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Ice Skating

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“Big sister Lumine, wake up!”


Lumine startled at the sound of Tonia shaking her awake. Yawning, she sat up. “What’s wrong, Tonia?” she asked Ajax’s little sister, who was staring at her with wide blue eyes. “It’s ice-skating day!” she cheered, throwing her hands up.

Lumine cocked her head. “Ice-skating? What’s that?”


She heard an offended gasp from the door of the guest room. “You don’t know what ice-skating is?!” Teucer’s sounded offended, and she peered around Tonia and – yep, Teucer was definitely offended, brows furrowed, arms crossed over his chest. It would have been effective had he been less cute.


Ajax chuckled as he came up behind Teucer. “She’s only going to find out how fun it is if you two let her get dressed so we can head out.” He told his younger siblings, who seemed to take the hint, Tonia scrambling off the bed and the two of them running off.


Ajax chuckled as he turned to leave. “Remember to dress warmly, ojou-chan!” he called out as he left, closing the door behind him.



“I’m surprised that you don’t know what ice skating is, ojou-chan.” Ajax commented as they headed to the ice rink, the two of them hanging back slightly to walk together behind the rest of Ajax’s family and Aether, who’d become Teucer’s favourite person because he let him sit on his shoulders.


“Street kid, remember?” Lumine reminded him, “Aether and I were more focused on getting the money and food to survive. We didn’t have the time to focus on the luxury activities that other people could do.”


Ajax smiled at her cheekily. “Well then, that means I get to see you learn to skate! And fall!” he said, delighted. She smacked him for that comment.



Much to Ajax’s disappointment, the twins took to ice skating like ducks to water. Years of living on the streets had made them experts at falling, because the back alleys were tripping hazards, and they were also light on their feet. This carried over to the ice, where apart from a few near-falls and hesitant steps, they were gliding easily enough.


Of course, he then took it upon himself to teach Lumine some of the harder movements. Like flips. And spins. And turns, apparently. Those were much harder.


“Careful!” he caught her as she tripped over her skates mid-spin and stumbled. Grumbling, she used Ajax as a support to right herself, only to look up and find his face right in front of hers. The held her breath at the mysterious grin on his face, instinctively blushing at the close proximity, and looked away. “You can let go now.” She mumbled.


“I don’t think I will.” Ajax smiled, catching her lips with hers. In the background, Anthon wolf-whistled while Aether turned red and steamed.

Ajax broke the kiss, pushing slightly away from his girlfriend with a grin. “Bet you can’t catch me!” he laughed, pushing himself into motion and speeding away on his skates. Lumine felt a matching grin start to creep up on her own face. “We’ll see about that!” she retorted with a laugh, pushing off her skates after him.


Ice skating isn’t too bad.