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He wonders what it’s like for Diluc; to feel his eyes on him all the time.



Kaeya knows it used to bother him. Make his shoulders twitch with irritation. Sometimes it would make him start slinging the grape juice early in an attempt to make him disgusted and leave—which would only work so far. Usually, it just made him find a table somewhere instead of his usual spot at the bar; tucked away from the redhead’s line of sight.



He smirks from behind his glass.



Kaeya has never minded Diluc’s eyes on him; fleeting as that normally is. Something inside rolls over in deep contentment to know the real reason behind those stolen glances. He catches the other’s eye as he shines glasses behind the bar and waits a few moments. Sure enough, Diluc looks away with a huff, darkening spots of crimson on his cheeks.



All the averted looks, the turning away, the flat-out denial of his presence—all to hide the fact that Diluc can’t look at him without blushing.



It’s become his new favorite game. Nights at Angel’s Share that had once been joyless save for the quality of drink have now improved exponentially. And the best part? Diluc keeps playing. Probably in an attempt to build up a tolerance. Kaeya already has a few scenarios up his sleeve in the event that actually happens. He is fully prepared to up the ante, which will mostly involve him showing a bit of skin.



He startles when a glass is set in front of him with just enough force to shake him from his thoughts but not enough to slosh the liquid within. Diluc gives him a withering look.



“Stop making that face. It’s creeping me out. -Also two of your drinking buddies just came in. Time to get to work.”



He sighs, picking up the drink and giving his server a mock-toast before moving to intercept. Trust the redhead to realize early on that the only real ‘drinking buddy’ he has is Lisa and on very rare occasions, Jean. He’s on friendly terms with all the people he drinks with, but for the most part his time with them is purely an exchange of information. Considering Diluc occasionally joins him, he’s not really surprised that he can see past the polite façade.



Tonight, he learns something of interest.



A certain group of Treasure Hoarders have decided to overstep the generous allotment he’s given them and have set their sights on the Dawn Winery. Naturally, Kaeya can’t simply proclaim the manor off-limits without blowing his cover as a lackadaisical knight with fingers in a variety of shady pots. The very real enmity between he and Diluc has been a convenient and believable reason for the distance between himself and the family business but he can’t let this slide.



It’s probably just as well. As soon as the true nature of he and Diluc’s relationship becomes public knowledge, he won’t be able to maintain this polite fiction anymore. Nor will he be able to use sex as a weapon like he has in the past.



He glances over at Diluc, who is still puttering around behind the bar, occasionally glancing over at their table. Even paired down to just a shirt and waistcoat, his forearms bare and his hair wisping out of its tie, he’s still breathtaking.



No one in their right mind would believe that he’s cheating on that. -Nor would he possibly put what they have in jeopardy by doing so. Whatever information he can’t wine and dine out of a person will otherwise have to come at the end of a sword.



Kaeya didn’t get where he is today by being stupid. -Sentimental perhaps, but not stupid. He finally has the thing he’s always wanted and he’s not about to lose it. Not for the Knights, not for Mondstadt—not even for the world.



As far as he’s concerned, the world can go straight to Hell.



With that cheerful thought in mind, he goes about finding out what he can about the Treasure Hoarder’s plan. Maintaining the criminal element in Mondstadt is a careful dance. He’ll try some negotiation first. Some misdirection. He’ll even go so far as to set up a tastier mark. With Rex Lapis dead, Liyue is in disarray. Ripe for plunder. Surely the easy riches of a dead god’s domain far outweigh the risks of upsetting Mondstadt’s single most important export.



And if they don’t, well… That’s when the sword part will come in.








Diluc knows something is different about tonight.



Once upon a time he’d have left Kaeya to whatever scheme he’d thought up but he has a vested interest now and has no intention of letting things play out as they normally would. Of course, the Captain doesn’t make it easy; first citing that it’s Order business, which Diluc quickly denounces. The other man might have made a career out of unorthodox information gathering, but Diluc is no slouch either.



One of this evening’s ‘drinking buddies’ is a known informant. Specifically for the Treasure Hoarders. -The fact that Kaeya is attempting keep whatever he’s learned close to the chest likely means that it’s something the Darknight Hero would take notice of. -And do something about.



When he threatens to follow him and do just that, Kaeya finally relents.



Upon hearing the situation, he’s not surprised. It’s not the first time, nor will it likely be the last that the Winery is the target. He’s constantly having to patrol the road to Stone Gate to keep hapless travelers from being robbed by Hoarders claiming to work for him; a cleaned-out bottle bearing the Dawn Winery label filled with cheap, drugged homebrew their preferred method of attack.



