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what you want, what you need

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like what most people said, it’s lonely at the top. but the thing about loneliness is that it gets way too unbearable sometimes, to the point that sex does not appeal to taeyong anymore because really, all he wants is to be held. at that loneliest point of his lavish, extravagant life, he unexpectedly met johnny suh through ten’s younger, model boyfriend yukhei. 

“you should try meeting someone, taeyong,” yukhei once said, during one of taeyong’s visit to ten’s cheongdam-dong penthouse, so lavish that taeyong’s own look a bit shabby even though he’s not so bad himself. truth is, both taeyong and ten are rich rich, but not even money can guarantee you love and intimacy. even though ten now dates yukhei, and taeyong can’t help but feel lonely and helpless.

“yeah taeyong, you should try going on dates more. maybe yukhei can help you find… well, you know, a companion?” ten added, finally facing taeyong after spending the last hour leaning his head on yukhei’s shoulder. 

“companion?” taeyong scoffs, looking away and opts to look at ten’s chandelier instead, “maybe i should get a lapdog if companionship is what i need.” 

“no, listen. i know a friend that you’ll really, really like. he’s – hot, super smart too. i think both of you match well,” yukhei earnestly tells him. taeyong sighed and looked away, genuinely thinking that there won’t be any follow up to this. rich people do this all the time, telling him that they would introduce him to someone only to forget about it in the first place. 

but no, yukhei never forgets. taeyong was attending one of ten’s gallery openings, somewhere in sinsa-dong on a cold, autumn evening. to be frank, taeyong could not concentrate on the art pieces laid before him that night, it all looked like a mess of graphic brush strokes and splatters of paint to him. maybe it’s because of the moët & chandon. 

“taeyong, this is the friend i told you about,” he starts. he offers taeyong a cheeky smile, although taeyong knew better. his breath unexpectedly hitched when he finally looked at the man, or to be exact, yukhei’s friend. the one he proclaimed to be hot, super smart. and would match well with taeyong. 

when yukhei told taeyong that he would introduce him to someone, he did not expect, well, this. he was expecting maybe someone… like his other past boyfriends. flings. someone boyish and shy, like the ones that got away. those who got sick of taeyong after the fourth fuck. but no, standing before him is a man so tall that taeyong had to look up a little to properly gaze into his honey brown eyes, cupid bow so perfect that his lips look so pretty when he gives taeyong a subtle grin. taeyong kind of want to kiss him. it’s the moët, taeyong thinks. 

“hey,” the man said while offering him a hand to shake. “well, yukhei told me lots of good things about you, taeyong. it’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person. i’m johnny.”

with that, taeyong finally schooled his expression, telling himself to get a fucking grip, lee taeyong, and took his hand. johnny’s bigger hands enveloped his perfectly, and his touch starved ass can’t help but think, god, fuck. i want him. you see, lee taeyong is an art dealer. a fucking good one. he has an eye for beauty.

the rest of the event blurs, he vaguely remembers the small talks johnny entertained him. i’m not smart, yukhei must be exaggerating. i’m just – lucky enough to get into SNU to study media art. although to be frank, i’m kinda worried. i think i have to drop out, i’m a bit short in cash. yukhei told me that you could help me in exchange for companionship.

taeyong realizes then, what this encounter means. why yukhei hooked them up. he gets quiet a little after that. usually, they were all demure and shy about it. they don’t abruptly talk about money, although one look at their eyes and taeyong instantly knows they’re in it only for his money. johnny was blunt about it, did not even show an ounce of shyness. his voice did not waver. he held taeyong’s gaze while he said it. but then they both have something that the other wants. needs. companionship for taeyong, and johnny – johnny just want to be a great filmmaker. and in order to get there, a sponsor wouldn’t hurt.

surprisingly, they didn’t fuck the first night they met. although everyone could see from miles away the way they look at each other, a want so carnal that a spectator would blush just from seeing them. taeyong knows – johnny probably expected someone older, with grey hairs, a little bit of wrinkle. expected anything but taeyong. taeyong knows that johnny probably wants him too, he can see it as clear as day from the way he’s eyeing his body. 

