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Yuuji’s Whorehouse

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Sukuna’s eyes narrowed as he heard the soft tapping of his brother’s shoes against the concrete of their entry room, a familiar sound that signaled his twin’s incoming absence in the home. With a deep sigh Sukuna got up from the couch, his feet shuffling against the floor of their shared home that they inherited from their grandfather’s passing. Sure enough, Yuuji was standing in the entry room, his feet twisting and shuffling against the floor as he put his shoes on.

Fluffy pink hair peeked out from his hood that Sukuna swiftly pulled back, his twin’s caramel brown eyes twirling around to face Sukuna’s hard brown gaze as he looked down at his supposedly identical twin with a scowl.

“Going out again?” Sukuna scoffed out, watchig as his brother nodded sheepishly. “Where?”

“Just out with some friends Suku-nii.” Yuuji mumbled, averting his gaze from Sukuna’s. “Might stay the night, I don’t know.”

“You sure have been going out a lot. This is the third time this week.” Sukuna commented as he leaned back against the wall, his form mean and intimidating as dark tattoos danced across his skin, seperating his appearance easily from his brother’s. “Are you dating someone? You’d tell me if you’re dating someone right?”

Sukuna couldn’t help the jealous feeling that bubbled up in his chest at the mere thought of his dear brother dating someone. He knew the feeling was wrong, Yuuji was his brother after all, but he didn’t care, Yuuji was his.

“Suku-nii,” Yuuji sighed as his hand wrapped tight around the door handle, ready to open it. “That’s not really any of your business but no, I’m not dating anyone! I’m just gonna go hang out with some friends!”

“Alright, fine.” Sukuna huffed out grumpily with a roll of his eyes. “Just call me if you’re gonna stay the night so I know not to make dinner for you, brat.”

“Alright, I will!” Yuuji smiled, and Sukuna felt his heart tighten at the adorable show of affection as his brother left the house, a flash of excitement on his face.

Sukuna, of course, knew his brother had lied to his face and that sent a spark of rage shooting through his chest as he tugged his own shoes on and threw on a dark jacket. He waited until Yuuji was just barely out of sight from the house before leaving as well, following close after his twin, determined to get down to whatever his brother was up to. Unfortunately for him, Yuuji was fast, too fast for Sukuna to keep up with and he lost his twin rather quickly in the crowds.

“Shit.” He muttered to himself as he pulled out his phone, rather glad that he had installed a tracking app onto his brother’s phone secretly.

Unfortunately the tracker showed that he was moving at a rather fast speed, most likely having been on a train. Sukuna had to wait a bit to see when he’d get off before he set off towards the train station to follow after his brother. A feeling of concern and worry began to settle in Sukuna’s chest as his search for his brother brought him to shadier and shadier parts of town, eventually landing him in front of an old, run down looking building.

Shadows moved around through dim lights in the windows as excited chatter echoed out from cracked open windows. A bodyguard stood form in front of the door, firm and unmoving like a statue. Sukuna knew better than to go for the front door, so in his own roundabout way, he moved the the back of the building, finding a window with no curtains over it. Cautiously, Sukuna peeked in, just barely able to hear what the people inside were saying.

“Man, I’m kinda dissapointed he didn’t want me today, he usually loves it when I’m rough with him.” A seductively suave man spoke, long black hair pulled back into a messy bun that didn’t encompass all of his hair, the rest of it spilling out around his neck like a shabby lion’s mane.

“I just don’t see why he likes Gojo so much.” A younger man spoke up, far closer to Yuuji’s age with a raven colored bedhead that stuck up at all ends as he sat next to a white haired boy of similar age, a surgical mask around his face. “He’s not that special. I could make him feel just as good.”

“Nanami’s lucky he got chosen as well!” Perked up a man with tattoos that mimicked patchwork snaking across his body, long, grayed hair flowing over his shoulders as he leaned over the couch where the lion haired man sat. “I wish I could fuck the brat tonight, but its really up to him, you know the rules!”

“What Yuuji wants, Yuuji gets.” Everyone in the room spoke in near perfect synchronization, all nodding their heads in agreement.

Sukuna’s heart tightened even more, rage filling his eyes as he heard the mention of Yuujims name. Who were all these men? Why did they talk so casually about having sex with his brother?

