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Wei  Wuxian  is an annoying roommate. He’s messy, he leaves things around and hardly cleans after himself. Unless Lan  Wangji  tells him to, and having to tell him to is even more annoying, he’s not his mom.  Still  he does pick up his empty instant fire noodle cups and chocolate wrappers around the couch, sometimes he even washes his dishes and does his laundry for him.  

It’s natural for Lan Zhan to be tidy and keep the apartment nice and organized. At least every other room except for Wei Ying’s bedroom, since Lan Zhan is not going to go as far as to offer to clean his fucking room for him. He could, but Wei Ying probably wouldn’t want him to. The doors to their bedrooms are usually closed anyway, so Lan Zhan can just pretend the mess on the other side doesn’t exist.  

Wei Ying does like to cook every now and then, but that just means even more mess around the kitchen for Lan Zhan to clean up.  Also  his usage of chilis could one day potentially send Lan Zhan to the hospital with some kind of organ inflammation or internal bleeding.  Still  he eats his food, it’s not like he could refuse when Wei Ying offers him a self-made dish, with the most vibrant smile that has ever been directed towards Lan Zhan’s solemn face.  

Lan  Wangji  is more or less a minimalist, his room is very simple with just his bed, a bookshelf and  guqin  table. Wei Ying’s room is not just unorganized, it’s cluttered with ridiculous and unnecessary things, like stuffed animals; a stupid looking giant donkey plush, dying house plants,  and  weird books about ghosts and demons.   

Things like that used to stay strictly in his room until one day Lan Zhan came home to find a chunky bunny plush on his bed and a blooming gentian next to his  guqin  

The bunny is still on his bed and the plant is thriving.  

Lan Zhan could tolerate this, but the worst thing Wei Ying does is hang around in the apartment wearing his pajama shorts that show his ass cheeks from certain angles, and yes, he has caught Lan Zhan  looking  more than once.  

He generally wears outfits that show a lot of skin, unlike Lan Wangji. Cropped tops that show his small waist, and it just looks like a really comfortable place for Lan Zhan’s hands, with the soft curve of his hips and his ass poking out. He has a very pretty body, and it’s kind of awkward how much Lan Zhan likes to look at it.   

One night Lan Zhan wakes up around 3 am to an orgasm thrumming through his body. His dream cuts off abruptly and it’s just his dark room and his own heavy breathing. Instead of Wei Ying’s hair his fist is clutching his blanket and instead of Wei Ying’s waiting hole his cum is sloshing in his underwear. It’s sad, depressing even, his own body making fun of his sex deprivation and his fixation to a boy with a high ponytail and plump ass.  

Wei Ying’s sexual noises produced by his own brain still echo in a weird dreamy part of his mind. It sounded so real in the dream, and felt real too. Lan Zhan’s cock is still hard and his heart is sad. He sits up and reaches for his laptop, deciding to take the matters in his own hands, literally, he starts what turns into a nightly routine of him watching porn.  

The Lan family is known for their company and money but even more for their strict life style and old-fashioned morals, being brought up like that Lan Zhan has developed impeccable self-control. After meeting Wei  Wuxian  all of it started to crack. He made him try alcohol for the first time, and the second and the third time. One of those times Wei Ying kissed him and that too was Lan Zhan’s first. It might not have been as meaningful for Wei Ying  though,  they were both drunk and Lan Zhan doesn’t know how casually Wei Ying kisses people while drunk. He has a flirty and charismatic personality, he’s bubbly and easy to be around, maybe slutty. Lan Zhan doesn’t know his sexual or romantic history and doesn’t really want to, thinking about it kind of gives him a bitter feeling, so he doesn’t.  

Again it’s because of Wei Ying his self-control is grumbling, he searches for lewd things on his laptop or on his phone every night to not think about him and his body. Maybe if he just gets himself off every day while watching other people, he will stop fantasying or having wet dreams about him.  

Sometimes he misses his bedtime because of it. He spends a lot of time searching for the content that is up to his standards. Turns out it’s not easy to find, he’s very specific with his needs and wants. His type is clearly a pretty bottom  twink  with cute ass, preferably with a high-ponytail, and he would also appreciate a red ribbon around it.   

He’s not really doing a very good job at not thinking about Wei Ying. He’s basically just looking for video material to feed his sexual fantasies of his roommate, instead of trying to find substitute. And even if he jerks off every day he’s still horny.  

