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Crimson Desire and Arctic Gazes

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The light knock on the door brought Kaeya from his work sorting through patient files and preparing for his clients next week. He had finished up the last appointment for the day and fully intends to enjoy the four day weekend to its fullest which meant he had to get all of this out of the way. 

“Ah, Diluc. Come in.” 

He waved the felinae lynx into his office that was understandably saturated with the alpha's scent: cedar with an undertone of vanilla, like on a cold winter night by the fire. His stark arctic blue eye brightened with the smile that lit his features when Diluc stepped into the room, his cobalt ears perking atop his head, barely visible in the wondrous locks of azure. The lynx was dressed as proper as he always was, slim pants that rest slightly higher than his hips, a belt snugly keeping them in place with a shirt tucked in and puffed out to a pleasing degree. His hands were adorned in the right amount of jewelry that matched the ones that lined his ears. Gold seemed to be his preferred color. It complemented the messy, yet professional bun of red curls atop his head. Diluc diffused the sweetest of scents. It reminded Kaeya of crisp apples and cinnamon; autumn. 

“Is there something I can help you with?” 

“I just wanted to remind you of my days off next week is all.” 

“How could I forget? I’m going to be without you, after all. I’m not sure how I’ll function.” 

Diluc’s cheeks turned the most beautiful shade of pink, a rose only bringing further attention to how light colored his skin was, especially in comparison to the cherry strands of hair that frame his face. “I know you would struggle to find your head if it weren’t attached to your shoulders. I’m impressed you manage to tie your shoes every day before work.” 

The assistant already had started to move forward and walked around the desk to be beside Kaeya. The scent was, of course, the strongest. His fingers sorted with ease through the files to organize in the usual way — a way that Kaeya had never thought to do himself, though found extremely efficient. 

He leaned back in his chair and gave a hearty laugh, lengthy canines showing in his smile. “What can I say? If I could do all of this myself, I wouldn’t need you around, would I?” 

Diluc’s eye roll didn’t go unnoticed, even if such behavior was entirely inappropriate for his station. 

Kaeya only laughed more. 

“You never told me what you’re doing next week anyways. If I find out you’re interviewing for other places, I might just have to deny your request.” 

“No can do, sir. You already approved it seven months ago. And you’re paying me, too.” 

“I’m paying you not to work?!” 

Between the disorganization and the dramatics, it was a surprise that someone as organized and straight-forward could put up with Kaeya Alberich. And yet Diluc had done so for nearly a year with ease. Many had thought that Kaeya's theatrics would be too much to handle, or they thought their opposing dynamics would prove a problem, and others assumed that with Kaeya's charming and flirtatious personality he would be harassing the omega daily. And yet, Diluc had already earned himself a raise on top of his already generous wage with regular bonuses at Kaeya's insistence and generosity for all the work that he does. With the ease with which the two of them work with one another despite their different dynamics, Diluc didn’t intend to look for another job for quite a while. 

“Yes, sir.” The small smile was audible. Kaeya couldn't see it through the strands of wild cherry that fell from the bun, but he could clearly imagine the tiny sharp fang like teeth. He always thought them cute. 

“And this is in your contract? I wrote that?” 

“Actually, you had me write it. But you signed it.” 

Kaeya laughed, only sitting up when Diluc had finished setting the patient files out in the way that they had learned helped Kaeya the most. “I see how you did that. Then, I suppose if I have no choice.”

There was no animosity. Diluc had learned quickly that Kaeya often had a taste for the theatrics. He was also pretty sure sarcasm was Kaeya’s first spoken language.

“Now, if that will be all, sir.” 

“One more thing.” 

Diluc leaned against the desk with a hip cocked. His arms folded over one another, drawing the shirt tighter against him and only bringing more attention to his small waist. “And what would that be, sir?” 

Kaeya seemed to regard him for a long moment before shaking his head. Diluc ignored the arctic gaze that ran over his form; he wouldn't fault the alpha for checking him out as it never crossed the professional line or made him uncomfortable. “Nothing. Just have a good week off or however long I’m paying you for.” 

Dilux released a small laugh, sweet in that omega way. It was almost under his breath and yet Kaeya heard it anyway. The doctor smiled after him as he left the room, and Diluc was entirely aware of how he was being watched — his hips swaying naturally in that way that had Kaeya unable to look anywhere else. The tuft of a tail twitching as it always did. 


“Get out. I want you out of here!” 

Diluc threw a book in the direction of the ducking man. A red lupin who did nothing but duck and try to get back into his graces. 

“Diluc, baby. C’mon, just hear me out!” 

“Get. Out.” Just as Diluc went to pick up something else to throw at the irritating male he thought to call his boyfriend, the man ran over to grab his wrist and force him to drop the object. The man’s other hand curled around his small waist to draw him close. Diluc felt there was too little space between them. He had been in just a large shirt in preparation for the week when his soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend suggested something entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

“Baby, calm down.” 

Childe’s grip on his wrist was too tight for Diluc to try and pull away. His crimson eyes sparked with anger still as he tried to get out of the grasp. 

“Just listen… would it really be all that bad? I could still take care of you like you need to.” 

“Did he know you already had a partner? Because who would agree to this? You’re supposed to focus on me during my heat, not some other omega. Have I even even met him?!” Diluc finally succeeded in pulling away from Childe and put some much needed space between them.

“Well… no. I hadn’t told him. I just wanted to see if we could make it work first.” 

Diluc scoffed and fixed his shirt so it stayed down around his thighs. “So you told this other omega you’d help through his heat while knowing that you already promised yourself to me. What is wrong with you? I want you out of here. Now.” 

Childe took a few steps back, understanding that he wasn’t welcome any longer. Given that it was Diluc’s house, he couldn’t overstay. “What will you do for your heat then, baby? It’s not like you can find someone in a day.” It was said with such cockiness and confidence that Diluc wanted to hit the man. He regretted every thinking he could trust this man. Childe knew Diluc had low self-esteem when they’d gotten together, but Diluc would like to think that he had grown over the years. How dare the ginger prod at something so personal. 

