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A Tender Moment

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Yami delicately prodded the lock mechanism, listening for the clicks of the pins moving into place that would signify his success. Yugi was trying not to interrupt his other self’s control of their body, but couldn’t help letting his unease and disapproval filter across their emotional link as he worked. 

I understand your reluctance Aibou, but this is the best way for us to figure out what the thief is up to,’ Yami reassured, inching his rake forward. 

I know you’re mad at Ryou for breaking into the game shop and stealing the Ring back from us, but committing the equivalent crime doesn’t feel like justice to me,’ Yugi replied, narrowing his eyes (emotionally, anyway, as far as his backseat spirit form allowed). He looked at the keyhole above the doorknob to Ryou Bakura’s apartment and sighed. ‘You have been at this for too long. It is starting to look suspicious.

Yami growled in frustration. ‘The thief was in our room in less than twenty seconds! I am out of practice.’ 

Yugi reckoned from recalling the security camera footage that Yami’s assessment was pretty accurate, low though the frame rate was. ‘You’re not a thief yourself, usually, so that stands to reason. And the man who stole from us was not your enemy but my friend. I would rather talk to him about this than snoop around his place. I still don’t understand why he would want to be re-possessed.

A pair of thieves then.’ The latch finally disengaged. ‘Aha!’ Yami turned the knob and pushed the door in. It was winter and getting dark early, so a soft wash of twilight blanketed the interior. He turned the deadbolt closed again and chose not to engage any of the lights, cautiously moving their body forward and inspecting what looked to Yugi like a completely normal college kid’s apartment. 

Anzu and the others were in the dorms, of course, and Yugi himself had elected to brave the longer commute to stay at the shop and help his grandfather, but Ryou was the only one among them who had a place like this. Yugi found himself wishing again that they were closer, but the emotional distance imposed by the events of the Battle City tournament, followed by his recent criminal behavior, had strained their relationship. They had chosen not to involve the police for loads of obvious reasons, especially since Yugi and Yami were both sure that the Spirit of the Ring had found a way out of the Shadow Realm and back into his host.

A short hallway led to a bathroom and two decently-sized bedrooms. On the left, the room literally contained a four-poster bed covered with a fluffy blue duvet, and on the right was an office with the organized chaos of an art studio. A small sandbox was propped up on bricks in the corner, and rooted within was an elegantly-crafted Egyptian palace. Large pyramids in various stages of painting were spread over newspapers in the middle of the room, and tiny figurines next to a paint set and thin, delicate brushes dotted the modest desk. Yami picked up one of the tiny people and admired it. 

Pharaoh, I think that’s supposed to be you,’ Yugi said with wonder, having to admit that the royal gold contrasted with the sun-kissed color Ryou had used for his skin was quite becoming even on a doll. Yami picked it up and ran the pad of his thumb across the robes, turning it carefully over in his hand.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Yami muttered out loud, and then his head snapped up when they both heard the sound of a key in the lock at the entrance. 

Yugi blushed at the colorful string of curses that streamed from the pharaoh’s mouth as he returned the figure before swiftly and quietly dashing across the hall to the bedroom. He tucked them silently into the sliding doors of the closet, leaving a small gap so they had a good view of both the door and the bed. 

Aibou, I thought you said he had class until six!’

He does!’

And he never skips!’

He doesn’t! Maybe Bakura is being a bad influence on him.’ Yugi pouted then. ‘If that’s the case, then I suppose that makes two of us!’

Yami ignored the insult. ‘I wonder why he refers to that dark spirit using his own family name. It would be like you calling me Mutou.’ 

I think that life choice is the least of our concern at the moment, mou hitori no boku.

They heard Ryou’s long sigh and the thwomp of a bookbag on the floor as he entered. Yugi saw a little more illumination filter through to his hiding place as he flipped on lights, then heard some clinking of china and the rush of water from the kitchen sink. A few minutes later, the teakettle whistled and then quieted as Ryou presumably poured a cup of tea, before making his way down the hall. The dainty chime of a silver spoon stirring was the only sound in the silence as Yugi held his breath. Luckily, the pharaoh did too, still being in control of his corporeal body after all.

Ryou brought the tea on a saucer with him into the bedroom, setting it on his nightstand and sitting on the edge of the bed. He unwove his long white hair from its braid, dragging his fingers through the silky strands as it glinted like starlight in the soft glow from the window. Dark circles under his eyes marred his otherwise porcelain face.

“Bakura, I can’t keep on like this. I have to go to class. If my grades suffer then my father will stop paying for this place.”

