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I miss you.

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"You used me." 

"Childe-" Zhongli reached out, fingers just barely skimming the back of the Fatui's grey coat, his love just out of reach again.

"Like some was all a game!" 

"I couldn't tell you! I didn't want this!" He strained, something heavy kept him rooted to the spot, hands cloying and firm wrenching him backward just as he was about to grasp Childe's visage. 

"Liar. You said it yourself; actors in a play. Guess I wasn't the only one good at playing their part." The ginger haired man finally turned, ocean eyes a lifeless blue, as if all the life in the sea had died out, all the wonder and color gone. With a flourish of his Snezhnayan red scarf, he began to walk, his form retreating further and further away from Zhongli's outstretched fingers.

"Tarta-!?" A coil wrapped around his throat and yanked, choking his voice and stealing his breath, a silent scream of frustration escaped him as Childe got further and further away. Gone without a word. Zhongli tugged hard against the hands and coil binding him, muscles screaming at the strain. The former God turned, amber eyes glaring fiercely as he began to pry stone hands from his person, low growl rumbling in his chest,

"Tartagalia! Please listen to me!" He cried, voice barely a whisper while his feet dug into the floor that had begun to soften and bleed; oozing ilk beginning to pull him in. 

Fingers tugged at the coil around his throat, struggling harder, losing his footing fast as something began to emerge from the mudlike ground, it rising up the more he sank., Rex Lapis, appeared before him in all his glory; ethereal amber glow illuminating the dark with blinding clarity. It was too white, Zhongli almost preferring the dark of the room before,

"I will have order." The God turned his head to the still receding form of Childe, ignorant of the events transpiring behind him. 

"Don't!" He sank to his neck, body trapped beneath the mud feeling numb, exhausted. Rex Lapis raised his hand, glimmering scales dark as a starless sky flashing dangerously,

"We. Will have order."

"Stop!" The mud was in his mouth, choking him, flooding his senses with the taste of ash. He was swallowed, eyes clenched shut, holding his breath tight in his chest to stave off the feeling of drowning. It burned, his flesh burned, the mud felt like magma on his skin stripping him of his own being.

He gasped for air finally, expecting his lungs to be flooding and clumped with burning mud only for clean, crisp air to inflate his chest. Zhongli's eyes cracked open slowly, burning, eternal amber meeting clenched fists of scales and Geo veins. He stood within the white room and muddy, black floor; feet not even gracing the surface, as if the tar pit was unworthy of his touch.

Something was crushed between Divine fingers, oozing and sticky between his hands. Hands that trembled with a primal fear boiling up from a pit in Rex Lapis' stomach; Childe was nowhere to be seen, missing from the expansive plain of black and white. 

Rex Lapis parted his hands, uncoiling his fingers like a blossoming Glaze Lily; mangled limbs and crimson red filled his sight, he screamed.

Zhongli lurched upwards, clutching at his heart through his sleep shirt. A cold sweat had covered his body in a clammy sheen, hair stuck to the nape of his neck and sweaty brow; it had been a vivid nightmare, the taste of blood on his tongue as he tried to bring himself down.. 

He had suffered nightmares in the past, perfectly detailed recollections of the day he'd lost Guizhong and the day he'd killed…Zhongli shook his head, placing a hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose gently. He would not linger on those thoughts today, he would drive the nightmare away with a hot bath and warm tea; the form of Rex Lapis filtered across his inner eye, blood stained palms turned upward for him to see. Zhongli choked, clutching his nightshirt tighter until he could feel the bite of his nails through the fabric. 

His recent dreams had been plagued by fear of loss; one would think a being as old as Zhongli would have learned to come to terms with loss, having suffered through it so frequently. Fate was apparently not so kind to the likes of him, Childe was slipping through his grasp even with their relationship partially repaired. 

The Harbinger was distant, cold, afraid to open up again; Zhongli had hurt him and there was little the former-Archon could do. His hands were not made for mending, they broke what they touched for they could not truly feel, not like mortals did. Childe prior to Osial had been open, wonderful, loving; he had confided his joys and fears in the consultant. Let the elder make love to him and hear moans so sweet and delicate one would never believe they'd been uttered from one such as Childe. 

