk to the extras, they don't know shit."


When they finally got to the cafeteria with the help of the human shield their classmates had formed, Katsuki pushed Izuku to a table. "I'm gonna grab our food. People don't approach me as much, so it'll be easier for me."


"Thanks, Kacchan," Izuku smiled tightly. The effort of holding back on the multitudes of orders they'd crashed into in the halls had taken a toll on him. He sank into a seat and a few people stayed with him to fend off the vultures, leaving a seat open next to him for Katsuki but otherwise creating a protective bubble.


He chatted with Ochako and Kaminari about the history lesson they'd just left—listening fondly as Ochako ranted about how much less bloody the world would have been if women had been in charge—until Ashido made a choked, incredulous noise. "Is he serious right now?"


Izuku glanced over at her before following her gaze to the lunch line, where Katsuki was staring blankly at the 'he' that Ashido had been referring to. He had light blue hair; perfect, pointed features, and a charming smile. Hands that an artist would take decades to master held out a wrapped package as a blush stole over his pretty face.


"Deku—" Ochako tried to hold him back, but he was already moving, rapidly moving into hearing range of whatever that fucking interloper was saying to his boyfriend.


"—only been dating for a week, and I can't believe you actually like him that much given your history. Now that I know you like guys, I would like you to consider me, too. I don't think any men have confessed to you, at least not in public, but you should know that you don't have to settle. I'm definitely interested, and I would love to—"


"You should shut the fuck up," Katsuki drawled, eyes flicking over the extra's shoulder to eye his seething green bean.


"I'm just saying, Midoriya might be a strong hero, but he's kinda weird and pretty plain. We've all seen how irritated you get when he's around. You deserve someone in your league," he explained. Izuku grit his teeth against the simpering tone.


The problem was, he didn't exactly disagree. Katsuki was beautiful and strong, and seeing him meant wanting to be near him. Izuku might be strong, but he didn't shine the way Katsuki did—he was awkward and nerdy, and he made people uncomfortable with his muttering and analyzing. He regularly had no idea why Katsuki wanted him, but he also knew that when Katsuki wanted something he went after it.


"Kacchan never does anything that he doesn't want to do," Izuku spoke up, burning with satisfaction at the way the random asshole spun around in a startled flail. "And yeah, I'm not exactly in his league," he allowed, ignoring Katuski's noise of protest. "But he decided he wanted to date me, and Kacchan gets what Kacchan wants. That means he's mine," he hissed.


"Deku—" Katsuki tried to appease him, but he was on a roll that he couldn't hold back.


"Now get your shitty bento away from my fucking boyfriend and have some goddamn respect."


The extra straightened. "Bakugou can decide if he wants me to leave on his own, Midoriya. You haven't been dating that long, maybe he just felt like he didn't have a better option."


Izuku scoffed. "If he didn't have a better option, he just wouldn't date. He's not the type to accept something that doesn't meet his standards."


"And you think you meet his standards?" he scoffed. "You're basically a walking encyclopedia wrapped in scar tissue—"


"And you're a no-name bitchy extra who doesn't know shit about him or me. Kacchan, what did I say would happen if someone tried to take you from me?" he asked, staring down his one-sided competition.


Katsuki chuckled. "You said you'd break their arm," he replied, a little breathy and excited. Izuku had to remind himself to keep staring this asshole down because suddenly, he really wanted to eye-fuck Katsuki. "I think you should hold off though; you could probably break those toothpick arms without your quirk."


"I guess that depends on whether he backs off or not," Izuku growled.


"That's how you plan to keep him? By threatening people who could do better?"


"On second thought, go ahead," Katsuki drawled, eyes still alight with something that was entirely inappropriate for a cafeteria. Despite the order, Izuku held back. A primal satisfaction settled over him when the homewrecker took his clenched jaw as a sign of aggression instead of restraint. "I really don't fuckin' like it when people insult you. And it's fuckin' hot when you get all crazy and possessive," he encouraged.


"What?" the extra spun to face him. "You can't seriously—"


"Seriously what? Want my fucking boyfriend? Be into the bravest, most generous, intelligent, forgiving dork in Japan? Can't seriously be encouraging him to beat your ass? We gave you three whole-ass warnings and you kept going. So beat it or he'll beat you and I'll watch with fuckin' popcorn."


The homewrecker gaped at him, and Izuku chuckled—a dark chuckle that sent a chill down the spines of the crowd that had gathered at some point to watch this confrontation.


"Well, I have permission now, so you have until the count of three to get the fuck out of my sight before I break your arm and shove that box down your throat," Izuku warned, letting 1% of One For All spark across his skin. "One—" he didn't need to keep counting, because the homewrecker tucked tail and ran. Unfortunately, Katsuki's order was still in effect, so his body screamed at him to give chase. Fortunately, Katsuki seemed to realize it.


Everyone who had gathered around them clamored excitedly, complimenting his backbone or shouting about how weird it was that someone so sweet could be so scary, but Katsuki ignored them.


"Get the fuck over here," he said, grabbing Izuku by his tie and hauling him in for a hungry, open-mouthed kiss.


"I'm all for teenage drama, but no PDA in the lunch line," Lunch Rush declared loudly. "Break it up!"


God dammit he hated this fucking obedience quirk.


"Don't sweat it, nerd," Katsuki murmured. "Just think of what you're gonna do to me later."


Okay, he still wanted the quirk gone, but...significantly less so when it was Katuski. "Gonna wait for you at the table," Izuku uttered, needing to retreat so that he could hide his boner under a table.


Katsuki grinned. "Good boy."



Chapter Text

Katsuki's wrecked moan ripped through the room, echoing through Izuku's body like an earthquake.


Honestly, he never thought he'd be this utterly possessive of Katsuki. It had taken him completely by surprise when Kirishima had first brought up his hordes of admirers, but today had pushed him over the edge. That fucking random trying to convince Katsuki that he wasn't enough after years of fighting to be in his orbit.


And now they were here, and here was weird.


All he'd known when he finally managed to get Katsuki alone was that he needed Katsuki to know how much he wanted him. At first, it had been hands and lips and tongues dragging across heated skin—raising goosebumps and desperate cries with teeth and touch.


He barely remembered undressing, but he remembered how he'd single-mindedly stripped Katsuki—yanking his blazer off and actually tearing his shirt open to close his teeth around a nipple while he yanked his belt off and shoved his pants off his hips with prejudice. The next part was fuzzier. They were naked, and suddenly Katsuki was being held hostage—Black Whip unleashed as it pressed them closer, coiling around Katsuki's arms and waist; spreading his legs so that Izuku could settle between them and stuff his leaking cock into the recesses of his throat.


"Fuck, Deku, please!" Katsuki cried, bucking against the restraining tendrils in vain. "Jesus fuck, your mouth is perfect, please let me cum, god, fuck—"


Because that was the other thing Izuku had done. Once the edge of possessive anger had toned down—once his control had returned just a little, he'd wrapped the base of Katsuki's cock up tight. A Black Whip cock-ring. He deserved it for that last command—just think of what you're gonna do to me later. Well, he'd thought about it for almost two hours, and he'd made a decision.


He was gonna own him.


His eyes flicked upward, and he nearly came at the sight alone. Katsuki, wrapped and restrained in his quirk—neck littered with hickeys and mouth open in an ongoing, desperate moan. He was flushed and writhing against his restraints, and each thrust he managed to make jarred against the back of his throat. He moaned, relishing the keening whine it ripped from Katsuki's throat.


"Fuck, Zuku, please," he croaked—almost a sob. Izuku answered with a satisfied groan, hand moving under Katsuki's legs deftly until he brushed his fingers against his puckered hole. Katsuki's hips jerked wildly. "Fuck yes, Zuku, please fuck me with your fingers," he begged, and Izuku whined around his dick, desperate as his dick drooled precum onto the floor. He pulled his mouth off, preening at the disappointed groan.


"Say you're mine," he rasped, tone dark even with his voice fucked out. He massaged Katsuki's tight asshole—pressing against it teasingly.


"Fucking obviously, just let me—" he broke off with a strangled whimper when Black Whip tightened around his dick, hips stuttering—the tip of his cock trailing a wet line across Izuku's cheek. Izuku's other hand was already fumbling for Katsuki's bedside drawer, blindly seeking out the lube they'd bought on a fucking Wednesday morning.


"Say it," Izuku snarled, slicking his fingers deliberately.


