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When Wei Ying had received her acceptance letter to the college of her choice, she had been over the moon to know that she’d be getting into the degree programme of her choice.

The school is just a stone’s throw away from her apartment building so she had been relieved to find out that she wouldn’t have to spend on college housing or worry about doing questionable activities just to join a particular sorority.

Wei Ying had failed to find out one important piece of information. All new students are required to attend freshmen orientation. She hadn’t bothered to keep up with the talks among the prospective students in her cohort.

So when Wei Ying shows up at school for the first day of orientation, she’s quite pleasantly surprised to find many of the students cowering in fear in front of the seniors who are leading the orientation.

Later on, she learns that a lot of the members of the orientation committee belong to certain fraternities or sororities and they’d do anything to try to get a new student to join.

Wei Ying has never understood the need for hazing activities during freshmen orientation. Sure, it helps to build team spirit and a sense of brotherhood or whatever, but where’s the logic in delivering punishments for every little thing that doesn’t go their way?

It spoils the entire freshmen orientation experience for her, but most students seem to be okay with it.

Around mid-afternoon, after lunch had been served, the students are lined up in the multipurpose hall, seated in two rows for each group. Some students have much more energy now that they have food in their system while others are feeling the food coma kick in.

One of the seniors— if Wei Ying remembers correctly, he had introduced himself as Nie Huaisang in the morning— picks up a megaphone, ready to give an instruction, but he gets cut off by another senior.

Wei Ying tsks under her breath and fiddles with her chipped gel manicure. She needs to get her nails redone when she has time. The chip at the side of her nail is irritating her, it’s making her want to peel off the entire coat of polish. But she doesn’t want to destroy her nail and make it weaker, so she covers the chipped spot with her finger every time she sees it.

Lan Zhan stands by the side door of the hall with a few of her senior friends, watching intently as the sophomores conduct their freshmen orientation with the new freshies. The kids look so bored like they’d leave if they could and she thinks about the time when she was a freshie. Hazing activities were actually allowed by the school back then and orientation was intense.

If the kids in her batch didn’t lower down their volume when the seniors told them to, they’d make all of them do a hundred pushups. Can’t do a pushup? That’s okay. Run ten 400-metre laps at the school’s track. The seniors would tell them to be grateful that they’re given options.

There were freshies in her group who had tried to file a complaint that the seniors were being too harsh with the school administration but it never got investigated. The seniors in question moved on with their lives, graduated with honours even, and landed themselves a well-paying job.

“Please be quiet, guys,” Nie Huaisang says into the megaphone. “The orientation group leader will be giving his introductory speech in a while.”

The background chitchat in the hall ceases almost instantly, but barely a few seconds after, someone coughs. Wei Ying sees the senior next to Nie Huaisang snatch his megaphone and say, “Did I say you can cough?”

Wei Ying rolls her eyes. Not today, bitch. She raises her hand.

“What?” The senior— Wei Ying doesn’t remember his name but it’s Wen something— barks into the megaphone.

She stands up, straightens her skirt and says, “You should apologise.”

“Me? Why?” He scoffs.

Wei Ying doesn’t back down. “Maybe he’s not feeling well.”

“This orientation is only for the fittest—“

“Bullshit,” Wei Ying interrupts, crossing her arms over her chest. “We’re all required to attend this shitty programme unless we’re dying or something. You didn’t know that? How embarrassing. Are you really a student at this college?”

Lan Zhan can’t help but chuckle when she hears what Wei Ying says. This girl has a sharp tongue and the nerve to stand up to Wen Chao. Lan Zhan knows both the Wen brothers are hot-tempered and can be unreasonable. The audacity of this girl though… that’s hot. It doesn’t help that Lan Zhan is very much attracted to women and how she’s now dying to find out if this girl is as vicious in bed as she is being right now.

Some of the students give Wei Ying side glances, but one of them claps and then everyone is clapping for her. Wen Chao pushes the megaphone against Nie Huaisang’s chest and storms off like the childish asshole he is.

The remaining hours of the programme progress smoothly for the most part since in recent years, the school had stripped student organisations of the authority to conduct hazing activities that were too physically demanding.

The very last activity that the freshies have to do is get at least ten signatures from any senior in exchange for doing something. The seniors in charge of each group aren’t allowed to sign in the books of their group members.

