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honey dripping over my imagination (blooming in the night)

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“Ah, fuck.” Wei Wuxian hisses, the dryness of his palm a little too rough in his haste on his raw dick. 


It’s been at least a shichen after curfew, all the lights in every guest disciple’s quarter already blown out, leaving only the quiet cold air of Cloud Recesses to take over. Jiang Cheng was already deep in his sleep, back turned to where Wei Wuxian was currently and frustratingly failing to jack off. Went out as soon as his head hit the pillow, the poor thing. 


If only that were me too, Wei Wuxian forlornly thinks, staring at his flagging erection like it personally offended him. 


The past week has been particularly loaded, if anyone asked him, with tests and lessons and spars back-to-back, and there was just no time to take off to focus on himself, which has led him to now. The now of when he finally has that time but can’t, for reasons even he doesn’t know. 


Wei Wuxian huffs under his breath, taking his hand out from where he stuffed it down his trousers and sits up on the edge of his bed. His cock is still half-mast, but he ignores it in favor of getting himself into his boots, not bothering to fix his sheets and only fixing his single layer and adjusting himself before quietly walking out, hoping to at least let Jiang Cheng have a peaceful rest. 


He slides their guest room’s doors shut behind him as he takes a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air. Cloud Recesses’ night scenery is vastly different from that of Lotus Pier’s, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot chillier, though Wei Wuxian finds himself thankful for the slap of retrieval from the singing of his blood rush, compared to Lotus Pier’s comparatively warmer humidity. 


Making sure that the doors behind him are properly shut, Wei Wuxian starts to walk. With it being two hours past curfew, aside from the few Lans assigned for night patrol, there’s really no one for him to bump into, so he strolls on the edges of Cloud Recesses where no guards are stationed and trusts his feet to do the thinking while he takes in the beauty of the night, the gusts of wind being his company. 


“Beautiful.” Wei Wuxian hums distractedly, gaze focused on the nature surrounding Gusu Lan’s residence. Mountains as high as one can see ranging as far as the eye allows with healthy, thick and tall trees encompassing every bit of land, and with it being nighttime, the moon being a gracious host of tonight, lending its beams of silver luminance, he feels a little more calmer. 


His feet carry him through the landscape, which has effectively been capturing his attention, that the steady click of concrete being gone and replaced with the crunch of grass goes unregistered in his mind until suddenly, he’s walked into some enclosed concave like area and a body of water just steps away from him with bamboos and rocks encircling it. 


The view, against his previously budding protests, now that Wei Wuxian knows where he is, is just as breathtaking as the tall mountains and lush trees. The moon and its stars reflections glint off the surface of the Cold Pond, their light bouncing off and caressing any surface it reaches. The water is still with no one in it, unlike all the previous times Wei Wuxian had joined and pestered Lan Wangji when the Second Jade had been cultivating. 


“No Lan Zhan to annoy tonight, I suppose.” Wei Wuxian says with a cheery smile, walking to the edge of the pond.


Ah, Lan Zhan, such peerless beauty so befitting this Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian’s thoughts quickly become invaded by Lan Wangji as he undresses, folding his sleep robe half-assedly and thinking if Lan Zhan would join him if he asks, shucking off his boots as the image of the glimpse he had of Lan Zhan’s broad torso plasters itself in the forefront of his head. 


Wei Wuxian remembers how much more bigger Lan Wangji’s robes were when he had teasingly put it on as he now takes off his trousers, the fact of how much more bigger Lan Zhan is compared to himself unknowingly making him flush as he dips into the cold pond, the freezing temperature masking the sudden rise in heat. 


Wei Wuxian isn’t unfit by any means, he knows this, flaunts it even, back when he and Jiang Cheng and all the other junior disciples took dips in the many lakes of Lotus Pier. It’s just that, where Lan Wangji was muscled and broad, Wei Wuxian was lithe and slender. More on the lean side of physiques, so to say, giving way to agility and speed over muscle mass and brute strength. Quick with strategy paired with quicker feet. 


An unbidden thought arises when Wei Wuxian rises from where he had sunk in the water, Lan Zhan could probably pin me down huh, and then he feels his cock twitch. Wei Wuxian rapidly blinks, and gapes, shame quickly flooding his senses. 