"Yours, Zuku, yours, I'm fucking yours, just please let me fucking come," he pleaded. "Give me something or let me do someth—oh my fucking god," he choked as Izuku's mouth closed over him again, sucking tight around him as he pressed his pointer finger past the tight ring of muscle. Hey, he'd said to give him something. "So fucking good," he gasped, rutting into Izuku's face as much as he was able to while Izuku pumped his finger determinedly—seeking out his prostate determinedly. The cry that ripped out of Katsuki when he found it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard, curling heat around his spine that urged him to try to make him do it again. "Swear I'll never even look at someone else if you just let me fucking come, fuck please—"


Izuku moaned loudly, pressing forward until his nose pressed into Katsuki's pelvis and suckled lewdly as he released Black Whip. Katuski's hands were in his hair seconds later, fucking into his throat with a victorious snarl. Izuku stared up at him through his eyelashes as he jerked himself off, drinking in the sight of his desperation that was written into the taut lines of his arms and neck and the clenched cut of his jaw.


"That what you wanted to hear? That those fucking extras don't stand a chance," Katsuki groaned, hands tightening in Izuku's hair as he got closer. Izuku moaned again. "Course they fuckin' don't, you're my fucking Deku—my slutty little nerd."


Izuku's eye's fluttered shut, choking a moan out around Katsuki's dick as he came—spattering the floor with cum. Katsuki whined as Izuku swallowed around him, coming across his tongue a moment later.


"Don't swallow," he demanded, panting. "Open your mouth, lemme see." Izuku obeyed, eyes glassy and lips swollen as Katsuki withdrew from his mouth and trapped his cock against Izuku's face with his thumb, thrusting a few more times so that the last few spurts of cum painted his cheeks and nose. "Pretty slut," he breathed. "I should make you walk around like that so that everyone can see how much I want you. Swallow, Zuku." Izuku complied. "Good boy," he murmured, cupping his cheek and—was he wiping the cum away or rubbing it in? He didn't know. Or care, really.


"Still might break his arm," Izuku muttered, pressing a kiss into Katsuki's palm as he slid his finger out, delighting in the tremor that went through him.


"If you do, just let me know so I can alibi you," Katsuki replied tiredly. "I'll tell them you were sucking my brains out while you held me down with Black Whip. Where the fuck did that come from?"


Izuku blushed. "Dunno. You like it?"


"No, I was begging you to let me cum because I thought it sucked," Katsuki drawled. "It's totally not hot that you can overpower me without even touching me."


Izuku squinted up at him. "You should know that your sarcastic voice and your stoic serious voice are super similar."


"Yes, I liked it, fuck," Katsuki groaned. "It's fuckin' awesome when you take what you want, especially when you want me, stupid."


Izuku broke into a grin. "Oh."


Katuski rolled his eyes. "Yeah, oh. Back up, gonna get a washcloth," he said, ushering Izuku back.


"Thought you were gonna make me walk around like this," Izuku teased.


"Who said the washcloth was for you? I mean, you jizzed all over my fuckin' floor," Katsuki chuckled. Izuku stuck his tongue out. Katsuki caught a look at his reflection in the mirror. "Look at what you did to my neck, you fuckin' animal," Katsuki barked.


"Yeah, I'm definitely not sorry," Izuku replied. "Maybe it'll make it clear that you're not available."


"I feel like you did that today when you threatened a gen-ed student in front of the entire school. We're two of the Big Three and you straight up threatened to snap on some fuckin' toothpick pretty boy because he offered me lunch."


Izuku cut him a sharp glare. "You thought he was pretty?"


Katsuki froze, then shook his head. "Yeah, you did too, fucker. Doesn't mean I want anything to do with him. Did you?"


Izuku pouted. "No."


"Exactly, so chill. I'm not going anywhere," he assured him, tossing the damp washcloth at his face. Izuku caught it this time, shooting him an annoyed glance before wiping his face. And then the floor.


Katsuki was still examining his new hickey collection. "These are gonna be visible on patrol, you little shit," Katsuki muttered.


Izuku frowned up at him. "We're not scheduled to patrol for like two weeks." They weren't doing their internships with the same hero, but their schedules almost always aligned.


Katsuki hesitated. "Well—"


"Oh my god, did you schedule patrol time without me? On purpose?"


"It was when I thought you were dating Cheeks!" Katuski defended himself. "I was trying to get a little space! And I can't fuckin' change it again or Carrots will be pissed—"


"Well, when is it? Maybe I can get FatGum to change my schedule," Izuku said. "And you shouldn't call Miruko Carrots, you know she hates it."




"If I'd known that I wouldn't have chewed on your neck!" Izuku cried. Katsuki rolled his eyes, turning from the mirror to pick up his boxers and pull them back on.


"Chill out, dork." Izuku relaxed immediately. "I'll just borrow some concealer from someone. I actually might have some from that time you gave me a black eye right before our last press run—"


"That was an accident, Kacchan, you can't keep bringing it up!"


"I can bring up whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want," he refuted calmly, sauntering back to the bed and flopping down lazily. "Why are you still on the floor?"


Izuku blushed and scrambled up, tossing the washcloth in the laundry hamper. He pulled on his own boxers, before crawling onto the bed after him and dropping dead-weight on top of him, laughing at his grunt of discomfort. "Mmmm, comfy."


"We have homework, nerd. And we gotta tell Kiri and Tentacles that the coast is clear."






"Nooooo," he whined, burying his face in Katsuki's neck.


"We're not sleeping. You're not sleeping on top of me, you're heavy as fuck."


"Are you calling me fat?"


"I'm calling you heavy, dumbass. You know you're not fat, you're literally pure fucking muscle."


"Are you calling my muscles fat?" he mock-wailed, hiding his grin in Katsuki's neck.


"Fucking dork," he scoffed. "Get up, I'm not staying up till midnight doing homework again."


"No fun," Izuku grumbled, rolling off him.


"No fun? Fuck you! I just let you tie me up with your quirk, asshole," Katsuki huffed, shoving him. "I'm fun as fuck!"


"You have ruined my post-coital cuddle."


"We have to do homework, fucker!"


"Kill. Joy."


Katsuki groaned. "I'm gonna kill you."


"You like me too much. Just not enough to push back your bedtime to cuddle me," he pouted.


"And what makes you think you're not sleeping here?" Katsuki demanded. Izuku faltered. "Dumbass. The faster you do your fucking homework, the faster we can fucking cuddle." He spat out that last word like it was personally offensive that he had to use it.


"You should have said that!" Izuku protested, pulling on his pants and shirt. "I'm gonna go work in the common room, are you gonna stay here?"


Katsuki nodded. "I'll come down in a couple of hours to help the idiots, before dinner, though."


"Okay," he smiled, crawling back over him just long enough to give him a quick kiss. "See you later!"


When Izuku finally made it downstairs, he found their 'squads' combined on the couches, and something about the way they were huddled made him want to retreat.


"Deku, come here!" Ochako called.




"We were just talking about your lunch smackdown, Mido!" Ashido told him. "Apparently like ten different students tried to post videos, but the network crawler's been blocking them."


"Yeah, all videos are being blocked from upload pending review until after our press conference," Izuku replied, troubled. "But I didn't even think about that. I seriously acted up, I don't really want the public to see me like that."


"As you shouldn't," Iida spoke up. "Think before you act, Midoriya! This is not the first time your recklessness has been a hindrance to your public image."


"Hey, hold on a minute, Iida," Kirishima spoke up. "You didn't hear what that dude was saying about Mido. It was way outta line."


"And he was trying to steal his man!" Ashido cried. "He was totally right to get a little feral with him!"


"The likelihood that whoever filmed the confrontation also caught Matsueda's comments is low," Iida declared. "Whether or not he was provoked, the videos our peers are attempting to post will likely be poorly received—"


"Matsueda? Is that his name?" Izuku interrupted. "How do you know him?"


"He interns with Team Iidaten's business team," Iida replied. "He's a shoo-in for a position with us when we graduate."


Ochako frowned. "You mean he was a shoo-in. You're taking over Team Iidaten when you graduate, right? You're not planning to hire him after this, are you?"


"He's done exemplary work for us. My personal feelings come second to the success of my agency."


"You've seen his character, Tenya!" Ochako protested.


"I can't deny him an opportunity based on my personal feelings on the matter," Iida disagreed. "I intend to run Iidaten on merit—"


"I see where you're coming from, but Hero Agencies need to operate diplomatically, not just based on merit," Tsuyu croaked. "This guy's willing to alienate your future colleagues for his own ends—colleagues that are almost guaranteed to be in the top twenty. Even if you did like the guy, he's a liability if he's willing to insult another pro to their face for something as trivial as high school romance."


"Hey, I don't want to ruin the guy's life or anything. Like you said, this is high school and he's a teenager, too. He'll grow up eventually, and he'll realize he was kind of a dick or he won't. It doesn't really matter to me because he'll never really get it. The difference is that students in the other courses don't really get how intensely hero students get into things—even relationships. We know we could get hurt or die any time we go on patrol, so we throw ourselves into everything we do with everything we've got. They don't have a curriculum that's linked to survival, so they get to grow up slowly and feel less intense than we do," Izuku rambled hastily. "So an apology or something would be nice, but I don't need some weird long-term retribution, I swear."


They blinked at him. "Dark, dude," Kaminari uttered.


