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Naruto Uzumaki; jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Kyūbi no Yōko, the strongest of the Bijuu. And that's just it. Kurama, his Bijuu, has always been there. Ever since he was less than an hour old, Kurama was there every waking minute. Maybe they weren't there for him all his life, but they were still there. 


And for that? For that, he loves them. 


Naruto supposed it was only natural, seeing as he had craved for attention, friendships, caresses—any form of love, basically—for the majority of his life. So when he figured out he literally had his own inner demon, he made it his mission to shower them (yes, "them," because he didn't know the beast's pronouns yet) with love. 


It wasn't easy at first, and it took a lot of time, but he finally cracked the ice one day. 




The beast-now-turned-human looked over at the blonde, who was sitting on the edge of the messy bed, staring out the window after a long mission. 




"What do you think the others will say?"


Kurama sighed. The "secret" wasn't told to many; Tsunade, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Iruka (all of them were incredibly reluctant—refused, almost— to accept that the creature who had ravaged their village and taken the life of their precious Yellow Flash was out and about disguised as a human) were the only ones who knew for now. While Kurama knew Naruto still cared about others' opinions of him, that wasn't what he was worried about right now. He was worried about Kurama. Worried for Kurama. 


"What if I just eat them instead?" he (Kurama found this pronoun suited him best) teased. It wasn't really time for joking, for Naruto was serious about this, but Kurama needed to lighten up the blonde's heart and mind. 


He received a chuckle in response. "Only you, Kurama."


The knowing and fond smile was worth it. 


Kurama smiled back in response. As he wrapped his arms around Naruto, he sighed in content. Naruto, his one and only Naruto, was here with him , here to stay. That only caused Kurama's heart to explode in little orange sparkles of sappy and long-lost love. 


Naruto was content. He was sublime. He was happy, cherished, cared for, payed attention to, fed, loved -


Kurama was his constant. Naruto was Kurama's constant. The pair couldn't have been any more in love and infatuated with the other.