Childe had wanted a family, coy smile and rosy cheeks as he spoke, the implication being that they could have one here in Liyue with the consultant at his side. Gone, up in smoke and flames when Signora had brought the ginger haired man into the fray with her. A breach in contract...had he thought to put such a clause in place; of course one of the Tsarista's brightest schemers would know how to play the field and twist his words, break what little she could to get a rise from either of them. 

Childe had left in a hurry, leaving a bitter taste in Zhongli's mouth when he looked over the wreckage of their relationship. Xiangling, Adepti bless her, had intervened and saved them by a thread still latched between their hearts that neither had wanted to truly let go of; were it not for her actions, they would probably be a lost cause. 

They met for lunch every other day to mend and heal slowly, tentative like new lover's yet knowing full well they were anything but and that irreparable damage had been done. Zhongli had been ignorant, assumed it would work out for the best and the one who paid the price was Childe who had been hurt, deeply. Not just his pride but his trust, something not given freely and meant to be guarded like treasure. 

The former God rose stiffly, body aching from a night of unfulfilled rest as he sauntered to the master bath and drew the tub full of scalding, warm water. He added his favorite scents and sunk beneath sudsy clouds of bubbles with a quiet sigh while his skin turned baby pink from the heat of the water. 

Zhongli curled his knees to his chest and just sat, pruning as he tried to relax his tense form. He would wash his hair and scrub himself down once the water had cooled and until then he would sulk and ruminate about what he had lost.

The consultant certainly missed the impromptu kisses and stray touches, he'd gaffed and scolded, sighting the behavior as entirely inappropriate. He'd taken it for granted, Childe wouldn't so much as brush his fingers tenderly, let alone kiss him these days. 

"What a fool I am…" He grumbled softly to the bath, glaring at the peaks and valleys of sweet, minty bubbles. He eventually pulled himself from the bath after tending to his basic hygiene 

Work was slow, driveling...mortal life was lackluster without the one who had inspired him to share it. Hu Tao and the Ferrylady were troubled by his sudden mood change, the pranks played on his person occured far less when he didn't gratify her with a satisfactory reaction and only a handful of sad sighs and grumbles. 

"Mr. Zhongli, we're needing to procure a few items and trinkets for an upcoming funeral, take Yuming and peruse the market!" Hu Tao had ordered one morning a few days ago, giving him a limited, but large budget. 

The hope had been a shopping spree to lighten his mood, only to further dampen it at the sight of chopsticks and other oddities. Childe had become like a virus, infecting each and every part of Liyue Harbor, nothing had been untouched by the Harbinger's hand. Zhongli had let him become so ingrained, so cherished in his day to day life that even shopping was tinged with a layer of guilt and regret. Millions of Fatui Mora spent in pursuit of Zhongli's pleasure and smiles. 

"Mr. Zhongli." Lunch, finally, stilted and awkward as ever but at the very least Childe was still here waiting for him. 

"Master Childe." He greeted, taking the seat furthest from the Harbinger. Xiangling appeared, lips pursed in a deep pout, while progress had been made between them, they were still a mere shadow of who they'd been, what they'd been.

"I thought you two were working things out…"

"These things take time." Zhongli said softly, trying to meet the other's gaze, almost pleadingly. Childe snorted and rolled his eyes skyward,

"Something you obviously have more of than others." He commented bitterly, Zhongli tsked inwardly, holding his tongue. They couldn't discuss this in front of Xiangling and Childe knew that.

"...what it'll be today?" She asked dejectedly, looking between the two men. 

"...the usual." Childe grunted, catching them both by surprise. The Harbinger had taken to ordering singular portions of food in recent weeks, pushing Zhongli out and forcing his hand to provide his own Mora or start a tab with Chef Mao. Luckily Zhongli had gotten in a good habit of bringing Mora on their lunch days, dreading that he would upset the young man if he forgot.

"Childe-?" They hadn't had their usual meal since Osial, no shared dishes or entrees passed between them.

"Place the order before I change my mind," he huffed, waving Xiangling away with a deep furrow in his brow. 

"...what's the occasion? Normally you-"

"I have a craving for jade parcels and I can never finish an order by myself. Figured sharing would be fine." He gruffed, sparking a flutter in Zhongli's chest,

"That is more than fine, I too have had quite the craving for Xiangling's parcels. Making them at home, mine always seem to lack that extra gusto." Childe smirked at that, the conversation came easy enough when they had a topic to focus on. 

