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beware the call of enumclaw

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Shen Jiu sat in his tent, sharpening a knife, handsome features twisted into a grimace. From morning until now, disappointment and bitterness lodged in his throat.

He had spent years chasing after Yue Qingyuan. Fighting for him, living for him, until finally, a few months ago, he managed to win his affections.

The first several days were paradise. To his delight, Yue Qingyuan was a gentlemanly lover. ‘Qi-ge’ spoiled him, cherished him, and never refused him anything. He played the role of a benevolent husband, handling Shen Jiu like a priceless object. Shen Jiu prided his conquest, strutting around the camp with Yue Qingyuan’s arm in hand like a peacock. But after some time, he noticed a problem.

Yue Qingyuan had barely changed.

Whether it was before or now, his captain had always treated him with the utmost courtesy. He was polite and proper, but with no hint of passion, going through the motions of romance as if following a handbook, abstaining from impropriety and carnal desire. As though their relationship was an arranged marriage, or even just a more physically amicable friendship, with Yue Qingyuan willingly following the most easiest path laid out in front of them.

Even worse was their sex life.

Yue Qingyuan was rarely in the mood, leaving Shen Jiu to satisfy his own urges by himself. He did not consider himself a lustful man, but weeks of Yue Qingyuan’s monk-like neglect drove him insane. He had lately taken to pleasuring himself with a jade phallus at night, long after Yue Qingyuan had fallen asleep.

But the cold, hard surface of the jade was never enough to satisfy him, and he was always left wanting more.

He wanted to be fucked silly to the point where his entire body would be ripped apart. To be pinned to the ground and taken like an animal in front of the entire world. His assailant would never cease, no matter how much he cried and sobbed, until he became nothing more than a hole for pleasure. An object of perversion, a treasure of depravity, body and dignity shredded to pieces.

Ordinary gestures of affection, such as placid vows of love and warm smiles, could not satisfy him. However, his heart and his body cried out for two different longings; naturally, a gentle man like Yue Qingyuan could not fulfill the latter. Nonetheless, Shen Jiu wanted to coax a modicum of lust from him, to see if he could find a shadow of frenzied passion within his beloved.

This morning, when Shen Jiu walked into Yue Qingyuan’s tent, Yue Qingyuan turned to look at him with his usual soft, knowing, nearly-nauseating expression.

Suddenly, he was overcome by a sudden impulse.

“I slept with another man,” he lied, putting on a face devoid of remorse.

Yue Qingyuan blinked, but said nothing.

Heart pounding, Shen Jiu continued. “It was during the expedition to Yichang last winter. Do you remember?”

Yue Qingyuan nodded. “I remember,” he replied, face neutral.

“Since then,” he spat, feeling a rush of excitement, the words rushing out faster than he could contain them. “Every night I have been absent from your bed, I’ve been warming another’s. I’ve been touched, marked, fucked so thoroughly to the point where my legs can no longer close…”

Sometimes, late at night, to no one but himself, Shen Jiu would create stories. Stories in which he was the main focus, dark stories in which he underwent unspeakable ordeals. He kept these private fantasies to himself, holding them at the back of his mind. Now, they came spilling out.

He paced around the room, embellishing as many sordid details as possible. He came up with dozens of scenarios, anecdote after filthy anecdote of conquering and being conquered. How the other man treated him like a plaything, to be used until broken and then thrown away. How he was spat on, tossed around and abused, and how he loved it, and it was done all behind Yue Qingyuan’s faithful back...

Nevermind consistency or even logical sense—the tales were so ridiculous and exaggerated, anyone could easily point out its flaws. But the more Shen Jiu spoke, the more his heart raced. Yue Qingyuan had never been angry with him before. At the very least, even if he didn’t believe him, he would be disgusted with what Shen Jiu was saying, right?

“Lord Yue,” he finished, struggling to hide a wicked smile. “Are you angry with me?”

He watched with anticipation, as Yue Qingyuan pondered in silence, imagining him coiling, ready to strike. Was Yue Qingyuan ready to punish him? To seize him by the neck and pin him to the ground, threatening to kill him if he so much as looked at another man again? To fuck Shen Jiu from sunset till dawn, leaving bruises and bites in retaliation?

Perhaps his anger would be of a colder variety. His wrath would be methodical, calculating.such as scrubbing his unfaithful lover clean to rid him of others’ filth, then stringing him up by his wrists and ankles. He would chain Shen Jiu to his side during the day, and fasten him to the bed at night. Either outcome would be a delight.

But Yue Qingyuan did none of that. He lifted up his head, looking into Shen Jiu’s eyes. “Is Xiao Jiu happy?” he asked.

Shen Jiu was slightly taken aback, but did not alter his expression.

“Yes,” he replied.

Yue Qingyuan was quiet once more.

Then, he smiled. “Then if it pleases Xiao Jiu, you can do as you like.”