Ochako smirked. "You get that Tooru?"


Izuku's eyes snapped to her. "What?"


"Got it!" Hagakure replied cheerily. How had he not noticed her?


Oh, right. Invisible. "Guys, what's going on?"


"When Iida told us that people were trying to post about your little scuffle, Mina and I came up with a way to catch you being your adorable, forgiving, sunshine self just in case the narrative went sour," Ochako explained, patting his head condescendingly. "The boys weren't in on it, just the girls."


"Mean!" Kaminari protested. "We could have helped!"


"Tenya can't act," Ochako reminded him. "And neither can Eijirou."


"Hey! I can totally act!" Kirishima defended himself. Even Kaminari shot him a disbelieving glance, all of them remembering his disastrous scores in UI stealth ops training. "You guys are dicks," he grumbled, slumping back. "Roast Kaminari, not me, I'm too sensitive."


"Can you actually roast a phone charger?" Izuku replied immediately, freezing when Kaminari wheezed offendedly. "Kidding!" he squeaked as the Bakusquad erupted in laughter and Kaminari curled into the fetal position and dropped his head in Kirishima's lap.


"Damn that was fast," Sero laughed, clapping Izuku on the back. "You've been spending too much time with Bakugou, and it's only been a week!"


"It's been months," Kirishima argued, laughing as he petted Kaminari's hair. "They just started dating last week, but they've been spending shitloads of time together since the beginning of the year with all that extra training."


"Spend some time with kinder people to reset your equilibrium," Sero suggested jokingly. He didn't feel a compulsion to move away from them so Izuku supposed this group of people could be considered 'kinder' than Katsuki, but hey. So he perked up and glanced around the common room.


"What're you looking for?" Ochako asked, poking his arm.


"Koda," Izuku replied. "If I need to spend time with nicer people I gotta get out of here. You guys are dicks."

Chapter Text

By the time Wednesday rolled around, Izuku and Katsuki were both officially sick of people. It was nice to know that their instincts about keeping their relationship quiet had been on point, but it made it so much more infuriating that they'd been exposed before they were ready.


"Avoiding an entire school full of nosy ass extras is exhausting as fuck," Katsuki grumbled, curled around Izuku's back with his face tucked tiredly into the crook of his neck. "Especially with the goddamn obedience quirk. We gotta figure this shit out, Deku."


Izuku had to restrain himself from squealing out loud in utter adoration at the word 'we'. Sure he was a simp, but he didn't have to make it more obvious than it already was.


"They'll get bored eventually," Izuku replied tiredly, hoping he was right. "How long until you gotta leave to meet up with Miruko?" Izuku hadn't been able to move his work-study shift because FatGum had wanted him to work with analysts on a joint mission, and he thought that having the 'Wonder Duo' out together so soon after a scandal might cause a stir that would interfere with their duties.


"Uh," Katsuki lifted his head to squint at the clock. "Crap. Half an hour," he muttered.


Izuku groaned. "Noooooo," he protested, turning in Katsuki's arms to attach to him like a sloth.


"Sleep here tonight," Katsuki said, pressing a kiss to Izuku's forehead. "Oh wait, fuck, you don't have to—"


Izuku kissed him gently. "No, I'm gonna," he replied. "No take-backs."


"Dork," Katsuki huffed, suppressing a smile.


"I'll put some more brainpower into figuring out the quirk while you're gone," he grumbled. "After my training session with All Might."


"Don't overwork yourself," Katsuki rolled his eyes. "You still have to finish your problem set—"


"I don't wanna hear about calculus until after dinner," Izuku insisted. "I need sustenance if my brain is going to work that hard."






Eventually, Katsuki got back up so that he could change out of his uniform and grab his costume from the locker room. Izuku pouted about it the whole time. When he was gone, Izuku reluctantly dragged himself back to his room to change into sweats.


"You're late!" All Might greeted him when he arrived at the Gamma training field.


"Sorry! Kacchan and I were exhausted. Everyone's been trying to talk to us and with the obedience quirk, it's been hectic. And disobeying gets pretty painful the longer I hold out," he explained.


All Might frowned. "We don't have to train today, my boy. It's important that you take care of your body. I hope you're not overdoing it."


"That's the second time it's come up today," Izuku commented idly. "I'm okay with going a little lighter with training, but I don't want to cut it out completely. It'll help me relax after hiding from the entire population, too," he reasoned.


All Might huffed a laugh. "All right, then."


It was dark by the time they stopped, and Izuku was pleasantly exhausted. It wasn't the bone-deep satisfaction he felt after training until his legs felt like they were going to give, but it was good enough considering how tired he was, to begin with. He was exhausted.


Homework would probably just have to be turned in late.


He trudged back to the dorms slowly, reveling in the quiet and the crisp evening air. Quiet was hard to come by in Class A.


"Well, if it isn't the golden boy," an unfortunately familiar and excessively haughty voice sneered. What was he even doing out here?


"Monoma," Izuku greeted him tiredly. "How can I help you?" he asked, hoping he could get this conversation over with pronto.


"How can you help me? When have you ever cared about what happens to your classmates. You're constantly causing problems. I overheard you with All Might," he sneered. Izuku froze. Fuck. Had they talked about One For All?


"Why were you watching me train?" he asked hesitantly.


"I guess I'm just trying to figure out why everyone is basically bending over for you when you're a constant burden to the student body and the faculty," he shrugged. Izuku flinched.


"I don't think—"


"Shut up and listen," Monoma cut him off, grinning wide when Izuku froze and his jaw clicked shut. "Obedience quirk, huh? Pretty useful."


Izuku fought to respond but he was fucking exhausted, goddammit. His vision actually blurred as he tried to disobey.


"I've been thinking a lot about what you said to me during joint training," Monoma continued, orating like he was giving a grand speech instead of monologuing in the middle of campus at 8 PM. "You said that I'm arrogant and condescending, and people feel sick and inferior when they talk to me."


Izuku glared and gestured at him, clearly saying "you're proving my point, asshole."


"And how do you think people feel around you? I'll tell you. They feel unsafe. You run headlong into danger and attract the attention of villains that you provoke and are completely unable to handle. You get yourself caught in ludicrous situations and drag everyone down with you. Believe me, everyone who has to deal with you—even your precious Kacchan—their lives are harder because you're in it," he sneered.


Izuku's voice was freed, but his mind had stuttered to a halt. Monoma had ordered him to believe him and he'd already confirmed that the quirk had almost zero work-around for mental orders. In Monoma's defense, he probably hadn't even realized that 'believe me' counted as a command, but it didn't matter. If he was ordered to think about something or consider something or remember something, he would do so until he was ordered to do something else.


And 'believe me' fell directly into that category.


He was right. Fuck. Katsuki's life was harder because Izuku was in it. His mom's, his teachers, his classmates, All Might—


"The trouble you've caused since our first year would have put normal teachers into an early grave," he continued, unaware of the effect that he was having on Izuku. "I guess we're lucky they're pro heroes. Still, the stress you've caused the faculty is practically palpable."


Fuck, he was right. His mind ran through all the bullshit he'd dealt with since enrolling, and how much easier it would have been for the faculty if he hadn't been there. Kamino Ward alone should have been enough to get him expelled. They should have. Why didn't they? He was a walking hazard, so why were they giving him special treatment?


"You say you want to be a hero—you say it to everyone who will listen to you for more than two seconds—then you cause more destruction and chaos than any average villain could. And since you suck at being a hero, and being a hero is all you are," he scoffed, quoting his awkward interview from their second year. "That pretty much makes you worthless. We're all better off without you."




He was worthless. A problem and a safety hazard. And they were all better off without him. His friends, his peers, his teachers, his mother—without him there they'd be free. They wouldn't have to prop him up to cover his failings.








He stared at Monoma blankly. "Is that all?" he asked quietly. Monoma looked surprised, clearly caught off guard that he'd somehow fought off the 'shut up and listen' order. Izuku was at least right about that. He hadn't meant to give a command.


He'd just meant to give Izuku food for thought. And the food may taste bad, but it was still real. The more he thought about it, the more he knew that Monoma was right.


"Whatever," Monoma grumbled, turning to stalk away. He was unhappy that his command hadn't taken.


It had taken. It had definitely taken.


"Hey Monoma," Izuku called after him. Monoma paused. "Thanks," he said before turning to walk away himself, quietly stewing in his sudden whole-body belief that his presence only made the world harder to live in.


His stomach growled when he smelled dinner wafting through the common room as soon as he opened the front door. But he didn't want to see them. Any of them. He hadn't even chipped in to cook, why the hell did he deserve whatever they'd made?


He didn't want them to go out of their way. He didn't have the energy to pitch in, and even if he did, he'd probably fuck it up. They were so kind, too—if they saw him, they'd probably make sure he ate. They always took care of him, even when he didn't deserve it.


