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“One more?”

Keqing, who was unamused, rolled her eyes when the infamous troublemaker of Liyue Highschool, Ganyu, requested for another kiss. The delinquent’s arms wrapped around Keqing’s neck as her fluttering purple eyes gazed towards her lover. 

Both of them were currently at the rooftop of the school, which was Ganyu’s typical place to hang out with the top-scoring and student body vice-president, Keqing. The painted-blue sky was clear and it came alongside with the gentle winds that brushed both girls’ long hair aside.

Go to class,” Keqing asserted coldly.

“Why do you even bother to show up to school if you don’t even go to class?”

The troublemaker’s lips upturn. “I thought of that too.”

Ganyu’s lips meet Keqing’s forehead. The other woman closes her eyes as she embraces the touch. After the small peck, Keqing could hear Ganyu’s soft laugh. There was a tone of cocky in her voice. “But then I realized that I get to see you every day.”

Waves of embarrassment rush through Keqing’s body. The calm-collected Keqing quickly opened her eyes and glared towards Ganyu, who was sneering with glee. Shyly and embarrassed, she looks away – not wanting to meet her girlfriend’s gaze. Keqing jokingly smacks Ganyu’s head. She could feel the heat creep up from her back and towards her cheeks. Once more, she rolls her eyes towards the empty sky, pretending to brush off Ganyu’s smooth remark.

From a distance, the school’s bells chimed indicating that lunch was over and that class was to start. Keqing takes Ganyu’s arms off her shoulders and knows that Ganyu is disappointed with the short amount of time they spent together.

“You know that I do not approve of your habit of skipping class,” The collected girl rebukes towards the troublemaker’s rebellious actions. Keqing smooths out her uniform, ridding the creases that formed when the two were kissing.

It was this time that Ganyu rolled her eyes. “Sorry that I’m not a nerd like you.”

Keqing then proceeds to smooth Ganyu’s scruffy uniform as well. Her hands move up to Ganyu’s messy collar. She fixes it up and folds them correctly, Ganyu whose eyes are innocent as a child's, watches Keqing do so. With a caring voice, Keqing explains while looking down to fix up Ganyu’s tie accordingly, “I want what’s best for you.”

So please…

Keqing puts her fingers under Ganyu’s chin, lifting it up. Shock was drawn on Ganyu’s face as Keqing leaned in. The embarrassment from before faded away and now Keqing is one at control. Their lips danced and Keqing is drowning in the smell of Ganyu’s favorite food and flower, Qingxin. The cool breeze touches both of their ears and Keqing wants to stay like this a little longer but knows that there's still class. She can feel Ganyu’s arms moving to set her hands on her hips. Keqing strides away and escapes her girlfriend’s touch before things get heated.

Ganyu groans as Keqing side steps away from their passionate kiss. Keqing can’t help but let out a laugh. Her beaming grin transitions to a cool grin and puts a finger on her lips teasingly. “Maybe if you go to class and behave. I’ll reward you.”

Keqing then quickly runs downstairs through the rooftop’s stairs, leaving Ganyu alone. She screams internally inside at her boldness. The image of the troublemaker’s gaping face and astonishment burns into her head, and Keqing can't help but smile to herself. She places her hands on her cheeks as her feet ascend downstairs. The burning sensation between her cheeks doesn't end until Keqing makes it to her class.

Keqing is at their usual spot. Though, she hates that it is their special spot where they meet every day after school. Keqing makes a disgusted face towards the door of the janitor’s cleaning supply closet.

She still can not believe she and Ganyu both had their first time within the school’s janitor's closet. Keqing swears it would be their last time in there as well as she remembers the embarrassing and heated moment. Though, their instance in the closet was not the only reason why this was their meeting place.

A nostalgic smile forms on Keqing’s face as she turns to intake the small details of her surroundings. Her hand brushes towards the cool metal school lockers. She remembers the troublemaker’s loving confession in this very same hallway of Liyue High School. Keqing recalls the many memories and moments when Keqing was assigned to watch and mentor the delinquent’s behavior. It was rough when she met Ganyu for the first time as their personalities and ideals did not align. Keqing could not stand the insufferable rebellious and lazy behavior of Ganyu’s as Ganyu felt the same with Keqing’s uptightnesses. But as time grew gradually, the two finally understood each other’s character. As they did, Keqing couldn’t help but fall for the troublemaker’s charms and dorkish side. While the same happened to Ganyu, the delinquent was the first to confess and babble her feelings for her so-called “nerd.