The spirit of the thief started to materialize from the Ring that Ryou had pulled from under the neck of his shirt, slinking around his waist like a macabre belt before his full form solidified on the bed behind him. Yugi didn’t conceal his shock - it was really difficult for either him or Yami to pull off a visible spirit form, let alone one that had any physical realization. His ghost was still a little translucent, glowing faintly, but the effect was still impressive. Seeing a darker twin of Ryou’s unusual beauty was more alluring than it had any right to be. 

He imagined hot breath on Ryou’s ear as the thief leaned in to speak. “All distractions, Yadonushi,” he whispered, “you have more important work to do here.”

Ryou slammed his fists on the comforter in frustration. “I can’t do anything for you if I have dropped dead from anxiety and exhaustion. I don’t want to steal from my friends and I don’t want to commit any more crimes!” He grabbed his tea and took an angry sip before shoving the spirit away and flopping onto his back, hand draped across his eyes.

Bakura just cackled and floated back over him, a white hand reaching out to caress Ryou’s equally pale jaw. “Well I wouldn’t want you to be stressed, precious host. Maybe there’s something I can do for you that doesn’t involve abandoning all of the fun lawbreaking I have to do.”

Ryou moved his forearm and his eyes widened into chocolate brown plates as the spirit’s hand on his face turned into a hand on his ass instead, drawing them closer together.

“Ba...Bakura please, I…”

“So polite, of course I’ll indulge you,” he purred, leaning forward to press his lips to Ryou’s jutting collarbone, causing him to lose focus on his words and gasp. Bakura’s mouth traveled the line back to his shoulder, planting soft kisses along the way while his hands reached to undo Ryou’s belt and unbutton his shirt in tandem. 

When he reached the muscular curve between Ryou’s shoulder and trapezius, he bit down, eliciting a pained cry that morphed into a delicious moan as he arched off the bed. Bakura took that opportunity to tug off Ryou’s trousers, leaving him in a half-buttoned white dress shirt and conspicuously tented boxers.

Meanwhile, Yugi and his own spirit watched in complete silence, too stunned to even talk telepathically with each other. Yugi could sense a vague concern that Bakura’s Item would betray them and point towards the Puzzle, but the logical processing of the very real danger the pharaoh had gotten them into was entirely overwhelmed by a consuming lust at watching Yugi’s friend writhe like a marionette under Bakura’s talented lips and fingers. 

Ryou’s body flushed deeper as he whimpered, pushing his hips forward seeking some kind of contact, which the spirit denied. He made a frustrated sound and threaded his hands through Bakura’s hair above where his face was attached to one of Ryou’s aroused nipples. 

Bakura hummed and looked back up at him, head leaning away in the direction of the hair-pull. “Oh, that’s right, you’re sentimental aren’t you? I have to say I’m not much of a romantic myself, but I certainly don’t mind making the exception for such an eager vessel.” He licked his lips and then closed the distance between them to consume Ryou’s. 

Ryou’s eyes rolled back and he groaned, wrapping his arms and legs around Bakura’s form like a snowy white crab and deepening the kiss, hips rolling upward to grind on the equal arousal of the spirit.

Yugi could see their tongues glinting as they changed angles and pawed at each other, certain that all of his spirit blood (or whatever it was) had rushed to redden his face, and all of the blood in his body had traveled south to engorge Yami’s cock. It strained against the fabric of his pants and he shifted uncomfortably.

Aibou,’ entreated the spirit, breathless despite the communication being in their mind, ‘we should look away.’ 

Yep,’ was all Yugi could manage as their eyes remained hyper-focused on the entwined Ring Bearers. An image came to him unbidden, of the pharaoh wearing all those regal robes and gold that had been painted on Ryou’s figurine, pinning him on their bed in a similar position, and his brain did cartwheels. Oh gods... gods, he hoped he hadn’t let that fantasy cross the barrier into Yami’s mind, it was already challenging enough to maintain their cooperative friendship sharing a body without indulging a complication like the one Ryou and Bakura were passionately enacting.

Though, when Bakura slid one of his hands down Ryou’s boxers to grab his shaft, Yami did the same. Both Ryou and Yugi gasped, Ryou quite audibly and Yugi mercifully not.

Bakura impatiently tore the remaining fabric away from Ryou’s body and started pumping him as his lips worked purple hickeys into his host's neck and cries of ecstasy mixed with dark moans filled the room.

