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Cloud Recesses is aptly named: the building is very tall, and the top floors are often invisible from the ground. Most people assume that it’s office space, which is not entirely wrong. The bottom floors are indeed dedicated to admin, paperwork and storage. But from floor ten and up, it’s an entirely different story.

The owners of the premise would refer to it as an erotic gallery, or theatre. It’s where people come to watch, or perform., either for educational purposes, or recreational. It’s a hub of fervent activity for all ages that are above eighteen. Each floor is dedicated to a particular fetish. Not every floor gets used every night, but many of them have dedicated equipment that cannot be moved. 

Wei Ying himself has never been here before, and it feels like an honour to have been invited. There’s a reputation, here, for high quality services after all! He’s been working as a camboy for the better part of two years, entirely solo, but he must have caught the eye of some executive or something.

Tonight is his very first live performance! He spoke (very) briefly to his performance partner, Lan Zhan, this afternoon. He wasn’t exactly what he had expected. He’d assumed anyone who did this kind of thing for a living (bar himself, of course) would be cocky and arrogant, but Lan Zhan isn’t any of those things! He’d been a bit quiet, sure, but not in a rude way. He’d nodded to show that he was listening, even when Wei Ying had babbled on and on for ages.

Along with his cohort, he and his performance partner troop into a cargo elevator- the main audience will use the fancy one- into the room they will be using. Wei Ying’s mouth falls open. The first thing he notices is that it’s all white, shiny and polished.

The seventy-fourth floor is open plan, but for a large glass box that measures maybe 10x10ft in the very middle. There are steel benches that are bolted into the floor in rows around it, and no windows

The entrance is a subtly placed glass door, that he is told will be more or less unnoticeable when the outer lights are dimmed. There’s one CCTV camera, just in case things go wrong, but there’s no other equipment around. Their only tools will be themselves, and an earpiece each, so that they can receive their instructions, separately.

Wei Ying is used to taking requests, that won’t be too difficult. The hard part is that they won’t be able to hear each other’s instructions. There will be no way of knowing ahead of time what is going to happen. He shivers.

“Are you ready?” one of the staff- he forgets her name- asks. She adjusts his earpiece, making him shake his head hard to be sure it won’t fall out later.

“I think so!” he jumps up and down on the spot. He looks across at Lan Zhan and grins. He’s so excited, he can barely contain himself.

“And you remember your safeword?” she double checks.

“Uh huh!” he shakes his hands to relieve some of the tension, “dust!”

“Good. Don’t be ashamed to use it, if it does get too much. The sort of clientele we get here are very understanding about that sort of thing, alright?”

“Ok.” Wei Ying nods. He doesn't think he’ll be using it, though. 

She fluffs up his hair one last time, then calls for everyone to leave. The side-elevator door closes behind them, and Wei Ying waves until he can’t see them anymore.

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying are alone in the box together, now.

“Cool!” he says, at a loss of what else to do until their audience arrives. Lan Zhan looks him up and down, taking in the white t-shirt and trousers he was provided. It’s a loose fit, one size fits all type of thing. The pants are drawstring, for easy access. He jiggles in place, anticipation eating him up from the inside.

“Take deep breaths.” Lan Zhan advises him, probably assuming that he’s just nervous.

“Ah, Lan Zhan, I can't! I’ve got too much energy!” he announces, twisting in place like abn 80’s exercise video to prove it. It seems to make him smile, a little. 

“Then, perhaps you should do some stretches, instead?” his raised eyebrow indicating that he thinks he will need to. Wei Ying gasps dramatically,

“And what if they decide they want me to top?” he asks, hands on his hips. Lan Zhan just stares at him, incredulous.

“What?! It could happen!” Wei Ying insists, and is about to- he doesn’t know, shove him up against the glass wall and prove it- when the outer lights dim. Wei Ying looks around him in surprise, hands falling to his sides. He can see his reflection four-fold, in each of the glass walls.

Suddenly the space feels a lot smaller.

“Does this mean they’re coming?”

“Mn.” Lan Zhan sounds smug. Wei Ying is too bubbly inside to fly into another indignant rage about it, though, as he can hear the fancy elevator opening. 

The thin line of warm yellow light is just about visible, and it spreads out as the doors open. Wei Ying shivers, squinting into the darkness to see better, but unless he presses his face right up to the glass, he won’t be able to.

They can just about hear the muffled sounds of people settling into their seats. There’s some indistinct chatter, but then the lights outside turn off completely, and that quiets too.

A feminine voice over the tannoy speaks, making Wei Ying jump a little. Lan Zhan looks over at him, smirking again.

“Welcome to the Cloud Recesses. We hope you find yourself on cloud nine during your stay here. Each of you has been given a device which will light up when it is your turn to give instruction. The blue light is for Lan Zhan-” Lan Zhan demurely raises one hand, “and the red light is for Wei Ying.” Wei Ying waves, beaming.

“Please enjoy the show.” She finishes.

The first order buzzes into Wei Ying’s ear- a woman’s voice, he thinks- and says, “kiss him.” 

That’s all he gets? Not even a ‘softly’ or a ‘deeply’? Oh well. Wei Ying looks at Lan Zhan, who is probably also receiving his own instructions by now, and moves closer. He takes Lan Zhan’s face in his hands, and tugs him down the five centimetre difference till they’re kissing. 

His mouth is just as warm and soft as he’d thought it would be. Lan Zhan kisses back, but doesn’t make any other move, yet, so Wei Ying is forced to use every trick in his high-school level kissing arsenal.