"They really hit the spot. I've been trying to build my spice tolerance so I could handle more but just adding Jueyan chili to everything is a little rough on the gut and not everything tastes good either." Zhongli chuckled, nodding in agreement.

"Certain flavors work best in tandem with the Pepper's spice and heat, I recommend fowl and noodles, or even plain old vegetables." Zhongli suggested, delighting in the serious look of consideration Childe had given him in response. 

"I'll have to look into some recipes, I've been meaning to expand my culinary abilities and it would be nice to cook some for my family." He mused, Zhongli diving into more cooking tips that led into pickling. The consultant swore that the best way to preserve the peppers and keep them spicy was to pickle them in a special brine of chili oil, vinegar, some odd spices to help preserve them. 

"I'll let you know how it goes." He said as their meal arrived, fragrant aromas permeating the air and causing his mouth to water excitedly. They ate in amblicable silence, a peaceful air settled between them, enjoying good food and good company. Zhongli felt they could almost pretend nothing had soured between them, a fleeting thought that he quickly dismissed as harmful. He would not let his ignorance of human understanding further the gap between them, he wouldn't. 

Childe's handling of chopsticks was still something to be desired, the consultant noted that if Childe failed the first few times the younger would end up stabbing whatever he was trying to grab, thoroughly ruining the profile of the dish. Zhongli blinked, a giddy feeling in his stomach when he noted Childe pair of Chopsticks were not Wanmin's standard, they were the dowry pair. Zhongli would recognize the gold phoenix and dragon motif anywhere...maybe Childe was missing him just as much as he was missing Childe.

"Fwah! That was delicious." Childe declared, patting his stomach lazily. Zhongli nodded his agreement, 

"It was quite the treat after going so long without it." Zhongli mused while contemplating whether it would be poor behavior to scrape the sauce from his plate to savor just a little while longer.

"Glad it was to your liking! Now, about the bill." Xiangling looked between them curiously, they hadn't ordered shared dishes in quite some time. Zhongli reached for his Mora pouch only to grasp at his belt loops, a feeling of pure shame settled in his stomach, effectively souring his meal. He'd forgotten it in his self loathing this morning, he could picture it in his mind's eye where he'd left it on the kitchen counter. 

"...ah…" Zhongli uttered quietly, turning his head to peer at Childe shyly, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. 


"I...seem to have forgotten my wallet…" he murmured, expecting a harsh click of the younger's tongue and a sharp glare. Instead, Childe burst into a fit of laughter, clear and sweet like a spring day. Zhongli blinked, mouth slightly agape as the younger cackled and howled, wiping a tear from his eye when he began to settle.

"You forgot- you forgot your wallet!?" Childe wheezed with a wild grin and Zhongli nodded bashfully. Childe snickered merrily,

"Just like old times…" he murmured, pulling forth his own Mora and handing it to Xiangling. Zhongli wilted, those old times had only been weeks ago, mere days ago…they had been lovers. The elder smiled melancholic and slightly bitter watching the young ginger fondly.

"It's... slightly warming to know that you're just as forgetful...that it's actually a part of you and not some ploy to get at the Fatui's money." Childe murmured teasingly; Zhongli blushed, shaking his head quickly,

"I assure you it was never a was my own shortcomings adjusting to er...mundane life and, well, not being about to draw forth my...funds." he made a vague gesture with his hands and glanced at Xiangling awaiting payment. The young Harbinger paid and leaned to rest his chin in his hand with a warm smirk,

"So not everything that poured out of your mouth was a lie, hm?"

"...I never lied when it came to what was between us. I only ever lied when it came to the contract between myself and your Tsaritsa; there was a clause that stipulated absolute silence...though that didn't stop a few loopholes given Signora bringing you in at the very last second."

"So you would have never told me?" Childe growled, Zhongli chuckling humorously at the display of anger.

"I would have told you when I was ready...when I felt you were ready." Zhongli replied honestly earning a skeptical look from Childe.