Turns out porn is not going to solve his problem.  

Wei Ying is the only person Lan Zhan considers his friend. He’s the only person he could listen to talk for hours and not get bored. He tolerates his mess and doesn’t mind cleaning after him because he makes the apartment feel lively, and like a home. Wei Ying is his favorite person to play video games with, even though a lot of times he wants to play games he’s not actually good at, he still makes it more fun than anyone else. Lan Zhan is not a person who’s used to having fun, so it’s a real thrill for him every time.  

He values their friendship, and doesn’t want to risk it by letting him know how he feels about him, or how his cock feels about him. He doesn’t want to expose himself as a pervert who’s been hole-thirsty over him the entire time they have lived together. Communication is not his forte anyway, he prefers action over words, but he can’t just bend him over on the kitchen table without any warning either.  

There’s no easy way out clearly.   

He starts working longer hours at his uncle’s company while still studying on the side, maybe his dick will forget if he just keeps himself busy and focuses very hard on everything else. He even goes to the gym more often as an attempt to tire himself out. It makes his shoulders wider and his chest bigger but doesn’t change how his dick feels. The spirit of it is really unbreakable.  

He’s at home less but he can still make time for his nightly browsing. Tugged in bed and phone in hand he has ended up lurking some threads of conversations, people talking about their favorite camboys.  

A few latest comments on a particular thread catch his attention. There’s a link to an account which is described to be a fairly new one, and high praise for the owner, who is said to have  the prettiest ass . Lan Zhan has seen people praise a lot of asses that he would personally rank as mediocre at best, so he’s not convinced, but he does brush his finger over the link.  

It takes him to a website that requires a paid subscription to view most of the content. The videos are locked by a pay wall, but the pictures that are available for free make him drop his phone right on his face.   

He recovers quickly, grabbing his phone back in hand he holds it tight and stares with creased brows, and a red mark on his forehead. A look of shock and disbelief in his eyes, like he just discovered the best kept secret of all of humanity. Or best kept secret of Wei Wuxian.  

His eyes are met by an image which main feature is an ass and a hole, the model kneeling on the floor and looking into the camera from over his shoulder, a black lace mask over his eyes. The low angle and the arch of his back makes the ass and thighs look plentiful and the waist very small.  

It must be Wei Ying.  

The mask might make him unrecognizable for most people but Lan Zhan  knows  Wei Ying, and he’s familiar with that ass. He has spent a lot of time looking at it. Though he has never seen it uncovered, or spread out like that...  

Lan Zhan swallows a mouthful of saliva he didn’t realize was there.  

His screen name on the profile is  Xuanyu , Lan Zhan doesn’t know if that’s a reference to something or just random. It's not surprising he would create some kind of alter ego to protect his identity. He does have his actual age written in his bio, 22. It also says  bottom.  

Is this another sex dream Lan Zhan is having currently?   

His brain is not really functioning as efficiently as other parts of his body in the moment, and all he knows is that he needs to create an account in order to subscribe to the profile. He has never paid for porn before, and he’s not sure how he feels about giving money to his friend to look at him naked without him knowing. That must be messed up. But also, anyone could find this. Anyone who pays could see Wei Ying do whatever he’s doing in these videos, and judging by the photos on the profile he’s doing a lot of things with not a lot of clothes on.   

Any stranger could watch him and it doesn’t sit well with Lan Zhan. He feels betrayal, feels it very strongly, though it’s not justified. They’re friends, not a couple or sexually involved in any way, still he feels wronged.  

Why would Wei Ying show his hole to anyone online but not to him?  

He needs a username and almost just types in his actual name. He can’t register to a porn site as Lan  Wangji , although he does wonder how Wei Ying would react seeing his name as his new subscriber. He looks at the bunny plushie next to him on the bed.  Bunnji BunZhan ? It’s still too obvious. For some reason he doesn’t feel as anonymous as he would like to. As if no matter what he types in the section would somehow give him out. He might as well set his username as Hello-this-is-lan-wangji-yes-I-found-your-porn.  

He types in  Hanguangjun  which used to be his character name in an old  rpg  game and verifies his account.  

Without thinking he’s filling in his credit card info with a gleam in his eyes, unsure if the thumping in his ears is coming from his heart or his cock when he taps the screen to make his payment and becomes a subscriber.   

