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Bad Ideas (Hange Zoë x Female!Reader)

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You knock on the wooden door, eyeing the shiny name plate that was labelled as Commander fondly.

It had been a while since you last visited the commander, giving her much needed space to finish her own tasks. It had been a week at most and you had to admit that the distance was getting to you as well, you missed cuddling with her in bed as her voice lulled you to sleep while she continued to read her journals. After much persuasion, Hange had gotten you to agree to pay a much needed visit so that you two could spend a night together. You were glad to do this as spending quality time was one of your love languages.

Not even a few seconds after knocking, the door opens and you are immediately greeted with the sight of one Hange Zoë - your commander and girlfriend.

"Y/N!" She greets, scooping you up and twirling you inside the room. You giggle at her playful behavior, affectionately playing with her hair.

"Did you miss me that much, my love?" You innocently asks.

"Are you kidding me?! One week without you has been maddening. I missed you more than you could ever imagine." She replies, peppering your face with kisses to show just how much she missed you.

You smile at her antics, allowing her a moment to smother you some more. She pulls back to scan over your face, a fond smile tugging at her lips.

"What are you doing, Hange?"

"Just memorizing your face. I missed you a lot, you know?"

You laugh at her, "Yes. You have not failed to remind me since I entered."

She cheekily smiles at you before holding your hands and gently pulling you in for a hug. You both stood in silence, enjoying the feeling of being in each other's arms again.

Hange pulls back, a look of disappointment painted on her face, "What's wrong, my love?" you asks.

She scratches the back of her neck before turning sideways to give you a view of her desk which was piled up to the brink with papers. "I'm afraid I still have papers to attend to." she answers, an apologetic look crossing her face.

You smile comfortingly, placing a hand on her cheek while rubbing your thumb across her cheek. "It's alright. I'll stay and keep you company. You do what you need to do, okay?"

"You're the best." she kisses you on the cheek before walking back to her chair, presumably to start working on her papers again. You walk towards her bookshelf which was conveniently situated next to the couch in her office, you pulled out a book and sat on the couch, propping your legs up on the arm of the couch as you opened the book. You had no plans of going back to your room for the night so reading a book to pass the time seemed like the best course of action to accompany your busy girlfriend. You sneak one more glance at Hange who had already busied herself with writing and smiled to yourself as you began to read the book.


Hours had passed, the moon shining through the window giving you a hint of what time it may possibly be. Your eyes were beginning to go droopy and you were just about to put down the book and resign yourself to Hange's bed when you heard said woman heave out a sigh. You glance towards her, she was pinching the bridge of her nose while her head was leaned back on the chair. She noticed your lingering stare and whipped her head back to look at you, "Come here, my love." she invites, putting her arm out in front of her.

You stand up and walk towards her, holding onto her outstretched hand. She guides you to stand before her, her eyes scanning your body. She hooks a finger on one of your pants' belt loops, tugging on it until you fall on her; your legs straddling her hips.

She sighs again, leaning into your body and resting her forehead on your chest. You play with her hair, pulling knots of it free in the process.

Her hands roam across your back, effectively making you shudder with her touch. "I'm sorry. This was not how I imagined we'd be spending our night together."

"It's alright, Hange. Just being around you has been more than enough."

"But you deserve more than that. You deserve to be given attention." Her hands fall to the curve of your ass, giving it a light squeeze.

The implication of her words were not lost on you. "I'm not a needy teenager. I can handle a few days without attention."

Despite the words you said, you could already feel heat pooling in your lower region. Your underwear getting effectively wet due to Hange's roaming hands.

"That is... a concern." Hange remarks, her hands going to your covered thighs, palms rubbing it up and down.

"Why do you say that?"

"It means I'm not doing my job properly."

Your face scrunches up in confusion, before you could even ask what she meant, one of her hands had already zipped your pants down, reaching inside to cup your clothed pussy. The touch alone making you gasp in a mix of surprise and arousal, "It worries me that you don't crave my touch," that's not true, you wanted to reply but the words were caught in your throat as her nimble fingers continued to draw patterns, making your mind go hazy.

"Do I not make you go crazy enough from the lack of touch even if it's just a few days? " she further prods.

Your words are incoherent, only audible moans coming out of your mouth at the moment. You liked to think of yourself as a mature adult who could go a few days being deprived of sex but god did Hange have an effect on you. No matter how much you tried to deny it, you craved Hange's touch at every second of every day; even in the most indecent times.