He backed out of the door, skirting the outside of the building, powering up One For All so that he could jump onto his balcony.


He overshot it, fatigue making him sloppy, and smacked into the glass door. "Can't even fucking jump properly," Izuku muttered, rubbing his nose.


Believe me.


He slid the door open and slipped inside, hoping that Aoyama was downstairs and hadn't heard him make impact with the window. He toed off his shoes and undressed. He had to shower. Didn't he?


Their lives are harder because you're in it.


He was down to his underwear now, barely registering what he was doing. His chest felt heavy and his skull felt cold—buzzing like TV static. He could be better, right? He could do better?


The stress you've caused is palpable.


He kept saying that, though. He kept saying he would be better and do better, but he kept fucking up. He kept fucking up and everyone else paid the price. God, even with Mineta—if he hadn't snapped and flagpoled him, he wouldn't have outed Katsuki. God, he ruined everything.


He picked up his towel and robotically made his way to the showers.


You cause more destruction and chaos than any average villain could.


He'd destroyed half of Nabu Island because he couldn't handle Nine. He'd attracted the League of Villains to their doorstep more than once. He'd destroyed an entire city block during the fight with the Shie Hasaikai—he could have avoided that if he'd just listened to Aizawa or Nighteye. He could have avoided it if he'd had a backbone and separated Eri from Chisaki in the beginning.


He stood under scalding water—barely remembering to actually use soap and shampoo.


You suck at being a hero.


He did. Fuck, he might want it, but he sucked at being a hero. He could barely get over a level four threat without breaking his body in half. Everyone had to worry about him all the time, even the victims he was supposed to be saving. Why was he doing this?


He was back in his room now—in his towel and sitting at his desk. When had that happened?


That pretty much makes you worthless.


It really did, didn't it? No matter how hard he fought, there were more villains. No matter how hard he tried, he put a strain on his family. No matter how hard he worked, he'd never make it to the top. He was a shitty successor for One For All. It was wasted on him, and it would probably die with him at this rate. He wanted to be someone, but he never really would be, would he? He was a deku.


He plucked a hair from his head and stared at it. He knew what it held and what it meant, but he didn't feel sad. He felt blank.


We're all better off without you.


Now that he thought about it, it was a fact. He couldn't believe he hadn't seriously thought of it sooner. No more worrying. No more incompetent, reckless destruction. If he couldn't be better, then he could at least step aside. He could vanish and everything would be better, if it changed at all. He was worthless, right?


He scribbled out a note and folded the hair inside it. He took a quick detour to slip it under a door, but then he was back in his room—shoving a t-shirt over his head, pulling on shorts, stuffing his feet into shoes, and re-exiting through his balcony window.


Then he ran. He ran, and ran, and ran—winding through streets, running up buildings, and leaping over rooftops.


He stopped when he suddenly recognized his surroundings. He'd been left on this rooftop before. It felt like a lifetime ago, but he remembered every awful moment up here like it had happened hours ago, not years. God, he remembered that whole clusterfuck of a day like it was as fresh and painful as the moment it had happened. He could have realized how useless he was back then. He should have. It would have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble.


He sat on the ledge, staring out at the city. He really only needed to shuffle forward. He had no idea how long he sat there, alternating between peering over the edge and staring at the horizon.


His phone rang, and he jolted—hands gripping the ledge as his heart raced. It might be better for everyone if he tipped forward, but that didn't mean he wanted to. That's why he was crying right? Because he wanted to live—to be somebody—but remained as worthless he always was?


His phone was still ringing, and he pulled it out of his pocket. Why had he brought it with him?


It was 1 AM already? Weird.


Katsuki was calling. He declined it.


A text came through half a second later. Pick up the phone, Deku. NOW.


Goddammit. The phone rang again, and he answered. "Hey, Kacchan," he said, attempting to sound upbeat.


"Take good care of it, I know you'll be better than I ever could be?" Katsuki snarled. "What the fuck is this, Deku?"


Monoma's order was wiped out, but just like previous mental orders, the damage was done. He still believed wholeheartedly that his ass was amazing, courtesy of Uraraka. It had carved it's way into his skull. He'd thought of Katsuki for hours after that command had been nullified—hours after they'd come apart in each other's arms. And Izuku had been left alone with this command for way too long, and it felt like it was consuming him. "I'm never going to be a good hero," he hiccuped. "All I do is make things worse. I'm worthless, Kacchan. You'll take One For All so much farther than I ever could—"


"Stop. Just fucking stop. Tell me where you are."


Izuku grimaced. "Downtown Mustafu, on top of the Daiki Electric building."


He heard Katsuki's breath hitch. "Don't jump."






"Deku please, please," he begged. "Just tell me what's happening—" he broke off with a ragged sob.


Izuku's stomach dropped. He was making Katsuki worry. He was causing more problems. "Someone helped me understand, that's all. It's okay—"


"Understand what? Who's someone? You're on top of a fucking building and you gave up your fucking quirk, Deku, that's not okay!" Katsuki yelled, breathing starting to come out ragged.


"Kacchan, please calm down—"


"Not until you come back," he snapped. "Get your ass back here."


Izuku stood on shaky legs. How had he even gotten up here when he was so tired? "I'll be back soon," he replied.


"Stay on the phone. I don't care how long it takes for you to get back, just stay on the phone so that I know where you are," he demanded. His voice was thready like he was holding back more sobs. Izuku's gut churned with guilt.


Their lives are harder because you're in it. The stress you cause is palpable. Izuku glanced back at the ledge, even as he moved away from it.


"Okay, Kacchan, I'll stay on the phone," he murmured, powering up One For All and leaping to the next building over, then the next, slowly losing altitude until he could jump down safely. "I'm on the ground now, okay?"


Katsuki stuttered out a sigh of relief. "Tell me what happened while you come back. In detail," he instructed, voice rough.


Izuku pursed his lips, but his limbs shook with effort and he needed to get back to the dorm. Before he knew it, the floodgate had opened and he was telling Katsuki everything, overwhelming himself to the point that he had to stop on the sidewalk because his sobs were too severe.


Katsuki stayed silent. The only indicator that he was still on the phone was his ragged breathing. "K-Kacchan?" Izuku hiccupped, hugging himself with his free arm. He was moving again, Katsuki's order compelling him forward.


"What was Monoma's command?" he asked quietly. Izuku knew that tone. It burned with a quiet fury, and it was rare. Katsuki's rage was legendary for it's explosiveness, so this hushed, simmering anger was fearsome.


"It doesn't—"


"If you try to tell me it doesn't matter when you were just thinking about jumping off a fucking building, I will blow up his entire dorm building and slaughter everyone in it," Katsuki snarled.


Izuku swallowed thickly. "He told me to believe him."


"Makes sense. Because if you were thinking straight, you'd know how much bullshit just came out of your fucking mouth just now," Katsuki spat. "And I'm gonna fuckin' murder him for this."


"Kacchan, no—"


"Deku, yes!" he bellowed. "He almost took you from me!"


Izuku's breath caught, footing faltering. Katsuki's voice was so pained—it sounded like he'd been stabbed. No, it sounded like grieving. "I'm still here. And that order was an accident, Kacchan," he insisted. "He meant to order me to shut up and listen. 'Believe me' was an offhanded order, I swear he didn't mean it—"


"He still took his time to stalk you and find your fuckin' weak points and needle at them," Katsuki replied. "You ended up on a fucking roof—"


"I wasn't there because of you, you know," Izuku murmured, stopping him cold. He could see UA's gate.


Katsuki's answering scoff was sharp with disbelief. "Bullshit. How could it not be?"


"I was there because of All Might," he said, pushing as much calm into his tone as he could. If he could get Katsuki to listen to him until he was back at the dorm, maybe he wouldn't go after Monoma. "It's the first place I had an actual conversation with him. He'd just saved me from the Sludge Villain, and I grabbed onto his leg when he was trying to leave. I needed to ask him if I could be a hero without a quirk. It's the reason the Sludge Villain escaped and got to you," he explained, breath still stuttering from his earlier breakdown.


"What did he say?" Katsuki asked.




"What did he say when you asked him if you could be a hero without a quirk? Why'd you go back to that roof when you decided to fucking give up?"


Izuku hesitated, but something about Katsuki's voice booked no room for argument. "He told me that I couldn't," he admitted.


Katsuki's body slammed into him as soon as he made it through the gate—trembling as he clutched at Izuku almost violently. Izuku hugged him back, phone still clutched in his hand. "I'm gonna kill him."


"Don't," Izuku murmured, nuzzling into Katsuki's neck. "Not worth it."


"The fuck it isn't," he snapped, pulling back. "First thing's first," he said, shoving his hand into his pocket. He pulled out the note, unfolding it so rapidly that it tore at the seams. "Eat this," he snapped, holding the hair aloft.


Izuku resisted. "Kacchan—"


"Fucking eat it, Deku. It's yours, and if you ever try to give it to me again, I'll destroy it."


