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out in public; make a scene

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Wei Ying is getting irritable to the point where something is going to get destroyed soon; Lan Zhan can already see it happening. The question is whether it's going to be something replaceable, like their window, or irreplaceable, like their relationship.

The relationship is worse, of course, and awful and unbearable to even think about, but she also doesn't really want it to be the window.

Wei Ying is stalking back and forth between their bedroom and the couch, the longest stretch of floor in their apartment. It's not a big apartment. Lan Zhan is watching her from the couch, waiting for the right moment to intercept her before her annoyance peaks, like boiling water spilling over the top of a pan. She's been formulating a plan.

The TV in the background is still on the press conference where all the updated lockdown restrictions are being announced. She's not listening, because none of these updates actually mean anything for them. Everything's been in lockdown for months already.

"Can't believe we can't go anywhere," says Wei Ying to nothing in particular. She's said it at least four times now. She punctuates it by throwing her arms into the air and smacks the side of her hand on the doorknob. "Ow, fuck!"

Lan Zhan unfolds herself from the couch, and goes to hold Wei Ying's hand for her. She strokes it as Wei Ying glares at the doorknob. Wei Ying's hand in hers is warm and clammy and shaking slightly from the amount of tension bleeding off her body in general.

"We can go outside to walk the dog," she says mildly.

Wei Ying frowns at her. "What?"

Lan Zhan looks at her. She doesn't like to repeat herself, Wei Ying knows this, especially when Wei Ying heard perfectly fine the first time.

"How's that going to help?" asks Wei Ying snappishly. "We don't have a dog." They will never have a dog, because Wei Ying is scared of them, but that's beside the point.

Lan Zhan walks across the apartment – realistically it's about five steps – to the ottoman at the bottom of their bed where they keep their gear, and pulls out the thick leather collar. She holds it out, one end in each hand.

"Wha—Come on, Lan Zhan, that doesn't count."

Lan Zhan stays where she is, and waits. Waits for Wei Ying to come to her. She does, eventually, deflating a little and losing a bit of her angry bluster, sliding in towards Lan Zhan and sweeping her hair out of the way so that Lan Zhan can fasten it around her neck. By the time Lan Zhan's done the buckle up, Wei Ying is a little quieter, as she usually is when it goes on.

"Clothes off," says Lan Zhan, and Wei Ying complies with a gusty sigh, trying to blow out all of her tension to get into the right frame of mind. Mostly she looks like she's pouting, but she's trying. She shucks off her baggy oversized t-shirt and worn leggings, and then stops to fold them neatly on the bed when Lan Zhan gives her another look, and then leaves her bra and underwear on the top as well.

She's waiting for Lan Zhan's next instruction, but it doesn't come as Lan Zhan turns to their wardrobe instead. It takes her a while to locate the outfit she's thinking of, but she finds it eventually amongst Wei Ying's clubwear that she hasn't had any occasion to use recently.

Wei Ying is watching her curiously when she finally comes back with an off-the-shoulder crop top, tiny flared miniskirt and over-the-knee socks, and helps Wei Ying into them. The crop top is snug, but being off the shoulder means one small tug is enough for her boobs – small and perky – to pop out of the top. She tucks Wei Ying's boobs in just enough that she's not flashing any nipple. The skirt is short enough that it doesn't actually cover the whole of Wei Ying's butt. When she turns, Lan Zhan can see the smooth curve of the bottom of Wei Ying's ass cheeks. She slides one finger across the smooth, warm skin there, just because she can.

She wasn't originally planning on it, considering where she's going to take her, but now Wei Ying is in this outfit, it feels like she needs the shoes to match. Lan Zhan goes to find what Wei Ying calls her stripper heels, which are now kept in their bedroom for indoor sexy use only since lockdown hit, instead of in the shoe rack by the door where they would live normally. Six inch platforms, black and glittery, and Wei Ying just taller than her when she puts them on.

That completes it. Lan Zhan shows her what she looks like in the wardrobe mirror.

"Very cute," she declares, deadpan, and Wei Ying lights up and swings her hips, making the skirt swish across her thighs, very nearly flashing her pussy. Obscene. Lan Zhan leans in and kisses her, hard, leaving bruising bites across her lips until Wei Ying moans when she pulls back. She watches Wei Ying run her tongue across the tender bitten parts of her lips, and Wei Ying watches her watch her. Hmm. A good start.