“i’ll think about it, good night johnny. see you around,” taeyong said with finality while getting into his car, johnny standing outside holding a black umbrella because it suddenly rained cats and dogs during the end of the event. taeyong could see the wet drops of rain on johnny’s black velvet suit – a suit that looked way too expensive for an undergraduate student short in cash, although maybe that’s just johnny. his body and his face could complete the most disastrous combination of outfit possible, because that’s how insanely beautiful he is. the slope of his jaw, his cat-like eye.. taeyong closed his eyes and he could feel the loud thunk of his head meeting the car’s headrest. even with closed eyes, he could still make out johnny’s intricate features behind his eyelids, branded onto the back of his eyelids from the first sight.

the thing about this – younger boyfriends, boy toys, or whatever people call it… at thirty, taeyong is definitely not new to this. there’s dozen of younger guys he’s dated before; models, aspiring actors and artists. but before johnny, there was jaehyun. the one that got away. the one taeyong came to love so deep only for him to let go. because let’s face it – jaehyun’s got a bright future ahead of him and taeyong who loved him so much of course said okay, it’s okay when jaehyun said that he’s moving to new york, a modelling agency offered him a shiny new contract with a promise of international exposure.


yukhei [01:11 AM]:

i see that ure still unsure. take ur time. he’s nice, i promise


he was tossing and turning in his bed when he received yukhei’s text. a bed so big like his felt so cold with just one person sleeping in it. truth be told, taeyong regretted not taking johnny home that night. they could be fucking six ways to sunday right now, but his uncertainty resulted in him shivering even after he turned up his heating. he blames the rainy autumn night for the cold, where he finally met someone so beautiful he kind of wanted to break all of the walls and barriers he built just to be held by him.


unknown number [03:37 AM]: 

taeyong, this is johnny. i have a mini showcase of a project next friday

and i’d be really happy if u come and see it

was i too blunt about the sponsor thing? i’m sorry

goodnight, taeyong



truth is, taeyong could not stop thinking about johnny since that night. he wonders how johnny will touch him. will he be rough with him, leaving imprints of his hands on his neck, his thighs, his waist when they fuck? will he be gentle, covering taeyong’s body with his own until they both do not know where they start and where they end? he wonders how johnny will sound when he finishes in him, will he moan into taeyong’s mouth or buried his groans to taeyong’s neck? this is all he think about in his office, during meetings, late night on the way home at the backseat of his benz. 

by the third day, taeyong starts to forget how johnny look. he should’ve looked at johnny’s face even longer that night, he thinks. he’s starting to forget how his lips look, how it would curl into a smile whenever taeyong chuckled. he could only vaguely remember the way johnny said, yukhei told me lots of good things about you, taeyong. it’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person. i’m johnny.

by the third day, he caved into his desires. it’s funny how loneliness can control you more than you think. 


lee taeyong [8:49 PM]: 

text me the address of your showcase, i’ll be waiting.



johnny’s showcase was, of course, not something taeyong is used to. he’s used to venues with ceilings so high that they could fit a 2-meter-long chandelier. he’s used to the free flow of champagne, used to the faces of familiar strangers that he’d see only on tabloids. but this, this is new. although he looked a bit out of place here, with his custom made lanvin suit, surrounded by college students drunk on cheap beers with house music in the background. this reminded him of his days in london, graduated from an art school himself. johnny’s project turned out to be a collection of black and white portraits of people, with their stories written on the wall beside the photographs. black and white videotapes of him interviewing children, adolescents, someone in their 40s, 60s. mostly talking about youth. he figured that this is the theme of johnny’s project. 

youth, taeyong scoffed unknowingly while thinking about it. way to rub it on my face. he thinks. he used to think that he’s quite youthful in appearance for someone his age, but taeyong can’t deny the change in his body now that he’s no longer in his 20s. years of drinking, smoking, and occasional drugs did not help either. he internally winces at that. 