“Let’s just hope he’s up for the gangbang when he’s done with Gojo and Nanami, it is Friday after all.” The bedhead boy spoke as he slumped over on the couch, tugging down the surgical mask on the white haired boy and pulling him into a soft kiss. “We’ve got each other for now though, don’t we?”

A noise from above caught Sukuna’s attention and he decided to follow it, clambering up the fire escape as silently as possible where he found a window just barely cracked open to let the cool night air in.

“That’s such a good boy,” A voice purred. “Right Nanami? Look at how good our Yuuji takes our cocks, like a perfect little slut.”

As Sukuna peeked into the window, his eyes widened at the sight that berated his vision. Inside the room was his dearest brother, his mouth wrapped tight around the aching cock of a man with snowy white hair and goregous sapphire eyes, his hands wrapped tightly around strands of pink, fluffy hair as he pulled Yuuji’s head back and forth on his cock, strangled noises coming from his brother’s throat.

A tall blonde man stood behind Yuuji, fucking his ass just as hard. Slender fingers curled around Yuuji’s hips as they held him steady, hips rocking into Yuuji’s ass at a brutal pace, filling the room with the sound of slapping skin. His eyes were obscured by his glasses that glinted against the dim light of the room and Yuuji’s face was one of absolute bliss as he was filled from both ends like a whore.

Sukuna’s hands pressed against the glass as he seethed in anger, not noticing how unstable the window was until it flung open with a loud bang, sending him tumbling into the room and alerting the two men who were fucking his brother. Brown eyes widened as Yuuji’s mouth pulled off of the white haired man’s cock, saliva still connecting his tongue to the hardened organ as cum splashed out onto his face lewdly, causing the boy to gasp.

“S-Suku-nii?” He whimpered out as the blonde pulled out of his hole. “W-what are you doing here?”

“Yuuji, you know this man?” The blonde spoke, his voice rigid and stern as his cock softened and he tucked it away, more concerned as to the possible threat that Sukuna could pose. “Shall we remove him from the premises?”

“I wonder if he’d be opposed to getting fucked.” The white haired man mused, a dark look clouding his sapphire gaze. “He looks a lot like Yuuji actually, how cute. I want a turn with him.”

“The fuck do you thing you’re doing with my brother?” Sukuna shouted, standing up abruptly as he tried to avert his gaze from his brothers adorably nude form.

Sukuna couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to lick the cum off his brother’s face before joining in on the fun. His face flushed bright red as he imagined his brother sucking him off so lewdly while his ass was filled from the other end by the blonde. Oh what he wouldn’t give for that chance.

“Brothers huh? Well that would explain the similarities.” The white haired man spoke as he walked over to Sukuna, simply smiling as if he could read Sukuna’s thoughts. “Yuuji-Kun! Can he join in too? It’s not technically incest if there’s more people, right?”

Sukuna’s heart leapt with hope, why was this white haired man helping him? Giving his brother a straight up lie so he would get a chance to fuck him? Sukuna should hate this, he should want to punch the white haired man for even suggesting this, but he didn’t.

“I-I suppose its okay...” Yuuji stuttered out shyly and Sukuna took the chance that was offered to him in a heartbeat. His shoes slid across the floor as he bolted over to his brother, immediately beginning to lick the cum off his twin’s delicate face like a needy whore. “S-Suku-Nii!! So forward!”

“I’m Gojo Satoru by the way,” The white haired man introduced. “The blonde is Nanami, hope you two have fun! I already finished so I’m going to see if Geto will wanna have some more fun with me tonight. We’ll introduce you to the others later!”

Sukuna could care less of what the man said, not really caring for his words as he heard him leave. The blonde behind Yuuji took his cock back out, already nice and hard again, having failed to finish inside Yuuji due to Sukuna’s entry. Sukuna’s cock was hardening in his own pants as his cum soaked tongue slithered past his broher’s plump and swollen lips as Nanami pushed in from behind, filling Yuuji’s ass so wonderfully and starting off on his own pace as Sukuna shoved Yuuji’s fluffy pink head downwards.

“Take it out,” Sukuna commanded, his voice deep and intimidating. “And don’t use your hands.”

Obediently, Yuuji leaned forward, soft whimpers and moans escaping his lips as he mouthed at Sukuna’s bulge through his pants. His teeth clinked against the metal of the zipper that held Sukuna’s fly together, sliding it down with such practiced grace, clearly having done this before. Yuuji left soft, wet kisses along his brother’s belly as his teeth hooked onto the waistband of Sukuna’s underwear, pulling it down so delicately as Sukuna’s now fully hardened cock bounced to attention, slapping his stomach as it popped up.