Shen Jiu’s spine went cold.

Did he hear correctly?

Did Yue Qingyuan really just say that?

He stared into Yue Qingyuan’s warm and complacent gaze. He had always loved those eyes, but suddenly, seeing them now, he felt filled to the brim with disappointment. And underneath it, sudden disgust.

“Fuck you,” he snarled, turning on his heel and stomping away. With each step he took, the more his anger intensified.

He wanted to be desired. Desired to the point of madness, to the point where the other party would throw away all reservations, all common sense to pursue him!

But Yue Qingyuan would never do so.

He could only scowl as jerked the knife’s blade against the stone, nearly slicing his hand.

His thoughts were interrupted when one of his subordinates ran inside. “Sir Shen,” the youth gasped, out of breath. “Lord Yue has been injured. He was kicked in the chest by a horse.”

Since Yue Qingyuan was incapacitated, all operations automatically went to Shen Jiu, the second-in-command. Shen Jiu grudgingly stood up, as the boy rambled on and on.

“Ah, sir, what should we do about the creature?”

Shen Jiu didn’t care about some stupid horse. “Just have it killed,” he snapped, without turning around.

The youth faltered. “Ah, sir…but it belongs to the merchants...”

The Huanhua merchants specialized in capturing and taming exotic beasts. Their caravan migrated seasonally across the plains, selling a multitude ranging from common livestock to rare demons, to whoever would buy them. Wanting extra protection in the plains of Huabei, they had hired Shen Jiu’s entourage for three months.

Shen Jiu scoffed. “So? It’s just one horse.”

“No sir, it’s not exactly a horse, only half.”

Shen Jiu frowned. “Only ‘half’?”

The boy nodded, part-excited, part-scared. “A centaur! Half-horse, half-man! This humble one has yet to see it, but I have heard rumors that it’s especially big and strong, so the merchants were trying to sell it to Lord Yue as a war beast…”

The boy went on and on about how the beast was untamable, unconquerable, how stories of its fearsome nature had spread throughout the camp like a ghost story. The beast was enormous; his human half towering over the tallest of men, his horse half more muscular than an ox. He was brutal, bloodthirsty, yet cunningly intelligent.

During capture, he had managed to kill several of the Huanhua merchants’ personal guards with his bare hands. Since then, no one had dared to get close, lest he snap their necks or trample their skulls. To feed him, they could only throw slabs of bloody meat at him from a distance…

Admittedly, Shen Jiu was intrigued.

“The mind of a man and the body of a beast?” Shen Jiu hummed. He tossed the knife to the side and picked up a whip. “Then I’ll give him a punishment worthy of the latter.” At the very least, the horse-beast would prove a nice distraction from recent aggravations.

It was late at night, but many of the camps’ inhabitants were still awake, the grounds dimly lit with dozens of torches. He marched towards the medical tent first, entering in to find a sleeping Yue Qingyuan and the resident doctor tending to him. The doctor startled at the sight of Cang Qiong’s second-in-command, before quickly directing him to the other side of camp.

Shen Jiu marched past several rows of tents and cages to find a single large canvas tent, with two merchants arguing at its entrance.

“The beast is too dangerous!” the taller of the two cried. “We must sell it immediately, before it slaughters us all!”

“Calm yourself,” the other hissed. “This is the finest specimen we’ve ever captured, worth more than any other living thing in this camp. We’ll find a worthwhile buyer eventually, be patient.”

They turned their heads as Shen Jiu drew closer. Upon seeing him holding the whip in his hands, they turned pale and quickly kneeled.

“Sir Shen! What happened with Lord Yue was an accident! Please, have mercy!”

Shen Jiu stared at them coldly. “Show me the creature.”

The pair glanced at each other. The taller one straightened up, clearing his throat. “S-Sir Shen,” he said, walking to the tent and parting the canvas flap. “In here.”

Shen Jiu brushed past him to enter the tent.

Inside was dimly lit, the light coming off of a slightly glowing fence that encircled three-fourths of the area. And there, on the opposite wall, was the beast. “Sir Shen!’ panted one of the merchants, who had followed him in. “Please, be careful! That’s no ordinary beast!”

Shen Jiu ignored him. Wanting to get a better look, he drew closer.

For a single moment, the novelty of the sight overcame him. Correlating with the subordinate’s description, it indeed had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse.

But most importantly of all, it was enormous.

The hair and coat were both black, almost blending into the tents’ shadows. Its hide was weathered and tough, crisscrossed with all sorts of pockmarks and scars. The haunches, barrel, and legs were bigger and taller than any normal-sized horse, packed and well-muscled. Heart pounding, Shen Jiu’s gaze roved up the centaur’s chest. Its human half was full of broad, taut lines, with arms as thick as tree trunks, that could easily snap a human man in two. Its remarkably handsome face, curtained by dark, thick curls that fell down his back like a cascade, staring back with crimson-red eyes.

