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Intro to Initiating Initimacy

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As she sat back against the park bench with a freshly opened can of juice in hand, Kasumi decided to ask the question.

"Rinako, how do you... get intimate with Ai-senpai?"

Sitting next to her, the pinkette looked over and blinked. "We cuddle."

Naturally, this wasn't the answer the brunette was looking for. "Yeah I... get that, thanks."

"You're welcome." Rina went back to sipping her soda.

Kasumi tried again. "But I want to know about what comes after that."

Pausing to savor her beverage, Rina hummed in thought. "After cuddling we usually fall asleep," she answered.

"Okay..." Kasumi sweatdropped. Surely Rina knew what she was really asking about. Surely. "But! But what about the stuff that happens between cuddling and sleeping?"

This time Rina gave her a look. "'re asking about the anime we watch?"

"No!" cried Kasumi, getting frustrated.

"Then what are you asking about?"

"SEX! I want to know about SEX!"

The pinkette made a show of looking around, noting with satisfaction that there wasn't anyone around to eavesdrop.

"Kasumi-chan, there's no need to scream about such a private matter," chided Rina.

Kasumi sighed in aggravation. "Look, Setsuna-senpai and I are approaching our anniversary, and I was thinking it might be time to... you know, and I think she feels the same, and I just want to know what to expect."

"And you believe I know what's on her mind?"

The brunette shrugged. "You've been dating Ai-senpai for a while. I thought you'd have some experience."

"I see." Rina stopped to take a large sip.

For several seconds, the only sound that passed between the two idols was the gentle chirping of birds in the distance.

(Kasumi stared intently at her smaller friend.)

Both girls remained still, neither willing to break the fragile peace that had surfaced so serenely between them.

(Rina kept herself occupied with her beverage.)

Still, despite the harmony of nature without noise, the silence was deafening.

", sex?" prompted Kasumi eventually.

Rina blinked, nonplussed. "When it comes to sex, usually I just push her down."

"You're the top?!" exclaimed Kasumi in shock.

Rina nodded. "Yes. I thought that was obvious?"

"Obvious?! That-!" She paused. "You know what, that's a different topic altogether. One that I don't think I want to get into. So, am I supposed to initiate then?"

Rina shrugged. "If you want."

"I'm serious Rinako!"

"So am I. If you want her, go get her. Make sure she's willing, then throw her onto your bed, slip her clothes off, and bury your face between her thighs like you're diving for-"

"UWAAAAAH! Rinako what are you saying?! How can I possibly do that?!"

The pinkette shrugged. "That's your problem; not mine."

"Don't you have any workable advice?" grumbled Kasumi.

In response, Rina merely held up her notebook.

"Rina-chan Boardo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

Kasumi spit out her juice.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Ai and Setsuna were at the Joypolis Metroplex arcade, burning up the dance floor as they gracefully stomped around on the game machine's dance pads.

And of course, a certain ravenette shared the same concerns as her younger girlfriend.

"Hey, Ai-san? Can I ask you for some advice?" asked Setsuna, her eyes not wavering from the screen.

"Go ahead Setsu. Hopefully I can help you put your best foot forward," she grinned, stomping on the up arrow.

"How did you first approach Rina-san about... intimacy?"

"Haha, oh boy... Intimacy, huh? I'll admit to being pretty sh-Ai," she punned. "Took me a whole week before I worked up the nerve to hug her. Well, I'd wanted to hug her since I first saw her, but she looked so skittish back then that I didn't want to risk scaring her off."

Setsuna spared a glance at the blonde, nearly missing a step but recovering handily. "That's not what I mean, Ai-san. I mean something a little more intimate than a hug."

"Oh. You want to hear about our first cuddle then?" asked Ai eagerly.

"Cuddle? Um..."

"We were actually trying to read a manga together. So we sat next to each other really close." Ai paused as a series of steps came in rapid fire. "We scooted just a bit too close together, so I put my arm around her and we just cuddled like that."

"That's very cute, but that's not quite-"

"Afterwe finished the first volume I invited her to sit on my lap while we read the next one and she did. So we cuddled some more." She giggled a little at the memory.