A low moan escaped Sukuna’s throat as he saw his brother nuzzle the base of his cock, slowly licking at the base before dragging his tongue up the veiny shaft, supple lips puckering and kissing the tip as he looked up through hazy eyes, Nanami still pounding his ass from behind making his throat vibrate with soft moans and whimpers as brown eyes looked to Sukuna for permission.

“Suku-Nii...” He whimpered out. “Is this really okay for u-us to be doing?”

“Of course it is Yuu-Nii.” Sukuna purred out through a moan, precum dribbling out of the tip of his cock as his hand ruffled through the pink fuzz before him. “This is just how threesomes work, now be a good boy and suck.”

Yuuji nodded gently as his soft lips opened and wrapped around the head of his brother’s cock, humming as Nanami’s cock pulsed inside him and his body rocked forward as he licked and sucked at the precum forming at the tip. Wanting to impress his brother, Yuuji immediately dove down, taking Sukuna to the hilt and earning a surprised gasp from Sukuna’s lips as black tipped fingers shakily carded through fluffy pink hair, pulling him further onto his cock, the soft breeze from Yuuji’s moans and sighs brushing against his pubes as he adjusted to the warm, wet heat enveloping his cock.

“First time feeling it I suppose?” Nanami perked up as he slammed in from behind, Yuuji’s moans vibrating around Sukuna’s cock. “Amazing and tight isn’t it?”

Sukuna could do nothing but nod as his legs trenbled and Yuuji began to bob and suck, sliding up and down Sukuna’s cock with practiced skill, his tongue licking and sliding against the veins perfectly. Hums echoed and vibrated around Sukuna’s cock as small, soender fingers wrapped around the base and slick suckling noises and moans came from Yuuji’s throat as his eyes grew foggier and foggier and his entire mission became pleasing his brother.

The hands in his hair tightened as Sukuna’s hips began to thrust violently, a moan escaping Sukuna’s lips as he felt his brother’s throat grow slack, allowing him to flawlessly slide in and out of the wet heat as he grew closer and closer to his release. A low whine came from Yuuji’s throat as Nanami grunted behind him, slamming in with a harsh thrust before stalling a bit. Sukuna could see the bliss on the older blonde man’s face as he surely came inside his brother’s ass, a long moan rumbling through Yuuji’s mouth as he did so.

“Y-Yuuji... ah fuck! Yuuji! Yuuji!” Sukuna moaned out, saying his brother’s name like a desperate prayer as he slammed in and out of the wet head before finally cumming down Yuuji’s throat, his eyes widening in amazement as Yuuji gulped down every drop like a good little slut.

Sukuna slid his dick out of Yuuji’s throat with a wet pop, his brother’s tongue chasing after it as they parted with a long string of saliva snapping between the two slimy muscles. Nanami also pulled out and cum dribbled down his inner thighs.

“Be a dear and clean that up for me, won’t you Kento?” Yuuji asked, his voice rough and raspy from being fucked as he looked back at the blonde behind him with big, begging eyes. “I know you’ve had a hard day today at work so I hope its not too much of a bother.”

“Of course, Yuuji.” Nanami spoke gently as he bent over to get a warm towel that was waiting on a heating mat to which he wiped between Yuuji’s thighs, all while Yuuji stretched himself out with a pleased smile.

“Yuuji... what is this place?” Sukuna finally asked. “Why are all these men here? What were they talking about when you “chose” them?”

“Oh they were talking about me downstairs were they?” Yuuji chuckled as he leaned back into Nanami’s arms, gently kissing the older man on the cheek as a thank you. “These are all my men. Some are boyfriends, while others I just use for sex. They’re all here for my pleasure! Isn’t that amazing Suku-Nii?”

“I-I suppose...” Sukuna mumbled, clearly jealous of the men that had their way with Yuuji.

“You can have them too you know.” Yuuji spoke with an adorable little pout. “Though I don’t like sharing too much with you, but I’ll let you in on it this time!”

“Alright.” Sukuna decided with a sigh, knowing this could be his only excuse to be able to fuck his brother without him getting too suspicious, though he still didn’t like the though of all the others using him so wantonly, but it made his Yuu-Nii happy, so he supposed he would settle for now. “I’m in.”

“Then welcome, the newest member of my whorehouse!”