“What is that supposed to mean, Childe?” His eyes narrowed threateningly. 

“I just mean… it’s not like you’re the… easiest omega to get with. You aren’t the easiest to please either. Just let me bring him over and we can talk more about this after next week.” 

“You bastard. Get out!” Diluc snapped once more. He had no patience for any of this and the oncoming heat meant his body felt overstimulated and the idea of trying to draw this out was exhausting him. He had thought everything had been all set for the next week and had stopped worrying for once. 

It didn’t take too much more yelling to finally get Childe to leave. And Diluc hardly felt relieved to have his apartment to himself. It wasn’t supposed to be just him. His heat partner, his alpha is supposed to be with him. Regardless, once he was alone, Diluc knew that he would just have to stick it out by himself. He’d done it before, he could do it again.


It was Monday when the worst of it had hit. The days leading up to the start of the week had let Diluc know the intensity of the heat he’d experience, but never could one prepare for the need to rip off clothing and want to dive into an icy lake. And that is exactly how Diluc felt each and every time he had to suffer on his own. 

The lynx had since abandoned his shirt and had pressed his body against the cool floor of his kitchen. He knew it was sanitary only because he was the one who had cleaned it just before his heat started for this specific reason. No other room had a large enough space for him to cool off in that manner. 

There was never a distinct cramp or ache that Diluc experienced, but just a general discomfort. The heat that radiated from him was always unbearable and the leaking between his legs made him shameful. It was nothing that he couldn’t get through on his own. It just didn’t help that he was still angry from what his ex-boyfriend had tried to pull on him. 

Diluc’s pretty fluffy ears were pinned to his head as he lay with the knowledge that he’d be stuck there for the entire week since he’d not have the option to fuck it out. Just his luck, too. 

The ring of his phone caught him off guard. It was short, signalling a text and while his phone lay right next to him, Diluc wondered if the energy to answer it was worth it. 

With a heavy groan, he flopped his arm over to grab the device. 

[boss: if you have time, could you please give me a call? i’ve seemed to have lost my head.] 

And it turned out that Kaeya couldn’t even find that with it attached to his shoulders. Diluc truly wasn’t that surprised that three hours into the work week and Kaeya was lost without him. 

Even though it was his time off, Diluc couldn’t not give Kaeya a call. It was picked up on the first ring. 

“Oh thank god, Diluc. I’m so sorry to bother you. I just… I can’t find the patient files from last month. I know you were in the process of scanning them in, but… I need ones that weren’t scanned in and I can’t find them. I looked everywhere. I’m really sorry for bothering you.”

Was that a… genuine apology? 

Diluc was surprised to not hear the usual dramatics or cocky tone from his boss. By the sound of his exasperation, Diluc truly believed that Kaeya had looked everywhere and exhausted all options before calling him. 

“They’re in my file cabinet. You should have a key.” 


“I lost the key.”  

Another bout of silence.

“I’ll be there in thirty.”


Diluc kneeled before his cabinet drawer, unlocked the files, and pulled out the one that Kaeya had been searching for. It was, ironically, the next one that Diluc had to file and would have been available already if he hadn’t taken the week off. 

“You are a lifesaver, Diluc. Really, I told you that I wouldn’t have been able to function without you. Gone four hours and I’m losing my mind.” Kaeya took the file, his eye watching as Diluc rose to his full height. 

Diluc wasn’t as put together as he normally was. His hair was a bit less tamed, though the curls were always a force to be reckoned with; Kaeya had never seen them so out of place. His shirt wasn’t tucked in; his waist was still so easily seen. His flesh had a light sheen of sweat to it and there was a sweet scent about him that Kaeya knew wasn’t the cologne that Diluc wore — not that he would ever admit to having become familiar with the scent at all. 

“Is that all, sir? I can stay if you’d like.” And Diluc would stay. Despite the sass that he had given to Kaeya the day before the weekend, he would stay and help him if it were asked of him.  

“Well, no… of course not, I’ll always need you to stay, but I think you would do better going home — is everything alright? You look… flushed.” Kaeya knew it was inappropriate, but he raised a hand to press the back of it to Diluc’s forehead where some of his wild red hair stuck to. 

“I’m fine, sir. I just… you’re right. I should return home.” Diluc pulled away from the cool touch that honestly felt more relieving than he would ever admit to, grabbed his keys from the desk in which he had set them, and turned to walk out of the office. A client was likely to show up soon and Diluc really did not look presentable. He would be mortified with himself once he came to his senses. 

“Diluc… I…” 

The redhead turned to look at his employer. Diluc did not look well. His red eyes were dimmer than normal, his skin more pale, his face gaunt. He was tired and wanted to return home and lay on that cool floor to help ease the itching sensation along his skin. Even the clothes he wore, higher quality material than most, were making him overstimulated. The lights were too bright. Kaeya’s alpha scent was too strong. Diluc just wanted to be home where he didn’t suffer an assault on all of his senses. 

“This is hardly appropriate since I’m your boss, but where is your heat partner? I thought I heard you talking with Amber about… someone?” 

Diluc’s eyes flashed, tufted ears flattening as he raised his head more to look at Kaeya. “Sir, that is hardly appropriate and whether or not I have a heat partner is none of your business.” The response is done out of protection, out of that low self esteem that had bubbled from Childe’s departure. Diluc knew he was deserving of a heat partner no matter what anyone said — a thing he had to remind himself of often over the days since realizing he’d spend this heat alone.

Kaeya raised his hands in surrender and took a step back. He shook his head, azure hair swaying with the motion. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just… you don’t look like you’re doing too well and I’m just worried for you is all. Just forget I said anything, okay?” 

The redheaded lynx regarded the lupin for a long moment as if testing whether or not he meant the apology. There was little reason as to why he wouldn’t mean it. “Fine. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll be back next Monday.” 

“Call me if you need anything, and I mean it. Anything, Diluc.” 

