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curiosity killed the cat (but satisfaction brought it back)

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How exactly did it end up like this? Yuuji swore he was just asking an innocent question. 



"Hey Fushiguro, can you make other things out of your shadows besides your shikigami?"


"Yeah, why do you ask?"


Yuuji perks up. "Does that mean you can make another you? Like a shadow Fushiguro?"


Megumi raises an eyebrow. "I don't know." He shrugs. "I haven't thought of trying to."


"Oh, oh, then let's try it!" 


Usually Megumi would refuse, but with Yuuji eagerly looking at him with sparkling eyes, Megumi gives in within seconds. 



Somehow here Yuuji is, currently sandwiched between Megumi and Shadow Megumi. 


Megumi leaves behind a trail of hickeys as he kisses and sucks bruises into Yuuji’s neck, beginning from behind his ear and going all the way down across his shoulders. Meanwhile his shadow sucks hickeys into the back of his neck as it wraps its arm around Yuuji to stroke his painfully hard cock.


The difference in temperature makes Yuuji let out a loud whine. The shadow Megumi is cool to the touch, providing a blissful contrast to his overheated skin. Bracketed in between the real Megumi who is just a blanket of heat in front of him and the cooler shadow Megumi, Yuuji feels overwhelmed by the contrast in sensations.


Megumi makes his way down Yuuji's chest, stopping to take one of his nipples into his mouth while his hand rubs at the other nipple until it's pebbling under his thumb.


Yuuji lets out heaving pants. It's almost too much. The number of sensations he's feeling right now. He can't keep track of Megumi and Shadow Megumi's movements. They're starting to all blur together beneath all the pleasure he's currently feeling. 


Suddenly he feels a wet and firm pressure of a finger pressing against his perineum and he lets out a loud moan as the tip of the finger breaches his hole to wiggle against his walls. 


"F-Fushiguro, not—," Yuuji is broken off as he lets out another moan, louder than the one before, as that finger fully enters him. "—not there, Fushiguro. It's too much. I can't."


The real Megumi in front of him hums in acknowledgement before releasing Yuuji's nipple to reply. "You're going to have to be more specific Itadori. Which Fushiguro are you talking to?" 


Yuuji's face scrunches up, but before he can reply, shadow Megumi reminds him of its presence as it swipes its thumb across the head of his cock. "A-ahhh." 


Yuuji grips Megumi's upper arm. "Y-you know I'm talking to you Fushiguro."


Megumi only thrusts another finger into Yuuji's hole in reply, scissoring them to loosen Yuuji up even more. The sudden addition makes Yuuji open his mouth on a soundless moan. "I don't know, there's two of us now you know."


"Fushi—," Yuuji tries to say again.


"No, try again Itadori." Megumi adds another finger, working the three fingers into Yuuji's hole, stroking the warm velvet walls just to feel the rim clench around his fingers. He makes sure to avoid Yuuji's prostate with each thrust inside Yuuji’s wet warmth.


"M-Megumi." Yuuji manages to stutter out. 


Megumi brings his mouth near Yuuji's ear. "Good boy Yuuji ," he purrs out, his voice dropping into a sensual drawl.


As though taking that as a signal, shadow Megumi speeds up its hand as it strokes Yuuji's cock. At the same time, Megumi thrusts his finger in, making sure to aim directly at Yuuji's prostate.


Yuuji lets out a high keening sound at the dual sensations of pleasure. He doesn't know whether he should thrust forward into the cool hand enveloping his cock or if he should push back onto those warm and long fingers thrusting into him and brushing his prostate on each thrust.


His head feels fuzzy as he loses himself to the overwhelming amount of pleasure he was feeling. He couldn't find the energy to do anything but to take the pleasure Megumi and his shadow were giving him. 


Yuuji sits there, between the two, pliant and letting out pants and moans, as drool makes its way down the side of his mouth. He's so lost in the pleasure that he barely notices when Megumi adds his fourth finger. Yuuji feels so close but each time before he can fall over the edge, the hand stroking his cock stops and squeezes at the base of his dick. He lets out a whine in frustration, he's so close .


Yuuji is brought back to the present when Megumi says, "Okay looks like you're ready." 