"I swear it. I would have told you as soon as I could, all of it, nothing held back." The consultant said gently. Childe huffed quietly and pulled himself up from the table, 

"I need to get back to the Bank, I'm up to my eyeballs in fines and paperwork from the Tianquan and I've barely made a dent." Zhongli mirrored him with a nod,

"My duties at the Funeral Parlor have been slightly escalated, not from any deaths, mind you." Zhongli placated quickly at Childe's mildly distressed look. They bid Xiangling a good afternoon and began to return to their respective businesses; Zhongli longed for their time to last a little longer, to have Childe by his side for a moment more before he had to spend another evening alone. 

The sky opened up, a downpour erupting just as they were about to cross the bridge connecting two parts of the Harbor; the sky had been cloudless one instance and a gail the next, Zhongli yanked Childe under an awning just as the rain began. 

"What the hell-!?" Childe exclaimed, peering out from under the awning in surprise.

"That came out of nowhere!?"

"It's the summer season, storms move quickly from the open sea and can hit the Harbor without much notice. We also might have missed any warning bells, too engrossed in our lunch." Zhongli mused, crossing his arms over his chest. Childe huffed and leaned against the wall of the house they'd sought shelter under,

"If it gets bad we can't just hang around. Storms are no joke." He grunted and Zhongli nodded in agreement, 

"Very true." The rain continued in heavy boughts, citizens scrambling for cover and closing shop quickly as the wind began to pick up, blowing the rain sideways, branches shook across the way, a great willow shedding leaves under the strain. 

"Shit, that's a pretty powerful wind." Childe murmured as a potted plant toppled beside them; Zhongli considered summoning his shield and guiding them to the Parlor to wait out the storm, it wasn't safe to get caught in weather like this. 

"...I really need to get going, I'll see you around, ok?" Childe stepped into the onslaught eliciting a panicked swell in Zhongli's stomach. His dream came back to him, Childe's back receding far from his reach and a God's might bringing about his destruction. It was only a little rain and some wind but the consultant lurched forward before he could stop himself; every departure felt like the end. Like each goodbye could be their last, Childe would be gone if he hesitated and then all he would have were memories.

"Tartagalia!" Zhongli reached and latched onto the other's arm, becoming soaked to the bone as soon as the rain began to pelt him. Childe blinked owlishly, 

"What the-!?" Zhongli crushed him tight, refusing to part with him, hiding his face in Childe's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry! So, so sorry!" He cried over the roar of the rain, bewilderment filled the Harbinger's eyes as the consultant turned his face to look at him fully. 

"For everything. I am so sorry I lied and kept you in the dark! It was not my intention to hurt you or lead you to think I was using you!" Zhongli's chest was wound tight as if holding in sobs, his eyes burned and blurred as if flooded with tears, oh...perhaps he was crying. Childe frowned, brow furrowing ever so slightly before he tugged Zhongli closer,

"My apartment's nearby." Childe led the way, sprinting them across the bridge and to a building only a few steps away from the Parlor and Bank. Zhongli was surprised the Harbinger didn't live in the bank with its sheer size, yet he supposed that didn't make sense with most of the other portions being occupied by various shops and eateries. Plus the Bank wouldn't be able to house all the Fatui currently occupying Liyue still; the foyer of the building opened up into a room with several doors and a flight of stairs. 

Childe jerked his head upwards and the two of them climbed the steps to the second floor; Zhongli blinked as they stepped into a small apartment sparsely decorated, a small table and sofa occupying what he assumed to be the sitting room. 

"Tsk, I'm soaked down to my breeches, what about you?"

"I am embarrassed to admit that I too am soaked down to my underclothes." Zhongli said with a slight tint to his cheeks. 

"And the rain doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon...ugh." Childe ran a hand through wilted, ginger hair wet with rain. 

"You can shower first, we need to get out of these wet clothes." 


"To warm up." Childe disappeared into an adjacent room, returning with dry clothes and a towel; Zhongli was shown to the bathroom where instead of a tub, a stall of glass had been provided. While he would have much rather preferred a hot soak, the elder supposed he couldn't complain when the water pressure felt good on his scalp back; Zhongli nabbed a bit of shampoo, delighting in the smell being very much like Childe's natural scents, though he was slightly embarrassed at his own actions. 

Childe showered next, pointedly kept his gaze off the consultant dressed in one of the Harbinger's shirts and boxer-briefs. 