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” 

“Anytime. Enjoy the rest of your week.” 


Diluc knew that when he had walked into the office that Kaeya would have known he was in heat, or at least the start of it. Kaeya would have scented the natural smell Diluc released without trying. The amount of soap and perfume made no difference. Yet, he hadn’t said anything. Kaeya wasn’t as inappropriate as one might have thought him to be. Not as inappropriate as Diluc had been warned he could be — he had learned early on how to keep Kaeya in his place (not that Kaeya had ever done anything that would be considered even the most mild of sexual harassment.) 

Call me if you need anything. 

Anything, Diluc.

But surely he hadn’t meant for that

Diluc lay on the kitchen floor still. He was panting, hot, and wanting to cry out his frustrations as he tried to outlast the worst of it. It was Wednesday morning, or at least it was when Diluc looked last. His mind wasn’t the most coherent to the things constructed unnecessarily. Time was the last thing Diluc was thinking of. 

He didn’t realize that he had already picked up his phone and dialed into Kaeya’s cell. He didn’t realize as he held the phone to his face that his breath was heavier than usual. There was no way for Diluc to tell what time it was or if it were even an appropriate thing to do. 


Kaeya’s voice was raspy. Was he asleep? 

“Kaeya. Sir.” 

There was hesitation before his boss spoke. Diluc couldn’t help but wonder why. 

“Diluc? Are you okay?” 

He cared. Of course he cared, Diluc would have to remind himself. 

“I don’t want to wait it out.” 

Because Diluc didn’t want to have to deal with the discomfort of being alone. He didn't want to have the insecure thought that he was unworthy, that no alpha actually wanted to put up with him. He didn’t want to be alone anymore, not at his age. 

“Diluc, you don’t know what you’re saying right now.” 

There was almost longing in what Kaeya said, and Diluc knew that he didn’t imagine it. 

“I do. I do know what I’m saying. I know that you stare at my ass all goddamn day long. And I know that you want me. So do me this favor or I’ll quit.” 

“That’s an abuse of power!” 

Always the theatrics with him.

“You’re the boss, so it isn’t. Now… please, Kaeya… All the things I’ve done for you… do me this much.” 

Silence. It was a long pause that even had Diluc’s mind clearing of the fog and the doubt was starting to take its place. But Diluc meant it. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it, after all, late at night when he needed a fantasy to help ebb the desire of being a virile adult. 

“I’ll be there soon. Let me… make arrangements for the rest of the week. Just… wait for me, okay? I’ll be there.”

“Okay… okay, thank you. I’ll… I’ll wait. I promise.” 

“Good kitten.”

Diluc didn’t know if the punched out whimper was made before or after the call ended.


Diluc had had enough sense to put on a large shirt by the time that Kaeya arrived. He was dabbing a cold cloth along his neck when answering the door and wordlessly letting the lupin alpha inside. 

“Wow, you don’t look like you’re doing too well.” 

The redhead rolled his eyes when the door shut and he made his way back to the kitchen, relieved when his feet hit the cool tile. 

“What happened to your heat partner?”

Diluc supposed that Kaeya then had a right to ask that. “Knowing him, he’s off fucking someone else through their heat.” His voice was so rough, so dry, and he didn’t have a filter any longer. “He wanted us both for this week, the greedy bastard.” 

Silence followed as Diluc walked to the freezer to replace the wet cloth he held with another one that lay in there waiting. He sighed when it touched the flesh of his neck. It was just soothing enough until his body heat warmed it to an uncomfortable degree. His hair stayed up in the clip and off of his neck even as sweat dampened a fine layer of it. 

“So you’ve been managing like this?” Kaeya had removed his jacket by the door along with his shoes. He stood in dark jogging pants and a form fitting t-shirt. It was the most casual that Diluc had ever seen him; it was a look that he appreciated.

“What other choice do I have?” It was said as if Diluc hadn’t invited Kaeya over to help him through it. He likely should have either asked him from the beginning or not asked him at all. He started to doubt his own resolve as the moments passed and the heat burned through him. 

“If I’d known you needed someone, kitten, I’d have been here sooner.” It wasn’t flirtatious. It was said genuinely and Diluc felt himself preen under the attention, even his tufted ears twitch. “What can I do? Do you want skin to skin contact or just some general affection? That would help a great deal of it.”

Diluc’s brows furrowed. Was Kaeya actually serious? A man like him, an alpha like him, wasn’t pushing to fuck him? To satisfy his heat in the most potent and effective way? It made something within Diluc satisfied that Kaeya wasn’t pushing it. 

Yet, Diluc decided that biology would win out this time.

“No.” Diluc stated firmly. “We’re going to go to my bedroom and you’re going to fuck me through this like you aren’t my boss. Then we’ll go back on Monday and act like nothing happened, understood?” 

The statement was so surely declared that the surprise that formed was quickly washed away by heated desire in the form of parted lips and a dilating eye. 

“Have any rules you wanna lay down first, kitten?” Kaeya made sure to ask even as he was pulling off his shirt for Diluc’s sake. At least he realized that Diluc was a bit further in his heat and the skin to skin contact really would be one of the most soothing things for him. 

Diluc didn’t have the capacity to answer as he looked over the lean form of his boss. The alpha’s olive-gold skin taut over rippling muscles. His mouth went dry as his eyes followed the broad, strong shoulders down to a narrowed waist — with a quick glance at his biceps that bulged proportionately and satisfactorily. There was a scar just under his ribcage on the right side, faded and darker than the rest of his skin; unremarkable. Otherwise… not a blemish could be seen. Diluc bit at the corner of his bottom lip, feeling himself heat enough that the ice cold cloth had already become useless. 

His fingers shook when he pulled it from his neck and dropped it to the counter. Kaeya was moving closer to him, striding towards him, stalking towards him as if he were some prey. Diluc briefly noticed the swaying feathered tail behind him. Everything about Kaeya was enticing, and the alpha had everything that the lynx could ever want in a partner, especially during his heat. 