“hey. you really came,” johnny’s voice sounded so unsure, as if he could not believe what he’s seeing. it’s a nice change, taeyong thinks, compared to the easy confidence he radiated some nights ago. somehow this reminded him that johnny is just a 22 year old student, still trying to find his footing in this crazy world. but alas, what did he expect? at 22, all taeyong did was smoke joints and get drunk out of his mind every night. johnny is a saint compared to him. a beautiful, beautiful saint because right now, he looks all kinds of delectable with his white shirt and blue jeans, piercings now on. hair too long in a dicaprio-esque cut, and he tucked it to the back of his ears. he looks more like his age compared to nights ago where he looked like a bit older, and oh-so-sensual taeyong was ready to fall on his knees. and ah, is that a sunflower tattoo?

“i did,” taeyong finally faced him, giving johnny a little smile. “it’s nice, i see that you’re interested in people’s stories. youth, especially.” taeyong added as he looked away from johnny, because god. he’s so beautiful.

“i guess it’s my way to commemorate my youth too,” johnny too, finally looked away from taeyong. head turned a bit downwards, his shoes trying to sweep away a stray cigarette butt. is he nervous? taeyong muses. “although i gotta admit, commemorating youth is a bit cliché to an art dealer like you, right?” johnny chuckled.

“nah, i was all about coming of age shit when i was your age too. you’ll get to experience your youth once, might as well throw a party for it.” taeyong smiled, reminiscing all the things he did when he was johnny’s age. “without you knowing, life decided to never slow down and boom, you’re thirty and lonely. visiting an undergrad’s showcase.” taeyong added lightheartedly.

johnny gave him a hearty laugh at that and taeyong can’t help but think that it sounds nice. “taeyong, i’m sure you’re not even that old.” they’re looking eye-to-eye now. 

“johnny, do you even know how old i am? did yukhei told you?” the sudden change of taeyong’s tone made johnny’s smile faltered. “i’m– i’m way older than you. so before you pursue men like me, for their money, make sure–” he stopped himself from ranting about his insecurity, about his fear of abandonment. because the truth is, taeyong can't handle another jaehyun. can't handle fucking someone for days, moving in with them, taking them to cyprus to spend hot summer days together, holding each other to sleep every night, only to be left alone. again and again. he looked away from johnny, only for johnny to turn his head with his hand on his jaw, making him face johnny again. 

it took a while for taeyong to realize that johnny’s kissing him, there in his showcase for everyone to see. it took awhile for taeyong to reciprocate too, his hand holding johnny’s jaw and johnny’s on his waist. johnny licked his bottom lip and that’s it, that’s the last straw for taeyong. 

it took every bit of their self restraint to wait until the end of the showcase. johnny, his lips kiss swollen and shiny with spit, thanked everyone for coming to his showcase. but taeyong knows better, knows how much johnny wants this fucking showcase to end already and take taeyong home, kiss him some more. of course johnny cannot take him home this instant, because as much as he wants to fuck taeyong too, he has responsibilities to unload the portraits and installations. taeyong waits outside the venue, lighting up a cigarette while hugging his upper body with his other hand due to the cold autumn breeze, watching the guests leave one by one. johnny approaches him half an hour and 2 cigarettes later, asking him “do you still wanna do this?” and taeyong said, “yeah, i’m gonna take you home.” 

taeyong led him to his benz, and he didn’t try to hide his smile while he drove them to his place, johnny’s hand resting on his thigh.



taeyong had to literally physically wrench johnny to stop him before it’s too late, before johnny fucks the living daylight out of him against the front door. fortunately, they did make it to taeyong’s bedroom. although it really wasn’t the master bedroom because right now they’re stripping each other’s clothes while rutting against each other on the guest bed, both too horny out of their minds to go upstairs to taeyong’s master bedroom. there will be lots of next times anyway, they’d be fucking all over the penthouse’s surface before they know it. 

“fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful,” johnny mumbles against taeyong’s neck after getting them both naked in record time while also nonchalantly throwing taeyong to the bed, and that’s okay because manhandling has always been taeyong’s turn ons. “tell me what you want,” he continued, touching every inch of taeyong’s bare skin with his fingertips, leaving goosebumps in their wake. taeyong, too strung up, can’t help but twitch whenever johnny’s hands touch his abdomen and god, he’s so fucking hard already just from kissing johnny. and he can see johnny is just as turned on as he is, his length fully hard and slick. he wants to lick it. 

taeyong broke their kiss only to trail kisses down the beautiful slope of johnny’s jaw to his ears, and told him what he really wanted: “want you to make me come over and over again. with your mouth, your cock. please johnny, make me feel good.” and johnny can’t hold his moan after hearing those filth whispered directly to his ears, because taeyong does not have to beg really, all he has to do is just keep looking at johnny like this, pupils blown wide and lips bitten red. all johnny can manage was a hoarse “yeah, okay. i'll make you feel good.”

johnny starts from kissing his neck, down to his sternum and to one of his dusky nipples, licked it experimentally and he knows taeyong loves this from the way he moaned and writhed, wordlessly asking johnny for more, more, more. more friction, more heat, more tongue, more of johnny, everything. johnny trails his kisses down to his flat stomach, and this time johnny pins taeyong’s hips to the bed before he suckles the tip of his cock, dipping his tongue into his leaking slit.

mmh! f-fuck,” taeyong gasps, not knowing what to do after months of not being touched because fuck, this feels so fucking good he’s probably gonna blow his load in seconds. johnny takes more of him, engulfing his whole cock with his mouth, licking the underside and tracing the vein. he alternates between bobbing his mouth, deepthroating taeyong’s cock like it's so easy, and laves the sensitive tip with his tongue in between all that. 

taeyong grabbed johnny’s hair, not because he wants to fuck his mouth but because he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, his body feels like its gonna implode with the onslaught of pleasure, which feels so foreign after jaehyun left him moons ago. “fuck, i’m gonna– ah!” taeyong couldn’t even warn johnny before cumming in his mouth.

johnny hums, as if he expected it, trained to do this and make taeyong cum, and taeyong can only let out a meek moan when felt johnny’s throat tighten to swallow his cum. johnny lets taeyong’s cock slide out of his mouth and leaves open mouthed kisses on his inner thigh, his balls, his perineum, murmuring “that's it, baby,” and then continuing down to the back of taeyong’s knees, his calves, his ankles, before he turned taeyong around, arranging him the way he wants it: head down, ass up. this way, it’s so easy to worship taeyong’s beautiful body, from his wide shoulders down to the taper of his waist, his hips, his smooth ass. 

he starts from the knobs of his spine, light kisses peppered all over his back while his hands are still touching taeyong’s abdomen and nipples. “johnny, don’t tease,” taeyong softly says. “i won’t dare,” johnny answers, slowly kissing down taeyong’s body to the place he needs johnny the most, and when he reached there he did not hesitate to lick at the rosy puckered rim. “fuck, you’re driving me crazy. johnny finally admits, before spreading his cheeks even more and dips his tongue inside him.

johnny starts to eat him out earnestly then, fucking his tongue in and out of taeyong, and taeyong was so shell-shocked he could not do anything but moan and bury his face to his thousand thread count sheets. fuck, taeyong thinks, we should slow the fuck down. taeyong tries to look back and tells johnny that, but johnny beats him to it and asks, “where’s your lube?” 

taeyong retrieves the lube and condoms from the nightstand, the ones they bought specifically for one night stands, for this. because really, after jaehyun left he never brought the man of the night upstairs to the master bedroom. felt too personal. jaehyun left, and he did not know how to let someone in again simply because he won’t know how to handle people leaving him. don’t want to ever experience the sight of someone packing their belongings after living with him for so long, moving away to new york because he’s young, he’s one of the most popular fashion models in korea right now it’s only logical for him to move away and chase his dreams. while taeyong, taeyong will always be here in cheongdam-dong, alone and lonely in his king size bed smoking and drinking to his heart's content.