Thankfully most Treasure Hoarders are more interested in payoff than actual violence. It’s the reason he spares their lives for the most part.



Still, somedays he wishes he was a little more ruthless. It gets tiresome, the same thing every time. No lessons learned. Just idiots who get to ply their trade another day.



He rubs a gloved hand over his face. Charles is doing last-minute checks before they close up for the night. He wasn’t tired earlier but now he can’t seem to keep his eyes open which is not good considering he talked Kaeya into letting him come along to confront the ring leaders of this latest raid.



Diluc frowns as he leans heavily into the other man. They’re sitting side-by-side in the storeroom, waiting on Charles to finish counting. He blinks at the glass the that suddenly appears in front of him.



“Here. Have some of this. It might perk you up.”



He squints at the dark liquid in suspicion. Beside him, Kaeya huffs.



“It’s just your usual. The sugar might help. C’mon, drink up.”




He gives the shot glass a skeptical look before taking it and tossing it back. The after-taste makes him wince.



“Where did you get this? I need to pull it from the shelf—it’s gone off.”



Kaeya doesn’t answer for a second, taking the glass from him and setting it somewhere before taking his face in both of his hands. Diluc allows it, because he’s warm and comfortable and NOT because he’s perpetually hungry for the other’s touch. Gloved hands brush over his face, across his brow. Like they’re looking for something.



“What is it?”



His voice comes out as a slur and Kaeya smiles.



“There’s nothing wrong with your juice. -I just put too much in. Obviously I didn’t give you enough earlier so I had to up the dosage.”



That takes a minute to sink in but the cold realization is nothing next to the warmth settling in his belly. Suffusing his body. Drugged. -Like those bastard Hoarders do.



His tongue is heavy in his mouth but his face must convey his betrayal because Kaeya sighs.



“I know. I didn’t want to do this but there’s not enough time to explain all the reasons why you can’t go and you won’t listen anyway. I can only hope you’ll concede to logic after we’ve had the inevitable fight.”



The Captain touches their foreheads together and Diluc wants nothing more than to headbutt him into oblivion but the coordination just isn’t there. He makes a noise of dissent.



“I hope you realize this isn’t just about you. It’s about the people who work for you. Their safety. -I’ll make sure you understand later, but for now go to sleep. It’ll all be over by the time you wake up.”



He tries to hold on, but he recognizes the effects of Lisa’s sleeping draught from his previous uses of it. He paws ineffectually at the other before the room spins and everything becomes soft and dark.








Awareness comes back slowly.



Kaeya blinks at the ceiling of his room before trying to sit up. He is immediately assaulted by pain as the barely-healed muscles of his abdomen express their displeasure. He lays back down with a hiss.



“You know, I thought we were done with this now that you and Diluc are back together.”



Thankfully his neck doesn’t protest the sharp motion as he turns towards the source of the comment. Lisa sits in a plush chair, obviously borrowed from her office in the Library, an open book in her lap. As she motions, a page turns on its own, the soft sound unnaturally loud in the otherwise quiet room.



He lets his head loll back into its previous position with a huff.



“Did you?  Because this is going just about how I imagined it would, though with considerably less make-up sex. There’s a distressing lack of sex in general, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that.”



Lisa sighs and motions for the book to close. It disappears and she stands, moving to the side of the bed where she looks down at the occupant with something like fondness.



“I could have told you he was a virgin if you’d only asked. -But that’s not the point here. The point is that we—as in myself and Jean, assumed your days of dangerous solo missions without back-up were over. Imagine how disappointed we were to find that was not the case.”



He opens his mouth but closes it at her pointed look.



“Also imagine our displeasure at having to fend off your significant other that you apparently drugged using my serum,” At this she actually scowls which makes him swallow very carefully, “so that he couldn’t follow you even though his skills certainly could have kept you from getting stabbed in the guts.”



He has an argument to that. A good one. But he waits for Lisa to finish because contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t actually have a death-wish.



“Oh, the morning I’ve had. Was there a particular reason why you couldn’t take Diluc with you and spare yourself all of this? -He’s on house arrest, by the way. He was angry and rightfully so but once he found out the extent of your injuries, he went a bit strange. It took a significant number of knights in a dogpile to keep him out of here. Jean personally saw him back to his apartment and he’s promised to stay put—but if he doesn’t, she is ready to put him in a cell -A cell, Kaeya.”



He sucks in a breath and forces himself to sit up. The Librarian has said her piece, now it’s time for his.