A video clip starts playing automatically and the little moan that spills out of his phone speaker nearly stops his heart as he jams the sound button to turn it off.   

He’s looking at Wei Ying lying on bed and sliding a dildo in his smooth wet hole. Embedded text on the video says  Thank you for subscribing! Hope my videos leave you wanting for more. The clip alone is already making him want to push his dick through concrete. It’s harder and angrier than it’s ever been when he goes to his full profile.  

It has been created only a little over a month ago but already has over thousand subscribers. Over thousand random people knew about this before him?   

Wei Ying has five published videos, looks like he has been uploading once a week. The latest one was put up just yesterday. When has he been filming these? While Lan Zhan is at work? Or at the gym? He wouldn’t be doing this while he’s at home right? Or maybe after he has gone to sleep? Surely Lan Zhan would have still heard something.   

Does he have other people in his videos or is it just him? That would be bad. What if there’s someone he recognizes? He has seen Wei Ying hang around a lot with his friend Wen Ning. He’s kind of a weird guy, could he be doing porn? With Wei Ying? Lan Zhan would hate him for life, probably want to kill him. His whole life suddenly became so much more complicated so fast.  

Subscribers can leave comments on his posts and Lan Zhan despises every single one of them.   

He sees one that says  you’re the hottest bottom on this site.  Lan  Wangji’s  mouth twitches.  How much to  creampie  you?  Says another one. Lan  Wangji  presses  report . Text appears that says  comment reported to profile admin.  Lan Zhan doesn’t know what that means but at least he can no longer see the comment. He does the same treatment to a few more similar comments.  

Lan Zhan opens the latest video, making sure his earbuds are connected, he holds his phone sideways, he instantly recognizes the bed as Wei Ying’s bed in his room. He’s wearing a black thong, the same eye mask as before and his usual red ribbon. All of his exposed skin looks very pretty on his deep red bedsheets, smooth and creamy, Lan Zhan wants to bite it.  

“I got sent this vibrator by a subscriber,” when the Wei Ying in the video starts talking, Lan  Wangji  has absolutely no doubts left of who he is. It’s definitely Wei  Wuxian , his friend, his roommate, and he’s holding a pink egg vibrator attached to a wire with a controller at the other end.    

He moves a little closer and adjusts the camera, and Lan Zhan finds comfort in the fact that he seems to be all by himself, no one helping him film or no one about to jump into the frame and fuck him into the bed. Lan Zhan could volunteer to do it for him though, if Wei Ying wanted that.  

So  I will try it out for you” he says sweetly, and Lan Zhan ignores the  you  being anyone else but himself in this situation. The delusion helps a little bit.   

“I have never actually used a vibrator before” his tone and the little smile on his lips are strangely innocent for someone who looks so casual and comfortable to be naked on camera.  

“But it looks intense,” he turns the vibration all the way to the highest setting and the toy starts going crazy on his other hand.   

“See?” he laughs, and it’s very cute, Lan Zhan almost forgets he’s about to watch Wei Ying put that thing in his ass. He’s instantly reminded of that when the scene cuts to more of a close-up and Wei Ying’s fingers pull his already revealing underwear to the side, leaving his little hole directly on display while he kneels on the bed. Lan Zhan is looking at his phone screen so closely it’s almost touching his nose. His cock full and denting his underwear, he pulls it out and starts stroking.  

Slim fingers smear lube on his opening and one dips inside, the second following soon after. Lan Zhan is already embarrassingly at his limit, watching the tiny hole take the fingers inside so easily. His cock ready to shoot, but he doesn't want to finish yet.  

His hot red ears are filled with the obscene sound of Wei Ying fingering his slippery tight hole.   

When his fingers slide out the hole twitches for more and Lan Zhan bites the inside of his cheek.  

Wei Ying pulls the thong down his thighs, and Lan Zhan can see his cock hanging between his legs, hard and pointed up. The egg-shaped vibrator is small and seems to go in effortlessly. Lan Zhan hears him gasp as the toy disappears from view, only leaving the wire hanging out. His cock twitches untouched and his balls tense up when he switches the toy on to a low setting.  

There’s a faint buzzing sound and his legs suddenly open wider with a moan.  

At this point Wei Ying’s noises alone are really doing it for Lan Zhan, he gets whinier as the buzzing gets louder. His hips squirm and he  starts  stroking his cock.  