johnny has two of his fingers in taeyong now, he’s being so careful and slow taeyong could literally feel the excessive use of lube dripping to his taint. maybe he likes it wet, he thinks. johnny alternates between scissoring his fingers and rubbing taeyong’s puckered hole. taeyong could see, could feel, that johnny is well experienced when it comes to sex, because it did not take long for him to finally rub his fingers on that one spot that feels so good taeyong can’t help but rub his cock a little because he felt himself getting hard again. 

knowing that he has done something right, johnny added another finger to properly stretch him now. “you’re so fucking tight,” johnny whispers against taeyong’s tailbone while now relentlessly fingerbanging taeyong into oblivion. taeyong, helpless in johnny’s arms, can’t do anything but just lay there and take it. because all johnny did since the start, was give, give, give. taeyong’s wanton moans are starting to build up in volume, he’s so fucking close already it’s crazy how reactive his body is to johnny. johnny removes his fingers then and taeyong whined at the loss, so fucking ready to put it back inside and ride his fingers himself.  

“turn over,” johnny said at one point. taeyong finds it hard to differentiate reality and his thoughts when he’s on edge like this, so he stupidly asks johnny, “w-what?”

johnny litters kisses from his tailbone up to the side of taeyong’s neck, a place he knows will make taeyong’s breath hitch – a rather recent discovery johnny finds to be very endearing. “turn over, i want to see your face when i put my cock inside you,” he says while holding taeyong’s waist to assist him in turning over. he puts on more lube to his cock and when johnny looks at taeyong, taeyong looks so ruined already – his big black eyes hazy and unfocused, eyeing johnny’s cock like he’s a starved man, cheeks pink and lips wet with johnny’s spit.

johnny wets taeyong’s plush lips even more by kissing taeyong, sucking his tongue while taeyong buries his fingers on johnny’s hair some more while johnny wraps taeyong’s legs around his torso. johnny eventually breaks the kiss to put on the condom (taeyong whines when he realizes that he’s not gonna feel johnny’s cum in him but johnny shushes him and said, “next time, okay?”) and pushes his cock inside inch by inch. taeyong throws his head back against the plush pillow and says, “you’re so fucking big, johnny, fuck.” because really, how is he gonna fuck other men now once johnny leaves him like what jaehyun did? knowing johnny is literally perfect like this. 

johnny’s not a humble man, he realizes – he knows he’s well endowed and says “yeah, you like that, taeyong?” while he buries himself to the hilt until he can feel his hip bones flush against taeyong’s ass. “can i move? are you okay?” he adds.

“yes, yes, yes, johnny– fuck!” taeyong groans when johnny started thrusting his cock slowly but so fucking deeply all taeyong can feel is the pleasure of smooth friction, hitting all the right spots and taeyong can’t help but mindlessly moan. “fuck,” he starts. “you’re fucking me so good, please johnny, harder,” he eventually begs.

johnny rearranges taeyong so that his knees meet his shoulders, his ass in the air completely flush against johnny’s pelvis and he starts to pound him fast and hard, making sure that his cockhead bumps that one spot he knows would make taeyong go crazy. taeyong mewls, a sound so beautiful johnny wants to keep it locked in his memory. “so fucking good,” johnny says against taeyong’s right fibula, while taeyong looks so lost in pleasure all he can do is run his hands through his chest, his shoulders, his own hair, eyebrows scrunched up and mouth hanging open – moaning and screaming expletives onto the pillows. johnny pulled out then, coaxing taeyong to turn over again. 

taeyong is so pliant like this, it’s so easy for johnny to pull his hips up and angle his ass to his liking while his shoulders are flush against the bed, arms no longer have the strength to support his body. he teases taeyong a little bit, rubbing his cock against his hole. usually johnny does not have much patience in him, likes to fuck and get done with it, but with taeyong – god knows what will happen next and even though he knows this won’t be the last, he wants to cherish taeyong’s body, imprint it on his mind. a man so beautiful, so ruined, begging for his cock, his skinny hand reached behind and guided johnny’s cock back to his rim and fucking himself with it.

