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“Annnnd that’s all for tonight, dickbags. Check back in with me tomorrow night at 5 for your weekly dose of superior music. Try not to cry yourself to sleep after I’m gone. Although, I’m sure that’s inevitable after Shitty Hair takes over snooze central. WHAT? Don’t fucking look at me like that. It’s not my fault you have the personality of a glass of water- Fuck! Whatever, later losers. Tune into 97.6. Ground Zero out.”

He had no business sounding that hot spewing profanities left and right and at this point, Izuku was tired of it. Day in and day out he sprints out of work early to his beat-up old honda just to sit in it for two and a half hours so he can hear this man with a deep, velvety voice bully his audience.

He stays to listen to Ground Zero rant about his life. The music is something that he had to grow into. Izuku has always been the early 2000s starships are meant to fly type of guy, and he honestly assumes that’s why people always call him plain, but after a year of tuning into this station he thinks he got a full emo resurgence. Everyone, please hide your Hot Topics.

Growing up he felt awkward and uncomfortable in his body. Never really caring to have a style, more in search of comfort to quell his growing anxiety. He had always been small and weak and once he got into college that shit didn’t fly anymore. He was still small, but definitely not weak (if the award for thickest thighs and fattest ass he got last month at the gym counts for anything). Izuku thanks God every day for being a yoga instructor. It totally turned his self-image around for the better, but he always knew there was something missing. 

After accidentally spilling an entire water bottle on his phone one night at the gym, he was kinda screwed for music. And every other convenient thing that came along with having a fully functioning phone. His foot managed to crush his puny little apple headphones while in the struggle, and honestly, why the fuck did apple change the phone jack again? He was officially down a pair of nice headphones, not AirPods fuck you those are expensive, and a way to scream DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love at the top of his lungs on the ride home. 

That was actually the first time he had ever heard Ground Zero’s voice through the car radio. Izuku had managed to catch the last half hour of his show and, holy shit is this what the kids are listening to these days? It was only after he heard the host curse loudly after a set and word vomit about how much he wants to strangle the band members for splitting up this year that he realized the music kinda slaps. Maybe. Or the boy with the attitude sounds ridiculously hot and he’s convincing himself it does. 

“And now that my ever-growing desire to strangle half of my coworkers is quenched with some old Bring Me The Horizon, let’s hit another throwback for our middle school sleeves with something less ‘let’s scream our lungs out’ and more ‘let’s scream our lungs out only softer’. Shut up! It doesn’t have to make sense! I’m hot.” 

It wasn’t softer. Izuku was kind of, well definitely, intimidated at first by the music, but refused to change the station in hopes he could absorb some of this guy’s confidence. Izuku was definitely lacking in that department and will probably never reach that level of God Complex, but he refuses to consider that the alternative is that he’s just a masochist and likes the aggressiveness. It probably has something to do with the repressed childhood bullying, but sue him. Therapy is expensive.

And now that it’s been a year of foregoing his Spotify subscription most nights from 5:00 to 7:30, he can officially consider listening to 97.6 as a part of his daily routine. It’s such a routine for him that he feels almost like he knows the guy in a weird one sided friendship type of way. Izuku likes to save the idolization for his comic book hero obsession. It’s kind of hard to not practically adore the guy after so long though. He feels like he knows so much, yet so little about him. 

Ground Zero is now 22, the same age as Izuku. He’s definitely in college, for what, he hasn’t mentioned. Apparently, he’s a blonde, and he likes the color orange and prefers when food is so spicy he can’t feel the roof of his mouth. Trivial things, but precious to Izuku nonetheless. 

It’s also the small, unspoken things that make Izuku feel like he knows him. The music he played was particular to his mood. On the days he seemed somewhat calm he played older, more nostalgic music. It felt like he was taking a peek into his childhood watching an angry blonde haired kid belt his lungs out to hardcore metal completely angry at the world. Izuku didn’t know what it was, but on these days he felt like he was benefiting the most. If he could see his child self once he would give himself one of Ground Zero’s emo playlist as an outlet. Actually, maybe it was a good idea Izuku didn’t have access to music that made him think too hard or the color black. 

It’s because of these songs Izuku theorized Ground Zero probably plays an instrument. His guess is drums or bass because he normally likes a heavy beat. 

Ground Zero doesn’t really have sad days. It’s more like angry and angrier, and the music he plays reflects that. It’s typically when Izuku is glad he doesn’t have a heavy bass on his car or else the poor thing would surely collapse in on itself from the pressure. 

His favorite days are, and he dubs them, Ground Zero’s horny hype session days. According to him, this is the music he likes to play at the gym. They’re the most frequent ones and it’s some weird mix between emo rap and alternative rock or whatever the hell Chase Atlantic is. He’s new to this, give him a break. Izuku prays no one tells his mom he listens to emo rap, but it makes him feel like he’s kind of a bad bitch. To be more specific, it makes him think of Ground Zero as a bad bitch, and also like he’s incredibly horny at the gym. It’s just a fact that he’ll have to take to the grave.

He thinks it’s cool that Ground Zero’s normal, his mundane, sounds like that. It’s convinced him that’s where he gets his confidence. 

‘Sorry I only own basketball shorts and shitty graphic t-shirts’ Izuku Midoriya finds himself to be a new man at this point. He walks with his head held high now that he’s compiled all of his favorite songs in a playlist and actually saved up to buy AirPods so he can keep one in his ear at all times to help with his false confidence. He quite literally faked it till he made it. 

