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The Guide on How to Seduce Lan Wangji

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It was just a normal day at the Cloud Recesses. All the disciples were in the lecture led by Lan Qiren, but only most were paying attention. It was a long lecture about the many rules of cultivation, about how to deal with ghosts as well.

For Wei Ying, it was a boring lecture. He already knew all the stuff being said. His mind kept wandering to how nice it was outside and how it was the perfect temperature to take a dip in the clear waters of the mountains.

His thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a bright light that fills the lecture room. It builds steadily on the floor in the middle of the room, all heads turning towards it.

“Wei Wuxian! Enough of these tricks!” Master Lan shouts, his anger clear on his face as he takes in this unusual light.

Him! Why he didn’t know what this light was either! “Master Lan, this isn’t me! I swear I don’t know what this light is,” he says back quickly, raising two fingers in a show of honor. How unfair to be blamed for this, if he were to prank it would be more subtle than this!

The light continued to grow, all the disciples having to shield their eyes from the sudden burst. And then, the light is gone.

When they all look back towards the center of the room, there stands a man looking around in confusion. He’s relatively short for a grown man, with long black hair tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon, similar to Wei Wuxian himself. The man looks around for a few seconds in confusion, before he looks over at Wei Wuxian and understanding crosses his face!

“Ah! I see, well I didn’t mean to do this but oh well,” the man says, chuckling slightly.

Lan Qiren stands up quickly, face angered and wary. “Who are you? And what are you doing here in Cloud Recesses?” he asks.

The man focuses his wandering eyes on the older male, his smile widening. “Shufu! Look how much older you look here despite being younger! I told Lan Zhan that the kids do you good!”

Lan Zhan? What did this man have to do with the second Jade? Wei Wuxian looks over at the other teen, who looks just as confused and angered at this person like everyone else. It doesn’t appear that he recognizes this man, but who knows, it’s hard to tell with Lan Wangji.

Lan Qiren huffs angrily. “Who are you calling shufu? And how do you know Lan Zhan?”

The older man laughs again, eyes alight. “Oh silly old me? Why I’m Wei Wuxian!” the man says.

All eyes turn towards the younger Wei Wuxian before looking back at the man. They have similarities but they aren’t the same. Either the man is lying or something else is going on.

The man, Wei Wuxian, looks at everyone and laughs again. “I see you don’t believe me, but it’s me! I’m from the future! I’m only telling you this because I know once I leave it will probably just create a new dimension instead of changing the future, so it will be fine.”

“You’re me? But, if you are from the future why don’t you look like me?” Wei Ying asks. (referring to teen version as Wei Ying now.)

The other man nods, hand coming up to his chin in a contemplative motion. “Mh, well, even if a new dimension is created, I don’t think I should tell everything that happens just yet. But my presence here might just influence things anyways. But it’s truly me!” Wei Wuxian says.

If this man is Wei Wuxian from the future, that would explain how he knows Lan Zhan. But speaking of the other teen, Wei Ying looks back over towards him and sees a weird expression on his face as he looks upon this future Wei Wuxian. Wei Ying wonders what he is thinking. But it is quite curious why this future Wei Wuxian calls Old man Lan Shufu and is talking about kids. There’s so much about the future Wei Ying wants to know.

“Wei Wuxian! I can’t believe you messed with time travel!” Jiang Cheng growls to him from behind him.

Wei Ying turns around in shock. “Hey! I didn’t do it, at least not yet! Future me is the one who’s back here, blame him,” he says back in defense.

Laughter rings out from Wei Wuxian. “Hahaha, little me, don’t deny we’ve been experimenting with stuff like this for years. But I did just recently complete it. Well, not completely. I meant to only go back a day, not years.”

Well, that’s interesting. “Years? How many years are you from in the future?” he asks.

Wei Wuxian shakes his head, finger to his mouth. “Nope! That’s one I won’t tell! For you to find out!”

Lan Qiren at this point looks close to qi deviation, very faint and pale. All the other disciples look excited and still slightly wary of this future Wei Wuxian. Probably just excited class has seemed to end early.

Wei Wuxian starts looking around again, looking at all disciples with curious eyes. As he lands on Jiang Cheng, his eyes seem to shift before he looks away quickly. When he turns around though, he lights up again when he spots Lan Wangji.

“Lan Zhan, ah you are so young! Look at you, so tiny and cute!” Wei Wuxian exclaims! He quickly walks over towards Lan Wangji, plopping down by his side. Wei Wuxian looks at the work on Lan Wangji’s desk before quickly looking up again at the male. Lan Wangji’s face is impassive as ever, but his eyes are slightly apprehensive and angered as this future Wei Wuxian gets into his space.