johnny lets taeyong do it for a while, his hands on his waist to guide taeyong bouncing on his cock like a man starved. the room is filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and taeyong’s unrestrained moans. johnny starts to feel the heat pooling in his belly and so he took control of the pace, pushes the space in between taeyong’s shoulder blades to seriously thrust into him, pace relentless and unforgiving. he makes sure to hit taeyong’s prostate with accuracy because that’s what he wants, right? to come over and over again tonight?

“god, johnny, i’m so close,” taeyong breathes, he sounds so broken and strung up he’s a bit ashamed of how far gone he is. “make me come, please, please,” he turns his head to look at johnny and johnny too, looks so fucking lost in pleasure with sweat running down the side of his face making his hair wet, gaze predatory. 

when taeyong begged johnny to make him come, he expected him to wrap his fingers around his cock and jerk him off. but instead, johnny fists taeyong’s hair and pushes his head against the pillow again and angles his hips so that his cock constantly hits taeyong’s prostate. “can you cum untouched, taeyong?” he says. and fuck, it’s been so long since he’s experienced a prostate orgasm – even jaehyun can only make him come untouched once, now johnny’s trying to make him lose his mind on their first fuck. 

“yes, mmh, i’m– i’m so close,” taeyong says as he moves in tandem with johnny, meeting him halfway. his asscheeks are probably so fucking red and raw now, he could practically feel it. suddenly johnny holds his waist to steady him, taeyong whines at the loss of control, but then johnny opts for deeper, shorter thrusts that constantly stimulates his prostate and taeyong loses it.

he comes with a high pitched shout he could not control, something he thought he couldn’t do because it sounds like something out of a goddamn porn, orgasm so intense he feels heat coursing through his body followed by chills and zaps of electricity. taeyong runs his own hand through his abdomen, cock twitches weakly when he accidentally touches the sensitive head. “fuck, you made me come so hard, johnny,” taeyong chuckles, burying his face to the pillow. taeyong can’t feel his face.

johnny slows down then and halts to a stop, pulls out. he kisses taeyong’s neck to his jaw, to the mole underneath his lips, and finally his lips – a kiss so sweet drawing a stark contrast with the frantic fucking minutes ago. “you okay? want me to stop?” johnny asks. taeyong turns his body flat on his back now, opening his legs wide, enticing johnny to put his cock back inside him. “mmm, no, you should come,” taeyong says with a giggle, “its okay, use me. i can take it,” he adds.

johnny pushes into him once again and mutters, “fuck, you’re fucking insatiable,” against taeyong’s lips. this time, he’s being greedy, chasing for a release that suddenly feels so fucking near he can feel it on his fingertips. taeyong’s still sensitive but he likes the pain, his moans filling the room once again. being used by johnny like this, makes him feel like he wants to be the one owned by johnny instead – when in reality, this liaison means he owns johnny, because after this, taeyong will be the one paying for his tuition, his projects, his needs. johnny’s gonna be a filmmaker, right? but still, he wonders what it feels like to be owned by johnny. right now, he also wonders what his cum tastes like, so he offers johnny a “do you want to cum in my mouth, baby?” against his jaw.

this seems to break something in johnny and taeyong hopes it was his self control. “fuck,” he breathes, he hurriedly stops his thrusts and pulls out, takes off the condom too with no care in this world, and scoots so that he brackets taeyong’s neck with his knees. taeyong chuckles and opens his mouth, helps johnny stroke his cock with his smaller hand, angling the head to his mouth – cock so slick the sound and the sight of it is downright sinful and dirty.