"Help yourself to whatever's in the cupboards." Childe had instructed before closing the bathroom door behind him; Zhongli had no trouble locating a nearly fresh tin of tea and a kettle, going about making a piping hot mug for the both of them to help warm themselves farther after their stint in the rain. 

"..." He wandered about the apartment, snatching a throw blanket from a linen closet before hunkering down on the sofa and sighing softly, hot tea warming his hands and belly. Childe joined him on the sofa after a few minutes, ruffling his hair with a towel and quiet oof.

"There's tea on the counter for you." Childe grunted in affirmation, flopping back and spreading his arms across the lip of the sofa. Zhongli felt his eyes widen, amber hues taking in the plains and valleys of skin he hadn't seen in weeks, the sharp line of Childe's collar bone unmarred by love bites and kisses. 

His mouth watered involuntarily, remembering the salty-sweet of the younger's flesh on his tongue. Lost in his thoughts, Zhongli missed the way ocean blues fixated on his form huddled in a corner of the sofa, drinking in slowly the shape of his legs and rounded thighs and the sharp jut of the former God's hips. Childe swallowed thickly, feeling heat tinge his cheeks and had been so long since he'd been pinned beneath the other, accepting his girth into his tight passage.

It occurred to the other then and there, that he had been having sex with a God and not just any God, but The Rex Lapis. Liyue's revered Archon. Childe had been bedding him, er...well letting him be bedded by him. 

"I just realized that I've been having sex with God." Childe blurted dumbly, snapping Zhongli from his thought who immediately snickered. 

"Oh? I suppose that must be quite an achievement for you."

"I won't lie, it is doing wonders to my bruised ego." Childe teased easily, falling to rest against Zhongli's long legs. A comfortable silence settled over the room, the consultant sipping tea slowly while Childe traced patterns across the throw blanket idly;

"Did you mean what you said in your apology?" The younger asked quietly, voice just a notch above a whisper. 

"Every word of it. I never wanted to hurt you...not a day goes by that I don't regret losing what we were." Zhongli admitted softly, Childe swallowed a lump in his throat at the elder's words. 

"...I'm sorry too...for trying to sink the Harbor and all...I didn't want to hurt you either. I was actually headed to the Parlor to check on you when Signora stopped me...told me that we had somewhere to be." Childe huffed, 

"I was... surprised to see you there in the bank that day, I didn't want to believe that what we had was a lie." 

" wasn't a lie. I loved you, still love heart aches when I think of you..." Zhongli felt his throat grow tight as he spoke, Cor Lapis eyes finally meeting Noctioulous Jade.

" you think of me...when you're alone?" Zhongli asked,

"Yes...and it hurts." Childe uttered, like the final nail in the coffin, like this was the end of there ever being a 'them'. 

"I see…" Zhongli fought the urge to curl inward with Childe resting in his legs, bleeding a warmth he might never feel again. 

"...if I were the same person I was months ago, I probably would have killed you the moment you were alone and been done with Liyue, to Hell with it all." Childe stated somberly, Zhongli watching in slight awe as the young Harbinger shed a few tears which were quickly wiped away. 


"I've got to be the biggest idiot in the world." He sighed and suddenly he was kissing Zhongli, melding their lips together like passionate lovers. 

"Mmph!?" Zhongli startled, squirming in the other's arms as he tried to set his tea where it wouldn't spill. Childe broke the kiss,

"I forgive you...and I'm still very much in love with you." blue, swirling torrents pulled Zhongli under into the warm sea; the elder moved, sloting their hips flush together and moaning softly,

"Make love to me." It was spoken like a command but he was very much aware he could be misreading the situation and Childe's intent. Childe blinked owlishly, whimpering slightly at the pressure between his legs,


"Is this too fast…? Forgive me, I thought perhaps...this was 'make-up' sex? I have been told numerous times that we just needed a decent round of make-up sex to rekindle our feelings-" Zhongli began to ramble to which Childe silenced him with a tender kiss.

"God I missed your ramblings…" he teased, drawing a wide smile from the consultant. 