When his brain finally caught up to him, Diluc had to wet his tongue and swallow thickly, simultaneously finding his mouth all too dry while salivating over what was being offered to him, what he had asked for. 

“Yeah… yeah, I have one.” Diluc’s crimson eyes were glossy, the irises hardly visible with swollen pupils.

“What is it, kitten?”

Kaeya was close enough that he reached forward to brush his hand along Diluc’s clothed waist. The lynx wished more than anything that he had just forgone any decency or modesty just so he could have that skin to skin contact that he so desperately needed. His back arched at the touch, his eyes fluttered, and his heart pounded in his ears. 

Words. Diluc had to find words. His throat was dry again. He could see how Kaeya smirked at him, the ice color of his eye so piercing that it made Diluc’s insides twist. Diluc had known of Kaeya’s want of him for months now, but had suppressed his own. Now he didn’t have to. 

“You have to knot me.” 

The alpha growled so low that it caused the blood to pool so furiously in his groin that he felt lightheaded and weak in the knees. The redhead was grateful when Kaeya’s arms finally encircled him, and further relieved when a hungry kiss was pressed to his mouth with the pure intention to devour him. He didn’t even think about the height difference that was just enough to guide his jaw up. 

The way that Kaeya kissed him made Diluc's knees weak. He found it hard to compare it to anything he'd experienced before. The way that the lupin's mouth was against his had the lynx arching with a desperate whine that he couldn't even feel any embarrassment over. He was too far gone in his heat to care what Kaeya thought of him. As long as he was fucked thoroughly in the immediate future, he didn't have a reason to complain. And knotted. Diluc very much needed that. 

His demand for it came from the fact he had never slept with a lupin before. 

The redhead didn't even know that one of his legs had begun to creep up the outside of Kaeya's thigh while he had been licking into his boss's mouth, eager to taste him in all feasible ways. Kaeya tasted like espresso and sugar, bitter with the hint of sweetness that had Diluc pressing in closer. 

One of Kaeya's hands — so large and soft, fingers thin and yet radiating warmth and strength — cupped his cheek, fingertips reaching along under his ear to tangle barely in curls that were damp from sweat and the wet cloth. Yet, it didn't seem to bother Kaeya in the least as his hand continued to slide back until he could reach up to remove the clip that held up the untamed curls. Diluc had known he had always liked his hair, especially when it cascaded down his back like it did. He didn't even care how it would likely make him hot and stick to his shoulders and chest and back, so long as it fell down to the small of his back.

Diluc let out a sweet mewl into the other's mouth when there was the slightest of teeth on his bottom lip. It drew Kaeya to grip at the thigh that was hitching itself up with a pressure that speaks of his strength — as if Diluc really needed another reason to want him as badly as he did. 

When he had been moved close enough to have the small of his back pressed against the counter is beyond Diluc. All he knew was that Kaeya’s bodyline pressed up against his had him gasping out and trying to press closer. That hand that had been at his thigh is sliding up the bare flesh, searing him; was Diluc scalding hot or freezing under Kaeya’s touch? 

Every moment meant the intensity of need he felt grew tenfold. It could have been an exaggeration, but what did it matter when Kaeya’s tongue continued to press into his mouth or when his hand slid up to find an absence of anything underneath the shirt he wore — Diluc really should have been wearing something given the presence of slick that dripped down his thighs, but he had only so few fucks to give about his image this far into his heat before Kaeya had arrived.

“Fuck,” Kaeya’s breath fanned over Diluc’s mouth before he pulled back to look at the lynx. Diluc was panting and found that his hands had slid to the back of Kaeya’s head and tangled in his hair in an attempt to keep him close. “Remind me to thank your ex with a fruit basket or something.” 

“I’ll put it on your to-do list.” 

“Make sure it’s after you.” 

Diluc rolled his eyes and had half a mind to hit the lupin purely for the sake of his stupidity. It was not the time for Kaeya's stupid jokes that only only he ever found funny. 

“Shut up and kiss me, Kaeya.” 

“Course, kitten.” 

The next kiss moved at a hotter pace, if that were even a type of kiss. Diluc couldn’t recall ever feeling so out of it simply by being kissed. Maybe it was the scent of alpha pheromones — vanilla started to overpower the comforting cedar — that were permeating the room, flooding his senses, and leaving him fairly weak to anything that didn’t lead to being stuffed full of an alpha’s knot. It only broke for Kaeya to draw the only article of clothing over Diluc’s head, only tousling his hair more. 

Diluc gasped when Kaeya took a half step back, looking over him with that solitary arctic orb. It trailed over his alabaster flesh, the cherry curls framing his rosy cheeks and cascading over his bare shoulders that were dusted rouge, reaching the gentle curve of his slim hips. Legs appearing longer than ever and inner thighs strong with a glossy sheen of slick. Diluc’s cock was curved towards his stomach, the perfect length and a width that Kaeya wanted to set in his palm. He resembled a renaissance work of art. 

“Stop staring…” Diluc whined, brushing some of his hair behind his ear for it to only slip back to his cheek. 

“Where’s the bedroom, darlin’? I think it’s ‘bout time we get you off your feet and onto your back, don’t you?” 

Diluc nodded with a soft whine. His teeth caught and worried at his bottom lip. He didn’t even know he was reaching out to curl his fingers around the wide biceps that are tensing and bulging further when hands grip at a slim waist to lift the felinae from the ground. Long legs were quick to wrap around still unfortunately clothed hips. The heat of Kaeya’s body rivaled his own in that moment. 

Did Diluc even tell him where the bedroom was? Or did Kaeya follow the scent where it was the most potent? He couldn’t be sure when those lips attached to his neck, sure to be leaving marks. Diluc wanted to be covered in them and anything else that could satisfy the instincts of his heat. 

When his back hit the cool duvet, the material crumpling beneath him, Diluc whined and made sure that his thighs gripped the other’s hips with enough force to make him fall down to the bed with him. He didn’t even care that those lips were moving further down, teeth dragging across the alabaster flesh with intent to mark. Diluc could swear that he felt the welts left behind his teeth when they finally curled around a pert nipple, biting at the flesh with nothing if not the intention of marking, claiming him. 