johnny fists the hair on top of taeyong’s head then, and pulls a surprised moan out of taeyong along with a cheeky giggle. johnny moans then, the loudest he’s ever let out tonight as if it’s irrepressible. “i’m gonna come, f-fuck! open wide, baby,” johnny says while still stroking his cock, chasing for that sweet, sweet release. taeyong can’t help but chuckle at the way johnny still calls him baby, when he’s much older than johnny. the first spurts of his cum landed on taeyong’s tongue and as soon as he tasted it, he closed his lips on johnny’s cockhead, sucking his release. johnny pants against his upper arm, propping himself against the wall so that he doesn’t fall over taeyong. taeyong bobbed his head a little bit, coaxing the rest of his release out of johnny. next time, he’s gonna ask johnny to fuck his mouth. 

johnny collapses next to taeyong instantly – boneless, sweaty, fucked outta his mind. taeyong can hear him try to control his breathing like he just ran a marathon. taeyong cuddled up closer to johnny, throwing his legs over his body and circling his arms around his neck. he pressed open-mouthed kiss to his clavicles, leaving marks he knew johnny will struggle to cover up. johnny turned his head to kissed him fully on his mouth before he asked against taeyong’s lips, “want me to clean you up? or run you a bath maybe?” and with that, taeyong smiled against his lips and said, “yeah, a bath with you sounds nice.”



“how did you know yukhei, johnny?” taeyong finally breaks the comfortable silence. although it’s not really silence when they can hear the sounds of johnny’s lips smacking against taeyong’s bare skin and the noise of the water. they’re in a tub, together. taeyong’s back flush against johnny’s pecs. taeyong on johnny’s lap, while johnny held him close – one arm circled around his waist and another one on the inside of his thigh. his lips on taeyong’s nape, inhaling the smell of a tom ford body wash – the things that the riches can afford is baffling to johnny. the tv above the tub is on (again, the riches are weird), although nobody really pays attention to it; volume too low for anyone to actually listen. the colors from the screen paints both of them in a mess of blues and pinks, and johnny thinks taeyong is so beautiful and otherworldly like this – his wet hair a bit too long and the bangs sometimes falls over his eyes which is why they're tucked behind his ears, his perfect nose, his lips, all painted in a soft blue glow. almost like a fallen angel. it’s not until taeyong lets out a soft hey, that johnny realizes that taeyong was talking to him. 

“sorry, lost in thoughts,” he kissed taeyong oh so tenderly that taeyong giggled and smiled against his lips, “yukhei? well – he modeled for one of my projects last year. and we’ve been close since,” he explains.

taeyong just answers him with a soft hum, before reaching out for his shampoo and starts lathering shampoo to his hair. johnny takes the hint, and washes taeyong’s hair for him before washing his own. they rinse it out in silence, and when the water turns lukewarm, johnny left the tub and prepared for taeyong’s bathrobe; wraps his body with it and dries his hair. in bed, wrapped around each other – now with clothes on – taeyong kissed johnny one last time that night, so chaste and lovely johnny wonders if this is something his unconsciousness made up, scared that it’s only a dream. but no, johnny is awake, and that kiss was indeed real, and taeyong sighs against johnny’s warm neck and hugs his chest tighter. his breath eventually slows and the grip around his ribs looser.

johnny though – can’t seem to sleep and turn his mind off, thoughts not slowing down. what now? what will happen now? now that i’ve fucked him and know how beautiful his moans are, i really don’t know what this is. yukhei once told him, that if he scores taeyong then he’s hit a jackpot – but johnny’s scared of his own feelings. scared of the things that he will do to make taeyong really his.

when morning comes, johnny’s awaken from the sound of taeyong taking a shower. suddenly he’s fully awake, aware of the situation he’s in now, in a warm bed so expensive he probably has to work for a whole lifetime to afford it. he had to fight the plush comforter to get out of the bed, walking towards the source of the sound. taeyong’s in the shower, the vapor from the hot water fogged up the shower glass door although he can still see clearly the shape of taeyong’s small body – his hourglass shaped torso, small waist and slightly wide hips.

johnny’s cock twitches at the sight, memories of last night – taeyong’s lithe body, his moans, his gaze – suddenly crept up to him when he’s most defenseless. he opens the shower door, taeyong turns his head and smiled shyly, demurely at his direction. johnny takes the bait, holds his body and pulls taeyong’s backside close against his front, hands exploring the expanse of taeyong’s torso and kisses him hard. the water is a bit too hot for johnny’s liking, but he did not bother to complain. he'd rather kiss taeyong some more and suck his bottom lip while he still can.

