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[PODFIC] a history of the body, by northofallmusic

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[ID: Against a dark and light striated background are various views of a statue of a nude woman, delicately chained. The statue is similarly striated, variously cracked, shattered, and luminous. Title reads, a history of the body, by northofallmusic, read by Thimblerig. End ID.]

... The world is strange. Mercifully, terrifyingly, the world is strange. Lan Zhan, who only goes out to bars when she wants sex, went to a bar one night—it was winter, it was her birthday—there was snow in the air, and people were excited about it—about the cold clean smell of it and the way the flakes caught on their clothes and their hair. It was her birthday and she had left the restaurant where she’d eaten with her brother and uncle feeling strange and dislocated and as though she might stop existing if nobody looked at her but might scream if anyone did. It was winter and she wanted to fuck someone hard so that they could do the screaming instead, could bleed it out of her and leave both of them a little more relaxed, and so she went to a bar. She found Wei Ying. Did not fuck her—has not fucked her—cannot fuck anyone, any more, without thinking about fucking her. But found her. What matters is that she found her. Again. What matters is the late night phone calls and the laughter and way some piece of Wei Ying’s clothing always seems to be forgotten in Lan Zhan’s home, that Lan Zhan mentioned the forgotten clothing once and Wei Ying said maybe it’s just a ploy so I can keep coming back and perhaps meant, in fact, that it was a promise—I will keep coming back...


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"Jiejie," Wei Ying says, strained, "I know I had a whole thing about not knowing what I want, but, uh—I'm maybe going to die if you don't put something in me soon. Actually."

Lan Zhan wants to fuck her. Lan Zhan wants, so badly, to fuck her.

"What should I put in you?" she asks—because she has to ask—because she's not just going to say that she has a double ended dildo that effectively functions as a strap, that she's been dreaming of fucking Wei Ying with it for months—because that's a lot to lead with, when she doesn't know how much Wei Ying likes to take, can easily take. When she is forcing this to be about Wei Ying. She wants Wei Ying to want things. She wants her to squirm and blush and say it anyway...


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