“K-Kaeya..” It was the first moan of the man’s name, and it was enough to cause the lupin to thrust up against his slicked body. The pants that were in the way do little to hide the thick length that was painfully and nearly uncomfortably hard when it pressed against his body. 

“I know, kitten.” He spoke against the watermelon shade powdered over his chest and sternum. The heat that burned within his veins felt suddenly cool each time Kaeya spoke — his desperation and seemingly pleased tone was enough to abate it for a short moment. “Do you wanna just get the first round over with? I promise I can still make it good for you.” Even as he spoke, those lips were drifting down Diluc’s body, hands secure on his hips to keep him stationary as he was trying to writhe at the tiniest bit of stimulation. Teeth tugged just under his belly button as his chest heaved for desperate breaths. 

“No… no, just… gods, don’t tease me so much, Kaeya.” Diluc’s shaking fingers had once again found their way into the other’s hair, brushing back the loose strands so he could see that single eye looking up at him, dilated with intense arousal. 

The chuckle was felt against his skin and the vibration had his cock twitching up against Kaeya’s sternum with his legs parting with ease. If there was ever a chance that any other scent would surround them, it was quickly dashed away. The only scent that filled their senses belonged to the omega, an embarrassing fact that Diluc would surely want to forget about when he was of sound mind once more. But right then, it wasn’t just the alpha that enjoyed the smell they were bathed in. 

"Kaeya, please… please… don't tease me. I can't take it." It was mewled so softly. The delicate curve of Diluc's spine only exaggerated further when he arched towards the alpha's mouth. Any other time, Diluc thought that he might actually enjoy feeling those lips draw designs over his flesh, burning him with his breath, and branding him with his tongue. But right then, at the peak of his heat, Diluc simply needed to be filled and fucked through it until he could breathe slowly once again. Their disappointment would be equal, but understandable. 

Kaeya was kissing back up Diluc’s body, teeth dragging up his sternum before nipping at his elongated neck. His hands helped guide Diluc’s legs further apart and up to his hips. His nose brushed Diluc’s jaw and he breathed in the spice that suited the lynx more than he could have ever thought. 

“No more…” Diluc spoke once more, his hands curling into Kaeya’s hair that was softer than he had imagined. Who knew that the doctor actually had the ability to groom to such a degree — a thought that Diluc would find amusement with only once he was coherent once more. “I need you, Kaeya.” 

“I know, kitten. I need you, too.” The words are breathless, a low growl that vibrated from the center of Kaeya’s chest, leaving Diluc quivering beneath him with anticipation. It realistically wouldn’t be too much longer from that point, yet Diluc craved it so badly that he didn’t think he could even wait another moment. 

Regardless of what he thought he was capable of, a passionate kiss to his mouth was taking his thoughts further from him while Kaeya reached down between his spread thighs. His long fingers drifted just across the heated flesh of his cock; it was enough to have Diluc spasming just under him. He hadn’t bothered touching himself as it was never satisfying enough, and just the slightest touch from a perfect alpha had his senses going into overdrive. He could practically taste the drop of sweat that slid down Kaeya’s temple, the scent of their arousal mixing makes his head dizzy, his vision blurry at the way the touch drifting down to his slicked hole. 

One finger sliding into him had his thighs tensing and quivering on either side of Kaeya’s body. His hands fell from Kaeya’s hair and dropped to the bed, twisting in the sheets and tugging violently at it. He found it hard to catch his breath when his body so easily opened with a squelch. His cheeks would darken if they weren’t already nearly matching the cherry of his hair. 

“Fuck, kitten… didn’t know kittens like you got so wet.” Kaeya so crudely spoke against the felinae’s jaw, teeth tugging at flesh for short moments. Diluc could already feel the tension of Kaeya’s jaw from the desire to bite down. He wouldn’t lie and say he didn’t keen towards that mouth to feel a sharper press of the wide teeth. It wouldn’t happen, but an omega could dream. 

“Shut up.” He remembered to murmur. 

It didn’t matter because a second finger was sliding into his body with ease and Diluc was quickly gasping out a sound of pleasure, something caught in his throat. It almost gurgled out, but Diluc made sure to swallow down a moan of Kaeya’s name. He still ended up writhing underneath him, unable to handle how intense it was. He didn’t care if he were stretched enough. Surely, Kaeya couldn’t be that well endowed — (Diluc had never been with a lupin.) 

“That’s enough. Enough, Kaeya. Fuck…” The lynx whimpered, his clammy fingers curling into his shoulders before he was pushing the other away. He needed this to hurry up before he burned from the inside out.  

The lupin nodded and pressed another heated kiss to Diluc’s mouth. The lynx had expected the other to be so much more talkative, probably never shutting up, really. It was another shock that Diluc would delight in at a later time. The tongue slid forward as it had before and ran across his teeth in such a possessive manner that it had Diluc arching towards the azure-haired man for an entirely different reason; he really was hitting all the important parts of being a heat partner. 

“Condom?” A part of the heat-addled mind rejected the idea of not being filled with the seed of a virile alpha, but sense still won out. He wasn’t some mindless animal, he couldn’t speak for the lupin for much longer; didn’t wolves move at a faster, more aggressive pace? 

“I got one, kitten.” 

Rose colored cheeks quickly became white as fear chilled Diluc nearly out of his heat. “J-just one?” 

The deep laugh released against his jaw when that mouth moved back down was enough to make him feel embarrassed about having asked. 

“Do you think this is my first time?”

Diluc swallowed and basked for a moment in those hands that ran down the length of his body to before Kaeya was pulling away entirely. The redhead gasped at the loss and was quick to push up to his elbows, realizing belatedly that Kaeya was only standing from the bed to remove the rest of his god forsaken clothing. Diluc could see the swelling at his pelvis; he had felt it when he’d been against him. It had radiated heat and assured that he wasn’t going to be short of pleasure in at least one regard. 