His friends were absolutely ecstatic to see him visibly happier, and even more ecstatic to see him get out of his comfort zone style wise. To be fair there was absolutely no sense of style in the first place, but now that he had finally taken an interest in his appearance, things had changed dramatically. To Izuku’s relief, none of them knew this change had happened entirely because of some radio host with no filter and an anger management track record longer than his chem final. He’s not even majoring in chem.

Izuku feels almost embarrassed that he used to exclusively wear basketball shorts and shirts that scream I got bullied in my adolescence. Not because he used to wear them because he liked them, but instead because he was indifferent about them. He has settled for more than one pair of red shoes, and he also decided he would never stop listening to Mike Poser’s Cooler Than Me, but otherwise, he’s proud of his appearance and completely embraced the new him. 

He’s not entirely the Doc Martin, black eyeliner type of guy, so he settled for never buying bootleg pants again and actually putting in the effort to live out his hot, edgy, dark academia librarian fantasy. Sprinkle in some chains to make it spicy and freak your friends out with a tongue piercing and the occasional kinda crop top (who knew right? definitely not Izuku) and you have a mumbling mess. Now he’s just a hot mumbling mess. Who now wears orange to bed subconsciously as opposed to his old superhero pajamas because he’s chronically gay and pining.

He tries to convince himself that his interest isn’t inherently weird. Comparing the situation to following a Youtuber and knowing a bunch of random shit about them helps until he realizes the obnoxiously stupid crush he has is in fact obnoxious and stupid. He’s been single for two years so he just assumes he’s touch starved and leaves it at that.

It’s not until one Friday evening at the beginning of Ground Zero’s set does Izuku not leave it at that. Something was obviously wrong today and it left him feeling very anxious and fidgety. 

Normally Ground Zero would start the show off with an explosion of energy, teasing the audience with taunts. 

“Did ya miss me you freaks? Hadn’t even been a day and you couldn’t go without my genius to grace your ears. This is 97.6 and I’ll start today off with a song that got me through my morning workout. Had to let off a lot of fucking steam after midterms so don’t expect me to go easy on your asses.”

That’s what Izuku was used to, but today he was lacking his typical massive ego stroke. He sounded tired, slow. On his bad days, Ground Zero got angry. This definitely wasn’t angry, and it left Izuku to chew worryingly on his lip.

“Sup’ it’s Ground Zero with 97.6. I don’t feel like fucking talking today so strap in for some longer tracks or whatever.” 

Izuku heard a sigh before the beat hit which had him panicking even harder because when the hell did Ground Zero play something sad AND slow? Ease Off by YNG Martyr started playing and it felt uncharacteristically exhausting. Izuku had to question when he started thinking this guy was incapable of such emotions and felt a little guilty. 

Without thinking about how absolutely stupid and borderline stalkerish he was about to be, Izuku found himself dialing into the radio station. There’s no way in hell he had a spare brain cell left in his head, because what the fuck would he even say? Oh God, he should really just hang up and forget about this whole thing. Ground Zero is probably just fine and he’s being weird and, and-

“This is Yueei Radio. This is Mina Ashindo speaking how may I help you?” She sounded like she was bored, almost reading from a script.

A squeak, like a genuine squeak, left his mouth and Izuku was mortified. 

“Um, excuse me. If you’re going to prank call us at least be funny about it.” She sounded young. 

“Oh, uh, hey. Yeah, this is really dumb, but I was just wondering, uh...” He hasn’t stumbled over his words like this in years. He was so fucking nervous, but a snicker on the other end had him releasing the flood gates. “I’m just a listener, but I was just kind of concerned because Ground Zero sounded kind of down and I just really wanted to let him know that I really enjoy his set and absolutely mean this is the least creepy way possible, but I hope he like, I don’t know, feels better or something. If there is a problem that is, and if there isn’t a problem then I’m really really sorry for like imposing-“

“Hey, kid you need to take a breath.” 

Oh god she’s right and that was like a big run-on sentence and he’s utterly embarrassed at this point. Should he hang up?

“You sound like a cutie.” He burns at those words. “Oh my god, this is so scandalous. I can’t believe our angry little Pomeranian has an admirer!”

“I-I’m not an ad-“

“Okay, so details! He’s doing a show right now, but I think it’s totally cute you noticed he was in a bad mood. I’ll leave him a note for when he’s done. Sound good?”

There’s so much to process with this conversation that his head is spinning, but ultimately he nods until he realizes she can’t see him. “That works. Just let him know I like listening to him and that I hope he feels better. It’s more like him when he’s berating us...”

“What’s your name so I can leave it with him? This is so cute I’m excited to be the messenger for once! I feel like I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie.” 

“Oh, uh, just put Deku I guess?” Putting his real name is a little more terrifying. At least this way there’s no way for him to be tracked down and pantsed. That totally sounds like something Ground Zero would do, and he’s a little upset at himself for not hating the prospect. Had he always been into weird shit? 

“Alright, Izuku Midoriya! No problem.” He could feel the wink through the phone.


“Caller ID, babe. I asked out of common curiosity, but don’t worry I’ll keep your identity a secret! This is gonna be so much fun oh my god.”

What the hell did he just do? 


Izuku found himself freaking out over the phone call until he finally arrived at Momo’s condo and everyone was shoving shots in his face. Thank god for expensive tequila tasting like water. By the end of the night, he convinced himself that Ground Zero probably could care less that some random listener called in to say hi. His voice sounded like sin and there’s no way it wasn’t a common occurrence. 

