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the fortunes of unreality

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Damn it, Lao Zhang, our university is killing me. I want to dream about becoming a Glory pro gamer too, not this homework shit. So which team did you join in your dreams, Excellent Era?

Oh, a team here in Kunming? That’d be cool, it sucks we don’t actually have our own home team in the Alliance—wait, you just decided to poach Sun Zheping from Blue Rain and stick him in your Glory dream team? Honestly, Lao Zhang, I don’t get why he’s your favorite player. Blossoming Chaos isn’t even a Spitfire like your account. Besides, Blue Rain’s not doing so hot since Wei Chen left.

… because he also has “blossom” in his account name? Don’t bullshit me—hahaha blossom here, blossom there, oh whatever, your accounts were made for each other, go cultivate your fucking blossoms together. It doesn’t matter—no one can compare to Ye Qiu, he’s won two championships!

Fuck, I can’t believe Ye Qiu’s not your fave. I can’t believe we’re roommates.




[QQ group chat: The Poor Second Generation]

Wind Guard: wang jiexi doesn’t care when I do that

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: hahaha everyone knows to ignore you when you complain about Xiao Wang, and that includes him

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: I’m the good senior and Fang Shiqian’s the bad senior!!! so you should learn from me @Blossoming Chaos, just butter your new captain up and bond with him over the gym

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: quick everyone place their bets, how many Sun Zhepings can newbie Tian Sen bench press???

Wind Guard: at least 4, 2 for each arm

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: wow Lao Fang that’s too much arm candy for anyone hahahahaha

Demon Subduer: 1.5

Wind Guard: lin jingyan, you volunteering to clone and chop up brother sun?

Demon Subduer: Come now, what are you insinuating? Don’t use me as a prop to threaten others. @Blossoming Chaos you’ll have to watch out next time you play against Tiny Herb, a janitor could clean up the evidence [sweeping_broom.gif] 

Blossoming Chaos: What nonsense are you all spewing, just wait to die the next time I see you

Cloud Piercer: @Wind Guard @Dazzling Hundred Blossoms @Blossoming Chaos can one of you ACTUALLY ANSWER my original question about Beijing housing values

Wind Guard: do you see we are THE POOR SECOND GENERATION

Blossoming Chaos: No

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: I’m from Kunming, Other Zhang

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms: ask Xiao Wang, the captain would know




August 20, 2019
First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University

Patient Name: Sun Zheping
DOB: 17/08/1998

… patient has consistently experienced dull ache in his left hand, concentrated in the wrist up through fingers. Observed acute pain along the ulnar nerve, mild swelling in thenar muscles… Patient was not forthcoming with details; but, according to colleague who accompanied him, patient’s profession involves repetition of similar movements in high-intensity, high-speed environments, which will certainly exacerbate the issue and lead to tendon rupture if left untreated.

However, patient’s tendinitis is at an early enough stage for its symptoms to be mitigated, and the case to be treated successfully. Most important factor in treatment will be awareness and usage of proper technique in exercising said movements, along with the following self-care measures...




[System] Congratulations to Herb Garden players Plantago Seed, Giant Taro, Oriental Sweetgum, Rangoon Creeper, Malva Nut for breaking the Frost Forest clear record, time: 17:48:45.

[System] Congratulations to Excellent Dynasty players: Gray Black, Sea Breeze, Inherit, Nowhere to Run, Purse for breaking the Frost Forest clear record, time: 13:24:21.

[System] Congratulations to Tyrannical Ambition players: Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Soft Mist, Dazzling Dawn for breaking the Frost Forest clear record, time: 13:00:47.

“Breaking dungeon records so you can fleece guilds for rare materials, you would!” Zhang Jiale grumbled into his mic. He moved Dazzling Dawn closer to Lord Grim as he kept talking: “This is too absurd. Excellent Era does something to make you leave, you retire without a word, and days later you’re peddling your skills for loot in the new server?”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Ye Xiu sounded perfectly serene. “I’m in great need, you see! But considering your contribution, I can give Blossom Valley a discount if they come to me.”

“In your dreams! I’m telling Blossom Valley to stay the hell away,” Zhang Jiale said darkly. “Sorry to disappoint, I mostly play in the Heavenly Domain. I only picked this alt up to wander around the new server for a bit. You know, nostalgia tourism… like a good retiree...”

“Oh? You don’t look so retired to me!”

“Neither do you! Never mind Su Mucheng, but that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion… aren’t you just building a team all over again?”

“Hahaha, would you like to join?” Ye Xiu said. “How about it, you and I?”

“Fuck off, you just want to use me for hard labor!”




got it, I’ll pick you up once your flight lands. shouldn’t have trouble finding me—look for long hair and red jacket!

As he made his way through Kunming’s Changshui airport and looked over the crowd, Sun Zheping saw that it was just as the message said: he really didn’t have much trouble at all in spotting his new partner in Glory.

“Hey!” he called out, and waved his hand. “Over here, Zhang Jiayue!”