“I didn’t think I would see you like this again, well besides that one time from the burner. Why this is such a delight! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, your older self is so different yet the exact same, it’s so weird.”

Lan Zhan’s eyes flash across this future Wei Wuxian before looking away towards Wei Ying for a second, then he faces forward with an indifferent expression. Wei Wuxian seems too pout with shock and sadness before his eyes light up again. He turns quickly to look back at Wei Ying. Seeing the same mischievousness that appears in Wei Ying’s own eyes look now at him, he feels slightly apprehensive.

Before the Wei Wuxian can talk, Lan Qiren speaks up again. “That’s enough! Wei Wuxian, if that is truly you, how long will you be back here in the past? Can you even get home?” he asks.

Wei Wuxian nods, standing up again. “I think about 3 hours, and I should just go back automatically after time is up. That’s how I designed it so hopefully, that is what should happen at least this time,” he responds.

Lan Qiren nods. “Fine, but now I must speak with you and Zewu-Jun and confirm your identity before I let you wander around for the next three hours. Class dismissed for the rest of the day.”

Wei Wuxian nods. “Of course!”

Everyone quickly packs up their stuff, eager to have the rest of the day off with the nice weather. Lan Qiren stands and starts to walk away, Wei Wuxian following him. Wei Ying watches as his supposed future self leaves the room. Wei Wuxian looks back at him and winks before facing forward again.

Once it’s just disciples again, Wei Ying is suddenly surrounded by Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang.

“Wei-gongzi, attempting time travel, how dangerous,” Nie Huaisang says.

Wei Ying rolls his eyes. “Not me, future me. I can’t be blamed yet,” he says as they start to walk outside.

“You’re an idiot either way. But I do wonder why you look so different,” Jiang Cheng says.

Wei Ying shrugs. “I don’t know, he wouldn’t say. Maybe I die and come back possessing someone as a demon?” he jokes.

Jiang Cheng hits his shoulder, a scowl on his face. “Don’t joke like that!” Wei Ying just laughs.

They decide to drop their stuff off before going fishing with the rest of the day off. Wei Ying still has punishment in the library with Lan Zhan later, but he has plenty of time until then. Speaking of Lan Zhan, Wei Ying turns to loom at the second Jade as he walks away from the classroom, seemingly headed to the library early. Wei Ying wonders about the weird conversation and interaction between his future self and this Lan Zhan. How does his future self know Lan Zhan so well? Are they friends still? Maybe more?

Shaking his head to push away the thoughts, he focuses on the exciting turn of the day and how he now gets to spend the afternoon fishing.


After fishing for a few hours, Wei Ying quickly became bored. It was always fun, but you can only catch so many fish in a time span before getting bored. So he decided to leave Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang at the river and walk around Cloud Recesses.

When he’s in the back mountain, where he isn’t really allowed, he sees a figure sitting in a rock by a waterfall. Getting closer, he sees a red ribbon and black clothing. It’s him! Well, future him!

“Future me! Hello!” he says, running a little towards the figure and waving.

Wei Wuxian turns around and smiles back while waving. “Hello young me, come sit by this wise one!” he says.

Wei Ying finally gets near him, plopping down near future Wei Wuxian. Wei Ying sees a didi in Wei Wuxian’s hands, one he vaguely recalls seeing on his belt back in the classroom. Wei Ying did a little didi practice when he was younger, he must have gotten back into it.

They stare at each other for a few seconds before Wei Ying needs to ask. “So are you really me from the future? That’s so crazy,” he exclaims.

Wei Wuxian nods with a giggle. “Yep, I’m you. But no, I still won’t tell you why I look different, it just is. But who knows what will happen in this timeline now.”

Wei Ying wants to know, but he won’t pressure himself into telling. He knows how stubborn he is, and he doubts that will change in the future.

“So, what’s it like being back in the past? How different is everything? Oh, why did you call Old Man Lan shufu?” Wei Ying asks.

Wei Wuxian throughs his head back in a laugh. “Well, it’s very funny to see everyone so young. Especially, Lan Zhan, he’s so cute at this age, don’t you think? As for Old Man Lan, well, hm, I’m not sure if I should say...” Wei Wuxian responds.

Wei Ying blushes slightly at the Lan Zhan comment. Lan Zhan is the most beautiful, perfect person ever. With his golden eyes and perfect hair and fantastic cultivation. But hearing his future self call him cute out loud is interesting.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes track over Wei Ying’s face, understanding in his eyes. “Oh Lan Zhan, he’s so perfect, isn’t he? I miss my Lan Zhan,” he comments, eyes wandering off to the water in thought.