Yeah totally. Plenty of people are into the whole aggressive douchebag hot guy persona. It would be fine.

Except it wasn’t fine and the next day at 5:10 on the dot Izuku is sitting in his car with his head about to explode from all the heat rushing to his cheeks. There had to be steam coming out of his ears at this point. Did he hear that right?

“Just because I gave y’all a break yesterday doesn’t mean you got rid of me just yet. I wasn’t on my game, but get your lame asses ready for some sick new beats today. Everyone can thank your golden star student Deku for callin’ into the station yesterday. He said I was going easy on y’all and he’s right. I’m gonna destroy your asses tonight, fuckwads. What kind of loser name is Deku by the way? Gotta check up on your favorite radio host to get him to yell at you properly? I appreciate the enthusiasm. Anyways I’m feeling extra mean today, here's Assholes by Hooligan Chase.”

Izuku had been listening to him for so long. He knows what he sounds like when Ground Zero is being a dick, and despite the very dick things that came out of his mouth, he can tell it was appreciative in some weird way. 

There have been plenty of occasions when people wrote in to the show to complain about his profanity. The way they were ripped to shreds was almost carnal, but his tone today had no bite to it. He wasn’t sure what had compelled him to call back, but it was almost instantaneous after hearing the taunts. 

The response was immediate, almost like Mina had been waiting for his call. “Deku, my favorite mystery caller! I gotta thank you for calling yesterday. Almost thought I was gonna die a fiery death at first, but it’s totally cool. I was saved when I explained everything to him. Seems like you managed to cheer him up just like he needed.” 

He didn’t expect this response. He expected to be ignored, maybe mocked at most. To think dorky Izuku managed to cheer up Ground Zero. He could die feeling accomplished.

“I figured there would be plenty of people calling in with a similar message. He is pretty popular in this town.”

“Oh, hun, yeah right. I get bombarded with threats daily because he can’t keep his dumb mouth shut and not cause an argument on air. The only positive comments I get are thirsty listeners making very inappropriate propositions. Seems like he’s especially popular with the ladies. At least his voice is.”

Izuku can relate to the last part, but at least he prides himself on a sense of morality. As for angry comments, that’s definitely in the realm of possibilities. Just last week he told someone they would look better with their fist in their mouth instead of their ass. 

“I’m happy to provide some normalcy then,” he chuckles. “I didn’t want to get yelled at properly as he put it, more so prefer him when he’s happy. Which I guess happy for him is yelling. Either way, I guess he called me out there. I just hope a good night's rest helped him out.”

“You definitely can read him like a book, it's crazy.”

“Hard not to after listening to him for the past year. I guess that makes me kind of a fanboy, but oh well.”

“Oh, I’m so relaying this information.” She's sly that one.

“You wouldn’t dare! I’m already humiliated enough as it is...” It’s crazy how easily he feels like he can talk to Mina. It’s like they’ve been friends for years and this is just another hangout. He figures making people feel comfortable is her superpower. Or her job. 

“You totally don’t get it! I told him a caller was worried and praised him and I thought I almost saw a smile on his big, dumb face. It was like an eighth world wonder. It helped that I said you sounded adorable.”

Oh god, his face is going to stain this shade of red permanently. “As long as he’s feeling better...”

There was a squeal on the other line.


Izuku’s everyday life seemed to continue as normal after the show. It was Sunday. Today was meant to go to work and overthink all day. Normally he kept the overthinking exclusively after hours on days he absolutely needed sleep, but Izuku was an overachiever. 

It seemed like his 2:30 class noticed his spacey behavior as well. He held certain stretches for far longer than normal and he could tell some of the newer students were struggling. Normally he’s mindful of other people’s flexibility. Not everyone can bring their foot behind their head comfortably, and he forgets that it was a bumpy ride to get that far sometimes. 

“Breathe out into the child’s pose and relax your body. You can stay like this until you’re ready to move again. Take your time and don’t rush.” This was a place for meditation. Absolutely no thoughts head completely empty.

Except it wasn’t empty and he was thinking about a faceless blonde with a deep voice who specifically said “I’m going to destroy your asses, fuckwads.” Who says that anyway? Izuku choked on his own spit at the memory mid stretch back. 

He blushed as his friend Ochako eyed him precariously from the front. She’s definitely going to ask him about it.

“What’s up, Deku? You look like you were having some really intrusive thoughts a moment ago.” They were both sporting a heavy layer of sweat when she approached him. He curses her ability to read minds. 

“I really hate you sometimes, you know.”

“I know, but what was it? Thinkin’ about a boy?”

He was. “Of course not!”

She didn’t seem convinced. “Keep lying to me, babe. I know everything.” There was a sly smile on her lips. “Gotta get that good stretch in for your horizontal workouts.”

He hates her so so so much. 

Like clockwork, he gets in his car for his drive home at 4:30. The spike in mid day coffee consumption happened around 6 months ago. Any excuse to stay in his car and drive around is good in his book. It makes him look less dorky sitting in a parking lot feeling himself if he has a caramel iced coffee to chug it down. 

The metal pep talk he gives himself is one for the history books. The one off chance the Ground Zero mentioned him indirectly one time is completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but he finds himself hoping for more. It’s as if he's gotten a taste of the boy’s attention and now he wants to glutton himself on it.

Ground Zero started his show like normal. Izuku’s heart was beating out of his chest. This crush is getting ridiculous.