“First off, I’m sorry you had so much trouble with him but ten years of separation anxiety apparently can’t be dealt with in a handful of months. As for the reason he couldn’t go with me? He thinks a party mask is a disguise. All those men we were about to go confront had already been threatened by the sword of the Darknight Hero at one time or another, and he insisted on going as the Master of Dawn Winery. As himself.”



It hurts to laugh, but he can’t help the mirthless chuckle that escapes.



“Treasure Hoarders are no scholars but even they can recognize clothing, hair-color and the same weapon they’ve seen up-close and personal in the hands of a certain masked vigilante. The only reason his identity has been protected for so long is because most people haven’t met Lord Ragnvindr and the Darknight Hero both. -If you have, the truth is obvious.”



He clutches his middle at a particularly viscous stab of pain and Lisa coaxes him to lay back down. After a few careful breaths, he continues.



“I tried to explain, but he eventually stopped listening and there wasn’t time to get into a debate. At the very least his identity is safe and so is every person that works under him. Adelinde and the girls can still go to the market without an escort. Charles can close the Tavern alone without worrying if an ambush is waiting for him outside.”



Breathless and sweating from the pain, he turns to her.



“I used your serum because I knew it was safe. It was a fluke that I even had it. -I’ll make sure he knows you weren’t involved. I’ll make it right, I promise-“



She reaches down and smushes his cheeks together; effectively silencing him.



“No. We’re not making promises we can’t keep. -But here’s what we are going to do. We’re going to convince Jean that it’s safe enough for you to have visitors, then we’re going to convince her to let your boyfriend in here so he can go back to being a sane person and not a terror that made at least three seasoned knights wet themselves.”



She gives his face a very gentle shake.



“If you truly think he’ll do you harm, then we can wait a bit for that part but he only became violent when we wouldn’t let him in here and I’m pretty sure that was mostly just panic. -Say yes if you agree with this plan.”



The librarian doesn’t let go right away so his ‘I agree, perfectly’ is muffled but heard all the same. Once she is satisfied, he is finally released.



Lisa smiles down at him, her exhaustion slipping through. Now that he’s looking for it, he can see the tell-tale signs of stress around her eyes and mouth. He frowns at them, concerned.



“He won’t hurt me. Not physically anyway. He’s… probably a bit of a mess so be prepared for that if you’re the one that goes to get him.” He sighs. “For what it’s worth, I truly am sorry. -I didn’t intend for any of this.”



The mage crosses her arms over her chest and huffs.



“You never do, but that doesn’t ever seem stop you does it? -I’ll talk to Jean. You rest up. You’re going to need it.”



He settles back into the bedding as she leaves, the chair going with her. He’s tacky with sweat and uncomfortable but too sore to move into another position.



Eventually, his own exhaustion lets him slip into a doze.








“Guards will be posted. If they hear anything other than slightly raised voices, they are under oath to enter the premises, no matter the circumstances. -Do you understand?”



Diluc nods, solemn. He has no other choice if he wants to see the occupant of said premises, and part of him is heartened that Jean will go so far to protect Kaeya—even from him.



The other part, however, is still seething.



It’s less that he’s angry at Kaeya—for drugging him or for getting hurt afterward with no one to cover his back. He’s miffed yes, but after Lisa had come to tell him that the Captain had regained consciousness, she’d also given him insight as to the nature of those actions. Of what was really at stake.



The real anger comes from the fact that he was right. Justified, even. Because of Diluc’s own shortsightedness, Kaeya felt he had no choice but to take him out of the equation—to protect not only him but those around him. The people that relied on him, who trusted him to keep them safe.



He failed all of them. Kaeya, too.



Possibly him most of all.



Jean gives him a hard stare and she is every inch the Grandmaster in this moment. For the first time he can feel an almost tangible wall between them. Gone is the woman who was once his subordinate and in her place is the soldier who had taken up the mantle in his absence. The Dandelion Knight.



“I understand. Please let me see him.”



The armor cracks just slightly at his plea. Jean sighs before rapping on the door. Eventually Kaeya calls out from within and she announces their intent before opening the door and moving aside so he can enter. As he passes her into the room, she gives him one more warning look before closing the door behind him.



He hears her give a terse order to the guards outside, but his focus has turned to the man in the bed.



Kaeya doesn’t shift to try and meet his gaze. He does turn his head a little and beyond being just a touch pale and a little tousled he looks much better than the last time he saw him in here. Diluc lets out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.



“I could give you a lecture but I’m pretty sure you’ll get several once you’re out of here.” Kaeya opens his mouth but he holds up a hand. “Before you start, I had to endure an hour-long one before I was allowed within spitting distance of the building, so whatever witty comeback you have.. You can just shove it.”