Yami quietly undid the button and zipper on their pants and struggled to free his erection; once he succeeded, the cool air danced over the hot flesh soothingly and he began to stroke. Yugi could kind of sense what was going on, but couldn’t really feel it until Yami dropped the mental barrier that separated their motor control. The result was a shared consciousness that they sometimes employed in a duel, but this was something else entirely, molten desire permeating through Yugi’s confusion in an instant.  

He felt the dexterous fingers of Yami’s other hand reach below as well to trail softly over the tightened sac, rolling his balls gently in between strokes as Yugi got lost in it - it really, really felt like someone else was pleasuring him, and his own explorations didn’t hold a candle to how incredible this felt. He was starting to get an idea of why Ryou had wanted his spirit back so badly despite his other sadistic qualities, and turned his attention back to the show.

Ryou’s breathing had turned into increasingly desperate pants as he moaned his own name wantonly. It may have sounded narcissistic to an outsider, but out of his mouth and into Yugi’s ears it was tantalizing and erotic. He wondered how his would sound in that melodic timbre if he were between Ryou’s legs instead. ‘Yugi,’ Yami cooed, not hiding his agreement with the idea. Yugi was too turned on to consider how uncharted this territory was for them.

Ryou’s pleasure crested suddenly and he yelped, spilling into Bakura’s hand and onto his own stomach, toes and fists curling into the duvet and then relaxing as beads of sweat trickled down his sides.

Bakura was just delighted, slicking his finger through the sticky fluid off of his host’s flat, heaving stomach and bringing it to his mouth, taking a long lick before switching it to Ryou’s, who devoured it greedily, sucking as if it were a cock and not a finger.

Yugi thought that he wouldn’t mind at all seeing Ryou get his face fucked, but the spirit had other plans and was chuckling darkly as he rolled his fingers in more of Ryou’s come and then slipped one into his ass. “Did that take the edge off, Yadonushi?”

Ryou’s breath hitched again and Yugi clamped a palm over Yami’s mouth as Ryou looked Directly. At them. He blinked for a moment, surprised, and that a smirk? Is he smirking? 

He knows we’re here.’

Um…’ said Yugi, mind blanking. 

Yami flashed a smirk of his own and kept stroking, unsure of how much Ryou could see but encouraged by the fact he hadn’t ratted them out to the thief, yet.

Yugi heated with embarrassment. ‘Yami what the hell are you doing?

Power move,’ the spirit replied, leaning back and bracing himself on a pair of boots in the corner. 

Bakura was scissoring expertly now, burying his middle finger to the hilt every few beats to press into Ryou’s prostate while he squealed, eyes flitting to Yugi and Yami, backlit by the glow of the spirit above him and the Ring that pulsed on his chest. One of the spines had gotten an erection of its own, pointing toward the closet where they were hidden(ish), but luckily the thief didn’t seem to notice as his host gently pushed it down occasionally. He moved to pull Ryou up and flip him onto his knees, but Ryou twisted them so that his ass was pointed toward the closet and his spirit’s eyes would be directed at the headboard when he was taken from behind.

Yami murmured a prayer to Min as Bakura doused his own cock in lube and sunk into the pliant man beneath him, thanking the translucence for being able to see the tight ring of muscle expanding to suck him in. Bakura grabbed on to two tufts of Ryou’s hair and pulled back like they were reins, grunting and thrusting as Ryou’s reinvigorated hardness quivered below them. Ryou moved to wrap his own hand around his shaft and matched his pace, whimpering more loudly this time.

Yugi was drowning in pleasure, and he let their moans fuel it as he inched toward orgasm. The pharaoh was teasing him, changing his pace and whispering sweet-sounding words in another language to Yugi through their telepathic link. It sounded like it was meant for lovers, and Yugi blushed at the implication.

He didn’t have too much time to be embarrassed again, though, as Bakura’s pace became frantic and his back rippled deliciously. “Ryou,” he breathed, arching as his climax overtook him.

Oh,” said Ryou, surprised as he too emptied himself again, this time onto the bed

Aibou, come for me,’ Yami commanded, and Yugi did, hot and hard, using every fiber of his willpower not to cry out as the spirit ran a thumb over the sensitive head to smear his come on the tip as it spurted out onto the floor of Ryou’s closet. 

Bakura had collapsed around Ryou, arms wrapped tightly around his waist as he slowly pulled out, groaning. Ryou turned and pulled him down into an embrace, pressing kisses to his forehead and cheeks that were dripping with whatever constituted sweat for the spirit. “I missed you, Thief,” he whispered, brushing some of spidersilk-white strands behind Bakura’s ears. 