Ready? Ready for what? Yuuji thinks before he lets out a sob when Megumi removes his fingers from his hole. He feels so empty now. He wants those fingers back in him, filling him up so nicely. Before he can voice his complaint, he feels a cool and firm pressure against his stretched hole. That definitely wasn't a finger. What—


Yuuji lets out an embarrassingly loud and long moan as shadow Megumi quickly thrusts into him, burying its dick deep inside Yuuji down to the hilt. Fuck forget the fingers, the cock in him fills him up so much better.


Slowly shadow Megumi pulls back out until only the tip is inside him before thrusting hard back into him, pushing Yuuji up against the real Megumi in front of him from the momentum.


Yuuji shoves his head in the crook of Megumi's neck as he wraps his arms around Megumi's shoulders, trying to find something to tether himself to before he drowns in the pleasure of being fucked quick and hard. "M-Megumi it feels so good," he pants.


"That's right Yuuji, just relax and take the cock like a good boy." Yuuji moans softly at the praise. "You look so pretty being fucked by my shadow. You were made to take cock, to be fucked, pumped full of cum." Yuuji whines high at the back of his throat. "Such a good boy, all for me."


"Yes, yes, all for you Megumi," Yuuji breathlessly responds.


Megumi brings his hand under Yuuji's chin to draw him up into an open-mouthed kiss, licking into Yuuji's mouth. Yuuji tries to return the kiss but it's hard when he's being so thoroughly fucked by the shadow Megumi behind him. He pants into the kiss, allowing Megumi to tongue fuck his mouth.


As Megumi distracts Yuuji with kisses, he brings his hands down to grab Yuuji's hips, lifting him slightly to allow him the space to line up his cock at Yuuji's entrance.


Shadow Megumi briefly stops thrusting into Yuuji, cock remaining nestled inside. 


"What—," Yuuji isn't even able to register the brief stop in the thrusts, before he's releasing a keening wail as Megumi thrusts into Yuuji in one fluid motion. He feels so full obscenely stretched around two cocks.


The pain and surprise of being stretched so far so suddenly barely registers once the two cocks start moving, thrusting into him and hitting his prostate each time. Yuuji is soon drowning in a tidal wave of pleasure.


With two cocks inside him, taking turns to thrust into his ass, he's never left feeling empty. He loves it, the feeling of fullness. He's being so thoroughly fucked out of his mind that all Yuuji can let out is a mindless string of "more" and "harder" and "please."


"That's it Yuuji, you're taking the both of us so well," Megumi praises in between open-mouthed kisses. "You belong to me okay? Only I'm allowed to fill you up like this. Only me and my shadows, okay Yuuji?"


"Yes, yes, yes," Yuuji chants in agreement. "Please," he begs, reduced to tears. "Please fill me up, pump me full of cum, please, please, please."


"Shhh, I will, I will Yuuji. I'll make sure to fuck you so well, you won't walk for days. You're going to swell with the amount of cum I'm going to fill you with, so much that you're dripping .


Yuuji sobs at the mental image that provides him. He wants that so badly. It's the last coherent thought he has as Megumi and his shadow self pick up the pace, thrusting hard and fast into the heat that envelops their cocks, taking turns hitting Yuuji’s prostate so that it almost feels as though his prostate is constantly being pressed against.


As Megumi's orgasm creeps closer and closer, he and his shadow both pull out until just the tip of their cocks are inside Yuuji before simultaneously thrusting into him and pressing deep and hard right against Yuuji’s prostate one last time. 


Megumi comes with a grunt as he bites down on one side of Yuuji's neck while his shadow self bites down on Yuuji's other side.


Yuuji's vision goes white from the pleasure of having both cocks hitting his prostate. He feels himself being filled with warm cum, marking his walls and making him clench down on the cocks still inside him.


Megumi and his shadow start to shallowly thrust into Yuuji as they work through their orgasm, and suddenly it's too much for Yuuji. He comes with a silent scream, spurting cum over his abs and Megumi's. His walls spasm and clench tighter around the two cocks still thrusting shallowly into him, milking him through his orgasm.


Soon Yuuji is nothing but a pliant body leaning forward against Megumi, as he and his shadow slowly come to stop right as Yuuji starts to feel the faint pain of overstimulation.


Yuuji blinks as black spots start appearing in his vision. Before he passes out, he mumbles out, "Hey Megumi, can we do this again?"


Megumi chuckles into his neck. "Yeah, we can, you're mine now after all."


Yuuji hums in pleasure. "That sounds nice. I'm going to pass out now." With that sleep claims him before Megumi and his shadow self even remove their cocks from his ass.