"I missed you." Zhongli said, voice trembling with emotion and Childe smiled, warm and tender, a smile Zhongli hadn't seen in weeks; the elder couldn't help but sob,

"Hey...hey…" a hand tilted Zhongli's chin up, ocean hues seeking an amber sunset, 

"I missed you too…"

"Tartagalia…" he wrapped his arms around the younger's shoulders and pulled him close for another kiss, tilting his head to better slot them together. He slipped his tongue into Childe's mouth, moaning softly as his hands trailed down the younger's back and coming to grope at his plump ass. Childe moaned, grinding his hips against Zhongli gently in a rocking motion. 

"Mm-!" Childe nipped at his ear, low growling in his chest as he ground his hips deeper eliciting a small gasp from Zhongli. 

"Were you serious...when you asked me to make love to you?" Childe panted, Zhongli arching his back with a soft moan,

"Heavens above, yes!" Zhongli gasped exasperatedly; Childe smiled again and hefted Zhongli into his arms. Zhongli's groin pressed snuggly against Childe's stomach, sending sparks of pleasure up his spine before they settled deep in his stomach as a roiling flame. 

Zhongli was carried into the adjacent bedroom and dropped gently onto the bed, Childe clambered after, nearly stumbling over himself in his hurry. The consultant chuckled earning a beautiful blush from Childe, the tips of his ears and down to his shoulders a silk flower pink. 

Zhongli spread his legs wide, unbuttoning Childe's shirt teasingly, exposing more and more of his skin; he trailed a hand over his nipple and hissed through his teeth. Childe blinked slowly, adam's apple bobbing in his throat; Zhongli grinned pinching the bud and whining,

"Tartagalia…" Childe lurched and crowded into Zhongli's space with a throaty growl. The consultant gasped as his lover's half-hard cock rutted against his thigh, Childe's mouth latching on to the nipple currently not being stimulated and sucked hard. 

"Ah!?" Zhongli arched off the bed causing Childe to pin him down by the hips, rutting still against Zhongli's thigh. His tongue drew shapes and coaxed the bud to swell, pressure waxing and waning as Childe panted through his nose on to his pecs, lewd slurping sounds filled the silence. Zhongli moaned wantonly, hips canting up in seek of friction; Childe sucked harder, fingers digging into the barely there softened waistline. 

The elder has rounded many of his edges over the centuries, perfectly sculpted abs had faded with time and Zhongli's interests in food, though the effects only recently became noticeable with the loss of his Gnosis. The former God didn't lament the loss however, whining happily as he could feel Childe's hands sink into his flesh bruisingly, he wanted marks. Marks like the ones he left on Childe, bruising in the shape of his fingers along his hips from a night of passionate lovemaking. The younger's pale skin had been an angry shade of purple the mornings after and he would rub balm over the marks, kissing the ginger sweetly as he did. 

It was a tender act of love and care to mend, to offer healing and comfort after bringing about harm. Childe hissed, pulling off with a mild pop, 

"Too tight." He moved and began shucking off his underclothes, grunting in frustration at having to retreat off the bed to do so, blood flow rushing south and leaving him light headed. Zhongli let out a pleased hum as Childe's erection bobbed free from the confines of fabric, precome dribbling lazily fell the slit. The Harbinger crawled back onto the bed, hooking his fingers with Zhongli's borrowed undergarment and yanked, removing them smoothly and allowing the consultant's considerable girth to spring upwards. 

The ginger moaned, drooling slightly as he recalled the last time he'd be plowed mercilessly into the bed. 

"Are you sure you don't want to take me tonight?" He asked mouthing lightly at the shaft, a series of kitten licks tasting precum as the young pushed back the foreskin. Zhongli groaned inwardly, it was entirely too appealing the thought of plunging deep into Childe's tight hole, cumming hard enough the younger would see stars and chase his own release, coming untouched like many sessions before. Zhongli worried his lip, biting back traitorous words of agreement, he wanted to give control to Childe, let his partner take lead as a show of trust. A show of submission- 

Zhongli stilled momentarily, memories eons old filled his head as he recalled how it had felt to be taken, animalistic and guttural. He'd gone for the throat but had fallen short, filled with virile seed moments later feeling blissed out and warm. He slid down to rest on his back, hair haloing his face and the pillows before he reached openly to catch Childe's eye. 