“Wei Wuxian, what the hell are you thinking!” He whisper-yells to himself immediately, swatting his reddening cheeks as the image of an elegant Lan Zhan, barely sweating from a spar with Wei Wuxian, that was initiated by the latter himself, straddled on his hips where he lay with Bichen’s blade held against his throat, the strong chest mere inches away from his own, plays in his head like a show in a theatre. That impassive mien, so otherworldly, untouchable, while casually perched on Wei Wuxian’s lap like it wouldn’t be doing anything to him and would be doing everything to Wei Wuxian, doing things to him now


“Fuck,” Wei Wuxian breathes, swallows, the familiar twisting of his gut a telltale of his ever-returning arousal as his mercury darkens, the sound of metal hitting the ground as the Lan Wangji in his imagination throws their swords out of reach and grasps Wei Wuxian’s wrists and binds it above him, imposing himself inside Wei Wuxian’s space while his other hand travels over his robes — fogging the reality of his singularity in this little concave in Cloud Recesses. 


Wei Wuxian mirrors this, letting his hand touch his bare chest, blinking slowly as he thumbs a nipple while his other splays across his toned stomach, not yet touching his growing hard-on. He leans his weight on the rock that’s conveniently just beside him, the cold surface against his back a fleeting thought. 


Like this, he’s not completely in view from people if they were to pass by the Cold Pond, but if anyone steps foot inside this concave, they’d see how he was playing with himself, his fingers pinching his stiffening buds and his twitching hips, clear as day. 


The idea of being caught makes Wei Wuxian’s breath hitch, eyes going wide while his hips fuck forward, sharp with sudden arousal as his dick fully hardens. He inhales deeply, taking his fingers away from his now peaked nipples and takes a moment to gain his bearings. He’s aware of how open this area is, but apparently, his filling dick likes that, so it’s only a beat before he waddles to the edge of the pond, near his discarded clothes, and rises to sit himself there for better comfort. 


“If I’m doing this, I’m doing this comfortably.” Wei Wuxian mumbles to himself, spreading his legs to the empty pond and raising his hands to his lips, spitting a good amount of saliva before taking himself in hand. A sigh of relief passes his lips, slowly stroking his hard cock and just relieving in how nice it finally feels. 


He’s not rushing, his grip is loose and pace leisurely, keeping at it until he’s relaxed enough that he sags sideways onto the rock he had previously leaned on. With a hum, he brings his other hand down to fondle his balls, massaging them just as he likes it while thinking of honey-hued eyes and larger, calloused hands doing this to him instead. He thinks of skilled fingers pressing on his perineum, teasing him with that hot, angry gaze and lets out a quiet moan, the hand pumping his length stopping to thumb at his slit, oozing precum, and rolls his head with the palm of his hand. 


“Ah– haa,” Wei Wuxian gasps, a gust of wind hitting his naked and damp body and making his nipples, reddened and pitiful, protest at the lack of attention. It crystallizes how he was really doing this outside, and the realization settles heavily in his gut. It makes him whimper, his cockhead dribbling more precum, thumb swiping over his tip as he grips tighter this time, pumping his dick with more intent, setting a steady pace for himself. 


A punched-out moan resonates into the cool air and through the cold water, Wei Wuxian’s eyebrows pinching in pleasure while his eyes go hazy. He brings his other hand to his mouth, taking in two fingers and closes his eyes, imagining it was Lan Wangji’s. It makes his hips buck up, his hand tightening on himself as spit drools out the corners of his lips. Lan Wangji’s fingers would be longer than his, so Wei Wuxian makes up for the lack of length with rubbing his fingers down his tongue, uncaring of the mess he's making when pitiful sounds keep escaping him as he fucks his mouth like how he’d like Lan Wangji to. 


Wei Ying is shameless, sucking my fingers like he’s desperate for it.


“Yes, oh, please.” Wei Wuxian says, moans, around his fingers, watery eyes blinking open as he jerks his hand faster, harder. Would Lan Wangji let him come? Or would he deny him, making him beg for it, make him desperate for something else?


“Oh, oh. Please, please.” He groans at the thought of Lan Wangji controlling his relief, his weeping cock dripping enough precum that it slides down his balls and stains the edge he’s perched on. He brings his spit-slick fingers down, pausing to gather the beading slick on his slit then lowers it once more. 


Wei Wuxian bites his lip as he reaches his crease and circles his rim, letting out a breathy moan when he rubs his hole and feeling it flutter on the pads of his fingers. Little sounds of pleasure dances throughout the Cold Pond while he softens his entrance, and then a grunt when he inserts one finger. 