After reaching into his pocket, Kaeya pushed down the sweats he was wearing, his underwear either nonexistent or pushing down with him — not that Diluc cared all that much because he was much more focused on what lay between his muscular thighs. 

The shape of Kaeya’s cock was probably what had Diluc’s mouth drying. The color was the same olive-gold color of his flesh with the cut head tinted red — or was it purple shaded? A vein throbbed along the underside that Diluc would like to see close up, and intended to do so at his earliest convenience. But the shape… curved up towards Kaeya’s toned stomach rather than straight. Diluc didn’t even realize that his legs spread further and slick glistened with more prominence. He wouldn’t even attempt to guess at the length of it — just that it was long. And thick. Thick enough that Diluc couldn’t wait to get his mouth around it. Either way, not a single thing about it was unappealing or would be unsatisfying.

“Like what you see, kitten?” 

Diluc didn’t have to raise his crimson eyes to know he was smirking. He simply rolled his own and laid back down on the bed. “Shut up and get over here.” 

As the lupin crawled back onto the bed and between Diluc’s legs, the pale flesh that hadn’t been colored by his arousal then joined the rest. The redhead’s chest rose at a quicker pace, breath harder to catch as he was reaching out for the strong arms that settled on either side of him. The heat that encased him was nothing compared to what burned within. His impatience only made it more unbearable — if that were even possible. 

Kaeya’s mouth pressed back against the omega’s, their tongues quick to meet one another as if both were starving. Diluc surely felt like he was. How long had it been since he felt this intense need for his partner? He quickly shook those thoughts from his head when looking down between the two of them at feeling Kaeya’s hands work a condom over his sizable cock. It had a shiver running down the length of his spine as it would only be moments before that was inside of him. 

“Kaeya…” Diluc breathed hotly, his glossy gaze rising to meet that single arctic eye. His lips were swollen and he felt that every bit of him was a mess and spoke of omega desperation. 

“I know, kitten. I got you, though.” 

The assurance was unprecedented. 

Yet, Diluc thrived because of it when the latex covered cock was pressing into his body. The size of it felt all too intense, a pressure that was sending shockwaves up his spine. He hadn’t expected anything to feel this extreme. 

“Ah, fuck…. Diluc... you’re… yeah, fuck.” It was a low chuckle that didn’t make it to Diluc’s ears as he was filled further by a heat that wasn’t blocked by the condom in the slightest. It was a smooth slide into his body and yet every inch felt like fire in his veins. Fucking was supposed to ease the fire, not intensify it. 

The moments passed at an eternity’s pace. He found it unbelievable that it was taking so long for Kaeya to bottom out. He was shaking by the time the pressure settled, which the lynx assumed meant Kaeya bottomed out. 

And it wasn’t until he heard soft cooing from the other that he started to come to. 

Diluc’s arms had, at some point, wrapped tightly around Kaeya’s shoulders, nails clawing at his back in the felinae manner that Kaeya should have expected. His legs were spread wide, hips already aching and yet he didn’t care. He didn’t even care that there was a wetness at the corner of his mouth and tears pricking in his eyes. The last thing he became aware of was the high pitched whining that confused him. Until he realized that it was him making the pathetic, needy noises. 

“Sh, kitten… fuck, you have to… have to calm… breathe for me, kitten.” 

The redhead could smell how much Kaeya was enjoying it by the increase of vanilla permeating around them. As if the cock twitching within his body wasn’t enough of a sign. It was so painfully hard and yet Diluc was already eager to feel it penetrate him again and again. 

“Ah… Kaeya.. K-Kaeya… I can’t… oh, gods. You have to move. You have to. I can’t. It’s too.” His body shuddered beneath Kaeya’s. There was so much tension being held in both of their forms that Diluc felt he was about to be split at the seams from it. His nails continued to draw over the olive-gold skin, neither caring if marks were left in his wake. 

Kaeya turned to nuzzle into Diluc’s cheek. It was such an affectionate action that Diluc was shocked for a long moment until the slowest shift of Kaeya’s hips had him crying out. 

“Anything for you, kitten.” 

It was a thrust next. Enough so that Diluc’s spine arched painfully, his thighs gripping at the alpha’s hips as tightly as he could to ensure he wouldn’t part from him more than necessary. His head pressed back into the pillow and he didn’t even care that Kaeya was sucking marks over the sensitive, pale flesh of his neck. 

A low growl vibrated from Kaeya’s chest, their bodies so close that it ran through and radiated in Diluc’s bones. He moaned wordlessly as he tried to meet Kaeya’s thrusts one for one. A sticky hand on his hip stopped him from doing much to accomplish it though. 

“Tell me how you like it.” Kaeya nuzzled him once again, noticing how Diluc trembled at the action. “C’mon, kitten… lemme give it to you how you like.” 

“Hard. I need… fuck, I need it hard, Kaeya.” Fingers tugged at azure hair to get his attention as if he weren’t the focus of all of Kaeya’s thoughts in that moment. He needed the proof that he was. “Then… later… later you can decide. But just… you have to… have to knot me, alpha.” 

Kaeya could not even pretend to forget that he had been asked to do such a thing. That alone could keep his fantasies fueled for the months to come. 

“Don’t worry ‘bout that, kitten. Just let me take care of you.” 

Every word spoken between them was breathless and drenched in their desperation. The air around them was thick with not just their arousal, but the heat of their bodies that wouldn’t be relieved for quite some time at the rate they were going. 

Diluc didn't have time to worry as the moment shifted from ensuring Diluc had adjusted to Kaeya skillfully giving him what he wanted — what he needed.

The alpha did not disappoint when he moved. His hips rolled up with strength that Diluc could have only ever hoped for. His cock hit deep within the omega. The fact that there was a condom between them didn't even matter as the natural slick of Diluc's body created such a layer between them that if was hard to tell the difference. The movements created such a squelching noise and yet so much pleasure that the omega couldn't find any embarrassment in how ready his body was. 