Wei Ying looks at his hands. How does this future him know Lan Zhan in the future like this? He decides to ask.

Wei Wuxian sobers, looking his over in contemplation before he seems to decide on something. “I might as well tell you since I think just a new dimension will form so it won’t change my timeline. But, I know Lan Zhan in the future because we are still friends, husbands more like,” he states.

Wei Ying blinks once, then twice in shock. “Are you playing a prank on me?” he asks.

Wei Wuxian shakes his head, looking off again. “Nope, Lan Zhan is the love of my life, my husband, my everything. Hm, I wonder what he’s doing right now, probably waiting for me to come back.”

Lan Zhan, that fuddy-duddy Lan Zhan, is his future husband? But how? He doesn’t hate the idea, it actually brings a brighter blush to his cheeks at the thought. Could Lan Zhan truly love him in the future?

“But, how is that’s true if Lan Zhan hates me? I don’t, I mean, he’s my husband?” Wei Ying questions. The thought brings a weird warmth. A husband, with Lan Zhan. He always thought it might be a wife, or him being alone. But Lan Zhan as his husband.

The older Wei Wuxian chuckles. “Lan Zhan hate us? No way, there is no dimension or reality in which Lan Zhan hates us. He actually loves us very much,” Wei Wuxian says. “Almost too hard sometimes...” he seems to whisper to himself, a silly smile on his face.

“Love? But, when? He always just glares at me right now. How can that change in the future?” Wei Ying asks.

Wei Wuxian shakes his head. “Hate, no that is a glare of restrained passion. Lan Zhan might not seem like it, but he’s loved us since, well now. Maybe mostly lust at this age, but definitely building love. That glare though is one of careful restraint of his thoughts so he doesn’t fuck you over every surface of Cloud Recesses. He’s such a sap, I love him so much.”

Wei Ying stutters, turning bright red! Fucking him over all the surfaces of Cloud Recesses? His Lan Zhan with those dirty thoughts? No way.

Wei Wuxian looks at him in understanding. “Mh, that blank face gives away nothing of those dirty thoughts of his mind. But that man fucks us so well, really puts into practice our dual cultivation. Everyday is everyday after all.”

Wei Ying hides his face in his hands. He couldn’t comprehend this. He’s always read porn and been curious, but not about... male porn. How does that even work? And with Lan Zhan, fucking him? The thought brings warmth to his face and the rest of his body, tingles go up his back.

Wei Wuxian chuckles. “I know you and your thoughts. Don’t deny how you feel about him. You see, for me, I didn’t realize my feels for forever, and I missed so much time that I could have been with Lan Zhan, loving each other, both sexually and just being together. I regret it. Looking back, I realize I always had these feelings, I was just oblivious and naive. But I’ve decided to tell you these things because I want you to be happy earlier. It might change so many things, but hopefully in a good way.”

Wei Ying looks up in shock at his future self. He didn’t realize that maybe what he feels towards Lan Zhan is attraction, fondness. Love? Is that why he always feels the need to have Lan Zhan’s eyes on him? Why it feels so good to be acknowledged by him? When Lan Zhan looks and responds, the warmth when Lan Zhan briefly looks at him in approval and not hate? Well, maybe it isn’t actually hate.

“I guess, thank you for telling me this. But this feeling I have towards Lan Zhan, and if what you say about him is true, I don’t even know how to go about it? How would I bring it up to him? I don’t want to scare him away or make him think I’m joking,” Wei Ying states, leaning forward in concern.

Wei Wuxian smirks. “Luckily for you, I know what makes Lan Zhan tick, what makes his blood boil. Everything about us does, but there are specific things that do get him going even more. I doubt it changed from teen to adult,” he responds. His eyes are alight with the mischievousness again, this time Wei Ying is excited and not wary.

“Oh? So what do you suppose I do? Seduce my Lan Zhan and make him then react first?” he questions, plans already forming in his head. This could be fun. But it’s also exciting and slightly nerve-racking the ending result. But mostly, if this works, and Lan Zhan truly loves him, then he could be happy. He wants that, to be happy with someone who loves him. And if it’s with Lan Zhan, he doesn’t hate the idea. More like he loves it and looks forward to the future.

Wei Wuxian nods, leaning back on his elbows. “I’ll be going back to the future to my Lan Zhan in about an hour, so I have time to tell you what Lan Zhan just loves. And how that will get him to fall further in love with you and hopefully act sooner than my Lan Zhan did. This advice is guaranteed for you to get the fucking of your life. Man, I’m almost jealous of you.”

Wei Ying nods, leaning forward to hear what future him has to say. Time to get himself a husband in the form of one Lan Wangji.