“you’re early,” johnny says when he finally breaks the kiss. taeyong faces johnny competely now, circling his arms around his neck and kisses johnny fully on his mouth. “mmm, i have something to take care of in my office,” he says. johnny hums, of course someone so stupidly rich like taeyong would be this busy, even early in the morning. he kisses taeyong some more, backs him up against the shower glass, ruts his half hard cock against taeyong’s.

he’s half hard too, and he moaned so unabashedly and drops to his knees; kissing johnny’s adonis belt. johnny braces his body against the glass, and closes his eyes when taeyong starts to take him into his mouth, and fuck, he’s so fucking good at this. usually, his past sex partners would find blowing him hard due to his size but taeyong – his tongue is skilled and practiced, he wonders how long he will last. he sways his hips a little, thrusting experimentally to test taeyong’s limits. 

taeyong looks up then, watching johnny watching him with hungry eyes, and begins to bob his head, like a switch turned on – purposely fucking his throat with johnny’s cock. he gags and coughs a little, but he carried on. johnny is amazed beyond words and also so fucking turned on that the lee taeyong, the man of his fucking dreams, so fucking beautiful that last night when they were in the tub together, he wanted to make a movie about him – about a fallen angel lost in the haze of lust, pleasure, sex, and everything nice. 

fuck,” johnny groans; lost for words. he holds taeyong’s head in place and fucks his mouth properly now, taeyong’s hands holding johnny’s glutes to steady himself. johnny can’t differentiate the tears on taeyong’s face and the steady streams from the shower, although whenever johnny slows down, taeyong would willingly fuck his cock back into his throat. johnny can’t warn taeyong before he cums, all he did was grip taeyong’s soft soft hair and taeyong just knows. he swallows around johnny, and all johnny can do is let out a hoarse, long moan, because that is the blowjob of his life. taeyong moans around him when he tastes johnny. 

johnny helped him stand up then, kissing the daylights out of taeyong after that. “you’re fucking amazing,” johnny admits. taeyong giggled although it rapidly turned into a moan when johnny starts to stroke him – fast and tight with his hand, so slick with the water from the shower. it didn’t even take too long for taeyong to cum, and he moaned johnny’s name against his mouth, breathing each other’s breath.

they wash each other’s back after that, followed by johnny toweling taeyong’s hair dry. taeyong then leaves the guest room to dress because yeah, sometimes johnny forgets taeyong is fucking loaded and probably has his own walking closet. 

they left the apartment afterwards, this time with an audi rather than the benz, taeyong dropping johnny off in front of his apartment. johnny thinks that sooner or later, he'd probably move out of here and move in with taeyong if they keep this up. the penthouse is way too big anyway. they kissed again, because both of them just couldn't help it, keeping it chaste and as innocent as possible, although taeyong really wanted to climb to his lap then and there. 

“i’ll see you soon,” taeyong whispered on his lips. johnny smiled and kissed him one last time, getting out of the car. the last thing he saw before closing the car door was taeyong’s lovely smile, happiness look good on him. like this, he's so much younger looking and carefree than the lee taeyong he met last night in his showcase, lonely and lost in his overpriced lanvin suit. but johnny must admit, he looked so fucking good in it. 

the first thing his roommate, yuta said to him was, “damn, did you fuck an old rich woman or something? you smell fucking nice.” johnny just grinned at that and told yuta, "maybe. and also, you might need to find a new roommate." yuta gawked at him for that. johnny chuckled.

by the time he’s ordering his coffee at a nearby starbucks, he received a text from taeyong.


lee taeyong [11:11 AM]: 

u make me so happy

i paid for it, baby

now go make me proud

and come over tonight, i miss u already