“Ah, that’s weird.” Wei Wuxian chuckles at the feeling, exploring his walls just before he starts pumping in. The fluids had minimized the give, and soon enough the weirdness of it transforms into a hunger for more. He increases his speed until one finger isn’t enough and sooner than he’d realized, Wei Wuxian is rutting against three of his fingers, obscene moans leaving his lips as he wishes it were someone else’s. 


He’s gotten to the height of pleasure where he stops caring where he is and his surroundings, thus why Wei Wuxian doesn’t hear the crunch of footsteps nearing and the quiet gasp that isn’t his own. 


Wei Wuxian is trying to quiet down his sounds, his left cheek indented where he’s biting the inside of it as the pleasure of fucking himself becomes too good, too much. He doesn’t realise he has a frozen audience, watching him and his lewd display.  


Ah!” His eyes screw shut as he cries out, head lolling from the rock and backwards as his hips grind forward when his fingers hit a certain spot. Hot pleasure bursts and spreads, his blood singing as the heat builds from where he drives his fingers to hit his prostate and moans with the image of his unknown, accidental voyeur. “There– oh, mm– it’s good, that’s good.” Wei Wuxian pants, chest heaving with a light sheen, a thin layer of sweat having build up, “Fuck– Lan Zhan, oh Lan Zhan, please. That’s good,” He sounds delirious, “You’re so good.” 


A heavy thud and the clang of metal suddenly rings in the quiet, foggy air of Wei Wuxian’s near-release, cutting through the dense tension and startling him. His head snaps so quickly to where the sound had come from he’s afraid it might crack, but the still, statue-like figure of a shell-shocked Lan Wangji sobers him enough that the twinge of his neck doesn’t even register to his senses. 


“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian says, panic-stricken as he takes his fingers out as carefully quick as he can, the throb of a denied orgasm — probably one of the greatest orgasms he would’ve ever had but he’s really trying not to think about that right now — a dull ache in comparison to Lan Wangji’s reaction. 


“What are you doing here, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian nervously laughs, his hands twitching on his knees where he’d drawn them up and close, giving himself at least some modesty. Lan Wangji doesn’t say anything, only stares at him with an indescribable glint in those amber eyes. 


No, Wei Wuxian scolds himself, do not even start to think that


He clears his throat, keenly aware of his flushed complexion now that he’s not focused on fucking himself to climax, and with the way Lan Wangji is staring at him he’s not sure it’ll return to normal anytime soon, no matter what he tries to tell himself.


Wei Wuxian doesn’t look at Lan Wangji when he speaks, “Look, I’m sorry, I really wasn’t expecting anyone to come here. Much less you, what coincidence right? Haha, uhm. So. I’m gonna just, go, yeah? And you can forget about,” Wei Wuxian pauses, cringes, what, how I was about to come with a scream of your name? How I was thinking of you doing me so good I see figurative stars?  


“That.” he finishes lamely. He lets out a weak laugh, clears his throat again as he moves to stand. He’s too busy trying to gain control over his jelly legs to realize Lan Wangji briskly walking to him, reaching his arm out to catch him when he wobbles off-balance. 


Wei Wuxian blinks, looking at the arm wrapped around his waist. “Huh.” 


“You were going to slip.” Lan Wangji says, voice suspiciously hoarse, and Wei Wuxian only then looks up at him and wow Lan Zhan is so pretty


Lan Wangji’s ears were already pink when he’d seen Wei Wuxian, but now they’ve grown even redder, reaching down his neck. 


Wei Wuxian, momentarily forgetting what he was escaping from, beams, “Lan Zhan! Your ears are so red, that’s so cute. Ah, your neck is flushed too, are you feeling okay? Oh wait, were you gonna take a dip in the water? Shit, um, I’m sorry. Ahahahahah, but! I promise I wasn’t doing anything in the water, it’s super clean!” Wei Wuxian had twisted to his front while he was rambling, too used to giving Lan Wangji his full attention whenever they would talk. It seems his body is attuned despite its current state. 


Lan Wangji’s eyes had widened during this, Wei Wuxian’s words uncharacteristically flying over his head when he felt Wei Wuxian’s bare skin pressing closer against his. Oh, and he was still hard, too. 