Izuku took the hair, swallowing it uncomfortably. Neither of them knew if he needed to eat the hair to keep the power if it hadn't actually transferred to someone else, but Katsuki wasn't willing to risk it.


"It would be better off with you," Izuku said, dull around the edges in a way that made Katsuki furious.


"Fuck that, and fuck Monoma. Believe me," he snarled. Izuku's eyes snapped to Katsuki's—burning under his inferno gaze. "You are the most heroic person I've ever fucking met. Even when we were brats, you were more heroic. You're so fucking good. All Might was wrong and so was I—if anyone could have been a hero without a quirk, it would have been you. You would have found a way. I thought you'd passed the entrance exam without a quirk, and I wasn't even surprised." Izuku had tears spilling over his cheeks. The weight that had settled over him felt lighter with each word and he was so grateful for it, but Katsuki wasn't done.


"The reason we go to bat for you is because we believe in you, and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit. My life would be shit without you, because if you hadn't been here I wouldn't have ever learned to give a shit about other people. We worry about you because we know how good you are, and that you'll always go beyond plus ultra to be a hero, and it's scary. That doesn't mean we love you any less, fucker. Every moment of stress is worth it because it means that you're here, okay?"


Izuku sobbed pressing his face into Katsuki's chest. He believed him. He believed him and it made him feel warm all over, body practically sagging with relief. "Kacchan—"


"I'm not done yet," he snapped. "Last one, Zuku, and I need you to believe this one the most, okay?" Izuku nodded, smearing tears into Katsuki's hero costume, which he still hadn't taken off. "I love you. I love you and I don't want to do any of this without you. I won't say I can't, because I can. We both know it. But it would be fuckin' awful and I'd hate every minute of it."


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry—" Izuku hiccuped, squeezing Katsuki tighter. Katsuki gripped his jaw and tilted his face up, kissing him hard.


"Never fucking scare me like that again," he whispered, eyes wide and wild with desperation.


"Okay," Izuku nodded, kissing him again. "Okay, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry—"


"Stop apologizing, asshole. Just, fuck, stop being affected by this fucking quirk, you're gonna give me a fucking heart attack," he uttered, burying his face in Izuku's neck, sagging as he finally let himself cry too.


Izuku, on the other hand had gone rigid. He felt weird. "Kacchan."


"Fuckin' what?" he sniffed.


"Order me to do something."


"Fine, shut the fuck up."


"No," he immediately denied, completely unencumbered. It couldn't seriously be that simple, right?


"Why'd you ask me to give you an order if you were j—" Katsuki froze too. "No fucking way."


"Are you fucking serious right now?" Izuku laughed incredulously.


"Let go."


Izuku clutched him tighter. "No!" he crowed delightedly. Katsuki squeezed him back. "I can't believe that's all it took, I'm an idiot—"


Katsuki actually pushed himself away that time and slapped him across the face. Not as hard as he could have, granted, but still. "Stop fucking insulting yourself, dickhead!"


"Ow!" Izuku cried. "You didn't have to slap me about it!"


"Oh, I'm gonna slap you for so much more than that," Katsuki snarled. "First and foremost for disappearing in the middle of the night and ending up on top of a fucking building—"


"I apologized for that! I believed you!" Izuku insisted. "I love you too, by the way. You know that already, but sorry for just crying on you instead of responding—mphh"


Katsuki dragged him forward again by the back of the neck and sealed their mouths back together, devouring him as gripped his hair in one hand and ran his other one down and around Izuku's body—cataloging every muscle group as though assuring himself that he was still all there.


Izuku briefly wondered how much trouble would they get in if they actually did fuck right inside the school gates. A lot, probably, but he was finding it difficult to care because Katsuki's hand was under his shirt now—heating his flesh with determined touch.


Then, because he was overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotionally whiplashed, his knees gave out completely. "Deku!" Katsuki yelped when he felt Izuku's legs buckle. "What the fuck?"


"Tired," Izuku replied dazedly, waving him off. He yelped when Katsuki caught him behind his shoulders and knees and lifted him into a bridal carry again. "It's still hot that you can do this," he commented, pressing a kiss to Katsuki's shoulder.


"I can't believe you're horny at a time like this," Katsuki barked.


"You literally just touched me everywhere and sucked on my tongue like a jolly rancher but whatever," he replied.


"Yeah, well, there was a moment there where I thought I'd never get to touch you again, so fuck you. We're both taking tomorrow off and I'm gonna make sure you're too fucking sore to leave campus for a fucking month."


"You say that like it's a threat, but it sounds like a good time," Izuku quipped.


"I will drop you," Katsuki growled.


Izuku smiled. "No, you won't."

Chapter Text

When they got back to the dorm, they were met with a crowd of concerned onlookers.


"What the hell is going on dude!" Kirishima asked as soon as Katsuki was in sight. "You just started yelling and then you broke your door! You were out of here before any of us had actually woken up—Midoriya, are you okay?"


"I'm fine," Izuku replied. Katsuki scowled.


"He's not," he hissed, eyes scanning the room. "Someone get Aizawa here."


"Kacchan, no."


"Kacchan, yes, asshole. You just scared the ever-loving fuck out of me, and I want Monoma's ass kicked—I don't care if Aizawa does it or I do, but one of us is gonna ream that motherfucker—"


"What did he do?" Ochako asked.


Katsuki cut her a fierce glare. "Get. Aizawa. Here." She flinched back at his tone and pulled her phone out with her other hand raised appeasingly, walking away to make the call. "Have you eaten, Deku?"


Izuku blanched. Telling Katsuki that he hadn't eaten after hero classes and additional training was bad enough, but telling him he'd run all the way downtown in that state was worse. Way, way worse. ""


The glare Katsuki leveled him with would have killed a mere mortal. "Someone find this motherfucker something he can eat. He hasn't eaten since lunch, and he trained for three hours after class."


Sato was moving before Katsuki finished speaking. "We got you," he said as he walked. "We saved him a portion when he didn't show up for dinner."


"I am gonna cave Monoma's skull in," he swore.


"Don't be ridiculous. He didn't know I would skip dinner. He didn't know—"


"I don't give a shit, Deku. You overthink everything, all the fucking time. Everyone knows that. He knew what he was doing."


Izuku pursed his lips. He didn't have a response to that.


"What's going on?" Aizawa demanded as he walked in, All Might trailing behind them. "Is Midoriya okay?"


"I'm fine now," Izuku assured him.


Aizawa squinted at him. "That means you weren't fine before."


What did he do to deserve being surrounded by irritable, perceptive people?


"Monoma found out about the quirk," Katsuki hissed, grimacing when Aizawa went rigid. All Might looked worried but he hadn't seen Monoma spew bullshit quite as often as Aizawa had, so he didn't feel the same bone-deep concern.


"And what did he do with that information?" Aizawa asked with a healthy amount of trepidation.


"He told Deku to believe him, and then ripped him a new one."


"What quirk?" Asui piped up.


"I was under an obedience quirk," Izuku replied tiredly, completely unsurprised at the new burst of noise. "And let me tell you, you guys are bossy as fuck." Katsuki snorted, jostling Izuku in retribution for making him laugh at a time like this.


"Since when?" Ochako cried.


"What kind of things did you have to do?" Kaminari asked.


"Dude, why didn't you tell us?" Sero scolded.


"Not telling us was extremely irresponsible, Midoriya!" Iida bellowed over the din.


"All of you shut up," Aizawa snapped. "You broke the quirk?"


"Kacchan did. Accidentally, but yeah."




Both Katsuki and Izuku grimaced. "I ordered him to stop being affected by it."


Aizawa stared blankly at them for a long, silent moment before turning 90 degrees and smacking his head hard against the door frame.


"Sensei!" Izuku fretted, lurching to try to check on him but held captive by Katsuki's vice grip.


"That is so stupid and obvious," Aizawa hissed. "I can't believe I didn't try it."


"To be fair, I didn't try it either, and I was the one living with it. But I'm good now!"


Katsuki scoffed. "Yeah, that note you left me before you went AWOL was not good."


"You already fixed that!" Izuku argued. "You took care of it, and I'm okay now."


"What if I hadn't gotten to you in time?" Katsuki yelled, clutching Izuku a little tighter. Izuku blanched again. "The only reason I'm not going over there to kill Monoma right now is that I'm currently holding you."


"You can put me down, you know. There's a couch right there."




"If he was under an obedience quirk," Yaoyorozu piped up, tone solemn. "And Monoma instructed him to believe him and went on one of his usual tirades—"


"Oh my god, Deku," Ochako uttered, horrified. "What did he say to you?"


"It doesn't matter."


"The fuck it doesn't!" Ashido cried. "What did that asshole say?"


Izuku pursed his lips. "Look, dude, you don't have to tell us, but we're worried. You should at least tell Aizawa," Kirishima reasoned. Aizawa and All Might nodded in agreement.