Lan Zhan is obviously much more experienced here, he can tell, but he won’t take over unless he’s told to. So Wei Ying’s fingers inch into Lan Zhan’s short, enviably fluffy, hair, and brushes their tongues together.

Finally, Lan Zhan’s hands move to rest at his waist, sliding underneath his shirt and upwards until it bunches around his armpits. The room is not cold, but he shivers anyway. Everyone is looking at him, he thinks, they’re all here to see him and Lan Zhan get naked. He moans into Lan Zhan’s mouth.

The shirt is tugged over his head, interrupting the kiss for a brief moment. Wei Ying feels exposed, especially next to a still fully dressed Lan Zhan, but he’s not allowed to strip him without explicit permission. He goes back to kissing Lan Zhan, enjoying the slide of their lips together. Lan Zhan tugs their bodies together, and Wei Ying melts against him.

“Touch his ass.” Wei Ying jolts, almost having almost forgotten about this part. Lan Zhan is such a good kisser! But, when he processes the request, he can’t stop himself from smiling against Lan Zhan’s mouth, fingers sliding down his front then around. 

He spreads his palms over Lan Zhan’s cheeks, digging into the firm muscle. Wow, he must really do a lot of squats. Is the rest of him like this? He should have looked up Lan Zhan’s previous work before.

“Try pinching him,” the woman says, “he’s too composed, still, you should try and rile him up a bit more.” Wei Ying is more than happy to oblige. He delights in Lan Zhan’s tiny jerk of surprise. He does it again, harder this time, but Lan Zhan doesn’t react this time. Disappointing. He makes a noise of complaint, and digs his fingers in, wondering what it will take to make Lan Zhan do something.

Suddenly, Lan Zhan freezes, and it feels like he’s kissing a statue- he must be listening to an instruction. Is something finally going to happen? A slow smile curls Lan Zhan’s lips, and Wei Ying leans back to get a look.

“Lan Zhan?” he asks, wondering what’s about to happen. He isn’t kept waiting long: Lan Zhan pounces, yanking at the drawstring of his pants and shoving them down his knees. He steps on the crotch to get them all the way off, and goes back to kissing him, this time hard enough that he stumbles backwards. His pants are left in the middle of the floor, and Wei Ying is left only in his boxers.

Wei Ying gasps, trying to keep up as he’s walked backwards and pressed up against the cool glass wall. The shock of it has him gasping, arching away and into Lan Zhan’s warm body. He holds tightly onto his shoulders, veering away from the chill. He winds up accidentally rubbing up against Lan Zhan’s front.

There’s probably someone right behind him, barely a meter away, he remembers distantly. He wonders if they can all see his hardon, too, or if Lan Zhan is covering it up right now.

“What are you doing? ” a new voice in his ears asks, “you’re just gonna let him push you around like that? At least get him naked too.” This guy seems kind of rude, but he does have a point. Lan Zhan is not nearly as naked as he could be. Fumbling, he tries to lift Lan Zhan’s shirt up, like he did earlier, but Lan Zhan is impatient and does it for him.

“Ahh,” Wei Ying sighs, running his hands over Lan Zhan’s bare skin.

“You stopped. Get his pants off.” the man orders. He’s kinda pushy; isn’t he allowed to spend a few moments enjoying this? Pouting, he reaches for Lan Zhan’s drawstring too, intending to do as he’s told. He gets as far as untying the knot before Lan Zhan stops him. 

Without breaking the kiss, he grabs both of his wrists and tugs them above his head. He holds them there in one hand, and presses him up against the wall. It’s cold, and Wei Ying squeaks, and Lan Zhan moves on to kiss along his jaw, under his ear.

“How many times do I have to tell you before you listen? Get his clothes off.” Wei Ying lets out a frustrated sigh. How, exactly, is he supposed to do that with his hands bound? He tugs at his restraints, but his performance partner is relentless. 

“Lan Zhan!” he starts, “let me go!” He bucks against him, rattling his arms uselessly. Lan Zhan is so strong!

“No.” Lan Zhan says simply, barely moving away from the hickey he’s making long enough to speak.

“I have to get you naked. Lan Zhan, c’mon!”

“Is that so?” Lan Zhan wonders, “I have to keep you pinned here, so you don’t try anything funny.” he bites his earlobe, and Wei Ying’s breath stutters.


“You are not in a position to be making demands.” Lan Zhan reminds him, “if you received an instruction, you should work to see it fulfilled.”

“How can I do that when you’re holding me like this?” Wei Ying complains, writhing again to make his point.

“Figure it out.” Lan Zhan says, then bites his neck.

“Ow!” Wei Ying tosses his head back, the dull thud of the glass reverberating in his skull.

“This is getting ridiculous,” the pushy man says, irritated now, “so what if you can’t use your hands?”

Wei Ying grunts, and tries to hook his heel into the back waist. It’s tough; balancing on one leg isn’t easy, and every move has him grinding against Lan Zhan. He thinks he succeeds in getting it halfway down his ass, but it won’t expose anything when he’s still wearing underwear.

“Nngh!” Wei Ying groans, frustrated, and finally loses his temper. He uses all his strength to wrench out of Lan Zhan’s grip and throws himself to the floor in the process. Elated, he scrambles to his knees and yanks Lan Zhan’s pants down before he can stop him- he already knew Lan Zhan was hard- he could feel it against him!- but it’s different seeing it up close and personal.