The Captain sighs.



“Well, this is off to a promising start. Shall I just remain silent or did you actually want conversation?”



There’s no chair to sit in so he simply goes to the side of the bed and kneels. Kaeya doesn’t move or try to sit up which is a testament to the extent of his injuries. He considers the other for a moment before speaking.



“What can I do?”



That makes the Captain blink at him. He seems to genuinely consider the offer before saying, lowly: “I want to sit up—but I can’t move my torso or I could undo all the Sister’s hard work.“



That’s a reasonable enough request and he stands again, this time giving the bed a critical eye. He walks to the foot of it and reaches into the bedding. Once he finds bare ankles, he uses them to pull Kaeya toward him; who squawks at the sudden movement but wisely doesn’t fight it. After he piles the pillows up against the headboard, he reaches down for an indignant Captain who uses mostly his arms to brace himself as Diluc lifts him into position.



He watches carefully for any sign of pain but beyond a slight wince when settling, there seems to be none. He nods at the hand resting over the other’s stomach; laid there seemingly casually but Diluc knows it’s not.



“Is that where they got you?”



Kaeya huffs, moving the hand even though he’s already been caught.



“It was a lucky shot, nothing more. -Unlucky really, considering the person who inflicted it didn’t live long enough to celebrate his victory.”



While he’s not generally a violent person by nature he can’t help the swell of satisfaction at that.



“Good. You’ve saved me some trouble then.”



A few beats of awkward silence pass. Diluc takes the time to look the man over with a more critical eye. Even injured and bedraggled, he’s so beautiful it makes him ache but he does his best to be objective. Beyond a superficial wrap around his knuckles, likely from splitting them against some Treasure Horder’s teeth, the main injury seems to be the stab wound.



Though the Sisters seem to have healed the worst of it, by the other man’s pinched expression he’s still in considerable pain. Diluc wants nothing more than to gather him up and whisk him away to the manor and out of this pathetic insult the other calls quarters but he knows it will just aggravate things. In more ways than one.



“What’s that look for? Is this the part where we scream at each other? Because if it’s all the same, I’d like to skip that part and go straight to the angry sex. Or make-up sex. -Any sex at all, really.”



What Diluc wants to say is, ‘you should have thought of that before you got your-damned-self hurt’ but what he actually says is: “Ok.”






He huffs at Kaeya’s verbal stumble.



“I said, ‘ok.’ To sex. In a limited capacity, I guess. -We’ll have to be really quiet though because otherwise the guards will burst in here. We should probably take care not to mentally scar people you work with.”



Kaeya frowns at him.



“I expected a bit of push-back on that request. Obviously I’m in no condition for any extracurricular activities at the moment—though I will definitely take you up on that just as soon as I can get out of this bed.”



That half-lidded gaze is a promise and if he were any less injured, Diluc would already be on him. They’ve been dancing around it for a while now; actual sex and not just mouths and hands when either of them has the time. He’s been trying to indicate that he’s more than ready for that but Kaeya has hardly let him reciprocate, let alone dictate any part of their encounters.



That’s going to change. Right now.



He looks down at the other, who’s smoldering look is fading into confusion at his continued stare. He moves his gaze down to where Kaeya’s lap presumably is, under the blankets.



“You are going to stay in that bed and let me suck you. -And if you can’t keep quiet then I guess you’ll just have to deal with not being able to meet the eyes of whoever is outside when you see them in the street.”



The Captain’s jaw works silently for a moment as he tries and fails to come up with a riposte. Meanwhile, Diluc flicks the bedding aside to get at the other man’s clothes. The fact that Kaeya doesn’t even give a token resistance as he reaches for the tie to his thin sleep pants is telling.



He carefully inches them down only to find Kaeya is without underwear. He raises his brow at the other who exhales heavily.



“They cut my clothes off to get to the wound. Lisa helped me dress, but underwear was just too difficult. -Don’t read anything into it. It’s circumstances, that’s all.”



Fortuitous ones. The bandages around his waist are perilously close to his target but he’ll be careful. Gentle. He picks his gloves off and tosses them somewhere. Kaeya’s sex is just as gorgeous as the rest of him, a darkening caramel color and thick enough to make his insides flutter thinking about where he really wants it.



He presses a careful hand against the other’s groin, just below the wrappings where his injuries lay. Meets those deep blue eyes which have become dilated; his breathing slightly elevated.



This close, he can see the star shape of them—the mark of his true origins.