He never had pictured his fantasies with a particular look or face, but seeing this specimen in front of him now...

Shen Jiu swallowed, ignoring the sudden dryness in his throat. The closer he got to the fence, the more obvious the difference in their sizes became.

The centaur lifted its head and looked at Shen Jiu. For a moment, Shen Jiu thought he saw inquisitiveness in its gaze. It whinnied briefly—a surreal noise to hear from a ‘man’s’ lips—and pawed at the ground, blinking slowly at Shen Jiu.

Shen Jiu leaned over the fence, craning his neck to get a better look.

“,” he managed to say. “Can you understand me?”

The centaur blinked dumbly.

“It can’t, Sir Shen,” the merchant behind him said.

“I wasn’t asking you,” Shen Jiu scoffed, keeping his eyes on the centaur.

The dim candlelight accentuated his fine brow and the strong outline of his chin and neck. It was a shame that such a fine face was wasted on a beast.

“I’ll skin you. Maybe I’ll have your pelt decorate my floor,” he commented, testing it for a reaction. “It’s more than you can ask for, for a stupid animal like yourself.”

It tilted its head to the side, saying nothing.

Shen Jiu stared for several more moments.

No matter how hard he looked, all he could see was the countenance of a dumb animal.

This beast, this animal, this abomination, had the audacity to exist, and even had the arrogance to lay a finger on Yue Qingyuan.

Remembering what he initially came to do, he raised his whip and brought it down with a loud crack. The blow split the skin on its hindquarters open, drawing blood.

“Sir Shen!” the merchant cried.

Ignoring the merchant, he continued to hit the beast. Even after it flinched and quickly drew away from the fence, Shen Jiu extended his whip to slash it viciously across its haunches. The centaur refused to cry out, stony face looking impassively at Shen Jiu. By the time he was done, a layer of frightening red scars carpeted his hide.

Shen Jiu’s wrist was tired. Irritated by the centaur’s ugly mug, he scoffed and spat in its direction. Flicking the blood off his whip, he tossed it to the merchant and left, deeming the afternoon a waste of his time.
In spite of himself, he kept coming back.

The bizarre monster was fascinating in a way he couldn’t quite describe. With each visit, he found himself drawing closer and closer to the enclosure.

At first, the merchants cried out, warning him that those who drew too near to the fence would have their necks snapped by the beast. Shen Jiu only scoffed. Anyone with rudimentary training could handle a mere animal—these spineless men were so weak, no wonder they were dying in droves. Eventually, as he continued hovering around the centaur’s enclosure with no incident, the merchants left him alone.

Sometimes, he brought his whip. Other times, he simply gazed at the beast, whether for a couple moments or an entire hour. There was something pleasing in its chiseled jaw and broad, unyielding chest, the good looks of a man combined with the athleticism of a plains horse. It would certainly fetch a handsome price on the market.

He wondered if this new interest qualified as ‘betraying’ Yue Qingyuan. Could it be considered betrayal, if the so-called ‘other man’ was nothing more than a mindless beast? Shen Jiu wasn’t presenting it his affections or his heart. The beast, to him, was nothing more than a pleasing aesthetic.

He eventually let his guard down around it, and started entering the enclosure, running his hand along its body, tracing circles around its chest, unconsciously marveling the way his muscles bulged underneath its thick hide.

“I might not use you as a pelt after all,” he remarked, one evening. “It’ll be a waste of such a fine body. How about a workhorse? You could replace the oxen in the rice fields. Or…”

His gaze drifted downward. When he stood in front of it, the human half of its pelvis was at the same level as his chest. At first glance, the area where its human genitalia would be appeared to be a featureless bulge. On closer inspection however, Shen Jiu saw a large slit that blended into the beast’s dark coat. Without a second thought, he placed his hand against it.

The centaur’s nostrils flared, its eyes darkening with lust, but Shen Jiu was too focused on its lower section to notice its face.

“Perhaps you can be a breeding stallion?” he sneered, massaging it firmly, stroking the bulge up and down. His eyes lingered on the bulge’s outline, and was about to take his hand away, when the bulge moved.

Out of the slit protruded the beast’s cock.

Contrary to his expectations, it had the same anatomy as a human’s, though considerably both longer and thicker than any human cock could ever hope to achieve. It was not quite a horse’s length, but had a horse’s girth. The more Shen Jiu stroked and kneaded at its base, the further it grew.

“How...fascinating,” he remarked.

As if hypnotized, Shen Jiu couldn’t stop. While his left hand continued massaging the base of the beast’s shaft, his right hand stroked further alongside its length. After a while, he abandoned the effort and focused on the length alone, its circumference so large he could only barely wrap both his hands around it at once. Before long, the beast’s cock was fully erect, almost as long as Shen Jiu’s forearm.