“Hey Keqing baby,” Ganyu greets cooly from behind.

Startled, Keqing nearly jumps and blinks back to reality. Her body turns around towards Ganyu.


Ganyu smirks and brushes her uneven bangs back as if she's the coolest sensation around. “Miss me?”

Keqing rolls her eyes at the snarky greeting. Her eyes then laid upon Ganyu’s grip on her backpack strap. The purple-haired girl raises an eyebrow. 

“You actually went to class? I’m impressed.”

Ganyu uncharacteristically forms a weak smile and scratches the back of her neck, letting out a weak laugh as well. She cutely admitted, “Well, I did promise to improve my actions when you agreed to become my girlfriend. I know you’re just looking out for me like you said.”

As Ganyu explains her reasoning, her eyes strayed away from Keqing’s, not wanting to meet eye contact. She scratches the nape of her head even more as she is embarrassed. Noticing the out-of-character blush rise in Ganyu’s cheeks, Keqing lets out a laugh. Her hand curled up in front of her mouth as she giggles.

“Haha, very funny…” Ganyu groans at her girlfriend's outburst of laughter. 

With a couple of steps, Ganyu approaches closer to her girlfriend. She leans in for a kiss but Keqing butts the attempt with her hand in between. Ganyu groans and Keqing reminds the delinquent. “Did you behave in class?”

As if Rex Lapis was there to answer Keqing’s question, a loud female voice suddenly screeches from the corner of the hallway. “MISS GANYU!”

Ganyu grumbles under her breath, “Shit…”

Quickly, Ganyu opens the janitor’s supply room and grabs a hold of Keqing’s hand. With force, Ganyu drags Keqing alongside her inside the unlit closet to hide what's coming for Ganyu.

“What are you–” Keqing questions the idiotic girl’s rash way of thinking.

From behind the other girl's hand is placed on the protesting girl’s mouth to silence her. Ganyu’s lips are close to Keqing’s right ear. She lets out a breath and Keqing can feel the chilling goosebumps rise on her arms.

“Shh. Be quiet,” Ganyu whispered in Keqing’s ear.

Keqing turned around towards Ganyu’s direction. Her eyes were still adjusting in the dark closet room. She could barely make out her girlfriend’s distressed face.

A pair of heels walking on the other side of the door echo loudly down the hallway.

“Where can she be?” The older woman’s voice cried out from afar as she walked further away from the janitor’s closet.

Still holding their breath, both girls wait for a full minute until Keqing finally speaks up and glares at her girlfriend accusingly, “What the hell, Ganyu?

Now that their eyes adjusted to the dark, both of the girls can recognize each other in the dark closet. Ganyu’s eyes widened in panic and sincerity.

“I behaved!” Ganyu exclaimed with both of her hands in the air, showing that she was innocent. “I was actually taking notes and everything! I didn’t even nap or anything! It wasn’t until Beidou threw a paper airplane at the teacher and accused me! Then she gave me detention when I was protesting! I ran away after class because I'm innocent!”

Ganyu's eyes soften and Keqing knows that she’s telling the truth. She pinches the bridge of her nose with annoyance. “I understand. I understand,” Keqing grumbles as Ganyu babbles in defense with her relentless promises that she was on her best behavior.

Keqing’s serious gaze and furrow eyebrows meet Ganyu’s and she finally notices to shut up.

“I could have spoken to your teacher about it," Keqing sighs. "Just how are you going to explain the fact that you’re alone with the school’s student council’s vice-president in the janitor’s closets that’s supposed to be off-limits for students?” Keqing jabs her finger towards Ganyu’s chest and explains with irritation, reminding the risk that Ganyu took.


Ganyu scratches the back of her head once again while also nervously scratching her chin nervously “Damn. I didn’t think of that.”

Keqing rolls her eyes at the delinquent’s endearing yet adorably innocent way of thinking. She then notices the sudden gleam in the troublemaker’s gaze.