"But if you do want to tell us, this is totally a safe space. No judgment, cone of silence, all that," Hagakure chimed in.


Izuku sighed. Fuck his friends for being so supportive. He didn't want to tell them because he hated how he'd felt for those few hours—weak and useless and ready to give in. But it wasn't his fault, right? He wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't been for the quirk. He'd been told that he was worthless his whole life and he'd never believed it before. He'd always stood back up and fought to be somebody.


"He told me—" he cleared his throat, fixing his eyes on the wall. "He told me that your lives are harder because I'm in it. That I constantly cause you to stress, and that I constantly cause destruction. And he said I suck at being a hero and that you're better off without me because I'm worthless," he recited.


He was met with silence, so he was free to pay attention to the way Katsuki's grip on his legs was tightening—hands curling into claws against his thigh.


"I'll be informing Vlad and we'll have a parent-teacher meeting to discuss disciplinary action," Aizawa finally spoke up through uncharacteristically clenched teeth.


"You better do that tonight, sir, because if you leave him unsupervised all night, he'll be dissolved before you can get to him tomorrow," Ashido spoke up, tone dark but deadly calm.


"Oh, I think we can do better than that," Ochako murmured, turning to Ashido. "If I float him out of the atmosphere, they won't find his body for months, if not years. It's hard to find things in space—"


Iida cut over her. "You shouldn't threaten people, even in jest—"


"Are you serious right now, Tenya? Get your fucking priorities straight!" Ochako snapped. "He cornered Deku when he was under an obedience quirk and you're—"


"Where were you when Bakugou reached you, Midoriya? Why was he so concerned?" Todoroki interrupted.


Izuku winced. "Uh...I was at the top of the Daiki Electric building," he replied, swallowing thickly around the anxious knot in his throat as the room went utterly still. "And he was worried because I uh—"


"Left him a note. Bakubro said you left him a note," Kirishima interrupted, horrified.


"Yeah," Izuku grimaced. "I left him a note."


"The Daiki Electric building?" All Might spoke up. Izuku categorically refused to look him in the eye. Katsuki bared his teeth at the man, angling his body slightly away as if to protect Izuku from his mentor.


"Yeah, where—"


"Kacchan. No."


Katsuki fell silent but maintained his glare.


"He made Deku suicidal," Ochako spat, still glaring at Tenya ferociously. "He knew he was vulnerable and took advantage of it instead of doing what a hero would do, and Deku would have died tonight if Bakugou hadn't intervened in time. What's a threat compared to that?"


"All of you, shut up," Aizawa barked. "I'll deal with Monoma. Nobody is allowed to touch him," he instructed, holding up a hand to stem the protests. "If I see any of you attack him during joint training tomorrow, you'll be on house arrest."


"Only if you see it?" Katsuki spoke up. Aizawa didn't answer.


"Dinner, Midoriya," Sato declared, putting a plate down at a table and pulling the chair out so that Katsuk could drop Izuku into it. Aizawa and All Might bowed out, undoubtedly to wake up Vlad King and Monoma.


Izuku ate while his classmates asked him questions about the quirk, trying with all his might to lighten the mood despite his exhaustion. Katsuki sat next to him, arm thrown protectively over the back of his chair.


"I'm sorry," Tokoyami interrupted as Izuku told them about the quirk. "You were going to what?"


"Fuck you with a ten-foot pole," Izuku replied blandly. Sero looked at him pensively but Izuku paid him no mind, opting to tell them what kind of danger they'd been in. "The only reasons I didn't were because one, I couldn't find a ten-foot pole, and two, Mic-sensei stopped me. And don't get me started on you, Kaminari. I almost fucked you with a fork."


"Hook me up," Sero piped up, wide-eyed. "Hook me up?"


Everyone else looked a little lost, but Izuku just nodded sagely. "Hook me up," he confirmed. Sero started cackling, and then Kaminari understood and doubled over, too.


"Meat hook," Kaminari wheezed. Yaoyorozu's eyes widened. She snorted, slapped her hand over her mouth, and broke down too.


"T-talk about a backfire," Sero wheezed.


"Wait," Shoji interrupted, grinning wide from three tentacles. "Take a picture, it'll last longer!" The girls watched in confusion as the boys broke down. Izuku groaned, dropping his forehead dangerously close to his stir fry. 


By way of explanation, Katsuki slid Izuku's phone out of his pocket and opened up the photo, sliding it across the table to Ochako. She glanced at it, then snatched it up pulling it in close to her face and zooming in.


"Seriously, your abs are insane, dude," she whispered reverently.


"Lemme see!" Ashido wailed, lunging for the phone.


While they scuffled for Izuku's phone, Izuku picked his head up and quietly ate—watching his friends crack jokes as Katsuki took over and explained the nonsense that had taken place over the past month and a half. He smiled softly. He was so blessed to have them all in his life.


Katsuki went quiet when Izuku let out a shuddering yawn. His plate was empty, and his eyelids were drooping. "Bedtime, nerd," he said.


"Lemme just—"


"I've got the dishes," Sato interrupted.




"If you touch them, I will melt the mint-condition limited-edition Silver Age All Might figurine you wouldn't shut up about last month," Ashido threatened. Izuku's mouth shut with an audible click. Katsuki gave her an approving nod.


"Nice one, Pinky," he praised. She grinned. Katsuki didn't praise people often. Unless it was Izuku. He praised Izuku a lot now.

"Up, nerd. Bed."


Izuku pouted when Katsuki hit the button for the second floor instead of the fourth. "Why my room?" he complained.


"Because you won't jump me in your room."


"No, you won't jump me in my room. I'll jump you anywhere," Izuku corrected him, stifling another yawn a second later.


"Yeah, maybe when you're not literally about to pass out, tiger," Katsuki replied, huffing a laugh. He pulled him out of the elevator and ushered him into his room, herding him toward the bed like a man on a mission.


He crawled under the covers after Izuku, cocooning him tight in his arms and resting his chin atop green curls. "Love you, Kacchan," Izuku whispered, eyes falling shut.


"Hey, Izuku?"


For a split second, Izuku was completely alert. "Hm?"


"You believe me, right?"


Izuku nodded, nose brushing the hollow of Katsuki's throat. "Yeah, I believe you," he replied softly, leaving the lightest kiss on the closest available skin.


"Okay," he said, holding Izuku a little tighter. "Go to sleep, Deku."


He already was.

Chapter Text

Katsuki wasn't there when he woke up. He checked the time and jumped out of his skin when he saw how late it was. He scrambled for his phone as he practically fell out of bed, only to be met with two texts—one from Aizawa and one from Katsuki.


'ur excused frm class 2day, txt me when ur up so we can tlk abt the qrk +monoma'


'go back to bed, dork, you only went to bed at 3am. be back soon. keep believing me.'


It was noon and Katsuki had texted him at 10:30, so he figured he was in the clear to be up and about without being straight-up knocked out by his boyfriend, so he texted Aizawa.


Katsuki loved him. Katsuki loved him and had clearly found a way to express it without feeling like 'a gross sappy dork.' His words, not Izuku's. Believe me.


He made his way down to the common room, smiling softly at his phone as he re-read the words over and over. He looked up when he realized that he could smell food cooking, frowning. Everyone should be in class, right?


"Thought I told you to stay in bed, dweeb," Katsuki barked over his shoulder, clearly making enough food for both of them.


"Why aren't you in class?"


"Why aren't you in bed?"


"Because it's noon and I'm not tired anymore," he replied, rolling his eyes. "Why aren't you in class?"


Then Katsuki turned around and Izuku gasped, dropping his phone and rushing forward. Katsuki's lip was split and there was a gnarly scrape across his face. His knuckles were split, too. "I'm on house arrest," Katsuki replied proudly as Izuku examined his injuries.


"Why?" Izuku demanded.


"Fighting after hours," he grinned maliciously. "Hungry?"


"Kacchan, what did you do?" Izuku cried, running grabbing Katsuki's hand and grazing his fingers over the broken skin.


"I just told you, I fought after hours. Something happen to your ears, nerd?" he joked, rolling his eyes at Izuku's incredulous and irritated stare. "Don't look at me like that. Floaty's on house arrest too," he huffed.


"What? Where is she?"


"Disciplinary meeting. I already had mine," he explained. "Food, dork." He pulled his hand out of Izuku's and started piling food onto a plate.


"What happened?" he demanded. Katsuki sighed.


"I couldn't sleep so I went for a run. When I was passing the 3-B dorm, I heard Floaty yelling so I went to go see what was happening. When I got there, she was screaming that he almost killed you and he said that if you were so weak-willed that some insults drove you over the edge, you shouldn't be a hero. So I beat the crap out of him."


"Kacchan, you can't do that!" he cried. "What if you'd gotten expelled?"