He touches first. With his hands. Slowly. He makes sure to telegraph his movements so there’s no surprises. No sudden jerks. He doesn’t linger though. He’s aware that Kaeya needs the rest just as much as he needs the validation. It’s only a few minutes before he’s on his knees next to the bed, rubbing his face against the warmth of him; a heavy hand against his pelvis a reminder to keep still.



They keep their eyes locked as Diluc finally puts his mouth around him. He can see the effort it takes just to stay in control. Kaeya’s hands are fisted in the bedding and his mouth is open; his breaths are heavy but Diluc can tell he’s regulating them in an effort not to make a sound.



Kaeya has done this to him plenty of times and he uses that experience to hopefully give some of that pleasure back. According to the eyes still boring into his, his efforts are not in vain.



He wants to concentrate more on what he’s doing but all he can do is watch Kaeya come apart.



“Diluc… I’m.. I’m going to..”



He understands and goes down as far as he can; further until he feels the warm spurt hit the back of his throat. He quickly swallows before he can taste it; eventually drawing off of the other. Kaeya looks wrecked. He’s flushed and gasping, a thin film of sweat covering him.



Diluc helps him redress before moving him again so he can incline, instead of sitting up. He makes use of the wash basin, daubing him over with a damp cloth; soothing the heat radiating off of him.



A few minutes pass before Kaeya regards him again.



“Did you…?”



It takes him a minute for him to realize what he’s asking about. He’d been so absorbed in watching Kaeya that he hadn’t even been paying attention to his own body. He shakes his head.



“No. But that’s not why I did it. Don’t worry about it.”



He frowns at the look of deep offense the other has. Like the fact that Diluc hadn’t gotten off was some kind of personal failing on Kaeya’s part. He rolls his eyes.



“Are you really mad that I have more self-control? I’ve been dealing with a terrible attraction to you for over a decade. Since before I even knew what that really meant. If I had any less, I’d have spent our younger years with a permanent tent in my pants.”



That seems to mollify Kaeya somewhat, though he levels an inscrutable look at him.



“Diluc, after you leave here, I want you to do something for me.”



He doesn’t immediately agree; he knows the Captain too well for that. However, he doesn’t refuse him outright either.



“What is it?”



The look smooths out into something more familiar. Imperious.



“I want you to buy a new chair. A very nice one. Plush and comfortable. -Something a person could fall asleep in.”



That’s so mundane he gives a chuff, even though he’s not sure where the other is going with this.



“Sure. -Is there a specific reason you need this chair? Is it a gift for Lisa? Or maybe something to replace that uncomfortable torture device in Jean’s office?”



Finally the air of mystique is gone and Kaeya’s eyes become something dangerous.



“It’s not for me. It’s for you. When I get out of here, you’re going to need it.”



He blinks at that, struck by the implication. Diluc can feel the blush coming and he hates it. Kaeya hums in satisfaction before flicking his hand at the door, the dismissal clear.



“Make sure you give the Grandmaster my regards.”



He chokes on his words before finally just giving a chuff. It’s no use cursing the man for the throb of want that goes though him. -It’s not entirely Kaeya’s fault, though in this case he’s obviously manipulating things to his liking.



He walks over and gives the other man a quick kiss, which he accepts without comment. Diluc takes a moment to savor the sight of him, unkempt as he is. Kaeya eventually huffs.



“Get out of here. And I’m serious about the chair. -Perhaps one with wheels, so you can still get around—“



Diluc leaves as requested, shutting the door on the ridiculous spiel but not before feeling an involuntary clench deep inside at the implication. Ability to walk or no, once Kaeya is well enough, they are finally going to have the kind of sex he’s been dreaming of since, well… Since he knew what sex between two men entailed.



He nods absently at the guards, who stiffen into attention even though he’s certainly not one of them nor does he ever intend to be again. He doesn’t look back so he misses the large breath of relief they both take once he’s out of their sight.








It’s the better part of a month before he sees Kaeya again.



Diluc knows the man’s recovery takes at least some of that time but cleaning up the loose ends from the Hoarder’s botched operation distracts him for longer than he anticipates, and he doesn’t get a chance to visit again. By the time he realizes just how long it’s been, he becomes suspicious. The Captain has not come by Angel’s Share, nor his apartment. Nor the Winery, for that matter.



He briefly wonders if Kaeya has taken his absence as a slight, but that seems out of character. Kaeya takes care not to show when he’s hurt, physically or otherwise. It must be something else.



He’s half convinced himself hunt the other man down when he opens the door to his apartment to a surprise.



There, in the middle of what he normally considers the living area, is a chair.