With his pants around his ankles, Lan Zhan takes hold of Wei Ying’s hair by the roots.

“Ah, Lan Zhan, that hurts!” he gasps, hands flying up to cover Lan Zhan’s. He stares up at him, imploring him to let go, but this is out of their hands.

Lan Zhan stares down at him, a glint in his eyes as he waits to be told what to do with him. Wei Ying’s own earpiece is suspiciously silent: perhaps they’re waiting to see what unfolds as well. The sting on his scalp has him blinking away gathering tears.

What is he going to do to him? Wei Ying can’t help that his eyes are drawn to Lan Zhan’s dick, (not even fully hard yet, but still very large) right in front of him. Is he going to get to see it? Suck him off, maybe? Wei Ying wants that. He gulps. He wants that very much. 

Even though he was waiting for something to happen, it still takes him by surprise when Lan Zhan’s fist in his hair tightens, and he gasps. He is thrown to the ground, and Wei Ying thinks the noise he makes when his face smacks against the padded ground can’t be very sexy.

He pushes himself upwards, trying to crawl away from Lan Zhan before he traps him again, and renders him completely useless again but- a heavy weight pushes centred in his back him down to the ground.

“Wha-?” Wei Ying turns, twisting and writhing to escape, but Lan Zhan is not having any of it. Kicking his legs does nothing. With his knee weighing him down, and one hand around the back of his neck, he is well and truly stuck. 

Lan Zhan’s other hand palms the curve of his ass through his boxers, before pinching him there, just like he did earlier to Lan Zhan. A thumb curls under his waistband-

“Lan Zhan! W-wait! Wait!” he pleads, knowing that he won’t listen to a word he says. 

And he’s right; Lan Zhan ignores every pleading word Wei Ying sends his way as he tugs his underwear down, exposing his ass to everyone present. He cups his cheeks, poking and prodding the skin, squeezing and playing. Wei Ying bites back a moan at the feeling, wishing he could shift backwards and feel more.

A sharp shock pain jolts him out of his comfort zone.

“Ow!” he wails, wriggling again- “that hurt! Lan Zhan!” 

“Good. It’s supposed to.”


Lan Zhan spanks him again, the other side this time. Wei Ying’s whole body jerks, like he was electrocuted. He feels hot and zingy like he’s been electrocuted too.

Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Is he just supposed to lie here and take this? Is this what everyone wanted? He tries in vain to struggle again, sulking. His ass throbs. It feels like he has a glaring target there, a big glowing sign that says ‘look at me! I’m here to be hit!’. 

He’s glad that he’s face down, though, this would surely be more embarrassing if everyone could easily see just how much this affects him.

“Ah!” Wei Ying gasps again, “Lan Zhan, not so hard! Ow, ow!”

But Lan Zhan doesn’t go easy on him at all. He spanks him again and again, just as hard if not harder than before. Wei Ying jerks every time, unable to control it when his muscles tense. He’s breathing hard, tense and pent up. 

He wants more, needs friction, something , but Lan Zhan has got him pinned so well there’s no room for him to even rut against the floor. The only respite he gets is when Lan Zhan - or more likely the person out there making him- rubs over his burning skin. That feels good, so good, he can’t hold back the low moans that spill out.

Underneath him, his boxers are a sodden mess. 

Lan Zhan spanks him again, uncaring that his skin already feels like a prickly, flaming wasteland. Doesn’t his hand hurt by now, too? What, is he some kind of incredible spanking machine? Wei Ying is losing his mind.

“Ah! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! Ow, Lan Zhan!” he wails- he’s lost count of how long they’ve been going on for but it's more than ten now, for sure. More than twenty? Was he supposed to be keeping count? He wasn’t told to, so he hopes not.

A new voice laughs in his ear.

"Maybe you should have thought about this before coming in here with an ass like that ." he says. He has a low, arrogant drawl, like he’s used to his every whim being fulfilled.

Wei Ying can’t respond, doesn’t have the words. 

So they really do just want to see him take Lan Zhan’s hands. They like seeing him like this. It’s a heady feeling, to be the object of so many peoples’ attention. He hopes he’s putting on a good enough show. He keeps forgetting that he’s supposed to be doing that. 

“You look adorable like this. Your pretty ass is bright red, now. Do you like it?” the man asks, like he already knows the answer. He definitely does. Wei Ying nods anyway. He dimly realises that Lan Zhan’s hand isn’t there anymore, holding him down, and he doesn’t know when that happened.

“Say it out loud,” the man prompts. Wei Ying gathers a shaky breath,

“I like it.” Wei Ying croaks, “I-it feels good when you spank me, L-Lan Zhan! Ah- haah !"

It follows that the moment he says this is the moment Lan Zhan stops. Wei Ying is tense, bracing himself for the next impact, but it never comes. He makes a weak, questioning noise.

He feels floaty. The sting has metamorphosed into a deep seated (ha!) ache now, that promises bruises later.

Lan Zhan gets off him and Wei Ying lays there weakly for a few moments. Without Lan Zhan keeping him tethered, what if he just drifts away? He blinks hard to remind himself that the rest of his body still exists, and not just his ass.

Then, he hears a rustle from above him. When he looks up, Lan Zhan is jerking himself off above him, slowly. His length glistens, and Wei Ying wonders where the lube came from- did he just not notice it? He doesn't look around to check.

"Get up." Lan Zhan says.