Everyone is given two and a half hours to find ten seniors and get their signatures.

“Thanks for standing up for me earlier,” Wen Ning says excitedly, bouncing in his step as he tries to keep up with Wei Ying’s pace. “I do have bronchitis, so you were right about me not feeling well.”

“Don’t worry,” Wei Ying brushes him off. “When someone is being an asshole or just plain stupid, you have to make sure they know it. Even better if there are people around to witness their stupidity.”

Wen Ning laughs. “You’re so cool. I think you’d get along with my sister. She’s as headstrong as you are.”

“That’s nice,” Wei Ying replies. “I’d love to meet her.”

So far, Wei Ying has gotten two signatures without having to do anything in return because the seniors were impressed by her standing up to Wen Chao earlier. They can’t stand him either but this is the first time a freshie was brave enough to call him out on his shit.

Wen Ning stops in his tracks all of a sudden and tugs on Wei Ying’s wrist.


“Look,” Wen Ning whispers with wide eyes, signature notebook covering half his face. “You know that senior?”

“Which one?”

“The one with the jet black hair,” Wen Ning says. “The one that looks kinda… what do you call that? Androgynous?”

Wei Ying locks eyes on her target. There is only one androgynous-looking person in the group.

“What about them?” Wei Ying asks.

“Apparently, your tenth signature has to be theirs, but they don’t sign easily,” Wen Ning.

“What?” Wei Ying frowns. “Who made that up?”

Wei Ying scoffs. “Why didn’t they tell us that, then?”

“It’s just… you know, like an unspoken rule. The culture? They’re the overall in-charge of the freshmen orientation so, it kinda explains why we’d need their signature?” Wen Ning shrugs.

“That literally makes no sense at all,” Wei Ying grumbles. “But don’t worry,” she skips in her step and Wen Ning misses her mischievous grin, “I’ll make sure to get their signature before our time is up.”

It turns out that the two and a half hours hadn’t been enough so the seniors had extended the deadline to evening.

Lan Zhan exits her last class for the day, a textbook in hand. She sends a text to Xichen to ask him to let their uncle know that she’d be home late.

Someone taps her shoulder and she turns around. It’s the girl who made a scene in the hall earlier. A part of her tingles with excitement that the girl had approached her first but when she shoves her little notebook into Lan Zhan’s hand, her slightly elevated mood drops.

How had she forgotten about the signature activity? It could be because most of the freshies don’t know of the unspoken rule and the ones who know are too afraid to approach her.

“Please sign it for me,” Wei Ying feigns a smile.

“Why would I do that?” Lan Zhan turns to face her fully, crossing her arms over her chest with her textbook.

“Funny you’d ask me,” Wei Ying replies, a brow raised and tongue in cheek. She mimics Lan Zhan’s pose and crosses her arms. “Aren’t y’all the ones who created this stupid game?”

The nerve this girl has. Lan Zhan is very turned on. A part of her mind is running wild with all the possibilities (mostly sexual) that could arise in the next moment, and the other half is trying its best to maintain her composure as she handles this little bitch.

Who does she think she is? She deserves to be disciplined for being so rude.

“What do you have to offer?” Lan Zhan asks.

Wei Ying takes her hand, much to Lan Zhan’s surprise, and pulls her into the now-empty classroom that she’d just exited from.

Before Lan Zhan can utter a word, Wei Ying pushes her up against the door and locks it behind her.

“A lot of things,” she whispers into Lan Zhan’s ear, the remnants of her steady breaths sending shivers down Lan Zhan’s spine and straight to her pussy.

Who is this girl and why is she so bold?

It’s Lan Zhan’s time to shine now though. She had let this girl get her way with her, but that isn’t going to be the case from now on.

Lan Zhan leaves her textbook on the shelf next to the door and spins them around. Now she has Wei Ying pressed against the door, a knee driven in between her legs.

Wei Ying can’t deny that her pussy had twitched in response when Lan Zhan manhandled her— wait, no. This wasn’t supposed to happen! She was supposed to catch Lan Zhan off guard and make her sign on her notebook.

“Did you really think you did something?” Lan Zhan sneers, voice low and threatening. She kisses the spot behind Wei Ying’s ear and down her neck.