Wei Wuxian freezes, as if the same thought had fleeted through his mind the same time it did to Lan Wangji. He plants his palms on Lan Wangji’s sheerly covered chest, about to push him away, “Uh! Sorry! Uhm, fuck, sorry I’ll–“


“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji interupts, very uncharacteristic, Wei Wuxian thinks, his arm tightening around Wei Wuxian’s waist, and Wei Wuxian gulps, for multiple reasons. Lan Wangji is looking at him with that same indescribable glint, “Did you mean that?” 


Wei Wuxian, “Huh? Mean what?” 


“Wei Ying,” 


Wei Wuxian bunches the lacy — useless excuse of a robe, if anyone asks him, no convenience at all that isn’t exclusive to making him hard — fabric in his fists as he avoids Lan Wangji’s eyes. “Lan Zhan, come on, are you serious right now? You can’t– you can’t just ask that.” He huffs to the pond, envying how serene it is and wishes he were too. Lan Wangji’s chest is so warm, it’s so nice, so hard. 


Pond water, Wei Wuxian thinks miserably. 


“Wei Ying, look at me.” Lan Wangji pulls him closer to his chest, “Wei Ying.” 


They’re so close that Wei Wuxian had felt the rumble of Lan Wangji’s chest and fuck that’s hot and oh no that's hot. He feels his cock twitch and resigns to his death. 


Wei Wuxian gathers his courage and turns his face, “Yes, Lan Zhan?” He asks, finally looking up. Then Lan Wangji smiles, a tiny little thing that sends Wei Wuxian spiraling, immobile, speechless. 


Ha, Wei Wuxian, speechless. 


Before Wei Wuxian can say anything, Lan Wangji takes his waist into his hands, and presses him to– Oh.




Wei Wuxian is going to melt into a puddle and be one with the Cold Pond because Lan Wangji was hard. That, pressing onto his bare thigh, is a cock. A hard, and frankly, quite big cock. 


“Oh wow.” Wei Wuxian’s throat goes dry. “Is that why– no uh. What. That’s– uhm.” 


Lan Wangji clears his throat, “Yes.” And for the first time throughout this whole painful ordeal, he looks bashful.


“Oh, Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian sighs happily, then surges to claim his lips. 


Lan Zhan’s lips are so soft, is Wei Wuxian’s first thought, humming against them at the relief that this beautiful, impossible man isn’t disgusted. Then Lan Wangji tilts his head, and suddenly the kiss turns from chaste to filthy. With this angle, their lips dance deeper, languidly moving to savour the taste of the other. 


Wei Wuxian groans when Lan Wangji licks at his lips, before his tongue invades his mouth, leaving Wei Wuxian to just take it — lets Lan Wangji caress the roof of his mouth, suck on his tongue, prod at the walls of his cheeks. It’s dirty, so so dirty. Wei Wuxian loves it. 


While Lan Wangji explores his mouth, Wei Wuxian shucks the sheer inner robe Lan Wangji had been donned with off of his shoulders, dropping it near his own clothes then runs his hands over the pecs he’s been fantasizing about a mere few minutes prior. 


“Hmmm,” Wei Wuxian approves, fingers briefly rubbing on Lan Wangji’s nipples before spreading his palms on either side of Lan Wangji’s sides, running them up and down. He has such a narrow waist, wow. 


Lan Wangji breaks the kiss, leans his forehead on Wei Wuxian’s as they pant. Wei Wuxian giggles, astonished, breathless, and Lan Wangji smiles again. 


“You smiled! Again!” Wei Wuxian gasps, laughing. Lan Wangji hums at this, moving his face back to look at Wei Wuxian. Like this, the moonlight hits from the side, but it only enhances Wei Wuxian’s boyish charms, and Lan Wangji’s heart flutters.


While Wei Wuxian is still giggling, Lan Wangji’s hands travel down and, without any warning, take handfuls of his meaty backside, gripping them tight enough to leave pink imprints, and Wei Wuxian’s choked moan only further encourages him to do it again. 


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian breathes, nuzzling into Lan Wangji’s chest. He feels rather than he hears the hum Lan Wangji questions him with, but he nods his assent just the same. At that, those large palms then part his cheeks, making the cool air hit his slightly puffed hole and Wei Wuxian feeling faintly embarrassed at how he can feel it flutter. It feels so different when Lan Wangji does it, but Wei Wuxian finds he might just about love anything as long Lan Wangji is the one who’s doing it. 