She gets out her phone, and snaps a picture of Wei Ying as she preens. She adds it to her Wei Ying folder, which is locked and passworded and full of pictures of Wei Ying largely during various stages of sex.

"Come on," says Lan Zhan, popping the other things she needs in a canvas bag, and pointing Wei Ying towards the front door.

"What?" Wei Ying pouts at her. "Lan Zhan, I thought you were going to fuck me."

"We can leave the house if we're walking the dog," repeats Lan Zhan patiently.

"Yeah, but –" Wei Ying baulks. "Lan Zhan, it's broad daylight. And I'm – I'm not even wearing any underwear."

"You won't need it." Lan Zhan clips in the lead for the collar, and wraps the other end several times around her hand; it leaves Wei Ying a short leash as she pulls, Wei Ying reluctantly stumbling forward behind Lan Zhan. "Let's go for a walk."

Wei Ying is fidgeting behind her, Lan Zhan doesn't need to look around to tell. When she does, Wei Ying's nervously looking around them, her hands smoothed down behind her to keep the back of her skirt down. It's not much use, the skirt is pretty much only eight inches of flimsy fabric.

"There won't be anyone outside, we're in lockdown," Lan Zhan reminds her. Also because Lan Zhan had checked the little security cameras for their apartment block by their front door before they headed out.

She walks briskly, pulling Wei Ying along fast enough that her heels clip loudly across the concrete at an uncomfortable pace. There's no one in the corridor, there's no one in the elevators down to the basement garage area, and Lan Zhan waits patiently in the shadows for one of their neighbours to leave before pulling Wei Ying across the car park.

Wei Ying visibly exhales with relief as they get into the car, her bare ass sliding against the car seat as her skirt rucks up. She adjusts it before Lan Zhan can tell her to. "It's cold out here, Lan Zhan!" says Wei Ying, rubbing her hands together as Lan Zhan starts the car up. "You didn't even let me bring a jacket!"

"But then I wouldn't get to see your tits," says Lan Zhan, pointing at where Wei Ying's dark nipples are hard and visible against the thin white crop top material, and Wei Ying pinks up. She mumbles something about Lan Zhan being so mean to her, but there's a pleased little wiggle in her shoulders. She's so cute. Lan Zhan is going to rail her so hard.

It's not actually that cold – there's an occasional chill, but the sun is shining after the rain last night, and even Lan Zhan, who has been swallowing down all lockdown related gripes, feels better just with the sun on her skin and a little fresh air through her hair.

They head out of the city, where the drive is usually about forty-five minutes; with the roads cleared of the usual traffic, Lan Zhan makes it in twenty. She's never brought Wei Ying up this way before, and Lan Zhan isn't using the satnav, so she has no clues. Wei Ying watches the scenery pass with avid curiosity, peppering the silence with increasingly unlikely observations and speculation. Lan Zhan neither confirms nor denies.

It's field and woodland by the time Lan Zhan looks for the right turning. They pull up in a clearing next to a fence, beyond which is a patch of trees, the beginning of the woods. Lan Zhan parks the car near a gate in the fence, and then pulls out the matching wrist cuffs for Wei Ying's collar. Wei Ying holds her hands up obediently as Lan Zhan buckles them on.

"Shh," says Lan Zhan, as Wei Ying vibrates with questions that Lan Zhan has no intention of answering. She clips the cuffs into the D ring at Wei Ying's neck and Wei Ying rattles them. She does this every time, getting used to her range of movement, testing the give, feeling the pressure around her neck grow, and then letting her hands hang in loose fists next to her collarbones.

"Hmm," says Lan Zhan critically, and then reaches out and readjusts Wei Ying's boobs so that they fit between her forearms, squished up even better than a push-up bra. She takes another photo for their collection.

Wei Ying is nervous again the moment Lan Zhan makes her get out of the car, even though the clearing is empty. There's a breeze, which wafts up the hem of her skirt and she squeaks, pressing her legs together futilely.

Lan Zhan has to pull her forward by the leash. Wei Ying can barely walk in these heels on pavement, usually reserved for nights when they take a cab all the way to a club where she intends to spend the night grinding on Lan Zhan's hip, so it's even harder out here in the countryside, where there are patches of mud still drying from the rain and the ground is covered in leaves and branches and foliage. Wei Ying totters her way behind Lan Zhan with tiny careful little kitten steps, all her concentration on keeping her balance when her arms are bound out of the way.