On jelly limbs, Wei Ying forces himself to crawl up to a kneeling position. 

Is this it? Is he finally going to get to suck his dick now?? The throbbing in his ass feels secondary to the anticipation of getting his mouth on Lan Zhan’s pretty cock. His mouth is watering at the mere thought, and he leans forwards without really thinking about it.


"I know you want to blow him-" ear piece man laughs, reminding him again that he can't just do whatever he wants willy-nilly, "close your mouth so you don't drool everywhere, baby. It looks like we have other things on the agenda."

"Huh?" Wei Ying says dumbly, still unable to take his eyes off Lan Zhan slowly stroking his cock. Little pearls of precum bead at the tip, and Wei Ying wants to lick them away. Wei Ying had never really thought of puce as an attractive colour until he saw it on Lan Zhan’s dick.

"Spread your knees a bit more, I want to see." the disembodied voice orders, instead of explaining. Wei Ying feels heat suffuse him as he does so, realising what a mess he has become. The man whistles, and when Wei Ying looks down, he sees why.

His boxers are still bunched up, covering his dick, but the dark shade of his skin shows through in a lewd display of his arousal. He’s so, so turned on. And everyone can see. 

“Look at you,” ear piece man says, clearly pleased, “you’re so hard. I would never have guessed this is your first show; you’re doing so well. I wonder if Mr Lan would let you get out of those soiled boxers...”

It's hard to resist touching himself, and he wants to be free of his underwear as much as this guy seems to want to. He shifts in place, lip caught between his teeth at the reminder. The movement draws Lan Zhan's eye.

"Have you ever been spanked before?" Lan Zhan asks. 

Wei Ying has, technically, but it wasn't anything like this . It had been a hook-up after a night out, and the guy had slapped his ass a couple times during the act, and though Wei Ying had liked it then, he likes this a lot more. 

He nods, scowling.

"Huh. Did you get this wet then, too? Or am I special." Lan Zhan sounds amused. Wei Ying blanches, fists tightening where they rest on his knees. Beneath him, his heels dig uncomfortably into his bruised ass, and it makes sitting still an extra specially difficult task.

Wei Ying is mortified at the noise he makes when Lan Zhan nudges his cock with the side of his foot. He ducks his head to the side, face on fire. It would hardly take anything for him to come right now, and he hates that Lan Zhan and everyone knows it. He’s on a hair trigger, right now, and if Lan Zhan does that again he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to help himself.

"How shall I have you?" Lan Zhan muses out loud, giving an in for whoever out there has the blue light. He tilts his head to listen, almost-smiling down at Wei Ying. It makes him shiver.

“I, for one, would love to see you ride him, but I don’t think you’re going to get the chance today.” Wei Ying wants that too, he wants that a lot , “Perhaps another time, eh?” 

Wei Ying wonders how seems so certain that he’s going to get invited back here again. Could he ever become a regular here? Could- could he become Lan Zhan’s regular partner? Is that a thing? 

“One way or another, I look forward to that cock getting inside of you. You think you’ll be able to take it well?”

Wei Ying nods furiously- he will! He’ll definitely be able to take it well! Wei Ying is the proud owner of a sizable array of toys, and sure, maybe none of them are crazy big, but if it’s Lan Zhan he can definitely take it!

The man in question steps closer and, taking advantage of Wei Ying’s confusion and pliability, manhandles him onto his hands and knees. 

“L-Lan Zhan?” Wei Ying tries to make sense of what’s happening now- is this it? Is he going to fuck him like this? But Wei Ying is tired of staring at the floor, he- he wants to look at Lan Zhan! He wants to see his face, or really any part of him at all! He whines in complaint, wiggling health-heartedly under Lan Zhan’s firm touch.

“Be good,” Lan Zhan reminds him, smacking his ass again. Wei Ying whines, a low keening sound.

Uncaring, heartless, Lan Zhan places his hands on the waterproof floor. He makes sure his fingers spread neatly, and drags his knees out so there’s plenty of space behind him. Wei Ying’s toes curl.

Lan Zhan moves around him, uses his (really big!) hands to angle his hips up. Wei Ying is fully on display, now; his hole right there for so many people to see. What do they think of him? They have to see how desperate he is, anyone could smell it for miles. He feels Lan Zhan’s fingers pressing into his bruises, and he moans, head hanging and ready for more. 

But then nothing else happens.

What, now that he’s done spanking him, he’s just going to tease? When will Lan Zhan get around to fucking him?! He whines, arching back into his hands in hopes he gets the message. He’d thought that once he’d stopped spanking him, then they’d move onto the next phase, not… whatever this is!

“Lan Zhan!” 

“If you want something, be sure to say it clearly.” Lan Zhan says, applying the slightest pressure against his hole like some kind of demon. He wants it so bad, but every time he tries to push back on it, Lan Zhan takes it away.

His earpiece is suspiciously silent while Lan Zhan plays with his ass again, pulling apart his cheeks and lightly slapping at them to watch him jiggle. He drags his finger torturously back and forth over his entrance, without ever pushing past his rim. 

Wei Ying feels objectified. It’s mortifying. He would be dripping all over the floor if it weren’t for the underwear.

“Lan Zhan, please!” Wei Ying wails, miserably. His body is so hot, so needy.

“Don’t look at me,” Lan Zhan laughs, “I’m not the one who makes the decisions around here. You’ll have to take it up with them.” 