Wei Wuxian releases a shaky exhale when a calloused finger traces his rim, tentative, before it rubs at it. His insides are still quite loose and his rim a little puffy, every catch at it making him clench at the slight sensitivity. Lan Wangji wasn’t fairing any better too, as Wei Wuxian can feel the quickening heartbeat. 


Lan Wangji plays with his hole with the curiosity of a toddler given a new toy — he dips, plunges, and rubs at it like he’s conducting a research on how it works, basing his experimental fucks on every hitch of Wei Wuxian’s breath, every groan and gasp that makes the tent in his trousers grow harder and harder to ignore. 


“Er-gege,” Two of Lan Wangji’s fingers suddenly go deeper, “Ah! You like it when I call you that? Ahh, mmm, well, er-gege, c’mon, are you just gonna play with me? Don’t you want to put something else inside?” Wei Wuxian murmurs at his clavicle, smirk evident on Lan Wangji’s skin when his chest heaves. He continues, “I can feel you, Lan Zhan ah. You’re so hard, and I want it in me. You’d feel so good, fucking me really nice and well, and I promise I’ll feel good too, it’ll only be for you.”


Lan Wangji’s fingers push harder at that, the dryness of them sending crashing waves of pleasure, the rough handling making Wei Wuxian’s head swim as Lan Wangji searches and prods his walls. Against his ear, Lan Zhan asks, taunting, “Only for me?” 


Wei Wuxian’s ass clenches, his hips gyrating into Lan Wangji’s thigh, whimpers on Lan Wangji’s jaw, “Only for you, always for you. Lan Zhan, please–” 


Lan Wangji pulls his fingers out, making Wei Wuxian raise his head at him, incredulous, but when he sees Lan Wangji swiftly taking his pants off, he shuts up before a word even comes out. 


“Lay down.” Lan Wangji orders, his legs now free from the pants and takes his own, red and angry erection in hand. He strokes himself as he watches Wei Wuxian hasten to obey, staring at him with wide, anticipatory eyes, making a bead of precum gush out, Lan Wangji hissing and gripping himself at the base to stave off his arousal. 


Lan Wangji looks ravenous, with his pupils dilated and his golden eyes seemingly glimmering with feral desire, leering down where Wei Wuxian is practically presenting himself.


It’s hot, heavy, sears through Wei Wuxian’s skin feeling like a brand, and it makes him feel so utterly exposed — bared through and through. It makes him want to spread his legs wider, cant his hips higher, lay himself just to be devoured. So he does. 


Reaching up to Lan Wangji with open arms and open legs, Wei Wuxian grins, “Hanguang-jun, are you going to continue staring or do you need me to spell it out for you?” 


Lan Wangji raises an eyebrow, unspeaking, kneeling before Wei Wuxian’s thighs while he lets Wei Wuxian babbling die down. He starts with Wei Wuxian’s ankles, feather-light and tender, smoothening his palms as he goes higher, up to his knees. 


Wei Wuxian eyes him through it, breath catching in his throat as heat splashes color on his cheeks when Lan Wangji’s eyes land in between his legs, “Lan Zhan,”


“Hmm, yes?” Lan Wangji says, not looking up from where he’s just, staring. At him, down there, with his musician’s fingers spread-out and gripping the tops of Wei Wuxian’s thighs, hard enough that the plush skin spills in between the gaps. Wei Wuxian’s throat bobs, distinctively aware of how his hole is puckering at the attention. 


Heavens, was he getting shy now? 


“Lan Zhan, come up here.” Hands landing on top of Lan Wangji’s and tapping at them to earn his attention. It works, Lan Wangji leaning over him and giving him a quick peck. “Hm, very good, very good.” He mumbles. 


Lan Wangji exhales with what can only be labeled as with amusement, giving Wei Wuxian even more kisses before taking hold of his jaw, cradling it firmly. “Open.” He taps Wei Wuxians cheek twice. 


Wei Wuxian has an inkling on what’s about to happen, eyes glazing over, and opens his mouth obediently.


Lan Wangji murmurs, “Very good.” Then he spits into his mouth. 


Wei Wuxian whines, open-mouthed and breathing hard that his chest grazes Lan Wangji’s at every pant. Lan Zhan just spat in my mouth, the fact making a home in his head, and he whines even more. Lan Zhan stares at him, openly pleased. “Wei Ying is filthy.” 


Wei Wuxian, offended, “Haaaah???”


