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your best friend, your boyfriend

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“P’Kit,” Mark whined, “P’Kiiiit.”

“Mark, I’m trying to do my homework.”

Mark and Kit were currently sitting on Kit’s bed, Kit’s laptop on his lap with his books to one side, and Mark was latched on to one of Kit’s arms. 

“But you’ve been doing homework for two hours now, and you’ve been really busy for the past two days,” Mark pouted. “You should take a break. And I want attention.”

Kit sighed as he looked over at his boyfriend who currently had his cheek smushed against his shoulder, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. “I’m already on the bed with you rather than my desk where I prefer to do homework, don’t be greedy,” he said as he lightly flicked Mark’s forehead.

Mark pouted more at the contact. “P’Kit, na, P’Kit, just a few minutes.”

“The less you bother me the faster I can finish,” Kit pointed out.

“Hmph.” Mark didn’t seem happy with this verdict but he didn’t say anything more, just squeezed Kit’s arm a little tighter and snuggled grumpily into his shoulder.

Kit turned back to his computer, trying to suppress a small smile at his childish boyfriend. He grabbed his phone with his free hand and pulled up his conversation with Wayu.

To: Wayu

Hey, tell your best friend to stop being so clingy when I’m trying to study

A reply came a few moments later.

From: Wayu

you knew exactly what you signed up for

To: Wayu

My arm is going numb from where he’s holding it too tight

From: Wayu

well you know he wont give in first


“Hey, P’Kit!” Mark exclaimed, sitting up from his position leaning against Kit. “Texting is more important than your homework but not me?”

Kit rolled his eyes fondly then shut his laptop. “Fine. I’ll take a short break,” he said. “A short one, ” he emphasized, seeing the look on Mark’s face.

Mark only nodded eagerly, “Of course, P’Kit.”

He waited for Kit to put his books and laptop aside then flung his arms around him, pulling Kit down onto the bed and snuggling up close. Kit didn’t try to hide his smile this time.


Kit walked into the engineering canteen, spotting Mark and Wayu sitting at their usual table. Mark looked excited about something and Wayu looked decidedly less so.

Wayu looked up at his approach and as he sat down Wayu spoke, “Tell your boyfriend to stop interfering in my love life.”

“What is he doing this time?” Kit asked without missing a beat, setting his food down.

“P’Kit, why do you always assume I’m in the wrong and it’s not Wayu overreacting? It’s normal for friends to get involved in each other’s love lives.” He directed this last bit to Wayu, who reacted by sticking his tongue out.

Wayu turned back to Kit. “P’Kit, tell him to leave me alone, I can handle myself and I don’t need his shitty advice.”

“Mark, leave Wayu alone,” Kit said, ignoring Mark’s outraged gasp.

“You’re both ganging up on me! This isn’t fair.”

Kit and Wayu only smiled at each other as Mark pouted.



Kit yawned as he sat in his childhood bedroom, attempting to study while spending the weekend at home, which was a few hours away from the university. His phone chimed with a text.

From: Wayu

hurry up and come back so your boyfriend will stop moping

To: Wayu

I’ve barely been gone a day

From: Wayu

try telling him that

pretty sure he’s been counting the exact amount of time you’ve been gone

To: Wayu

He does know I’m not coming back till monday right?

From: Wayu

oh trust me, he knows

he knows, i know, pretty sure the whole engineering faculty knows, he wouldn’t shut up at lunch today

he keeps loudly sighing like once a minute and staring off into space, pls do something


Kit smiled down at his phone. Ah, his boyfriend truly was a child.

To: Mark

Stop bothering Wayu, if you behave until monday I’ll have a reward for you

From: Mark



From: Wayu


wait nevermind i dont want to know


Wayu met Kit in the cafe and sat down across from him with his coffee.

“What should I get Mark for his birthday?” they both asked at the same time and then stared at each other in disbelief.

“You’re his best friend, shouldn’t you know?”

“You’re his boyfriend, shouldn’t you know?”

“I’ve only known him for a few months, what’s your excuse?”

“Well, I-” Wayu faltered before slumping down. “Mark is hard to buy for.” He sipped through his straw petulantly. “He usually doesn’t want a whole and what he does want he usually just buys for himself.”

“He likes the cheesy heartfelt stuff more than material things, but I suck at that stuff.” Kit slumped in his seat, then narrowed his eyes. “But that seems like the kinda thing that’s right up your alley, why are you having trouble with it?”

“I have the pressure of 15 years worth of friendship, it’s not easy,” he defended. “Plus,” he continued in a lower tone, slightly embarrassed, “if you’re referring to my relationships, it’s usually them buying sentimental stuff for me.”

Kit snorted at that.

“Hey,” Wayu snapped, “he thinks the sun shines out of your ass, you could give him a rock you picked up off the side of the road and he would treasure it forever, why are you so worried? Or better yet, just buy a box of condoms and say you're his present.”

Kit almost choked on his coffee. “I’m not doing that,” he said, “and wipe that smirk off your face.” He looked down at his coffee. “Besides, I don’t want to give just anything. I feel like he’s always making an effort for me and making the grand gestures. And I find it hard to do that in return, especially without a specific occasion, but his birthday is the perfect chance for me to do something special.”

They both stared down at their coffee in thought for a minute, then Wayu pulled a notebook and pen out of his bag.

“What are you doing?” Kit asked.

“We’re brainstorming. I’ll help you think of something and you help me think of something,” Wayu said with a smile.

Kit returned the smile. “Deal.”