“Ngh, please ,” Wei Ying ducks his head, embarrassed as he raises his voice, “please, fuck me.”

“Hm.” Lan Zhan’s hand snakes under his chin, and lifts his face up, “say it again.” Wei Ying wheezes, staring at his hazy reflection in the glass. He looks like a wreck. Everyone on the other side of the glass can see it as plainly as he can. The thought that he might be unknowingly looking right at someone makes his cock twitch in his sopping boxers.

Just behind him, he can see Lan Zhan as well- his cock hangs dark and heavy between his legs, and Wei Ying wants.

“Ah! Please fuck me!” 

“So you’re a slut.” A woman’s voice in his ear makes him jump. He’d been so focused on somehow getting Lan Zhan to do more than just play with him that he’d forgotten about that, again. 

“No,” Wei Ying shakes his head, still propped up by Lan Zhan’s hand. He’s not a slut, he just… he just wants Lan Zhan to do something.

“No?” Lan Zhan repeats, “no, you don’t want my cock?”

“No! I do!” Wei Ying insists, pressing back again, “I want it, I want it!”

“Definitely a slut.” she says again, derisively. Wei Ying winces. Maybe he is a slut.

“How bad?” Lan Zhan asks. How bad does he want it? He groans,

“So bad! Lan Zhan, I’m literally going to die if you don’t give it to me, please!”

“You’re so desperate for it.” Lan Zhan teases him again.

“Yes! Don’t you want to fuck me too? It will be so good for you, I’ll make it so good!” Wei Ying wheedles.

“Oh, you will, will you?” Lan Zhan huffs out a laugh, probably thinking about how he’s not in the ‘position’ to be making promises. Well, whatever! He’s letting go of him, and moving around behind him, so it’s worked! His slutty charms have worked!

Lan Zhan lines his cock up to his hole, running the head over his entrance a few times to make him shiver. Yes, yes yes yes ! The tip presses into him, stretching his rim- it's only slight, but it’s finally something!-Wei Yings mouth drops open. Finally!

"Ugh. Don't give in so easily, it’s pathetic,” ear piece woman complains, “tops like him all think they’re god’s gift to bottom-kind, but you don’t have to fall apart on his cock like some common whore.”

Lan Zhan pulses his hips, working himself further in, and Wei Ying thinks he would be just fine falling apart on his cock like a common whore, actually, but the woman in charge of him right now speaks up again.

“Have some pride and make him work for it!" she sounds very passionate. Wei Ying needs to do what she says, even if he wants it so badly he might die! Choking back a moan, Wei Ying crawls forwards, shuffling on his knees. 

He doesn’t make it far.

“Changed your mind so soon?” Lan Zhan growls, reeling him back in with two hands on his hips.

“No!” Wei Ying wails, “no!” he tries again to escape, trying to find purchase on the shiny, padded floor, but there is none to be found. He bucks his hips, to no effect. Lan Zhan is simply too strong, and Wei Ying is still weak and wibbly from earlier.

“No what?” Lan Zhan says, wrangling him expertly. The head of his cock sits at his entrance again, addictive and all-encompassing.

“No!” he says again, using his last remaining shreds of resistance to make it as difficult as possible for Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan’s fingers grip him tighter, squeezing him hard enough to leave more bruises. Still, Wei Ying doesn’t let Lan Zhan have him.

"Lan Zhan! L-let go!" he mewls, feeling acutely the way Lan Zhan's dick drags across his cheeks with every struggle.

Lan Zhan snarls, and shoves his face down into the floor again. Wei Ying whines miserably at the mistreatment, louder when Lan Zhan lays his whole body over him to keep him still, like a weighted blanket intent on ruining him. Wei Ying doesn’t have the arm strength to get back up.

“This is more like it.” the woman sneers, “I’ve always wanted to see him get annoyed like this.”

With some difficulty, he reaches between them and lines himself up again. This time he doesn’t even attempt to be gentle. He fucks half way in all at once.

“Ahh!” Wei Ying’s voice cracks, his body shunting forwards at the force. It hurts! Lan Zhan is so cruel! 

"Are you ready to be good now?" Lan Zhan growls, as he finally fucks all the way into him. 

Wei Ying whimpers. 

He really is as big as he looks. Why is he so big!? How ? Lan Zhan thrusts somehow even deeper, and Wei Ying’s mouth falls open in a silent scream.

“That’s more like it.” Lan Zhan says right next to his ear, his voice a hoarse whisper. Wei Ying can’t find the words, it’s like his brain is locked away, behind bars of hurts-good-hurts-more ! All he can do is moan and twitch around Lan Zhan’s length. Is there something wrong with him? He’s never been so foggy before! If anyone tries to get him to do something now…. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to.

“Lan.. Lan Zhan…” he warbles, the words coming out half formed with his face shoved into the floor. 

“I’ve got you.” he replies, already pumping his hips against him, tiny pulses that pull and tug at his insides. The movement also grinds into his still very sore ass, and Wei Ying is unravelling under the layers of stimulation.

Lan Zhan brutally thrusts deeper into him again, to make his point clear- Wei Ying knows! He knows, ok? He never stood a chance! Lan Zhan has got him!

When he’s sure Wei Ying isn’t going to try and worm his way out of this again- not that he could at this point!- Lan Zhan releases him, lifting his hand from the back of his head. 

The warmth of his body against his back leaves, and Wei Ying is left with just the heat of Lan Zhan’s cock inside of him.  Lan Zhan tilts his hips to the side, to show off how well his hole stretches around his length. He shifts backwards, his cock slowly leaving him. Wei Ying wants to chase it- doesn’t want to be left empty!