Her entire face is a splotchy red, the way it gets when she's particularly embarrassed or angry or horny.

When they get past the gate, Lan Zhan pulls out the small rubber ball Wei Ying keeps in the car, soft enough that it bounces harmlessly off the windows when she's bored and needs something to fidget with.

She lobs it onto the ground in front of them, about two metres ahead. "Fetch."

Wei Ying looks at her, aghast. The ball is barely visible in the small pile of damp leaves it landed in. "Lan Zhan, what."

"Dogwalking," Lan Zhan reminds her. Wei Ying stares mulishly at her. She doesn't want to do it.

Lan Zhan swoops forward, slinging one arm around Wei Ying's middle and lifting her up. Wei Ying shrieks. She hoists her over the fence so that it digs into Wei Ying's stomach, and presses one hand down firmly between Wei Ying's shoulderblades to keep her steady as her feet no longer touch the ground.

Lan Zhan flips up the sorry excuse for a skirt, and lands a hard slap on Wei Ying's ass with her free hand. Wei Ying screeches, loud enough that birds somewhere scatter out of the trees.

"One," says Lan Zhan. This is their usual punishment for when Wei Ying is being disobedient. Wei Ying kicks her feet, and Lan Zhan ignores it, admiring the pink handprint that's flared up almost immediately. She switches to her other ass cheek for number two. Wei Ying squalls through three, four and five, but it goes down to soft cries somewhere around seven, and she's quiet, breathing heavily by the time Lan Zhan hits ten. She knows what's coming next.

Lan Zhan nudges her legs apart, helping her brace her toes against the lowest rail on the fence. She rubs her hand over Wei Ying's ass, now warm, and then drags her palm down Wei Ying's pussy. She lifts her hand and sees Wei Ying clench in anticipation. Wei Ying cries out with each of the five spanks across her pussy, each one sharp and cut off.

She takes her hand off Wei Ying's back and leaves her there, teetering on the thin fence, as she takes another photo. The dappled sunlight through the trees is great lighting.

And then she lifts Wei Ying down, and lets her get her feet beneath her, and says, "Fetch."

"Okay," says Wei Ying weakly, blinking past the beginnings of tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. She rubs her legs together, trying to ease the pain in her pussy, and then turns towards the ball.

Lan Zhan leans against the fence and watches as she wobbles over the unsteady ground towards the ball and then sinks into a neat ladylike little squat by bending at the knee instead of the waist, sees the moment Wei Ying realises that she's not going to be able to reach it with her hands bound up near her neck. She sets up the camera angle, and presses record, not wanting to waste time looking at her camera screen when she could be watching her girlfriend instead.

Wei Ying figures out soon enough that she's going to have to spread her legs, teetering on the heels until she can lean forward enough to reach the ball, baring her cunt to Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan presses her palm to her own pussy, kneading the ache away as she watches Wei Ying's reddened ass bob in the air. She's been wet since she figured out how she was going to distract Wei Ying from the lockdown, and she intends to cash in on it later. Not yet.

Wei Ying manages it eventually, gasping when she has the ball in her hand and then straightening up carefully and stepping her way back to Lan Zhan.

Lan Zhan holds her hand out for the ball, and as soon as Wei Ying hands it back to her, she throws it away again. This time, as far as she can manage.

"Fetch." She locks eyes with Wei Ying.

Wei Ying's eyes start to well up with tears. "Lan Zhan!"

Lan Zhan lets her eyes flicker to the fence she's leaning on, just long enough for Wei Ying to yelp, and skitter away. "Alright, alright, I'm going!"

This time, Wei Ying has to pick her way over the tree branches and roots, as the ball rolls into the woods. She's panting by the time she gets there, and Lan Zhan takes mercy on her. It wouldn't do if she rolled an ankle after all, Lan Zhan still has plans for her. She steps in after Wei Ying, letting her eyes adjust to the shadows and the cooler air as Wei Ying reaches for the ball again.

This time, when Wei Ying gives it back to her, she just drops it into the canvas bag. "Good girl," she says, and Wei Ying switches immediately from fretting that Lan Zhan might throw it again to straightening up under the praise.

Lan Zhan backs Wei Ying up against a tree and indulges herself for a moment. They make out, wet and sloppy, Wei Ying's tongue too eager, Lan Zhan stroking her hands over Wei Ying's soft belly, the sleek muscle of her back, hooking one finger into Wei Ying's crop top so that she can pull it down, Wei Ying's boobs popping free for her to grab at, and bite, and pinch the already hard little nipples.