Lan Wangji, paying this no attention but so obviously smug, “Very filthy.” Proceeds to dribble more spit into his mouth, meeting Wei Wuxian’s wide eyes and hungry gaze. There’s so much that it starts spilling out the corners of his mouth, but Lan Wangji does nothing to wipe it off, only smiles. 


Fuck, fuckfuckfuck who knew that Lan Zhan is like this, Wei Wuxian’s frenzied mind supplies him, nearly going crazy when it sets that the answer to that is him. Wei Wuxian feels unhinged, senses only filled with Lan Zhan


Lan Wangji is kneeling back up, his big, big cock making it’s way into Wei Wuxian’s lidded peripheral. 


“Lean up, spit it out.” Husky, Lan Wangji says to him, watching how Wei Wuxian eyes his cock like a last meal, an oasis in the desert, the most delicious meal he’d ever have the blessing to devour. He leans up and Lan Wangji brings his palm to Wei Wuxian’s mouth, which closes, Adam’s apple bobbing once, before he spits into the open hand. His eyes never left Lan Wangji’s once. 


This time, it’s Lan Wangji who teeters, mind spiraling, his eyes almost black with desire. 


Wei Wuxian lays back down, brings his hands down and hooks his thumbs past his rim, spreading himself open, glossy mercury telling Lan Wangji all he needs to know. 


Lan Wangji brings his own thumb to Wei Wuxian’s hole while the other hand takes his own pitiful dick, stiff and begging for attention with its protruding vein and beading cockhead, and slicks himself with his and Wei Wuxian’s spit — which is so hot Lan Wangji is pulling at all his restraints to keep from just fucking — and finally finally shuffles closer, jerking his length with slow pumps while he rubs the tip over Wei Wuxian’s crease. 


“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whines, edged borderline pitiful, “Please don’t tease me now, do you want me to beg huh? I’m not above begging, every single Lan and non-Lan is going to know that you’re torturing me and leaving me to die, do you want– oh– oh fuck– oh yes yesyes!


Lan Wangji feels his ears whistle with the rush of blood, Wei Wuxian’s words goading him successfully, and the next thing he knows he’s halfway inside Wei Wuxian’s warm heat with a pretty, pretty moan ringing like bells that all but encourages him to plunge deeper. 


Wei Wuxian’s walls feel like a tight embrace, a homecoming — nice and comforting and right, and with the way he’s arching into Lan Wangji, back lifting off the ground, it would not be for naught to imagine he feels similarly.


“Mmm, so big, so full. Hanguang-jun, you’re filling me up and you haven’t even started fucking me yet.” Wei Wuxian gasps, moaning when the spaces Lan Wangji’s hardness are nudging that neither of their fingers would have reached gets pushed at unrelentingly. It’s so good, so fucking hard, please, “Lan Zhan, fuck me?” Wei Wuxian blinks up, eyes already watering. 


It seems like this act is what pushes Lan Wangji off his precipice. 


Lan Wangji nearly growls, hands a brand where they hold Wei Wuxian’s thighs open, and starts to thrust. His hips snap up once, twice, before they settle at a pace that has both of them groaning aloud. 


“Ah, ah, ah– Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian chants, hips meeting Lan Wangji’s every thrust, his dick bobbing along with him and letting out copious amounts of precum at every sharp fuck up. The tip of Lan Wangji’s dick reaches so far he feels it in his throat, makes him feel so much, too much, too full, almost unbearably so. 


Then Lan Wangji hits that spot, and Wei Wuxian squeezes unbidden with a cry, “Lan Zhan!


Lan Wangji grunts, then moans, broken, “Wei Ying,” Wei Wuxian had clenched at that specific hit, and it is so tight he feels he’s about to boil over. With a renewed determination, Lan Wangji nudges his knees a little farther, leans a little closer, enough to plant his hands beside Wei Wuxian’s head, hovering over him, and aims his cock directly to that one spot that had made them both feel fucking fantastic


Wei Wuxian’s eyes are blurring, the moon’s own mercury reflecting in the glassiness of his, and Lan Wangji says, reverent, “Beautiful.” 


“No– you–! You can’t– ah that’s, yeah right there– you can’t say that Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian struggles in between gasps and groans, hands winding around Lan Wangji’s neck, whimpers, “Lan Zhan is so obviously the beauty between us. Look at you, so– ah!” 


Lan Wangji drives his cock harder in, fucks his hips to the point where every gyrate makes the tops of his thighs jiggle the fat of Wei Wuxian’s ass, makes Wei Wuxian’s stretched rim turn redder and tenderer. 