“It’s Sunday with Ground Zero and you know what that means. Time to worship my ass for the next few hours. It truly is a holy day despite the shitstorm I had to experience. Sprained my damn hand playing a little football like a pleb. If I could murder a sport, then I would.” 

Oh great so he sounds like the human embodiment of a greek good and he’s athletic. Great, this is great. Izuku thinks he’s probably always been outgoing. Never a moment in his life for doubt. 

“So I hear I have a new fanboy. At least you admitted to wanting to be yelled at by me. I’ll take that as me being superior in every way. Oh and you don’t need to worry about my sleep schedule, nerd. I’m not one of those high school virgins who spend all night jerking it to overwatch characters. In bed by 9:30 or else my early workout would have my ass. Being this hot has its setbacks. Hm, Jealous? You should be.”

Oh god oh god oh god-

He gripped his stealing wheel right and leaned forward for added support, because oh my god this is really happening. The way he talks about himself should seriously be a turn off, but how the hell can he not find it endearing when he sounds the way he does? 

Izuku lets out a scream and he listens as the radio plays a song he hasn’t heard yet. Ground Zero is definitely in a good mood and his picks reflect that today.

He finds himself dialing the station again on autopilot. Mina had been waiting.

“Didhereallysaythatonairordoeshehavenofilter? I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t jerk off to overwatch porn and I'm not in high school. I’m 22 and have a very normal sleep schedule and he’s so embarrassing I’m going to die.” He didn’t care if he made sense and opted for word vomiting.

“I was starting to get afraid you wouldn’t call! Please never stop calling because this is giving me so much life. Work would be excruciating without you.”

He likes to feel appreciated. “I may be short but I look my age, okay? Is he always this blunt in real life or is it just a persona thing?”

He can hear a giggle on the other end. “Sorry, short stack. He’s literally always like this. Honestly, I think he’s more intense in person.”

A groan. “Explains why he’s so active. Gotta let out that aggression somehow or else his big head will explode on itself.”

“My, my Deku is that sass I hear?”

“I’m afraid what would happen if I said yes.”

He really likes talking to Mina. Even if Ground Zero wasn’t involved he thinks they would be good friends.


As much as he thought the back and forth was a one off thing he is surprised to hear another response the next day.

And the day after that.

And the day after that.

Until it’s been practically two weeks of these short, secret talks, and Izuku is starting to hate how very real his crush is getting. Less of an innocent infatuation and more of a genuine butterfly feeling in his stomach. 

Their “talks” seemed to border on light flirting sometimes, which is crazy because they don’t even know what each other looks like. He just knows this is something that he looks forward to, and now when he goes out and sees a blond head of hair he always wonders if it were Ground Zero. 

“Our daily shoutout to Deku the champion of being the ballsiest person in the room. I hear you think my head is too big for itself, but hate to break it to you. All of me is big. Maybe next time just admit you can’t handle it and I won’t have to fucking kill you nerd.”

“Call me a jock one more fucking time, shorty. See how it feels to be thrown around like a doll. I may be sweet, but don’t push your luck. I got skills even with a brace on.”

And he loves it. He loves the feeling of having the attention of someone he admires and their short, yet delayed bickering. It gives him a surge of confidence. He finds himself smiling a lot more throughout the day. It’s been only a week, but he feels like this has become such a significant part of his daily life. 

He’s in class thinking about how he got called a whore the day before for insinuating Ground Zero listens to anything that would be made into a tik tok dance and what that did to his stomach when he gets a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: I got tired of using Pinky as a go between. She’s too nosy for her own good. 

This is weird. Who the hell is Pinky?

Izuku: sorry i think you have the wrong number !

Unknown: Shut the fuck up Deku.

Izuku: waif is this 

Izuku: holy shit ground zero???

Unknown: Wow you’re dumber one on one. Here I thought Mina was exaggerating.

Izuku took a moment to have a mini panic attack. He was talking to Ground Zero. 

Unknown: Call me Katsuki by the way. 

Before it was easy because he had Mina as a mediator. There wasn’t a need to feel nervous when he was laughing and joking along with her. He felt so close, yet so unattainable, and yet now Ground Zero is texting him. He’s a real person who is texting him. What does he even say? Izuku assumes the first thing that comes out of his mouth is going to be stupid and ruin any chances of a real friendship with the guy, but fuck if he’s not absolutely freaking out.

No more fake names. No more wondering who this guy was. He tasted his name on his tongue and almost forgot where he was because the sound had a few of the students around him looking over. 

Izuku: oh god the texts are green

Really? First one on one conversation and he’s going to bring up iPhone supremacy?

Unknown: Do you and your shitty iPhone want to die, nerd?

Unknown: Unfucking believable. 

Izuku: iPhones look better okay? it’s for the aesthetic 

Unknown: They have absolutely no functionality. They’re about as useless as your name.

Unknown: Also, fuck you. My razor looks beautiful. 

Izuku: of course you have a razor. What, do you have led lights and two light up monitors in your room?

He seems to have forgotten to change the filter in his brain to not say the first thing that comes to mind. 

Unknown: You really do have a death wish don’t you? 

Izuku is so entranced in the conversation he forgets to actually save the number. He should probably do that before he forgets. Just in case. 

For some reason, he finds talking to Katsuki easier than he had ever expected. He was riding a wave of adrenaline and wits and never wanted this moment to end. 