Wei Ying curls her cold hands into the front of Lan Zhan's shirt and squirms against her. Lan Zhan brushes the pad of her thumb along Wei Ying's pussy, and hums. She's wet, but tight. Perfect.

She pulls back and Wei Ying whines, her eyes struggling to focus on Lan Zhan's face. "Do you need to relieve yourself?" she asks, voice steady.


"The purpose of dogwalking," says Lan Zhan, "is so that the dog can go relieve itself. Do you need to relieve yourself?"

"Um," says Wei Ying. Lan Zhan turns her over and positions her so that she's braced against the tree with her hands, one cheek against the bark, ass sticking out. Lan Zhan impatiently tucks the flapping bit of skirt out of the way.

She presses two fingers against Wei Ying's entrance for long enough for Wei Ying to say, "Wait, Lan Zhan, I'm too tight–" before she thrusts her fingers in and Wei Ying screams. She holds her in place with an arm around Wei Ying's abdomen, feels Wei Ying's cunt clench tight around her.

"Lan Zhan, please, it hurts," gasps Wei Ying as Lan Zhan ignores her pleas and fucks her hard, with enough force that Wei Ying rocks forward every time her fingers slide in, pulls at her just enough that she can feel the tautness of Wei Ying's entrance. The thing with Wei Ying is that she's pretty much always gagging for it. They both know this, and it's obvious from the way her pussy can go from too tight to loose and wet and greedy so quickly.

Sometimes, Lan Zhan will switch to three fingers or four before getting out a strap or a dildo, but today she sticks with two.

"More," begs Wei Ying, a quick change in tone.

"Hm," says Lan Zhan, and does not give her more. Instead, she changes her angle, going from deep to hard and shallow, aiming for a specific spot, and Wei Ying's breath hitches when she realises what Lan Zhan is going to do to her.

It doesn't take a lot for Wei Ying to come from this position, something about the angles just does it for her body, especially when Lan Zhan is rubbing her clit with her other hand with quick flicking motions, occasionally pinching it and sending a lighting spark of pleasure up Wei Ying's body.

Wei Ying squeezes tight around her, and Lan Zhan pulls her fingers out as Wei Ying comes, hard and violent like she's ripping an orgasm out of her. Wei Ying screams, a spray of liquid squirting out of her, her hips shaking as Lan Zhan doesn't stop rubbing her clit.

Wei Ying is a pornstar level of squirter. They don't do this a lot at home, because it's a lot of mess to clean up, but here she sprays across the tree, across her thighs and down her calves, across Lan Zhan's hand, and as it slows, Lan Zhan thrusts her fingers back in to work her up to squirt again, this time not taking her hand out as Wei Ying comes for the second time around her, drenching her hand as she works Wei Ying through it.

Wei Ying's knees buckle as she tries to get away; Lan Zhan pinches her clit between finger and thumb holding her in place. Wei Ying is an incoherent mess as she babbles and begs, a litany of Lan Zhan's name and pleases that go to Lan Zhan's groin as she carefully clenches her own pussy in anticipation. Lan Zhan makes her come one last time for good measure as Wei Ying bucks, her clit and her pussy too sensitive. Her thighs are shaking enough that Lan Zhan can see them wobbling, and the only thing still holding her up is Lan Zhan's arm braced around her waist.

Lan Zhan pulls her upright by her hair, Wei Ying going limply where she pulls like a rag doll with a wet moan. Liquid drips down her thighs, soaking trails into the long white socks. Lan Zhan wipes her hands on Wei Ying's skirt, and leaves it tucked up at the back.

"If you're done," Lan Zhan says mildly, after she gives herself a moment to admire the view, "let's go home."

Wei Ying is still out of it. It takes her more than one try to make her legs hold her own weight, like a newborn colt, and even after that, she can't keep up with Lan Zhan, walking in her sensible boots.

 "Lan Zhan, wait, I can't with these shoes," she says desperately as she stumbles. Lan Zhan catches her, and sets her upright. That's probably it for these shoes, which is a shame. She undoes the buckles on the shoes for Wei Ying as Wei Ying steps out of them with some relief, stretching out the arches of her feet and clicking her toes as she stands there in her long socks instead.

"I'm not carrying your shoes," says Lan Zhan. She lifts them up by the strap, holding them to Wei Ying's face until she gets the hint, and opens her mouth, closing them around the straps.

