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Just a Myth

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    ‘Soulmates’ was a term used to describe the one you were destined to be with. The one that was meant to be your other half. The one that was supposed to love you no matter what flaws you had. It was (almost) everyone’s dream to find their soulmate. Why would there be any need to work on themselves, when their soulmate would love them regardless? There was no scientifically proven reason for soulmates nor any solid way to know who was the one. Some felt a feeling, others had a tattoo, and everything in between. And, like most things in life, the concept of a soulmate didn’t proceed past death. If your soulmate died, it was game over. 


    The very idea of a soulmate was illogical. 


   The very idea of waiting for the one, was useless. 


    Kei’s parents weren’t soulmates and yet they had loved each other nonetheless. Then again, it fell apart because his father was emotional, because he finally found the ‘one’ and couldn’t stand to let them die. So, as a result he lost his job, reputation, and family in the process. All because he believed in the one and must’ve thought it was worth it. Since then he hasn’t seen his father or the soulmate, not that he would ever want to. His fathers face had already been scratched out in family photos and he couldn’t remember his face no matter how hard he tried. His mom thought soulmates were ridiculous, illogical, and possibly even dangerous. Even though she didn’t show it she was glad neither he or Eriko had any physical marks that would lead to their soulmates. He took after his mother in many aspects. 


    “Kei?” Kaito’s voice drew him from his thoughts. 


    Kei looked up. The sunshine that glimmered through the tree canopy was kept out his face by the brim of his hat. Kaito was looking down at him before falling into a crouch besides him. Both their eyes turned back to the beetle that struggles inside the net. Around them the sounds of the forest were alive. 


    “Do you believe in soulmates?” Kei asked quietly, picking up the beetle. 


    “Soulmates?” Kaito echoed and then fell silent.They stared at the beetle together before Kei passed it to him to hold, “...My parents are soulmates so yeah. What about you?” 


    “I think they’re stupid,” he said, even though it he should’ve denied they existed all together. But, despite there being no scientific reason for them, it was clear they existed. And, as he stood up, he couldn’t deny that there was something in him that wanted to stay there. In the forest, laughing and hunting down beetles with Kaito. 


    When his mom took away his phone and deleted Kaito’s number, he almost felt nothing. It was for the better, if he wanted to be a contribution to society. Then, why did he always feel this aching nothingness in his chest, as time progressed? The list of people that Kei felt were worth it were few, but he thinks Kaito would always be on the list. Which is why he’d felt torn when his shaky fingers dialed Kaito’s numbers in the woods, smearing dirt on the screen as he heard his heartbeat in his ears. There was no one else he could rely on. But, it was also dangerous.


     It was picked up within the first call, like Kaito had already known. He must’ve seen the news, his face is probably plastered everywhere right now. Maybe...Kaito felt it too? Surely, if he was right, then it was a confirmation he was human. Monsters couldn’t have soulmates, could they?. But, then again the whole idea of soulmates escaped the realms of logic, so who knew what would pass and what wouldn’t? Somehow though, despite his doubt about soulmates in general, he felt reassured about the thought of Kaito being it. 

    Even though it wouldn’t go anywhere. Couldn’t be allowed to go anywhere. 


    “Thank you,” he said to the beat up cabin in the distance. The sounds of the forest nearly drowned out his voice. He couldn’t die, so he’d left everything to Kaito, “...And I’m sorry.” 


    Sorry for what? He thought as he walked away, there were too many things he could be apologizing. For never mentioning they were soulmates, despite putting two and two together? For dragging him along like this? Or for leaving him behind despite Kaito wanting to help? Maybe everything.


    In the end things kept piling on and on - growing more burdensome and not at all worth it. Even though, all he wanted to do was live peacefully and under the radar. But, he wouldn’t give anything less than whatever wasn’t his life. It’s the least he could do. However, he had no doubts now that leaving Kaito had been the best choice, for him.. A human had no business dealing with everything that was heading Keis way. They could die. He couldn’t. 


    Honestly, he should probably run himself, what else could he do in this situation? But, there was some part of him that simply wouldn’t allow him to. 


      “What about that friend that helped you?” Ko asked, leaning against the wall besides him. Kei could see him looking at him out the corner of his eye, but he refused to look at him. 


      “He wasn’t-“ safe. “Useful anymore”


      He could see the anger and disappointment in Ko’s eyes. Really, why did he still have expectations for Kei? You’d think by now he’d be used to this. But still it wasn’t a lie. There's nothing that he would be able to do here. Kei’s mom had fallen in love with someone that wasn’t her soulmate, even if it hadn’t ended well. And, even if Kaito had figured out that he and Kei were soulmates, he’s sure that eventually, Kaito would move on and fall in love as well. Kei’s eyes shut and he let out a small sigh. It would be for the better, for both of them.