With perilous and daring in Ganyu’s purple eyes and a devilish grin, Keqing steps back against the wall. She feels the same sensation of heat rise in her cheeks, and this time there's nowhere to run. The troublemaker pins her arm against the wall, not allowing Keqing to escape. Keqing lets out a gasp as Ganyu’s lips lean towards her ears. “Where’s my reward? I did go to class today and behave as you said so.”

"Why not give me my reward now since we're already here?"

Ganyu’s low and husky voice sends sensations of electricity through Keqing’s body, and she can’t help but want more of the alluring temptation as her eyelids grow heavy for Ganyu's lips. They were really going to do this here again.

Their lips meet and Keqing undoes her hair, letting it drop while Ganyu’s arms wrap around Keqing’s waist. Her hands trace around her back and play with Keqing's long hair. They then crawl all over Keqing’s vulnerable and delicate back. Keqing lets out a quiet moan and she can feel Ganyu’s curve of a smirk through her lips.

“Sensitive, are we?”

Slightly annoyed at her stance, Keqing dives into another kiss as the other doesn’t object. Her arms wrap around Ganyu’s neck. She invites her tongue in the passionate kiss, pouring her desperate emotions into the movement of her lips. Like the many dozens of times she's kissed Ganyu, she breathes into her scent and doesn't want to smell anything else but Ganyu. The troublemaker lets out a grunt of shock from the unexpected move.

Keqing moves her hands up and her fingers grasp upon Ganyu’s horns. She is the one to end their kiss and shuts her eyes to Keqing’s caress. Ganyu leans down to her chest, buries her face as Keqing continues to brush both of the sensitive horns. She can’t help but smirk at the girl at pleasure as Ganyu’s fingers dig into Keqing’s back. Trying not to be heard, Ganyu lets out a soft whimper.

Keqing whispers down to Ganyu’s ear, giving her the taste of her own medicine. “Shh, we wouldn’t want anyone to hear us. Be a good girl for me.

Frustrated at her disadvantageous state and Keqing’s taunt, Ganyu growls. She moves her head up and roughly sucks on Keqing’s sensitive skin, not forgetting to mark what’s hers. This new feeling sends a new surge of pleasure to Keqing. She still stands her ground and continues to stroke Ganyu’s horns – feeling the rough patterns between her fingertips. Ganyu finally lets out a pleasurable moan. She stops at Keqing’s neck to embrace the overwhelming feeling, letting out hot breaths against Keqing's slathered wet neck.

Keqing smirks once more and changes the pace of her brushes, accelerating her strokes. This puts Ganyu into a pleasurable mess. Continuing to quietly moan, Ganyu sways her hips against Keqing’s.  “Ah–Mmmm!”

After the loud moan and the loss of dignity, Ganyu’s eyes glare up to meet with Keqing’s. She lets out another growl and returns to sucking and kissing down Keqing’s neck as her hands crept around her sensitive back.

The two continue to fight for pleasure for the other. Though they finally manage to change the pace up as they both internally agree to unite and unbutton each other’s uniforms. 

Ganyu’s eyes lay upon Keqing’s black bra and panties. She raises her eyebrow in amusement with her hand on her chin, when Keqing’s uniform shirt drops down to the floor with a soft thud. She observes Keqing as if she was a glorious art of work to be examined in an art exhibit. “You look sexy in black, baby.”

Embarrassed and feeling exposed, Keqing desperately tries to cover herself with her arms. She feels vulnerable with her back still against the stone-wall.

Ganyu approaches Keqing and pulls her arms down. "You're gorgeous as ever, Keqing. Don't hide yourself."

A deeper blush forms within Keqing's cheeks while Ganyu wraps her arms around her back once more. They slowly and teasingly guide their way up towards the back of Keqing’s bra strap hook. She attempts in unhooking the bra and fails flawlessly, ruining the mood for the both of them. Ganyu’s anxious eyes meet with Keqing’s as if they were asking, “little help here?”

Keqing lets out a scoff. “Here, let me.”

Stepping back to watch, Keqing’s arms reach towards her back, and her fingers fiddle with her bra strap. Once the bra also lands on the floor, she jests, “You know, for a hotshot like you to not be able to unhook a girl’s bra is pretty sad. I expected much more from one of Liyue’s biggest dawdlers.”

“Oh, shut up,” Ganyu grumbles. She also took off her bra in the process of watching Keqing doing the same.