It wasn’t as though he hadn’t pondered over how centaurs reproduced before, but he assumed that its genitalia would be on the…other end. Shen Jiu glanced over, only to gawk in surprise.

Sure enough, protruding from in-between the centaur’s hindquarters like a lance of war, was the second one. A proper horse’s member, dark like the beast’s coat, and twice as large and more hideous than its human counterpart.

It was grotesque, and yet Shen Jiu found himself drawing closer to it. It bobbed slightly as he touched its flared head, the thick veins pulsing as he traced along them.

The texture felt rather different, compared to a human cock.

Would it taste the same too, he wondered?

He knelt down beneath the centaur’s barrel, until he was face to face with the flared head. He drew closer and closer, lips about to touch it, when—

“—Qingqiu!” Yue Qingyuan’s voice called from outside the tent. “Qingqiu-shidi, are you in here?”

Shen Jiu jerked away, almost hitting his head on the centaur’s belly.

He straightened up his clothes and wiped his hands on his robes. “I’m coming, wait right there!” he answered.

What the fuck was he thinking?! Fondling the penis of an animal? He must have been possessed!

Shen Jiu hurried out of the enclosure, unaware of the beast’s red eyes staring at him fixatedly, a slight smile gracing its lips.
That night, when Shen Jiu went to bed, he vowed never to attempt such a display again. He may be unfulfilled, but not yet desperate enough to lust after mindless swine. If he wanted to sleep with someone other than Yue Qingyuan so badly, he could seduce any man in this camp and use them as temporary sex toys.

In the subsequent days and nights, however, the beast plagued his thoughts and dreams. Its crimson, soulless gaze, and the dark folds of its haunches. The firmness of its body, like a towering statue etched from bedrock, mighty and unyielding. The dangling length of its cock, complete with pulsing veins and swaying balls, looming before him, heavy and full of thick flesh, so close he could almost taste it.

He often woke up with the folds of his cunt soaking wet.

Half a week later, he summoned one of the merchants’ young officers, a lad by the name of Gongyi Xiao, to perform an appraisal of one of their goods.

The young man, named Gongyi Xiao, kept stammering and interrupting himself, far too eager to sell the menacing beast that had been causing headaches among the merchants for so long. Finally, a potential buyer! The Cang Qiong mercenaries intimidated him greatly, but the allure of making such a big sale far outweighed his fear of their frigid second-in-command.

“As you can see, Master Shen, this is a specimen of the highest caliber! We captured it in the northeastern plains, and estimate it to be twenty-five years of age. Of course, that’s judging by his human appearance, we’re not exactly sure how it factors in centaur years…”

The beast trotted around its space apathetically, barely acknowledging their presence. Shen Jiu stood silently by the enclosure’s fence, examining the breadth of its chest, the weight of its haunches.

After mulling it over for a few days, he decided that since the beast was such a rarity, why not take it along for himself? If he grew bored of the thing, he’d just kill it and sell off its parts.

Gongyi Xiao rambled ceaselessly in the background, as Shen Jiu entered the enclosure, approaching the centaur with a jade token in hand, an expensive cultivator’s artifact that could paralyze and command large beasts.

“Stand still,” he ordered, activating the token. The centaur froze in place.

“Master Shen?” Gongyi Xiao asked from behind.

“What do you know of the beast’s...breeding capacity?” Shen Jiu walked up to it, running his hands across the centaur’s frontal bulge. Within a minute or so of kneading it with his fingers, its erection peered out and slowly rose out from its hiding place.

B-breeding capacity?!” The boy coughed loudly. “Ah, good sir, we’re not exactly sure, ah...but...he gives the impression of being quite virile...although not much is known about his species, we suspect that they go into heat once or twice a year…”

Heat? That could be interesting. Shen Jiu continued to stroke the centaur’s dick, a vicious pleasure simmering in his chest as the length emerged further and further.

Saliva pooled in his mouth. The aching emptiness in his cunt, the beast’s awe-inspiring rod of flesh, the past several nights he had crammed the jade phallus inside himself, wishing it was even bigger, even was too much to resist.

He unbuckled his fastenings and disrobed, dropping the bottom half of his clothing to the ground, shivering at the initial rush of cool air.

Master Shen?” Gongyi Xiao screeched from behind.

“Interrupt me and I’ll kill you,” he replied without looking back, staring at the centaur. “Now, kneel.”

The centaur sat down, haunches folded, its human half still upright. Breathlessly, Shen Jiu coaxed its dick into a full erection, until the flesh was rock solid beneath his palms. Trembling with excitement, he knelt down, fitting it snugly in-between the gap of his thighs. He could feel the prominent veins on the underside of its base pulsing and throbbing, the heat from its flesh scalding hot. The head curved slightly upwards, spurting copious amounts of translucent thick precum from its opening, leaving trails of fluids across Shen Jiu’s pussy lips.

