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You bring the blanket, I'll provide the wine

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Iruka is fifteen and hormonal, and everything is bright and new and terrifying. There's blood on his jacket, his hands, his face. Not his own, he has to remind himself. His nerves twitch like live wires; his heart hammers out a frantic tattoo that bubbles up and rumbles from his chest in a whooping fit of laughter.

"Shut up!" Raidou hisses, dragging him down into the thick shrubbery as the enemy nin currently in pursuit rush by overhead in green and grey blurs. It's his first mission without his team or his sensei, with only one of his superiors for company. Iruka's known Raidou for a while now, well enough to know he's a quietly belligerent man with a low tolerance for fucking shit up.

"Fucking up got me this," he had told Iruka once, running a finger across the nasty mess of twisted scar tissue. "So no fucking around on my watch, you got that kid?" It had started as just another routine D-rank mission that had quickly gone south when they'd stumbled on a group of B-rank missing-nin. The scuffle had left two of the enemy ninja wounded and their comrades feeling murderous. Now, Iruka's soaked in his own sweat and someone else's blood and he's never felt this terrified nor this alive.

Raidou is still on lookout when Iruka turns him around and pins him to the leaf-strewn forest floor, catches his lips and kisses him with furious, feverish hunger. "Kid, what the fuck are you-," is all Raidou manages to get out before his eyes shut and his body reacts. When they break apart Iruka is breathless with need and Raidou cups a hand to his mouth and motions for him to stay quiet before divesting himself of his flak jacket and Iruka of his pants.

They tumble underneath the high canopy of the endless forest, hands groping desperately here, there and everywhere at slick skin. Raidou has a shaky hand around Iruka's cock and it's all Iruka can do to keep his voice down. The enemy is still out there somewhere he knows; their chakra signatures are faint but readable. And if he can read theirs, they can read his. For now, silence is their only hope for survival. But it's difficult to focus on a distant danger when his mind is a hazy sex-crazed mess. Up down up down, go the motions of Raidou's hand and Iruka tries counting the intervals between his breathless gasps to try and steady himself.

"Fucking shit kid, you're such a goddamn tease," Raidou whispers against his ear and gives the rim a messy lick, and that's it, that's all she wrote. Iruka comes, hard and fast and hot and the mess splatters his uniform something terrible. Blood and come and sweat, he thinks and then breathes deep, tries to catch the last remnants of his orgasm even as it fades to nothing more than a vague sense of contentment and boneless ease.

"Over there!" a cry suddenly goes up, and Iruka's senses go into overdrive. It's a mad scramble to get up and away even as he reaches for a kunai with one hand and tries to tuck his spent cock back into his underwear with the other.

"Hurry the fuck up!" Raidou urges, already leaping for the nearest branch. Iruka makes it up in time to take off at full sprint just as the first noises of pursuit reach his ears. It takes them half a day to lose the enemy in the neverending gloom of the trees and another two hours before a squad of ANBU arrive to dispatch the intruders. When they finally get back to the village whole and unscathed, Raidou looks at him calmly for a moment before striking out.

Iruka doesn't see the punch coming and that only makes the impact harder. Fist meets flesh and pain explodes from his lower jaw in a magnificent bloom of black and red. "You could've fucking killed us, pulling that kind of shit!" Raidou rants at him, hands gesturing wildly. "What did I tell you about fucking up?!"

"Didn't look like you minded it all that much with your hand on my dick," Iruka mumbles near-incoherently, gingerly trying his jaw and yup, it's definitely dislocated. He sighs, shoves his hands into his pockets and tries not to look like he's in terrible pain. Raidou gives him a long, stern look before doubling over and clutching his stomach. At first Iruka thinks that he's going to be sick or that he's going to pass out, and he's surprised to find a niggle of alarm work its way to the back of his mind. But then his ears catch the quiet chuckles that follow.

"You're a fucking maniac kid, you know that?" Raidou wheezes and clips him on the shoulder, just hard enough to sting a little. Iruka tries to smile as brightly as he can manage what with all the dull throbbing pain and thinks that it's a great day to be fifteen.