He circles it carefully, expecting a certain someone to be sitting in it; but it is empty. Diluc gives it a careful once-over. It’s certainly plush, more like a couch than a chair being almost entirely upholstered. The fabric looks to be a type of strong silken weave and it strains over ample stuffing. He tests it out, sinking into its soft yet firm embrace.



“So, how do you like it?”



He’s up in a second at the voice, even though his brain registers that it’s Kaeya before he’s able to turn and verify it. When his eyes finally land on the other, whatever thoughts he had in his head scatter to the proverbial winds.



The Captain is casually leaning in the doorway of what leads to his bathroom, eyepatch gone and hair resplendent. He wears loosely-tied robe that shows off his chest even more than his usual attire, and Diluc can tell from the fact that he can also see an expanse of leg and bare feet that he wears little else. Very likely nothing, actually.



Kaeya gives him a pointed look and he belatedly realizes that he asked a question but for the life of him, Diluc can’t remember what it was.



“I’m sorry. -What was that?”



That makes the other man smile, obviously pleased by the derailment of Diluc’s train of thought. Kaeya rights himself and walks towards him, all predatory grace.



“It’s not important. What is important is what you were doing before you came here.”



He gives him a once-over before leaning in and taking a long inhale. It does things to his stomach when he realizes the other is basically scenting him. After a moment he steps back.



“Anything strenuous? Outdoors? It doesn’t seem like you worked up too much of a sweat.”



His breath flutters because he understands what he’s asking now. How clean are you? Diluc swallows hard because he knows his answer will decide just how soon they begin. Kaeya might seem calm but he has no doubt the Captain is ready to make good on his threat from earlier with all due prejudice.



“I was moving barrels for the last few hours. Getting them stacked and tapped. I’m… I should probably bathe.”



Kaeya cocks his head, a knowing look in his face.



“Mmm. I suppose it’s a good thing I already drew you a bath then. It might be a touch tepid by now but I’m sure that’s no issue for someone with a Pyro vision.”



Diluc, his heart starting to pound, doesn’t bother to mention that the last time he attempted to heat water with his Vision, it had been a disaster. At this point it could be an ice bath and he’d still have passed the other, shucking clothes as he went. His blood heating his veins, the water will likely feel uncomfortably cold no matter what temperature it is. -He’s counting on that, in fact.



He’s right about how cold it feels, but pays it little mind as he cleans himself; paying special attention to certain areas.



Kaeya wanders in once he’s out and has set the tub to drain. Takes the towel from him and tosses it away as he crowds him against the vanity; pushing him face-down against the porcelain. It’s only after he’s been grabbed by the thigh and his leg hiked up so it rests next to him that he remembers that he’s soaking wet and nearly on his toes.



“Wait. I need better footing—”



Kaeya silences him with a slap to the ass. The sting of it, coupled with the coolness of the ceramic under him makes him instantly break out in a flush. Thankfully, Kaeya seems to simply be… inspecting him rather than getting started.



The air leaves him when he feels himself being spread open; fingers prodding and pressing. Kneading.



“Mmm. While I adore you in all ways, I have to say you are your very best when you’re wet.”



He grunts when Kaeya casually slaps his ass again but lets out an embarrassing noise when he follows it with a swipe his tongue. He claws helplessly at the smooth surface of the vanity as Kaeya does things with that tongue he’d never thought of even in his filthiest fantasies.



Once Diluc is a cramped, quivering mess, he stops.



“As much I would like to think that’s enough, it’s not. -Don’t move.”



He doesn’t point out that moving unaided is pretty much out of the question right now, though it’s starting to become uncomfortable without the constant stimulation. There’s the faint sound of rummaging from the other room before Kaeya returns and spreads him again; this time with something slick coating his fingers. Two of them go in easy, up to a certain point.



“I’m glad I brought a second vial of this. You are very tight but so, so soft where my mouth has been. -Do you feel that?”



He scissors his fingers and he hiccups from the sensation. Diluc can feel how pliant he is around his opening but Kaeya’s fingers can only reach so far. He doesn’t care though. Gasping against the counter with his pulse pounding in his ears; his whole body throbbing with need. He’ll take it. He’ll take all of him.



“Y-yes. Don’t make me wait anymore. I want it.”



In his current state, he doesn’t hear the hitch of breath that declaration invokes. Kaeya moves back and Diluc would sob with frustration except that he’s pulled away from the vanity by the waist. He wobbles a little once he’s on both legs but the other man steadies him before walking him back to the bed; their mouths sealed together as they go.