His cunt throbbed, almost sopping wet as he languidly rubbed the centaur’s cockhead between the folds of his cunt, the length so hard he didn’t even need to part himself with his fingers. He shuddered, soaking it with his juices, pupils growing darker with the friction of hot flesh. He wrapped his arms around the centaur’s human chest for leverage, noting the impressive firmness of its muscles.

He looked up at the beast’s face. Its complexion was slightly different; its pupils were wider than usual, but was otherwise neutral.

Did this count as copulating with a man or a beast? Regardless, he didn’t particularly care for the specifics, or the ethics of his actions.

Shen Jiu looked directly into its eyes. “This isn’t coercion or rape,” he announced saccharinely, the beaming smile of a saint gracing his lips. “You’re nothing more than an object for me to play around with. Objects don’t have opinions or thoughts. What I’m doing right now is nothing more than testing a product.”

He appreciatively spread his hands across the beast’s pectorals and abdomen, marvelling at the size. “Excellent quality,” he observed. “I’ll put you to good work with these.”

He began dragging the head of the beast’s cock back and forth along his lips and the rim of his ass, squiveling his hips to grind down harder, chasing pleasure. “Now down here,” he said between moans, “Is passable, at best.”

In his rocking motion, he switched between dipping the cockhead very shallowly past the lips of his pussy and poking it against his asscheeks. He gasped, biting his lip as his juices squirted out, the remnants running down the beast’s shaft. He teased, but never allowed full access, like a brothel whore who hadn’t yet been paid her full fees.

“This is—” Shen Jiu sucked in a shuddering breath. He couldn’t remember a time where he was more aroused. “A good degree of firmness. I suppose—” he grinded hard against the head of its cock, running it in one smooth long motion across his holes. “—it’ll suffice.”

Their combined fluids had accumulated enough to be running in rivulets down his thighs, dripping off his legs onto the floor. Shen Jiu moaned unabashedly, closing his eyes and focusing on the mass rubbing against his cunt, going faster and faster, until the beast finally came.

A good amount shot inside Shen Jiu’s pussy, despite the lack of penetration. Shen Jiu’s eyes rolled back, squealing as he also came, shuddering with his arms embracing the beast’s shoulders, his legs quaking around its cock, bliss clouding his vision.

He slumped off the centaur, taking several moments to breathe. He looked down at the dripping mess. His crotch and legs were absolutely soaked, stained with fluids both clear and opaquely white.

The sheer amount that the beast managed to pump out was disgusting. Yet, he was incredibly titillated.

“That’s enough to get any mare pregnant,” he commented breathlessly, trying in vain to keep his voice level.

He quickly wiped himself down, grabbed the jade token, and left the enclosure. On his way out, he noticed Gong Yixiao still standing in the tent, stiff as a wood plank, eyes as wide as the moon.

“Oh. You were still here?”

Gongyi Xiao gaped at him in silence.

“The merchandise isn’t bad. I’ll consider it.” he said, flipping his hair over his shoulder and walking off. 


Luo Binghe couldn’t stand that willowy, pretty-faced bandit.

The circumstances of his capture were convoluted, and required an impressive amount of sheer luck on part of the merchants. Most centaurs lived in packs, far from human civilization. As a wandering lone centaur by himself, he had accidentally fallen into the merchants’ trap.

He had instantly disliked ‘Master Shen’ the moment he saw him. An arrogant human who walked as if the entire sky was beneath him, not a trace of humanity in his cold, glittering eyes and hardset mouth. Who whipped him for the sake of venting his anger, leaving stinging gashes all along his hide.

Nonetheless, he gave off the aura of a weak, but trained warrior. Luo Binghe decided to bide his time to kill him, instead of acting upon his instinct and ripping him apart as soon as he drew near. Luo Binghe wanted to ensure his death. Play the part of a dumb horse, and strangle him when he was off-guard.

But there was something in his arrogance he admired. It was so haughty, so entitled, that simply killing ‘Master’ Shen was not enough. Only by crushing his spirit and stamping out all traces of his dignity would Luo Binghe be satisfied.

His ears were more sensitive than the humans realized. Over time, he picked up several key facts about ‘Master Shen’; full name Shen Jiu, the cold-hearted second-in-command of the Cang Qiong mercenaries and ‘lover’ of Yue Qingyuan. In reality, he was more of a jilted mistress than a lover, nowadays rarely sleeping with the mercenary leader, and left to brood and sulk his frustrations elsewhere. Nothing more than a piece of garbage that was tossed aside.

Then, one day, Luo Binghe’s nose picked up on a new scent—one similar to a mare in heat. A chilly, slightly minty scent, with the familiar stench of desperate arousal.