Izuku: i’m ok but thank you for the offer

Izuku: i’ll be sure to ask for permission to die next time the situation arises

Katsuki: You have a mouth on you don’t you?

That text message shouldn’t have done what it did to Izuku’s stupid, horny brain. 

Izuku: i’ve been told :)

He is so hooked on the idea of texting Katsuki, then he finds himself nervous about letting the conversation die. What about tonight? Does this mean he should stop calling into the station... He’s asking before he gets a chance to stop himself.

Izuku: does texting me mean you’re trying to get rid of me

He expected the wait between messages to last longer, but the response was immediate.

Katsuki: Fuck no.

Katsuki: If you stopped calling the station then Mina would have my head.

Katsuki: Why? Do you like it when I’m mean to you on air more? 

Izuku: dodnkermienekedji

Izuku: now i’m gonna kill you 

Katsuki: I’d like to see you try, nerd.

Izuku has been gay long enough to know that he’s terrible at picking up flirting. It’s risky because, again, they don’t know each other, but there have been several times when guys at the gym have approached him and asked to spot him and then given him their number only for Izuku to be told by Ochako later that, yes, they were hitting on him. But this feels like flirting on his end and he has too much gay panic in him to know what to do about it.

Izuku had been listening to Katsuki for over a year. Katsuki had only learned about Izuku two weeks ago. He really has to stop jumping to conclusions. Katsuki might not even be into guys. It’s like a bucket of ice water over his very warm body. He’s gonna try his hardest to be friends with the man before he decides to fall in love. 

Izuku: anyways is it true people call you an angry little pomeranian ????



“You gave him my number?”

Izuku found himself calling the station that day despite not needing to communicate with Ground Zero as if they were speaking in code. 

“In my defense, he had been wearing me down to give him your number for a while! Which reminds me. As fun as this is, I wouldn’t mind texting you myself as well. Unless you were only after our angry prince this whole time.”

He hadn’t thought about that. Honestly, he’s been so used to just calling the station to get in touch with her that asking to talk outside of their interactions had scared him. 

“I would never have ulterior motives!” He exaggerated his innocence with a gasp. “You’re always welcome to text me. I mean I know this is a weird way to make friends, but I’d be sad if it ended.”

“Deku don’t be silly! You’re stuck with me now. Katsuki is the grumpiest man alive. Honestly, if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t know a damn thing about what’s been going on.”

“Now you seem like the one with ulterior motives.”

“You caught me! You’ve been the talk of our friend group for weeks so can you blame me?” 

“I’m afraid to ask what that means. He doesn’t seem like the type to care about some random fan. I seriously thought he’d write me off.”

Mina was quiet for a moment before answering. “Welllllll look I had some notably late regret and was afraid you were some weird stalker the first week, sooo I kinda did some digging and found your Instagram and your Twitter and your Facebook and realized you were mega hot.”

“Oh my god you’ve seen my All Might collection a-“

“It’s an impressive collection by the way. Don’t worry I didn’t show him anything, but the second I mentioned the cute boy who keeps calling into our show to bully our favorite Katsuki was actually really cool he got embarrassed and has been harassing me ever since.”

“Women are so scary.” His mind immediately teleported him to the time Tsuyu and Ochako found the entire extended family and their baby pictures of some guy in the Starbucks line. He was impressed but terrified.

“And don’t you forget it. Plus I think the day you first called he really needed the pick me up. He’s not very communicative even with his friends.” 

That thought had made him a little sad. He doesn’t like to imagine Ground Zero holding in whatever stress he’s going through, but from his constant overly inflated ego he realizes that it must be his normal. 


The morning after he first received the text message from Katsuki, Izuku was panicking out the door in a rush. He didn’t get much sleep the night before, despite promptly saying goodnight to Katsuki at 10:00. His eyes were still puffy with sleep on his way to campus. 

The coffee shop he likes to stop by at before class is quieter than usual. The morning rush must have come and gone earlier. He was thankful for the almost peaceful atmosphere when he went inside. 

“Oh, hey Todoroki! Quiet morning?” He offered a bright smile despite his tired demeanor. 

Although his friend was most definitely loaded, almost as much as Momo, the coffee shop was a good fit for him during college. Something about pissing off his father by working for himself rather than at Endeavor's big tech company. As far as customer service goes, Todoroki takes the cake with his stoic expression.

“Midoriya, it’s good to see you.” There was a small semblance of a smile on his lips while he dried off the counter. “It’s been slow this morning. Not that I’m complaining.”

“I heard you’ve been swamped recently with Aizawa’s paper.”

“Hot Chocolate again?”

“Yes please.”

“I’m convinced Aizawa wants me dead with the amount of work he’s been assigning.”

“I believe in you! Only one more semester!” He had meant that to be hopeful, but he saw how the other had deadpanned his way.

“Your optimism is sickening.”

Izuku was keen on getting an early start today. His class wasn’t until later, but he had a pretty important paper to finish before he went, so he used his time to sit in the shop and work until his fingers fell off. Time management was just not on his list of things he cared to change about himself at the moment. The distraction was welcomed to quell his overworked thoughts. 

He was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t notice when his phone buzzed silently on the table. It was only until about an hour later that he finished his paper, stretching his back with a soft groan. The stress practically rolled off his shoulders. 

When he finally checked his phone again his face turned bright red.

Katsuki: You better not have stayed up late, idiot. 