Once they make it there, he more or less collapses on it. He watches Kaeya shrug off the robe, exposing his entire body, including the part he’s about to become intimately acquainted with. It is already hard; the length and breadth of it making his mouth fill with saliva and his insides clench.



“Here, get me ready.”



Kaeya hands him a small glass vial, likely filled with the same oil that is now inside him. Diluc takes it in slightly unsteady hands; pouring a small measure in his palm.



“No. Use all of it. -I don’t care if it makes a mess.”



He frowns at that but does as bade. The slide of his slicked hands over the other’s cock makes obscene wet sounds. He strokes until Kaeya hisses and grabs his wrist; stopping him.



“Stop. That’s enough. -Lie on your front with your hips in the air.”



The Captain sounds breathless, likely a hairsbreadth from completion. Diluc tries to find a comfortable way to lay the way the other man requests. After quite a bit of squirming, Kaeya finally huffs and helps him get into position; stuffing pillows under him which helps counter how awkward he feels. He jerks when he feels a hand slide down his shoulder, his back, and finally to grip a handful of his ass.



“I want to see you but this way will be better. -Can you do something for me, though?”



Diluc wants to snarl at him because his insides have become an empty yawning ache but knowing Kaeya, if he snaps there’s a good chance the other will stop just to teach him a lesson.






The Captain gives the cheek he’s massaging a warning slap at the tone.



“I want you to do this.”



Kaeya takes both hands from where they are bracing him in the front and leads them back to his rear. He clamps one down on each side of his ass and pulls the cheeks apart. The Captain leans down to where his head is nearly buried into the bedding, his shoulders and chest now taking his weight.



He says in a panting voice, just above a whisper:



“Hold yourself open for me.”



Diluc’s face is aflame with mortification but he keeps his hands where Kaeya has put them, his whole body thrumming with anticipation. The mere seconds it takes for Kaeya to climb onto the bed are pure torture but finally, finally he feels the other’s sex nudging against him.



He lets out a breath as his stomach flutters with want.



Kaeya breaches him easily thanks to their preparations. He rocks gently in and out with just the head of his cock. It feels strange but doesn’t hurt. The wet slide is actually kind of nice, but it’s certainly nothing to crow about. While Diluc enjoys the intimacy, he’s not sure why so many songs and sonnets are devoted to the act. He’s felt more pleasure with just Kaeya’s mouth.



“Oh… Gods..”



Behind him Kaeya has stopped moving; his hands clenched around his hips tight enough to bruise. He wishes he could see his face, but he can feel the silk of the other man’s hair over his back; his shuddering breath.



“You’re so tight. -It’s not enough. Not nearly enough. I need to get the other vial, I—”



He feels Kaeya shift like he’s going to leave and Diluc surges backward, spearing himself. He can feel a warning burn as Kaeya’s thick sex goes where his fingers couldn’t reach. He’s not fully seated, he doesn’t have the angle or the room for it but he knows there will be pain if it goes any further.



However, the other man leaving the bed is non-negotiable at this point.



“Don’t you dare leave me like this. Just go slow. I can take it. I want it.”



It’s hard to talk, folded up like he his; holding his cheeks apart so he can know the burn of every inch. He feels Kaeya trace a finger around where they are connected. Imagines he can feel his heart beat along with his own.



After a few breaths, Kaeya settles. Then he reaches down for Diluc’s cock.



“Alright. -It’s going to hurt at first. But this will help.”



He emphasizes ‘this’ with a twist of his still-slick hand. The pleasure he feels is instant and after a few expert strokes, Kaeya nudges himself further inside. The pain is a sharp bite at first but it soothes into an itch as the Captain’s hand works its magic.



Eventually he can feel the other’s pelvis against him. He takes a deep breath and gods is he stuffed.



Kaeya strokes him as he pulls out then slides back in. He enjoys how his body stretches around the other, the pressure in his core. It isn’t until Kaeya abandons his cock to take both hips in hand again does Diluc find out just what all the fuss is about. One particularly hard slide hits something inside of him that sets off fireworks behind his eyes. It startles a noise from him, along with his breath.



He’s panting, open-mouthed when he realizes Kaeya has stopped.



The Captain thrusts in again, deeply. Looking for that same place.






Diluc can’t help the whine that wrings out of him when Kaeya finds the spot and grinds into it. He does it a few times, rotating his hips and the absolute pleasure of it makes his whole body shake.



He can hear the smile when Kaeya says:



“Oh, excellent.”


Then he’s squeezing the coverlet for dear life as Kaeya goes hard and fast. He knows he’s making embarrassing sounds but he doesn’t care. Not even when Kaeya pulls him upright into his lap where he goes even deeper and whatever rational thought he might have had crumbles into dust.