How about you make me?” Keqing challenges.

Sneering, Ganyu dives into a kiss once more. Again, they proceed the same accordingly. Keqing’s arms wrap around Ganyu’s neck as their tongues clash for dominance.

Suddenly, Ganyu stops, leaving Keqing in a state desiring for more of Ganyu, she lets out a small whine. Ganyu’s head whips to the door. With a low voice, she whispers, “I hear someone.”

Too drawn into their love-making, Keqing blinks, and her senses return. Her grip tightens around Ganyu as she holds her breath.  Were they too loud? Were they going to be caught?

Keqing couldn’t imagine being seen in the middle of their heated moment in the school janitor’s closet. The thought of being caught and having the news spread that Liyue’s infamously delinquent and student vice-president were both caught half-naked in the closet was dreadful to the mind. Keqing could only imagine the many rumors that would spread and the trouble the two would be in. She holds her breath even tighter and watches down the door, listening in to the other side.

Chongyun!” A familiar voice cried out from the other side of the wooden door that was the only barrier that kept from the two being seen.

Two pairs of footsteps approach each other from opposite ends. “Oh, hey Xiangling! I just finished my club activities and am about to head home.”

Ganyu and Keqing both glance at each other in worry. Arms wrapped around themselves for comfort as they listened in.

“Oh! Well, I was just looking for you and Xingqiu. I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out for some boba?”

“Hmm…“ Chongyun hummed in thought, thinking about the girl’s offer.

Keqing couldn’t hear the boy’s response as she feels a sensation of pleasure came from her breasts. She bites her tongue, not letting herself let out any noise for the other two students on the other side to hear her. Alarmed, she whips her direction to Ganyu’s amused gaze. Her eyebrows frown. You're really going to do this to me now!? What if they hear us?

With an evil grin, Ganyu hands cups and squeezes both of Keqing’s breasts and Keqing uses every effort and energy in not making any sounds come out from her lips that would expose the two’s position.

Keqing gives Ganyu a vulnerable and weak gaze. Ganyu’s fingers trail to Keqing’s nipples and they stroke both nipples. Keqing holds in her breath as she noiselessly exhales from her nose. Ganyu’s thumb slowly brushes the tip of her breasts left-and-right, returning the pleasure with every swipe on the now-hardened nipples.

“Hey! Xingqiu! Wanna get some boba and ice cream right now?”

Ganyu’s soft fingers then proceed to pinch Keqing’s sensitive flesh. The feeling of her nipples in between her girlfriend’s fingers drives her into a pleasurable mess. Keqing’s grip digs behind Ganyu’s back as she continues to squirm under Ganyu’s teasing. Her breathing hinders and she swears that her heart will explode because of her position. It doesn’t help that Keqing is more aroused and turned on from their restricted situation.

Alright! Let’s go!

Three pairs of footsteps finally trail away from the other side of the door. They continue downwards and fade away into the distance.

After hearing nothing on the other side for a short moment, Keqing faces Ganyu with a frown filled with vengeance. She eagerly and quickly brushes Ganyu’s horn for some payback. Ganyu loses her grip on Keqing's nipples and lets out a humming moan. 

With one hand on stroking Ganyu's horn and the other pitching on her left nipple, Keqing teases Ganyu, who is now the one squirming. Her lips meet with her as they pour their yearning into dancing lips.

Ganyu's hand reaches for Keqing's skirt and she slowly pulls down both of her skirt and panties until they drop on the floor. While doing so, the two intensely kiss with Ganyu moaning in between from Keqing's touch. Ganyu then focuses on herself and unbuckles her pants and panties and lets them fall as well.

Now both of them were finally bare-naked, Ganyu forcefully pushes Keqing's hands off her horns and pins Keqings against the wall a lot harder to the point where she is lifted on her tiptoes, allowing Ganyu a better angle of her body. Ganyu makes her way to her breasts. Her lips hover over Keqing's nipple and Keqing mentally braces herself. Before she could even hold her breath, Ganyu wraps her lips around Keqing’s right nipple. Keqing rolls her head back as much with the little space she has with the wall against her. Her eyes roll back from Ganyu’s wet tongue over her sensitive flesh. The many shameful moans coming out of Keqing’s mouth are like sirens to Ganyu as she continues to lick and suck both breasts.