“Wei Ying is always beautiful.” Lan Wangji counters, with finality, and presses his lips onto Wei Wuxian’s neck, the start of blooming a garden of bruises on any skin his teeth catches. He descents from there, leaving myriads of reds and purples in his wake until he can reach no farther. He raises his eyes to Wei Wuxian from where he’s lingering above his sternum, and meets Wei Wuxian’s own pair of heated, heavy, promise-filled reverence. 


“You’re so,” Wei Wuxian inhales, shaky, fingers running through Lan Wangji’s scalp, just because. 


Despite it being thoroughly enjoyed, Lan Wangji slows, confusion and concern overriding his pace, thinking he’d said or done something out of line, but Wei Wuxian eyes narrowed into slits before he could so much as ask what was wrong. 


Tugging Lan Wangji back up by the nape, Wei Wuxian fucks himself onto his dick, grinding, rolling his hips in little circles with clear intent and a stern glare, “Don’t you dare stop.” 


And well, alright. Who was Lan Wangji to deny this ephemeral being? 


Adjusting his grip ever so slightly, he hovers back above Wei Wuxian, and his vice-like grip returns onto Wei Wuxian’s skin, this time planted on Wei Wuxian’s waist. 


Lan Wangji noses into Wei Wuxian’s neck, then renews his thrusting like he hadn’t paused at all. 


Wei Wuxian’s tattered breathing puffs into Lan Wangji’s hair, keening whenever Lan Wangji’s hips stutter, sharpens. The hardness of his own cock feels like a distant thing — every kiss of Lan Wangji’s tip to his prostate rendering all his senses to mush, static electricity zipping through his blood and focusing on the hard, unrelenting length rearranging his insides. 


Lan Wangji’s hands are on Wei Wuxian’s hips, thumbs pressing on the dip of his hip bones to keep them from gyrating, making — forcing Wei Wuxian to just take and take and take. It’s maddening, Wei Wuxian’s insides, his walls, the soft pliancy that gives to him, the winks of his hole whenever Lan Wangji pushes harder. 


“Lan– oh, ah– ah,” Wei Wuxian’s hips keep twitching, despite Lan Wangji’s grip, aborted little actions that only makes Lan Wangji hold him down further and hands tighten to the point of bruising. The implication that Wei Wuxian is feeling so good he can’t help it, and Lan Wangji being the reason, is too much for Lan Wangji, his cock slicking Wei Wuxian’s hole with every spurt of precum. 


“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan exhales into a mark, prying one hand off Wei Wuxian’s lithe waist to fist his neglected, weeping dick. Slides his hand with the pace he’s fucking him into the ground. 


Wei Wuxian startles out a loud moan at the sudden sensation, “That– ah! Ohh– that feels so good, oh fuck– Lan Zhan, are you close? Gonna come inside me, er-gege?” Lan Wangji’s hips stutter, breathing hard into the crevice of Wei Wuxian’s shoulder. Wei Wuxian whines, cockhead leaking into Lan Wangji’s tight fist when he really thinks about it. “Mmm, yeah, do you want that Lan Zhan? Use this one’s hole to keep er-gege’s cum? I’d like it, I really would. You’d fill me so well, maybe it would take, even.” 


“Don’t–“ Lan Wangji stammers, flush piping hot and spreading to his chest, the image of baby Lans running around Wei Wuxian, his, theirs. “That is not possible.” 


Wei Wuxian laughs, airy and fucked out, “But we haven’t tried yet, you have to come first.” 


Lan Wangji nips at his jaw, teeth indenting quick fading marks and promises low near Wei Wuxian’s ear, “Mark your words.”


It incites a shiver, ripples and crashes like waves down Wei Wuxian’s spine, down to his cock, rushes to the already overwhelming point of arousal behind his navel and the sudden, feral-like pounding into him. 


“You animal,” Wei Wuxian weakly moans, hands tangling into the hairs at the back of Lan Wangji’s head, avoiding the now crooked hairpiece he’s been donning this whole time. There’s a rush in that, Wei Wuxian will admit, in how he’s been able to rumple this still, serene being. 