He’s a wretched keening thing in Kaeya’s arms; the itch, the bursts of pure ecstasy eventually pushing him over the edge.



Diluc whites out for a few moments but when things return to their normal state, he realizes Kaeya is still going. It’s not so bad until the shock wears off and he can feel him hitting that spot every time. Overstimulated, he tries to squirm away; each strike to that pleasure center inside him making him jerk uncontrollably.



“It’s… It’s too much… Kaeya…”



The man in question merely clamps down, trapping him with his arms. He places a hot, damp kiss against the side of his face.



“Just a little more… You can take it. Shhh.”



It’s borderline pain by the time he feels the other man stab up into him once more—unerringly hitting that spot and staying there. He whimpers when he feels the pulses of come against his sweet spot; his limbs trembling and useless. Kaeya holds him like that, his cock still twitching against that place inside until finally, blessedly, he lets him fall onto the bedding.



When he pulls out, it’s both a relief and a loss. He feels terribly empty but this is short-lived because Kaeya’s fingers worm their way inside him. He hums at the almost angry heat of his passage but that doesn’t stop him from using both hands to stretch him open; so wide he can feel the cool air on hot insides.



“What… what are you doing?”



He feels him do it again. The fingers withdrawing, allowing him to clench closed before dipping back in and opening him wide. It doesn’t hurt exactly but he’s not sure why he’s doing such a thing. Surely he’s done for now?



“I’m just making sure you’re nice and stretched because I intend to sleep in here. -But first, I’m going to get the rest of the oil. I didn’t use as much as I should have and you are definitely going to feel it in the morning. -If not sooner.”



It takes him a minute to process that, his mind still throwing sparks like a trashed ruin guard.



“You’re going to sleep—”



“-Inside you, yes. I’m going to savor you because in a few short hours you are not going to let me near you for quite a while I think.”



Diluc rolls his eyes at that. He’s not even hurt. But the thought of Kaeya staying connected to him throughout the night makes him tighten involuntarily. So he lets the other oil him up, though this time he pours it directly inside him. When Kaeya enters him again, he blushes at the loud squelch. The Captain rocks into him a little; the cool oil actually soothing some of the heat.



After some awkward moving around they finally settle; drifting off soon after.







It’s dark when he wakes, warm and content.



He shifts a little and makes a small gasp when he feels Kaeya inside him. Remembers that now and grinds back against the other indulgently. This unfortunately doesn’t make his need to piss any less urgent and he lets the other man slip out of him as he moves to stand.



Diluc is not even upright before a thousand muscles he didn’t even know existed scream as one.








The redhead glares at him from the chair.



Kaeya has been waiting on him all day and part of the evening after the other man went to stand up and instantly collapsed onto the floor; waking him from his exhausted doze. Apparently, he’d not taken him seriously about feeling it in the morning and now was feeling it in the afternoon, along with the bruises he’d earned by falling onto the hard, unforgiving floor.



He wants to be angry at being relegated to indentured servitude but Diluc looks like some disapproving maiden aunt, draped over the chair in a plush robe—a blanket drawn over him. The scowl just makes it more adorable.



He tries to hide his amused huff as he brings the other lunch from Good Hunter. Even though he could summon one of the girls to come take care of him, Diluc refuses. Too embarrassed to explain his incapacitation, most likely—even though they surely must know by now what the two of them have been getting up to.



Kaeya has been walking around, the memory of the squeezing vice of that body around him fresh in his mind. If he didn’t think Diluc would murder him, he’d scream it to the rooftops that Lord Ragnvindr cannot walk today by virtue of his cock. Though maybe not too loudly because it was partially due to not being prepared good enough that his hurts are so severe.



The Captain still feels a little guilty about that.



Diluc’s apartment has a small kitchenette and he takes time plating the food, intending to take his lunch here even with the redhead glaring holes into him.






He pauses because it’s the first time today Diluc has said his name in a tone that didn’t also make it a curse. Cautiously he answers.



“Yes? Do you need something?”



There’s a lengthy silence and he decides to go ahead and bring the food out so they can talk face to face instead of calling back and forth across the expanse of the living room.



Of course, Diluc chooses the moment he has his arms balanced with plates to answer.



“Let’s get married.”




The plates fall with a crash.



























“I’ll say yes on one condition.”



Kaeya looks down at him after cleaning up the mess that was once their lunch. His expression brooks no argument, and Diluc, nerves fluttering, wonders if what he’s about to say will be a deal-breaker.




“You’re getting Razor into formal wear.”