You were pulled further into the haze as Hange's free hand squeezed your ass harshly, "I'm waiting for an answer." she whispers into your ear, your eyes roll back as you tried so hard not to moan from her voice alone. Gathering up the last of your control, you whisper in response, "You do. Make me go crazy that I can't even think straight right now, your touch is insatiable."

"Really?" she questions amused, pulling back to look at your face, pleased to see how weak and aroused you looked, "I've barely touched you though?" she teases.

She stops her movements, making you whine from the lack of stimulation on your now throbbing core, rolling your hips to feel her fingers even faintly. She pulls her fingers away, scooping you up in her arms and placing you on top of her desk. "Open." she commands and you immediately open your mouth, Hange pushes her fingers into your mouth and you groan tasting yourself.

She shudders from the vibration and the feeling of your tongue licking across her fingers. "Can you taste yourself?"

You nod to her answer, too busy licking it clean to verbally answer her. She pries her fingers out of your mouth, placing both on the waistbands of your pants as she tugs it off in one swift movement. Hange places her hands on your bare thighs and spread your legs open, her face drawing closer to your body.

Her nose traces your inner thighs, inching closer to your pulsating core. She takes one long whiff and ends it with a pleased sigh, “fuck. you smell like sex already.”

You feel her hot breath on your pussy and it only heightens the tension you were feeling even more. She takes one long lick across your clothed slit, eyes staring deeply into yours and you could swear that you could come undone from that action alone.

“Hange please…” you begin to beg, voice barely above a whisper.

“What is it, cadet?”

Your breathing is rapid at this point and you weren’t sure you could take any more of this tension and teasing. “Eat me out.”

She places a kiss on your folds before her eyes get that familiar glint you know all too well, it was the exact one that drove you crazy all the time after all, “Beg.”

You grab a fistful of her hair and tug it forcefully, a stream of “please” leaving your mouth. You were near incoherent and the only form of begging you were capable of at this point was to say please while showing how needy you are.

Your hold on her hair had begun to make her scalp sting but it did nothing to alleviate her lust, if anything it only made it grow more intense. She wraps a tight hand around your neck, standing up from her chair and positioned herself in between your legs. You could feel the rough material of her harness hit your core and you couldn’t stop yourself from rubbing more against it. “Tsk tsk. Naughty little girl you are.”

She yanks your face closer by the neck while tightening her hold, “I said… beg.” she growls out in the lowest tone she could produce.

“Eat me out. Do whatever you want with me. Please make me moan until everyone knows that I’m yours — I’m yours, Commander.” You needily beg.

Seemingly pleased with it, Hange places a chaste kiss on your lips, “You’re so cute when you beg, my little kitten. I love how you can be such a dominating force out on the field but become all but a submissive little thing to me. Tell me, do you like it so much? being cornered into submission.” She says all this while her thumb lazily draws circles on your inner thigh, only making you go crazier with anticipation.

“Only when it’s you.”

Hange tightens her hold on your neck yet again, making you choke a bit as her face inches closer to yours again, “Say it properly, cadet.”

“I only submit easily to you, Commander.” you answer barely above a whisper.

"Good. I don't enjoy the idea of sharing you with other people." And with that, Hange crashes her lips onto yours, forcing her tongue into your mouth and knocking the air out of your lungs. You didn't back down so easily and continued to fight for dominance with your tongues, you knew that Hange particularly liked this power play and it would only rile her up anymore.

Hange's hand released your neck and you moaned out your appreciation now that you could properly gather more air into your lungs, Hange took this opportunity to dominate as she softly nibbled on your tongue with her teeth, pulling on it and sucking afterwards.

Hange's mouth ravishing your tongue and lips distracted you enough that you didn't notice her make quick work unbuttoning your shirt, only when the cold breeze of the night touched your skin did you realize that you were very much bare, your clothes messily scattered across the floor. Your eyes wander through the room, noting the door that was still unlocked. Anyone could come in at any point and you were sure to not have time to cover yourself, you should be more concerned with that possibility and yet you weren't. It brought you a certain thrill to think that someone could come in at any moment and witness your and their commander claiming you then and there.

Hange’s firm hold on your face, stops your wandering eyes as she forces you to look at her, "Where you looking, kitten?"

"The door's unlocked."

Hange turns to the door for a second and looks back at you seeming to be unfazed by the fact, "And?"

You shiver at her indifference and pull her in for a hot kiss which she gladly allows.

"You have too much clothes on." You whine.

"Take it off then." Hange blankly replies, pulling away from you and placing her hands on either side of your body, giving you access to the front of her shirt to take it off. You hastily take it off her, a few buttons sent flying in the process. Hange chuckles at your impatience, "I quite liked that shirt, thank you very much."