Lan Zhan is feeling hurt because Wei Ying didn’t ask him to eat him out while he was doing this. He clearly looks like he could use help, with his hands full and crying into the pillow. Lan Zhan could’ve held the vibrator controller for him, or his dick for him, or both, or anything, however he prefers.   

Wei Ying starts fingering himself again with the toy buzzing inside him and Lan Zhan’s teeth nearly pierce the skin inside his own cheek. He wants to be there. Could he fit his cock in him like this with the vibrator inside? And how would that feel?  

He’s about to get an answer, at least sort of, when Wei Ying reaches for something outside of the frame, his hand returning to the view with a dildo.  Apparently  his fingers are not enough for him. The dildo is not as big as Lan Zhan’s dick but he can easily imagine taking that place at Wei Ying’s hole.  

This time he goes a little slower, letting his body adjust. His hole struggles a little to take the head of the dildo but once it’s in, all of it slides inside smoothly, pushing the vibe deeper. Lan Zhan looks with love and adoration how well he takes it and Wei Ying sobs, moving the dildo in and out.  

It seems he’s close and Lan Zhan wants to cum with him. Getting frantic Wei Ying fucks himself faster and strokes his cock, ass high up and his face mushed into the bed until he’s crying out and makes a mess on his sheets. Seeing and hearing his pleasure makes Lan Zhan’s heart warm and his cock shoots thickly onto his own stomach and chest.   

He might have blacked out for a second but the video is still playing when his eyes focus enough to look at the screen again. Wei Ying still in the same position, the vibrator turned off since there’s no more buzzing sound, it’s silent apart from Wei Ying catching his breath and the wet sound of the dildo leaving his hole. He pulls on the wire slowly to work the vibrator out of him, and Lan Zhan is fully in love with how talented his hole is, how well he took both of those things in there.   

Sounding worn out and squishy Wei Ying tugs on the wire and Lan Zhan wants to hold him. Ease the toy out of him and maybe take a turn at his slurping wet, soft hole, he could clean him up after, when he’d be too tired and be very sweet to him and kiss him all over until he’d fall asleep.  

The video cuts off soon after the toy pops out and Wei Ying drops on his side on the bed.  

It’s beautiful, a master piece, the best thing he has come across, and he definitely wants more. In fact Lan Zhan watches through every single one of the videos on his profile,  and cums five times total in one night.  

Body feeling gross in all the wrong places, Lan Wangji gets out of bed at 6 am. That could be considered as sleeping in for him, even though he hardly did any sleeping at all. His cock is still plumped up and red, he might have over done it last night. He picks up a pile of used tissues next to his bed and moves them to trash, his room might now have permanent smell of sandalwood and cum. He pulls on sweatpants and cringes as the fabric comes in contact with the sensitive skin. He considers googling some tips for how to recover from masturbation marathon.  

Not expecting to see anyone he steps out of his bedroom without his shirt on and freezes at the doorway.  

Wei Ying is right there, his shorts are even smaller than usual, he’s brewing coffee and making what probably is some kind of breakfast? Normally Wei Ying is never up this early on a Sunday. He turns with a smile that subside a little when he looks at him, and his eyes seem to linger. Lan Zhan realizes he probably looks like a mess, at least what he considers to be  a mess . The truth is that a Lan hardly ever looks messy, even when there is mess  involved  they somehow maintain their unwitherable grace.  

He does have some misplaced hairs, but most  noticeably  he’s provokingly naked with no shirt on and an obvious dick print at the front of his sweatpants.   

Wei Ying seems to recover from some kind of shock before his smile resurfaces.   

“I’m making breakfast, do you want some?” he asks seemingly unbothered, and like it’s normal for him to be awake before 11 am and in the kitchen. He turns back towards the counter and Lan Zhan’s eyes land directly on his ass once he looks away. The same ass he watched all of last night and masturbated himself into oblivion. A part of his brain wants to confess, like he has done something terrible, and dishonored him, and he should beg Wei Ying for forgiveness. Then another part of his brain, or body, definitely a part of his body, wonders if lifting him up on the kitchen counter and eating him out on the spot would make him a bad friend.  

Lan Zhan responds with an  Mn, ears turning red he spins around and retires back into his bedroom, returning shortly with a shirt on, only to disappear again into the bathroom as invisibly as possible.