Wei Ying parts her lips and lets out an airy moan when Lan Zhan’s teeth graze her neck. Lan Zhan’s hand roam Wei Ying’s body freely, drawn particularly to her tits which she starts to squeeze.

This has Wei Ying humping weakly against Lan Zhan’s thigh and Lan Zhan holds her hip in place with a bruising grip.

“Oh, don’t even try, baby girl,” Lan Zhan hushes her, soothes her with a half-assed, insincere kiss on her lips.

She starts to unbutton Wei Ying’s top excruciatingly slowly that Wei Ying groans and tries to unbutton it herself but Lan Zhan catches her hands and shakes her head.

“Stop. Teasing,” Wei Ying says through gritted teeth, emphasising on each word with all her might, but it falls upon deaf ears.

“You started it.”

When Lan Zhan has unbuttoned the top few buttons, she unhooks Wei Ying’s bra and helps Wei Ying get it off. She kisses along Wei Ying’s collarbone and when she finally gets to her sternum, she trails a line of kisses down until her face is buried smack between Wei Ying’s tits.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” Wei Ying groans. “I’m getting the impression that you’re one of those freaks with a lactation kink, ugh.”

Lan Zhan emerges from between her tits, the expression on her face unreadable. This girl really must be taught that she is not to speak unless spoken to.

Lan Zhan presses her thumb and forefinger into either side of Wei Ying’s jugulars, tilting her head up and forcing her to meet her gaze.

“I dare you to say one more word,” she growls, lips nearly touching Wei Ying’s. Then she kisses her, more fervently this time as Wei Ying struggles to breathe with black dots clouding vision. And then she finally goes pliant beneath her.

“Good girl,” Lan Zhan releases the chokehold and Wei Ying gasps for air.

“So,” she rasps, voice barely audible. “Are you going to sign—“

“We’re not done here, are we, babe?” Lan Zhan smirks. She steps away from Wei Ying. “I mean, it’d be sad to see you go… after…,” she shrugs. “How far we’ve come.”

“No, no,” Wei Ying frantically gestures. “Please. Do whatever you want. I just—“

“That’s what I thought.”

Lan Zhan kneels down in front of Wei Ying and without warning, she yanks down her miniskirt. She strokes Wei Ying’s labia through her thongs before pulling it aside to lick a stripe up Wei Ying’s pussy.

Wei Ying’s knee crumbles, but she manages to hold herself by leaning her weight against the door as Lan Zhan licks and sucks on her clit. A mad wave of pleasure rushes down her spine and then Wei Ying catches the glint of light reflecting off the surface of the small bulb. Who would’ve known that Lan Zhan had a fucking tongue piercing? What exactly did Wei Ying get herself into?

Lan Zhan alternates between sucking and flicking her clit and Wei Ying cries out as she arches her back off the door, a hand reaching up to squeeze her tits and roll her nipple between her fingers.

Lan Zhan pushes her legs apart and presses her fingers to Wei Ying’s entrance. Wei Ying first hisses at the intrusion but when Lan Zhan is knuckle-deep in her, she relaxes around Lan Zhan’s fingers.

Lan Zhan starts fucking her with her fingers, adding a third finger midway through because she isn’t satisfied with Wei Ying’s mediocre, quiet moans. She wants Wei Ying to scream. So loud that people would come down to see what the commotion is about. And then they’d see what an obedient slut Wei Ying is as Lan Zhan fucks her thoroughly with her fingers.

Wei Ying’s body convulses as her orgasm hits her like a tsunami wave and Lan Zhan holds her legs apart to catch Wei Ying’s cum in her mouth. Wei Ying is appalled but she loves the way Lan Zhan makes her feel.

Lan Zhan stands up, knees sore and probably bruised and kisses Wei Ying one last time. She makes sure Wei Ying tastes herself on her tongue and that she knows how good she had been.

“Where did you go?” Wen Ning asks when Wei Ying returns to the hall, hair a little dishevelled but overall looking presentable.

“I got her signature,” Wei Ying says.

Wen Ning gives her a blank stare before taking her notebook and flipping through it excitedly.

“No way,” he shakes his head in disbelief. “What did you do?!”

“Oh, boy,” Wei Ying shakes her head. “You don’t want to know.”