Wei Ying discovers soon enough that the socks are not much of a relief either, as sharp branches stab into her feet and mud and rainwater slowly seeps up from her soles until she's muddy from the ankle down.

When they reach the gate, Lan Zhan hums contemplatively. "On second thought, go lean against the fence."

"Wha'!" Wei Ying squawks, voice muffled by the straps in her mouth. "Jiejie! I've been good! I've been so good for you!"

Lan Zhan smooths back Wei Ying's hair before the wind whips it into the layer of mud coating the bottom of her shoes. "This is because I want to," she informs Wei Ying. "You are mine, and I want to spank you, so I'm going to."

Wei Ying goes to lean against the fence, arranging herself so that her feet are apart and the fence is across the top of her chest, where she can hold onto it with her hands. She might be grumbling, but Lan Zhan can see the way her swollen pussy is twitching again.

"If you drop your shoes, I'm not picking them up for you," says Lan Zhan, and then brings her hand down on Wei Ying's ass with no warning.

Wei Ying screams, and immediately one of her shoes drop. She hastily clamps down on the strap of the other. The rest of her cries are stifled by the remaining shoe strap as Lan Zhan goes to work on her ass. Wei Ying has a great ass – it's round and plump and Lan Zhan basically always wants to grab it. She frequently does. There are two blotches of colour, one on each ass cheek, already fading fast from earlier. Wei Ying's ass takes on colour almost immediately, but it also fades fast, to Lan Zhan's deep and perpetual sorrow.

Lan Zhan gets to work on it, this time covering Wei Ying from hip down to thigh, the smacks loud in the crisp air until her ass is practically glowing red and radiating heat. Wei Ying's entire body is twitching sporadically, trying to anticipate when and where Lan Zhan will hit her, shying away in one direction until Lan Zhan grabs her by the thigh and hauls her back into position. Her cries have settled into a high-pitched exhale of a sob every time Lan Zhan lands another blow.

Lan Zhan stops when Wei Ying's entire ass is a nice even colour, and her hand is stinging from the impact. She steps back to admire her work, and manages to take a photo of it just as Wei Ying looks back at her, eyes wide and wet over her shoulder, which are shaking as she cries. She's so beautiful that Lan Zhan can hardly stand it.

"Go get your shoe," she says, proud of how steady her voice is.

She closes the gate behind them. The gate with the tiniest, most subtle little plaque that Wei Ying has presumably not noticed, which is inscribed with 'Lan' and 'Private Property'.

Lan Zhan waits for her at the car, Wei Ying trying to balance in the mud without falling over, to pick up her other shoe as Lan Zhan fetches the blanket they keep in the back of the car and carefully lines the passenger seat with it. She gets to watch as Wei Ying wobbles towards her in her soaked socks, hair all tossed around by the wind, eyelashes damp and clumping together, mud dripping from her shoes onto her white crop top, tits on show, skirt rucked up to around her waist, her swollen pussy on full show. Her messy, soggy, beautiful girl. She takes a picture.

She takes the shoes off Wei Ying when she gets into car, sticking them into the canvas bag and sliding them into the back. She eases Wei Ying into the car seat as she hisses when her sore ass slides against the blanket.

"Did you work up an appetite?" asks Lan Zhan when she's back in the car with the heating cranked up. Her nose is feeling a little cold to the touch, and she was fully dressed through all of that.


"After all the walking we did," says Lan Zhan as she peels her jacket off. "Did you work up an appetite?"

Wei Ying squints at her, realising at least that this is still part of it even if she doesn't know where it's going. "...Yeeees?" She never says no to Lan Zhan.

Lan Zhan cranks Wei Ying's seat back all the way, until she's lying down flat, Wei Ying squeaking as she tips back. Lan Zhan doesn't bother with her shoes or undressing or anything like that, just climbs over her and pulls her trousers down far enough to sit on Wei Ying's face. "You may have a snack."

She adjusts the angle by pulling on Wei Ying's hair until Wei Ying's tongue slides into her pussy, muffling her moan; Wei Ying's mouth is warm and wet and eager to please, just the way she likes it. She rides Wei Ying's face with little regard for technique; all she can hear are the wet squelching sounds of Wei Ying eating her out like she's French kissing Lan Zhan's cunt, drawing Lan Zhan's clit into her mouth so that she can suck on it.