He thrusts back in, hard enough that his cheek drags on the floor. Luckily, Lan Zhan’s hold on his waist doesn’t let him get far. He does it again, skin slapping against skin. Wei Ying gasps every time, like Lan Zhan is fucking the air out of him.

Lan Zan fucks him hard, so hard it barely even feels good at first. It just feels…. right in a way he can't explain. The slap of skin against skin is so brutally obscene. No one has ever fucked him this hard before, and he certainly doesn’t get this when he’s riding dildos on solo cam sessions. 

Then, Lan Zhan changes something, and every drag of his cock sends zingy lightning up his spine.

Through the brain fog, he can hear a low keening sound. 

Is that noise coming from him? Oh god, how embarrassing! 

He tries to make himself wake up, to not just drift in the feeling of being fucked, of being owned in front of everyone. It’s hard. All he wants is to let Lan Zhan do whatever he wants to him.

“It looks like you’re having a good time,” a new person says; she sounds sweet and soft spoken. Wei Ying likes her already. He nods enthusiastically. 

“‘S good,” he manages to mumble, “g-good, Lan Zhan, so good…”

“That’s so nice to hear,” she says, a smile colouring her voice, “but I think we could make it better for you, hm?”

“Huh?” Wei Ying frowns. Better? Better how?

“You want to feel good? Touch yourself.” she orders. Wei Ying takes a moment to process this. He’s allowed to touch himself now? For real? 

He tries to shift, grunting pathetically. His arms are still tucked up by his head, from when Lan Zhan forced him down- just thinking about that sends him into a rush of dizziness- so he works his way down to his sorely neglected cock. It’s not easy, when his whole body keeps shifting in tandem with Lan Zhan’s powerful thrusts.

He gets as far as- finally!!! - tugging his soaked-through boxers down, before she stops him. 

“Ah-ah-ah, not there. You can touch yourself anywhere but there.”

“Nnnn!” Wei Ying whines, clenching his fist against the temptation to just ignore her, and jerk himself off. He’s been untouched for so long, he just wants some relief! It would feel so good, he knows it, to stroke himself off in time with Lan Zhan. It would take so little!

“Sweetheart, don’t you know that there are other places you can touch yourself?” She talks down to him, like he’s never masterbated before. Wei Ying pouts. Fine, then, he’ll play with himself there instead. It takes even more squirming to get his fingers to his chest. He pinches, and twists, and rolls his nipples between his fingers.

“Does it feel nice?”

“Haaa…” is Wei Ying’s muted response. It does, it feels really good. But he would rather be playing with his cock! Why can’t he? He pinches harder, hazy and frustrated.

“You poor thing. You still need more, don’t you?” She says. Wei Ying nods, mewling pitifully. “Hmm. Let’s see what we can do.” 

Lan Zhan abruptly dips back down over him again, rhythm slowing as he hooks one arm underneath him and tucks him into his chest. This close it's much easier to hear his ragged breathing, the exertion from fucking him so hard. Lan Zhan is such a professional!

“Wha-!?” He pulls him upright, and Wei Ying flails, disoriented, clutching at Lan Zhan’s restraining arm. Lan Zhan hardly even pauses to readjust, when Wei Ying slips! He’s a beast, and Wei Ying is the tragic victim! 

Lan Zhan grunts in his ear, just for Wei Ying to hear, the sound of it pooling hot in his stomach. 

“Don’t stop touching yourself, just because you got manhandled, honey.” Wei Ying blinks stupidly as he takes this in, then obediently raises his hands to his chest again. Something about this, about playing with his nipples in this position, is worse. Worse in a good way; earlier, it was hidden underneath his body, but now he’s not. Now he’s on display like a pretty vase.

Theeere you go, do you like that?”

“Yes! It’s- Nngh- it’s good!” he turns his head to the side, shy, and feels Lan Zhan’s hot breath against his cheek. Like this Lan Zhan can’t fuck him as roughly, even when Wei Ying’s back is arched, but it’s still hard and deep.

Ignored, Wei Ying’s cock bounces in front of him, an angry shade of mauve and wet from precome. A trail drips its way down his shaft, and onto his balls. He wants- he just wants!

“Lan Zhan!” he cries, “Ahh, Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan, ple-ase let me come! I want to touch myself, please!”

Lan Zhan laughs, low and gravelly and dismissive. He slows his pace, switching instead to circling his hips so Wei Ying can feel every inch of him. The brief respite makes the raw ache more noticeable.

“And why, exactly, should I let you do that?” he asks, nipping at the shell of his ear. Wei Ying doesn’t have an answer, his brain is static. Lan Zhan lets go of his torso, his hand coming instead to grip Wei Ying’s jaw, to force him to look out at his reflection, and the invisible audience beyond it.

“You should be grateful they even allowed you to be filled,” he makes sure to grind in deeply as he says this, stirring his insides, “aren’t they generous?” Wei Ying’s eyes fly wide open.

“Mhmm!” he nods.

“Make sure to thank them,” Lan Zhan whispers teasingly, “it wouldn’t do to be impolite.”

“Yes! Yes, thank you, thank you! Ahh, thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” a new voice says. Wei Ying thanks them again, eyes fluttering shut, “isn’t he mean to you? Making you say that?” they say, probably making fun of him. Wei Ying shakes his head, no; Lan Zhan isn’t mean for reminding him about his manners!