The noises were lewd simply from the action of Kaeya pressing deep and quickly into Diluc. It was also the cries of pleasure that sounded almost like howls of pleasure from the lynx. Words were impossible and so all he could manage were whimpers and whines and garbled moans of his desperation. He could barely even catch his breath to manage that much. 

Diluc grasped at the alpha all the while, his own hips attempting to move even if he had been assured he didn't have to. And he didn't have to. Kaeya moved more than well enough on his own, fucking into him with strength that jolted him up the bed little by little until he had to reach up to press a hand to the wall to keep from being knocked into it. 

The impending sensation of a mindblowing orgasm was right there. Diluc felt himself quiver with the anticipation of it as his crimson eyes looked to the man above him. The intensity of rhe artic gaze had him whimpering with submission and baring his neck without thought. His body craved the feel of those thick canines pressing into his flesh. It wasn't a conscious action by any choice. 

When Kaeya leaned down to press his mouth to the side of his perspiring flesh with a growl of 'Kitten,' his body took that as sign enough to show its approval and acceptance of such an act. 

Diluc shook when he came. His body quivered and his muscles spasmed. The nails of the one hand on Kaeya's back broke skin across his shoulder blade. His back arched. His jaw dropped to release a yowl of the alpha's name. His release pulsated from his cock in time with Kaeya's quickening thrusts. More slick leaked from his body, practically gushing out alongside the substantial girth that pressed in him again and again relentlessly. 

The overstimulated moments following his orgasm were filled with pleas:

"Alpha, more."

"Breed me, alpha."

"Fuck, fuck, Kaeya… please.

"Don't stop. God, don't stop."

"I'm gonna come again!"

"Harder. Need it… harder, alpha." 

Diluc felt mindless as he stared with desperation up at the man above him. Kaeya's hair was a mess from sticking to his damp flesh and Diluc's hand tugging at it in his pleasure. His olive-gold skin glistened and his muscles bulged. Everything about the alpha above him oozed strength and virility. 

"Give me… more." Diluc whined out, unintentionally and yet biologically being as desirable as possible. His red hair fanned out across the pillows, pale flesh flushed entirely. Lips swollen and eyes glossy but never once wavering from Kaeya during either of his orgasms that only further slicked their bodies. 

"Yes, my kitten." Kaeya growled obediently. Who was he to deny such a sweet kitten?

Just changing positions was enough to have Diluc scrabbling to engage in one more kiss. He sat up the moment Kaeya had slipped from his body and grabbed the back of the lupin's neck to kiss him desperately. His tongue and teeth were messy and uncoordinated, but he couldn't be bothered to care when the taste of the alpha was just what he needed. It took long moments before either of them could pull away; moments of passionate kissing, sweet whimpers, heavy growls, forceful groping to get even closer to each other. 

When they broke for air, Diluc didn't even care that he was being guided — manhandled — to his hands and knees. His legs were spread and Kaeya was quickly between them once more — where he belonged as far as Diluc was concerned. His cock pressed quickly into his stretched hole, causing Diluc's back to arch and him to whimper out Kaeya's name followed by the sweet mewl of 'alpha' for the countless time that night. 

The azure haired alpha leaned over Diluc's arched back, moving the wild curls to kiss at the back of his neck. His growls caused vibrations to run up and down Diluc's spine; the lynx’s toes curled and fingers grabbed at the pillow desperately. Praises and murmurs of his own pleasure were not short for Diluc to bask in. 

"Look at you… ah, fuck…"

"So tight…  so tight for me."

"Pretty… kitten. Fuck."

"So good for me. So good, kitten."

"You're so beautiful… sound so… ah, kitten…"

The words weren't entirely lost on Diluc. He heard them and preened because of them, but had no verbal response when Kaeya continued to press into him again and again with enough strength to knock his breath from him each and every time. 

"Gonna knot you like this, kitten." The warning is early on enough that Diluc had time to back out of it. He could still change his mind. And yet all the statement did was earn him another pretty mewl and further pleas:

"Yes, yes, yes."

"Fuck me, Kaeya."

"You have to knot me. Fuck. Fuck!"

"Right there! R-right there, please!"

"Fuck, alpha. Alpha… alpha, yes! Breed me. Fuck!"

Diluc's shoulders ended up dropping to the bed when his arms gave out. His fingers pulled at the pillow and he was muffled only for a few moments before Kaeya was guiding his face from the pillow.

"Lemme… lemme hear how pretty you sound." His growled words sent more shivers down the lynx's spine. "Come again, my kitten. Come while I knot you."

Neither even noticed nor cared how his praises became possessive. Kaeya wanted his little kitten to feel at the absolute peak of his pleasure and if Diluc had a problem with them, he wasn’t complaining or even snapping back as Kaeya had known some to do when unsatisfied in their heat — not that he had ever left an omega unsatisfied, that is. 

The growls that echoed in the room, joining the euphony that surrounded them. Diluc was thriving. The sounds, the scents, the feel of Kaeya gripping him with the alpha strength that every omega craved; all of it made him see stars during his orgasm that shook through him with tidal forces. The mess that he made was unimportant as his hips canted back against the growing knot that soon became stuck within him — a fact that he had hoped for the moment Kaeya agreed to help him. 

Kaeya’s grip was bruising on a slim waist, curved with fingers dipping against the soft flesh of his stomach. His hips moved harder and harder until his release gushed into the condom that he wore, his knot swelling against the tight walls that pulsated around him. The heat was felt through the condom, intense and mind-blowing. He briefly wondered if the lynx realized he was yowling Kaeya’s name when he came, shredding the pillow in the throes of his pleasure. 

To say the alpha felt cocky would have been an understatement. 


When Diluc had woken, there was still a pressure within the deepest part of him. It took him quite some time to realize that he was still knotted. He couldn’t be sure of the time, but didn’t care when he felt the heat burning within him enough that he was grinding back against Kaeya. He didn’t care if the alpha was awake or not. It didn’t matter when all he needed was the burning to be soothed in whatever way he could manage. It’s why the alpha was there, after all. 