You sigh in admiration, staring at Hange's bare skin - the healed scars, light bruises, tensed muscles. You loved every inch of her, it drove you crazy all the same. You softly knead a tense shoulder muscle, eliciting a moan from Hange. before you could go any further, she picks you up bridal style and trudges off towards her bedroom. She locks the door behind her and throws you on the bed like a rag doll, she crawls on top of you and picks up where she left off, giving much needed attention to your neck - leaving marks and bruises in her wake.

You blissfully gasp in anticipation as her hand journeys lower until it cups your still clothed pussy, you're soaking at this point and it has already taken so much willpower to control your urge to create friction with your legs. Hange rips your underwear off, "Hey! I liked those!" You scream at her.

She chuckles at your reaction, "I'll buy you as many as you'd like, princess. In the end, I'll rip it off as I please anyway."

Hange doesn't waste any more time as her finger finally brushes up your slit, the first touch is light as if she's assessing how much teasing you can take before you become a begging mess for her. You could see the ghost of a smirk on her lips as she watches you whine beneath her.

You've had enough. She's teased you enough tonight and it doesn't help that you haven't had sex or touched yourself in days, the tension and deprivation of it all was maddening as it is and you didn't want to wait any more. You reach up and yank her hair, making her lean her head back with a moan first before pulling her to be inches away from your own, "Touch me. Now. Or I leave." You warn.

She smirks at your threat, mischief brewing in her coffee brown orbs. "Look who's being such a dominatrix tonight." she remarks, her thumb rubbing your clit just a little bit harder though it is enough to make you lull your head back into the bed.

"I think I'll have to remind you who's in charge."

She stops rubbing you suddenly and you look up to see her preying eyes staring back at you, "Were you taught to not reply to your commanding officer's words?"

You catch your breath, something about Hange's dominating authoritative aura always made you go crazy with lust. You've admittedly had dirty thoughts of the commander even when you were both in your work mode, her orders and strictness making you heat up at the most inappropriate of times. "Please remind me who's in charge, Commander." You mutter, pleased that you didn't stutter.

"Good girl."

She proceeds to rub again, giving your clit much needed attention. You moaned so loud that soldiers sleeping in the rooms next to you could possibly have heard it but that was the least of your concerns right now.

Hange's fingers never relented, bringing you to the brink of your climax and just as you were about to reach it, Hange stops. You've done this enough for Hange to know when you're about to come.

You were just about to curse her out for toying with you when something warm touches your slit. You look down to find Hange positioned in between your legs, pressing your hips down in place while praising your pussy. You moan, a string of curses and whimpers leaving your mouth. For such a chatterbox, Hange knew how to use her mouth and tongue well and you loved every single bit of it.

Hange suddenly moans against your pussy, making a shudder run across your spine, your legs closing by instinct. Hange slaps your pussy, hearing the wet sound and making you shudder even more with the action. "Keep your legs open, baby."

Hange had a habit of calling you a long list of pet names. If it were any other person, you'd immediately shut it down or punch your way to let them know how you felt about the names but Hange had a way with you, something about the way she could make it sound so sensual as it rolled off her tongue.

You spread your legs once more, Hange humming in appreciation as she continued with her agenda to give your pussy attention as you writhed under her touch.

Her tongue stays consistent and your grateful for that, your previous one night stands had given a few licks and called it a day but with Hange, she devoured you like it was her last meal, savoring every lick and appreciative of every taste you offered her. She worshipped your body in the best of ways. You were already close a few minutes ago so it came as no surprise when you successfully reached your climax this time. Internally thankful that Hange did not make you go through another round of teasing.

She continues to lick through your orgasm, only stopping when you sink into the bed, finished with your orgasm. She pulls away and you immediately shiver as the breeze hits your still wet core. Hange cups it, offering the warmth of her hand as she crawls on top of you again, her other hand pressed on the bed a few inches away from your head, she comes down to give you a kiss and you moan into her mouth, tasting yourself on her tongue that scavenged through your mouth.

You feel her fingers begin to toy with your still sensitive bud as you moan into the kiss, she pulls back with a grin. "You didn't actually think I'd only let you cum once tonight, baby?"

"I have a whole week's worth to compensate for."

Oh it was going to be a long night and you'd surely be sore come the next day. It was all worth it though, the way Hange worshipped your body and made you cum giving you blissful ecstacy.

"I'm all yours, commander." You grin cheekily, looping a leg around her hips and pulling her in, making her own soaking pussy collide with yours and eliciting a moan from both of you.

She wraps a wet hand across your neck, making you gasp, "Such a naughty little thing you truly are, my kitten."