His thanks devolve into garbled mumbling when Lan Zhan starts moving again. His words become unintelligible a moment later, when two of Lan Zhan’s fingers bully their way past his lips. Wei Ying suckles on them, humming his gratitude instead. 

Even if it’s not his cock, it’s still a part of Lan Zhan, and Wei Ying isn’t going to waste this opportunity. While Lan Zhan zealously ruts into him, Wei Ying licks the pads of his fingers, tasting the salt from his skin.

“Nmm, Wei Ying feels good. So good for me, so tight. Taking me so well.” Lan Zhan’s words rumble through him, vibrating into his back. He’s so hard . All it would take for him to finish would be the lightest brush of his hand. Someone could blow on him, and he would finish just from that, he’s positive.

He’s been so close for so long that it comes as a surprise when he really does come. The sound he makes is one of alarm, as well as ecstasy. He judders in Lan Zhan’s arms, arching against him as the waves roll through him. 

“Mmf!!” Wei Ying slaps his hands over his dick, not fully soft yet, and tries to hide the evidence. He panics. No one said he could come yet, he didn’t even ask! What if he gets in trouble because of this? He doesn’t think he can take more spanking, he’s already ruined from that!

“Aww, aren’t you just the sweetest thing?” ear piece person comments. Wei Ying keens, clutching at his spent cock. It’s uncomfortably sensitive under his hands.

“I’m sorry!” he wails, “sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Oh, don’t be sorry! You’re giving us a fantastic show, so don’t you worry!” 


Lan Zhan holds him through all of it, not stopping or slowing once. If anything, he gets faster, rougher with him. Is Wei Ying’s hole going to be ok after this? Surely Lan Zhan will have ruined him for anything else, ever. There’s no way he’ll even be able to walk after this.

Behind him, Lan Zhan fucks into him in fast, powerful thrusts, not bothering to pull all the way out now. Wei Ying is on the verge of crying. He’s so sore and Lan Zhan is so harsh. 

“L-Lan Zhan, hurts!” the words come out garbled around the fingers still propping his mouth open. All he gets is a low groan in response, followed by a shock of warmth inside him as Lan Zhan finally finishes.

He twitches a few times, breath stuttering, before relaxing. Wei Ying slumps back down to the ground, welcoming his old friend. Wei Ying’s come is barely perceptible but for the wet gleam on the white floor.

“Wow,” the voice says, “It’s hard to believe it was your first time together, the two of you have incredible chemistry. What an excellent show. Definitely worth the money.”

Lan Zhan pulls out slowly, and Wei Ying chokes back a whimper. He spreads his cheeks again, so everyone can watch as his come trickles out of his hole, and down his thigh. He has the presence of mind to hide his face behind his hands.

Muffled through the glass, Wei Ying thinks he hears the sound of applause.

“Are they…?” Wei Ying doesn’t finish his question, but Lan Zhan hums affirmatively anyway. It’s like he can read his mind. They’re really applauding for them. He and Lan Zhan did a good job together, and the audience is satisfied with their show! He can hardly believe it. It wasn’t like he’d gone into this venture thinking it would be a bust or anything, but he’d been more excited about it for, well, personal reasons.

Does this mean it’s over now? Wei Ying isn’t sure. He can’t quite remember the protocol; his mind is still floaty and fuzzy. There’s a period of quiet, where the only sound is of the two of them panting. Wei Ying doesn’t even have the strength to move out of his current position; face down, ass up.

The light inside dims, and it’s impossible to see anything anymore. Wei Ying startles for a moment, before realising that this must be procedure. 

“Thank you for visiting the Cloud Recesses,” the same woman on the tannoy from earlier says, “once the elevator doors open, please make your way inside and reconvene in the lobby to allow our stars time to clean up. We hope that you leave here feeling refreshed and energised, like you were on cloud nine!” 

She sounds like she has far too much energy; but Wei Ying is hardly listening to her. He’s mentally purring at Lan Zhan’s hands on him, stroking over his sensitive skin. Peripherally, he registers the outer lights turning on, allowing him to see some of the people in attendance. He doesn’t look too closely, but they just look like ordinary people. Not that he’d expected people to show up in latex or anything, but it’s still weird. Which one of them was it who called him a slut, he wonders?

The elevator door slides open, thin slivers of yellow light expanding, and the audience slowly trickle inside chatting amongst themselves. Wei Ying wonders if they’re talking about them, about how good they were. He smiles fuzzily.

The elevator closes, and all the lights come back on. Wei Ying blinks at the sudden brightness, moaning unintelligibly. Lan Zhan rubs his palm the meat of his ass one last time, then helps him roll over onto his side. Wei Ying goes, landing with a tired thud.

A moment later, Lan Zhan flops down next to him. Wei Ying watches the way his sweaty chest rises and falls, still recovering. Wei Ying would like to curl up there. It looks like it would be comfortable. 

Actually, Wei Ying would quite like to kiss him again, but he’s not entirely sure if that would be in breach of the contract, now that the scene is officially over. 

It’s like Lan Zhan can read his mind, though, or maybe he just wanted the same thing; he reaches out for him, reeling Wei Ying in so they’re pressed up against each other. Wei Ying’s back is right up against Lan Zhan’s front, and his softened dick presses into the achy curve of his ass.