"Actually, Ai-san, I wanted to ask about something more intimate than that too."

"Our first kiss?" Ai got a dreamy look in her eyes as she reminisced, her dance steps starting to slip from 'Perfect' to 'Great'. "That's a beautiful memory... It was an ordinary Friday afternoon and we had nothing to do for the weekend. No plans, no coupons, barely any homework... So we went to a park. Just to walk around, feed the birds, and just talk about whatever."

Setsuna sent glances at Ai periodically, wondering whether or not she should interrupt.

"We stayed out for a long time, just talking and walking, when it started raining. It was actually really sudden, you know? At first it was just a light drizzle, but within minutes it had become a pretty heavy downpour! Thankfully, Rinari and I found cover underneath one of the gazebos before it got too bad. We spent some time there, waiting for the rain to let up. Well it eventually stopped, and as we looked out, we saw a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky." Ai's foot just barely hit a beat, the blonde receiving her first 'Good' of the song. "And she said, 'I'm really happy destiny brought us together.' And that's when I kissed her." She let out a wistful sigh. "How could I resist?"

"That's... very heartwarming," remarked Setsuna, "But still not quite what I had in mind."

"Really? What's left?"

The ravenette coughed. "The intimacy that involves a bed," she explained.

"Oh, sleeping together," surmised Ai.

Setsuna smiled. Finally she got it. "Yes!"

"The first time we did that was actually an accident."

"What?!" Setsuna was so stunned she missed a trio of steps, ruining her combo and putting Ai squarely back in the lead.

"Yeah," admitted Ai sheepishly, "We were having a sleepover and we'd decided to marathon a series of comedy movies I liked. I'm not really sure how it happened but we both dozed off on the same futon. I woke up with her head tucked into my neck and our arms wrapped around each other." She stomped out another complex maneuver. "She kinda smelled like sleep, which is weird because how do you smell like sleep? You might say that's pretty non-'scent'-sical!"

Setsuna just facepalmed, foregoing the game to express her disappointment, both at the pun and at the direction of the conversation. "Ai-san, what I want to know is how the two of you first initiated... well... sex."

Ai stopped dancing. "...oh."

Setsuna looked at her expectantly. Surely Ai would be willing to discuss that as well, given how forthcoming she'd already been.

The blonde looked away with a blush. "It happened," she said, a shy grin crossing her face, "And it was amazing."

"That's nice to know, but what was the lead up?"

To distract herself, Ai resumed dancing, prompting the ravenette to wonder just how long this song was. "Not much to tell," she shrugged, uncharacteristically guarded. "We talked a bit, then we did it."

Setsuna sighed. "Ai-san, can you please offer some more detail? I... My anniversary with Kasumi-chan is coming up and I think we'd both like to take the next step." She paused. "We're just not sure how."

"Just be yourselves," offered Ai, "Talk it out. If it happens, it happens. No big deal necessary."

Setsuna paused in thought. "That's a very mature way of looking at it."

"What can I say? My advice is always rated M for mature."

The ravenette shot her a dubious look. "...Is that really a claim you want to make?"

"On second thought, no, it really isn't."

And so finally, after a few days of making sense of Ai and Rina's allegedly helpful advice, the day of their anniversary was upon them.

"So," started Kasumi as fidgeted slightly on the bed.

"So," returned Setsuna as she sat next to her.

The two looked shyly at each other, hesitantly inching their hands toward one another as they agonized in anticipation.

"Did you... want to do this?" asked Setsuna.

Kasumi nodded. "Yes," she decided. "Did you?"

"I do, yes," agreed Setsuna.

The brunette reached her free hand up to caress Setsuna's face, gently holding her still as she leaned in for a kiss. Their lips touched, melding together as they had in so many instances past, Kasumi gradually leaning her back until she lay on top of her. She pulled back slightly, just to get a good view of her girlfriend spread out before her, gray eyes reflecting a luster of purehearted desire and face flush with a scarlet storm.

"Setsuna-senpai," breathed Kasumi, "I love you."

"I love you too, Kasumi-chan."

Their faces came together once more, and the night gradually gave way to passion and bliss.