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teyvat’s gay club

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teyvats gay club


10:22 PM


gay gay homosexual gay: what the hell is in mayo




peepaw: mayo is a high fat condiment made from egg yolks, vinegar or lemon juice, and various spices and flavorings


gay gay homosexual gay: i can always count on u grandpa


batman: ,


chalk man: WHAT




rasputin: zhongli is just the entirety of wikipedia shoved into one person


rasputin: watch this


rasputin: how many different dog breeds are there


peepaw: in the united states alone, the AKC's (american kennel club) dog breed list currently includes 190 dog breeds. worldwide, the FCI (fédération cynologique internationale) lists 360 officially recognized breeds.


cOoL iT: what the fuck???


chalk man: i can’t tell if that was cool or terrifying


rasputin: i’m just saying we’ve never lost trivia night


rasputin: team chili reigns superior


gay gay homosexual gay: i think u mean team zhongli


catboy: yeah i doubt u do anything


rasputin: shut up!!


peepaw: it is a very useful skill


batman: how do you


batman: do that??


gay gay homosexual gay: idk if he knows he’s been doing that since high school


peepaw: i do not know why i remember all this stuff


rasputin: yet u can’t remember ur wallet or ur damN KEYS


peepaw: i’m only allowed one relevant thought per month


chalk man: omg


chalk man: i’m a zhongli kinnie???


peepaw: what is a “kinnie”


catboy: oh lord


batman: i just heard venti cackle


gay gay homosexual gay: it means he admires u


peepaw: oh


peepaw: i appreciate it, albedo


peepaw: in that case i am an albedo kinnie


rasputin: oh my god


catboy: i don’t feel the need to correct this one


chalk man: ,,,,,,


chalk man: i appreciate it zhongli


cOoL iT: so zhongli who’s all on your kin list


peepaw: kin list?


gay gay homosexual gay: it’s a list of people you admire!


peepaw: i see


batman: dear god


gay gay homosexual gay: yes?


peepaw: i feel writing out my kin list would take too long


cOoL iT: i’m surprised childe hasn’t said anything


rasputin: i find i am enjoying this


peepaw: enjoying what?


anime protagonist: ok i feel bad


gay gay homosexual gay: shut it gayboy!!!




gay gay homosexual gay: UR ONE TO TALK GAYBOY


anime protagonist: what has gotten into him today ,,,


gay gay homosexual gay: IM ASCENDING INTO MY GOD FORM


batman: i think he had a monster like ten minutes ago


gay gay homosexual gay: NO!!!!!!


chalk man: okay very cool!!!!


church girl: god i knew i was homophobic for a reason