He did, but it was all his fault anyway! He buried his face in his arms in pure embarrassment. Embarrassed about what, he couldn’t say. Texting two days in a row was not something he prepared his heart for. The nervousness still hadn’t subsided from yesterday.

Katsuki: Sleeping in till noon is noob shit.

Double texting means he wants to talk to him right? Oh my god.

Izuku: i had a paper to finish i swear!

Izuku: thanks for the concern tho :”)

He got a response quickly as he started packing his things.

Katsuki: Who said anything about concern? 

Katsuki: Forgot to ask yesterday. What’s your name? Real name, not that nickname shit.

Katsuki had only given him part of his name, so would it be okay to do the same? He had considered laying all of his cards out on the table. ‘Hi, hello, this is my face and my name and my social security number, please date me.’ Honestly, that would be the easiest thing to do, but the very thought of being vulnerable again leaves a pit in his stomach. That was a feeling he thought he’d never have to experience again.

Izuku: how rude of me. Its izuku!!!

Katsuki: Yeah, I take it back. Deku is better.

He smiled at that, but the anxiety was still there. He can’t screw this up.


The great thing about Mina was she made his fears about being too much too soon melt away. 

He had convinced himself this whole situation was a passing thing. That he would slowly lose touch with the both of them after a while. He never expected how frequently they would talk, or how close they would get to one another. 

Mina didn’t in fact have ulterior motives. Her job as a receptionist might have brought them together along with Izuku’s fanboy tendencies, but he noticed the longer they spoke, the less they talked about that. 

She would text him frequently about school and work but otherwise stuck to begging him to go out dancing with her a lot. Apparently, she was a sucker for some party music and a good time.

Mina: u should tune in at noon on weekends sometime!! my friend Kaminari plays a lot of good dance mixes. like if ur into 3oh!3 or anything

Mina: u would like him

izuku: i’ll have to check his set out then! you would probably like my friends too. ida isn’t much of a partier but ochako loves to dance

Mina: that’s why i’m saying we HAVE to go dancing!!!!! i’ve stalked ur socials u know! u can shake ass i’ve seen it! 

Izuku: buy me a round of shots and i’ll consider it

Mina: oh hell yeah >:)

Despite growing so close, it felt weird to think about meeting up. Like this whole thing was a simulation and the second he tried to break the mold it would blow up in his face. 

He knew she had access to his life online, but that was exactly why he didn’t go searching for hers. Ignorance is bliss. 


Katsuki was even more surprising. Their texting didn’t stop as Izuku had assumed. Instead, he started to wake up every morning expecting some grievance about his inability to wake up at 5:00 am like a blonde maniac he knows.

The little shoutouts on air were less direct, but still there. Small hidden gems from their conversations prior that had him smiling from ear to ear.

“Gotta learn how to make Katsudon tonight because some little shit had to bet me that I couldn’t make it myself. I’ll have y'all know that Gordon Ramsy himself would kiss my ass in the kitchen.”

That comment in particular was directed at him. He had been going grocery shopping that day and confessed to Katsuki that he was completely useless in the kitchen. The only thing he knows how to make well is his favorite, but even then it’s not near as good as the way his mom makes it. One conversation led to another, and Katsuki was mad enough about his eating habits to use all caps lock. It’s hard not to push his buttons on purpose when he was so easy to mess with,

Katsuki: Don’t fuck with me. I’m going to make the best damn Katsudon you’ve ever had. It’ll be so good you’ll be moaning loud enough to piss off your neighbors. 

“Need a fucking pick me up after being forced to stay up a little later than normal. Y’all fuckers post about me needing beauty sleep one more time on the website and I'm giving you a black eye.”

Apparently, Katsuki didn’t know that the beauty sleep comment had become a meme for the station online and he was pissed when he found out. So pissed he stayed up until 11:00 ranting to Izuku about how he wasn’t some princess who needed something as worthless as that. He wasn’t going to complain considering he got to talk to him longer, but he did think it was cute when Katsuki abruptly stopped responding. 

They would talk so long some days it was like he was in a permanent good mood. The way he was so combative on air translated seamlessly through text. It was like he was always being himself no matter what, and that was a trait Izuku really started to love about him. He wasn’t afraid of what he wanted, nor did he question his own abilities to do absolutely anything.

And Izuku found himself speaking freely in return. He was always a big ball of sass and sarcasm in his head. That is if you looked past the nervous energy. 

Anytime Katsuki made a quip at him, he shot right back. From the way he got even more heated in return, Izuku is convinced he likes it. Probably as much as Izuku liked him because even though this started out as some dorky crush on a pseudo kind of celebrity, there’s no denying how he feels right now. He likes him so fucking much. 

From the start of calling into the station to now, it has been about a month of this. Roughly two weeks of texting with no moves towards anything more. Izuku would be lying if he didn’t wish he could just call him some days. To hear his voice outside of the awkward bass of his car would be like a dream come true. 

There was no move to reveal more of either of their identities. Not that Izuku had much to hide, but it felt like a taboo topic. They sent pictures back and forth of dumb things, but it always ended there. When Katsuki made the Katsudon he had sent a picture that rivaled some Michelin chef’s Instagram. Izuku had sent a picture back of his instant ramen which dealt him another mini scolding. 

That was the extent of it. The feelings of inadequacy festered in the back of his mind. Years of bullying still managed to make him question whether or not he deserved this friendship. He had spent so long proving himself that he didn’t expect to feel this way again. Now that his stomach started to churn whenever Katsuki’s name lit up his phone, these anxieties swallowed him whole at the prospect of revealing more of himself.