"I want you. I want you to claim me, fill me." The low flame in his belly flared brighter, coiling in his stomach pleasantly, he wanted Childe to stoke the fire and feed it until it threatened to hollow out his core. In less floral terms, he wanted to get fucked and get fucked, hard. Childe looked like a man dying of thirst, pupils blown so wide at the sight of Zhongli that there was only a thin ring of blue left for the elder to drown in. 

"How can I say no…" the younger moaned, floundering momentarily as he reached for his nightstand and drew forth a bottle of viscous fluid, Zhongli did his best not to chuckle when he spied a long, thick phallic looking toy; Childe smacked him on the hip gently. 

"Hey! I have needs you know...and nothing quite compares to you so…" Childe stressed voice tapering off when Zhongli placed his hands on the younger's hips and thumbed circles over the apex of bone. 

"I did not mean to offend, I was just...amused is all that I left such an impact upon you. I wonder, would I slide in easily and find no resistance, would I still find you gaping and ready for me?" 

"Zhongli!" Childe hissed, face red and sweet like a perfectly ripened apple,

"If you want me to fuck you for once, please stop reminding me how good you feel inside me!" The young Fatui warned, spilling oil on to his fingers and warming it. Zhongli hummed in amusement, continuing to thumb circles over the younger's hip bones; he flinched slightly when a slick finger prodded at his entrance, Childe quick to use his free hand to begin teasing the head of his cock and foreskin how he liked before grasping the whole shaft and sliding down the length.

Childe was skilled with his hands, turning his wrist just at the right moment to twist the skin pleasurably. In the weeks and months of intimates nights spent together, the younger had figured out what had Zhongli arching off the bed and hips jerking involuntarily, typically in haste to get him fully erect and inside him; however, he would not be taking the lead tonight so perhaps seeing Zhongli in thralls of pleasure did something for Childe. 

Zhongli smirked inwardly, letting loose a loud, long moan that tapered off into a whine when Childe teased his slit with his index finger, the younger shuddered as he bit back a moan. The finger squirming around in Zhongli's hole found a rhythm, in and out perfectly timed with the ministrations on his cock. 

At this rate he would come before Childe ever slipped inside, without giving it too much thought Zhongli loosened his entrance, recalling how he used to produce his own slick. 

"Try three fingers." Zhongli ordered gently, Childe blinking in surprise,

"Look, I know I'm not as endowed as some people." He gave a pointed look at Zhongli, 

"But we still need to prep you correctly or it will suck." The younger kissed his cheek as if the matter was decided; Zhongli smiled fondly and hummed,

"Just try it, please?" Childe frowned a bit before giving in, adding two fingers and finding the elder's entrance entirely pliant and strangely slick, 


"Don't think too much about it." Zhongli preened, satisfied with his latent shifting abilities; he poured a generous portion of oil on the other's cock and gave it a few loving strokes until coaxed to an acceptable hardness. Zhongli shimmed his hips closer and used his legs to lift slightly, giving Childe a luxurious view of his slick, twitching hole awaiting the younger's length. 

Childe swallowed thickly, lining up dick and pressing forward slowly, cute mewls escaping the ginger as he was enveloped snuggly in warm, wet pleasure. 

"Holy fuck-! Zhongli-!" He thrusted short and abruptly, testing the waters, the elder found it cute and endearing, watching his sweet Childe melt into an open, wanting lover. Zhongli moaned softly, feeling his insides flutter excitedly and boil deliciously as Childe stoked the fires burning within. 

"Heaven above, harder my love...please." Zhongli whimpered, Childe stilled momentarily, blue eyes flying wide before his expression settled on one that was incredibly sweet and soft, 

"Anything for you." He pulled back and slammed forward, the resounding slap of skin was lewd and overwhelmingly arousing, Zhongli answering in kind with a mewl.

"Yes! Yes-ah!" Childe pistoned his hips fast and violent, throwing himself fully into pleasuring his lover, each thrust ending balls deep with a slap of skin; Zhongli bit his lip, eyes rolling back and lashes fluttering sporadically. 

Childe moaned, getting closer and closer to his own release, Zhongli wet heat and squeezing tightness becoming too much to hear,

"Zhong- Zhongli! I'm gonna- enh!" Childe rolled his hips, grinding in place and pressing the consultant's cock between their stomachs.