"Aizawa got there before I could do any real damage," he replied, sounding very disappointed about it. "Besides, if anything had happened to you I would have fuckin' murdered him. He's lucky he only got a black eye. I think Cheeks was actually gonna float him out of the atmosphere."


"I was," she agreed, stepping into the kitchen. "Got enough for three?"


"Yeah, I was gonna text you," he said, tone uncommonly fond.


"Guys—" he went in to scold them, but Katsuki stopped him cold.


"Deku. What if it had been me," he snapped. Izuku's eyes narrowed. "What if I had been under an obedience quirk and someone had convinced me that I'm worthless."


"Point taken," he replied darkly.


"We know you're the kind of person who lets people off the hook when they're awful to you," Ochako piped up. "That's why you have us." She raised her fist and Katsuki bumped it with his own, smiling proudly.


Izuku squinted at them. "I'm not sure I like this alliance. It...seems like a mistake."


"Too late to fix it now," Ochako shrugged.


"Yeah, Cheeks is metal," Katsuki grinned. "Lied her ass off—"


"Okay, it wasn't a lie! I said you stopped our fight from getting physical! I just never said who was gonna throw the first punch!" she huffed.


"Okay, warlords," Izuku grumbled, bending to pick up his phone. Aizawa had texted back, letting him know that Nezu had arranged to meet at 6pm and that he should bring Katsuki and Ochako with him.


"Perfect," Katsuki replied when he relayed the information. Izuku raised an eyebrow. "Eat, nerd."


Suspicious as fuck but hungry enough to ignore it for now, Izuku dug in, watching as Ochako chattered to Katsuki about the texts she'd been getting from Kendo. Class B was pissed at Monoma for taking advantage of a victim of a quirk accident just to make them feel shittier, especially because it had been Izuku "I'll befriend anyone, even this villain" Midoriya. Apparently had watched the showdown like spectators at a gladiator ring.


"Come on, nerd," Katsuki said when they were done eating. "I'm taking a fuckin' nap."


"I've only been awake for an hour!" Izuku protested, standing anyway.


"I'm fuckin' exhausted and I don't think I'll be able to sleep without you for a few weeks," Katsuki admitted, completely unashamed for once. "I don't care if you bring your phone and read all of Reddit while I sleep, but you gotta be there."


Izuku softened. "Okay, Kacchan. Later, Ochako."


Katsuki slept for three hours and despite Izuku's protests, he fell asleep pretty quickly too. Katsuki was just too warm and peaceful, and once he had given into the urge to cuddle him properly, he was lulled back to sleep in minutes.


Katsuki was watching him when he woke up again, arm curved around his waist and hand trailing up and down his back. "Hi," Izuku murmured, leaning forward to kiss him—careful not to disturb the Katsuki's split lip. 


Katsuki pressed into the kiss, drawing Izuku closer and parting his lips with his tongue despite his startled noise of concerned protest. His concern died down as the kiss went on, tongues tangling heatedly as Katsuki made small, pleased noises against his lips. "Still believe me?" he asked when he pulled back.


Izuku nodded. "I still believe you," he promised. "I love you, too. Is your lip okay?" Katsuki nodded. "Good, because I think I remember you saying something about making me too sore to leave campus for a month—"


"Insatiable," Katsuki growled. "I'm fighting every fucking instinct in my body and trying to be romantic and you're thinking about dick."


"Mm, you're just really hot, Kacchan," Izuku chuckled pressing kisses into Katsuki's jaw. "And you bonded with my friend while defending my honor. You're my hero," he teased, hands slipping under and up Katsuki's shirt. Escalating situations was quickly becoming his forte.


Katsuki's breath hitched when Izuku's fingers trailed along his torso then down his sides. "I can't believe everyone thinks you're this adorable little dork and you're really the horniest deviant on the fucking planet," he said, hissing when Izuku's hand slipped under his waistband to squeeze his ass.


"Yeah, well, you said you weren't gonna fuck me until the quirk was gone. The quirk is gone now, Kacchan," he breathed excitedly. Katsuki kissed him again—a harder and hotter than before, and he moaned into it loudly. 


Katsuki's grip tightened as he pushed Izuku onto his back, pinning him down and slotting himself between Izuku's thighs. "Gonna make you feel so good, Zuku," he murmured, biting Izuku's lower lip, then his jaw, then his ear and down his neck—picking a spot and sucking a mark into his skin as he rutted forward into Izuku's hips.


"Bet I can make you feel better," he teased, one hand pushing Katsuki closer by the grip on his ass and the other sneaking into the front of his sweats to grip at his cock, quickly stroking it to attention as Katsuki moaned against his throat.


They undressed each other slowly—their attention failing when there was a new stretch of skin to be kissed or licked. They didn't mind. They were both a little shaky from excitement and anticipation and way too absorbed in sensation to give a fuck.


Izuku groaned when Katsuki licked a slow, firm stripe up his dick before closing his mouth around the head, sucking tight as he ran his tongue across the slit. "So good," he panted, hands finding their way into Katsuki's hair. "Fuck, you feel so good, Kacchan." He whined when Katsuki pulled his mouth away. "Why?"


"You wanna fuck or be fucked, babe?" Katuski asked, wrapping his hand around Izuku's dick to stroke languidly.


"What?" he asked, not really able to focus while Katsuki jacked him off.


"Do you want to fuck me or do you want me to fuck you?" he asked again.


"Fuck me," Izuku whined, snapping his hips into Katsuki's hand. "I want you to fuck me, Kacchan, fuck me," he pleaded.


"Listen to you, slut," he breathed, biting Izuku's inner thigh. "Keep talking like that and I'll cum before I get inside you," he warned. He reached for his bedside table and unearthed the lube, slicking a finger and rubbing it against Izuku's puckered hole. "Let me know if I'm going too fast, Zuku," he instructed before steering his dick back into his mouth and pressing his finger into Izuku's ass simultaneously.


Izuku keened loudly, hips grinding up unto Katsuki's mouth while Katsuki began to open him up. "Oh my god," he whined when Katsuki swallowed him down, nose pressing into his pelvis and throat convulsing around him. Katsuki's finger brushed his prostate and he jerked almost violently, fucking into Katsuki's mouth with a wail.


He didn't think he was forming full sentences as he babbled—lost in the hot, wet drag of Katsuki's lips and tongue and the steady thrust of his finger. Then Katsuki added a second, and he tensed.


His dildo was bigger than two of Katsuki's fingers, but he had complete control of the dildo. It was hard not to be nervous, but Katsuki was so patient, stilling his fingers until Izuku relaxed as he continued to suck him off. Then, when he felt Izuku relax again, he started to move again—stroking instead of thrusting as he sucked a little harder. "Kacchan, wait, it's too much," he whined, writhing when Katsuki swallowed against his head again.


Katsuki, of course, took that as encouragement—moving his head a little faster and spreading Izuku a little wider. Izuku's hands gripped at his hair and Katsuki moaned. The sound shook through him and he came hard crying out as Katsuki milked him dry.


"You're so fucking hot," Katsuki rasped. "You should hear yourself when you come, it's the best fucking thing—turn over, Zuku," he breathed, pulling his fingers from Izuku's ass and relishing his needy whine. He uncapped the lube again and drizzled it over his cock while Izuku scrambled to turn over onto his hands and knees. "That's it, baby," he purred, spreading the lube over his dick eagerly before spreading Izuku's ass cheeks to expose his twitching hole.


He pushed his fingers back into Izuku's ass, scissoring it open carefully—almost reverently—and adding more lube as he went. Izuku was whining and moaning, pushing his hips back into Katsuki's hand as much as he could with Katsuki's free hand gripping his waist. His hand felt like lava on his skin, alternating between holding him in place so he could savor this and stroking the length of Izuku's back soothingly—burning hand running the length between his shoulder blades and his waist and lighting his nerves on fire as he went. "Kacchan please," Izuku cried. "Stop teasing me, and I need more—"


"What do you need, Zuku," he asked, pressing forward so that his dick came to rest between Izuku's cheeks, watching in fascination as his fingers disappeared into Izuku's asshole over and over—


"Fuck me," Izuku pleaded. "Katsuki please," Katsuki's hips jerked at the use of his name. "I need you to fuck me, fill me, please—" he broke off with a broken cry when Katsuki smacked his ass hard, precum already leaking out of his cock again. Katsuki pulled his fingers out of Izuku's greedy hole, watching as it clenched around nothing as he rubbed his dick across Izuku's opening.