He subtly turned his head, eyes darting around to find the source. He found nothing, except ‘Master’ Shen at the entrance, ready to whip him.

It was by the next visit that he realized the smell was emanating from Shen Jiu. With each subsequent visit, the smell grew stronger—and more uniquely intoxicating.

For all of ‘Master’ Shen’s haughty, unflappable exterior, he was nothing more than a bitch, practically leaking with desire.

Luo Binghe would have laughed, except…

The human smelled exquisite. Like sex, like temptation.

It sparked an urge within him, to hold Shen Jiu down and mate him, to carry him away to his nest, to fuck and breed him and keep him like a mate. Luo Binghe imagined taking him, mating him in the plains of his home. Holding him down with his hands, crushing him into the dirt on his knees.

He was so tiny. So small. One thrust could ruin him for life.

Centaur mating was highly traditional and based on consent, requiring explicit agreement and months of elaborate courtship, for the sole purposes of procreation. Rape was only performed as a severe punishment or as the result of spoils of war. Most centaurs would uphold these ideals with their lives.

Luo Binghe however, was an outlier who couldn’t care less.

When Shen Jiu accosted him on that day, his pale, tiny body rubbing and pleasuring himself against him, Luo Binghe nearly turned insane. That measly trinket that was supposed to ‘restrain’ him had no effect on him at all, but one of the merchants was still in the tent with them.

It took the patience of a thousand saints to maintain the facade and not fuck him dry. He bid his time, continued to play dumb, and waited.

He wanted the moment to be just right. ‘Master’ Shen would eventually get what he deserved.


Lately, since that tryst in the enclosure, Shen Jiu had been imagining the centaur’s face.

It was a pity that the beast wasn’t human. Its only flaw, in his opinion. During their encounters, Shen Jiu liked to imagine that he was forcibly ravaging a prisoner of war, robbing a sentient being of its autonomy. But where was the fun when all he received in return was a blank, empty stare?

The centaur was too calm. Animals growled when hit and panted when aroused. What kind of beast would stay mute and simply take whatever Shen Jiu inflicted upon it? Nonetheless, Shen Jiu had no desire to reflect over it, however, and brushed it aside.

In his first fantasies, he imagined the centaur as a human. Yet lately, the more he visited it, the more attention he paid to its animal half. What would it be like, to get fucked by the centaur’s second dick?

Completely wild, without human logic or mercy. No line of sense to sex, except to eliminate genetic rivals, to plug and impregnate your mate to bear your brood, before other contenders could stake their claim. Shen Jiu would be nothing more than a receptacle for pure instinct, a hole for unquenchable lust…

But of course he didn’t actually want to fuck the centaur. That would be disgusting, not to mention anatomically convoluted…

The following days saw an influx of bandits roaming around the Huanhua merchants’ upcoming trade route, so he had no time to pay the beast another visit. Only by the next week did Shen Jiu finally have some time to himself.

The Lunar New Year was approaching. The Huanhua merchants were celebrating via an informal banquet with copious amounts of roasted meat and a dozen huge jars of alcohol. Since most Cang Qiong mercenaries had no families to return to, many chose to partake in the festivities.

Shen Jiu had been sitting next to Yue Qingyuan at the table, moderately drunk. He stared dazedly at Yue Qingyuan’s side profile, prodding him with his foot and trying to cajole him for the rest of the night. His failed attempts at seduction lead to an argument, which led to him splashing a cup of wine at the latter’s face before storming off.

Since that first day he had found the centaur, he and Yue Qingyuan had gradually been growing apart, now sleeping in separate tents most of the time. At least his spare evenings taking out his frustrations on the beast were of some merit to occupy him.

The feeling of being unwanted disturbed him to his core, yet no matter how much alcohol he poured down his throat, the unpleasant sentiment wouldn’t go away. He stumbled off, alone and intoxicated, away from the noisy feast. He wandered in a daze past the animal enclosures, until he found himself in front of the centaur’s tent.

He wanted someone to want him so badly, and yet the best he could do was to drag himself over to this crude animal for some semblance of pleasure.

Shen Jiu entered the tent, lighting the torches as he walked inside. The centaur was waiting for him stoically, crimson eyes following him as he entered the enclosure.

“What are you looking at, damn beast…” he growled.

Whether it was a trick of the light or the effects of the alcohol, he distinctly felt as though the centaur was holding back laughter.

In a sense, it was true.

Luo Binghe had been bored these past few days, without ‘Master’ Shen to come and entertain him. He was frustrated this evening too. He had heard the sounds of the feast from afar, and assumed that the pretty bandit would be otherwise occupied for the rest of the night. He had contemplated bursting out of the tent to go find him. Who knew that his prey would come at this time of night, solitary and vulnerable, perfectly ripe for the taking?

He licked his lips, and blinked innocently at Shen Jiu.