Barely able to speak because of Ganyu’s nipple playing, Keqing speaks between the grints of her teeth with a strained voice. “No more teasing. Finish what you started.

Ganyu nods. Keqing was expecting a smirk or teasing remark – but she only notices Ganyu’s sincere gaze. She lets Keqing down from the wall and takes Keqing’s hand, curling their fingers together. With a musky whisper and a cool and vulnerable twinkle in her eyes, Ganyu whispers, “Let’s do it together, my love.”

Keqing’s eyes flutter and nod with understanding. She wanted to deliver the same pleasure for the delinquent the whole time, hence the reason for their small misfits of who was delivering the pleasure. She was making sure that her love was never one-sided for Ganyu. Keqing wanted, no, desired, to show Ganyu that her love for Ganyu was real and genuine – and not just lust. Keqing could only hope the same for Ganyu, but seeing Ganyu’s sincere and soft expressions, Keqing knows the troublemaker feels the same.

Ganyu’s hand reaches down and her cold fingers slowly linger down Keqing’s thighs. A shiver comes down Keqing’s spine and her heart faces, even more, when Ganyu’s fingers meet her wet clit. Keqing faintly moans from the pleasurable contact and immediately grinds in rhythm with Ganyu’s roaming hand.

It was Keqing’s turn and her fingers met down to Ganyu’s soaked and open entrance. She slowly thrust her fingers deeper as she watched Ganyu wince and bite down her lips to not make any noise. That’s right. Keqing realizes their environment and setting. She nearly forgot where exactly they were at the moment, but it all makes their sex even more hot and thrilling.

Keqing and Ganyu both quietly moan and grind together in sync. Ganyu leans into Keqing’s neck and sucks on her neck, making sure to leave more marks. Though the action is very limited with how their arms were both pleasuring the other’s clit – racing for each other’s climax. With Ganyu’s heated breath against her neck and her fingers pressing against her clit, it’s all too much for Keqing. She could feel her walls unfold and she’s desperate for more of Ganyu’s touch. “Ganyu!” She loudly whispers, calling her lover’s name indicating that she wants more of her.

Though, Keqing doesn’t forget her part as well. She traces circles inside of Ganyu with her fingers and it sends Ganyu reeling for more. The troublemaker cries out for Keqing as well and causes Keqing’s head to boil with emotions.

As they both sway their hips together, sweat forms all over their body. Both Keqing and Ganyu are close to their limit as they watch each other shamelessly pleasure each other. Ganyu gazes Keqing’s eye-rolling to the back of her head and is star-struck seeing this side of her lover’s. She is close to her climax and loses every single dignity she has left remaining. “Ganyu! Please, fuck me!” She continues to plead and beg more of Ganyu that only makes Ganyu's heart beat even faster. Keqing’s cries don't help and it causes Ganyu to feel like her insides could burst any second now.

Using her free hand to stroke one of Ganyu’s horns. The hot gasp only makes Keqing move her hands faster and quickly. Both girls cry for each other’s names as they both feel each other’s insides – letting themselves emerge from each other’s emotions and gaze. It wasn’t long until both of their walls crumbled as Keqing and Ganyu both whispered desperately that they were close.

When they both climax and can no longer feel their legs, Keqing and Ganyu both drag each other down onto the ground. Their arms wrap each other into a hug and they catch each other’s breath. Keqing is the first to close their distance and kiss Ganyu’s lips. 

After the short kiss, Keqing’s eyes widen as she notices Ganyu’s iconic devilish grin. Realization dawns onto Keqing once more and she actually comprehends what they just did and where they were. Keqing groans and puts her head in her hands in embarrassment. “I can’t believe this…”

The troublemaker makes a roaring laugh and Keqing can only lightly smack her since it was all Ganyu’s fault they did it once more in the janitor’s closet. Quick to find her undergarments and put them on, Keqing lets out a sigh while Ganyu does the same. Putting her arms through her school uniform shirt, Keqing scrunches up her face with disapproval at the delinquent. “This will be the last time we do this here,” Keqing declares.

Ganyu, who was buttoning her uniform back on, lets out a chuckle and gives Keqing a keen and collected look. “Keqing baby, that’s what you said last time.”