He had minimal experience with relationships to understand the way he was feeling, having only dated once previously. It was a pleasant relationship at first. They held hands like it was their first time touching another person, too tentative and unsure to press further. Izuku can remember feeling nothing the first time they kissed, wondering if this is how it was supposed to feel. He was used to going with the motions, happy because he liked his boyfriend. They were good friends and he was handsome, so of course, he should like him. 

Their downfall hurt far worse than it should have considering the way Izuku felt. Being cheated on is never a good end to any relationship. Perhaps the betrayal of a friend was what hurt the most. His naivety got the better of him. Surely no one would lie to his face, right?

Embarrassingly enough it took a good, long month of crying in a blanket burrito and eating a humiliating amount of moose tracks to get over the tragedy. His friends broke into his apartment on more than one occasion to force him to watch anything other than Crazy Rich Asians on repeat. True love like what Rachel Chu and Nick Young had seemed like it was completely out of reach at the time.

Apparently, he had been zoned out thinking about the past too long because his phone buzzed obnoxiously on his desk. A long day of classes and work had him slumped in his chair going over papers he obviously did not want to do. Remind him why he wanted to go into public relations again.

Katsuki: Mina said you listened to Pikachu’s show too, what the fuck.

Enough of papers for tonight. This was far more important. With a giggle, Izuku clutched his phone and flopped on his bed.

Izuku: there you go with your dorky nicknames… is that supposed to be denki?

Katsuki: The fuck you mean dorky?

Katsuki: Answer the damn question. I thought you had better taste than that.

Izuku: can’t a guy listen to a little metro station now and then? don’t tell me ur jealous

Katsuki: So the fuck what if I am?

Is this really happening? Did Katsuki really say he was jealous of Izuku listening to another show? He had to be blushing so much he could feel the heat creep down to his neck. He refuses to believe this means anything.

While his mind was going a mile a minute trying to psychoanalyze whatever the hell Katsuki meant by that display of affection, all of his motor processing skills stopped when his phone rang and the familiar display of Katsuki’s contact appeared on his screen. 

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shi-

“Yo, I figured it would be easier to call or whatever.”

When did he accept the call? His voice is gruff and full of gravel, much deeper than he sounds when he's on air. It’s a sound he thinks he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

“Hey nerd you there?”

“S-sorry, I just didn’t expect you to call.”

There was a deep sigh before Katsuki responded again. “Gotta problem with it?”

“No! I’m glad you did.”

He was quick. “You sound just like I thought you would.”

The statement took him aback and made him nervous. “I’m sorry?” 

“Quit fuckin’ apologizing. It’s cute, alright.” 

The word cute coming out of Katsuki’s mouth sounds foreign, but it did things to Izuku that he wouldn’t dare admit. “Kaachannnn, you can’t just say that.” It came out almost like a whine, but as soon as it left his mouth he covered it shut in panic. Kaachan was just what he called him in his head. He never thought he’d say it out loud. 

“Oh, you think because we’re friends now you can give me shitty nicknames you damn Deku?” He chuckled over the phone and it was like a soft breath in his ear. “Whatever, just don’t tell Mina or I’ll kill you.”

“Kaachan, did you just admit we were friends?” He felt giddy with excitement, his tone bordering on teasing.

“That’s a real nice compliment for you. Better soak it in while I’m feeling nice.”

There was a feeling of electricity in the air between them while they spoke, and he chased it throughout the night secretly wishing for more. Laying on his bed with his legs dangling in the air like a teenage girl he felt at home. The shallow breaths on the other line washed over him, and he wasn’t sure when he fell asleep with his phone jammed between his cheek and the sheets, but he was sure he hadn’t slept so great in years. 


Izuku prides himself on the fact that his feelings for the blonde came first. He was hung up on his every word before they even started communicating. He considered himself a normal, healthy adult. The brash attitude and ASMR worthy voice were hot, he’ll admit, but it wasn’t until they started talking on the phone that the dreams started.

Dreams of a faceless man towering over him, trailing his hands down Izuku’s body. The dream always felt real. Filth would leave his mouth and contradict the soft touches against his skin. 

Izuku woke up most mornings harder than he had ever been in his life, silently thanking whatever god that he lived alone.

He was always in a rush to leave so taking care of such a persistent problem was impossible. Time management was not his strong suit, unfortunately. Penciling jerking off into his schedule made the whole situation much more embarrassing. His friends were starting to notice how irritable he was, but explaining to the people you look in the eyes every day that you haven’t masturbated in a while sounds like death by humiliation.

He feels guilty every time he tries. Katsuki has become such a key figure in his life at this point that he can’t breathe without the other coming up in some fashion. Izuku knows he would never admit it, but Katsuki is clingy on the down low. He has no problem double or triple texting him if he takes a while to respond. Phone calls have also become a regular part of their interactions to a point where whenever either of them has a minor inconvenience it’s like free real estate to rant to the other. 

It’s not like they're emotionally dependent on each other. Izuku recognizes that they talk a lot, but only as much as he texts and hangs out with his other friends. Well, maybe just a tad more. As much as he loves feeling appreciated by his friends, he’s kind of sick of it right now.

If he’s not hanging out with Ochako at work, or studying with Ida and Todoroki at the coffee shop after classes, or texting Mina about that new Kpop group she showed him or talking with Tsuyu and Momo about getting the gang together soon, or listening to his stupid fucking best friend sound like he’s going to commit arson on air, then he’s absolutely crying into his dinner because his dick is going to fall off. 