“You’re laughing at me. For being so pathetic to crawl all the way here, aren’t you?” Shen Jiu snarled. The creature said nothing, but Shen Jiu thought he saw the corner of its lips rise, as if amused by his pain.

“How impudent,” he spat. Spitefully, he reached into his pocket and brought out the artifact.

“Stay still,” he hissed, before stomping up to the centaur and hitting him across the face with a loud smack.

He withdrew his hand for another slap, when it caught him by the wrist.

Momentarily stunned, he stared at the beast with a slightly open mouth.

The centaur looked at him with its usual blank expression.

Then, it smiled.

Its crimson eyes glittered with mirth, its uncanny grin eerie beneath the dim light as it leaned down, drawing its face closer to Shen Jiu.

“Master,”, he rumbled, in a languid, deep voice. “Your blow hurt me so badly. It’s only fair if I pay you back...”

Shen Jiu’s innards felt cold.

To think...this disgusting creature had been intelligent this entire time…! He had miscalculated, he had wandered into this beast’s trap...

Shen Jiu hit, pushed, and scratched at the monstrosity’s wrist, but no matter what he did, the beast’s grip was like an unyielding iron manacle, not budging even when he pulled with all his strength.

Luo Binghe did nothing, smile only growing wider, gaze roving up and down Shen Jiu’s slender, struggling form. In his eyes, the way he squirmed and twisted about was quite adorable. Like an insect, still stupidly thinking it could escape a spider’s web.

Remembering he had the token, he held it up. “Release me!” he shouted.

The centaur languidly glanced over at the token, crimson eyes roving over Shen Jiu’s face, before yanking it out of Shen Jiu’s hand with the ease of a plucking a grape and dropping it . He stomped on it with his front hoof, shattering the token to pieces.

Shen Jiu’s complexion turned pale. Luo Binghe had to hold back a laugh.

Grinning broadly, he released his hold. Shen Jiu spared no time in spinning around and dashing for the enclosure’s exit, but within two strides Luo Binghe had strode in front of him and seized him again, grabbing him by the hips and crushing him against the enclosure fence.

“Master, do you have any idea how much I’ve been thinking of you…” he crooned, relishing the panicked light in Shen Jiu’s eyes as his feet left the ground.

Shen Jiu’s pulse was racing, his face flushed, a terrible, gnawing feeling in his chest. All those words that the merchants said before came rushing back; how the centaur could kill a man by simply squeezing him in his bare hands, how his bite was strong enough to rip through flesh…

He swallowed, collecting the last of his composure as he stared back into the centaur’s leering face. “So what now? Are you going to kill me?”

Luo Binghe beamed at him serenely. “Perhaps. It depends on whether or not you can survive.”

Survive? Shen Jiu frowned. The centaur grabbed a fistful of his leather clothing and ripped it off his chest as if it were paper.

In an instant, Shen Jiu understood.

His gaze shot down to the centaur’s emerging erection, the slit parting to reveal a swollen red head. And, just beyond that, affixed firmly to the beast’s lower half, was his second dick, also beginning to come out of its sheath...

“No! No, no, no!” Shen Jiu thrashed, shaking his head, yelling out of sheer panic. “You can’t! I-I’d break!”

Luo Binghe ran his palm across the slender human’s delicate, trembling throat, enjoying its softness, its paleness, the erratic tempo of Shen Jiu’s pulse he could feel through the skin.

“Master, each time you hit me, it hurt so badly, scarring me all over, day after day, for no reason aside from satiating your own selfish desires…”

“Shut up, shut up!”

Luo Binghe trapped Shen Jiu in a corner, hands roaming across the rest of Shen Jiu’s body, tearing off pieces of clothing as he went.

“I was always thinking about you, wondering about you…

“You always smelled so unique. Like a bitch in heat.”

With each piece, he recounted how Shen Jiu abused him, how Shen Jiu was cruel to him, and, ultimately, how Shen Jiu seduced him.

“Parading your cunt and your bare naked form before could you expect a beast to resist?”

Shen Jiu fought back in vain, clawing and biting at Luo Binghe’s hand, but was helpless as the latter started attacking his neck, face, inner thighs, and nipples, rubbing, pinching, and thumbing them hard enough to leave bruises.

Luo Binghe laughed as Shen Jiu, hoarse from all his screaming, slumped down, already exhausted.

They were too far away from the banquet for anyone to help, and no one would bother to come by at this hour. Luo Binghe was about to have fun.

“Now...for all the grievances I’ve suffered, how will my dear master compensate me?”
[Three Hours Later]

Shen Jiu was left in nothing but scraps of his clothing, sobbing and wailing as the centaur bounced him up and down on his human cock, then forced him to lay underneath him his body to take its equestrian counterpart.

He was stretched so wide.