Lan Wangji answers him with a harsh tug, wrist flicking to circle his head at every stroke, smearing a mess of slick down the length of his dick all with an elegant brow raised, gauging his face for any rebuttals. Oh this man–


Wei Wuxian’s hips buck as his eyes roll back in white hot pleasure, unable to speak with the clog of noises in his throat. Curses and indecipherable words are all he can moan while Lan Wangji uses him to his liking, uses his tightening walls, slippery with Lan Wangji’s fluids, to reach his high. 


“Ah.” Lan Wangji’s eyebrows furrow, hips stilling deep inside Wei Wuxian, abruptly stopping his thorough fucking. Before Wei Wuxian can protest, Lan Wangji starts grinding, incremental pull backs only to press inside as if he’s making a mold of his dick in Wei Wuxian’s hole. Making a home inside him.


Wei Wuxian feels incredible. He’s stuffed full of Lan Wangji’s dick and the hand on his cock is still playing with him, fingers dipping down to cup his balls before sliding back up, rolling his length the way that makes him cry. 


Wei Wuxian kisses Lan Wangji’s cheek, before squeezing down hard, wrapping the unyielding length inside him with warm, wet heat, and says, sighs, “Lan Zhan, aren’t you going to fill me now?” 


Lan Wangji’s cock throbs, and with three, four, and one more of rapid, quick successions of stuttering hips, he does just that. 


“Oh, oh.” Wei Wuxian breathes, moaning happily at the pulsing member in him, releasing in him. There’s so much cum, he can feel ropes of it staining his walls, tickling his prostate, can hear the squelch when Lan Wangji fucks it in deep. 


“This is what you wanted?” Lan Wangji asks, voice rough with the thud of steady arousal, “Me to use you like this?” A thrust to emphasize, cock valiantly squirting one more thick ribbon of release. Wei Wuxian keens, pretty, desperate moans spilling from his red-bitten lips. “To come like this?” 


Wei Wuxian’s breathing is hard, ass clenching, head nodding frantically, “Please, yes, please I want to come. Lan Zhan, make me come.” 


Lan Wangji’s eyes darken, then he pulls them both up, making Wei Wuxian sit down on his lap and pushes his twitching, softening cock deeper. Wei Wuxian’s eyes are nearly all pupil, jaw hanging open while Lan Wangji uses the leverage to bring him to completion. He grips Wei Wuxian’s wet cock harder, pumping and sliding with easy friction and uses his other hand to fondle with Wei Wuxian’s still filled rim, two fingers teasing and pressing at the crease. 


Wei Wuxian’s mouth slackens even more, staring at Lan Wangji with a plea and deep-seated pleasure. He’s glowing, with pinkened cheeks and a thin layer of sweat, blotches of marks running from neck to sternum. 


Lan Wangji hums, “Come.” 


Wei Wuxian comes, and it’s blinding. Lan Wangji sears this image, ingrains it deep in his mind — how Wei Wuxian arches into him, head lolling backwards while he cries out Lan Wangji’s name in his wrecked, hoarse voice. Cum shoots out in one long ribbon out his tip, aimed upwards and landing white streaks on Wei Wuxian’s and his chest. 


His ass clenches sporadically on Lan Wangji’s oversensitive length, hips grinding at every spurt of his best, and hardest orgasm that he's ever had the blessing of experiencing. Frankly, he loves it. 


When he’s done, it’s like his bones have left him. “We have to do that again, I’ll die if we don’t.” Wei Wuxian murmurs, sleepy, with the harsh climax, and sags into Lan Wangji’s chest uncaring of his own spend on both their torsos and between their legs. 


Lan Wangji’s chest rumbles with silent laughter, “I’ll see to it that Wei Ying does not perish.” 


Wei Wuxian grins into the bare skin, “Yes, yes. You wouldn’t want me to perish, Lan Zhan. I’ll turn into dust and earth and mess up the Jingshi and you’re gonna hate it. There’s just gonna be a random pile of soil in the middle of your bed, er-gege, and it would be me because you didn’t take responsibility.” 


Lan Wangji, “I will take responsibility.” 


Wei Wuxian, “You don’t even know what I’m asking for.” 


“Is it not to fuck you and fill you up just like this once more?”


Wei Wuxian’s head shoots up, gasping and blushing, “Lan Zhan how can you just say that! Where did you learn those words? Who knew Lan er-gege had a mouth like this on him.”


He feels elated. 


Lan Wangji smiles, nuzzling his nose on Wei Wuxian’s red cheek, “My apologies. I did not mean to say just once.” 

Hah??? Lan Zhan!”