She paces herself, pulling off to give Wei Ying a moment to breathe just before she comes, and then lowers herself again. She reaches behind her to find one of Wei Ying's nipples, and squeezes it, hard. "Sloppy. You can do better," she says.

Wei Ying groans, open mouthed, into Lan Zhan's pussy, and redoubles her efforts. Lan Zhan grabs the interior door handle in the backseat with one hand and cups the other around the back of Wei Ying's head, pulling her closer until the scrape of teeth over her clit pushes her over the edge, and she comes.

Lan Zhan's been told, by Wei Ying, that she growls when she comes, and that it is immensely attractive. Lan Zhan doesn't really pay attention to what she does when she comes, she just rides it out on Wei Ying's face as Wei Ying makes it last as long as she can.

(It is to Wei Ying's perpetual disappointment that Lan Zhan gets off on making Wei Ying come, and has neither expectation nor want for Wei Ying to give her the same number of orgasms that Wei Ying gets.)

When she pulls off, Wei Ying is covered with her juices. It's smeared across her mouth, her chin, a daub of it on her nose. Lan Zhan hikes her trousers back up, and rolls back into the driver's seat. It's an uncomfortable, vaguely damp feeling down there and she savours it, will savour it, all the way until they get home. She cranks Wei Ying's seat back up and gets her seatbelt on and does not tuck her tits back into her top or unbind her hands or wipe down her face, but she does massage her cold nipples until they warm, and stroke her hands down Wei Ying's arms and thighs until the goosebumps from the outside chill subside.

"Er-jiejie," slurs Wei Ying in that way that means that she's going to be floppy and cute and giggly in a little bit, probably by the time Lan Zhan manages to get them home and into the shower. She smacks her lips, which probably taste of Lan Zhan, and lists in her seat, leaning towards Lan Zhan as she always does when she's in a room and not already touching Lan Zhan.

"Er-jiejie, you're so mean to me." She sounds very happy about it.

Lan Zhan gets out her phone, and unlocks it, and hands it to Wei Ying as she starts the car and takes them home. Wei Ying hums and holds the phone at an awkward angle, all she can manage with her hands so close to her face, and entertains herself flicking through all the photos and videos they took today.

"I like them all," says Wei Ying.

"You always like them all," says Lan Zhan.

"My er-jiejie takes good pictures of me."

Lan Zhan gets Wei Ying to the barest minimum of decency to get back into their apartment, just in case any of their neighbours are also breaking lockdown – tits tucked into top, skirt pulled (mostly) over ass, wrist cuffs detached from her neck – and then strips her out of the entire ensemble in their entry hallway. She's not having muddy socks traipse all around the apartment.

She was right – by the time they get into the shower, Wei Ying is in the fuzzy post-coital stage where she wants to cuddle and touch Lan Zhan all the time, so she spends most of the shower draped across Lan Zhan, pressing soft kisses to Lan Zhan's shoulder and gently kneading one of Lan Zhan's boobs as Lan Zhan washes her hair for her.

"I can't believe you did that for me," Wei Ying sighs into Lan Zhan's collarbone. "You broke lockdown for me."

"We were entirely safe," says Lan Zhan. Wei Ying nods, which is gratifying. Wei Ying might not know why, or how Lan Zhan pulled it off, or where they even were, but she trusts Lan Zhan with the details.

Lan Zhan washes her down. "You're still wet," she says, dragging the tips of her fingers through the wetness of Wei Ying's pussy, a heavier wetness than the water sluicing down on them at the moment.

"You know I'm always wet for you," says Wei Ying petulantly, but not so petulantly that she doesn't cant her hips towards Lan Zhan's fingers in the hope of more.

"You are a veritable slut," confirms Lan Zhan. She could probably fit four fingers in there at the moment. Not all the way in, but a shallow, wide sort of thrust instead. So she does.

Wei Ying rocks forward eagerly, and Lan Zhan fucks her slowly this time, in no hurry. She savours every little moan, gasp, hum that Wei Ying makes. She's had Wei Ying enough at this point that she knows the telltale signs, the way Wei Ying's breath changes, knows when to pull her fingers out just before Wei Ying comes.

"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying gurgles helplessly and swoons into Lan Zhan's arms, which is where she fucking belongs.

Lan Zhan tightens her grip around Wei Ying's waist, her fingers digging into the soft flesh at Wei Ying's side. "You know," she murmurs into Wei Ying's ear, "a responsible dog owner should walk their dog at least twice a day, every day."