He couldn’t fit in it entirely; the furthest it could go made a bulge in his stomach area. The burning stretch tore cries from his throat, the size splitting his pussy impossibly open. It hurt, it hurt, more than any stab wound or poison, and yet…

His hips wouldn’t stop chasing satisfaction. He relentlessly kept thrusting himself back onto Luo Binghe’s shaft, despite the irrevocable horror of the situation, as if his body didn’t belong to himself.

Luo Binghe rumbled in satisfaction. They fucked in as many positions possible; although Luo Binghe’s anatomy didn’t allow for much flexibility on his part, his master certainly compensated for the both of them.

He alternated between his human and equestrian cock. The former he could grab onto Shen Jiu by the hips, raising and dropping him up and down like a toy, pistoning instead at a rapid tempo, enough to make the human’s feet curl and eyes roll back. As for the latter, it required more maneuvering and a slower pace, but the keening sobs and the slow, gradual pleasure of long, drawn-out thrusts were pleasurable in their own right. He used Shen Jiu’s cunt and ass indiscriminately, both entrances mere holes to him.

Shen Jiu at first stubbornly refused to react, squeezing his eyes shut, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood. Only after Luo Binghe speared him onto his larger cock did he cry out. After several hours, he had screamed himself hoarse, yet now, he gave up on escape, not even putting up a futile show of resistance.

Luo Binghe bit recklessly at Shen Jiu’s nape and collarbone, leaving a pleasing array of bites across the once-untainted skin.

Both his erections were endlessly hard—it was mating season, after all. As soon as he ejaculated with one, the other would be ready to go, so Shen Jiu only had a few seconds in-between thrusts before getting penetrated once again. It was difficult the first few times, but eventually, Luo Binghe’s cum made for excellent lubricant. There were puddles of it on the ground, dripping from Shen Jiu’s swollen entrances and his cocks.

Shen Jiu’s entire bottom half was drenched in fluids, the previous load of cum squirting out of his holes each time Luo Binghe thrust in. There was a small paunch on his abdomen that moved ever so slightly whenever Luo Binghe pressed down on it.

Shen Jiu keened. Luo Binghe tutted, shaking his head.

“Master Shen, you’ll have to do better than that. Look at you, you can’t even carry all of my seed. Female centaurs are so much stronger and hardier; they can mate for days without breaking a sweat. Just a mere few hours and you’re already whining and twitching like an overstimulated whore.”

He slapped Shen Jiu’s ass, relishing how the pressure inside him tightened. Shen Jiu gurgled, gasping, eyes staring into space as Luo Binghe slapped the same area a few more times.

“How pathetic of you, Master Shen. Didn’t you say you were strong?”

He came inside once again, pulling out and spraying his seed across Shen Jiu’s face.

Shen Jiu could only blink dazedly as cum fell into his eyelashes. He glared at Luo Binghe, throat too sore to protest.

“Take some responsibility,” Luo Binghe sneered.

He was dropped to the floor once again. Almost automatically, Shen Jiu lifted his ass, prepared to receive that enormous behemoth of a cock waiting for him. He gritted his teeth, clenched his fist, the swollen lips of his pussy and puffy rim of his ass throbbing. What he wasn’t prepared for, was Luo Binghe, brutally thrusting inside with his second member, an onslaught of pain penetrating into his gut.

Shen Jiu’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he screamed.

He was being brutally raped by an animal, pumped full of a beast’s semen, treated like nothing but a receptacle for a pair of cocks. And yet, that very same beast kept crooning nonsense how lovely he was, what a cute mate he was, how he would keep him plugged onto his dick for all eternity.

Tears sprung to his eyes.

When would he ever experience such ecstasy again?

Then, all went black. But an hour later, he woke up again, still speared on Luo Binghe’s cock.

The beast continued to breed him until dawn.

By morning, that once-arrogant bandit, the cold second-in-command of Cang Qiong, was weak, dehydrated and bruised, slipping in and out of consciousness on the enclosure floor. He lay on his back completely naked, legs too tired to close. Cum dribbled out of his pussy and ass, bubbles forming and popping, a true lewd sight to behold.

If Luo Binghe kept going at this rate, he really might end up killing him.

Luo Binghe admired the scenery before him for several more minutes before taking pity on his mate. Cradling him gently in his arms, he fed him some water mouth-to-mouth, before laying down and letting him sleep on top of his barrel.

Truth be told, after a full night of fucking nonstop, he felt a little bit drowsy. He studied Shen Jiu’s sleeping visage, running a hand through the human’s (somewhat) crusty hair, before closing his eyes.

In the afternoon, after a morning’s recovery from the previous night’s banquet, did Gongyi Xiao stumble in to discover a brand new cum ocean in the centaur’s enclosure.

He stood in disbelief, mouth open like a fish, blinking stupidly at the centaur holding an extremely debauched Master Shen. The centaur looked back at him.

Luo Binghe shrugged. “It’s mating week.”