He feels much, much better, now that he’s snuggled into Lan Zhan’s chest. The chill is starting to settle in as they cool down, and it’s very nice to share warmth. Even if they’re both sweaty and gross. He huffs, getting more comfortable. He thinks he’s ready to try at a Real Sentence, now.

“You came when I said it hurt.” Wei Ying mumbles accusatorially, pulling his hand tighter against his chest, “what, are you some sort of sadist or something?”

“Hm. What gave it away?” Lan Zhan laughs, he actually laughs . It takes a few moments for him to recover enough to pout about it.

“Bully.” he sulks. His knees- his everything - are sore.

“It seemed like you were having fun.” Lan Zhan says, and Wei Ying feels him shrug. 

“Mhm, I had a lot of fun,” he turns his head to look at his face, “so much fun, Lan Zhan is very talented at his job. Maybe next-uh-”

The secondary elevator opens, and the staff troop into the room. Wei Ying closes his mouth. He’ll- he’ll ask about a ‘next time’ later, maybe. Assuming he doesn’t chicken out.

The four staff members open the glass door, bearing supplies.

Obediently, Wei Ying sits up for them, letting them throw a blanket over his shoulders. It’s a nice blanket, thick and warm- don’t they worry about getting them dirty , in a place like this?- but it's no substitute for Lan Zhan. One of them starts spraying down parts of the floor.

A smiling auntie with a packet of wet towels and a tub of pain relief cream coaxes him into a half sitting position,

“Hold still, I’m going to wipe you down, alright?” she says, like it’s nothing at all.

“Alright.” Wei Ying blushingly acquiesces, biting down on his lip. It’s one thing for a ton of people to watch him get pounded into next week, but it’s quite another to have a cheerful older lady gently clean his butt. His typical cleanup after camming is tissues followed by a shower, maybe like an hour later, so he’s really feeling pampered.

When he looks at Lan Zhan, he’s also wrapped in a blanket, watching Wei Ying while he drinks the water he was just given. There are two members of staff either side of him, one gathering up the discarded clothes, the other talking to him about something. Debriefing, perhaps? He doesn’t look away, so neither does Wei Ying.

“There! All done!” Staff-lady announces, “you’re free to go cuddle.” 

“Huh?” Wei Ying blinks as Lan Zhan sets down his water bottle, then opens his arms to let Wei Ying crawl into his lap again. Beaming, he almost throws himself at him, not missing the sharp exhale that means he probably winded him in the process.

“Oops.” Wei Ying says, cutely. Lan Zhan sighs, but tugs him closer anyway. He lands a solid grope on his ass at the same time, which makes him gasp- and the staff snicker. He can feel his face burning again and, traitorously, his cock even manages a pathetic little twitch. Fuck. Tactfully ignoring this, Lan Zhan hands him his water bottle, even though Wei Ying must have one of his own, somewhere.

“Thank you.”

“Mn.” Lan Zhan shakes his head. He strokes up and down his back as he drinks. It’s not water, actually, but some kind of energy drink.

“When you're ready, we’ll reconvene in the staff room.” A no-nonsense man holding a tablet says. Wei Ying really should have paid more attention to the introductions. Lan Zhan nods. Wei Ying realises they’re waiting for him to be able to walk by himself.

“I’ll be ready soon, I swear!” Wei Ying promises, not wanting to cause an inconvenience. 

“It’s alright. You can take your time. This room doesn’t get used very often, so we’re not under any time pressure.” the aunty reassures him. 

“Oh.” Well, in that case, he’s going to make the most of this while he can. 

“Just don’t forget that there’s snacks waiting for you in the dressing room,” she chuckles. Wei Ying nods agreeably, but snacks are less important than staying in Lan Zhan’s arms for the time being. 

The staff members go back to bustling around then, and continue to talk with Lan Zhan- probably about how well the scene went, or something. He’s not fully paying attention.

“‘Next’?” Lan Zhan says, a little while later. Wei Ying makes a questioning sound from where he’s ensconced himself in blankets. He’s thinking about what it would take to get Lan Zhan to play with his ass again- in a non sexual way!- so he must have missed something.

“Earlier, you said ‘next’.”

“Ah! I meant… It was presumptuous of me. I just meant ‘next time’. If, like, we were going to do this again.” 

“Mn.” Lan Zhan means for him to continue.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. That was pretty much it.” He’s making this awkward. He very much doesn’t want to end this on an awkward note, if he can help it. “I really liked what we did today, so I was just thinking, that’s all. No pressure.”

“I see. When you get home, send your schedule to one of the secretaries.”

“What, just like that?” Wei Ying pops out of his blanket cave to look Lan Zhan in the eye. He looks right back, completely serious. He’s really not joking, at all, is he? Wei Ying guesses he is the Cloud Recesses biggest star.

“Yes.” He hitches Wei Ying further onto his lap as he starts to slide off. “Just like that.”

“Wow, I really figured it would be a one time thing! Like, some executive was trying out an experimental new thing, partnering with solo-cammers or something.”

“What executive?” Lan Zhan’s eyebrows draw together.

“The one that picked me?”

“No. Executives have no control over performer partnerships. I requested that they get in contact with you.” Wei Ying’s mouth hangs open. Lan Zhan saw his videos? Lan Zhan saw his videos, and thought ‘I want to do a professional show with this one’?!

“Me?” he squeaks. 

You .” Lan Zhan teases, “You exceeded every expectation.” Lan Zhan says, maybe a little fondly. 

Wei Ying allows his giddy heart to believe that, anyway.