Bakura snorted and rolled his heavily-drooping eyes. “Sentimental,” he repeated, nuzzling Ryou’s neck and gradually losing consciousness. Ryou carefully shuttled his dissolving form back into the Ring and hugged his chest, sighing and closing his eyes as he sat up and pulled his too-long button down around his waist like it was a bathrobe. 

When he opened them again, he looked toward the closet and winked. “You can come out now,” he said to the puzzled pair seductively, wiggling his index finger in a ‘come hither’ gesture that had Yugi gulping all over again.

Yami had retrieved a small towel from their interior jacket pocket (thank the gods he took Hitchhiker’s Guide to heart), and was nearly finished cleaning them and reconfiguring their pants when he met Ryou’s heated gaze. He grinned and spoke to Yugi instead. ‘Well, he’s your friend, Aibou, and now here’s your chance to talk to him.

Yami, don’t you DARE…’ But he’d already felt the familiar whoosh of control transfer to him as his other self chuckled from his retreat to the Puzzle. 

Yugi cursed all of the pharaoh’s gods and crawled ungracefully out of the closet with a sheepish look on his face. “Oh, hey Ryou, I must have gotten lost on the way home from class.” He looked around, noticing that a smug look had replaced the bashful blush on Ryou’s face. “Okay...really lost.”

“I have to admit I didn’t quite imagine myself as an exhibitionist, Yugi, but when I saw Bakura’s sworn mortal enemy looking out at me through your pretty eyes, it was rather thrilling.” He shivered in delight and swung his legs over the side of the bed, patting the empty spot next to him. His shirt provided a little modesty, at least. 

Yugi trembled as he stood, brushing himself off and tiptoeing over to the bed. “Is Bakura, um…”

“The only time I get some peace and quiet is after I let him fuck me silly. It takes a lot of energy to be physical for that long. Maybe if you allowed him to have his way with Pharaoh they would forget about their quarrel for a while,” Ryou giggled to a very embarrassed flush from Yugi. Yami had the decency to be appalled, but there was something else underneath it.

Yugi sat on the bed and sighed. Ryou scooted closer and put his palm flat against Yugi’s chest. Yugi caught his wrist and held it, but didn’t move him away. “I don’t appreciate you stealing from me, Ryou,” he said finally.

“I don’t appreciate you breaking into my home.”

Yugi cringed. “Fair point. Would you believe that it wasn’t my idea?”

“Yes.” Silence lingered for a beat. “And I apologize, for doing the same to you first. But, I didn’t steal from you. The Ring is mine.”

“I, um...think I get that now. But you could have talked to me instead of taking things into your own hands.”

“Would you have given it back if I had asked for it?”

“Well I may have. I can’t speak for the pharaoh. I’m sure he would argue that all the Items are his by birthright, and that your thief unlawfully stole the ones he ended up with.”

More or less,’ chimed Yami.

Yugi continued, “I didn’t know you were um... together though. I’m sorry we came between that.”

“The romanticism is rather one-sided, I’m afraid,” Ryou said wistfully, staring at the ceiling. Neither of them moved their hands. 

“Ah,” replied Yugi. “Well...I’m sorry for invading your privacy too. And I’m grateful you didn’t ask Bakura to kill me. I hope you don’t mind me saying that you are incredibly hot to watch, though.”

“Mmm, keep talking like that and I’ll be ready for round three.”

Yugi laughed and clasped Ryou’s hand in both of his smaller ones. Ryou wasn’t finished though, and said, “I certainly wouldn’t mind being a voyeur for the two of you, either.” Yugi choked on his next laugh and coughed, releasing the hand to rub his throat. Even more surprising than Ryou’s admission was the absence of an objection from the pharaoh.

“Oh man, I mean, we’re not…” 

“Mm hmm,” hummed Ryou sarcastically, leaning forward until their lips were inches apart. “Would you like to stay for dinner? I have everything I need for Beef Wellington except someone to share it with. My spirit will be out for hours.” He batted his eyes and Yugi battled a fever.

“Sounds delicious?”

“He will be pissed when he wakes up and goes through my head though, so if you want to fool around best get on with it soon after we eat.” Ryou had stood and retrieved a pair of lounge pants from his bottom drawer, giving Yugi quite the eyeful of his own bottom in the process, and Yugi was surprised he didn’t faint. 

Ryou swept his hair into an elegant ponytail and gestured for Yugi to follow him to the kitchen. Yugi obliged him nervously, feeling a curious quirk of an eyebrow and a chuckle from the Spirit of the Puzzle.