"Inside! Cum inside! Claim me!" Zhongli snarled, jerking his hips against the younger's body seeking friction for his own erection. Childe huffed, whimpering quietly as he snapped his hips forward one last time- cumming deep and hard inside Zhongli wet cavern. 


"Ah- hah!" Zhongli yelped, grasping his own length and stroking it fiercely, chasing his own orgasm quickly, squeezing around Childe's softening length as he came, thick ropes of cum splattering between the two of them.

"Hah….hah…." Childe shuddered, rolling his hips slowly, preparing to pull out when the consultant wrapped his legs around the other, locking the ginger in place. 

"Again." Childe blinked slowly, brain fogged with pleasure and aftershocks. 


"I understand that since this is your first time taking lead, your stamina may need time to recoup." Zhongli shifted to rest in his elbows with a low pant, insides fluttering around Childe length still buried side. He could feel it twitch lazily as it softened,

"However, as a former God…" the consultant flipped Childe onto his back, the elder following the movement to keep Childe cock in his passage through the position change. 

"I'll gladly guide you through this round." 

"Z-Zhongli, I'm not even hard-"

"I can wait until you are, warm your cock until you're ready to spill inside me again." Zhongli groaned, rocking his hips and hissing quietly in delight. The idea of keep Childe inside for hours on end had his stomach churning excitedly, fireworks bursting in his lower belly, entrance sucking and pulling Childe deep until the Fatui was ready to go again.

"You can't be serious...Zhongli?" Childe mumbled nervously, cock twitching and swelling with excitement when Zhongli licked his lips, amber eyes flashing in the low light, almost taking on a soft glow. 

"I am completely serious, I would never joke about such matters, my love." Childe glanced down, a small noise escaping him at the sight of Zhongli's erection, already half-hard and leaking precome again, dribbling on Childe's stomach eagerly. 

"...oh...uh…" the younger's face flushed and he managed a weak, sultry smile. 

"If it would satisfy you…" the younger snapped his hips up, whimpering softly at the overstimulation, Zhongli purred leaning down to capture a kiss from his lover, slipping in his tongue inside the ginger's mouth and tangling them together as he swallowed his beloved's moan. Zhongli lifted his hips and slammed downward, moaning softly when his prostate was struck finally, this new angle adding new layers of pleasure. 

"Yes...yes...just like that…" Zhongli panted in the ginger's ear, continuing to rise and drop on Childe's quickly hardening cock, jabbing his prostate with each drop. Childe was overstimulated, orgasm building slowly and somewhat painfully, the younger had never come twice in one evening before. Zhongli would draw out his orgasm and then they would cuddle in the afterglow, the elder apparently wanted more tonight, planning to coax one more release from the young Harbinger. 

"Zhongliii...I can't-" another kiss, Zhongli growling quietly as he picked up the pace, drooling and panting wantonly as the former God came again with another spattering of cum joining the first. Childe cried out, arching off the bed as he came for the second time that evening, filling Zhongli with another load that had the elder mewling happily. Childe grunted, slightly surprised when Zhongli collapsed on top of him, teeth nibbling the shell of his ear, hot breath ghosting across his skin gently.

"...again…" Childe froze, glancing at his lover and meeting the elder's molten amber eyes and coy smile. 


Zhongli awoke hours later, feeling like the cat that got the cream and had perhaps over indulged, his stomach felt a little bloated but he could remedy that later. It was much too warm and comforting in Childe's bed, he'd slept soundly for the first time in weeks, snuggled and pampered the Harbinger's bed. 

"Hnnn….I think you sucked me dry…" Childe whimpered from beside him, an arm curled over Zhongli's waist lazily.  

"That was not my intention, Tartagalia. Forgive me if it was too much." 

"Gods, it might have been too much but I can't complain...that was the best make-up sex I've ever had...well...only make-up sex I've ever had." Childe mused, earning a soft giggle from Zhongli who turned over to face the ginger with a warm smile. 

"I love you, Tartagalia." Zhongli declared, cheeks turning a soft, pretty pink; Childe blinked owlishly before settling into a loving smile and snuggling closer,

"Love you too, Zhongli." The consultant squealed inwardly, the phrase music to his ears, basking in having Childe in his arms again and vice versa, that he was here with his mate. Distantly, Zhongli could hear the faint echo of thunder and he realized with a smile, the storm had passed ages ago.