It didn’t seem feasible that he would feel so comfortable in his boldness and yet… he was. Diluc felt comfortable unconsciously demanding of the alpha. There hadn’t been any judgment before, why would there be now? He had never imagined he would enjoy having Kaeya in his bed so much. 

It didn’t even matter that he wasn’t keeping himself quiet. The soft mewls, the shuddering whimpers, the desperate whines. All of it was just enough to stir the alpha into gripping him once again — his sides felt sore and he didn’t understand why — and taking over the movements in just the way that Diluc needed to garner that satisfaction that had his breath calming. 

When Kaeya’s knot diminished enough, he pulled out only to roll on another condom. Diluc wanted to curse him for being responsible enough to think that he could pull out . The time was negligible. 

“My sweet kitten… lemme hear you again.” 

Kaeya directed Diluc over onto his back before he slid back into him. He guided those legs back over his hips as they had been their first round. He found he liked the feel of those muscles quivering around him. 

“Alpha… just… just fuck me… gods… so… so big.” 

Their words are equally desperate, craving one another as lovers would. Diluc would question the desire behind each of his actions only when he was coherent enough to do so. Until then, he let the lewd noises — the squelching of slick as Kaeya fucked into him at a breathtaking pace; the slapping of their skin each time Kaeya pressed deep into him; the growls that punctuated each thrust that punched a breath and sweet mewl from the felinae — drive him deeper and deeper into that senseless state. 

Multiple orgasms were torn from him before Kaeya knotted him once again. 

It took minutes for the lynx to realize that they were facing one another for this knotting. When he tried to rest his legs down, there was an uncomfortable tugging at his channel and a hissing sound from Kaeya who quickly grabbed his thighs to keep them hiked up on his hips. 

“Ah, kitten.” He growled softly, his canines dragging across Diluc’s neck. He was so close to biting down and yet resisted. “Stay… stay there until it goes down, my sweet.” 

The redhead nodded his head, turning to nuzzle into the alpha’s temple. “Yes, alpha.” 


The house smelled of heat, still. Diluc didn’t notice his own scent as much as he noticed that the cedar scent had returned. It warmed him, satisfied the omega need within him. He didn’t mind that Kaeya was so potent in his home.

Diluc’s cheeks were still flushed when he padded into the kitchen, hair pulled up into a messy ponytail for the time being. The large shirt he wore went down to his thighs, barely covering the plethora of bruises that he was left with. He had thought to count all of them when he looked in the mirror, but quickly realized that there were too many to do so. He recalled Kaeya taking him to the shower before he passed out (he also believed that he might have been knotted under the stream of hot water as well.) 

Kaeya was drinking a glass of orange juice while overlooking the bacon that sizzled on the stove when Diluc came into view of him. He was shirtless, wearing only those loose sweats low on his hips. His back marred by multiple sets of claw marks. Azure hair was braided loosely over his shoulder. 

“Come sit, kitten. Food is almost done.” Kaeya spoke without needing to look. 

The lynx couldn’t find a reason to refuse and took a seat at the counter where a glass of juice waited for him. He didn’t hesitate in wrapping both shaky hands around it to bring to his lips. He didn’t mean to make loud gulping noises but it earned him a wonderful, husky chuckle from the alpha. 

“You’re going to eat a lot, okay? You went through a lot. Are your heats always that intense?” 

Diluc wanted to be embarrassed, but it didn’t sound like Kaeya was shaming him for it like past partners did. If anything, he sounded pleased with that fact. 

The alpha only turned around when he had a plate full of food to place in front of the redhead. Kaeya hadn’t even made his way around to his seat before Diluc had started to eat. He couldn’t even pretend to have any manners when he began to dig into it until his cheeks were rounded from food. He really did burn a lot of energy during his heat and felt famished. The alpha even went as far to pour him another glass of orange juice before he began to eat. 

It was just another reason for Diluc to stay flushed. His heat may be over, but the biological instincts to want for a capable, caring alpha to provide for him still remained.

“If you’d like, that is, if you were satisfied with it, I could help you through your other heats.” 

The offer was stated so easily even though it had caused Diluc to nearly choke on his food. Clearly, that meant Kaeya had enjoyed himself despite how intense it all was. The answer was already falling from his lips before he could help himself. 

“I’d like that.” 

Kaeya smirked, starting to eat once he had the answer he hoped for. Diluc didn’t need to know that Kaeya would have been hurt had he been denied. 

“Me, too.”

Diluc smiled to himself as he ate less ravenously. 


“Diluc, I can’t find the—” 

The azure-haired alpha stopped speaking when the file that he needed was presented to him. Because of course Diluc knew exactly what he was talking about. The omega really did know how to keep the alpha’s head on his shoulders. 

“Thanks.” Kaeya chuckled and took it from him to start preparing for his next appointment. 

“Need anything else? I’m heading out to pick up our lunch if you want me to grab you anything else.” Diluc spoke, not even batting any eye when Kaeya turned to him to check him out. It had definitely become far more common and Diluc is sure that the alpha hadn’t even realized it. He didn’t dislike it. 

“No, I think that’s it. Did you rearrange the schedule for next week?” 

Diluc shook his head with a sigh as he started to head back out of the office to get back to his desk. “Have you even looked at your schedule for next week, sir?” 

“Why would I do that when I have you?” 

Another eye roll but Diluc felt his cheeks heat up in just the slightest of ways. “Yes, sir. Our schedules are rearranged.” 

“Good, alright. Lemme get back to this and I’ll let you head on out.” 

“Thank you, sir. I’ll be back.” 

Diluc didn’t see, but just knew that Kaeya had perked up during the conversation. He knew the alpha would at the prospect of helping him through his next heat. The lynx definitely appreciated the fact he didn’t have to worry about whether he’d be alone or not for the week of torture. He didn’t recall the week of his last heat being anything but… enjoyable

He supposed the arrangement could continue.