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10 things I hate about you

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Dani was always the perfect one, the one that always had a plan, always knew what she was doing and always had everyone’s attention. She used to be little miss perfect, but then things changed.

She became a person that wanted people to not be able to predict what she was doing, she became almost a completely different version of herself.

People looked at the blonde American and the only thing they ever saw was a shadow of the girl she used to be.

Which is how she got to where she is now stood at the front of the class giving what she thought was an interesting presentation on Shakespeare.

“To be or not…I guess that really isn’t the question.”

Members of the class started laughing along with the teacher that seemed to be having a hard time with keeping the chuckles in.

Ms. Oliver was currently leaning on the desk trying to hold on for support. As Dani walked her way back to her seat.

“Yeah maybe Shakespeare would say that to you if he saw the view I’ve seen.”

A younger boy with glasses and slightly curly hair looked up and over towards Dani, his stare almost burning.

Dani of course knew the boy, she was a different person at the time, thought about different things, thought that she wanted different things. But of course, she figured out who she was and who is wanted to be and that had completely changed.

Currently the boy was her worst nightmare and probably best enemy. It’s even harder to imagine that the two of them used to be friends.

“Of course you’d think that, but if you even bothered to read Shakespeare then surly you’d know that things were a lot different in his time.”

“Oh yeah, what time was that…the stone ages?”

Again the class erupted in laughter. Ani looked around trying to find one student other than herself who seemed interested in this lesson, but it became apparent to her that she wasn’t going to find one.

She looked at the teacher who cleared her throat before looking back at the boy. She fixed him with a devil stare before speaking up.

“Mr O’Mara, if you think this class if funny I will ask you to leave.”

“Oh not at all, ma’am, I just believe that the way Danielle decided to present was slightly….satisfying.”

Dani gripped the hard, she had so much anger that it felt as if she could break the table where she was sitting.

The whole class fell silent until the classroom door barged open. But no one moved. Not even the teacher who never even looked up for her fixated stare on Edmund.

“What did I miss?” The voice from the door snarked.

“Prejudice and sexism, feel free to look it up.”

“Thanks.” Before the door barger then walked out.

The bell had rung for class and stampedes of people ran from every door on sight. Dani swiftly made her way over to the library getting ready to study. When she saw someone in the yard smoking with a girl pinned to the wall.

The person was a woman, with mid length curly dark locks, hazel eyes, overalls clinging to her figure and a flannel shirt tied around her waist.

The girl pinned to the wall was completely enthralled by her, moving a hand up and around her bicep. The brunette locked eyes with her and smirked.

This caused Dani to shake her head in disgust and scoff slightly, always the brunettes, she thought to herself before making her way to the library.


Five minutes into her study session and then a was a bang on her table, and in front of her was sat the brunette she saw earlier, a stack of books thrown in front of her and a pen resting on her left ear.

“Can I help you?” The blonde looked up at the brunette who was again smirking at her.

The brunette took out the pen from her and placed it on the table. Along with a bag.

Dani could clearly see the brunette now, the hazel swirling in her eyes, the carefully moulded face and cautious eyes. The way her lips were drawn in a fine line but curved at one end.

She was obviously new, Dani had never seen her before and she would remember someone as annoying and unthoughtful as the woman stood in front of her.

“Are you lost?” Dani tried again after gaining no response from the woman.

The brunette sat down in front of her and opened a book which was Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Dani had noticed after she had read the identically covered version of her own.

“Nah, somethin’ tells me I’m exactly where I need to be.” The brunette smiles almost laughing and Dani can sense the sarcasm. It’s practically dripped from the woman’s mouth.

“The name’s Jamie, by the way, Jamie Taylor, in case you were wondering.”

Dani rolled her eyes, realising if she rolled them any further she would probably see her ass.

The blonde lifted her own copy of Shakespeare and began annotations for Ms. Oliver’s class. Dani had always been devoted to school work wanting to get the best grade she could get her hands on, and after her father passed away her mother had doubled down her efforts of making sure that Dani couldn’t possibly fail.

And because Dani was the only child she was thrown into the pits of a controlling rule subjecting mother who thought she knew what was best for her daughter even though it felt like she had never had a place in that family at all.

She looked over at Jamie and noticed her accent with which she spoke. She was British obviously, not from around her, clearly a new comer, but why was she attempting to associate herself with Dani, what did she want.

“No, I couldn’t care less.”

But the look in her eyes that Jamie picked up told a different story altogether. She just had to wait for the right moment.

“I’m in you class for English Literature and I’m having a little trouble understand some of the old man’s work, care to help a fellow classmate?”

The question is…..would Dani be willing to help her?