It takes Katauki’s next show to make him snap. 

There was a big release of air and a drawn out “Fuuuuck” that vibrated his whole body.

Izuku’s brain short circuited from all of his brain cells melting away on the spot. That sound should have been illegal. 

“Shitty hair over here spilled some water on the equipment. Need a minute for some technical difficulties. Don’t fucking go anywhere. Especially my biggest fan.”

Oh, fuck Katsuki. That last part was definitely a dig at him and he was going to go wherever the hell he needed to go to take care of his very obnoxious problem. He thinks this is the first time he has ever missed the rest of one of Katsuki’s shows. 

All logic and morals went out of the window when he found himself flopped on his bed soon after. He was too heated to take off more than his pants and underwear opting to clutch on the fabric of his shirt for moral support because he was totally going to do this. 

He was absolutely going to get off to Katsuki’s voice. It was a line he didn’t expect to cross anytime soon, and honestly made him question how he’s going to be able to speak to him seriously after, but Izuku figures that’s a problem for his future self. Present self very much wants to cum. 

The lube was behind his pillow from the last time he decided to have a self care night. From the looks of it, he was going to need to buy more soon from that sketchy Pink Pony behind the gas station.

Tonight there is no time for slow and sensual, instead, he pops the cap and coats his fingers. He feels greasy and wet, but the warmth from his fingers lets him lose himself in the sensation. One hand ghosts over his dick while his body jerks in anticipation. The other bypasses it in general and smears the liquid over his hole. 

The plus side to his last boyfriend was that he found out he really likes sex. The intimacy was alright, but during his grieving, he came to the conclusion that his lack of interest in the formalities of being with his ex had everything to do with an absence of emotional attraction to the other. The only time Izuku felt anything was when he was being fucked within an inch of his life. Buildup was something that was left to be desired in his ex boyfriends tragic case (because foreplay who), but the moments where his eyes rolled back into his head and he lost all ability to think created the biggest discovery in Izuku’s young life. He liked being destroyed. 

When he closes his eyes and imagines Katsuki doing these things to him it’s different. The way Katsuki is so driven to be good at everything tells him everything he needs to know. He thinks about the way Katsuki would be desperate to touch everywhere, the way he would move with a sense of purpose. Would he have a fat cock, big hands? It’s so hard to assume things about someone he has never met before, but he squeezes his eyes shut harder and tries anyways. 

Katsuki’s cock, red and weeping on his tongue, fucking into his mouth with little regard for his breathing.

Katsuki’s hands in his hair, forcing him to look into his eyes while he stretches him open on his fingers. 

Katsuki’s thighs flexing with the movement of his hips, pushing deeper and harder into Izuku’s plaint body. 

He’s crying with the way three fingers doesn’t feel like nearly enough. Rapid movements cause his hand to cramp up while his other has to pick up the slack. 

The stroke of his wrist goes faster, more desperate. 

He feels like he’s wound so tight that one wrong move would push him over the edge. 

Katsuki’s voice laughing menacingly in his ear, cooing at the way he wines.

“You gonna be a good boy for me and cum over my cock like a whore?” 


“I want your whole complex knowing what kind of a slut I made you, Deku.”

Oh god. A hand firmly placed around his throat held there with a small squeeze.

“Kaachan, Kaachan, Kaachan-“

This is it. There’s no going back.


Katsuki: Oh your ass is grass.

Izuku: actually according to my gym it deserves the fattest ass award

There was a pause. Izuku had meant it merely as a joke, if not a slight flex. The lack of response had him overthinking that crossed a line.

Katsuki: Sorry dweeb but I’m gonna need proof of a title like that.

Katsuki: You know, for science. 

Right, science, of course. He really debated the seriousness of Kaachan’s request. If he wasn’t serious and Izuku did send actual proof he could always play it off as a joke. He has the poorly made “official document” they gave him still on his desk. He could just send that, but Izuku would be damned if he didn’t want to show off his best asset just a little. 

With a bite to his lip, Izuku maneuvered his body away from his mirror. This is crazy. He was in the clothes he usually wore to lounge around the house. A big black and orange long sleeve shirt and some soft, cotton shorts that were way too short to wear out of the house. He doesn’t want to admit that he only bought the shirt a few months ago because Ground Zero had mentioned on the air how much he likes the colors together. It was some rant about Halloween having the best colors and how all other holidays can suck his dick. 

Before he could talk himself out of it, he took a picture. He refuses to skip leg day at the gym and it was evident in the way he filled out his shorts. The way his back arched accentuated the curve of his hips in a way that was almost sinful. He was always proud of the way his legs looked soft and smooth, unlike his arms that were littered with scars from years of being accident prone in his youth.

Izuku sent it before he could realize it was a stupid idea. This was the closest he had ever been to sending Katsuki a picture even though his face wasn’t in it. It figures it’s a picture of his ass. 

Katsuki: Fuck.

Katsuki: Science might have to agree with you on that one, Freckles.


Izuku woke up at 2 in the morning on a Saturday to the sound of his phone having a panic attack. His friends weren’t normally the type of night owls to contact him so late, so he was immediately concerned when he grabbed his phone.

There was sleep still in his eyes by the time he pressed it to his ear. “Hey?” He didn’t know who was calling, too tired to look before he answered. His voice croaked from the lack of use.

“I wanna see you.”

It was Katsuki.