"You sure, Izuku?" he asked, practically shaking in need as the tip of his cock caught on his rim. "Tell me—fuck!" He cried when Izuku pushed back, pushing Katsuki's tip into his tight heat and letting out a wrecked cry as it stretched him open. "Holy shit, fuck Zuku," he wheezed, hands gripping Izuku's waist to restrain both of them from burying his length in Izuku in one thrust. "You feel so fucking good, what the fuck—"


"Kacchan," Izuku sobbed, trying to push back. "What the fuck are you waiting for—"


"Shut the fuck up, I'm trying not to cum before I get all the way inside you you fucking slut," he hissed. "Fuck you're tight," he groaned, slowly pushing his hips forward and sinking another inch into Izuku's heat. He was panting like he was running a marathon and Izuku was no better, wiggling his hips in an attempt to pull Katsuki deeper.


"So good," Izuku whimpered. "C'mon Kacchan, I wanna feel you—"


"Don't wanna hurt you," Katsuki replied, jaw clenched.


"I have a dildo Kacchan, I've fucked myself before, please!" he begged. "You don't have to go fast, just fuck me!"


"Fuck, it's like you're sucking me in," he moaned, hips twitching forward. "Gonna fuck you but you gotta tell me if it's too much," Katsuki said, sinking further in with a shuddering moan. "I swear to fuck I'm gonna find a way to live in your ass, it's so good," he swore, whining when Izuku's heat clenched around him and his hips finally fell flush with Izukus ass.


"Feels good," Izuku replied, voice wrecked and trembling. "Move, Kacchan, please!"


Katsuki complied, pulling back out slowly and then easing back in, breath shaky as he went. Izuku whined needily below him, shifting his hips back to try to take him deeper. "You look so fucking good like this," Katsuki groaned, eyes fixed on Izuku's hole as it swallowed his cock. "Look so good on my cock, Zuku, I wish you could see it," he moaned.


"Faster," Izuku said, fighting Katsuki's controlled, iron grip on his waist in an effort to pick up the pace. "Please, go faster, I can take it—"


"I've got you," Katsuki promised, pulling Izuku's hips back to meet him—speeding his movements and thrusting harder, reveling in Izuku's delighted wail. "Better?" he asked,  trying to stay in control despite the vice-like heat around his cock and the delicious nerd writhing beneath him. He wanted to fuck him up and tear him apart and it was so tempting.


"Harder, Kacchan, come on!" Izuku wailed. "I know you want to fuck me so fuck me!"


Well, he'd asked for it.


Katsuki slammed forward and Izuku let out a wrecked sob. "Fuck, you sound so good," Katsuki snarled, losing himself in sensation. Izuku dropped down to his elbows and Katsuki groaned as his ass tightened around him. His hips snapped forward, fucking into Izuku as he clutched at the sheets and held on for dear life as Katsuki hammered at his prostate with no mercy.


With the sluttiest moan Katsuki had ever heard, Izuku came again—clamping down hard on Katuski's length as he spilled across the blankets. Katsuki followed three thrusts later, pulling out to come on Izuku's ass.  He noted a mild burn in the shape of his hand on Izuku's waist when he finally released his grip and guided Izuku down onto the sheets.


"Fuck, I hurt you," he muttered, running his thumb across the raised handprint.


"Liked it," Izuku mumbled dazedly. "Liked it a lot," he admitted.


Katsuki stood up and went to grab a washcloth and the burn cream he kept by the sink. He paused on his return to the bed, eyeing Izuku's giddy grin. "You good?" he asked hesitantly.


"Aren't you?" Izuku laughed, a little dazed and completely delighted. "That was awesome."


Katsuki cracked a grin. "Fuck yeah, it was," he agreed, resuming his approach and toweling him off gently. "Gonna put some burn cream on this so it doesn't scar or get infected—"


"Do it later," Izuku whined, pouting pathetically. "You're supposed to cuddle me after we have sex—"


"Safety first, dork," Katsuki laughed.


"Ugh, why are you always so responsible," he groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes dramatically.


"I literally punched a guy in the face for you, but okay," Katsuki chuckled, rolling his eyes as he uncapped the burn cream and gently applied it to the bright red skin. Something clenched inside him at the sight of it—primal and hungry. "If it weren't for the infection thing, I'd let you keep them. I like having my marks on you," he admitted, tone dark.


"Don't talk like that unless you're ready to go again right now," Izuku warned him, only kind of joking.


"I'd take you up on that if we didn't have to meet Aizawa at some point," he replied, glancing at the clock. "Yeah, we gotta go soon."


Izuku grumbled about it. "Then cuddle me until we have to get up," he demanded, holding out his arms.


Katsuki chuckled but complied. "That's only like fifteen minutes, nerd."


"Then you better spoon my brains out when we get back."


When they finally surfaced again, Izuku was walking a little funny, Katsuki's voice was hoarse. When they got to the common room, they were met with a stoic Kirishima who refused to look either of them in the eye and Shoji, who looked utterly unimpressed.


"You couldn't have texted?" Shoji sighed. "My ears guys. I have so many ears."


"They went up right after lunch, I don't think they expected to sexile you for so long," Ochako offered from her spot on the couch. Izuku blushed.


"We weren't—not the whole time!" he cried. "We took a nap!


"Wow, you take weird naps. I never yell 'harder, Kacchan, fuck me' when I take naps," Kirishima drawled.


Izuku blushed. "Leave him alone, Shark Face. We'll remember next time, all right? We lost track of time and didn't realize you were back," Katsuki snapped, throwing a protective arm over Izuku's shoulder.


"We really should have checked at least," Izuku said apologetically. "Sorry, guys."


And since no one was immune to Midoriya puppy-dog eyes, they forgave and forgot fairly quickly. "Just...text," Kirishima sighed.


"Of course," Izuku agreed easily. "I promise we'll be better about it."


"We gotta go, nerd," Katsuki reminded him, now smirking at Kirishima who still wouldn't meet his eyes.


Izuku rolled his eyes at Katsuki's casual pettiness. "Yeah, right. You ready to go, Ochako?" Izuku asked.


"Yep!" she replied, hopping off the couch to make her way toward the door. "Come on, horn dogs!"


When they got to Nezu's office, they were met not only by Vlad King, Aizawa and the Principal, but by Monoma, Monoma's parents, and their mothers. Inko was sandwiched between Ochako's mom and Mitsuki—the former looking uncomfortable and the latter looking pissed. Inko just looked concerned.


Izuku looked up at Katsuki. "You told her?"


"Of fuckin' course I did, I got in a fight about it. I'm not about to let UA tell the hag that I got disciplinary action before I can. I like my eardrums too much for that," he griped.


"Jesus, look at your face, brat!" Mitsuki snapped.


"You should see the other guy," Katsuki grinned maliciously in Monoma's direction.


"Now now, let's not be antagonistic. What's done is done, and all decisions regarding the situation at hand have been made. Have a seat, children."


Izuku took a seat while wondering exactly how old Nezu really was. Sometimes he spoke like he was a wizened old man who viewed youth as a funny old memory. Other times he acted like a manic crack addict. There wasn't really an in-between mode, either.


Nezu explained the past 24 hours to the parents present, occasionally asking for clarification from Aizawa or the students. Ultimately, he revealed that Monoma was to be expelled from UA. "His attitude toward his peers has been a matter of reproach for years. This is simply the last in a long line of infractions. It's particularly troubling that he was willing to take advantage of a victim of a quirk incident, just to distress him further."


"It's deplorable, not troubling!" Mitsuki barked.


"Even if his intent was simply to make Midoriya listen, he still took advantage of the situation to verbally abuse a fellow student," Aizawa agreed.


"And what's going to be done about those two?" Monoma's father bellowed. "They incited violence—"


"They were provoked, and there are at least ten eyewitnesses to the incident who are willing to back that claim," Aizawa interrupted. "They are being reprimanded for the confrontation, but Uraraka approached Monoma to tell him what damage he'd done to her friend. When Bakugou thought he was going to get violent, he stepped in. He only got violent when Monoma provoked him, and he was already unstable at the time. He had to talk his boyfriend off a roof, after all."


Inko sobbed, and Izuku flinched. Katsuki reached over and gripped his hand. "I told you Kacchan would watch out for me mom," Izuku assured her.


"We're lucky he did!" she wailed. "I made my peace with Izuku putting his life in danger, but he should be able to trust his future colleagues!"


"We agree. This is why last night served as Monoma's last chance. He's had plenty of disciplinary infractions in the past and he's refused to correct his behavior. Really, our hands are tied regarding his expulsion. Even the Hero Commission wouldn't allow someone who harms fellow heroes in vulnerable positions to continue working," Nezu explained calmly.


Ultimately, Monoma and his parents had no room to bargain. Vlad King escorted them from the room so that he could clear out his dorm room and as soon as he left, the mood in the room relaxed.


"So Midoriya," Nezu said, pouring himself another cup of tea. "How did you break the quirk?"


Aizawa pursed his lips in irritation, and Katsuki snorted in amusement. Ochako stifled a giggle behind her fist.


"Uh, it was actually really simple. Kacchan just told me to stop being affected by the quirk."


The teacup paused on its way to the Rat God's mouth, and he looked at them incredulously. "You mean you didn't try that first?"